North Xin sites - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xin Guan Qiao at the site of North Town Village North and South Xin Xue it is the first North River, an area of about 50,000 square meters. The sites in the province's cultural relics survey in 1964 found that for the first time, the 1978 winter - 1979 in the spring discovered by the Archaeological Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, unearthed a large number of pottery, stone tools and so on more than 2,000 pieces of cultural relics After identification of the scientific method, this site since about 7300 - 8400, China's Huang-Huai in the area found the earliest Neolithic sites. As a result of this cultural sites to reflect their own unique cultural style, was named the North Xin national culture, in 1982 between the public and to the world And textbooks into the country. In 1992, North Sim sites have been announced for the People's Government of Shandong Province at the provincial level key protection units.

  Chea era North's economy is mainly agricultural, has unearthed the site supporting a full range of agricultural tools and Su-type particles. Fandi stone from the shovel, the hoe Antlers, planted by the sharp-angle, With the sickle harvesting mussels, with the threshing stone plate, stone, such as baseball, at the time to research the situation of agricultural production has played a very important role. At the same time, the pottery unearthed from the point of view, the process is more original, there are folders ceramic clay pottery and ceramic sand are pattern heap additional decoration, draw patterns, nails, etc. Yin Wen, handicrafts in the North when Xin Also appeared in its infancy. The site also found a home-based pig skull, broken the history of our country's pig.

  North Sim to explore the site and the "North Xin culture" of the name is Haidai cultural district, an important Neolithic, Shandong is the source of the Dawenkou cultural development, she's Shandong Province will start to move before the archaeological Jin took a big step, is of great historical significance.

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Weishan Lake Wetland red scenic spots and the Netherlands - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tengzhou, Shandong Weishanhu wetlands and the Netherlands Red Tourism in the scenic town of Lake City, Tengzhou in the territory, planning and construction area of 60 square kilometers, the lake area shallow red zone and the Netherlands to watch more than 10 acres, in east China is the largest, most primitive ecological preservation, Wetland landscape and the best flowers to watch China's largest region, "Tai Shan -- Fu, "a new hot tourist highlights.

At the Diaoyutai hundred Dutch Lvyun Park Road West, built on a two-pool, repair a pair of antique booths. One in the water, said non-dye; in a land-based, said Lian Qing. Ting was not stained structural Xieshantiaoyan, 6 pillars around the corridors. Lian Ting-ching 1.40 for the double-slip canopy structure. Booths are painted glazed tile. Its members are from Zhou Ting, "Ai Lianyue" "??????, Zhuo Qing Lian demon rather than" sentence, Chan Wing of the noble self-lotus.

Pak-Dutch poetry Hibiscus Street Gallery is located in the south, the north-south, 550 meters long corridors. Gallery on both sides of the introduction of more than 120 flowers of different colors , "Royal Bathing" and "Yuk House, drunk people", "Heng Fa Chuen spring", "Qianyinglayan" and "red top", "Hollandia". Lang Shang Shi Jian Shi-old fence nearly 100 aircraft licensing, the ancient carved modern Wing-yin and the Netherlands in their poems, and a hundred Dutch and white display, so that the light incense and the faint ink Hexiang integrate intertwined, a contrast Concentration of red-Dutch cultural atmosphere, visitors can be in this traditional red-Dutch cultural influence. Tianyi Island, also known as Peacock Island, a hundred is client-pocket Henan attractions. The so-called sky islands, check the "Book of Changes" in the "sky water, and 60 percent" of Italy. The island covers an area of 8 acres, surrounded by green water, protect Yang Tsui, the confusion, the charming scenery. Within six small peak there to listen to rock and the Netherlands, Taiwan, peacock, the peak in the Valley has a Peacock Pavilion, booth under its Fantasy Peacock Dance, and tourists alike. North and the South Island there are two ends of the bridge gull, heron and the land bridge connected. Visitors can step pontoon, involving the clean water, Tang Chui Island and watch the peacock, lotus tour, Ji Qing landscape, natural embrace.

