Wing Tai tomb of Princess - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Princess of Wing Tai Sin Lee Loh, is the Tang Emperor Li Zhi and the granddaughter of Empress Wu, Li were in the seventh woman to marry Wu Zhi Sun attached to the horse-WU Yan Du Wei, AD 701, died in Luoyang, the only 17-year-old. This is the excavated Tangmu since the liberation of the largest one.
Wing Tai at the tomb of a princess 60 years in 1962 to explore, is a sealed tomb mound, the grave is the brick from Mudao, have holes, the courtyard, rain, constitute a tomb, a total length of 87.5 meters. Mudao a width of 2 meters on the slope, had entered the narrow hole until the rain, walls on both sides of the hole 6 small niche, placed inside the painted pottery figurine, Horse figurines, horse and three-color pottery, and other burial objects, realistic style, exquisite technique.

  Mudao from the tomb also have a rich and colorful painted murals, palace guard of honor, as well as the celestial map, chart, such as lady-in-waiting. In particular, is placed in the tomb of a stone coffin, and Shek Pik on line 15 engraved images of the ladies figure, Modeling of the United States, it is rare for. In these figures, some of the stickers put on the next dress to wear; some dressed in men's; some wearing a long coat, Weigela Yao Shu, bring Zhuiyou purse; some wishful Jiaochuan shoes; some Duanao wearing a dress ... ... or holding pot or tray, or damaged it, or surrender, or dialogue, and so on, all the Have demonstrated the court was the scene of life. In addition, the stone outer coffin at the top of the doors, carved a pair of mandarin ducks, with open wings, flying opposite, a symbol of love Munei masters of the husband and wife.

Cimu had been stolen, Mudao have left a trace of the thieves to enter. Mudao out from the tomb on both sides of the road Muding on in the tomb can be seen near the top of the Huai Zhang, Itoku tomb of Prince Edward, and so on. There are grave showroom, store the excavated burial objects, the study of the Tang Dynasty in the political, economic, cultural and valuable information.

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God of Taishan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

God of Taishan in the east Chunhua Xian Xianyang City, 24 km, east Yaoxian Zhang Guo old cliff; West have leopard trench, paulownia channels, hold fire and the old cerro Zhuangliang; South monument are sub-Tao Chuang Yao and Da Nang; To the north gully. The main peak 1313 meters above sea level, with the rise amid Pinnacle, cloud-wave deceitful cunning.

  God of Taishan's well-known, begins at 19 5 years of the Communist Party of China on the KMT's war against God of Taishan. "Selected Works of Mao Zedong," the record "after the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan and our approach to the current situation", "Chiang Kai-shek in the civil war to stir up" and "A spokesman for the assessment of Chiang Kai-shek's" article in Taishan back to the God of war are described. Taishan war against God, revealed in the KMT out The plot has made a political victory for the consolidation of border and the subsequent war of liberation have played an important role.

  Wei-zai God Taiwan, which rise amid Pinnacle, Zhuang Ying Hun Kenya, enduring through the ages. Now God Taishan, pine and cypress dies, traditional costumes and matched mountain pavilion, the visitors meet the near and far.

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Zheng Drainage - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zheng today at the head of the Jingyang 25 km north-west to the north bank of Jing, Ji Jin Wang Qiaozhen the bow of the West Village. At that time, because of their large volume of water flow, water flow characteristics of the fast and easy drainage caused by an Liangbi loess collapse, then it invented the arch underground channels, so that the arch-wall drainage volume strong and difficult to collapse. Zheng has greatly enhanced the quality of the channel's head. In order to facilitate the construction and also to master the direction of flow, depth and spacing will be a period of a well drilled, known as "longan" or "marriage", this is clever at the time of the great human wisdom.
  Zheng channel is 237 BC, the Qin South Korean government to adopt water home Zheng The proposed cut of. Irrigated area of 180,000 hectares, and has become one of the most ancient irrigation channels. Jinghuiqu Irrigation District is located in the Guanzhong Plain in the central, water conservancy experts are Mr. Li Yizhi in 1930, presided over the construction.
Zheng Drainage role to play in that it not only effective irrigation more than 100 years But also because the first cited the precedent of irrigation Jing, Jing cited generations of irrigation taking place in a far-reaching impact. Qin, the history here continue to improve its water conservancy facilities: one after another after the Han Dynasty Baigong channels, three of the Tang Dynasty white Drainage, Drainage Song Feng Li, Wang Yu Shi Yuan Dynasty Drainage, Ming Hui-wide drainage channel and the Chinese Merchants , Long Qing Dynasty Amenities such as ancient channels. There are folk songs of the Han Dynasty: "He was the field? Chi-yang, Taniguchi. Zheng in the former white channel after starting. Cha cited for the clouds, no rain for the channel. Jing water with one stone, a few of their mud fight, and Gai and manure, I long Wo millet. Food and clothing for the capital, hundreds of millions of mouth. "Praise is quoted Jing project.
Shaanxi Province in 1929 Drought occurred, six years is not expected to close, die of hunger hunger everywhere. Jing cited irrigation, if immediate urgency. Modern China's famous water conservancy expert Mr. Li Yizhi ordered to remain, to stir up Yiranjueran Zheng in the drainage repair on site Jinghuiqu future of the mission. In his own person under the auspices of the channel in December 1930 started a few Migrant workers toil hard work, which lasted nearly two years, now finally repair the became Jinghuiqu. June 1932 release Tin Shui Guan, the water volume of 16 cubic meters /second, 60 million mu of irrigated land. Thus began the well-being of the people.
Jing cited works after two thousand years of changes have taken place. So far, in Jingyang Wang Bridge Zhang's western mountains, here is not only a beautiful, beautiful scenery. And the preservation of ancient ruins quoted Jing head, which blocks water as a living fossil, plunging us into the water of the natural history museum dating to roam and enjoy the splendid ancient Chinese culture. In addition to the history channel and therefore, there are a lot of literature Tablets China can be called rich water dating history museum. Are now included in the state-level protection units. Charming beautiful natural scenery and a long history of forceful Yi Yun, is attracting an increasing number of visitors at home and abroad for sightseeing.
Zheng Drainage - Jinghuiqu, like a sparkling silver line, led to the River's beautiful and richly endowed.
  Drainage from the cut Zheng Qin, after all the dynasty-building, there have been white Drainage, Drainage white Zheng, Li Feng drainage, drainage Wang Yushi, qu Canton, Jinghuiqu has made local benefits. In addition to the quoted Jing head it past drainage, there are a large number of tablets of literature, can be called China's rich water Dating History Museum. Are now included in the state-level protection units.

