Miluo River - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Miluo River more than 70 km from Yueyang, originated in Jiangxi screen Fu Shan, a total length of 253 km, Dongting Lake into the final. Miluo Jiangliang An Fenqiang cottage, Liulv pink, simple folk customs, water plump, with the typical style of Jiangnan Water Village. Qu Yuan, where there is the tomb, the temple Qu, and other monuments.

About Qu Yuan in public 340 years before the birth of Zigui in Hubei, Leping a noble family, "CMP Chi-keung, next to combat confusion and, at han rhetoric," a young man became the state of Chu's "just left" because of his "reform of internal affairs, notable because Fadu "The reaction has been excluded from the aristocracy, the southern one by one, he finally came around the Miluo River, where After a lifetime of the last nine years time.

It is said that he's immortal poem "Li Sao" and "Nine Songs" and "chapters" of some of the chapters are written in the Miluo River in the vicinity. Qu Yuan in 278 BC, the Chinese New Year on May 5 Miluo River into the embrace of the stones to express their "people are drunk, I Du Xing", not Inspired the people of the world's noble aspirations.

It is said that Qu Yuan Jiang vote, the people along the coast have been designated rescue boat. Later on into the evolution of the lunar month Fifth annual dragon boat race held in customs, people in this way to commemorate this great patriot Qu Yuan.

To the Han Dynasty, the local people in miluo The trunk side-hill built a temple to commemorate Qu Yuan, Qu existing temple in the reconstruction of?????.

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Great Sword Mountain - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Great Sword Mountain area of more than 10 square kilometers, 130 meters above sea level, located in the east, Xu Jun Xian. Water around the wall, according to the city because of flat land processes, Toshihide tall and straight. Pavilions scattered in the mountains, adjacent to the temple, Cooper green, and beautiful scenery. Liu Xiu Han Emperor Guangwu Peak has also imposed North division, Heaven celebration of the "Green Forum" site, Sui will Wagang Army orders, the observation of enemy forces in the booth, Huai Yu Gong, the study of the ancient sage Yu Temple, as well as the extraordinary momentum, set-sen Road Taiji Gong, Xiange million.

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Song Taizu Department Reign Again - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Song Taizu Reign Again Office in the city Fengqiu County of Xinxiang Chen Qiaozhen, Zhao Kuangyin due to be held in the mutiny, mutiny Bridge, also known as Chen, Reign Again, creating a large Song Jiang Shan, is a party spot. Wen is currently the provincial security units.
  In 960 AD, as all Dianqian General Inspection of the Later Zhou Dynasty Zhao Kuangyin Shuaibing North levy, the arrival North Liaoning, the distance to the northwest city of Kaifeng, 45, Chen Qiaoyi Dongyue Temple Fair, MA Dayton rest of their subordinates would Phi Huang Pao-in its body, its own legislation to do the emperor, known as the "Bridge Chen mutiny." Song Taizu Song Zhao Kuangyin created a great heritage of 300 years. "Reign Again Song Taizu Zhao Kuangyin the existing Department and the Department of Ma Huai-huai, Climb Green and luxuriant, the main hall and things to repair the rooms have all been on display on the opening sequence, the hall after the Yin Ma Zhao Kuangyin existing wells in good condition, and another ancient inscriptions, such as poetry, a number of historical relics, is to study the History of the Song Dynasty and the ideal tourist destination.

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Robinia pseudoacacia mu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Locust mu Lin Yanjin County is located in a national forest park, five, in June here is the flower of the world, Hong ocean is a natural eco-tour destination.

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King of Qi as depicted scenic Walled - Chinese tourism scenic spots

King of Qi as depicted Walled area, located in the three-Huixian territory of the rural population in the rural, west Lingchuan County in Shanxi Province, north-west adjacent to the Huguan County, Shanxi Province, 45 kilometers away from Huixian urban areas, Hui-Ling Highway running through its territory, which are easily accessible, extending in all directions. Scenic spots scattered in more than 50 high and low peaks, the highest altitude of 1654 meters.

  Zhu Feng Zi Bai , Saga lofty; Wu Li Qi, Ren precipice million; rise amid permanent peaks, deep gorges Valley. Elevation terrain and the poor, and surrounded by mountains forming a natural barrier to make the territory a mild climate, abundant rainfall and lush vegetation, the natural environment is very beautiful, here are fascinating scenic spots throughout the year, the mountain overlooking the north view of undulating mountains South of the Yellow River, as with gold, storied look into Tsui East, West visions Piaomiao Xiuyun, beautiful scenery, Rulin fairyland on earth. Jun Shan not only kaolinite, and there are many beautiful legends, King of Qi as depicted Gulao the Warring States period, according to legend has lived here and left countless well-known legend and related sites, there are many mysteries in the history in order to Later research. Many tourists come here especially for the former president of the Central School of Arts and Crafts of China's well-known artists, Zhang Ting to the painting several times, creating a number of water-and-ink landscape. In early 2003, Summer, the famous director Feng Xiaoning be honest here the natural scenery of deep infection rate of the production crew was here to the vast achievements of the comedy "hands" Mingbi pleased and left the "White Dragon King of Qi as depicted Walled dream of water, the Taihang Shan Qi Tianzhu ditch," the inscription.
King of Qi as depicted throughout the area Walled Walled King of Qi as depicted by the three reservoirs in the rural population, Buddha and Tianzhu groove groove, and other scenic component. King of Qi as depicted Walled three border areas in the north reservoir, a distance, Piaomiao clouds, the endless, as Wushan Goddess, an To sleep in the embrace of the mountains. King of Qi as depicted differences falls to 80 meters, the magnificent, such as Hong Lei bottom of the Yellow River was dumping, From a distance, such as Sha lady, dancing like White Dragon; view of the past is filled with water vapor, clouds and wind around smoke, such as Yang, magnificent spectacle. . From this mountain, south of Shandong in the cliffs a cool, pass for the old "King of Qi as depicted it "The climbing routes. Urgency here because of the steep road Xianyao, condescending" when Kazuo Kwan, Wan Kai-Fu Mo "trend. Waterfall hole through the show, King of Qi as depicted into the valley, near Canyon General km, Red Rock, Cliffs on both sides of the confrontation, turn Valley, ANGLE after another, with the Silk Road and the Sishili, Raoshan turn wall, clear-Shijie Clear bottom. The more forward, a three-step Tam, Wu Buyi waterfall, such as precious stones embedded in a string of green mountains; around the rock cracks criss-crossing, Bump clear, visible seam edge, are thousands too, such as holes, the convective clouds may; such as short-sighted book Readable, the reward can be picturesque; carefully to identify, uncanny workmanship, the endless mysteries, so to "Ping-yan." The hillside, winding streets, Journey Into Amazing Caves, Hill do, suddenly, the quiet hillside farming home, there is into the "Spring" in a sense; not far more, "Stephen ring," " Stephen Dream, "a South-North, out of gurgle, issued by the sound of Dong Dong, echoed the history of sound enough, to tell long-cherished wish of the Millennium. Steep for the area due south, halfway up the mountain 5 natural caves, a stalactite cave landscape. Central to the Western Hills through two empty caves, Gu said, "bridges." Southwest area has a ditch, said, "Buddha ditch." As a result of this ditch at the end of a hill, like wearing a flower hat, holding Po, Oriental visual sit the stone, so Buddha said the ditch. Long trench more than 20 kilometers of cross-strait summit stands, the peculiar shape, with the distance and visual changes to the feelings of different people, like birds, like animals, like people, objects like, well that fun. Spring trench stream spray flying, the fruit over and over, clear the air. Immersion of which, added to Fanpuguizhen return However, the flu. When I look back, one on the right side of the Peak, a stone, stone on stone cross again, the second-phase stone, like an ax inserted in the mountains, very amazing.

