Beachhead - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beachhead, a southwestern Hunan capital of the ancient water-town Manshanbianye of bamboo, clear bottom of the cave streams and Hou's ancient folk customs, folk art gave birth to Chinese art treasures - the beach New Year.

New Year is the only beachhead in Hunan Province's board hand-watermark New Year. From the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China , The New Year on the beach and gradually developed their own unique style of art: beautiful, enrich the color, Guzhuo, exaggerated, full, personalized style approach, the pure local materials and original technology, so that the relief work with the general artistic effect.

  New Year beachhead from the paper-making raw materials of choice, the paper system , At the end of brush to cut version of the printed seven times, seven hand-painted, a New Year's to go through the production of more than 20 procedures. Handmade paper from the New Year to all products in a local production, the national New Year in the production of extremely rare.

New Year beachhead into statues, meaning auspicious, the text of the story of the three major categories of drama, no Is a god, the story of good fortune or blessing, and so on, have little in the New Year's interpretation of its head.

  "Rats get married", "Qin Shubao. Yuchi Gong", "Harmony Zhixiang," almost every New Year has been the site of a moving story, more than 40 existing varieties become witness to history and heritage of civilization To carrier

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Hwang Sang Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hwang Sang Nature Reserve is located in Suining County, south-west, 25 km long from north to south, the maximum width of 19.5 kilometers west, the forest area of 25.5 hectares, of which 23.5 million mu of the original forest, can be rare treasure of valuable trees, flowers, medicinal herbs, animal , Where strong growth, a genuine natural Wang .

  This is not a cultivated area of nature tourism. Ma Jing from the valley into the mountain, you will see the kingdom of plants, many of the world, Jane, here belong to the state protection have more than 20 kinds of plants, fruit trees, such as incense, flowers palm tree wood, Hung Mao-chun, chief Tsuga, chinese, Cheng Zhen, Bole And so on. Beautiful large forest, enchanting landscape. If the flow down the six-foot hole goose falls, as if hanging from the sky under a white curtain, the magnificent. The source is located in the mountain communities hemlock, Tsuga analysis of 38, embracing tall and straight stem, with roots wrong, branch, stem, root each other even into the rationale of the landscape, rare in the world. Hwang Sang beautiful scenery, lush trees big, rich resources of Chinese herbal medicine, medicinal herbs have aluminum Ganoderma lucidum, Tianma, Codonopsis, rock, and other ear. Belong to two categories of countries to protect more than 10 kinds of animals there. There are referred to as "Baishouzhiwang" South China Tiger, productive valuable than gold musk; "cicer turtle", such as the Golden Pheasant Han The rare birds.

  Hwang Sang nature of the original forest tourist areas, is one of the natural beauty, not a cut and polish the artificial nature of the Kingdom.

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Water House scenic water - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hunan Water House is located in the beautiful scenic spot of water rich in Hunan, water reservoirs Temple House (National-?) as the main body, covering the surrounding attractions, the area of 300km2. Liaoyuan broad surface of the water reservoir, the rippling blue waves, surrounded by the surrounding mountains, green trees, beautiful scenery and scenic spots, elegant environment, as the "West Lake in Hunan" Water Water House scenic peaks and downs, continuous, in Lake Lake, Shan Shan outside, Shanqingshuixiu, picturesque. Tianmen Shan's 457m above sea level, towering old trees, lush forests, many rare species, a variety of wild animals frequently come and go; Junqiao goose both towering mountains, huge rock Li, look at the top, surrounded by dozens of different Qi Jing, the panoramic view; Lion there, like a lion lying areas, the various wonders of the beautiful.
Hill area of water the United States and the United States and even, bright and pure water. In the spring and autumn, or King-ming, one of the clean water lake, 10,000 ares Yan Bo, Xiang light at the end of fish, waterfowl in full strength Like a beautiful pearl-like Green Sala in the clear water between Castle Peak, and some Central Hill hold water, the arch on the Stars, and some stand Guya, Hu Ju-long set. Groups of dancing egret, in the Bi-Cheol on the lake, over the air.

Water House scenic water rich cultural, human numerous scenic spots, Mao Zedong Chen Geng, Tan Zheng, Xiao third-class revolutionaries of the older generation had to study the Dongshan College, Memorial Cai Hesen, Xiangxiang Confucian Temple, there are two major north-south, one of the famous pottery niche schools; Mingchenjiangwan there are three well-known generals of the former residence of General Song Xilian , Zeng Qing Sydney's former home - the first al Bravery; there are ancient temples of the Millennium Cloud Temple, religion Teana to Um, water Temple House, and prosperity in the 18th century town - the new Hong Kong border, provincial heritage large flats of the Southern Song Ruins of Old Kilns.

  "King of the West Lake Gorge, it is difficult to like here better; wind and rain-induced lung fish, day and night, floating the course of events." Attractive scenery and attractions such as the Forest Scenic Area Water Water House, is the heart of Wang Shu In view of thrilled, at home and abroad are tourists, leisure and holiday resort of.

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Sunning Hill scopolamine - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Langshan tourist spots located in the new South County for more than 10 kilometers with a total area of about 100 square kilometers, has developed 60 scenic spots. Langshan Danxia is a typical peak forest landform, with a piece of Shui Sau, Shan United States, the odd holes, said the scenery treasure. Langshan in this land, the process of the stone forest communities, limestone cave complex Mysterious and beautiful canyon group Yi Fu Jiang Liu, Danya of the clean water constitutes a natural landscape.

  There are scenic Tianshengqiao 3; there are 10 Yixian Tian; 10 cave features; there are 8 River that runs its length throughout; 20 more than the spectacular gorge; many of the plants, animals birds To summarize its large, in which more than 100 square kilometers of Danxia, Zixia sub-dong, Luotuo Feng, Bajiao Zhai, under the Mid-levels and Jiang Yi Fu 5 spots.