Island Lake for the dragon in one of the two island groups, including the five islands from west to east are set Longgang, Yan Cheung Kong, Lantau pole, Mai Liao Kong, Valentine's Island. Pan Island, Longgang site as a result of the Qianlong Emperor in the clear streets for the emperor, named after treatment. Qianlong southern tour boat through the canal, the incorrect use of fresh lake virus, sudden abdominal disease, the imperial doctor ?. Long owner, the Royal Decree East Lake prefectures sent local doctors. Wang mallard (now the town of Point dock mallard large village) doctor Yang Fu Thanks to a Dragon, Hui 3. Longyan Grand Yue, the pro-Royal important title, "Zhou Zi-yi," with thanks. Qing emperor in this inquiry Department attending Royal Pavilion built in order to discipline those, 12 meters high Court, eight octagonal columns, cornices architecture Two-painted, glazed tile. Denglou ladder through, the Jimuyuantiao, the vast lake waves, panoramic view, the breeze into the Huai, relaxed and happy, Shang He is the best lake view. Michael Kong of the Western Han Wen Liao years, Lake has spent Jiao Xian-hui women, little less, from Pomuzhixiao. Mother Sisiliaomai disease. As the depth of winter, the female flowers in the Southwest Jiao Gang Michael Lung Kubai incense. Michael Chang Sui all of a sudden, taken from the mother to burn, and the more disease. Chinese Di Yu praised approved, Chi Ming Hua Jiao Jiao women of the village for the village, this village north Jiao Jiao flowers before the tomb of women. After the vicissitudes of the Millennium, has been paying respects to someone. Is "old soul tour the course of events on the ground floor, in human bone Hong vegetation."

Fishing Dutch Island in the scenic southern tip of the red, as a result of the Eastern Han Yan Zi Ling here named after fishing. Yan Zi Ling also known as Yan Guang, was born in the Western Han Dynasty. Patrick Lau and fewer students in the future through thick and thin with Xu, Liu set up after the Eastern Han Dynasty, Luoyang to Join Yan Zi Ling, consultation with the country's policy. Spent a night night, Patrick Lau Yan Guang enough pressure on the abdomen. Si Tianjian that "guest stars Star Dili, in the country adversely. "Yanguang fear and flee, Teng Xian Yan village of seclusion. Wen Chang and Yin Feng Xiao, when fishing with Lake Cuntong. Yanguang Islands is often angling to land. Acacia Patrick Lau very hard, therefore Ju Jia East to visit with, old friends passed away unexpectedly. Graves only one, Liu too sentimental, Wang Yao Ji mound. Department that sacrifice Otsuka Village, later renamed the Point Village. Liu ferry crossing their five-covered willow and Liu called the five crossing. Anti-Japanese War, the East is the secret to Yan'an and the ferry crossing. Before and after 1942, the older generation of revolutionaries, including Liu Shaoqi, Chen Yi, Zhu Rui, such as in the detachment of the canal and railway under the escort of guerrillas in the Shuanma pause, and then by West, Fu Yanan meeting. In the worst of the crisis-prone environment, Marshal Chen Yi Yin Chu has been a well-known Seven quatrains "a Weishanhu": Jianghuai hundred miles across, Weishanhu Wei-color journey. Lunan Fengyingjiee very, setting moon boat into the drawing.

Pier morning in the wetlands red QU Scenic Area and the Netherlands , With the exception of travel terminals, there are Tengzhou in Hong Kong, Hong Kong, ambitious, Hong Kong in the first three ports, a total annual handling capacity of up to 4,000,000 tons. Tiangang dawn, muddy and rough out the sonorous sound of siren broke the quiet of the lake, up the sun, the birds wake up, wake up a sleeping people, with a noisy terminal immediately. Goods market, Piles of coal, all kinds of exchanges between the shuttle loader. Basin, Chung Man from all sides of the steel barges, boats are running a young couple. With the terminal the first whistle, they opened the door, light Niuzhao Yao Zhi, out of the luxurious cabin and decoration, washed up on deck and readily open screw audio equipment Yi Shoushou was mildly pleasant to the ears of music in the wind around the lake. The previous day filled with cargo barge in a huge tug of traction, one after another accompanied by the sound of the siren, drove slowly out of basin, slid into the fairway, as a third, 400 meters long own, chasing its tail to travel to the Great Lakes, To the country.