"King of Qi as depicted Chai" in the northwest, another ditch, trench-chu, a mountain, stands, it seems Yizhuqingtian, it said, "Tianzhu." Therefore, the trench named " Column ditch. "Trench many peaks, majestic spectacle, the River Flows, deep canyons, steep cliffs, strangely shaped, craggy rocks, similar to one mountain tilt of the human thumb, it seems that admiration in the" ditch Tianzhu "beauty, the local Known as "thumb Hill." Trench deep gurgling stream, river, luxuriant fragrant grass, surrounded by Yamahana dispute Du Yan, the two sides cliffs coiled vines, rooted in the stone swaying trees. Tam in the middle of a green water, covered with white side of the dam as a result of jade, named "Bai Tam." 9 ditch Bay 18, such as into the maze, when the suspect failed Another Day, all of a sudden vista. Do ditch, a dam born Heng Kong, cut off the horizon, so that Not looking up. Shi Yuan for the dam reservoir embankment, height of 71 meters, 36 meters wide, 4 km long, cut off the two provinces Yu Jin, the two provinces for the community. Hill from the dam on the high side, even a flyover, in the sense unlimited scenery Xian-feng; high looking down, Tianzhu ditch panoramic view: a "ditch Tianzhu" The Towering mountains, is a persimmon Reservoir rippling blue waves, rather than the Three Gorges, the Three Gorges increasingly rising. Wang again, more wide-day high mountains, majestic peaks, blue sky and white clouds, like a never-fading three-dimensional picture of the Chinese landscape.
Today, the set-hung, dangerous, extraordinary show, in one quiet, the sun sinks, thick, thrifty, Park, U.S. folk of the Great King of Qi as depicted Walled area became a Natural "movie." As the people of the area is more awareness of environmental protection, making reservations here, the style of the original, totally natural thing Diaozao not that the beauty of nature, attracted visitors to hang around and pleasant.

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Ecological Green Century Resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Green Century Village covers an area of more than 700 eco-acre, verdant trees in the village, surrounded by clear water, per birds Tsui, ecological harmony. In the management of the resort, Geng uphold the ancient Zhuang people have of the simple villagers upright civilization and the fine quality of visitors is committed to the physical health, is committed to optimizing the ecological environment and sustainable Exhibition dedicated to the quality of service of superior quality. Geng Zhuang people have the confidence and ability to Xinxiang century green eco-resort become a business outing, to adopt fresh, shower, water, dinner, the holiday fun fitness agricultural tourism ideal.

  Xinxiang Century Resort is eco-green Village-level civilization Geng Village to invest in the construction of joint-stock enterprises. Resort to start in January 2002, the first phase of investment 52,900,000 yuan, covers an area of the initial build more than 800 acres of large-scale high-efficiency agriculture and eco-tourism resort Green Park. Park is located in Xinxiang City, Feng Quan district, 107 National Highway to the east, west Canton Railway, south Xinxiang, north egret Chemical Fiber Group, from the city center less than 10 minutes, 2 by the way, 13 Road, Road 22, Road 23, 32 bus routes can be direct, convenient transportation and excellent location.
Green Ecological Park is set high-efficiency agriculture and eco-tourism, leisure holiday, the meeting by Into one comprehensive park. The whole park around the theme of eco-tourism, set up in the plaza area to guests, high-tech agricultural zone, since the mining orchards, recreational sports area, green zones hotel, kart division, district Hua Cao, drifting areas, such as farm villa 14 different functions of the district. Green Ecological Park since the park has been open more than a year, Park Jie Dailiang years, 52 million people.
Green Ecological Green Park Hotel is located in the center, set meals, bathing, in one room.
1, including the Department of catering hall and Blair, at the same time can be arranged more than 600 people banquet. Dining hall in the Department of entitlements Cuisines at the same time enjoy the colorful song and dance performances and gentlemen, may also show a power-ya style restaurant between different decorative style, the perfect embodiment according to Yong beautiful, refined elegance.
2, the Department of rooms there are more than 100 beds, of which between 15 standard, 2 sets of S & P, 2 luxury suites, the S & P more than 10 passengers, room facilities Full, warm and comfortable, coupled with our excellent service, which will allow visitors to enjoy the farmer's house there are 7, different style, Cuoluoyouzhi allow you to feel the pure and simple village life, there are unique villa Jingtai, cooking, etc. Buildings.
3, the Department of sauna standard of rest between entertainment hall and rest areas have KT Chess Room luxurious private room.
Green Ecological Park from mining area orchards planted many fruit trees, apricot, persimmon, apples, cherries, pears high, red dates, plums, and so on, also in the middle of the inter-planting watermelons, potatoes, and other low plants.

  Green ecological agriculture and high-tech park area in an efficient, ecological, characteristics, Light for the characteristics of the production, research and development, promotion, tourism as one, highlighting a high starting point, high-tech and high efficiency. Agricultural high-tech vegetable garden shed, Hanabusa, and so on more than 10 temperature and shed more than a dozen of the arbor, there has been growing grapes, melons, tomatoes, cucumber, eggplant, beans, cabbage and other fruits and vegetables.

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Core Pacific Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Core Pacific-landscaped area located 15 km southwest of Xinxiang City, completed in January 1993 to start business, an area of 300 acres, more than 90 landscapes and tourist attractions. National Highway 107 east, west Jing-Guang Railroad, the transportation is very convenient.

"Core Pacific Garden" is a tourist area simple, three-dimensional, As, in 5000 the Chinese nation's fine cultural history of outstanding scroll, strange ideas, set up natural King. Hill overlapping grounds of water, Wan from heaven. Tingtailouxie, winding streets, Shi Lan-phase linked to the promenade, Lu murky water, small fish fan, Shochiku green, flowers Yan vitality. 50-meter high Palace of the world, opened in Construction of the palace: "The history of Temple-Jun", "Ming Chen's House" and "Masters of China" and "extraordinary world", the ten-trial Yanjun a traitor "dream world", as well as the folk customs of various ethnic groups -- -. Stone, wood, wax vivid, lifelike, using the stage art sound, light, electricity, etc. Operation practices, exquisite style, high-culture tastes. Complicated and confusing, enjoyable time. This is a fine national culture magnificent palace.

Core Pacific Park and supporting the "Core Pacific Park Hotel" unique style, elegant design, bearing out of the ordinary. Dong paintings carved beams, the world-famous, stone reliefs depicting the cultural composition of the thick The art space. Elegant facilities, fresh air, like spring all year round, the rest is for invited guests, a good place for the meeting. "Core Pacific resort spa" and "spa nursing homes" will be sent to you in Wonderland-like park: distinctive architectural style, and that more state-level drinking mineral water from spewing out of meters underground, the texture pure Colorless, odorless, sterile, including the benefit of human health, more than 30 kinds of trace elements, has a good role in health care. Sauna, surfing bath, such as bath, mid-range facilities, access to your office. Bottled mineral water so that you return to nature ---- leisure culture so that you cool.

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Xinxiang City Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xinxiang City Museum of Art Museum history of the region. Fort Xinxiang City, Henan Province, south eastern section of the trunk road peaceful way intersection. Founded in August 1958, the predecessor to the original plain Provincial Museum.