  Zixia dong area. In this area, including Yuquan Si, King million slot, Shenxian Dong, 11, and other Shan red spots.
  Yuquan Si was Southwest of the Buddhist Holy Land, Temple Monastery next to the first generation of ancient Zen master; Yuquan Si gate to the eight-character long 33 meters back to the stone canopy profile, points up and down two floors, are tourist attractions, including the King million slot up and down three points, Features; Shenxian Dong Walled Fortunearia in the valley, about 200 meters deep, peculiar structure, a spectacular deep; red Hill Steep cliffs up to 700 meters, 100 meters high, the cliff over the cave, thousands of images. Zixia dong is a winding valley, an area of 100 acres, surrounded by red-brown cliffs, the sun shines into this, reflecting 10,000 rays, Ziqi and minds named. Legend has it that "religious Zixia live here", in Clear the pond bottom, Ying Chi rain water, drought inexhaustible water.

  Luo Tuofeng area. Including the area of the Yixian Tian, ghost-dong, candles, and other peak 13 spots.
  Luo Tuofeng four from Rock Hill, like a huge camel are looking for companions, head and tail body From a distance, the clear outline. Yixian Tian away with confrontation. Early Qing, Yang Yi Xia Fakui hold high the banner of anti-Fuming, has been moved to clearance wanted to live here. This year he still Zaocheng of Ladder 99, the freedom seekers and stone statues, also kept its peak. This peak is the highest Langshan scenic spots. From the southeast foot of a mountain peak to a level such as cutting, it seems uncanny workmanship Carved from, can be called "Tianbei word."

  Qianfoensis towering top, look into the distance utterly Pro, the scenery near and far, the panoramic view. "Lane the best in the world", located in the depths of bovine Walled clouds, Baizhang cliff, the first-line split, more than 230 meters long, 0.8 meters Kuan Jin. Rarely seen in the world. There are near the ring Lane, Lane immortal, and so on. Happy valley surrounded by mountains in the pool, a width of more than 2 acres, water Ching Ming as a mirror, a natural pool Shitai, Yousi Diaoyutai. Ding Shan Shan Buddhist separation of the three, and 30 meters high from the Gap Fengzhong plunge down a waterfall, splashing Chu Yu-fei, one after another water and the sun shines into this, the formation of a true rainbow, it was hailed as a "colorful . "Standing in the Yixian Tian Canyon group of immortal Law, 180 meters high, the first big small, like a huge hot pepper.
  Luotuo Feng-feng and candles in the convergence, there is a meter long, 50 meters wide, high-only meters, the side angle of 40 degrees for every space, like a giant dragon mouth opening, extending the East, Chaoyang Income, the Meteorology Series, it is referred to as "Longkou Chaoyang." Round-meter long single-arch bridge, 7.6 meters wide, 11 meters high, the bridge Department 7 m thick, the thinnest Department meters from Diaoqi like this is the first Chinese Danxia bridge.

  Ba Jiaozhai area. This area is the main peak Yuntaishan, and the Guangxi border .
  Eight of the lofty peaks towering, commonly known as the leading eight. Yunnan is the main peak peaks of Yuntaishan. Yuntaishan board viewing, heading towards release, Dai arch north-west of Castle Peak, south-west mountains Weiyi, the ups and downs, like a group of Ju Jing, the FT-play, the sea whale downtown called. The north-east, but as a group of ancient castle To compound wall, such as green water with help of the Yi River runs through the East and West.

  Ba Jiaozhai steep most of the iceberg, Feng Jian may tilt the horns, is the famous "Long Kok Hong." Here filled with clouds all the year round, Nuhao mountain, the surrounding cliff insurance legislation, Ruzhui deep. Long angle to get the ridge less than a 5-inch wide path to And must be hand-foot, creeping forward. In this Qi on the risk of Qiaojiao very top of a mountain temple there. Another risk Kok, known as "She Shenya." Ba Jiaozhai the southwest is known all over the world and win the group Canyon, Wei Yi and downs of sub-scale ladder than the Gap, more than 100 large and small, from where they stand the Qifengyishi, by the magnificent Magnificent spectacle. Shi Feng-intensive group, is full of green trees, rivers clear more circle, which weaved.

  Under the Mid-levels area. Shengjing this area from the Sally Bridge has 5 spots.
  Fu Jiang Yi area. This general area there are stone, beautiful hair, and other attractions 7. General Yu-zhu stone tower Fu Yi Jiang standing on the other side, where the new old-ling one of the Eight, Jiuzhi "Lang Wat in the air," a Ming Dynasty Cao Kui endowed with a poem:
  Lotus to pull large scar Tsui, rocks days Qianchi refers to the door.
  Fu Jiang Yi as the level of charge, Peng Chu Hung Extreme Japan and North Korea.

  Of course, bad poetry, but help Jiang's beautiful scenery, the world is a must. There are stone along the river as King show, such as the beautiful hair, like drink giant Qingquan, Yang Tian Tigers roar ... but ... if boating on the River, such as with Jiang Liu, Qifengyishi in the winding, rain and fog Yan Lan, Jia An bamboo, like the mean baili A long profile of the landscape.

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Shuangqing Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Two-Qing Shao-owned park located in the convergence of the two water in lower 1.3 kilometers, the region accounted for 14,200 square meters. As a result of top-funded water, water Shao junction, so as to the "double-ching" name. Two-way clearance from the North on May 1, or admission can be. Park Pavilion in matched, its winding streets, rather classical gardens of style, out since ancient times, "Twelve Baoqing "The first is a natural landscape due to the small garden.

