Leibo Ma Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lei Boma at the provincial level for the Lake scenic area, located in the Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture Leibo county, covering an area of 100 square kilometers, 47 km from the county seat, from the Xichang and the Leshan 280 km, 137 km away from Yibin. Ma by the scenic lake, the Jinsha River Valley, the original dense forest, and other components, is a bright deep in small Liangshan Pearl landscape. Ma Lake is a large plateau natural deep water lakes, the waters of 73 square kilometers area. East, west and south to the mountains on three sides barriers to the north of basalt, limestone fragments from the accumulation of natural rock-fill. Shen You Harbor Lakes, Lake volatile ups and downs, lake-smooth limestone fine, no mud, water seasons Surplus, clear and transparent, without any pollution. Lake week by the tea garden and forest along the coast surrounded by green trees, Huguangshanse add radiance to each other, the beautiful scenery beautiful. Jinsha River Canyon steep mountain, river rapids, towering cliffs, rocks, such as forestry and extremely dangerous. For the region inhabited by the Yi people, full of national characteristics of the village, history and Of relics, scenic spots for added fun. Wu Ma in the region with the distribution of a large number of virgin forest, towering old trees, winding vines, moss lichen everywhere, full of rustic flavor of the original.

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Qionghai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qionghai is the second largest fresh water lake in Sichuan Province, 7 km away from the Xichang City, Shandong Province at the northern foot Wo Yu Lu, Luoji Mountain on the north side of the mountain cloud-ray film, a Bi-dumping thousands, Sichuan Province is one of the top 10 scenic spots. Qiong transparent and clear sea water, an area of about 31 square kilometers. Qionghai Lake in China as the source of some of the high-Wu, in order to quiet Said four different scenery, the sky spring water palladium, on the next Pitt, who has a sparkle in the Cangshan waves Hao Han Bi Ye, "Zhou blue line, in the middle reaches of the painting," Liumeitaosai shore, Yan Ni-nan language. Summer water Yingying, bright pink clouds, the fishing village temple, traditional costumes and matched. Qishuang autumn sky, solitary Luoxia distraction, autumnale Long, pleasant people linger. Winter days out of water purification, Calocedrus red maple, reflected on the lake. Wind in the afternoon, the surging waves, like waves in the White Qiang play on. Qionghai attractive scenery, Xichang and bringing a bright moon at night to form a "Moonrise Qiong pool more poetic sentiments. Such as the famous Italian traveler Marco. Qiong browser in the Baltic Sea after the Scenery much praise, excitement in his travel notes, "Marco. Polo's Travels" wrote: "Xiuse clear water, grass and fish Feng-mao, large pearls, beautiful, tranquil and its climate is far better than the Mediterranean, is the Pearl of the Orient Ah. "Another example is former National Central University Professor Zhu Yu Qiong Lease after the sea wrote:" I have boats of the West Lake, Dongting table, Hengjue Taihu Lake, Poyang board, that wide-hung Dongting, Poyang KIWI, show deep in Taihu Lake, West Nongzhuang, Dan Ma Qiong pool, is different, particularly in the tranquil pond Qiong see win. "This shows that the general view of Qionghai. Qionghai Lake not only beautiful scenery, there are also many wonderful folklore, a contrast to its mysterious and Li, Li Ying, such as "Gaizhou mind" and "Tai Ping Yu Lan," and so on are recorded in writing. Qionghai Lake, there are more than 40 kinds of fish, including unique white fish, carp, prawns, crabs, and so on, Qiumodongchu there are 19 kinds of migratory birds this winter to bring their families. Qionghai Lake of the existing park, Qionghai Lake Hotel, the new fishing village on the beach, Lianchi Moon Bay, Sunshine Village, Rosa Rose Garden, Qinglong Si, the site of the old Hai Ting, the village of Walnut Park to watch Shengti Wei and water sports school, and other attractions.

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Yi-hai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yi is located in the sea 40 kilometers north of Mianning County Ping Yang, 1 square km area, planning area of 30 square km protection from the National Highway 108 lines 7 km, has a special road. May 22, 1935, the Chinese workers and peasants Liu Bocheng advance by the army commander, political commissar of the Rongzhen Yi and the head of some small (small Dan) in the seaside to see Yi, on behalf of water to drink, drink blood oath prescribed brother became so successful team yi hundred miles through the area. In July 1980, the Sichuan Provincial People's Government announced an alliance Hai Yi Department of Sichuan Province for the protection unit in the lake to erect a marble Heritage logo. In 1995, as an official at the provincial level scenic spots . Yi is a sea of fresh water lakes, mountains, the forest landscape in particular fresh and bright, high bird's eye view, Hai Zi exactly like a mosaic in the mountains in the flash Yi Yi sapphire, crystal clear. Hai Zi around the towering trees, fragrant grass cover, azalea, lilac, camellia limelight. Lake groups in the wild-Ming Fei Pu , Mallard water games. Walking distance to the beach, as if the ink pen into the ink-feng, Xiasi million people, relaxed and happy. Yi sea with the management of heritage, has built the Peak Lookout, lake cruises are available, there is room lake, pavilion, toilet facilities and drinking designated wild area. Tip: 1, transport: there is a dedicated road leading to the sea Yi, transportation more convenient. 2, tickets: 5 yuan.

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Mabian Dafengding - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the Sichuan Basin and Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau transition zone of east-west width 15.3 kilometers, 37.0 kilometers long from north to south with a total area of 30,164 hectares. There are four Mabian River, a major source of streams; the minimum altitude of 800 meters, 4042 meters above sea level the highest, steep terrain, Shangao Lu risk, with an average gradient of 36 � Protected areas is based on giant panda protection and the ecological environment of the main types of forest and wildlife nature reserves. Due to the protection of China belonged to the sub-tropical moist monsoon climate zone, the area is rich in species, mainly plants are known to have 51 132 are 248 kinds are protected at the national level there is Davidia II of the protection of silver , Cephalotaxus oliveri, and so on, the main terrestrial vertebrate known, 25 heads of 268 kinds of Section 75, at the national level is there to protect the giant panda, Sichuan Partridge Hill, such as cattle Ling 7, the secondary protection of Red Panda 28, and so on.

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Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Spot - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Leshan is located in the city of Leshan City Minjiang, Qingyi Jiang, Sanjiang River area, 160 km south of Chengdu, according to Ling Feng Shan Qixia Linjiang cliff-made cutting a seated Maitreya, before cutting in the first year of Tang Kai-yuan (713 AD ), Took 90 years to build, to build 71 meters high, "Hill is a Buddha, the Buddha Mountain, "said the world's largest stone to the Big Buddha.

December 6, 1996, Mount Emei - Leshan Giant Buddha was approved by the UNESCO as "World Cultural and Natural Heritage", included in the official "World Heritage List."


  Big Buddha Body Said the solemn power of God, Zaocheng the mountain, sit Linjiang danger. Giant Buddha is 71 meters, the first high-14,7 m, 28 m Width, 1021 hair, ears 7 meters long, 5.6 meters long nose, eyebrow 5.6 meters long, 3.3 meters long eyes, fingers 8.3 meters long, 8.5 feet wide Meters, around a hundred or more, poetry As "The mountains are a Buddha, the Buddha is a mountain," as the Big Buddha in the world (the world's largest stone seated Maitreya). Big Buddha on the left side, along the "Dong Tian" Gun it is the beginning of the path along the cliff-side, close to a total length of 500 meters. 9 is on the right side of the path along the cliff.

Leshan Giant Buddha head and Qi Shan, Tai Zuta, double Hand on knee, 70-meter-high, the first of about 15 meters high, can buy the first item on the round table. Ear 7 meters long, 3.3 meters long eyes, the ears can stand in the middle of the two Han. Width 28 meters, to do a basketball court. It's also sitting on more than 100 feet, is a real giant. Big Buddha on top of the hair, a total of 1021 Luoji This is a repair in 1962, with clear Chalk ID number. From a distance, hair on the head with an integral whole, but in reality to the stone-by-inlay. Luo Ji exposed the roots of a single block, there are obvious cracks embedded together, no adhesive mortar. Luo Ji two-plastering on the surface, the inner layer for lime, as the thickness of 5-15 mm. 1991 Xiu, the Buddha in his right leg in the Department of Au Lost Relics Luo Ji Shi 3, in which two more complete, 78 cm long, at the top of the 31.5 � 31.5 cm, the roots of 24 � 24 cm.

  Buddha Statue at the root of the inside of his right ear lobe, a deep hole about 25 centimeters, maintenance workers from the Took out a number of broken objects, is a look at the rotten wood of the mud. This shows that the Fan in the Southern Song Dynasty, "Wu ship recorded" record "the world is a very large statue of Buddha, wood ears are still ringing to it," is real. It can be seen that up to 7 meters of the Buddha ears, not on the cutting of the original rock, but for the structure of wooden pillars, in order to hammer Zaima ash from decoration. At Buddha also found that the lower end of the nostril holes, then with his three wood cut, shaped product. Uplift of the bridge that is lined with wood, the ash from exterior hammer. However, this is Zhenyuan 19 years of the Tang Dynasty (803) when it is completed in the case, or later when the maintenance of this repair process, the research has not. A few years ago, Leshan Giant Buddha behind the visitors found the mountain as sleeping Buddha, Leshan Giant Buddha is built on the sleeping Buddha mind, a more profound meaning.

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Ling pagoda - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pagoda Tower, also known as Ling Ling, Shan Ling Lingbao because at the peak, named Ling pagoda. Gun Hill is located in the Minjiang, Qingyi Jiang, the convergence of the Dadu River, named after Qingyi Jiang Apart from the Tsing Yi Shan, also because of habitat-luan, the-feng, Lingbao, Danxia, Zhurong, Cui Yong, against Yue, Wang Yun , And Japan derived from Jiufeng called Hill 9. Lingbao peak to peak in the most peculiar, and a pagoda, more attractive. Chan said there Qing Dynasty poem: Lingbao break open a root-yun, Sanshui trading off Cyclones; Ping-kwong with Shorea see outside, Zhu Feng-Feng Luo outside this respect. It has been contained, since the Tang Dynasty, the temple had Fengfeng, the Buddhist holy sites. Gao Shan Lin here closely, elegant scenery, has long been known as Under the landscape of victory in Sichuan, in the mountains of Sichuan Kerry, Kerry's reputation of the landscape in Lingyun. There are poems in the Song Dynasty writer Su Yun Chan: The letters do not want to 10,000 Hou, also do not want to know Han Jingzhou, but as a former Kerry Shou-han, wine set when Yu Lingyun. Ling Feng pagoda built on Lingbao. Some of the world's ancient pagoda funeral of a Buddhist She Lizi, with Master-of ashes on an entry in the pagoda in the soul. Tower was built in the Tang, Song, Ming and Qing dynasties have been repaired. Miyan Shi pyramid was four-cone, made of brick, sitting east to west and 38 meters high, a total of 13. Hollow-tower, five-story tower is real, each class has a window open all eyes, both light, but also for visitors to four View. Buddha located on each floor rooms, built-in stone statue of Buddha. Steps along the spiral tower shaft to the top, since the tower to get into the door, by the 95 stone steps soongorica top board. 1.40 for the top-tip save. Ling pagoda structure and style similar to the Pagodas and Xi'an. Lingbao Tadeng top of the provisional, broad vision, overlapping mountains to the east, momentum-hung ; Canon floor can be seen in the south, east slope of floor; west of the river seems to plunge to the outer third of Mindanao, such as sea-boat floating clouds; eye view of the Leshan city in the north, such as a Youth Pre-employment Training Cai-feng in the prone position above the Green Wave. North-South thing is, the Meteorology Series. Gun Hill is located in Sanshui Offices convergence, where acute water Rapids. According to the mountains and rivers of the situation, the construction of this The main purpose of the Service or as a confluence of three rivers mark. High Big Buddha is 71 meters of water to the town, God, the soul pagoda as signs to guide the ship of the vessel so that the boatman to raise attention in order to secure dangerous shoals through the rapids now, Jia Zhou Ling pagoda has become a symbol of the ancient city, Sichuan Province People's Government announced Protection unit.