  Collection of existing 24,369, of which rubbing from a stone inscription 9439, more than 1,700 works of painting and calligraphy history ; From the Qin and Han Dynasties era to modern, representative collections such as Zhao Ziang, Dong Qichang, Shi Hui, Li Kuchan, snow, and other stone works of calligraphy and painting. Organized by the local Ming and Qing Painting and Calligraphy Show masters, the collection of painting and calligraphy exhibition Sector, Fu Else, thematic exhibitions of calligraphy and paintings on display.

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Chen Yi Bridge Scenic Spot - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chen Qiaoyi Fengqiu scenic spots located in the south-east of the county, in the north shore of the Yellow River, and seven river towards the ancient capital of Kaifeng aspirations. Scenic areas from east to west 18.9 kilometers, 16.7 kilometers wide north-south with a total area of 172.1 square kilometers.

In the spring of 960 AD, Zhao Kuangyin at the instigation of others, the town of State This Zhengding, Hebei) and the Dingzhou (Hebei this county) Executive sent false military intelligence said North Han Liao and the United States armed forces to the south, to attack Later Zhou Dynasty, a great momentum, the aid request to send troops. Later Zhou Dynasty and the quality of the prime minister Fan Wang Pu and others, did not identify the authenticity, hurriedly sent Zhao Kuangyin to lead the country's armed forces to crack resistance. Zhao Yin Chen led force went Qiaoyi, stopped. In the night of his plan, launched a 'mutiny Chen bridge'. Li put forward by a close aide when Emperor Zhao Kuangyin, Zhong Jiang agreed. Zhao Guangyi & P and then deployed the army led by Zhong Jiang, also sent back the same night to Kaifeng Zhao Kuangyin's confidants, the capital of Jin Jun-ranking officers guarding the stone And Wang Qi-trial letter messenger, it is necessary to coordinate their internal capital.

  Early the next morning, which is 960 AD in the early morning of January 4, Chen Qiaoyi suddenly surrounded by big shout, sonic booms field. Gang Xing Zhao Kuangyin drunk, rushed out to see Shuai Zhang, has long been seen outside the station filled with hand weapons generals. Zhong Jiang Zhao Kuangyin see, and shouted in unison: 'No Man Zhu Jiang, is willing to do push-point seized the emperor. 'Then, Yiyongershang, Zhao Kuangyin Yongjinshuaizhang, it was prepared prior to the emperor's clothes Huang Pao, Phi Zhao Kuangyin in the body. Zhong Jiang knees together, shouting 'Long live'.

  Soon Zhao Kuangyin Lvjun return to the capital, waste Chaizong training, get on the throne of the emperor. After more than a decade, the eradication of the Northern Song Dynasty have other separatist regime, putting an end to the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms division. The establishment of the Northern Song Dynasty, the rulers in the political, economic, military and strengthen all aspects of the centralization of power.

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Wangjing Floor - Chinese tourism scenic spots

House, located in Wangjing Hui (former Jixian) Dongbei Yu. Wanli Ming (1573-1620) Lu Jian Wang Zhu Yi by Liu Jian. Height of 25 meters, 35 meters East and West, North and South 19 meters, the brick structure, no non-beam rafter, wall construction set to Whitehead, the Hill of the two tickets with one stone door open for people from top to bottom. The first block cross-arch, Side door open and things from both sides of the roof may Naoto bird's eye view the city.
Basilica of the original roof, "Chong-book floor," Lu Chien Wang and his son for the collection, used to study painting has been destroyed, left unattended, "Ruyi Square," a. Square four-post three or four Arab-top, up and down all over the carved stone pillar "Erlongxizhu", "pavilions" and "elders wish "And" Lotus "design, superb technology. Shihfang banners inscribed" Square in good faith, "the words, the pillar inscribed with couplets. Column under the legislation have stone drums, lion carved on squat and flower motifs, beautiful shape, carved works fine, Ming Dynasty stone for the fine arts.

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Qinglong Hu area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qinglong Hu is located in scenic areas in Xinxiang County of Fengqiu Caogang Xiang, with a total area of 6,000 acres, is Henan, Shandong, the largest along the Yellow River valley a natural lake, has not dried up over two hundred years, are renowned for their elegant quiet of that.

Qinglong Hu, Department of the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River and the Central Plains region's largest natural lake, Area with a total area of 1,000 hectares. Lake of the Yellow River carp in rich, soft-shelled turtles, such as pomfret, more than 20 species of fish, finishes the lakeside reeds within the habitat of white swans, egrets, otters, and so on more than 100 animal species. Qinglong Hu and the only one of the Yellow River embankment separated, the Qing Emperor Qianlong 20 (1761) left behind by the Yellow River burst a natural lake , The lake area of 2200 mu, the water storage capacity 3,000,000 cubic meters, 6.5 km long from north to south, with an average water depth of more than 2 meters, the most up to 8 meters deep, dark green water as a result, the north-south strip, like a dragon, the Qinglong Hu said.


Pu Wei problems around the lake, scattered high and low, the density has caused During a boat trip, Xiu Fu Yau Po, chief rustled reed, the sound of white pulp, laughing to listen to each other, as close Pu Mao Wei, rare sight. Wei swing out into the Netherlands, the attraction of green, red eye, the paste surface waves, the waves La Xia, with the giggle with waterfowl, shore fishing, the iQue calm, often with a total fish Huan, Cijing At this point you melt Since the , Away.

Area, upon completion, will form a recreational water, wetland birds, rare and beautiful, golden beaches, such as recreational fishing 10 region.

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Baiyun Si area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baiyun Si located in the urban area 30 km west of the Taihang Mountains, built in the Tang, Ming and Qing Dynasties in Sheng, as a result of Emperor Qianlong southern tour, Li the title of "white clouds at ease" and the famous horizontal inscribed board. The old Mountain Gate, in the permitted, the Main Hall, for the construction of the Ming and Qing Dynasties era.

  Han Song Dynasty 500 Monument, Level key cultural unit, Foguangpuzhao large stone Zen master, fine relief, life is a study of the Yuan Dynasty Buddhist architecture, sculpture and art valuable information.

  5 inside and outside the Temple of the Millennium ginkgo trees, towering to pull, such as shade cover. Four-week full of lush, slender bamboo, Lai Lai mountain breeze blowing sound, it is Reminiscent of "The Book of Songs," "Bringing another Austrian Fuqi, Dendrocalamopsis Yi Yi" the poem. Silver Sands Er Quan Sha, gurgle spit Pitt, the circulation around the temple, so full of Baiyun Si Aura.

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Guo Liang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Henan Province in the northwest away from Huixian 60 kilometers deep in the Taihang, 1700 meters above sea level on the high cliffs, there is a unique mountains, which rise amid permanent peaks, Shanqingshuixiu, the United States-odd waterfall, deep Tam Long Creek, pristine Stone homes, the simplicity of the mountain, stone grinding stone wall stone, stone Shizhuodandeng kang, muddy top of the stone farm Home, a Zhuang Zhuang, row after row, to take advantage of the mountain is located in Ren-thousand stand like a wall of the cliff, with its unique charm, attracted a large number of foreign tourists, have also been film manufacturers, the artists love. It is the pearl of Taihang --- Guo Liang.