  Among them, two-Ting-ching for pure wood structure, hexagonal Zhong Yan, decorated with dragon and phoenix ridge, Queti brackets, around the gallery next to. Gaomiao side of the pavilion there, formerly known as Kang Ji Temple, the amount of Huizong Zhao You have questions, "Kang Ji." Guan Yu Qing Dynasty royal family respect, Kangxi years, changed its name Guandi . Gaomiao on the right side, there are rocks, such as the column of rock dominating the south bank of the water in the capital, which is the pillar Rocky, Rocky, there Zhu Ting, Ting Wai, also known as kiosks. Shuangqing attractive scenic spots have man of letters, pay homage to ancient lyric, leaving many of the poems and ink. Shuangqing booth there the first year of Yuan Zhen (1295) County does not have three "days to open the picture," Lake ZHAO Xian-governor "pay homage to their two-ching," Shang Ming Xing Bu Lin Gu pro title, "Rocky pillar" words. Ting Wai-ting there in the Qing Dynasty poet Xu Xiaosong wrote a couplet: "The cloud band to wear bell tree, Taying move on to the river." "Link Shuangliu briefly together, a gallery Jianghan smoke" is a well-known scholar Wei Yuan Shaoyang wrote. Shuangqing now turned into public kiosks , The ancient construction of the park there are more than 10 kinds of tablets, Lin arranged as early as the Ming and integrated Wanli stone.

  Two-way clearance from the North on May 1, or admission can be. Park Pavilion in matched, its winding streets, rather classical gardens of style, out since ancient times, "King Baoqing Twelve" in the first, is a natural landscape due to the -Garden. South Park is located in the area south of the ancient city of Shaoyang, the region accounted for 107,600 square meters. Founded in autumn 1955. Park is centrally located, good environmental conditions, 70% of green coverage in the park, the wide-scenes activities, better facilities. The main man-made landscape of the park's recreational facilities, children's park, Ice rink, elegance, such as building floor teahouse for different age groups and different support open-loving people, places of entertainment.

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Tourism Shaoyang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shaoyang is a history of the ancient city, call the Western Zhou Bo, Kom Tong Hall to the Government; the Spring and Autumn Sun, soil base fortification, now has more than 2,500 years. Shaoyang, the old name Baoqing, located in Hunan and the south-west side. North impaired risk Xuefeng, Nanping of the Five Ridges show, the Trans-owned water, water Shao intersection, even Chu Basin, undulating hills. Since the Western Han Dynasty County home, For the state House for, as one of the city. Position at the end of the north, south Yongzhou, on the Yunnan-Guizhou pass, then under a long value. For the roads since ancient times, trading port, a prosperous economy, flourishing culture.

Shaoyang is now the province of cities, a city of 8 jurisdiction County District 3, the population of 7,000,000, with an area of 20,000 square kilometers. And Vast, easily accessible. Shao attitude to the East Railway, National Highway overlap; Nerita capital pool to the north, Jiang river cloth. Mild climate, pleasant helenahat. Geographic victory shape, and cultural relics. Jiang's two-Moon, Zhao Ling Old City. Carved law Moreton, Genting YUE Ping. Inspiring area of natural landscape, the products doing so well. Resource-rich, low-down payment River. Local flavor products, Of the world. Li Xuefeng for citrus town, is now a modern industrial Metro.

Shaoyang is a party destination. The geographical landscape, natural beauty. Perilous Hill area, is the world's scenery-sheng; Nanshan gold market, the southern hills for the Pearl; Hwang Sang Senlin of the Kingdom, the Buddhist holy Yunshan, Suining Odd oasis, Longshan underground gold. David Yin Shan, iron a shirt community, the natural landscape, ethnic customs. River rafting capital of the Three Gorges, Xunyou Shunhuangxiuse, Qi Jue were scenery and attractive. Shaoyang is one person's Wenhui leather district. "Wang Yi Guan of dyeing, cutting ancient cultivated with." Shaoyang civilized very early, Hou folk customs, intelligence handling , Chongwen the army, far from civilization, cotton, on behalf of talented people. Hu has been in the Tang Dynasty, the poetic history of taste;'s a car, talented full doors; Wei Yuan Qing, Shi Yi-Yi Chang said; million people Cai son-in-law, would protect the country and the Yuan-hun. Than the Republic of China and, after another lofty ideals. Resisting foreign aggression and the liberation of work, dedication table Guoping battlefield; seeking truth and freedom of competition, such as Yoon-kyu Spring and write. They are Shaoyang Ren Jie, Merry through the ages, ethnic elite. After new China was founded, the people decide, neglected tasks are being undertaken. Chinese Communist Party leadership, hard work, to old and Skin; to change social customs, and to build civilization and fostering new practices. Redraw color pictures, mountains and rivers on a new theory changes Sang is in good shape. At a time when reform Fang, but also thousands of vessels, urban and rural economy soar, long ancient city, the emergence is all business.