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Jiajiang Qianfo Yan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qianfo Yan located in the scenic city of Leshan Jiajiang County West 3 kilometers. Picturesque here, Yishanbangshui, known as the "best Tsing Yi Department." Grand View Hill and in accordance with Fenggang confrontation, and the wind from Qingyi Jiang, "a confrontation between the two Shan, a stream Jiangkou" enchanting scenery. Qingyi Jiang on the left bank of the Shek Pik, the order of 200 Cave stone carvings were over zun 2400, it said, "Qian Foya." As the cut in Sui, in the prosperous Tang Dynasty, and the extension of the Ming and Qing; Cuolayouzhi imaging array, at least one exclusive Cave, more than 100 were set in respect of a cave; can be more than ten feet, as small scale, beautiful shape, superb techniques , Different attitude, colorful, especially in the "Pure Land "Better; shows the ancient Chinese high level of stone carving art. Cliff Figures In addition, there are a range of ages Inscription.

  Within a scenic path along the cliff and repair Pavilion, visitors can tour open.


  Origin: Jiajiang Qianfo Yan, Shu is a well-known monuments of , Started in the Sui and Tang dynasties, the Ming and Qing dynasties and the extension of Cliff Figures 162 niches, more than 2470 Buddha statue, carved, beautiful shape, smooth lines, body-Yi Wen, the ancient sculptor who show high artistic attainments. One of the Maitreya Zuofo, changes Pure Land shrine, the King of Cave View shrine and a number of audio-video niche, both for the Tang Dynasty statues Products. Buddha Gallery at the western end of the "million-Yong", a range of Inscription history, landscape and praise or show or express their feelings, pay homage to, there is no lack of good intentions of Blair speech, for the forceful beautiful.

  Qianfo Yan statues are very vivid. Although the shape of the Buddha is, but it has a human touch and Huo Tuotuo of their character. At , Also have different Yin Feng Zi: Guanyin Holy handsome face, demure devout, and holding Jingping, bare shoulders and arms Feng, a pair of eyes in the wisdom shown Beitianminren want to laugh and tolerance of expression, appears to be cordial and dignity; Avalokitesvara knot in the Mid Jiafu Zuo, handsome face, kind eyes; a few hands Yin Zhu body Tianyi sleeveless, arch, floating in the air want to move, is just the embodiment of beauty in the Tang Dynasty. Heritage value is the width of the Tang Dynasty Qianfo Yan Cliff Figures have very high cultural value.

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9 path along the cliff - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Big Buddha on the right side of the Shek Pik, a dangerous spiral path along the cliff top-down feet to the Big Buddha, which is well-known "9 path along the cliff," with the construction of the Buddha at the same time the cut. The first Service Pack of the path along the cliff "by changing map" fine carving, the image of a lively, beautiful lines, and engraved with the Rendezvous Tower Pavilion, is the study of the Tang Dynasty architecture and art stone Valuable information.

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Taiwan Mailyard - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shanxi is located in Taiwan, Wu You Mailyard side of a precipice, is a writer in the Han Dynasty Guo Sheren Notes "nga". "Nga" China is the first to explain the meaning of the monograph. In the Song dynasty writer Su Che, "Jia Zhou made at the beginning," wrote a poem: "There are ancient Guo-Yun, Annotations hard here. Yuchong District identified, the sub-nga media. Wash Yan Residual ink, such as water all over the Heiwu. Jiang has no fish, a top-Yi Mo Department. "Said Guo Sheren years of hard writing, the Yan-Wash residual ink has a black river, a black head. Such a legend, reflecting people's feelings of admiration for Guo Sheren. Mailyard Taiwan at the site of the now open Just Pavilion, in 1921 when they moved to the reconstruction site Taiwan was three-nga, connected as a whole, interesting twists and turns. After the liberation of maintenance when the second layer removed, retained the top and bottom. Kikunami the top floor and then changed its name to Villa, the only one Mailyard Taiwan. Taiwan Mailyard stop standing, broad vision, Seomang Emei, under the Sanjiang bird's-eye view, the magnificent scenery. Taiwan in the middle of the book list on the wall, "Han qianwei homes Note Mailyard Department ", the following ZHAO Xi Qian Zhao," Mailyard Taiwan in mind, "inscription. Mailyard Taiwan famous Seoul ya, Shan Wu You are one of the well-known monuments, history has left a lot of famous people on the poetry of it. 1939 , Guo board Mailyard Taiwan, "Taiwan Denger Ya Huai" a Qilu, the memory of fighting in the frontline of the anti-Japanese Comrade Zhu De Look forward to victory in the War of Resistance Against Japan.

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Well Hai Yan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

A kilometer of the world's first ultra-deep salt well. Zigong City is located in Ta-Yan Tang district from within the side of the road. Covers an area of 1500 square meters. The main building there is room sound condition, the big room, Zaofang, the cabinet room. The main production facilities have a duty towards aircraft, derrick, carts, salt pan, Garam. Yan Song Dynasty China Sea wells using the invention of the "Dayton-impact drilling "In the Qing dynasty 15 years (1835) to drill into. Tat 1001.42 meters depth. Smoky day more than halogen Tam, Nissan 8500 cubic meters of natural gas, home burn salt pot 80 than the mouth. Hai Yan of drilling wells Success of the show at that time in our drilling technology and leading position in the world. In 1984 by a Aspects of maintenance funds, Yan Hai well look back in history, which shows a set of ancient drilling, mining and natural gas transmission, to fish for Brine, anger boiled salt and other traditional techniques and technology. Yan Hai and was listed as a national key cultural unit.

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Pak Ngau Chai Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pak Ngau Chai Forest Park located in the Weiyuan, Renshou, funded County Three Interchange, Yi Ming, "Shek Wu scenic boat", is located in the border town of Weiyuan County, even from Renshou Longtan scenic spot and 55 km, 60 Zigong Dinosaur Museum Km, 75 km Dazu Rock Carvings, north of Chengdu-Chongqing Expressway (from the Chengdu-Chongqing highway 30 km), Should be in by highways, transport, climate, landscape Qixiu. Forest Park, Shek Wu scenic boat with a total area of about 16 square kilometers, is a low-Shan valley landscapes, mountains overlap in the region, vertical and horizontal Valley, in the 600-780 meters above sea level, a sub-tropical monsoon climate, the short summer Chiu-Liang, climate ?. Forest Park area is divided into two parts and ship Shek Wu, and Hu Lukou Temple, Changsha reservoir dam in Sichuan to form the famous "three-Walled Lake," Scenic Area. Forest Park in a "cloud around Castle Peak, from fog Yunfei, Zhichitianya" cloud the landscape. Walled white cows, three religions temple, there is room floor, white-tan cattle and other important sites. Shek Wu ship Hong Kong, more than 200 large and small turnout, nearly 100 islands. Five fingers and a scenic lake in two boats Shek Wu Hotel, at the same time be able to receive more than 300 people board and lodging, conference center, restaurant-style, song and dance halls, Steppenwolf room, fitness bath, yachts, travel bumper, basketball, table tennis, badminton, fishing, shooting And farmers Music, and other service facilities. 1999?????nearly 20 million people, close to the realization of revenue 4,000,000 yuan.

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DING You-Martyrs Memorial Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

DING You-martyrs memorial at the five-Leshan Buddha Bridge area in the mountains, the Museum of the board for Hu Yaobang, the museum also has exhibits such as Zhu De and national party leaders wrote. Trees around here, fresh and beautiful, but also a bird's eye view of the entire city. DING You-martyr, was born in 1931 in the city Wayao da, 1948 Chengdu women's high school studies, popular liberation war, encouraged by the victory, had an active part in the party under the leadership of the patriotic student movement. After the liberation of Chengdu, the determined devotion of Mary Help of Christians-revolutionary comrades, admitted to the People's Revolutionary Xikang University. In the party's direct training and education, she has made rapid progress, as a result of efforts to study, as a model, and light The addition of the New Democratic Youth League of China. After graduation, party comrades as-you-Xichang Girls on behalf of the military. September 18, 1950, in Xichang you comrades salt-Central Zhengliang work, for the unfortunate killing of riot Feite siege. At the expense of, 19 years old. In the face of the enemy, you comrades-righteousness Bang Bo Yan Feite rejected the threats and inducements, despite being humiliated in every possible way, torture has been, you always forget-comrades of the party's education, the performance of the young members loyal to the revolutionary cause of the indomitable noble quality. Lifeless to the enemy threat, she said firmly, "not afraid of death revolution, the revolution is not afraid to die!" Temporary difficulties also shouted: "Chinese Communist Long live! "

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Black Longtan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longtan black spots at Renshou county, 16 km west of the town's water willow rural territory, 68 km away from Chengdu.

  Longtan is a black artificial lakes, Lake circumference of 160 km, 32 km long from north to south, 23 square kilometers surface, the water storage 3,600,000,000 cubic meters. Longtan and wide lake, Lake in 2 islands, the twists and turns Lake, tree-lined island. There are 10 scenic spots of their own attractions: the dam, the three major Bay, Penglai Island, Tsing Lung mouth Botanical Garden, Longyan Cliff stone statues and paintings, Chen Gushan, according to Seven Star, is on August 1, South Korea Xiangjiaba, ginkgo dam Two-and swallows.

  North Lakes Taiyi the dam, is the heritage and cultures meet, there is engraved in the Tang Dynasty of the Long Ya, Zuofo, the stele. According to cliffs carved by the 10-meter-long Shilong, scute clear-cut, ran Yashang; up the water, immersed in a little blue dragon who, prance most of the lake, like water, a magnificent view. Long in the cliffs near the shrines on both sides of a, Shek Pik-ray , Without a trace, if the water go up, gradually revealing the vigorous Xiaoxiao of bamboo and bamboo leaves, the miracle known as the "Bamboo is water." Hua Zhu is said to the Northern Song Dynasty Inn with the text in Renshou officials left behind by the original handwriting. As for why the "water" to "bamboo is now", it fails to solve a mystery. Lakes around the forest green onions , Fresh and charming four seasons, the lake there are ducks, egrets, crane, swan, and so on more than 100 species of birds live.