Guo Liang to beautiful mountains, unique stone homes and 000, but also for its natural scenery around attracting tourists. Guo Liang Dong, 1,200 meters long, Dong Ding is the rugged rocks, cut left behind by the gallery to support the top of the natural stone pillars, Yaxia formed a "window lighting," praised the Japanese "Qi urgent eighth in the world. Guo Liang Huixian million, is located in the scenic mountains, surrounded by a lot of dissolved , Red Dragon, Bailong Dong, Huanglong Cave, hung upside down inside the thousands of stalactites, different spirit, the people Xiasi and attractive Lumpur. The natural landscape called hung, strong, dangerous, extraordinary and ancient, show, beautiful mountains and rivers, the stones of wood, climbing monkeys jump, the quiet valley of high cliffs, Maple Leaf Dan Tooker, to water features Qijue Featuring steep canyon.

Guo Liang is located in the very depths of the line, Four Seasons and pleasant scenery, especially the fall season, fill the fields crimson leaves, green mountain folder with a gold film, is an excellent tourist season.


Guo Liang, 110 km away from Zhengzhou, Xinxiang distance 0 km to travel to by Guo Liang Jing-Guang Railroad line to stop Xinxiang, Guo Liang coach to change Xinxiang, Xinxiang can also take into account the Huixian Guo Liang to change or to Nanping vehicle traffic. Guo Liang is also very convenient hotel room and board.

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Scenic mountains million - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the scenic mountains million Huixian 55 km northwest of the hinterland of the Taihang Mountains. There are four ladder, the four holes, four cents Tam, the wonders of the four, red rock cliffs Grand Canyon must be called a domestic. Here Qi Feng Jun Ling, Tam Long Zhangzhou deep hole close Qilin climate, as the "pearl of Taihang" and "Wonders of China" Department of the rare summer resort tours and video creation, drawing sketches base.

  Million is a stone of the mountains in the world, the stone wall of stone grinding stone, stone Danzhuoshideng kang, muddy stone to the top of the Manor Farm, Chuang Chuang, row after row, to take advantage of the mountain is located in Ren-thousand stand like a wall of the cliff, Do not have a village atmosphere. Guo Liang scenic mountains of the hole, 1,200 meters long, Dong Ding is the rugged rocks, cut left behind by the gallery to support the top of the natural stone pillars, Yaxia formed a "window light", the Japanese Jiaokou praise as "the world's first Eight miracle. "

  There was a cave in the world. Scenic mountains million in the red Longdong, Longdong, Huanglong cave, stalactites hung upside of the hole is the master of thousands, of different spirit, attractive, the Xiasi people, is sincerely amazing.

  Since opening to the outside world, more than 80 countries have more than 3,000 tours to the tourist, television Nagoya, Japan, to do a lot of the country TELA In the film "Taihang Mountains cut the people", "Hutch", "Bao", "Chang Xiangyu," "Qingliangsi the bell," and "out of the horizon," more than 20 television films. Famous film director Xie Jin, Hui Bi wrote the "pearl of Taihang" inscription.

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Tourism Xinxiang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Northern Henan Xinxiang City, for political, economic, cultural and transport center city. Many historical sites, cultural relics rich in resources.
In the city have hundreds of kinds of natural landscape, the existing state-level protection unit 4, a state-level forest park, the state-level wetland birds in a nature reserve, the provincial-level scenic 000 Heritage areas and more than 50 units; municipal heritage of more than 500 units, a historical and cultural city, history and culture of a town.
Xinxiang obvious advantage, forming an important trade center in Central Plains. Beijing-Guangzhou line with the new charge, a new line of coke here was cross-shaped intersection, 107,106 North-South Road that runs its length, has a combination of Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches, extending in all directions, through vertical and horizontal, fast and convenient transportation network. The city's commercial facilities, urban and rural areas over networks. On behalf of the contemporary metropolis of the advanced level plain shopping malls, commercial buildings Hua Bin, Dah Sing a new integrated shopping mall and other large luxury style; regulate all kinds of great Supermarkets, malls, pedestrian and become a beautiful urban landscape; 600-year history, three of the National Assembly, one of the exchange of medicinal herbs Baiquan Fair, known as "less than Baiquan incomplete drug" reputation, and its turnover Yao Jiaokuai three in the nation's first. National market, one of the four glasses of spectacles Changyuan City , Xinxiang e-largest market, North Henan large building materials market, Yanjin County, peanut and so on, the market scale in and outside the province renowned for. Advanced the cause of communication, set up a modern commodity economy and society as a bridge. The installed capacity of 572,000 of the city, the installation of 363,000 users, a hundred people in the urban areas have amounted to 28 phone ; Digital data network, packet-switched networks and computer data such as Internet users reached 8273; take the lead in the national government to complete on-line project; opened the three-tier cities Web site, radiation into the country's Central Plains region's largest communications hub. Business center established to promote the city to speed up the pace of construction. According to the pattern of building a modern city, the increase in the transformation of the old city on the basis of the south and east, stretching skeleton city, the past two years, has converted widened the main road in the urban areas more than 20; Wei River completed a management; new The Yiyuan, the well-being, such as residential quarters; alteration, five new water and sewage treatment plants; Street Chaiqiangtoulv and through the implementation of a King Street, a tree-light "projects the image of the city," a vastly different city, the urban area as a whole new look. Xinxiang immense cultural, Renjiediling. Yong-Gu Chen Xinxiang, a Spring and Autumn Wei Wei is the Warring States and Han for Walker, to the open Sui Wendi Emperor six years (AD 586 years) Xinxiang County home has been more than 1,400 years. The founding of New China, was once the seat of the provincial capital of the plains. Ancient history, gave birth to a brilliant civilization. Yangshao, Longshan culture site, one can argue that; Zhouwu Wang rate of 800 leaders of the alliance will Makino World War, historical interdependence; Jiang Shang Wei River fishing, throwing dry Zhong Xin , Weiweijiuzhao, Ci Qin Zhang, the Battle of Guandu, Chen bridge mutiny from all sides in this land; Confucius lecture, "Xingtan" still ringing in, loyal to Li Fang Ge before; Zhang Cang think of taking advantage of "Nine Chapters on the Mathematical," Yu-cheng The martyrs of the kingdom of heaven; younger brother Lu Chien-Ming Emperor Tomb, the prime minister twelve learn a lesson from history ... .... Anti-Japanese War, "Han Yu Ping Team, "Wei enemy gall; Liberation War, Korean War, the bloody children, Xinxiang. Founding of New China, the ancient land of Makino is more talented people. Liuzhuang party secretary and Shi Jiao, Wang Jinxi, Lei Feng, together with Qian , Referred to as broad implications since the founding of one of the five party members; in Alternate member, Xinxiang, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and party secretary Wu Tang Town and India as the "township party secretary of the good example"; "Shidanvjie China," one of Liu Zhihua, Xinfei Electric Group leader Liu Bing Yin, a famous writer Liu knows xia, singing Guan Mucun home, Chinese Academy of Engineering Zhang Ming, the international mathematical community, said "The second Ramanujan," the mathematician Liu country, and so on for Xinxiang who won the pride and honor. A long history and splendid culture, beautiful environment, Xinxiang to the left of the rich tourism resources. The city's existing state-level protection unit 2, 42 provincial-level protection unit; have state-level scenic spots Temple dry area, Capital Cities Lu, Baiyun Si National Forest Park, the National Wetland Nature Reserve bird 4, at the provincial level scenic spots Baiquan, mountains million, Bali Gou, Core Pacific-54 Park. In recent years, the municipal government to develop tourism as an important pillar industry task in an effort to cultivate for by the city of Xinxiang The new growth points.
The new century, the birth of new hope. Xinxiang will be in accordance with the "Three Represents," carry forward "five spirits", focus on the theme of development, structural adjustment to seize the main line, highlighting economic growth to improve the quality and efficiency, efficient and pragmatic, forging ahead in unity, Lai Fine Governance, innovation, a new show Xinxiang to the twenty-first century.