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Five of the original Tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Five hills west of the Han Dynasty was established here in the hills of the five named after the town. Han emperor nine years (before 198), Liu Liu accepted the doctor's recommendation to the Kanto region, a high official Erqian Dan, the rich and high-Zi Hero and House and a lot of movement Kwan, Michael Chang Ling Feng, and in the cemetery Lingxian town in the vicinity of the construction of a long, for transfer Those who live. After Han Hui Di Liu Ying in the construction of the An Ling, Yang Han Jing Di in the construction of the mausoleum, built in the Han Wu Mao Ling, built in the Han Zhaodi Ping Ling, are competing to do the same, have been built near the cemetery in the town An Ling, Yang Ling town, the town and Mao Ling Ping Ling town.
  Five of the original tomb is located in the Guanzhong Plain in the central north of Xianyang , Wei-shui south, the northern mountains north and east to west about 40 kilometers north-south width of 20 km with a total area of 800 square kilometers, has a special geographical location, the pre-Qin, Qin and Han Dynasties and the Sui and Tang Dynasties period, has been playing " Chi-keung of the weak, "the important role of China's ancient and long-term political, military The ideological and cultural centers, and the formation of a unique human geography of the region, in China's ancient civilization in the history of possession of an irreplaceable important role to play.
  Since the mid-Warring States Qin Xiaogong capital Xianyang, until the demise of the Qin Dynasty ago, five of the original tomb area has become the nation's political center. The establishment of the Western Han Dynasty, had Xianyang moved by the Weihe River to the south of the city of Chang'an, but because the hills of the original five risers and across the Chang'an and charged with "strengthening the weak sticks" and the two defense Xiongnu task, it is still playing a political and military center A huge role. Sui and Tang dynasties and down, this is not a marginal decrease in the role. For this reason, such as the 1898 Shang Yang, Qin Jian , The resettlement of five hills, and other people of great significance to the political struggle took place more than here; fields such as the future, Ma Yuan, and so has the beans into a pivotal role in the historical figures, most from the five hills.
During this period left in the tomb of the original five areas of precious cultural relics and historical sites are spread all over everywhere. Therefore, from the early stages of nation-building , Archaeologists started on the hills of the original five areas of fruitful archaeological excavations have found, such as Qin Xianyang palace construction site, Wang Yi Gong, the six countries, such as a large number of relics in the palace, has also found the Han Dynasty Jade Horse , The gilt bronze horse, Queen's imperial jade seal, as well as thousands of precious objects, such as domestic Wen-bing . So that five of the original tomb and the province has become China's most important cultural bases.
  The Tomb of the original period of five areas have emerged, such as Dong Zhongshu, Kong Anguo, Ban Gu, Sima Xiangru such as a large number of well-known cultural figures, to further enrich and develop China's excellent traditional culture of the world has made significant Xian.
Five of the original Tomb of the Palace at Metro City: Six-British Xianyang Gong Qin Xianyang Palace of the six countries palace Lan Chi Gong Wang Yi Gong
  Five of the original Tomb of the town burial tomb: Zhouwen Wang and Qin Gong Zhou Wuwang of the Qin tombs of the Western Han Dynasty Tomb of the Emperor in addition to the 11 on behalf of Emperor Xuan Du Ling and Baling in the Weihe River to the south, 9 more than the emperor's tomb, that dynasty Zhanglinghuidi Anlingjingdi Yang Emperor Mausoleum Maolingzhaodi Pinglingyuandi Chengdiyanling Wei-Ling Ai Ling Yi Ping Tai Kang Ling Wei-shui are located in the north of Xianyang on the original. Tombs of the Han Dynasty, the Western Wei Dynasty tombs are found everywhere.
  In addition to the five original Tomb of the distribution of the large number of Otsuka Qin, Han Ling, there are several important tombs of the Tang Dynasty, with Shun Ling, Su tomb and the tomb of the most forward Lee said.
  Five of the original mausoleum is not only the palace Qin, Western Han Dynasty Mausoleum, as well as a large number of ancient tombs, and there are many ancient sites of historical sites such as Tower Pavilion. One postal kiosk Du Ping Qin and Han sites Du North Tower Pavilion fat and sleek the most representative.

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Temple Zhaoren - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhao Ren Temple, located in the city of Chang Wuxian Street northbound. Tang Zhenguan years built. Temple only three three ordinary brick room, the door in the amount of doors title "Temple Zhaoren" words. Temple of the existing main building is a nine Leung Tam 18 3 pick angle of the Main Hall, column-free hall, surrounded by stacked into large Liang Jia called eight Top-hanging structure, is quite special for our country rarely seen in ancient buildings.

  Terauchi existing in the Tang Dynasty, "Zhao Ren Bin, Temple monument," a pass, Zhu extravagance author, the book was no name, as legend Yu Shinan wrote, bold beautiful calligraphy, more than three thousand words, the basic well-preserved.

  Is now a national priority -Protection unit, attached great importance to the Government, has in recent years, special funds will be kept by the pharmaceutical Road south of the Yuan Dynasty to protect three main hall to the relocation, Zhang Wuxian built inside the museum, the collection and display of more than 1,000 pieces of precious cultural relics unearthed Zhang Wuxian And stone.

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Xianyang Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xianyang Museum is well-known national museum, the museum is located in Xianyang City, the District of Xianyang City West Qin, 28 kilometers away from Xi'an, the museum is the Confucius Temple in the Ming Dynasty on the basis of the expansion, officially opened in 1962. Now the whole museum display area of 800 square meters, more than 3,000 pieces of cultural relics on display.

Yang was once the Kyoto Qin Dynasty, the Western Han Dynasty and the Tang Dynasty is also the "Silk Road" in the past. After the liberation of cultural relics management department of Xianyang in the vicinity of the ancient ruins of the ancient tomb excavations carried out clean-up and found a large number of precious cultural relics of the Qin and Han Dynasties. These cultural relics, most of the collection at the Museum of Xianyang City.
Xianyang City Museum display of rich cultural relics, including tools, weapons, weights and measures, building materials, wall paintings, monetary and life, and other appliances.

Xianyang City Museum of fixed display, is divided into five galleries. First, second and third showroom is a display of the Qin Dynasty relics, is to Qinxiao Gong Shi Huang's unification Aspects of in-kind records. The fourth showroom is the heritage of the Western Han Dynasty comprehensive showroom, it can be seen through the Qin-Han Cheng, the consolidation of the centralized feudal system of the country. Han Yang Jiawan showroom is the fifth horse figurines special room, the main display of the Han emperor Liu Pei Zangmu - painted pottery terracotta warriors and horses, a total of about 3,000 pieces, "Three thousand people." These figurines white infantry, cavalry and music figurines, and other figurines of the Han Dynasty Terracotta Warriors and Horses of the composition, exquisite style, rich and variegated, fine painting, a huge number. The mighty warrior figurines, clad in armor, and some still hanging from the back of a square quiver. A large-scale armor useful piece of fabrication, but also useful for small-scale, such as a film The building, the armor is a change in the development of the Western Han Jian A sharp knife. Ma Tao, black, red, purple, yellow variety of colors, and some vigil, and some neighing. Look interesting music figurines, some dance, some play, some of them in command.