Department of the territory of southern hills to the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau transition zone, Nanling Mountains Miangen throughout the South, Song Zhi Xuefeng Mountain West, North, Shao-heng hills distribution in the basin in the east. Topography of the entire Southwest and Northeast High, Low, homeopathy , The tilt in the eastern, north-east was the exposure to the Shau Kei-shaped. The peak for the step-by-step Miao Autonomous County in the eastern city of Baoding II, 2021 meters above sea level; Shaodong county is the lowest Chongshan Village Puxiang Jane Long shore water testing, only 125 meters above sea level, 10.25 percent lower than the terrain. River over the territory, there are more than 5 kilometers of the river size 595, belonged to Jiang's capital, Yuanjiang, the Xiang River and Xijiang River four. Jiang's two main stream of funding sources through visits, vertical and horizontal branches, from the southwest to the northeast was "Y" shaped flow through the entire drainage area around the municipal 9 County District 3. Step out of the city water witch, the Trans-Suining, Yuanjiang into the West, in order to the territory of the south-west of the main watercourse. Throughout an Sub-tropical moist monsoon climate zone, adequate lighting, water plentiful rain, four seasons, mild climate, less summer heat and winter cold less. By the variety of landforms, the height difference between the impact of climate both east and west of the geographical differences, and mountain areas Qiuping with a vertical difference of a certain three-dimensional micro-climate environment and climate effects The average temperature in the territory of 16. 1 ~ 17. 1C, frost-free period of 272 to 304 days, the sunshine hours of 1347.3 to 1615.3 hours, precipitation 1218.5 ~ 1473.5 mm; rain, most of them in 4 to 6 months, Drought prone event of the summer and fall. As early as the Neolithic Age, the territory that is the habitat of our ancestors Tuen home. Qin, the territory belonging to this county and Changsha County, central Guizhou. In the early Western Han Dynasty, Zhao Ling County home before. Wu Baoding first year (266), sub-county in the northern Lingling Du Wei Zhao Ling County, home to jurisdiction, this rule city, county building in the territory for the beginning. The first year of the Western Jin Tai Hong (280), Zhao Shao Ling is, the shift in funding Junzhi River on the north shore. Shao Tang Dynasty set up the state, and Shaoyang County in this city and urban governance. Song Chongning five-year (1106), Shao Wugang home in the western state of the military. Southern Song Baoqing the first year (1225), Zhao Methodism part of the day very Deng, has been named the year's leading defense so that the manor, or for Baoqing Shao state House of Baoqing This starts. Baoqing established the Yuan Dynasty, Wugang Road 2. Set out in the early Baoqing, Wugang House 2, after falling as Wugang state. 2 years of the Republic of China (1913), the repeal of the House Baoqing, based Baoqing County, the county territory Li Xiang River Road; in 11 years in Zhili province. In 17 years, Baoqing County of Shaoyang County complex. In 26 years, in Shaoyang City of Hunan Province set up the Sixth Office of the Chief Inspector. After the establishment of the People's Republic of China, in October 1949 set Shaoyang, Hunan Province District Office of Inspector; at the same time to build the city of Shaoyang, Li Shaoyang County. In November, the Office of Inspector Shaoyang district changed its name to the Chief Commissioner. In July the following year, the city of Shaoyang County, upgraded to City. In April 1955, Shaoyang renamed the Office of the Chief District Office of Shaoyang. In February 1968, the establishment of the Revolutionary Committee of the Shaoyang area, called Area Shaoyang Shaoyang area. In July 1977, the city of Shaoyang upgraded to the provincial cities, Shaoyang by the Chinese Communist Party Committee, the region hosted revolutionary; in October, Shaoyang areas in the Northeast region Lianyuan home. In January 1980, the provincial city of Shaoyang Zhili. In January 1986, approved by the State Council revoked the establishment Shaoyang region, county and municipal leaders to implement the system. At the end of 1990, a total of Shaoyang City Shaodong jurisdiction, the new Shao, Shaoyang, longhui, hole, Suining, step-by-step city, Wugang, the new 9-ling East, West, 3 suburban areas, 59 counties in the area, 59 towns, 308 townships and 11 district offices. The city's total population of 6,766,800 people, ranking the province's first city to 14. Among the urban population of 517,500 people; plus 59 towns, cities and towns with a population of 1,949,200 , Accounting for 28.8 percent of the total population. The city's population density is 325 persons per square kilometer, the province's more than the average density of 38 people. , The densely populated eastern, south-west of sparsely populated mountain areas. Shaoyang is more of the population of ethnic minorities in Hunan province's cities, with the exception of Han nationality, survive the Miao, Yao, Hui, Dong, soil , Zhuang, Mulao, Manchu, Buyi, dry and Latin America, Li, Yi, Bai, and other 39 ethnic minorities, the minority population of 393,800 people, accounting for the city's total population of 5.94 percent. There is a Miao Autonomous County, 25 townships.

Mountainous territory, the hills, Kong, various types of plain Both Maung, the general was "two and seven mountain fields, a water, and Manor Road." In 1990, the city's total land area of 3131.4 hectares, of arable land which 639.19 million, ranking second in the province; arable land in 430.28 hectares of paddy fields. In addition to the rich rice, cereals, cash crops and EC produces a wide variety. Baoqing yi meters, steep ridge of tobacco, Lily elata, Wugang goose copper, tangerine Xuefeng, a new orange-ling, yellow Shaodong, longhui pepper, and so long enjoyed a good reputation, reputation both within and outside the province; tea, watermelon, soybean, peanut, Ginger, garlic, Ma Lan, sericulture, sugar cane, herbs, etc. produced quite good. Orange, yellow Vegetables, rice and other crops yi output ranks first in the province; flue-cured tobacco production in the province's second home. The city was designated as the hills of Hunan Economic Development Zone.