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Liang Yuan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Liu Liang Xiaowang, Wang Chang-down of the chaos, the fight against self-Wu Chu meritorious. In the beam to construct and Suiyang to the center, according to the natural landscape, the construction of a large garden, said Dongyuan, also known as dodder park, later known as Liang Yuan. "Han Dynasty": "Liangxiao Wang Dongyuan building, to more than 300 years, Canton City Sui Yang Chang-ten . "Dongyuan in this large, there are many built palace. Suiyang town has a palace Yao-hua, Wang You Museum, the Palace wind, Taiwan girl, elegant Taiwan, Malaysia and Taiwan, and so cool. Palace for the resumption of great order, from palace Even belong to the platform for more than 30 years, has a detached palace, tick Diaolong column, the brilliant wall, many houses, almost the capital and the Imperial Palace The United States. Liang Yuan has also built many of the rockery grotto, lakes and ponds have opened up, such as at the time of the Bailingshan (this Lingtai Temple), the monkeys off the rocks, Xiu-long habitat (in this county in Shandong alone). Qinling Wang, Hong-Yan Chi, golden orchards, cold pool, cold and Taiwan, platforms, Crane Lake State. Suishui the two sides, thousands of bamboo, as long as more than 10 years, customs Liang Xiu Chuk Yuen. Liang Yuan everything in a variety of flowers and trees, animals, incomplete strange and beautiful scenery, was the place to visit. The world's literati, such as who Qi Yang Zou, Gongsun cunning, sheep-sheng, Wu Mei Sheng, Ji Yan, Shu People Sima Xiangru, have become an honored guest of Liang Xiaowang. Xiao Wang and sometimes fighting in the palace, Fish; Menke and sometimes together, to lead the Knights in the beam hunting in the park; sometimes Suozhi interest, it will be given to drink, pieces of the fence, ZOU Yang, Yang Wen-sheng of the products are very high fine, so local Liang Yuan and the "elegant". XIE writer even generations Northern and Southern Dynasties, the Tang dynasty poet Li Bai, Du Fu, high fitness, Chang-ling, Shen, Li He, Qin Guan of the Song Dynasty, the Ming Wang Tingxiang, Meng-yang Li, Hou Fangyu and so on have come here especially for Liang Yuan, in particular, written by Li Bai has become more of poems through the ages, has been read. Is for people to visit the site are: the former site of the city of Sui Yang, Qingliangsi, three hills Taiwan, platforms and so on.

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Zhang Fei Chai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mountain peak Dangshan Shanxi, local people do not call Walled Zhang, two Zhaiqiang Xifeng inside and outside, are the use of natural Yamagata, Qingshi from Lei Qi. South Zhaiqiang outside the high residual 0.5 to 1 meter, 1 meter wide wall, north-south length of 250 meters, 900 meters perimeter; Zhaiqiang in North and South about 40 meters, 25 meters wide things, a perimeter 0 meters. Walled outside the Western Wall Zhang has' Quan Yin Ma ', is a legend, Zhang Yin Ma and water, Stephen circular with a diameter of 4.5 meters.

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Ancient City Guide - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tainan Guide, also known as the ancient city of Shangqiu, the former county Shangqiu in Henan Province. Tak Ming six years ago, nearly 500-year history. From the ancient city of brick City, Lake City, the wall of three parts. In the air looking down, the whole city within outer side, the ancient form of money Kong Yuan Fang, Yu Tianyuandefang, World Health phase, the Zhaocaijinbao . Brick City area of 1.13 square kilometers, 93 streets chessboard-like, row upon row of old courtyard, there are Dacheng Hall, Minglun Hall, Zhuang Hui Tong, and other historical sites. In 1986, Shangqiu city of the State Council was announced for the second batch of national historical and cultural city, in 1996, the Guide House wall by the State Council announced National key cultural unit.

Suishui located in the old Yang. Lease for the capital since the beginning of 4000 has been for many years past. As the old, Binghuo natural disasters, the ancient city has been destroyed, and many reconstruction, but the scope of the ten are in North and South.

Existing city for six years, Ching Tak-ming ( Million in 1511) was built. Cylindrical side with city, Gu Qian shape. City brick perimeter 7.25 Wa Lane. For the arch-Shing, has been well preserved. Binyang said the East Gate, Simon said, mound-taek, South Gate Arch said Yang, Gong Chen said the north gate. Four out of the original four Weng Cheng (that is, outside the city to build a small town, the side to open the door to Solid-city defense), Weng Cheng also have turned a Shing Mun, North West Gate, West Gate and East Gate to the south, east, south gate, so the ancient city of Shangqiu has ancient "eight four-door open," said.

Cove-lying city was a total of 93 streets in the ancient doctrine of the Eight Diagrams, is the largest number 9, and 3 are all things Source of the so-called second life, the three-sheng, Samsun things, so 93 is an unlucky number. This 93 Street, the city is separated into many of the 200-meter square plots, as the pattern of the board. Overlooking the city, such as the chessboard-like. Construction for more than cursory and the gatehouse of the courtyard buildings. According to the Five Elements of Health's Allelopathy phase theory For the prevention phase tree grams of gold, with two things wrong. East Gate-southwest, north west gate, a staggered Street, with the emergence of the North-South axis, respectively intersection of two of the first corner. After the beginning of the Qing Dynasty to the Ming Jiajing, a City University who had two (prime minister), the Book of History, as well as five dozen Shi Lang, the governor, Yu Shi, Zong Bing, a famous scholar, so Official government officials a lot of home construction. The original wells, toilets for the plum-shaped, rational layout. South Gate built on both sides of the two Watergate, the water will be discharged into the moat.

Wide moat rippling blue waves, surrounded by the city. Seongnam wide river, more than 500 meters north-south, east more than 1300 meters, the underwater Dieya North Korea and Suiyang the Old City of the Tang Dynasty, the Song of Nanjing City, Tainan Guide site of the Yuan Dynasty.

City retaining embankment about 500 meters away from the wall, the circumference of 9 km, the base width of 20 meters, 13 meters Dingkuan, 3.3 meters high.

Shangqiu has ancient city of the existing 480 years, after the war, but to preserve Basic good for the country's rare ancient relics.

  South ancient city on the eastern side of the door is well-known to college days, and it Bailudong College Lushan in Jiangxi Province, Changsha in Hunan Yuelu Academy, Song Yang Dengfeng, Henan College of the Northern Song said the four College.

Fan Zhongyan was young days in the College should seek , The poor family's Fan Zhongyan "hard day and night, five-year solutions vests not been on the pillow." National Cheng Kung-end, home security Fan Zhongyan in the Shangqiu, his mother died, he Ju Sang at home, at the time of the Tianfu Zhi Fu Yan Shu should ask him to go to college to teach for a time, "from the scholars Buyuanqianli and to" , College days, which should lead to further stigmatization .

  The College also has been produced as the "beginning of the Qing Dynasty first article," Hou Fangyu. Mr. Hou of modern people who feel a bit strange, but well-known plays the Qing Dynasty against the "Peach Blossom Fan," Kong Shangren this book works handed down, people should know that a lot, but its contents can tell the people QU A few. Hou Fangyu this is one of the main character of the show.