In addition, the museum also displays a world-famous Qin bricks. It's Yan Qinghui, hard texture, there are several birds with fine decoration. Qin Gong One of the sites unearthed bricks, colorful patterns, a well-established face, square, cord, diamond-shaped pattern, sawtooth pattern, Sun Wen and patterns of the seven categories. Different types of bricks, use a different example, engraved with the Dragon and Phoenix of hollow bricks, symbolizing good luck, hollow knot To bear the weight, the palace used to lay the Taiwan level. These cultural relics as the Qin and Han culture and the arts, social customs and military areas such as research, provides a valuable reference.

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Binxian largest Buddhist temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Binxian large Buddhist temple located in Xianyang City, 11 km west Binxian, from the west, along the meandering and spacious West (an) blue (state) highway about 56 km line, after "Shuilian Dong" (fiction myth "of the West Travel "in the place where the Monkey King), 6 km westbound, look into the distance on the south side of the road, there is a towering classic Pavilion, which stands upon cliff, Cliff around the hole, such as cellular, Ya Xia Yu Mao trees, beautiful scenery, this is the largest Buddhist temple in the famous grotto.

Large Buddhist temple, the temple was originally called Keiju, its construction began in 2002 Zhenguan Tang (628 AD), Emperor Li Shimin is to celebrate its 60-year-old mother, were Amendment of the late King Tak supervisor, called it "Keiju Temple." In addition to the grotto where statues of the Buddha Statue at the temple building is a sculpture of the Tang Dynasty, the other most of the stone are the works of the Northern Dynasties period.
Large Buddhist temple and the cutting of the mountain caves, a temple pavilion floor layer 3, more than 50 meters high, the openings on the floor, "Der Spiegel Taiwan," and the word 3. Vision stage , Large statues can be seen south, the north is a wide trail of water to Weiyi eastward course. Into the grotto, a cave wall Qianman statues, a total of 70 carefully a number of niches, statues 1001. Buddha sitting middle of the second, relying on both sides of the Buddha. This statue looked up as high as 24 meters, 13 meters shoulder width, fingers up to 2 meters of Shaanxi's largest Sakyamuni Buddha, Rock Hill sit in the hexagonal cross one's legs lotus pedestal. Center for Cave and upper body wear, Piyitanxiong, back under the binding wear, Fung Yuen face, nose port is, ears droop, Wanmei small eyes, eyes staring down slightly, chest asperity, dignified and kind, Each came in all smiles greet visitors. Giant Buddha head Around, there is relief Zuofo 7, around the edge of the 19 flight is full of very fine decorative carvings. Big Buddha on both sides of the threat of paternity Buddha, about 5 meters high, commonly known as "Buddha Zhangba" crown-wearing, clothing gorgeous Luo Ying, a sheep under the big skirt, naturally amiable attitude. Another cave walls there are many shrines, sculptures Large and small around the Buddha and the Buddha more than 400. Giant Buddha's body, goes the saying goes, "referring to a child for the large waist," visitors can only look up at the end of the cave, or Denglou layers of view. Cliff large niche-style popular in Tang Dynasty to the Big Buddha statues, Buddhist temples were also named to the Big Buddha Cliff. China's Tang Dynasty, the existing Cliff Giant Buddha should be the four most Leshan Giant Buddha, followed by Luoyang, Henan Province has the goal of the Fengxian Temple, the Big Buddha Losana, the Thousand-Buddha Grottoes in Dunhuang, Gansu, such as the Big Buddha. In these Big Buddha, the Buddhist temple of the Buddha Statue at the Binxian major construction is a relatively early age, and it cut the successful experience of the mountain after the cutting of the Buddha had a great impact.
Binxian the masses have a jingle "Shao state has a large Buddhist temple, a top-1, 10 days to creak." Spread and "Buddha Zhangba see the Big Buddha," the story. Legend has it; far to the reputation of the Big Buddha, spread to Sichuan, Gansu Trail County Zhangba Buddha ears, he is not convinced, it is necessary to have a competition with the Big Buddha in Binxian have a competition. Zhangba I see the Big Buddha Buddha, a well-deserved reputation as expected, more than half of their short Had no choice but to candidly admit defeat. Big Buddha asked him to visit different parts of the cave, and let him taste the famous Shao, pears, dates Jin. Zhangba Buddha is determined to do the de-camp to the Big Buddha. After the caves in the west side of the "Temple" meditation, in order to express the respect of the Buddha, the Buddha Zhangba has stood until now. Along the west side of the narrow stone steps Class and carry on, they came to the "Temple" and see results, "Zhangba Buddha" is still Lizainali paternity. After a small gate, not far from going out, and another into Simen, it came to known as "Han-dong," Cave of the group. A total of 4 here face an array of small North Cave, the Cave of the shape, depth and height are inconsistent, with the exception of the West No. 3 Cave, in a relief carving on the wall more than 60 pieces of Buddhist stories, and left the visitors since the Tang and Song Dynasties inscribed, and the remaining 3 Cave, each three-dimensional carved Buddha and Buddha statue as a few, vivid style, exquisite Diaogong . Ocean's cave by the group, bypassing the large Buddhist temple on the second floor of the House, "Der Spiegel Taiwan," the former air field 100 meters away, and then A bend and came to the Cave of another group, that is, "Thousand-Buddha Grottoes." Thousand-Buddha Grottoes from the east-west alignment of the 3 caves, like the appearance as a two-out of the dark halls of old, middle of the smaller plane to square things between the two sets of deep into the larger, it showed a rectangular plane. In addition to the cave with a small number of Buddhist statues carved into three-dimensional and Savimbi, the others were intramural relief statues, about 300 pieces, carving a portrait of characters, the true shape, lifelike. "

Buddhist temple and the large stone statue reflects the Early Period of exquisite art form and style, which is the crystallization of ancient art craftsmen, especially the Big Buddha Large Buddhist temple has been preserved since the Tang and Song dynasties left by visitors Inscription 177, 6-stele. Elegant poetry, calligraphy in grass and Li, both seal characters, visitors to watch, all praise.