Shaoyang is located in Nanling Mountains, the Xuefeng Mountains and the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau Yumai flora intersection of the three major areas in Hunan is one of the four major forest areas, a higher plant Section 45, 792 genera and 2826 kinds. Among 210 kinds of timber species in order to fir, pine and hardwood timber for the bulk. 432 kinds of forest trees, bamboo, tea, tung tree, sumac, Chinese chestnut, Sapium, and white wax trees, such as tree Litsea into film distribution. Subject to state protection of rare species have 0 kinds, the level of protection of the silver fir, Abies II to protect the resources, ginkgo, bell-respect, Cercidiphyllum, Liriodendron, Hong fruit trees, water sinense, the son of Cephalotaxus grate, and so on, domestic relict endemic species . City Kok-step silver fir community, the new Ning, the city's resources, step-by-step fir community, Suining Hwang Sang long Tsuga community is Study paleontologia southern region of live specimens. The dense forest is a good wildlife habitat and the proliferation of places, the territory has 397 kinds of wild vertebrate animals, belong to Class 5, 33 head, Section 102. State primary and secondary protection of rare animals have Jinqian Bao, the clouded leopard, the South China tiger, sambar, Yellow-bellied pheasants Kok, Pictus, sea turtle and 36 species of giant salamander, and so on. Hwang Sang has been the establishment of Suining, Wugang Yunshan, a new Shun Huang Shan-ling and Ziyun, 4 million-san and a group of provincial-level nature reserve at the county level nature reserves. In 1990, the city has an area of 1588.89 million mu of forest land, the total volume amounted to live stumpage 28,430,000 cubic meters, Sen Coverage for 42.7 percent. Suining County, which live tree volume 10,500,000 cubic meters per capita 32.94 cubic meters, the forest coverage rate to 67.7 percent, ranking first in the province's first in the county, there are "magical oasis" reputation. For a long time, in addition to the territory rich in timber, bamboo, tea oil, tung oil, raw lacquer and so on In forest products, resin, Yu Lanpian, white wax, Galla, cubeba oil, brown-on-chip, such as bamboo Ma Lin by-product marketing both inside and outside the province. Lin is not only vast territory, but also the vast hills. There are 114.04 million mu of grassland hills, merging the distribution of more than 10 million have step-by-step Nanshan city, and hundreds of thousands of Gutian Ning Gold , -10 ^ 1 million mu of 56. Step Miao Autonomous County of south-west city of Habitat is well-known southern mountain grassland areas, where 80 of them Nanshan large, with a total area of 23 hectares, has become China's largest modernization of the South Mountain Ranch, is the province of grass seed breeding stock and dairy cattle breeding base of goods Base. Mineral resources in the territory of the affluent, has been found to have deposits of coal, iron, manganese, tungsten, antimony, gold, silver, lead, zinc, iron sulfur, gypsum, marble, diabase, 74 kinds of high-quality limestone, and so on. There are 644 mineral deposits, of which 23 large-scale deposits, 33 medium-sized deposits, small deposits 6 Department. Non-metallic mineral reserves, high grade. Gypsum ore reserves vision 440,000,000 tons of industrial reserves of 122,900,000 tons, reserves, production, they know one another all over the city in the forefront of the province, the country's Shaodong county and one of the eight major mineral gypsum. High-quality limestone mine, marble mine in the province for the advantages of minerals; pyrite, Iceland spar , High-quality dolomite mine in the province have a good reputation. Coal reserves of 141,700,000 tons of industrial, long-term reserves of 144,700,000 tons. Metal and mineral deposits are relatively concentrated in the distribution of longhui new Shao, Shaodong, the new Ning, and other counties.

The territory of river water system development, an area of 111.9 hectares in the waters, The average annual total volume of water 16,830,000,000 cubic meters, of which river runoff 15,744,000,000 cubic meters. 2749 cubic meters per capita water resources. Theoretical reserves of hydropower resources 1,447,300 kilowatt, the development and utilization of capacity 687,700 kilowatts. Focused on the distribution of water resources in south-west Step-by-step, and so on Suining Hill district.

Yuk Sau Shaoyang rivers and mountains, beautiful scenery, natural scenery and cultural sites spread all over. In the history of the "Twelve Baoqing King", Jiangliang An embellishment in the capital, the Central urban fabric. Two-by-ching park, water park and a small temple House East Tower Park run-on from the scenic city, There are artificial and natural beauty of the show. House of water in front of the temple, Shuangjiang convergence;-owned Jiangnan North, the two towers Bingzhi; Jiang Liu Wan to four bridge Feihong; Yao Shan near water, green Conglong. In the suburbs near the cave also wonders. Bi You-ning of the new territory of scopolamine Hill, step-by-step Nanshan city, Wugang Yunshan, the new White Shao-dong, and other scenic areas, more than 60 travel downturn . Wugang Yunshan to land one of 72 national Taoism has always been a large incense. There are two large Tsui-hua, a waterfall Tao Fei, Wang Xian Qiao Han, Tibetan apricot dock Spring King 10, a wide variety of Wild Fauna and Flora, into national forest park. City Nanshan step as a green jade inlaid in the southwestern Hunan asleep side, fragrant grass carpet, cattle and sheep into , Both of North Prairie powerful, and yet the southern hills inspiring area of natural, green tourism for the return of the best ecological environment. Sunning scopolamine Danxia typical mountain landscape, set Qi, Valley, clear water, one in Danya, an area of 100 square kilometers, winding streets Zixia hole, lined Luotuo Feng, the Walled Fortunearia Lane best in the world "Seven Wonders of the Industrial, known as the" Asia first "fairy bridge totally natural. Bajiao Zhai Deng view, the peaks Valley, Danya Xiushui, panoramic view; Fu Yi water rafting, such as the Chengjiang practice in the wind Barry Gallery. Renowned economist Li Yining national feelings welled up this point: "The first shock Sharen Ladder, Deep Valley Net clean; there are other new Ning Qi in from Wuling exclusive spring. "

The territory of traffic that will. Ming and Qing dynasties, according to Baoqing Tainan waterways owned gold Jiang Taoism and several land and water as a hub of central Hunan city; the Republic of China, Hunan and Guizhou highways throughout the territory, Shaoyang become the county seat of the West and South East Transshipment hub for goods and materials. Now, Lou Shao Xiangqian rail link rail lines, Loudi, Zhuzhou, Changsha and up across the country. Highway 320 east-west national highway, 207 national highway even if North and South, provincial, county, township Road and Highway in the exclusive territory of the intertwined latitude, mileage open to traffic up to 5839 km.