  Hou Fangyu, the people Province House Guide. Zanying history, Zhou Shi Lei Zhao, for the ancestors too often, the father of Stuart home. "Hou Jia City Guide is indeed a family of officials, literary doors first. His grandfather served as Secretary of State Temple too often, his father is the Department of households in the Book of History, uncle Nanjing Ren Ji Jiu Imperial College.

  His small-time talent intelligent, but the unusually mischievous. On one occasion, 8-year-old Hou Fangyu a temple to the school play, a few monks in the shade under the plane got up, to see "a gifted scholar," on stopping him Zuoshi, naughty Hou Fangyu Peng Zhao gourd looked at the monk's head, Very interesting So come on the opening:
"Gourd rack gourd vines
Got up the next plane out gourd.
Peng Zhao Hu Lutou gourd,
Gourd gourd pain pain. "
Such as the monk had come to understand that the mischievous ghost of the long run without a trace.

Chongzhen late Tai Ming Dynasty stormy, 22-year-old Hou Fangyu Nanjing to the test, then his name has been very Sheng-wen, also a family of children, and actively participate in the rehabilitation of social activities, and Chen Zhen Hui and others as the "world Kuangfu justice," the four-son, age Lightly, they were over the world.

That year, ten legitimate Li Xiangjun Ling-year-old season, she sat down Xiulian linked to the window grille, looking forward to Qinhuai River, waiting for her dream of love. When Hou Fangyu appear in front of her, she felt she was looking forward to the marriage has arrived. Both love at first sight, quickly set each other for life, the family of Hou Fangyu Gongshan as presented to De Ding Qing Wu Xiangjun. , Because they adhere to their own conduct and through suffering, which the witness has become a fan. This should be a period of romantic-style romantic, but, with the Qingbingruguan, quickly building the Ming dynasty collapsed.

Ruan Dacheng Yandang win over Hou Fangyu, Xiangjun sternly refused. RUAN Huai-hate mind, trying to force , Hou Fangyu forced to join Governor Shi Shi Kefa Yangzhou. Ruan Dacheng Huaiyang inspector general to curry favor with Tian Yang, Xiang-Jun buy gift concubine Yang Tian. Xiangjun from, the first to hit the table, in syncope, Assault Peach Blossom Fan. Hou Fangyu friend, the painter known for Yanglong You love and hate Xiangjun distinct personality and love deeply moved by loyalty, on pen Blood patch outlines the Peach Ji Zhi, namely, "Peach Blossom Fan." Xiangjun of the Trustee to the Peach Blossom Fan Hou Fangyu, next to their minds.

Later, on the basis of this story Kong Shangren wrote the famous play, "Peach Blossom Fan", touched the hearts of countless ancient and modern readers and spectators. Well-known writer Zhang Ailing had said with emotion: "S & P Life, and then also the number of Peach Blossom Fan, crashed through the head, Assault on to the fan, just a little on this Dianran into a peach. "

This story is too famous, so Hou Fangyu and Li Xiangjun of the outcome of love and personal with the end-result was a lot of "version." Is the most miserable: Li Xiang Qixia alone came to the foot of the mountain, in a quiet, Taoist monks, and disappeared after. The best is: Hou Fangyu and Li Xiangjun experienced all kinds of disasters meet the end, the two work together to return to City Guide, and later to the old old age.

However, City Guide, Hou Fangyu Li Xiangjun and the outcome is another argument. Nanjing was Qing Captured, Li Xiangjun and Hou Fangyu from hard, back to the City Guide Houfu. Xiangjun changed its name last name for living in the Jade House (also known as floor Xiangjun), to love each other as strong today halls of regret statue.

A few years later, and then travel southern Hou Fangyu, Li Xiangjun, who was at home the song exposed the identity of Kabuki, not as officials of the family of Hou Fu Capacity, she was rushed to the south of Hou's estate, died depressed in the near future, about 30 years old. Legend has it that Hou Fangyu home, repair the tomb built for the Xiangjun: "Big Hanhen died husband ashamed for life."

This year, the 35-year-old Hou Fangyu recalled his own misfortunes, and life can sigh regret more, so their Lent changed its name to "strong regret together." Two years later, as a result of Hou Fangyu unhappy, depressed mood and died.

  Shangqiu thorough, and the entire ancient city planning, the structure is reasonable, simple shapes, the world rarely seen, is a great research value of the historical and cultural city

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Emperor Ku Ling - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Emperor Ku Ling Shangqiu county is located 23 km south of the Northwest High Xinji sites 100 meters, the ancient mound for the tall, 233 meters long from north to south and 130 meters wide east. Former Emperor of the original Ku Ling temple hall, shower room, dressing room, such as the Mountain Gate of the old buildings.

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They are tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

They are the tomb is located in Yucheng County, southwest of the town of the people they are after the Tomb of the village. Ciyu the original tomb, after the waste. Qing Emperor Kangxi 1952 (1702)-Yucheng county magistrate in this section has two built-author. 10-year Yongzheng (1732) state they are built altar, the annual Spring Zhi Ji. Zhou tomb of towering old trees, and Lin Shou-person care. Is the only tomb , About 4 meters high, 110-meter perimeter. For the protection unit at the county level.

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Zhang Xun Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ancient shangqiu outside the South Gate area of a vast cemetery. Park in the Tang Dynasty, "Shih" and martyred as a result of Sui Yang Shou Zhang Xun's Tomb. Tang Sui Yang is leading to the Jianghuai traffic. In 757 AD, Shih Suiyang the rebels in order to get through, and then south Jianghuai, sent General Yin Qi Lvbing 130,000 won Yang. Sui Yang Xu Yuan in full recourse Yong Qiu Shi Zhang Xun defense. Zhang Xun immediately 3,000 soldiers stationed in Sui Yang, Xu and Yuan Jun 3800 co-Anti-Japanese War soldiers. Zhang Xun good strategy, elite law had been many times in order to win more than less, the history of security against the rebels. Xu knew that the military is far better to Zhang Xun, the war issue by Chang Shou-On Hui. Zhang Xun to mobilize people to resist, fight day and night, many enemy. Sometimes dozens a day up to war. Zhang Xun, such as a stick to 10 months of fighting in the size of 400, more than 120,000 enemy. In the meantime, the city's horses, sparrows, rats, bark, roots, paper, tea, and so eat it eat up all the material, and the remaining 400 soldiers , The end result of hunger, extreme fatigue, inability to future battles, the fall of the city. Zhang Xun, Xu and Yuan-Jiyun South will be called after the land captured enemy must not, brave martyred. Suiyang battle to win a small, standing in the way of a history of security to the south of the rebels, the preservation of the Huaihe, in order to put down, "Shih" made a great service. Zhang Xun, and so the feat will land, a For many years people have always been famous. Zhang Xun was even Jianghuai, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, known as the Wang Chang, worship the same God as.