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Yang's Tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yang Li Longji emperor's tomb that is, Royal Tomb of Yang Yuhuan. Xingping located in the western town of Ma Wei Po.
  Yang is a well-known beauty in the Tang Dynasty, Hongnong Huayin (Huayang this city in Shaanxi), Pu Zhou Yongle County after the move (today Shanxi Ruicheng). Yuhuan name. His father, Yang Xuan Wu. Yuhuan Sangmu early years, his uncle to Nine people who know her music, sing and dance, was 18 at Xuanzong Li Longji Shou Wang Fei Li Mao. Hui-fei session in the year 736 dead. Tang called up to the palace for the female officer. In the initial Xuanzong see priests wear clothes. So, too true. Tianbao four years (AD 745 years) Royal called by Xuanzong favor, father, brother, Because the younger sister of dignitaries. Yang Guozhong cousin has been called the prime minister, the manipulation of court, the potential dumping the world, so that the Tang government and political corruption, the country gradually micro-power, 15 frames (755 AD) "Shih" broke out, the rebels Luoyang depression, broken Tongguan, shocked the capital. Xuanzong with Yang fled to Sichuan. Ma Po through to the right-Biao Wu General Hsuan big ceremony led by military officers and men to Yang Yang Guozhong with the topic of chaos and misuse of the country, killing angrily Yang Guozhong, Yang will be forced Xuanzong death from hanging. In the Tang Dynasty poet Po Chu-i "Everlasting Regret" in the incident are vivid and detailed description: "Kokonoe city soot Pina of Health, Wan Qi dry by Southwest Bank. Cuihua shook only rehabilitation line, West Doors are more than 100 years. Six military is not what made helpless, Wanzhuan MA crescent before death. No one close to Venezuela, Cui Qiao Yu Effects of Saotou. King can not save sight, in view of the phase and the flow of blood and tears. "Yang is buried after the death of Ma Po.
According to historical records, Tang Su Shitoku 2002 (757 in the year) Chang'an Tang Dynasty army recovered Xuanzong back, it would have been close Yang Qian Zang. Therefore, whether it was the tomb of the original tomb Qianzang or after the tomb, or the Yang Yi Guanzhong, there is no sign.
  Yang Mausoleum slim, sleek, front door is an antique 3-Xiandian through Xiandian is Metella, the public and covers an area of about one acre, about three , The tomb mound brick house built package. Tomb in the east and west, north and corridors there, ranging in size mosaic of stone, inscribed with the history of the Masters and travel Tiyong.
  The Royal Tomb of the slope for half of the small cemetery, the door to top-level cross-book "Young's Royal Tomb" in the park facing a three-Xiandian of Antique, had Xiandian Is Metella, 3 meters high, Feng Tu brick around the block. Legend of women with Royal Tomb of the paint on the face of the earth, remove the black spot on the face, facial muscles so that the delicate white. As a result, the Tomb of land known as the "pink Concubine," women's distance to each other face paint on earth, even with foreign visitors have to go back on the tomb package, the tomb is getting smaller and smaller reactor, Shou People continue to add to Grave heap, but also the near-ray was taken. In order to protect the tomb, with only its green-build package. In this way, people will no longer be able to take from the tomb on a. Beilou a tomb, inscribed on: "Young's Tomb of Tang Concubine." At this point Yong-time visitors around the gallery on the history of ancient poetry can be prescribed when the sentiment of other A delight.
  Yang is the tomb of provincial-level key protection units. At present, the expansion of land Bai, "Everlasting Regret" and galleries, "Shih" is stepping up construction of exhibition halls. Yang white marble statue has been erected in the early expansion of the cemetery.

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Qianling - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qianling is located 6 km north dry county of Liangshan, is the Tang Emperor Li Zhi and female Emperor Wu Zetian He Zangmu the hills, mountains as a result of the tomb hills, magnificent momentum. There sambong Liangshan, the highest peak north, 1047.9 meters above sea level, the Emperor and Empress Wu Di's two He Zangmu on the peak in this. Two lower peaks in the south, East and West confrontation, in Sima for the Road, therefore take these two peaks called "Ru Feng."

  Qianling from the door in the first set foot on the stone road, including 537 level, the level of its elevation to 81.68 meters. That is, through a step-wide road until the "Emperor Tang tomb," the monument, this road is the "ma" China Table 1 on both sides of the existing right, Ma Yi, ostrich and 1 right, Shima 5 right, Wengzhong 10 stones 2. No word monument to the East, West referred to St. monument in mind. Bin Wang as there are 61, 1 pair of stone lions around there Peizang Mu 17. "Tang Emperor mausoleum" tombstone, 2 meters high, Shaanxi Fu Bi Yuan Gao for the legislation, the original Has been destroyed, this monument is now?????reconstruction. Cibei the other side of the front tombstone is written by Guo, "Tang Emperor Li Zhi and then the emperor's tomb days," the 12 characters.

He Zangmu Qianling this has not been stolen. From 1966 to 1971, archaeologists in China have on many occasions To carry out investigation and concluded that the tomb of strong anomalies, according to the survey from the Mudaokoudao Mumen 631 meters long, 3.9 meters wide, a total of 39 layers, the entire article filled with stone block, stone floors be re-used bolt iron plate, Infusion of iron and juice, and the documents contained in these situations, this can be convinced that it is indeed difficult to Cimu opening. Wing Tai was also in the vicinity of Qianling Tomb of Princess Margaret, and the tomb of Zhang Huai Prince Edward Itoku tomb of Prince Edward.

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Xianyang Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shaanxi Province is the birthplace of one of the Chinese nation, as a result of the ancient Qin Dynasty, it is referred to as "Qin"; Qin Wang, Xiang Yu Qin third of the land, so also known as the "Shaanxi." "Since ancient times, emperors of the Qin State," the Yellow Emperor in ancient times, Yan had been in the activities of Shaanxi. Since the beginning of another week of Qin, Western Han Dynasty, the Western Jin Dynasty, the former Zhao, Qian Qin, Houqin, West , Northern Zhou, Sui and Tang dynasties in the 13 capital of Shaanxi, as long as in 1180. In addition, Liu Xuanzhong, Chi Mei, Huang Chao, Li 4 peasant uprising in the regime set up within 11 years, set in the summer of Helian side, the capital Chang'an 24 years. China is the longest in the history of the province capital. Long history, Xianyang on the ground to the underground left a rich cultural history and cultural revolution - ancestor of the Chinese nation Xuanyuan tomb, the Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum Peizang Keng, Zhao Ling Tang Dynasty, Emperor Tang Qianling, the tomb of Sima Qian, Liang Mianxian Tomb of Ming Dynasty city walls of Xi'an, the Pure Land Buddhist incense Zuting Temple, Grace Temple in Xi'an of sleep Lane mosque, the Famen Temple, as well as archaeological finds, Goose Pagodas, Fufeng Famen Temple Tower, San Yang Gao Ling Temple, the Temple Jingyang of Chongwen, Binxian large Buddhist temple caves, Yao Cliff Figures Yaowang Shan County, Zichang County, Zhongshan grottoes Um, as well as land and water sculpture Lantian Xian, Xi'an Forest of Stone Tablets, Yao Forest of Stone Tablets, Lueyang Forest of Stone Tablets, Mo Yan's Inscription on behalf of the Shihmen the path along the cliff in southern Shaanxi Inscription, the well-known Zhaolingliujun stone, stone Mao Ling Han, Tang and Tang stone Qianling Mausoleum stone bridge. As well as the prosperity of the Silk Road.

There are many museums: Shaanxi History Museum, the Museum of Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Shihuang , The Museum of Art of the Tang Dynasty in Xi'an, Xianyang Museum, the Museum of Hanzhong City, Forest of Stone Tablets Museum, left ten Banpo Museum, the Museum of Qianling, Lintong Hua Qing, Yaozhou left ten museums, Sima Qian and Yan'an Revolutionary Memorial Museum, the Xi'an Incident Memorial Hall, and so on.

The natural landscape is also very Rich, China's north-south geographical boundaries to the north of Qinling Mountains are the Wei River valley and the Loess Plateau; there are dangerous Huashan; beautiful quiet Zhongnanshan; romantic Lishan. All this Shaanxi cast a beautiful and mysterious veil.