  Longtan and provincial-level scenic spots for. Scenic accommodation facilities, the type of complete, in the vicinity of the dam and Longtan Hotel, water training center, and Longtan Hotel, hotel supplies and other Tourists stay for dinner. The supply of whole fish I known, the head of its soup, fish Dou Hua is unusually delicious. Chen Bao Ensi Mountain View area is also available for visitors room and board, the whole Buddhist vegetarian feast is another realm.

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Temple has been reported (Leshan) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Emei is located in Temple reported foothills, the Yamashita is the first temple, Emei Shan into the portal, Emei Shan Buddhist activities of the center as well as tourists traveling up the mountain (on individual tourist bus station in the vicinity of the Temple newspaper) or on foot mountain has to go through . Reportedly left the Temple, there are about two mountain road up the mountain. Fu Husi by the left hand lane, the voiceless Golden Summit, such as direct access to the full 64 km; the right line by up to 10,000 years Jinding Temple.

  Chong Ming Temple reported Wanli for the whole of the eight Shan Ming Si, inside the main hall houses the memorial tablets of the original Buddhism and Taoism, Confucianism on behalf of the three religions, have been "cases will be together", "three cases of the Church". Qing Emperor Kangxi take the Buddha "Grace serve the country," meaning the name Temple has been reported. Simen ride west to east, mountain in front of a pair of stone carved by the independent Department of the Ming Dynasty, the Mountain Gate on the "Temple reported that" important for the Emperor Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty Yubi the title. Temple was a "three cases of the Church", has some words together can see the door a little flavor of Taoism, such as "independent thinking Yu, said that from the index by . The whole temple covers an area of nearly 40,000 square meters, the scale of the event. There are four main hall, all built on behalf of the Tongzhi years, to the former, are the Hall of Maitreya, the main sanctuary, the permitted seven, Canon House. Building mountains, the high-level, a typical Sichuan-style courtyard-style houses.

  Serve the Country Garden Temple Quiet, clean room, visitors can spend the night. Su Can Bieyoufengwei Buddhist Temple, is today one of the rare health food. Temple has been reported to the tourists still do not let go and enjoy the plaque against the opportunity to have a very Fengshen against Temple. Qifo hall side of the wall in 1935 was also Mr. Jiang Jieshi left by the original handwriting "Sake of the general good." Its side of the room for, but also a very elegant name: "to be on Hillside Garden." Simen is on a hill with a cast bronze bell at the palace in the Ming Dynasty, "Ten Emei," one of the "St. Wanzhong plot" refers to the bell. This 2.8 m high 10 minutes, 2.4 meters in diameter and weighing 12,500 kg reached, the No. "Tianfu Wang Zhong." Zhong who have cast 61,600 words, "Agama" and other philosophical terms like the Buddha-ming, Shu Jin and Tang Dynasties, and since the imperial dynasties and the monks were known.

San plot Wanzhong


  Reported to the Temple, do not forget to look at the castle on the front of the Phoenix "plot San Wanzhong . "St. Wanzhong plot" Pavilion of the plane was in accordance with the layout of the old group were the words, tell everyone the history of flash is at the center of activity. Zhong Yan-ting Department of timbers attic, it's old and new architecture to display the image in people's eyes, Qingwa, hidden deep in the red canopy Cang Nan Lin Cong Cooper, a tall pole marked the brakes on Cong Lin . The Pavilion To impose the side vermilion, "Yang Fei drunk" on chairs, white banners of "St. Wanzhong plot" words for the former president of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Institute of the Arts Wei traditional book. Cang Nan, Calocedrus, camphora, Gurong mixed by Lin Cong, seal characters and Qin, Han Li, Tang Kai, and so on more than 100-Stele Forest of Stone Tablets in the composition, although a natural and human With the concept, but here in the United States has to be tightly embrace the Zhongting.


  Tingzhong hung a huge bronze bell, the original bell in the South San EMEI plot Temple, named "Holy Mosques, bronze bell," also known as "Saint Wanzhong plot." Ji Temple St. 14, the end of the century was founded in the year, the monks were East that has Zhuoxi Kam-light the temple, four of Chi Yuan. Year in 1535, named Lake antithesis of a dream (this county, Hubei Anlu) other monks were al-Po for the division, the building would like to raise a bronze bell presented to the Buddha Asan. Year in 1564, in Sichuan Province Yang Jiang (Fushun this, Luzhou area) and so on to raise three bronze bell built a home Water Temple (Temple this years) I never buy extended Temple (Temple Sianfong today), the largest in the following year, a Hong Xi Qiao arrived in Emei City, four people Gong disciples Lists engraved, in the year 1567 suspended St. Ji Temple Majikina building. 2,6 m-high 10 minutes, abdominal diameter of 2,2 meters, 20 centimeters thick lips, 25000 re-jin-" Wang Chung-shu. "

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Pik mountain park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pik mountain park, known as Erlang Miao, in the north of Leshan, Jiajiang south of the border are San Shili. There are scenic spots in the Southern Song Dynasty Emperor Yan Jian-2002 (1128) the construction of the Wan-ting. Yang Hui's "Green Pavilion" in recent Jiu Bainian board to make history by those who inspire, spread so far. The spring of 1988, the folder County People's Government in the name of booths, the provision of land for parks, and Erlang Miao together, making this well-known monuments swept away years of dust, re-full of glorious ancient civilization. There are enshrined in Erlang Miao Li Jiro (Li Bing and his son), Yang Erlang (Yang Jian), Jiro Zhao (Yu Zhao) of the statue. "The three Gong Jiro Galway Long the world to enjoy fireworks, a pavilion inscriptions flow Miao folk songs and vivid pen EMI. "Pik mountain parks, according to the North Kowloon-winding, near the Southern Qingyi Jiang, covering about 13 hectares, surrounded by Jiang Liu Piedmont, the Adventure of the clean water, green Tianchou , The village of smoke spread all over the place, winding mountain road in the park, Qifengyishi, Chung and Oasis, Greenfield Zhu Yun, Dian Deep, high-Ting Kok, the colorful scenery, is another Jiajiang "Tsing Yi Jia Department." Well-known scenic spots include: Erlang Miao, 9 sheep, Wan Ting, Feng Zhang Ren, Stephen eyesight, Han Ya Mu group, Wan Hill, Kikunami pine, and so on.

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Mei-feng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mei-Feng is located in Sandy Bay area south of the city of Leshan, Mount Emei system clock in the third peak, 2027 meters above sea level, because of the shape of beautiful women sit, Guo has been praised as "Sleeping Beauty." Sandy Bay feng beauty to the landscape known for its stone forest. LO km radius around the Stone Forest, Chi Mei rocks, lush vegetation, such as Shi Feng stalagmite May God, may still move static, thousands of patterns; Shi Shi wrapped rattan bonsai trees folder stone, stone tree Zheng-Hui. Karst caves and mountains, springs and waterfalls around the stone line is set, "Hill, stone, peak-dong, Stephen" in one, both high and dangerous, beautiful, and other characteristics of karst landscape, the Southwest is unique Natural park. Sichuan Provincial People's Government in 1996 has been announced for the provincial scenic spots. Her "elegant chic long hair, dignified and symmetry of facial features, which marks the fullness young Ru Feng Ling, all poetry is lofty, elegant Fu Xiang." Mei-feng board, or blue skies, Jiang's profile days; Baiwu or dim, the vast sea of clouds; Manshan or snow, silver-wrapped makeup; Yamahana or brilliant, verdant forest.

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Guo old - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guo is a distinguished history of modern Chinese writers, poets, playwrights, historians, archaeologists, the ancient language of Jurists, a famous calligrapher and social activist. He scientific and cultural front in our fight the Spring and Autumn 60, to stay Was more than 20,000,000 words of cultural heritage, Lu Xun is the second in China after the Cultural routes A brilliant banner. Leshan is located in Sandy Bay Area Water Street in the middle of the foam old Guo, Guo was born and youth live, learn, is the starting point for the rise of the world's cultural success. Guo old museum is a provincial-level key cultural unit, provincial patriotism education base and adolescents Traditional life education base. Is the fifth country to declare key cultural unit, to declare material has been reported to the State Administration of Cultural Heritage is expected in the near future through. Guo old opening to the outside world, has received more than 100 domestic and foreign tourists million. With the creation of Leshan City, the country's best tourist cities in the success of famous Buddhist mountains of Georgia Shape, Leshan and Emei, Sandy Bay feng beautiful stone forest tourism, c. growing tendency in the number of visitors on the rise year by year, the year can receive visitors for more than 50,000 people, nearly Collection and 1,000,000 yuan. Guo old museum covers an area of 4425 square meters, construction area of 2265.5 Meters. The built-generation Jiaqing years, more than 200 years of history from the wooden structure of the residential area of 2189 square meters (1108 square meters floor area); Guo in 1992 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the construction of the brick structure, one at the end of the first floor of the museum covers an area of Area of 2236 square meters (construction area 1157.5 square meters). Guo old museum in the country, text, objects and Mao in the form of an all-round, multi-angle Guo showed that children from the glorious history of the world cultural celebrities; demonstrated Guo and his family's living room, shops, Ka, "Sui Mountain Museum" And the back garden; set up a "text "" Sino-Japanese friendship, "" Painting and Calligraphy Museum Moruo "," Calligraphy Moruo stone monument profile "and other topics showroom. Museum collections that reflect a lifetime of struggle Guo experienced graphic information (has filed); collection of great works of Guo's life and has a library Moruo; the collection reflects the history of Sandy Bay where the text The relevant cultural relics; collection of party and state leaders and experts and scholars, former places of residence to the seekers can explore during a visit to the left of the inscription, calligraphy; an artist painting a masterpiece collection quite good.