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Bo stop Taiwan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bo stop Taiwan at 1.5 km southwest of the ancient city of Shangqiu Department. According to historical records and folk legends, in ancient times on, the son of Emperor Ku Lease for this fire is, first, fire management, so that people can get to the fire (and thus his descendants, also known as Vulcan). Second, the worship of Mars and the Mars Observer running in a timely manner in order to inform anti-people Bihuo timely sowing and harvesting. If the Star Phi Thai Mao Shi, called "single stop" in Sino-Japanese War, "every stop." Mao Shi in the morning, was a first-year dry, so the "one-stop" and "stop everything" interesting comparison. Over time, Mars Observer and the Star Phi Thai relationship between the location of the fire is being Lease "Bo stop." Lease after death, people in his life on Mars to observe the high ground of the funeral, later known as the primary stop on Mars or Taiwan or Taiwan's Vulcan Taiwan.
Peter Taiwan as the existing shut-shaped tomb, 35 meters high, 270 meters perimeter, built into a compactor. Rammed earth layer in a mixture of a lot of the Han Dynasty pottery and tiles, may be the Han Dynasty Building. The original Peter stop Taiwan on many occasions as a result of the Yellow River silt deposition, implicit in the existing audience.
  Peter shut stage of the mound that is sealed shut before Peter's Shangqiu. Shangqiu that the resulting names. Bo stop Taiwan in the endless Great Plains, the tall, has become somewhat unexpected. Taiwan to the ancient capital of the Shangqiu area of the highest point, together with the ancients Peter Taiwan to stop the gas should be refined business stars, so, since ancient times, people have shut Shangqiu Peter Taiwan as a symbol.

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Micro-tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Micro-tomb is located 12 km southwest of Shangqiu City, Temple-glauca, the business (Hill) Zhe (city) from the west side of the road through. 000 micro-Kai, Wang Shu-Yan Zhou brother, the week closed at Song, after the soldiers buried here. The original cemetery of the temple built, after the repeal, Metella also become the ground, only 40 out Wanli (1612) Guidezhifu three-Jun Cheng Li Tung-stone. 1980 new graves in the cemetery heap, and the construction of Beilou. For the protection unit at the county level.

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Han emperor cut snake monument - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qinmo peasant uprising, the Han emperor Liu Bang has just vowed uprising, the people on the road with a big hit, Liu Fen face of cut, cut grass snake along for the Red. Future generations will be attached to the son of Chidi Baidi killed the son of the world have to face. Later cut the snake monument built in the luminous irradiation, the monument to see the Empress Lu and Liu have gone Mirage, State chopped snakes added mystery.

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Liangxiao Wang tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Liangxiao Wang Yong tomb is located 34 km north-east city of Mountain Dangshan Shannan clock security side of the mountain in Shandong, about 15 meters away from the Peak. Liu Liang Xiaowang 000, the second son of Emperor Han Yan, on behalf of Wang Feng at the beginning, after the closure Huaiyang Wang, Wen 12 years (168 years ago) called to Liang, known as Liang Xiaowang, after the death of the funeral. Hill cut its tomb for the outer coffin, clothing and possession of rock Mumen to the east, the tomb of 56.62 meters long.

  Dangshan Mountain in Shanxi Province Liang Han tomb group is the Chinese found the earliest age, the largest group of Han Tomb. Dangshan Mountain in Shanxi Province Liang Han tomb group cut profile for Hill, to wear for possession of stone, the structure of the complex, magnificent, like a group of palaces on the ground floor. In particular, Liang of the Western Han Dynasty tomb group in the explosives have not come out of the Western Han Dynasty, by countless workers with a hammer like you knock out the chisel, the voluminous works, the superb artistry of stunning, Munei from the Han Dynasty unearthed in the mural, the Media-clothing, gold and horsemen, cavalry figurines and a large number of exquisite jade and so on can be even more rare Bao.

Liang tomb of the Western Han Dynasty tomb group has now found that size 18, with more to the Han emperor Liu Bang Sun - Liu Liang Xiaowang Queen and the size of the tomb of the most ambitious, the most well-known. Liangxiao Wang tomb of Queen depth 210 meters, is the largest so far found that the domestic Shishi tomb, Munei a variety of facilities And taste: the living room, bedroom, closet, granary, icehouse, stables, and weapons arsenals, the toilet (the most surprising hit of the festival which is the kind of evidence, the first in China to use, beautifully carved stone Toilet). Liangxiao Wang in the tomb and the tomb of Queen between an underground passage, the fine-sounding name "lives", and is Liangxiao Wang After the rendezvous of the soul after death channel, later said the so-called "life to the lives" or "the way their lives", said that from this. Shan Xi Han Dynasty unearthed in Yu Jin Lv to conduct their fine clothes, pure quality, has more than 2,000 years, charm still remains. Han to Qing Shi Yuan murals, white tiger, Suzaku, basaltic themes for the four gods, as a foil to four weeks Yun Qi and around the ribbon, Hua Yi Jing must, by the magnificent, known as "pre-Dunhuang Dunhuang", which unearthed the beautiful appearance, lifelike official Brokeback maid was referred to as "China's Venus" .

  Dangshan Mountain in Shanxi Province Liang Han tomb is a group of national key cultural unit, as well as in our country Shishi large sector of the rare group of tomb.

  "Four God Yunqi map" murals found in Henan, Shanxi Mountain Dangshan early Han (2 century BC) Leung King hill tomb Diospyros round. Persimmon round hill where the tomb is located in Shandong security in the southern slope of more than, the top flat surface, numerous thorns, the surface is thin shale, M white limestone and shale, five meters below the gradual disappearance of shale, limestone for all.

  Among the many relics of the murals, the tomb murals little less of the early Western Han Dynasty. As a result, the mural will become China's first era, the highest-ranking burial tomb murals treasures. However, after , The mural damage gradually becoming more serious. Cai Qi Qiao painted on the surface layer off, the color fade, the local network has emerged Check. To have a battle-cracking phenomenon of Layered. Cracking the permeability of a screen. There are loose pieces of wall paintings is fixed. Murals appear on the surface deformation of the back-keel before the top of the traces. Bending deformation of the murals as a whole Weight. Junction of cracks. In the local scene have a crack warp.

  Liangxiao Wang tomb, there are more than recorded in the history books. "Liangxiao Wang Shih-chi family," Suoyin "Levy stated in mind": "There Dangshan Liangxiao Wang's mass graves." "Shui Jing Zhu was water" should be cited Shao said: "Dangshan County, in East Hill, the aragonite, Qin County, taking cover in the name of Shan Shan has also ... ... Liangxiao Wang tomb, graves of their profile off the mountains, to wear for possession of stone. "Qing Emperor Guangxu for" Wing County city of monuments, "it reads:" Xiao Wang security holes in the hills Dong Lu, including Cross Street, Chi Yin Ma. "" World peace in mind "set:" Liangxiao Wang tomb in the county (north) 50, the high-Si Zhang, Zhou I, Dangshan Nanling Hill. "Liangxiao Wang was found in the tomb dating back to the Eastern Han Dynasty, Cao Cao," Yin Bing Dangshan people, cutting Liangxiao Wang graves, broken coffin Campbell received tens of thousands of catty "As a result," Liang Jin do Shishi air. "