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Shaanxi Huashan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hua Shan, Gu Cheng, "Xiyue" is a well-known one of the Sacred Mountains of China, is located in Huayin City of Shaanxi Province, 120 kilometers away from Xi'an. It south Qinling Mountains, North bird's-eye view Huang Wei, a guard out of Northwest's gateway to Central China, known as "qi shan best in the world risk."

  Huashan is a huge piece of granite Body composition, derived its history can be traced back to 1.2 billion years ago, according to the "Book of Mountains and Seas," it reads: "Ottawa's Hill, the Quartet and Xue Cheng, Ren-high five, ten of its wide."
Now there's Huashan East and West, North and South, in Wufeng, the main peak of the South have a peak, "Luo Yan," Dongfeng "Chaoyang", Xifeng, "Lin "Sambong Dingzhi, the" potential impact outside the white clouds flying down the Yellow River, "called the" outer sambong. "There Yunnan, the Second Lady in the complementary side of the peak, a small peak out at 36, Hu Ju-long set, Sensen weather, As a result of changing climate on the mountain, a "Cloud Mountain", "Yu Hua Shan", "Misty Mountain", "Snow Mountain", gives Wonderland aesthetic. Wang Xijing is the so-called gas by the department.

  Huashan is one of the birthplaces of the Chinese nation and culture, according to well-known scholar of the Qing Dynasty, Mr. Zhang Taiyan research, "China" and "Chinese" so named because the Hua Shan. "Shang Shu" there are records related to the Huashan; "Historical Records" is also in the Yellow Emperor, Yao, Huashan parade of deeds; of the First Qin Emperor, Emperor, Empress Wu, such as emperor of a dozen emperors to Huashan have been large-scale religious activities.

  Huashan or Taoist resort, "the fourth Dong Tian", Chen Tuan, Hao Datong, the Greek-yuan of the most famous Taoist expert. The mountains of the existing 72 and a half hanging Tung, 20 View Road Block, Yuquan Hospital, Eastern Hospital Road, Yue palace in the town listed as key Taoist temples.

  Left numerous footprints of celebrities, also left numerous monuments and stories. Since the Sui and Tang dynasties, Li Bai, Du Fu Yong-seekers can explore, such as the Huashan poetry, no less than 1,000 tablets and travel articles, Moldova As many as 1,000 rock carvings Department. Since the Han Yang, Yang Zhen-wu from the Ming and Qing Feng, Gu Yan-wu, and so many scholars, who lived from Huashan valley, the opening and apprentices, Weiweidaguan time. Huashan in a lot of stories, there is a wide range of the most popular fairy tale "level off hilltops Genius," "Pishanjiumu sinensis", "Chui Xiao Feng cited". Shan China or one of the nine Grand Day Service. Huashan Department on view at Hua Shan Dongfeng (also known as Feng Chaoyang), Taiwan, Chaoyang is the best place. Huashan well-known scenic spots as many as more than 210, the air of the sky to set up the path along the cliff, facing the Third turning Yaozi empty, as well as carved on the cliff Jueya Qianchi buildings, a hundred Gap, Laojun furrows, and so on. Hua Yue Seonjang of which were classified as related in the first eight.

The main attractions: Dongfeng - Xifeng - South Peak - North Peak - Peak - Yuquan Hospital


Dongfeng 2090 meters above sea level, Mount Huashan is one of the UN-East got its name because of the location. A top platform, ranking Pro-risk, open field of vision is well-known view of the sunrise, said Taiwan Chaoyang, the result also known as Dongfeng Chaoyang peak.

  Dongfeng by a servant by the three main peaks in the first, Chaoyang Taiwan's highest peak in the first, Yunufeng in the West, stone floor, East Peak Habitat, Bo-southwest of Taiwan, both sides in an orderly manner, showed Chiaki. Huashan said that the ancients Feng, referring to the South East sambong, Yunufeng is an integral part of Dongfeng. Yunufeng modern people will be called in peak to peak Huashan, as also exist in a vacuum.

  Gordon said the Dongfeng Road in ancient times dangerous, "Sancai map" account: the hills, such as cutting out the side slope, a number of high-Shi Zhang, the top pick, only a few Waterloo, on both sides of the vine branches can be no climbing, only one of Dengfeng in the post rock climbing, and Jiao Shou Feng Dian to reach. Exercises had been to open up and broaden the number of steps Dengfeng Road, visitors can reach safety.

  East peak of Health over Qiao Song Hui Ju, Blot out the Sun shade, very quiet. Since the visitors through pine forests between, on Mission only shade, such as an umbrella cover, Songtao ear off, such as Wing Yin, Dunjue relaxed and happy, stay away from the scene. Wang Li-ming paintings in the "Dongfeng mind" to talk about his experience: tall cypress pine shading peak, refreshing quiet tree Shi Jing, Feng Chuan Lin, Songtao surge even more as the music section of the Yun Zhi, the Rhythm, since this V, as if bombs blowing wind and string, percussion stone, how wonderful ah.

  Dongfeng has a few dozen landscape, the stone floor of the East side of the peak of the cliff that there are natural STONE, like a giant prints, palm-prints, which is listed as related in the first eight Seonjang Hua Yue, Juling Shen mountains River guide The story originated on this; Chaoyang Taipei Yang , With the tower in the distance across the Xifeng Yang, built by General Yang Hucheng, General Yang Hucheng tower there are autographed by the title of "Vientiane LUO" 4. In addition, also Green Longtan Dongfeng, mannose pool, three small chestnut hole Qingxudong hole Eight Palace, tai chi, such as TECO door. It is regrettable that some of the landscape as a result of natural and man-made or old and waste, it is only Site. In the 1980s, Dongfeng step by step to repair part of the landscape. Road repair reinforcement insurance, re-construction of pavilions in the 1953 fire destroyed the former site of the Temple of Eight, has been re-erected a two-story wood and stone of a pavilion, for Dongfeng Hotel.


  Xifeng 2082 meters above sea level Huashan one of the main peak, so named because of the location of the West home. Fengdian because of a huge rock like the shape of lotus petals, the ancient scholar called multi-Lotus Peak, Furong Feng. Yuan, in his "Yong Hua Shan" in the description: "The overlying rock and Wang Ye-"; Xu, "Yu Hua Shan diary too," also described: "Upper-Feng Song Qi, a stone cover Such as Lotus. "Li Bai's poem" Lotus Cloud stone for Taiwan "in the sentence, when referring to the stone.
  Xifeng to complete a huge, totally natural. Chien Zhang Jueya Northwest, like cutting saws cut, the towering steep, tall and straight masculine trend is the representative of the Huashan Yamagata, so the ancients often called Hua Shan Lin Fa Shan. DH Jimuyuantiao peak, the mountains around the ups and downs, four Yunxia Phi, Zhou Kai-Ping Ye, Huang Wei-song flow, which if outside into the rural cents Shenfu, 10,000 kinds of Sunian, swept away. Song of Chen Tuan hermit in his "Xifeng," there is a poem, "Kerry lodged in accordance with the statement sent off, here is Sally villages," the famous.
Xifeng South and South Ridge cliffs have Linked ridge 300 meters long, stone color Tai Cang, as if the form of a reduction of the enemy dragon, called Qu Ling, also known as the small Cang Long Ridge, is the Huashan Road, one of the well-known risk.