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Eastern Fodu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the historical and cultural cities, scenic mountain resort in the world-famous Leshan Giant Buddha next to the protection of World Heritage in the region, the rise of a statue of renowned Chinese and foreign thousand wonders of the world - the East Fodou. North, he co-Leshan Giant Buddha, the same as the Buddha, to be based, do-day Temple, the Buddhist community, the largest natural formation of the Kennedy III, 3 Main Hall. Attractions in 1994, on May 18, "Buddha's Day" (lunar Chuba) Welcome and opening up, with its unique artistic charm of the group after group of tourists at home and abroad, the media, arts and Buddhism Believers. Fodu the East Block, the city of Leshan in the 1 km outside the Yunshan, and the Leshan Giant Buddha, Temple made a mistake, Ma-ho, and other sites linked Yamu piece. Covers an area of more than 500 acres, tree-lined area, stone Labyrinth, Ting Xie elegant, pleasant scenery. Set this religious art, sculpture art, landscape art as a whole, the renowned all over, as well as India, Japan and other countries and south-east of martial law Area Buddhist art, carved-made imitation of the size of more than 3000 Buddha statue. These Buddha's layout, make full use of the natural extension of the mountain, embossing and possession of open or hidden, or now, Cuolayouzhi, winding twists and turns to form the grand spectacle of Buddhist scroll. In the form of both Cliff Figures, and Yuandiao, reliefs, frescoes and so on In the selection of material, there are stone, Copper, colorful, Mo Yu, and so on. Different methods and different materials to give them a statue of Buddha in a different artistic expression, reflecting the different artistic styles. Here, there is a 170-meter-long giant Wofo, longer than the world's largest Wofo, Buddha North South for the first foot, lay on their sides, in the middle of natural vegetation cover Foshen Phi symbol Sha, la appear Buddha or of the state. And the other the United States, the idea of the cleverest, most are fine Qi Jue. The statue, that is different from the miniature landscapes, ancient statues are different from the rough and large, to the size of the United States are, like in a focus Like. In the past with the many statues through the ages Zheng-Hui. To poke inside the cave, also made off with imperialist powers, scattered on foreign soil since the number of re-carved Buddha statue and display to display, in order to reproduce the essence of national art and encouraging people not forget national humiliation. There's even the momentum Heart Mountain, along the 173 ladder Yungang is the Big Buddha, visitors can also find here a symbol of good fortune even the heart of the locks, long locks, lock wealth. Fodu the creation of the East in the early days of parties who have been on the approval and support of well-known sculptor Mr. Liu Kaiqu passed away shortly before the pro title in the "Oriental Fodu" to show encouraging words. Eastern Fodu Success by all sides in the affirmative, well-known sculptor study after Professor Wang Keqing, saying that "the country and the world is rare, is the link between past and future in the history of Chinese sculpture works." Miss Deng Lin painter also the title of "civilization through the ages." Vice President of the Buddhist Association of Sichuan Province, monks all over to the view that "a statue of Buddha carved impeccable, It also exceeds the original. "Former president of the Buddhist Association of China Zhao also for Mr. Liu Kaiqu creation of the only title to introduce Buddha.

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Gun path along the cliff - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gun hidden in the path along the cliff to the left Leshan Giant Buddha habitat Luan, Yue against the two peaks of the steep cliff, was the poet praise for the "Symphonic Poem on the cliff." Piercing its waste-lifting, air planes fiction, possession of dangerous Qi Lu, Wan Yan twists and turns like a vacant Yunlong. Cut the path along the cliff in early 1983 and be completed in 1984, the same year, 10 Open. A total distance of about 500 meters, at the north end and connected to the Big Buddha, and the southern end of the floor, Choi Jin-phase, constitute a circle of twists and turns tourist routes. Buddhism around the foot, wearing a "Dong Tian", it is up the northern end of the path along the cliff. Legend has it that this is the Dragon King Edward III school in Su's path up the mountain, so called "three-Prince Edward Branch into the sea." Forward, Left to set up a section of the "hundred path along the cliff," carved on cliff Zhang Aiping, Ma Shitu Tiyong and others. Walking path along the cliff on the left, at the foot of the river Taotao, Fanjuan surge. Have left the path along the cliff, climbing the "narrow width", "high-low" risk of the slope, "Ladder", will be able to "Song Yun-ting," rest. Song Yun-ting from 10 meters with a Li's huge, more than 30 meters high, known as "Jiang Mochu." Jiang Mochu stand, piles of green mountains, vast and lonely sand, Miaomiaoyanai, little fan boat like a picture eye; water hammer, Greenfield, birds like the symphony and echoed in the ear. Ting Qian Yun line from the song, then Shu Shibu to the southern end of the path along the cliff side , "Yue against." Pavilion for the cutting of the path along the cliff when it was built. Up and down due to be divided into two tiers, also known as "booth picture." Tingzhong to rest, the rise of Feng Cang Shi-ping; down, gurgling water; Looking back, Wan Yan tortuous path along the cliff. Good luck with the artificial nature of the Diaozao into one beautiful.

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Mount Emei - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mount Emei is located in China's Sichuan Emeishan City, the scenic area of 154 square kilometers, Wan Foding peak 3099 meters above sea level, is well-known tourist destinations and Buddhist sacred mountains; is a natural beauty and Buddhist culture into China's state-level scenic mountain . December 6, 1996 included in the " Natural and cultural heritage sector. "

Emei Shan Ping process, the towering, beautiful, ancient, magical. It's beautiful natural scenery, Buddhist culture has a long, rich plant and animal resources, unique geological features known to the world. It was known as the "Buddhist mountains" and "Kingdom of plants" Animal Paradise "," geological museum ", known as" Emei show the world "reputation. Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai's poem read:" Multi-Shu mountains, Emei Miao difficult horse "; Chan-mo, Zhou Ming Dynasty poet:" Three E's show Jia Tianxia, why look for sea-related Penglai "; contemporary writer Guo Emeishan book title as" world famous " In the past, Mount Emei is that the people worship ceremony, sightseeing, scientific investigation and leisure resort of convalescence. Emei strong incense for thousands of years, visitors must not, and always maintain the charm. Emei strong incense for thousands of years, visitors must not, and always maintain the charm. Its main features are:

Emei higher than the Sacred Mountains of China Jia Tianxia show, the magnificent mountains, beautiful scenery, the Meteorology Series. Known as "mountain has four seasons, different days Shiliquan" Zhou Yu. Qing Dynasty poet Tan Kai King Emei Shan Zhong-yue will be over for the Ten: "Xiangguang Golden Summit", "Spring River as the pool," "Nine Laoxian House," "Hongchunxiaoyu", "Autumn White" and "voiceless Shuangqiao , "Ji Daping Snow" and "Pinnacle ryong'am", "pico Qingyun," "Santa kind of night the plot." It is also continuing to discover and create many new landscape, such as Chui Yong-Hong-zhu, Huxitingquan, Longjiang path along the cliff, Lung Fei Bao, Lei Tung smoke, Feihong Jieyin, Yunfu lying on a boat, Youlin fir, and so on, all Fascinating. Jin Hill, the weight stack Luan peaks, towering old trees. Turn, goes even broken bridge. You Jian deep, sky line. Among a Myriad Fei Liu, water gurgling sound. Song bird Sin, elegant butterflies; Monkey play, Cam played the frog bomb, the rich shop track, Journey Into Amazing Caves. All things germinating in the spring, green and luxuriant; summer flowers Yan, Chaziyanhong; autumn Mountain is covered with leaves and colorful; winter snow-wrapped, and snowy. Golden Summit board Yuan Wang Ji Mu, very wide field of vision, the scenery is magnificent. View of the sunrise, sea of clouds, Buddha, sunset, you feel good; West Vision snow Xuefeng, Gongga Shan, Wa Wushan, Hill even the sky; South Wanfo Ding Wang, rolling Yuntao, restore momentum ; Hundred miles north bird's-eye view Hirakawa, such as Fairview shop, the Dadu River, Qingyi Jiang panoramic view. Emei stay top, there is the "list of small hills" with emotion.

Emei Samantabhadra for the gym, our country is one of the four Buddhist holy sites. Buddhist legend in the 1st century AD that is imported Emei. Near 2000 Education and development of Mount Emei to the left a rich cultural heritage of Buddhism, has produced a number of senior monks, so that the Emeishan China and the world has gradually become a deep impact on the Buddhist Holy Land. At present, all-Shan Buddhist monks and nuns there were about 300 people, nearly 30 temples, of which there are well-known newspaper Temple, Fu Husi, Qingyin Ge, Hong Chun , Sianfong Temple, Xixiang Chi, China Golden Temple, the Temple million years ... ... and so on. Buddhist temples in a clay sculpture, wood carving, jade carving, copper and iron, porcelain, from yarn, a vivid style, exquisite technique. Copper years as the Temple "like riding a Fugen," no one can be in the mountains, at the national level for the protection of cultural relics, the bronze Buddha , And three bronze statue Shenfo, the nation Qifo yarn from the inside, and so on, are precious Buddhist. Bayeux, as there is, Kegon copper tower, St. Wanzhong plot, the monument Jinding copper, gold Fugen and India, are precious cultural relics of Buddhism. Emei Shan Buddhist music, colorful, unique. Emei Wushu, as the three major schools of Chinese martial arts to enjoy one of the At home and abroad. These rich cultural heritage of Buddhism is a treasure house of Chinese culture treasures.

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CMV Gap - Chinese tourism scenic spots

CMV Gap, Gap was originally called Seven Star, China Central Television in 1992, "China style" described in the Seven Mile Gap scenery, changed its name to "CMV Gap." She Guangyuan deep north-eastern edge of a pair of mountains, 64 kilometers away from Wangcang Xian City, Shaanxi Province and Ningqiang County, adjacent to the phase with a total area of 330 square kilometers, the highest peak above sea level 22 6 m, the average height of 1,200 meters.

Gap CMV can be divided into four major scenic areas: four in the Southern District surprising show of five North, Seven Mile Gap and Old Town Hill.

Four odd, I mean the chimney, the eye-wear, the hole tower, stone canopy. Wang Cangxian dry mouth chimney in the Yuan Shan Township in the territory, From a distance, a huge stone folder Wall between the clouds, on the verge of collapse, nearly overhead view of Yixian Tian, Liang Bi indestructible, the People's Bank of China In the meantime, there is no question the risk of head and smashed rocks. Eye-wear, in the middle of the cliffs, give birth to a round hole with a diameter of 20 meters around any obstacles, not climbing, only to stand opposite the mountain, at Shek Kong Stone can see the beautiful scenery of the hole on the back, like a giant kaleidoscope. Hole tower, is a huge cave, unpredictable, and no one has yet proved the end of the Dong Fu, the stalagmite inside the cave, columns, Shek Lin, Shi milk, exquisite crystal, and some, like meditation Buddha, and some may have roller-long Column, and some may Erlongxizhu Some may Sanhua fairy, and some beautiful women like dancing, are thousands, do not say, thousands of images, the feast for the eyes. Stone canopy, away from the eye wear, the second son of Xu, a stone mountain mushroom Wu Li, You Si canopy, named stone canopy. Mushroom stem diameter up to ten people have Wai, Mushroom disc perimeter about 500 meters, can accommodate hundreds of sites under Shade, shelter, play.

Five North show, referring to Tie Fosi, dry river dam, the doors rock, rock pools and River Falls. Tie Fosi when it was built in, there is no research, just know that the Wanli in the Ming Dynasty have been converted. Dry river dam in the dry Township, the seat of government. The township government on the eastern side of a river on its Gurgling water that rush down the rapids downstream, but this intermediate period of three kilometers, and drying up of all the year round, the only river rocks on the beach. Rock doors, in the rural town of 300 meters, a huge stalagmite into a 50 degree tilt, like a finger point to the sky. Large pool, also known as Bao Tong large goose. 600 meters away from the rural market, Rail Service Temple Hom, the pool area of about 400 square meters, surrounded by sculptures such as Shek Pik. Great Rock River Falls. Tie Fosi 3 km from the north-west Xu, falls from the steep cliffs 100 meters high diarrhea, four different scenery.