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Zeng's former home - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Former residence of Fu Hou Tong Zeng, also known as the first al Bravery is the fan Houfu, located in Loudi City, Hunan Shuangfeng Xian is located in the eastern town of lotus leaf-rich village of care, and Xiangxiang City, Xiangtan County, Hengshan County , Hengyang County, adjacent to ground the total accounted for most of the flag 40,000 meters, 10,000 square meters near the main building, is a typical along the axis of symmetry Gallery-style Qing construction groups.
Tong Fu Hou Southern North Block, the half-moon Beiyi Hill fishes from East to West on three sides surrounded by Tong Fu Hou. From a distance from, Fu Hou Tong Wai as if sitting in a chair in. The natural environment around the beautiful wooded hill after, towering old trees. Is in front of a more open plains, in the ground River to the east, which rise amid permanent peaks around the ground, surrounded by mountains.
Zeng is one of China's modern history, have a major impact on the historical figures, the former residence of Zeng has been identified as relevant departments of provincial-level key protection units.
The construction of its representation, there are "Bai Yutang," "Golden Hall" and " In Hall "and" Tai Fu Tai "," Fu Hou Tong "(" tamper-tang, "Zeng Guoquan for the former residence).
Zeng has promoted to the rank of Jiang's two-Governor, Governor Zhili, Chao added, "Prince Taibao" closure "first-class waiting Bravery," delegate "Dian Ying-wu University with a disability", or "doctor Guanglu," Yi said, "Wen-being Public. " Tongzhi Year (1865) autumn, the life-without officialdom's intention to Zeng, ready to mobilize the family home, "Building on the work at home", after his re-retire, as a result of Ouyang's wife on the old gold in front of the Church "drowning in pond Everybody's business, not-that-an "that is, his son Tseng Chi-tse," Gordon back to the business of the two ex-uncle, "moved up against the rich Housing, has been States by the lake, Zeng Guoquan, through the auspices of Tseng Chi-tse, in accordance with the size of the House-designate, took a 10-year effort to create a Fuhou together. Fu Hou Yu-tang covers an area of 40,000 square meters of construction area of 9202.86 square meters, brick and rock, the gallery-style, inside and outside the group are 8-tang, and none fasting, Puzhai old, art-museum, Cloud Hall. Babao Taiwan, the Park series, algae scoter Xuan, game booths, the Library and other buildings, was suspended at the main entrance, "the first al Bravery" Zhu Rongji to direct important, flying in front of the granite on the platform of the Qing Dragon and phoenix flag, Army flag Shuai, who umbrella million, and so on, the picture is quite spectacular. Although the building is the size of ancient Houfu a generous, although Liang Dong did not significantly magnificent paintings, embodies the basic construction of the fan housing, "unworthy of Buildings, China and the United States, but it should be a variety of Nageia and to leave garden, which accounts for four-acre, no harm is also noted" the intention. The autumn of 1866, the completion of the main building, Ms. Zeng Guofan, children and daughter-in-law live in a home that is rich home care.
Tong Fu Hou original Hall 8, Zeng take "Critical to this study, the tone poems to this matter in order to be a favor-based, health-oriented to less angry, not forgetting to conduct language-based, not home for the Yanqi This, not to an official money-oriented, so as to avoid causing any unnecessary troubles march-oriented "motto, after Tseng Chi-tse, according to" History of the Han Dynasty, "" so Fuhou " Name is changed. Although numerous Tong Fu Hou Jia-hua, however, that fan housing repair money and the 7000 series which astonish sigh, he Tongzhi in early February 2006 on the 9th of the diary, wrote: "Then on the 15th Gan Layue home Letter, Tong Fu Hou know repaired house with a total of 7000 series as much money, I do not know why such a fee-ho, deep sigh astonish! Life than to buy houses Official for the bad habits until it. But if extravagance, what people see Yan! The daily said if the whole practice is not made, Which is very ashamed! Ownership is the case, after the luxury everything, do not know to ask. A high official of the children at home, all extravagance and dissipation, the He-burning has been worried! "
, Said Fuhou whether the Church "Zeng's former home," social Is somewhat controversial, cultural relics departments from the reality that no matter Tong Fu Hou is "House" or "residential" and the Qing Dynasty as a huge scale Font, Ming-style corridors of the building group, it is important to protect the historical and artistic??. In 1996, after approval of the Provincial People's Government, as a provincial Fu Hou Wen-tang Protection unit, provincial and county levels of government to allocate special funds to carry out the necessary maintenance and repair to the rescue, and set up a "Hall Fuhou management", were there in person, there are two special exhibitions on display, visitors year round Open in October 1995, the People's Shuang Fengxian approved by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee, held National Symposium for the first time fan, from across the country and more than 100 experts and scholars attended the meeting and made a special trip to visit Tong Fu Hou.

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Se Hai area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mei Jiang Center for the area, one of the main attractions Silk Se Hai Lake, the landscape must show Gassho cliffs, huge natural Whispering Gallery, Poets poetry rock masterpiece Mei Jiang, Tianzishan, Yin Wang Hai, the peak at the helm, and so on. Sehai boating, and middle reaches of the picturesque.

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Guanyin scenic cliff - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mei Jiang for the portal. The main attractions are 4 meters flow 3 /Lotus best in the world's second-chuen, Feng-cheng, Central Valley, the steep cliffs high wall; Cliff Guanyin, the generation of imperial tombs of the grave Zhu, Buddhist temple-Sin Temple, and so on. Ya Yin has a long history, Buddhism has always been for the resort, enduring strong incense.

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Tibetan-dong area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Possession of Loudi-hole scenic spots as a result of the Tibetan-dong is known for a natural cave, the legend of the monk for Thinning out in the Kuan Yin Huidi Zhu Yunwen Cliff uncle was "Jingnan army" of the attack, had been hiding Cidong more than 30 days, Cidong Named "Tibetan-hole."
In addition to the Tibetan-area outside, there are Baiyu Lou, Hui Di Temple, and so on.