  Xifeng can be found everywhere on the landscape, Cuiyun Palace, Lianhua Dong, Genius adequate, Shi Fu Pi, She Shenya, and with many beautiful myths Said, especially Aquilaria Pishanjiumu the most widely circulated story. Inscription on the peaks around the cliff, the grass Li seal characters, dazzling. Feng called the North West stone floor in excellent shape and peak on Yang for the tower built by General Yang Hucheng, the tower on the field, General Yang has personally wrote. Tower under the rock "pillow-breaking Meng-hung," Inscription, the calligrapher Wang Duo is the original handwriting Xifeng recite ancient and modern scholars of many poems, Qiao Shi of the Tang Dynasty "Xifeng Qin Huang Fu Tu Ming-concept," Lu-Wang Ming Dynasty painting "to start to Xifeng Hua Shan", even in the Tang Dynasty Imperial Palace is also to Lotus Peak the title. Liu Hui, Tang was of a "test supervisor Lotus Peak," writes poetry:

  Taihua Over weight, only this lofty peak Yao Feng.
  When autumn Jue upon very few, to look like hibiscus.
  Direct Chui out Chihiro, a Nong Qing Wei.
  Gas at female hair show, Ling-yu who have disappeared.
  Kwan will reflection of the way, flow-induced Hong Song temple.
  As the end of dust, traveling from Chuang Chuang.

South Peak

  Nam Hai-feng 2160.5 m, Huashan is the highest peak is the highest peak Sacred Mountains of China, the ancients called it the "Hua Shan heads of state." Southern boarded the peak in excellent shape, the last day of sense right close by home, removable star. Looking around, but see the mountains and downs, the vast gray, the Yellow River, such as Wei-shui, such as silk thread, as vast and lonely plains, such as silk, such as cotton, panoramic view, it Huashan is a taste of the high and steep majestic broad momentum, the enjoyment of heaven Rulin, such as floating clouds took delight in the magic.

  Feng Chien Zhang is on the south side of cliffs, such as the vertical cut, under a temporary Shenhe fault with the Three Mountains, three isolated from Fengshan. South peak by peak-2, on the eastern side of a song called Hui-feng, on the west side of a peak called Luo Yan, Feng said the South 3, Luo Yan-feng of the West Peak of the child are also considered within this zone. As a result, the highest peak in the middle Luo Yan, Song Hui-feng Home East, West, home child-feng, the overall image of a chair, the top three is like a plane ride north and the Giants. Yuan Ming Dynasty, who in his "Hua Shan Ji", described in the book that the image of the South Peak "If people take risk and cited knees."

  The reason behind the name of Luo Yan Feng, the legend is that the return Dayan often came here to rest. The highest peak is that the very top of Huashan, the mountain people to be able to climb on and extremely proud of this achievement. History of the text is often made great enthusiasm here, Fushi brush, and so on, so stay Accounts a lot posterity poetry. Cliff Inscription peak is dazzling, abound. Feng Zhi in his "Notes Unzen," Tang described in Li Bai who boarded the southbound peak sigh, said: "This is the highest Hill, breathing the air having come Block Association, Xie carry Henbu Vision astonishing sentence to ask Saoshou blue sky ear." KOU Zhun phase of the Song Dynasty wrote, "only In the last days, no more mountain and Qi. The first move on the last red, white bow low, "the famous poem. Luo Yan Feng many around the landscape, there is a maximum Yang Tian Chi, and Longtan, southwest of the cliff that there are real niche An Yu, welcoming song, and so on.

  Hui-song slightly lower than the peak Luo Yan Feng, and Luo Yan and freshman peak area. Peak Blot out the Sun giant towering cypress pine, which is called Song Hui-feng. Huayin Wang Hongzhuan Mingru said Song Feng Hui is the South's main peak. Feng Bai Di built on the Temple, also known as Kim Tien, Huashan is a God-day gold Shaohao the main temple. As a result of the temple Zhudian tile roof covered with iron, also called the Temple-watt iron. Hui-song around the peak number of landscapes, the main pool of gossip, Nan Tianmen Tung won, the sky path along the cliff, rock the whole truth, the bullet-Chao Yan, Shi-winged hawk, Yang Ting, and so on.

  Hua Shan South-write history of the peak a lot of poetry, calligraphy and painting Ming Wang took a "South Summit" poem:

  Wen asked to scratch the sky, has been away from Lee Sin disgrace.
  Dayton-off to the static greedy, it flew up into the top of the highest.
  Air Tuhongmengwai God first super-tai chi.
  Mao Long how to use until the five-city edge.

North Peak

  North peak 1614 meters above sea level, Mount Huashan, one location of the home as a result of the North got its name. North Peak hanging on all sides should, on the crown King Wan, the next-to vein, Wei-ran show alone, if there are Yunnan, Yunnan, therefore, also known as peak. Tang Li, "West Yunnan to send Dan Qiu-song, "Poetry has written:" To destroy sambong but Li, Tsui Dan Cliff Valley High palm. Baidi Kim Yun-strength fine, stone goes for Lotus Taiwan. "

  Feng Yun-Feng Bai north and east in recent volume of palm Hill, on the pass sambong South East and West, then under the ditch 000 Gap Road, Wei, Feng is the first by groups of stone mosaic, totally natural. Extremely Service Platform, built upon the original yunting, the site is left is to hope that South Huashan sambong Cang Long Ridge is a good place. Feng Yao verdant trees, delicate filling, is in excellent shape and on the way to climb Huashan ideal place to rest, opened in 1996 on the mountain cable car station, that is, in the peak of Dongbi.

  Peak on a lot of landscape, the impact of Zhenwu Hall, Room Jiaogong Shi, Changchun Shishi, the Lady windows, oil Gong Xian, God Tuya, yunting Hill, Laojun linked to plow, tractor units, stone arch Wonderland white clouds, and so on, and the spots are accompanied by beautiful Myths and legends.

  Changchun is the Shishi Tang Shi Du Cup Zhenguan bypass roads in seclusion him. Du Cup legend him off the good practice No grain, like flute, often called disciples to buy a lot of bamboo flute, playing an end, they voted in Yaxia flute, and buy after the vote, to start Erfu, which interrupted. Because he can not afford to live year after year in Yadong, since then, Mr. Changchun.