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Former Residence of Chen Yi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Marshal Chen Yi founding fathers childhood in the town of Le Zhixian Xue Bao (who is now working in the town) is ditch Bay. Former Residence of Chen Yi Dynasty Emperor Qianlong in the early years, the Department of triple-hall-style tile-roofed house structure, an area of 1000 square meters. Comrade Chen Yi in August 26, 1901 was born here, in 1980 by the county government changed Xiurong Gallery Outside the open. House door hoisted the "former residence of Chen Yi" characters Hengbian Jin Qi, Zhao wrote to both sides of the "direct voice over the world, between Shuxunbingshi" couplets. Hall is the second exhibition hall, a total of four galleries, the exhibition focused on Chen Yi-sheng young people engaged in the revolutionary era of peace in the work of the photos, information on cultural relics in the past two Pieces. The third exhibition hall of Chen Yi's place of birth and adolescence room and board, studied the local and used appliances. Looking at the whole yard, Tingxiu pine and cypress, bamboo deep track, show an attitude of quiet and solemn atmosphere.

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Gallery Cuiyun - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cuiyun Gallery, also known as the "Imperial Park," "Zhang Bai", is nearly 10,000 strains of the green component of the Cooper-way street green corridor. Jiange Xian is located in the territory, in more than 300 years old on Yidao. In spite of the vicissitudes of life through the ages by the still vibrant. Rare is the world's oldest man-made street tree planting groups, known as the wonders of the world, Road soul. Gallery Cuiyun to Jiange Xian city as the center and east Langzhong, zitong west, north Zhaohua. She, like the green dragon, along the hills, across ravines Shen Jian, the twists and turns, coil ring in the ancient Yi Dao jiange on. Her grand momentum, the green attitude, great body, for history seekers can explore Acura portrayed, so that visitors to the dumping of the past. Joe poet in the Qing Dynasty bowl of praise: "JIANMENGUAN Road, in the rough stone paths. On both sides of the Cooper-sik, who, three hundred miles of thousands of trees. Cuiyun Gallery, Cangyan care, wet clothes wet moss flowers, leaves to cool down Ke degrees . No stone can not sleep, to remain worthy of every sentence. Winding dragon and snake respectively Hill wrapped around each other. That is difficult roads of Shu, Mo JIANMENGUAN wrong way. "From then on," Cuiyun Gallery "full of poetic name became" JIANMENGUAN Park Road, "Blair's name. Cuiyun Yuan Wang Gallery, she, like a vast gray of the past, Wei Yi in between the mountains. Shenlin them, For such a drop of the green jade gallery, Cai Yi , Will embrace. Shu Road, wrapped like a velvet carpet of green earth and because of her extraordinarily beautiful; mountains and rivers as a result of her more spectacular; visitors as a result of her spirit even more. For thousands of years, Cooper Gallery Cuiyun tired by natural and man-made attacks, now preserved only Cooper corridor more than 7900 trees. Although the small size of the original Many, but momentum as before, still Gumao. In addition, Lin success of the film, the young group of cypress foil, so that has been called the "cedar town" known jiange the mountain Xiuse benefits. According to various research and a lot of historical data shows that these once Cooper is not the product of a generation, but also a person of non-credit, but labor history since the Qin Dynasty Sweat of the people with water to form the art. Cuiyun in the gallery above the sample survey of more than 900 strains of Cooper, 2 m diameter at breast height of more than 7; from 1.8 to 2 meters of 86; from 1.5 to 1.7 of 363; from 1 to 1.4 meters of 854; 1 669 meters below. This shows that Cuiyun Gallery Parkinson's is not from a plant, but keep planting history and the history of the formation of a product. According to literature and science to the study of existing research, as well as civil Cooper legend, the large-scale tree planting along Shu 6 times. The first time was in the Qin Dynasty. A Fanggong construction of the First Qin Emperor, in Sichuan Amount of logging. Du Mu, in its "A Fanggong Fu," "Wu Shushan, the Arab-Israeli Housing" described. Shu people complaining, Qin Shi Huang Ping Minfen to promote tree planting in the next Yidao. He also ordered the National Yidao planted pine and cypress to show the emperor's parents. Since then, people put the planting of trees known as the "Imperial Park." According to School inspection workers, who for more than two meters in diameter at breast height Cooper, age about 2,000 years, should be planting the Qin Dynasty. The second is the separation of the Three Kingdoms period. "Zhang Bai," jiange in the masses of the people in the corridors Selaginella Cooper has become synonymous with long-standing legend. Legend has it that Zhang Fei was in Brazil (this langzhong County) too , The military and political contacts have been frequent. At that time, the state sword (this jiange) was Shu Nakahara to have to go through, to adapt to the political, military needs, so that Zhang Fei and soldiers along Yi Dao people plant trees, soldiers and civilians work together to complete the obligation to plant trees. Today also passed a non-Zhang Fei was "Zaishu morning, afternoon shade," the story of The legend of magic. According to the test, Cuiyun Langshang two meters or so, when Cooper is "Zhang Bai." Third is the Eastern Jin Dynasty period. Jiange people on both sides of the Yi Dao in a large number of pine and cypress plantations, planted at the time called "the wind clock" tree. Shang Guo Pu Lang wrote this "kind of song in mind," carved in stone. This monument to the Song Dynasty, as the wind and rain Erosion, local people also requested the great scholar Su Shi re-written inscriptions, this Tablet is still not even Wu Kok Yuen Temple. Lang Shang Yi Miqi Cuiyun estimated eight or so Cooper is the planting at this time. Fourth is the Tang Dynasty. Legend has it that Tianbao years, Tang (742 AD 756 dates), Yang likes to eat lychee southern Sichuan, ordered the Emperor Xuanzong Magalhaes whip, the delivery of the night. In order to maintain litchi flavor, so that people along the tree planting, and the people of jiange based on the original plant was completed. Cuiyun begun to take shape so that the gallery. The fifth is during the Northern Song Dynasty. According to the "Song will be looking to draft Fangyu road," it reads: Dahir Ren Song: "phoenix from the state to benefit the state, JIANMENGUAN Yizhou straight into the path along the Road on both sides of the lawsuit, should be planted each year by forest land. "Is a large-scale tree planting and extend to the entire roads of Shu. Is the sixth of the Ming dynasty. Tak-ming years (1506 date in 1521), Libi (Baifu word), had any knowledge jiange langzhong south of the West To Azusa , North of Zhao Hua Guan Dao carried out training and a lot along the tree replanting. Thus Tongzhi, "Chi sword," contained in the Qing Dynasty bowl Joe "Cuiyun Gallery" poem sequence: "Tak-ming, Libi know when to stone Road, Park hundreds of thousands on both sides of the planting, Hebao past and present, such as wind Cang Long, No summer day. "Cuiyun Gallery from the formation of a grand regulation . Cuiyun Cooper Gallery today to be able to keep that history and ordered the protection of a great relationship. Yi Dao and its own street trees, the people will love the way to care for any tree. This fine tradition of using up to now. Mountain people to repair bridges and roads, planted Parker Sangzhi as a virtue, as for the benefit of future generations, and thus self - Love the way the tree of good habits. In addition, the rule of dynasties are also of great importance to the protection of the Yi Lu Shu-yi, Tang Qin and Han dynasties have on hand, to the Northern Song management of street trees and the promulgation of the Ordinance, according to the "History of Song" in mind, the Southern Song Dynasty also issued a "ban on logging in Sichuan Forest border, "Dahir. And the Ming Dynasty, "the Government and the public with scissors cut-cutting" Decree. Chang Qing Dynasty Official beadle to send patrols along the tree situation. "Three hundred miles of thousands of tree" formation, but also with the history of the protection of the Government and the people can not be separated from. In 1935, due to the construction of the Chuan-Shan Road, Cooper suffered heavy damage, public anger is pain, then know that Chiang Kai-shek, was also ordered Cooper hanging on Mupai issued a "felling of Parkinson's Emperor who shot" of the ban. After the founding of the PRC, the Government attaches great importance to the protection of the Cooper Gallery Cuiyun, to take decisive measures to prohibit the felling of any person, Cooper issued regulations, clean-up on three occasions to register, listing number; wither on the environment and at risk for Cooper A The maintenance of solid; every year of diseases for the masses, Osamu, replanting David Parker, and so on. These protection measures so that the Cooper Gallery Cuiyun live longer, more vibrant, lush green. Cuiyun Gallery is unique in the world's oldest street trees, is a pearl on the roads of Shu, China's working people ages Khan The water works of art, creativity is the great symbol of the Chinese nation. She is not only a large-scale, long history and the protection of well-Chinese art, but also treasures of the world. She is rich in tourism resources, natural resources and biological resources. In recent years, the local government is to speed up the development. With the tourism industry Development, Cuiyun Gallery will be even more heroic bearing strange, magnificent scenery to welcome more visitors.

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Phoenix House - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Phoenix House, located in Guangyuan city of Phoenix mountain, 42 meters high, 14-story pavilion, and even the Phoenix Mountain as a whole, like a Phoenix From a distance, looking back. That night, brightly lit lanterns on the pavilion, like a glittering golden phoenix. Phoenix House, founded in 1988, built in 1989, Steel and concrete-pouring, his head covered golden glazed tile, and each has to watch the lift up for the tour around Taiwan, Wang-aluminum alloy with tinted windows. She not only flavor of the ancient building, modern architecture and the Furama in your style. The main entrance to the south there are a couplet on the Alliance: "This first Kawakita Garden"; Xia Lian-yun "Tianfu-floor is unique." To the north door of the couplet is a former secretary of the Sichuan Provincial title by Yang, the joint is: "Kawakita open the door"; Xia Lian is: "Return of the Phoenix." Each building has a layer of the contemporary calligraphy and paintings of famous people. Denglou watch, Guangyuan, the city fresh in our memory, into the Old City Metro. Jialing River rolling, South flow like a river through the city from the two jade belt, row upon row of refined chic high-rise, which have different colors of the mountains in the distance, heavy Luan overlapping peaks, like Longtenghuyue. Huang Zesi old, Qian Foya, the spread of ancient civilizations, the Mercedes-Benz trains and modern high-tech enterprises also broadcast the world of modern civilization, the board of Phoenix House, no "Relaxed and happy, forget the Chongru are" feeling. Phoenix House today is worthy of a unique, magnificent floor of the world. "Phoenix House," and the Tang Dynasty Empress Wu closely related to the Queen. According to reliable information, Takenori 2007 Tang (624 AD) Wu was born in Guangyuan, the birth mother, a Phoenix around A week and then flew to the Dongshan. Wu's father (when the captaincy general state of Wei) Dongshan will immediately changed its name to Phoenix Mountain. 14-year-old emperor of the Tang Dynasty Empress Wu was elected as the only Ru Gong, and later the emperor were made, but Wu did not forget her local Health Guangyuan, often miss their homeland. Therefore, Phoenix House, only 14 amendments layer, and Feng Looking back on the South, a symbol of Empress Wu miss home. After the death of emperor of the Tang Dynasty, Emperor Tang successor, Emperor Wu made a report, the court took 42 years, the Phoenix-storey 42 meters. Although Phoenix House, built in today, but it has become a unique tag Guangyuan, known soon, where visitors to the Guangyuan, all to Deng Tourism is really a joy, the Phoenix off the mountain, is a long history of the park, is "Phoenix Mountain Park," is due to the birth of Empress Wu, history has celebrity sightseeing here. As a result, since the Song Dynasty have been a number of officials here Mingshi built gardens, the Ming and Qing dynasties, when there is "Albert", "Xuan phase", "King Pavilion "Baofeng Yeyue" landscape. After the establishment of the People's Republic of China, in the mountains added to the many new attractions, verdant Calocedrus, many hidden Rendezvous Pavilion, and for people to play the song and dance field, playground. To the Phoenix Mountain Park, Denglou viewing, amusement park, is a better place.