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Lengshuijiang wave on hole - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bo hole on scenic spots, is on the ground floor of the main cave for the landscape, scenic spots on the ground with foil comprehensive park. Mahayana around the Mountain Forest Park, the group falls and antimony are known as the world's tin mines of that area, and so on, the tour is a mountain, Dong Jing concept, hope falls, in one study of karst scenic spot. It is located in Hunan Lengshuijiang on the northern outskirts of the city, 3.8 kilometers away from downtown.
  On wave is divided into three holes, developed on the ground floor line around 1800 meters, Hall 27, 81 spots, with a total area of over 40,000 square meters, high-General 3-10 meters to a maximum of 20 meters, wide-General 5-10 meters and a maximum width of 70 . Dong Fu maze to the entire hall as the central front Dongting broad grand, magnificent;-intensive lines at the rear of Dongting, crystal clear. Thousands of columns stand hole, upside down skirt million, mountains, fields, waterfalls, stone pillars, Shiman, stalactite can be found everywhere, a step King, King is a step by step, Jing Jing magic. There are three holes in the world Was the treasure cave; a 1.1-meter-long hollow Dan transparent crystal of goose control than previously known cave in the world of goose control is also 44 cm long; two 1.98-meter-high rock-fill the giant, the world's largest Yugoslavia Karst rockfill 50 cm high; hung upside down for three at the top of the 1.5 m deep Shihcao network, At present, most of the world hanging in the top slot. TV series "Journey to the West" Shuilian Dong Bai Gujing and the palace were shot in this hole. Well-known scholars to the study wrote: "The wave-hole on the other karst landscapes of the Great Cave, with the exception of milk Shi Shi, the development of almost all types of stalactites state of the same type of sediment, Die huge variety, are thousands, the combination of complex, vivid and colorful colors. Stalactite, stalagmite in the form of a multi-phase, deep-plot the size of the disparity in size and intensity of development, are rarely seen in other karst caves. "Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Karst Geology in Guilin and professionals across the country To identify when the study: "It is a domestic small, rare in the world, with a high tourism value and high scientific interest, worthy of my home has been the development of tourism in the forefront of the underground cave cave museum."

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Channel Dongzhai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Passage of the Dong Autonomous County Tan Ping's meandering river, that is, Barry Dong cultural promenade, a Dazhai Village on March 5, Martin's Drum Tower, the Silver Yang Lan, Tan Ping's Lusheng, Huang Dong Ge of all, in particular, Tan Ping River on the Cape bridges, Pu Bridge, Longqiao back, back to the bridge-fu, Zuozuo artifacts are, for a whole rich live a hundred years of Dong Wen .

One of the two-taro Town Village, 9 km from the town, its ancient buildings, the preservation of the ancient village of Dong ethnic style and performance of a traditional building on the superb skills. Chai Ming Hongwu years before and after the fire was, Walled within the existing building for most of the Qing Zhongqi, the end of the building, occupies 116,000 Meters, including the Drum Tower 4, Feng Yuqiao 3, a Gate Tower, 2 Furui, Sa-year-old Taiwan-2, 1.6 km Yidao, hanging 78 feet Mulou. In 2001 the State Council published the National Heritage Unit, which is none other Dongzhai honor.
Yishanbangshui taro, surrounded on three sides by mountains, a Meandering stream, with the terrain appears to be a free extension does not advance the overall layout and planning, careful study, we are very deep.

The stream on the ground, they first set up Drum Tower, stage, school and other public places, means sitting in the long mouth to drum tower as a leader, to stream in for the two-axis Chong bifurcated residential layout, who is Long, Feng Yuqiao tail is a one-stop is the stockade. Feng Yuqiao ground, the Drum Tower of Babel, the harmony between man and nature.
Taro most common has its own Drum Tower. Gulou Zhaizhong to remain simple Tanaka, S Dragon Drum Tower stand proudly on the mountain top. Gulou Lusheng of the most Diaolianghuadong Liang, in order to save nine Miyan tip-top Mulou Lusheng, the next five to four, four-on for 1.80, both up and down Alice canopies are plastic flowers and birds dragon and phoenix patterns, bright golden light.

The most surprising risk to the number of teeth on the Drum Tower, up 50 slope in the last half of the hillside hanging by 17 Lei Muk support pillar, the longest there is a 2.1 meters high. High-worth, on all sides of the Drum Tower in the back as if nothing had happened also to tilt outward. Such a "dangerous" after 210 years was found to be well, you can not help feeling of the Dong people's superb architecture.
Drum Tower is the procedure, assembly, entertainment, is also a sacred place of the Dong people. Sing and dance the line People forget in a stage built next to the Drum Tower. Walled Walled the end of the first cutting of the ancient 2, Zhaizhong for paying respects to the great grandmother of Sa-year-old Hall. A public facilities should have several hundred years of history, are still well preserved.

  Zhai Jian, the taro human ancestors also another important thing the arrangements for the election The hills do the rest of the way. According to the research archaeologist, taro has six ancient tomb groups.
Built the Drum Tower, who taro along the creek to build housing, the high slope foot hanging on Hom filled the air as far as possible to stretch, do not have a brick house with one stone, are set fir, cedar-top review Qingwa or skin. Put a layer of debris, the To live, do three or storage room. In the two-story, they think of a special one-third of the area equipped with railings, open-air ventilation, which is equivalent to the city of Balcony. For women, women do embroidery Feizhenzouxian red, is also young men and women Shall We Duige "Song of the Church." Zhengdongfangzai Tong paint with a shiny, old-world.
To build a house built with a population of more and more on building up the mountain, called three-tang, also known as taro people on the Walled teeth. Good morning, the first ray of sun rising over the mountains, just as in the teeth, the teeth on layer upon layer of houses go up, people read foreign like to say, like the Potala Palace.
Walking in the Dongzhai taro, went so far as Qingshi Ban is the foot, but also for hundreds of years ago, the ancient Yi Dao, the ancient Yi Dao up to 1.6 km long cliff also set up a barrier, there are flickering wild chrysanthemum, assail the nostrils flavor. Shida Kai heard of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, in 1934 to channel part of the worker-peasant Red Army soldiers have been in this ancient Yi Dao.
Of the Dong people The article, Drum Tower former Ping is the talk of the local section, which is Cunguiminyue announced. An ordinary court shall stone, stone said to be nosy. Taro people pay attention to a paragraph in the final analysis is good.
They put in the gatehouse of straw sandals, the supply of passers-by, in the ancient knot, put grass, told One can drink, they do not lock the door, and closed at night ... ... households live in a world of mutual trust.
In this world, spinning their own cloth, Dong Jin, Pa Dong, Dong world-famous band; their own leisure and entertainment, they sound more than the Department of Dongzudage had a sensation in Paris, France; their Lusheng Beijing had performed for Chairman Mao. They have countless more festive. Naochun day cattle, Lusheng Mid-Autumn Festival, Fireworks Festival, the key sub-sections, the first November Dong-off section ... ...
Dong heard of the festival, every household do put in front of the pond, in addition to the masters of the big fish, just to catch small fish. To catch the big fish do fish, release Tanzi Li decades is not bad. Li Dong almost every day of the festival is to passers-by will be invited inside, they enjoy the wine, the acid of fish, meat acid.