  Tomb of the ride to the west of the east and away from the cut in the top 20 meters. From the tomb of crossing to West corridors of the West full-length wall 6.45 m, the widest point north-south (North corridors ear room wall to the north south corridors in Southern ears room wall) 32.4 meters to a maximum of 3 meters and a total area of about 612 square meters, with a total capacity of about 1367 cubic meters. Mudao by the whole tomb, connected, the main rooms, corridors and rooms measuring more than 10 inter-ear chamber, corner room and drainage system Mudao was east-west from the slopes at the end of the peace Mudao Mudao of two parts. Mudao slope length of 32.2 meters, 2.59 meters wide missing, Dikuan 2.78 meters, the western end of the flat-bottomed Mudao deep part of the mountain is closed Mudao, with both sides of the stone wall above the bottom of the trough for the swallow-tailed Deducted two synthetic stone slope The two used to the top of the slope under the wide and narrow stone ladder to withhold. This deduction together at the top of the ways to alleviate the pressure, extremely strong, well-preserved so far. Mumen Department Mudao near the north-south cut ear of a room, South East Room of the most strengths ear 5.1 meters, 4.9 meters north-south widest point, 2.4 meters high. North ear Room 5 from east to west. M, 4.46 m north-south widest point, with 2.22 meters high, the two should be traveling room, things have Mumen is 23.4 meters long, 2.4 meters wide, 2.3 meters high, high-East West at the end of the rain, leading to Mudao from the main channel of the room by Yue Mun Road, slope connected, connected flat consists of three parts. Connected on the slopes South and North sides of the western end of a cut ear room. North ears strength of the North-South Room 12.88 meters, 9.9 meters thing widest point, 2-2.18 meters high, with a total capacity of about 233 cubic meters. South East Room ear 4.56 meters, 4.6 meters north-south width Department, with 2 high. m l, for possession of weapons. Connected to connect the western end of the main room, the main burial chamber is the core of the whole, things were flat rectangular, 9.65 m from east to west, north-south 4.7 m wide, 3 meters high, vertical walls of rooms, Ping-kwong, on the surface. The main room at the bottom of things for the 5.45 m long, 3.65 meters wide north-south, 0.4 m deep pit, flat bottom Vertical walls, 1.40 regular, Dongbi the pit is a corridor leading to the sewer. Main north-south on either side of the room to open the ears of the three rooms. On the north side of the room neatly structured in three ears, all square, each 2.3 meters long, and Pao Chu storage room. On the south side of the east side of the room for the coffin-bed room, East, South and West for the Shek Pik on three sides; North And is the main room of the same space above the main floor room at the bottom of 0.4 meters, in the south at the bottom of the wells to a room of irregular holes.

  South of the West Pleurotus coffin-bed rooms and room doors are the same, even between sets, which were nearly square, 3.18 meters long from north to south, and vertical walls, even at the end, the floor has always been central to Shek Hang the cut for the bathroom. The west side of the ear the same room and main room, North and South was rectangular. There is room outside the main corridors around the main room and the main outdoor Ceshi week, slightly flat square, in central and eastern corridors linked to the main room. 1.40 corridors of the rooms have ears, a square was flat, each 4.7 meters long, buried with the dead is placed . Corridors of the East, West, South on three sides still 0.4 meters wide and 0.3 meters deep drainage of the various rooms and corridors of the South into the water wells, the use of wells within the natural chimney, the water will be discharged mountain.
  Liang Xiaowang huge tomb, the magnificent structure Normalization, layout and reasonable construction Superb art, which have not yet invented gunpowder in the Western Han period, the artificial cut so vast, its difficult to imagine that this fully demonstrates the ancient wisdom of working people.

In 196 BC, Prince has been called Liu Hui Liang. Queen's seven-year high (181 BC), Liu Hui Zhao Wang for the move, the younger brother of Empress Lu Lu Liang has been called the middle class. However, production has to stay in Beijing Lu Chang and Leung Kwok-no to the new post. Lu Chao was in the middle minister killed, 178 BC, the younger son of Emperor Han Yi Liu Liang has been called. In 169 BC, Liu Yi fell from his horse died, for the posthumous title Lianghuai Wang. Liu Yi World Bank, the descendants did not inherit the throne. Minister Jia Yi Leung Kwok that important position, he suggested that the Chinese Emperor should choose a reliable man-Liang. Jia Yi Wen listened to the proposal Closing Huaiyang to Liu Liang Wang, and this is Liangxiao Wang. Liu Liang Xiaowang "sinus Queen Mother it birth rate, Chong, Wang city of more than four decades, ranking the world cream Place, the reward can not win, Fuku huge money and a hundred million more than the capital-Bao Zhu Yu. "Liangxiao Wang Liu lived a luxurious luxury living like kings," Dongyuan building, to more than three hundred years, Sui Yang Guang City Qishi Li, Daiji palace ... ... "

Capital Cities is the general level off hilltops after the huge rock with Xiuqi, Liang Xiaowang This is not the case. Liangxiao Wang tomb, "Hill cut for profile, wearing stone for the possession of" great works, the structure of the unique layout of symmetry, are rare.

Now, in the long river of history, after two thousand years of sedimentation, Raider, the baptism of the time, Leung King Yuhi have rarely seen the glory of the empty tomb Tuliu The scars Mans Dangshan show to the world's eyes.

  Cao Cao of the Three Kingdoms Bingzu should be the first into the tomb of the Han Liang ghoul. Cao Cao on the Raider, "Han-Yuan Shao," records said: "Xiandimudi Liangxiao Wang, Ling graves marked respect ... ... Cao Li Shi rate, to explore in person, broken Naked body, made off with Campbell, to make Sheng Zhao runny nose, broken-hearted Shimin. "" Shui Jing Zhu Shu ", said:" Yinbing speaking into the Dangshan, Liangxiao Wang-fat mass graves, breaking the coffin, Campbell received tens of thousands of catty. "" Special home made Zhonglang Qiang Qiu, gold touched Xiaoyu, destroy the process over, no wrecks are not open. "

Li Bai's poems have a saying: Liang security in the palace today? Ma is not the first treatment. Dance songs scattered green pool, free Bianshui East Sea. Standing on the tomb of Liang, lingering in the ear Piaomiao the sound of Guqin, Mountain Dangshan are immersed in the sunshine, everything is kind of quiet, and do not have as a result of the arrival of tourists and the noise significantly, yesterday's glory turned to today's desolate, and suddenly Found in the long history of , One of the small straight negligible, regardless of the status of high or low, there is no difference between the rich and the poor.

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Mountain Dangshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wei Yi Mountain Dangshan ups and downs of the mountains, to occupy the vast plains Yudong high ground, scattered 13 of the towering mountains, 13 ancient times known as "fairy-feng" reputation. In 1998 into a heritage tourism area.
Wing Mountain City Dangshan heritage tourism zone is located in Henan, Shandong, Jiangsu and Anhui provinces combined, according to the Beijing-Kowloon West, East Beijing-Shanghai, Lianyungang-Lanzhou North pillow. Eurasia Bridge of a link Hall said during the north-south highway. Heritage Tourism Zone covers an area of 12 square kilometers, which includes the four major scenic spots, 30 tourist attractions in less than 10 square kilometers of the region, different era heritage almost a robust history of the evolution of China's entire process. Here at There are Spring and Autumn Period, when Confucius traveling to this shelter from the rain of love Ya Shu-sun; there is the first Chinese peasant uprising leader Chen Sheng Metella of sleep this well-known historian, Mr. Guo Moruo personally inscribed, "Qin Mo peasant uprising leader Chen Sheng Tomb, "the inscription; Han emperor Liu Bang has cut the snake in the uprising, the creation of the Han Dynasty Ji Monument, a fervent Zhang Fei in the three countries to build anti-Walled Wei Zhang of the Walled; there is Water Margin Heroes gun Lee, Yun-item, Fanruijuyi Mountain, site of the Temple of the three Shafujipin; there are anti-Japanese national hero Lu Yuting Martyrs Memorial Hall; more large-scale, high quality, stunning the Western Han Dynasty tomb of King Liang Qun, Wang Liang Xiaowang 2l0-meter long tomb is the largest so far found that the domestic Shishi tomb. Unearthed in the tomb murals, Yu Jin Lv clothing, gold and horsemen, cavalry barrels, and so many exquisite jade objects, it is rare treasures, art treasures, a high historical, artistic, scientific research value.

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