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Dragon Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? Dragon Temple is one of the Sichuan provincial heritage unit, located 8 km west of the city of Guanghan Xinfeng Town home village. According to records: Dragon Temple "It is said to the Tang Dynasty Zen Zen master death eight major ancestral Mazu temple in the creation of a Road." Terauchi its remaining statue.
?? ?? temple construction over 40 years, Phoebe around, camphora 100 strains. To the construction of the Middle Temple, Ming orthodox 12 in 1447), the three nine-Xie Shan Tan Tong Wa roof, square building, the roof for the corner posts, and Wai Yan Yan Zhu Fang Wang on the load-bearing brackets (boosting). There are two integrated wall-ming (1466) painted 12 murals, each screen 3 meters high and wide from 2.3 to 2 5 meters. Twelve-painted sleep, law enforcement, the heavens, four people, and other disciples. An air of a lively, smart writing. Vassal state of treasures, revenue has been "famous Chinese dictionary". Bring up the rear in more than 10 meters for the floor, Canon, intramural Zuoxiang a "plum Monument", inscribed several thin Mei-chi, a higher artistic value.
?? ?? Middle Temple Ming Zhengtong in 12 years, sitting north to south, the deep 10.10 meters wide, was square. Nine-palace of their pattern of the Department of the Eight Diagrams model into the "Heavenly Eight," "Twelve Earthly Branches" put tenon composition of the system architecture. This is a pattern of the ancient emperor's residence, "Ming", for the use of general building. Around the rocker covers do not have to, and used in The traditional building materials, exhausted from the amount to bundle wrapped in cloth and 3 meters high, made bamboo species, and then painted brown silk velvet and destroyed the mud and black. End of the main projects in the latter, there has been 19 years (next year integrated) in painting on the wall, "Mr. Park Twelve Buddha." Last 550 years, no moth-eaten, no cracks. And the late part of the amount of Rendezvous Pavilion, Utah Kim Kwang Yi Yi Quick dust, smoke free Shujuan, can be called civil fine murals, "Chinese Buddhist art," praising the "legacy of the Tang Dynasty." Unfortunately, the "Great Leap Forward" into the period of Buddha destroyed as a warehouse packing food, painting addressed to Ban Bo. According to the research division murals, painted in general non-colors is a mineral powder, the tube can be more than 800 years.
?? Simen top of the stone inlay, "Dragon Inn ancient temples," words, words sum of its powerful potential, solemnly quaint. Dianwai in the ear on both sides of the doors, stone couplet 2, the Department of the Qing Dynasty famous calligraphers Pen branch and a half, Zhang Si County wrote the book, so far intact.
?? ?? Tibetan side of the floor veranda published in the "Plum Blossom Monument" stone. Shu-Mei number of branches, tall and straight Jin-soo, Works of the Qing Dynasty, is the appreciation of the people.
?? ?? on the left side hall in a palace wall, a published author Paul WU County "title Dragon Inn Temple is a first HUAI Li Yi Shi space and order," the monument, paid tribute to the late Ming Dynasty, the Han, "Yi Shi Lu-air" (Hou Arch Hall) " U.S. foreign matter, scorn fame, since Oasis rock, the mountains his home, "the noble sentiments and Matter. Cibei have historical value.
?? ?? 1988 to 1992, New Dragon Inn Temple "Ocean's Church", please Back to Myanmar from more than 10 Yufo respect of which there is a jade Guanyin 1.80 meters high. From 1993 to 1997, the use of three Township demolition of the temple, back to the stone columns, the original Tripitaka in the House after To build "Main Hall" one. The completion of the day, Taiwan's Chen Zhengzhi Buddha Education Foundation, presented the "big books" 40 of a total of 85 volumes, a new reservoir in the "Main Hall". After years of constant maintenance and protection, so that this has more than 1,200-year-old "Dragon Inn ancient temples," Cuicanduomu more.

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Housing Lake Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Housing ?? Lake Park, located in the town of Xinan Yu Luo Guanghan City, known as the "Pearl of West Sichuan", with room for 000 in the Tang Dynasty Guanxi down when Zhouci Shi Ren Han Jian. Covers an area of 528,000 square meters in western Sichuan in the county are rare. Antique garden, both Suzhou-style garden features slim, sleek, and the ancient Ba and Shu in the garden Rhyme. The Garden Gate Park to the west of the city Luo is the ancient city gate of the tooth, tooth 500 meters, three-tower, towering high-rise, the traditional costumes and W, Yan Zhu Dan flow, the solemn majesty.
?? ?? lotus pond. Public Housing that the ancient lake, with room for 000 in the Tang Ren Han Zhou Cishi when cut down. Lake Tingtailouxie, bamboo trees, is the father-in-law of the Housing Rest of the place, but also scholars of the poet drinking Fu Shi Kai King sing. Lotus pond surface of about 13,000 square meters, the lake water has folded Gallery, and water reflect sunlight, sparkling. Gallery discount to the lake, "Bi-drink kiosk." Tingzhong rest, sane and happy. Lean on a railing look around, we can see full green pool, the water Fendai, romantic beauty, The arch in the blue fairy in the hope Meimu flow. Rising breeze, set off a wave of green, Hexiang sent off. In this lotus can enjoy a taste of the Jiao Mei, elegant and noble. Stone Arch Lake in the small bridge, the west, "Park", on the East Cuishan. Peak in the "Public Housing Pavilion" Jimu around, park and a half panoramic scenery. ?? stay Cam Hall. "Memorial Rooms," is the backbone of the garden, spacious and grand, solemn silence. Hall middle of the room size copper statue erected. Display cabinet in his historical materials, photographs and calligraphy. After the statue of a positive screen Qimu inscribed, "Chuan-room," engraved on the back of Du Fu, "so festival with River Park Housing official," This is the Guanghan Painter Yang-hee wrote Lishu, pen resolute and steadfast force stable. The museum, "West Lake Yeyue map" in the name of the artist's original handwriting Cen Xue Gong.
?? ?? hectoliter room. Cam Hall is home to stay, the more precious historical relics. Legend has it that room for the West cut a piece of red dirt found, such as the shape of the heart, two feet high. Public Housing treasure, this stone home Lobby Case, impartial and selfless moral, law enforcement, such as Stone, who cherish the memory of the state of public housing, this stone on display at the State Department two front. Chai Ming dynasty, Guangjian know Pavilion protection. Shiting after the collapse, the stone has moved elsewhere. Is preserved here, as evidenced by the world's treasures.
Star lattice door. Lotus pond in the north, in order to build the original Miaomen Qian The Stone of St. Paul, 8 meters high and 14 meters wide from six posed the door pillar, there are enough columns carved lion Shek Kwu hold folder; three overlapping canopies, the hollowing relief animal, flowers, fruit, moire pattern close to 200. Among them, "Chun eight map" the most beautiful for my carving art treasures. The plan is a blueprint for Zhang Yi Ren collection Chance Zhao Ziang like "Eight-jun map" treasures from that time were full of western Sichuan Ning Yin mason and mason engraving. "Star lattice door," the words, is in the Qing Dynasty calligrapher, Si Yi Ren Zhang's original handwriting. As a result, people will sing lattice door as "Shu Sanjue."
Heritage showroom. Star in the lattice door, was in the Qing Dynasty Confucian Temple. Indoor Show Guanghan unearthed hundreds of artifacts, there are the most precious bronze mask, money, homes, Central coil and a candle in the Song Dynasty Shaoxing years, the money of the furnace.
San Yu Beiting. Lattice at the stars on the eastern side of the door. Zhang Xianzhong kiosks and displays the stone monument Yu Sheng. Top part of a tablet engraved with "Yu Sheng". Inscription: "There are things with people, people with no-one , Spirits obviously, since a proper measure of oneself think. "1930, together Yi Ren heart to the monument as written in conjunction:" Hua Zhou Kai-free deposit Sword long battle re-China deficit is still the Dragon Gong Hand; Hui Min did not sound the end to stay out monument to win glory on the world Yi Li Yousheng Pian sound. "Zhang Xianzhong table of the world community. Now, Cibei revenue has been" Chinese calendar Places Dictionary ".
?? ?? far Shannon Tsui House. Known as the "Red Mansion", Shuixie antique-style building. At the end of a first floor, open-roof cornices Qiaojiao quaint. Floor film Yunlong large root immense sturdy pillars. Three ceiling facing the water. House, tree-lined promenade for the South, 12 in the Ming Dynasty Cooper twisting volley, known as the "twelve-phase . This is a year in western Sichuan Sixteenth day, "La protection guarantee" of the most popular, crowded, centuries-old is not bad.
Housing Lake Park pavilion in the style of the ancients are Tingxie construction, and the two doors of the playground, compared with modern facilities. There is also a children's playground in the world.

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Po-shan Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Po-shan Forest Park located in its territory of the town of Panlong Luojiang Xian Feng Buddhist temple named Um, Po-san Forest Park covers an area of 3.8 square kilometers of the total, building more than 2,000 Surface square, into a film now has more than 1,300 acres Song Bolin, growth Lush, highly value the development and use of value.
Legend has it that only Baofeng Um I view 20 years in the Tang Dynasty (AD 646). 15 frames (756), Tang Shih Li Longji to avoid hidden in Baofeng An Zhong Yang. Temple before the "Hall of God" will be dedicated to Yang's really like too, Dianqian has been surviving side by Yang Zhi-tall Millennium Cooper. For six into the temple courtyard Wang Kai Jiang East, West, North and South are high mountains, quiet environment, green trees Yin, the resplendent temples decorated, Myanmar Yufo placed inside the Main Hall, the strong incense.
Po-shan Forest Park and the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery (Romanian real concept), the white triangle pose a customs Pangtongcimu tourist areas; 108 State Road diversions, Luo Pan The road link to 30 cents networking sites for visitors on the traffic convenience.