  Zhenwu Temple dedicated to guarding the northern Kyushu God and the building of Chen-Wu Room Jiaogong Dan, Xian Gong oil, because God Tuya focal named after the legend of the Canton Road. Legend has it that Emperor Wu of the Northern Zhou Dynasty, the Taoist priest Chiao Kuang, word-Canton Road, Yunnan alone peaks Can Xia Lu drink, no pills to avoid Valley, often close to three-Jade Bird, to report to him on the matter in the future. Emperor Wu Yuwen Yong Wen know his name, then asked the Court Hill in person and in order Jiaogong E former palace built for his residence. Palace building, the peak on the lack of soil kerosene, coke-Canton Road, prayer, it is poured soil from Yaxia, endless. In the fuel tank of oil overnight also afford to be complacent, always available. Chung was later put the land where God called Tuya, to put the fuel tank where the oil is called Gong Xian.

  Due to natural and man-made, North Landscape waste a lot of damage, the only remaining relics, and some because of old have been known. Zhen Wu Feng Temple to the north of the main building, thousands of years between Xing Xuan Xuan waste, the Republic of China has been watching too much of the repair. "Zhi Hua Yue sequel" set: "In recent years, building on the Temple destroyed in the base, to be satisfied in the first floor of the Yellow River, Grand View-ling!" "Cultural Revolution" in North House of the destroyed building, only Duanbicanyuan. This building in 1988 for reconstruction. According to its potential on the cliffs, flavor, to preserve the original architectural style, has become the main north-feng one of the human landscape.

  Yin years on the eve of the 1949 liberation of the KMT in Shaanxi Province Chief Inspector of the Eighth District Commissioner and the security of the Sixth Shaanxi Han commander wear rate of more than 100 people fleeing remnants of the Hua Shan, with a natural barrier in a vain attempt to put up a desperate struggle to make a final struggle. I Huayin in the People's Liberation Army with the help of the masses, to break the "Hua Shan Road since ancient times, a" legend, Huang Yu-feng climb on the north, Canfei surprise attacks, has created a leap in the franchise Tian Qian, Hua Shan heroes outsmart a miracle. Zhenwu meters Dianqian Department has a hexagonal top save Huashan granite cornices brackets Yuandiao a shiting, neutral booths have a monument to the liberation of Hua Shan Tung. Since then, North Peak and young people to be patriotic education and education on revolutionary traditions of the classroom and on-site.

In peak

  Home peak in the East, West, South sambong Central, is dependent on the west side of Dongfeng in a small peak, in ancient times had been counted as part of Dongfeng, modern people as it will be one of the main peak of Hua Shan. Peak on the verdant trees, quiet environment, and an unknown number of plants, through which tourists, Hong ban wet sleeve. As the saying goes home for the first peak of Lady Temple, Spring and Autumn is a legend at the Nong Yu Qin Mugong F The body, therefore, also known as the peak Yunufeng.

  Shi described, looks peerless Nong Yu Qin Mugong women, who know music, a night in a dream and the hermit Hua Shan Xiao Shi and Sheng Xiao-ming, find each other, after marriage, as the court tired of life, the two sides came to Chenglong cross-Feng Hua Shan.

  Feng Jing in the majority Nong Yu Xiao with the story about the history. Stars such as Cliff Girl, Girl-dong, Shima Lady, Lady shampoo set, and so on. Lady Temple built in the first peak, the legend was Qinmu Gong Hua Shan came to search for her daughter, nothing, can only hope to build Memorial Hall. Cinei for the original Girl a stone statue, and another long-bed Fengguanxiapei and other objects, after all - In natural and man-made. Temple later today for the reconstruction of Girl statue in 1983 for remodeling, its dignified appearance Qingli, rigorous simplicity.

  There are step-feng stone turtle, rootless tree, the tree to die, such as landscape, the rumors are associated with fun, from different perspectives enriched the connotation of the Sino-feng, has added the magic of feng Beautiful.

  Lady Writing and ancient poetry of Yunufeng more. Tandoori-fu in his "Wang Yue," the poem "Andrew stick celestial 9, columns to the plate shampoo Girl" sentence; Wang Han Tang has "given a send-Star Girl Tan Wei Lian review Huayin" poetry; Gu Ming is salty, "Hua Shan Tang" poems are "The law of God as the 3000 border, Yu Makeup out on the 12th floor of the "sentence, and so on. These poems peak in more icing on the cake, is rare in the peak of valuable research data.

Yuquan Hospital

  Yuquan Hospital in northern China is the name of a concept Quanzhen Dao, China is also one of the principal activities of Taoism, built in the Song Emperor Shenzong-you-year period, which is 10 9 - 1051, was promoted to master a Shijia Road, Chen Tuan built. After destruction, after repairs to the Ming and Qing Dynasties have this size, Xiyi of temple, as a result of Chen Tuan Song Taizu thanks s "Mr. Xi Yi" got its name, changed its name after the Yuquan Hospital.

  "The mountains are not high, while Sin-ling," more than 2,000 years , Where many celebrities have gathered high, training lectures, as the Ming and Qing Gu Yan-wu, Wang Hongzhuan, also left a number of steles engraved with the title. Yuquan Hospital, General Feng Yuxiang in modern times have the inscription: "eradicating superstitions," "water and the people", a powerful bold font, from the inscriptions are reflected in the vision of General Feng Yuxiang, patriotic The advanced thinking of the people.

  After more than a hundred lions and Taiwan, came to the Yuquan Hospital of the main areas of construction, use of Jiangnan style garden architecture in order to pool as the center and around the booth with Taiwan, pavilion, in order to give people the impression that big of small, the existing main building: Pavilion worry-free, 72 windows, the whole truth of Seven Hall, main hall, Qualcomm Booths and so on.

  Pavilion worry: take Italy, carefree, worry-free in the past in the face of this pavilion is a peach tree forest and bamboo forest, the two sides of the Great Wall is the site of the ancient Warring States Wei, kiosks and spacious Yajie, visitors now, there is a sense of music and Wang You , Worry-free as a result of Yuquan Hospital Pavilion in the northwest, the saying goes: "Yuquan Hospital North Point, big things can fall asleep. "

  Seventy-two is a promenade around the window Yuquan Hospital of the corridor, if you are interested, you can click a few to see in the end is not 72, even though these windows as a result of old age, does not look very spectacular, but in our country Is unique in the history of landscape, which is the root China's ancient "Book of Rites to articles on" 72 phenology, well-designed, phenology is divided into five-year anti-designate, a further three solar terms, a total of 24 orders, 72-designate, a window-have A round, well, flowers, fish, 72 different window.

  Seven full-Hall, a Taoist Quanzhen Pai Hua Shan, From the middle to both sides, followed by memorial tablets of the seven high-Quanzhen Pai Road, is in the middle Qiu Chuji, a number of the rest: Ma Danyang, the Department Tan-side, Liu Xuan Department, Wangchu Yi, Hao Datong, Sun Fuji.

  Over water arbours: Legend of Tang Li Longji when Kim's sister Princess religious cents at Huashan, one day, she and several paternity Together on Huashan, to the board of the town of Xifeng Yue palace, a palace there Tamai, clean well water bottom, the Princess cents to stand on the well, according to her shadow, be careful not to fall into the well head of the Hosta , Down the mountain, they have been in the water wash your hands to rest under the pavilion, also inadvertently find Hosta, the surprise found in the booth next spring Tamai Peak is the same, then spring is indeed satisfied by the flow of a pavilion outside, but that years of the Qing Dynasty, flash floods, river diversions buried. Later on the basis of this legend Xi Yi will be renamed the Yuquan Temple hospital has.