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Longxing Temple talk - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longxing Temple, speaking in Yuanling Huxi foothills of the north-west corner of the county seat, founded in 2002 Zhenguan Tang (628), since 1370 has been for many years, is the world's oldest college.

  In ancient times, learning to set up workshops auditorium, each auditorium, the Church homes have trees, is now the equivalent of the school classrooms. Book of the Later Han. Ji Ming Di "set:" Fortunately, the home of Confucius, the Confucius Temple and the 72 disciples, the pro-Royal Theater, ordered by the crown prince said that the Kings. "Later statement by the Buddhist-also known as the premises of the auditorium. Hyun of the Northern Wei Yang," Luoyang flail Blue Chi. Temple Jianzhong, "set:" In the past, the Office for the permitted, after Hall auditorium for. "Temple auditorium, mainly by the monk Buddhist disciples to the men and women or on the Buddhist classics. Yuanling Longxing Temple was speaking in the Tang Dynasty Li Shimin proclaim oneself emperor ascended the throne in the second year Xiazhi built specifically for the transmission of Buddhist temples. Longxing Temple was talking with the name of the emperor's analogy is the rise of the industry. "Order the Book of History" set: "Longxing the Han Dynasty, set up schools, the Ninth Five-Dragon Days, utah saints of the emperor in place, so that's also Longxing. "

This shows that the Tang Chi Jian speaking southern and Ciming Longxing Temple, there is a profound political meaning, is to take this through the spread of Buddhism, probation, "impermanence service contractors," the group Southwest quite achieve enlightenment party, a party stability, and North Korea reached a firm Jiangnan on the rule of the country to better focus on the suppression of all ethnic groups in border areas and anti-Tang forces, the security industry, the rapid emergence of a large Tang Di. Wise be wise move. Longxing Temple, also speaking for construction as early as the Tang Dynasty's Buddhist College, Kaiyuan Xuanzong until six years later (718), it is the establishment of Li's College, 725 College renamed Jixian, speaking Longxing Temple built 90 years later. After being in the Song Dynasty to the well-known, White Deer, Shek, the first day of the four College of Yuelu Academy, for example, was founded in 2008, Song Kai Bao (973), than say Longxing Temple built 345 years later. Before that, the world has not yet found clear during construction Yuelu Academy at the College.
  Wang Shou-ren from the University Dragon who disgrace to the field after Yuanling, Chenzhou students came to accept the invitation, teaching at the Temple, "addressed to the conscience of the" one month, and to stay inside wall Shiyi Shou: "Zhang Li Hu Xi had a head Seng Fang Hui asked where the break. Yun-Feng from inter-Shen Ying Ge Lin Shu to see low-Jiang Liu. Flower Day with rain still warm, spring free from the stained glass of Oulu. The good times with different travel rewards, poems for old friends to stay. "October 1937, talk Elder Temple presided over the space of about Nanyue wonderful teacher preaching to the temple, Yuanling sensation.'s Preaching, the establishment of the Buddhist Association of Yuanling, Buddhism, Buddhist Yuanling Lin, Yuanling Buddhist teachings of the four public research By Yuanling four primary Buddhism Yang Ming organizations. Wang Yang-ming and lectures, students build upon by Hu Xi Jing She, later replaced by Hu Xi College.

  Longxing Temple, speaking from beginning the Mountain Gate, had Hall Shanmen Second, the main hall, Houdian East and West side hall in a palace, Tan Kok, the Hall of Amitabha, Guanyinge, etc., is the Main Hall The main building. In spite of the Hall of the Ming and Qing repair many times, but the main framework of wood, columns, beams, such as Fang, measured by the carbon 14, are the Department of the Tang Dynasty relics. Basilica high as a big positive plaque, engraved on the "front of the Buddha" words for the next Libushangshu Dong Qichang writing. Reported that this is Dian Dong Qichang to pass inspection when Yuanling Suffering from eye diseases, diagnosis and treatment of the monks inside were quickly recovered, so to speak on the Temple wrote a piece of horizontal inscribed board with gifts. Dong Qichang court is not only a high-ranking officials, but also calligraphy at the time of all his reservations about the ink so far, many visitors, especially the visit of calligraphy lovers favorite.

  Longxing Temple speaking group to build Art Deco is extremely rich and varied, all have wooden window lattice grid bother to bring the rocker covers several Hengpi are carved and painted by, the full composition, smooth lines, many tricks, especially in the Main Hall of cut stone blocks Lotus preaching, visible Linglong , Is very fine, according to legend as the Ming Dynasty, a rare thing for the home.

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Gongcheng College - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Romon channel at the foot of the mountain counties, covers an area of 2830 square meters. It was founded in 1105, Song, formerly known as the "Romon College", after the fire. Qing Emperor Qianlong 57 years, that is, in 1792, Dong Jia some of the craftsmen "Romon College" in-situ redevelopment, changed its name to "College Gongcheng" This is now China The most complete ancient College of the Dong. This has gone through ups and downs of the 210-year old College by the Gate Tower, home studio, auditorium, gallery-4 parts, building a complete and orderly. Cornices looking magnificent entrance tower, covered with moss distribution of the stone steps of rustic atmosphere, rising into the College is long Corridor, on both sides of the symmetrically distributed vegetarian 6 homes, up and down two floors, vegetarian Each home has 4 auditorium and a dormitory.

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