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Peach pine - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? Guanghan pine Peach Guanghan is a great landscape. Yang Chun March, the town of pine trees in full bloom peach, can be seen in several layers of the display. By then, tourists will come and watch Shangjing flowers, entertainment, physical and mental. When more than 100 years, Changxing is not bad. It is well-known western Sichuan's famous peach will become the spring was a good tourist destination.
Peach starts event pine Qing Emperor Guangxu years, become famous in the early years of the Republic. Since then, the Hilltop essentials, and man of letters to those who are attracted a lot. 1944 Lunar New Year on February 19 artists who made a special trip to Chang Yu, heart moving tipsy, pine praise peach "is the flower of the ocean" and "travel is fast, is spectacular, Shanghai Dragon Peach and had all of. "
In recent years, pine peach multiplied like mushrooms, collecting folk songs come to people more and more tourists and develop into a peach background for a variety of arts and trade promotion and recreational activities. In 1982 the province well-known poets, writers brought together Songlin the "Peach Blossom PEN." Nongmo Cai, there is a poetry, painting, the Zhuangao. Provinces, municipalities and Taiwan also reported a number of occasions the author, the film reports pine beauty of peach blossoms. Beautiful film "pine Lansheng" Discovering is thrilled that award-winning.
Along with peach, and white as jade Lee flowers, pear, golden cauliflower, winter jasmine, apple wonderful flowers Strong aroma of mandarin, orange, grapefruit flower opening sequence, add radiance to each other. Spring is forest in the world to spend, spend the ocean. Visitors to this place, the butterflies flying around, there is a sense in Wonderland Rulin.

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Guanyinyan stone - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? ?? Guanyinyan stone at Luojiang Xian Bei Yu Qing Emperor Qianlong 32 years, the county magistrate Chang Mian Yang Zhou Xiu, Li Qian stressed million renovation 1968, 1992, Wen Dominic Winter reconstruction of the town.
Yuan Li stressed "the rehabilitation of Guanyinyan hall in mind," Cloud; "whose real name is Guanyinyan white rock ... Qianlong autumn yau, dripping showers, landslides-rock, Hong electric shocks, from the sudden break in light and a stone statue of Guanyin is ... Yan, shiting Xianjun Examination in public ... that are near neighbors of God, who Suiyi rock. Far from the last prayer for those who have to Zhe, the influx comes Tongdoutaiyi. "Qianlong 32 years, the county magistrate Chou Yang Mian in Lingshi" West to East fell to stay Buddha, Buddhist monk goes outside to identify snow-capped mountains, "ancient Jin.
Wen Star Guanyinyan stone covering 20,000 square meters, 7500 square meters of natural cliff in recent years, the satellite town of Guanyinyan focus on the development of cultural tourism zone, the mountain-made booth, King selected to build, scale and is now opening to the outside world. Cliff stone carvings are: positive Yin, Avalokitesvara, the concept of white , Kwun Yam Ruixiang, Song Zi Kuan Yin, hard to put out a seven, who should be 32 relief map, Ershisixiao, 13 Wuni retribution relief map and map of retribution. There are three separate Feng-ting, Ting Yin Yun, sensors and Kwun Lung Pavilion Taiwan and so on. Can be the world's lying Lin Kuan Yin is preparing to be established. Stone in the region and pleasant scenery, natural landscape feast for the eyes Today, the magnificent stone Guanyinyan art and the natural landscape and scenic spots matched into the new-hui and their hearts of tourists. Three sessions a year (two Chinese, six or nine) are intended to show the life of Mother Gong in three fruit success turning point in the form of Guanyinyan today's meeting of the three, especially for the Lunar New Year in February height, the whole Online travel hot spots. Before and after the Mountain Gate of the ancient, newly-built Hall of Guanyin in white, and the former Shan Wei Tuo as the new entrance built in the Qing Dynasty Street district has added more tour spectacular.

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Xiang Fu Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? first Buddhist temple in the first monk, East to West to soar term.
?? ?? with a message in the mantle, from generation to generation is at a high.
?? ?? above poem Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty is a well-known tune Yuan Li Hanlin degree Mianzhu Tour title by Xiang Fu Temple. Li stressed the yuan so that the poem Mianzhu Xiangfu Temple, "the first Buddhist temple," the Quartet's reputation spread far and wide. ?? ?? Xiangfu Monastery covers an area of more than 30 acres, is a towering temples, the well-known far and near the ancient temples of the Millennium. Monastery was built in the Tang Dynasty, named after the Northern Song Dynasty in large and medium-sized Xiangfu years. Temple side of the park Mianzhu a surviving the first year of Hui-chang was built in the Tang Dynasty (841 years) Guifengzongmi Zen master of the tomb. According to the literature, and Tang Xian Zong Yuan five years 811 years) Guifeng Sichuan Zen master who, in this Mianzhu Xiang Fu Tan opening remarks Temple.
?? ?? the first year of Tang Emperor Hui-chang (841 years) in Shaanxi Gui Feng Xing Fu passed away after a Buddhist Temple, Mianzhu monks to commemorate him in this Xiangfu Temple was built adjacent to the tomb, the burial was a Zen master Guifeng in Mianzhu during Zhuoxi The instruments used by the left as Mantle and the like, commonly known as the tomb dressed. So far there Xiang Fu Gui Feng Temple Hall Memorial Building. Menbian for the former KMT elder Yu Yu-jen autographed by title, couplets "by Yan Song Temple in the title, Guifengzhuoxi to a monk." Xiangfu Temple of the joint history of definition is very precise. Master of the Yuan Dynasty scholar at Temple Tour Xiangfusihou wall Six Chinese characters to write the "Miao repair Xiang Fu Temple." Signed, "Zhang Shan goose dual title." This inscription in the third I do not know why the word was written for the Master "Xiang", according to legend could Monastery Anyuxiangfu will be destroyed, and rebuilt the temple's wonderful to have more meaning. In the inscription on the Master, about 270 years or so, Zhang Xianzhong troops into cotton The whole temple Xiang Fu Master, including the construction of the inscriptions will be destroyed by smoke fly out of the war. Master in the Xiangfu title wall of the Temple of the six characters, although damaged, still Fortunately, the preservation of one of the "wonderful" rubbings, the word track about 2 meters high, the potential wild calligraphy-like dragon and snake respectively Kuang Wu.
?? ?? now finishing a new Cheung Temple in the temples in the Qing Dynasty to maintain the overall structure and characteristics on the basis of another. Five main temples, the front door that King Kong Temple, the second permitted pharmacists, Main Hall third, fourth Kwun Yam Temple (Dianshang floor for the Tripitaka), the fifth-weight permitted. Pharmacists in the permitted 10 minutes on both sides of the Drum Tower built in on both sides of the Main Hall Rohan has Cathedral (Church and the Eastern Han Han Ciro's), Kwun Yam Temple were built on both sides of the first division and Ke Tang Hall. In addition, the Sengshe, guest rooms, a restaurant-one should be in place, Hong-li elegant architecture, sculpture extremely delicate. The Monastery is more precious still preserve Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China more than 100 pieces of celebrity title of the book reads, couplets. Cases ; ZHAO Xi Yu Sha Park, Yu Yu-jen, Dai Chuanxian, a consistent, Liu Xian-rong, Wang Qing, such as dry as famous book, so that visitors Xiangfu Temple in tourism will be more when the influence of the culture. Tibetan Monastery upstairs also have a collection of Japanese-year period are printed large volumes at one hundred Tibetan installed in four large fine after being counter. Canon upstairs by a dedicated Yufo from the age of 40 back to Burma, beautiful shape, and Chengdu Wenshu Temple, the Temple of Suining Guangde Yufo goes for the general. Ocean Hall is the plastic than 500 Ocean Plaza Baoguang Si tall statue, all wearing gold, is second to none in Sichuan, and Han-Tang also had a plastic Tian Xiang Fu Temple in the title character of the wall to remain Master of the building , Some local characteristics.
?? ?? 1997 year, Xiang Fu Temple in Sichuan Province by the Sichuan Provincial People's Government for approval of the key cultural unit.

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Sanxingdui Museum in Guanghan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sanxingdui Museum in Guanghan is located 11 km west Guanghan Department of Samsung village, where a large number of excavations of the ancient country of production tools, appliances, life, the ritual jade, pottery workshops and Canada, the ancient city wall, residential sites, and so on, that here was the ancient Shu State Metro City, and has been included in China's ancient city one of the top five. In particular, in July 1986 to September of two large-scale excavation of the burial pits of the Shang Dynasty, unearthed a gold, copper, jade, stone, pottery, shells, bones and so on nearly 1,000 pieces of precious cultural relics. The most surprising thing is stick gold, bronze, like Li, who masks and a large bronze tree of God. Kim Chang-stick 142 cm and weighing 780 grams, with the entire net Volume purse from. It was carved on the stick as 181 centimeters high, 79 cm-Block, the total reached 260 cm high and weighing about 300 jin. It is the world's unearthed the earliest age, the largest body of a bronze. Bronze God height 350 cm, there are many animals hanging tree, bell fruit and is On behalf of the Wizards have the exclusive use of Artifact. There was also unearthed more than 40 bronze heads, masks and more than 10.

Sanxingdui these precious cultural relics ever found of the ancient civilization of the country ahead of the 1500, the archaeological community in the world caused a sensation.

Sanxingdui Bo From the museum the appearance of design in-house to display all break the traditional pattern of the Museum of History, to design the content and artistic form of innovation, while ensuring strict academic premise, the pursuit of knowledge, viewing, and interesting story. Sanxingdui Museum is not only to learn the history of the ancient Shu base Shu Of collection, conservation, research and display at the center, but will also become?????another new tourist destination.

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Deyang stone wall art - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Deyang stone wall art is Deyang blend of ancient and modern culture, is a professional and folk art with great effort and work to create the monument is a crystallization of collective wisdom! Deyang stone, and set the nation, traditional culture, and local show times. A total length of 720 meters, 7 meters high, with natural, life for the Is the theme, the use of relief, Yuandiao, as well as the construction of the wall space for a variety of combinations up out of the main style. Sub-form combination of both to create a series of independent, strong ties rhythm. Complete with stone wall building block, the actual situation, the right rhythm, one after another climax, showing everything simple, the great charm. Germany Stone: the form and music is closely related to the composition of the 35 arches of the gallery culture; arches and the corresponding model 32 has a strong tradition of local characteristics, patterns of different life-like pillars Beaulieu; sun Exhibition Gallery, Music Gallery, the pedestrian tunnel, large-scale relief, "Song of Life" and "wisdom Light "; in the space corresponding to the wall with 12 Lunar New Year column. This constitutes a complete stone park to show people the charm of Chinese culture permanently, the performance of a powerful force for national unity, the Acura light of the wisdom of the Chinese people.

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Deyang Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chengdu Plain in Sichuan Province on the establishment of a new provincial cities, Jing Yangqu jurisdiction, the city of Guanghan, Shifang City, and City Mianzhu, in the county, Luo Jiangxian. 59 km away from Chengdu, Deyang, the population of 360 million.

  Deyang a long history and rich tourism resources, human and natural brilliance matched: Guanghan " Stack "of the excavation site, Prachuab rewritten the history of civilization, a sensation at home and abroad; Guanghan Sanxingdui site of the ancient Shu culture of the bronze portraits can be excavation in the world; relics of the three countries have Shuhan Pangtongcimu division, two-Zhuge Ancestral Hall; Revolution Memorial Seven Gentlemen's Rui Rui and the Memorial Hall of Chinese People's Volunteers super hero Huang Jiguang Museum visitors also read stop; New Year, one of the four major national Mianzhu the New Year can be a fine way; Deyang Confucius Temple in China's large-scale construction of the temple one of the fine. Pang Tong Hall, the White Horse Kwan, Fung down slope, the two-Zhuge Ancestral Hall, and other relics of the three countries is away; Hua Shan Ying, Shan 9, purple rock scenic air-ching , The pleasant scenery.