  In that case, Xi Yi in the end, what is it people? Xi Yi Chen Tuan is Laozu, Taoism Quan Zhenpai , The late Tang and Five Dynasties hermit, Fuyao, son, was born 871 years, 989 died, lived for 118 years old, Anhui state-ho, good sleep and Alchemy Gong, it is said, sleep, sleep a 800 years, the local lazy love to sleep The people known as "Chen Tuan God." He often living herbs to cure people, after the immortal man All believe in him, Xi Yi Cave Shrine in his bed like a stone, the third lunar month every year Congress will Huashan temple, both men and women all over to worship, Chen Tuan said that the touch can cure all diseases, like sleeping, and peace, Believe it or not from you. If you are interested in, you can feel, security for security and peace.

  Through this corridor, Yuquan arrived at the hospital's main building - the great hall, and it points Qiandian Houdian most of the two, Qian Dian is dedicated to the founder of Taoism were Huashan - Hao Datong, a lot of legislation Dianwai monument, a famous ancient praise Huashan Shi Bei, Huashan map of the monument and the Song Dynasty calligrapher Mi Fu's "Mountain", on the door, "Gusong years Emperor Guang Xu for the title. In this part of the Road to the Taoist masters every day, doing gym and a place to celebrate, worship Houdian Chen Tuan's seated, on both sides of the door there are two paintings, is a left and Zhao Kuangyin Chen Tuan Hua Shan screen playing chess and gambling, location Huashan in Dongfeng, Wulong is left over to Chen Tuan Hua Shan, the painting tell you Chen Tuan is how to the Huashan.

  "Babel Pavilion", and as a result of the Peak gold sky-door customs distant relative, so called "sky-Pavilion", from the Yuquan Hospital here, "a Hua Shan Road since ancient times" from the beginning everyone at the foot of Yan Shen, a total length of 25 Wa Lane, a total of 9567 level, you can see the fans along the way The beautiful scenery, attractive adventure Shinto.

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Cang Long Ridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Han Yu Cang Long Ridge Office in a letter to the former. On the south by the north peak, had a lot of risk, there are a few long-Shi Zhang, 2 Kuan Jin Chi Yu, a very steep slope of the ridge, is the Cang Long Ridge. Chien Zhang here on both sides of the cliffs, the only access to the other side of the rock ridge, during which people walk, Xinjingroutiao. Legend has it that the Tang dynasty writer Han Yu Yu Tai Shan, drums Courage to climb up the "Cang Long Ridge", a look back and see such a dangerous mountain road can, scaring the daylights out of that difficult for the survivors, then wrote a suicide note dropped streams, Zongsheng bitterly. The people here Yat rock god named Han Yu wrote to the Department. After a "Cang Long Ridge", will be able to peak in the south peak of Hua Shan. And then from the South under the peak , And Dongfeng further in the peak.

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Huashan of the three major risk - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yuquan departure from the hospital to the north peak of the mountain climbing adventure channel brings together many of the magnificent landscape. Green East Keping a boulder, called "Shi Hui Xin," is in front of Hua Shan Road, the first danger Qianchi buildings, the infirm before this stone to persuade them to back down the mountain guide, named. Qianchi stone buildings are more than 370 bands circled in the cliffs , Visitors need to iron chain hand, hand, foot and along the steep mountain climbing, cliff Qianchi daunting. In the meantime, the steep cliff, the only head Yixian Tian Guang, absolutely breathtaking. Export of fine-sounding name of "courtyard", "China is too throat." If covered with iron, nowhere to go up and down. Qianchi buildings is not far out of a hundred Gap, where climbing is the second related risk. Liangbi high, there is a folder appear out of the blue in the middle of the stone, engraved on the "shocking stone," the three characters, visitors from across the road under the stone is indeed thrilling. Since then, there are immortal Bridge, Wei-down cliffs, black tiger range, and other small risk, climbing on to the third related insurance Laojun furrows, which is In a steep gully between the Shek Pik-risk, unpredictable, there are more than 570 stone steps. Lao legend here see no way to pass on to lead the Green cattle overnight plow into the ravine. At the end of the ditch is known as the "unhappy Hu Sun" to the steep forward, to the north peak of Huashan

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In peak - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Also known as the peak in Yunufeng. Spring and Autumn when the young people who have a history of Shaw, good wind Xiao, Qinmu Gong attracted Nongyu daughter of love. Nong Yu abandoned high position and great wealth, and with Jon Huashan to live in seclusion, Yunufeng which got its name. Yunufeng such as bird-shaped head, the reduction of under-feng. A huge peak Shilianghe, shaped like a tortoise, not in memory of future generations Nong Yu in the splendor of the Turtle Lady built on the Temple, the Temple of Shijiu before 5, Nong Yu Chuan for the shampoo basin. Next to the Stone have a horse, according to legend Nong Yu Jin Shan is the embodiment of horse riding. Lady Temple after the goods have xiao Taiwan, cited Feng-ting, is a history of blowing Xiao Xiao lead the Phoenix area, all with a beautiful all the love - . Ya Shang-san has in a single song, no roots and pine air, the breeze, no trunk scales bright, fine-sounding name the tree to die.

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South Peak - Chinese tourism scenic spots

South Peak is the peak of Hua Shan. Li winding mountain pine a few years, with miscellaneous Sabina, Zade shade. South peak Laojun hole there, according to legend ancestor of Taoism Lao Zi lived here. South Branch of the highest peak on the rocks "true source" of the two characters, in addition to the south also on Lao Tzu-Feng Feng, Alchemy stove, gossip pool, all these places and the legend of Lao Zi Guan. Laojun hole there too, Stephen North, East Jian, said today, "Yang Tian Chi", spring green throughout the year. In the east of the Ya Xia "Nantian Men" Shihfang. There are peaks in Southern Ming Dynasty temple built by King, also known as Bai Di Temple, dedicated to the god Huashan Shaohao. In the south from the peak of the mountain road to the Dongfeng also two spots: The first is to "avoid Chao ", A famous Taoist Chen Tuan, in order to avoid the emperor had been called up here refuge in the caves; another sky is the path along the cliff, according to the path along the cliff cut cliff, visitors need to hand over iron chain and Mulan, is another risk on Huashan Department.

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Dongfeng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dongfeng, as a result of peak morning sun, also known as Taiwan can view the sunrise Chaoyang peak. There are holes San Mao-feng, Chen Tuan as there are inside, outside a pool Mannan. Qingxudong near the hole before a Gufeng, on top of a kiosk-watt iron, iron-game ping, is said to have Zhao Kuangyin Song Taizu Chen Tuan here and playing chess, chess lost will be lost to Chen Tuan Hua Shan, the pavilion was "Gambling game booths."

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