Deyang is the celebrity pool, there are filial An An, Qin Ming Chen Mi, Zhang Shi old agronomist, writer Lee Yuan tune, "Six Reform Movement" and one of the super hero Rui Huang Jiguang and many other outstanding ancient and modern figures. Deyang is to determine the country's major technologies and equipment manufacturing , Double China, Dongfang Electrical Machinery, Oriental Steam re-three manufacturers of heavy machinery and electronic products, as well as the production of the winery Jiannanchun Jiannanchun renowned Chinese and foreign wines. Deyang tourism infrastructure facilities, located in Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, Mianyang Airport in the middle of the Strip, the Baoji-Chengdu railway from the north and south through the territory-wide, straight Chengdu.

Deyang obvious advantage, improve the infrastructure. Chengdu Plain is located in the hinterland, as is (Chengdu) - Germany (Deyang) - Cotton (Mianyang) with high-tech industry an important part. Easily accessible, 50 km from the provincial capital Chengdu, Baoji-Chengdu Railway, the railway up into, into cotton Speed of 108 National Highway and the line runs through the territory of the south have Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport in the north are the southern suburbs of Mianyang Airport.

Deyang city in 1983 by the State Council approved the establishment of the prefecture-level city, dominates Jingyang Qu, Guanghan City, Shifang City, and City Mianzhu, in Jiang and Luo Jiangxian County 6 counties (cities, districts , The area of 5954 square kilometers in size, with a total population of 3,800,000. Sufficient energy, in the city amounted to 4,903,000,000 kwh of electricity supply, gas supply-year amounted to 709,000,000 cubic meters. Well-developed communications, the city's program-controlled telephone capacity has reached 550,000, 388,500 to open, mobile communications tool Home ownership were the first of the western region, the fiber-optic, ISDN, ADSL access to life, in all areas of production, the higher the level of city informatization.

  Deyang good natural conditions, most of the artesian Dujiangyan irrigation area is, in Sichuan Province is an important grain, cotton, oil, pigs, silkworms, tobacco production base , Known as "Tianfu granary" of the known. Underground mineral-rich, proved up to more than 30 kinds of minerals, phosphate rock, limestone, gas and mineral reserves, and so is especially rich. Diverse plant and animal species, plant protection at the national level Davidia, Metasequoia, Sequoia and bald-level protected species of giant pandas, Sichuan golden monkey, takin Such as the clouded leopard. Forest cover 4,000 hectares, covering an area of 35.62 percent.

  Deyang, Sichuan is an important industrial city, has become mechanical, chemical, food, building materials, medicine, textile, clothing, and other industry categories, with the second China Heavy Machinery Group, Dongfang Electrical Machinery Plant Eastern gas turbine plant and a number of other well-known enterprises, is the key technological equipment manufacturing bases. 2003 industry sales have reached 44 billion yuan, 10 billion up to 9, at the provincial level for more than 55 brand-name products, Jiannanchun Liquor, Blue Sword beer and other products by customers love. County economic development Shifang City, and City Mianzhu, Guanghan City, Sichuan Province for many years among the "top 10 counties," Jing Yangqu repeatedly into the "top 10 counties," the ranks of the National River County into the top 100 agricultural counties ranks of new materials Luo Jiangxian And the good momentum of development of the electronics industry.

  Deyang City in 1983, menstrual 8 Approval of the Ministry of Justice jurisdiction to become a province-level cities, Jing Yangqu jurisdiction in 1998, the city of Guanghan, Shifang City, and City Mianzhu, in the county, Luo Jiangxian. According to historical records, two thousand years, as the political, economic, social and other factors, their names and get a change of the complicated relationship.
Du Yi Rise and Fall of Sanxingdui ??
Germany today Shu country areas, modern archaeological excavations have proved that in the 21st century BC after the Xia and Shang period, the Sanxingdui in Guanghan this important country for the Shu Du Yi. May be destroyed as a result of floods or Bingxian the end of the week in business.

QIN Zheng Zhou? ?District
Shen Zhou Jing Wang five years (316 BC), that is, Qin WANG nine million more, the Second National Development Prachuab Qinmie Prachuab Erjun, this is an area Deyang Shujun. County under the county and rural counties under the pavilion.

?Water Mian Li Bing Luo? 276-251 BC, in full Shujun Li Bing Ren, Luo water, cotton (place names, this Deyang shiting River, far from Mian River) In addition to the 500 patients, Ziliuguangai, to benefit so far. Shifang old Li Bing, a Cimu for worship. 1994 General Secretary Jiang Zemin wrote an inscription for the reconstruction of hills built to commemorate Li Bing.

?Chiang's a three-child?
In the early Eastern Han Dynasty, Luo flood rural county (now Jingyang Qu Xiao-springs) have a three-Chiang's child Jiang poetry, three Pang Chun, Jiang Shiquan), Han Ming Di Yongping 2002 (the year 59 years) give poetry Jiang Xiao-lian, Yang Jiang county magistrate granted. "Chi Mei" Luanjun all this fear and spoil the child.

?Pang Tong Luo attack killed?
Jian-18 (213) Liu Wai Jin Luo County (now Guanghan), military adviser EC, "Liu Shi," died after Hou Feng Jing, this white burial customs, history Cimu for worship.

?Qin Dynasty Jianzu Mi imprison?
Late Han Shu Qin Mi degree Mianzhu people Jianzu Liu Xing Bing Fa Wu, imprison was claustrophobic. Prepared after death, release, the reuse Liang, Shu Guan Zhi Secretary big agriculture, to help Liang Shu performance there.

Deyang county building? ?
Takenori three years, Tang (620), Luo analysis of cotton build Deyang County, for the beginning of Deyang county, so far lasted for more than 1,300 years, when the Tang Deyang county on a benefit, Chinese state.

?Xuanzong in clear streets for the emperor Wan-an Station?
Tang Xuan 15 frames (756), to avoid the "history of security chaos," Ben Shu, places Wan-an-yi (Deyang this Luojiang Xian), disgusted, "Wan An" names, said "security and should not, the situation million Anhu"? Su County is moved outside the City Jingshan Bao Yu-ming Temple.

?Wang Shu Xiluguanju?
Three years, says Tang Xizong 887), Nishikawa Jiedushi Chen Jingxuan Zhao Shu-li served as the state (this Guangyuan), the State of the wall (this Tongjiang) of the provincial governor Wang procedure. Wang also work against the law, the rate of the armed forces closing Guan Lutou, Xuan regret, the only force. Wang was furious, Kwan broke down, according to Deyang, into the killing, according to Chen Jingxuan Chengdu, after taking Dongchuan, title, Dili, before the founding of the PRC .

?Deyang Zhao Duo uprising?
Tianshun Yingzong next eight years (1464) Duo in Deyang Zhao Xiao-Rural-quan the intifada, thousands of people assembled people, said Zhao Wang, general settings, such as official commentary things, the contact in many parts of Sichuan Yi-jun, the flow of combat and became well-known leader, was next And the local armed forces Mianzhu Death.

The rise and fall of Wang Deyang ??
11 Wu Ming-hong (1378), the 11th son of Zhu Yuanzhang closed for Zhu Chun Shu Wang, one after another under the Shu Wang Feng Prince, 16, has Huayang Wang Chuan on behalf of nine, three generations of Deyang Wang Chuan-only, 8 County Wang Chuan-generation only. Chongzhen 17 years (1644 , Accounting for Zhang Xianzhong win Chengdu, Deyang Prince Zhu Xuan to run away Kuizhou (now Chongqing), 7 subordinate staff who defend Fan Wang Deyang City, was killed Yijun, floor fan destroyed.

?Li Yuan stressed Library destroyed?
Jiaqing time (before and after the year 1800), White Lotus uprising in Yang, LUO Jiang, in the vicinity of the prevalence of Jiang. LUO Jiang Li Yuan transfer of the first western Sichuan rolls destroyed in the Library of Binghuo.

Deyang? ?Industrial Park
October 25, 1958 inspection of the CPC Central Committee General Secretary Deng Xiaoping Deyang industrial area east electricity and double the construction site. Deng Xiaoping : "Deyang the industry is the country's largest industry, metallurgical equipment manufacturing Canal, a major power plant equipment, is the country's largest, is the mother of machine-building industry, there will be a new industrial city."

?Deyang city?
August 18, 1983 the State Council An (1983), 156 approved the text: "agree to the establishment of Deyang City. Deyang city in Deyang Chengguan, the city streets jurisdiction of the Office, Han Jing Yang and Wang Zhen, the city, octagonal three communes. Mianyang region will be Deyang, China and Jiang, Mianzhu Three of Guanghan County, and Chengdu, Shifang counties under the jurisdiction of Deyang City. " Deyang county? ?withdrawal
September 12, 1984 approved the State Council, Sichuan Provincial People's Government "set up on the city of Deyang City, Central District of instructions": "agree to the removal of Deyang county establishment, Deyang county administrative region under the Deyang City; the establishment of the city of Deyang City Central." August 3, 1996 Central City, to build sales Jing Yangqu, Luo Jiangxian rehabilitation home.

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River town - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kazakhstan is located in Sichuan native place children in the Northeast, south of de Weiwei, the surging River drainage of the Sea Dazhu Qinghe town, where Shanqingshuixiu, Renjiediling. Ha two sparkling rivers and habitat to wear off, it was the "River" that the United States. This is a wonderful, rich and full of vigor and hope that the unlimited land.

General Fan 932-year investment plan in his hometown in Sichuan Province Qinghe Dazhu home construction market, "Kazakhstan Street children" is a unique, world-famous. Street, the total length of 385 meters, covers an area of 33,000 square meters. Housing on both sides of the East West High, Low, the trend was the guest of honor, Epiphany of personally Bin state. Whole buildings are brick, hanging Wading -Beam frame house days, before and after breast-volt lead with three-column construction. Will be used to wear outside the gallery-tenon structure at the end of the first floor of a two-story building. Corridor on both sides of each street and 108 Greek-like round pillars and columns are all people, animals and flowers and birds, such as bas-relief designs. Street as a whole, the pattern of unity, unique style, arranged in neat Grand and elegant, quite spectacular, bearing extraordinary, is a rare find south-west of antique buildings, the experts identified as: "few domestic, not foreign," a unique group of large-scale production. Has a very strong research and add to the beauty and value. Street, which are equipped with "abuse Kazakhstan General Exhibition Hall", a collection of a large number of relatives and friends and the general Fan During the precious photos and other in-kind; and "Kazakh children tea", "Kazakh children food." Liu Jie Pang East gurgling water, the bridge Yongping, Ssangyong decorate beautiful bridge.

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