Micro-Lake in the evening setting sun, such as blood round the Sun, will be immersed in the west of Dushan Wanli, Feelings and tenderness that the convergence dazzling Jinmang 10,000, and she's smiling face was red flush of water, red mountain Everything is being enveloped in an orange-red. Song Qi Yunfeng the horizon, as the burning of the mushroom cloud or treasures like the Jinshan Kim Kwang-Lin Lin on the lake, swimming with a gold-plated yacht, is allowed to enter slowly rise amid those golden, hair food Jinshan Lenovo's treasure. Have been a few rays of the red duck, a flap wings and flew to the Japanese side, and gradually integrated into the way that Choi Ha. "La Xia and distraction in full strength alone, a total of autumnale long Tianyi color" in the mood here Brought to the show. Micro-Lake Yeyue night fell, hazy smoke rising lake, Yuanshanjinshui are blurred. Moon earned all of a sudden cloud break the fetters of the Silver Moonlight Saman the lake, full of days, as a giant hand Liaokai a black curtain, but to put on the nature Qingsha dressed, bright and dim , "Yan Long Cage sediment Han Moon Water" charm. Wan Feng breeze, Qin Lianxiang spleen, flashing silver wave, Sasa Wei Ye. When the Yuemingxingxi, quiet nature more profound, mind you space out, according to the body like no, no one wants to make noise, for fear that it is comfortable and break the long silence. Homebound Fishermen days The all-black, far away vessel Yuhuo little bit of light, flickering on the horizon with bright stars. Thick darkness, the fuzzy boundary of the day with water, as if the sky is a star in the lake, the lake Yuhuo in the sky. I do not know where all of a sudden just came on board sonorous music, Dihui of sound indirectly, such as BUZZ spring water, such as drop-Chu Yu Pan, Cheerful tune, Huichangdangqi people. With the beautiful melody, flying out of a young woman's voice, singing voice Tianrun, Zizhengqiangyuan and weight into the eardrum: "The fish tank next to relying on the same ride, said with a smile on Lake two-song, with arms around to play Four have already Naozhe forward to more, four more, for less than love, love is not enough in the evening, flies, the day you God, Run more of a nuisance, what! "Young women's enthusiasm for bold, saucy singing provocative, giving people the feeling of hot, it is those who are obsessed intoxicated, Shen Xin Yi, is not going to their territory, which I do not know charm.

Ludang early autumn snow, the wind bleak, Wei Fan Yong wave of Ludang gradually turn yellow, and reed shoots on Slow out of the White Lo Sui, people unknowingly Zhankai of the white Lu Hua. Frost in the open field, along with Lu's kind of mature, in the role of the autumn wind, Lu Hua with a heavy heritage of life, from mother to begin a free ride. "With a good wind, I sent on Wun." Ludang ten lake, shrouded in White film world. With virtual Lu Hua Yu Feng, Yu carefree Kenya, Fanfei up and down, dance Fantasy, long, fluttering Dang Dang, outside of which, several suspected March Fei Xu, Yang is more like winter snow. Cijing too few Nerita cotton, seamless, as if Xuelang Hengjiang, "Zhanba 3,000,000 Yulong, a remnant broken scales all over the place" Momentum. At present, Liu Huo July, Ludang a dark green, "snow Ludang" scenic spots have not appeared at first to wait until autumn, we welcome visitors to friends in the red and the Netherlands enjoy the scenic beautiful natural wonders of the world.

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Lin Castle Peak area of eco-tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bus lines: Ancient Teng offer tickets: do not know Note: located in the city of Tengzhou, about 20 km north-east of the town of Stong territory. 99 Castle Peak Lin Feng sudden, dozens of square kilometers of continuous ups and downs in the region, and flowers all over the mountains, dense forests, staggered stones, deep gully risk, nearly 100 species of birds noisy animals play-ming Between. There remains deep in Imperial, City Girl site, Temple ruins, mouth-high mountain, the East Valley Hill, West Hill Valley, and other historical sites and natural scenery, "Chui Valley bimodal" one of the ancient King of the eight Teng. Lin Castle Peak area of eco-tourism is a beautiful and spectacular rich culture, scenic spots to tourists away: Tengzhou City is located about 20 km north-east of the town of Stong territory. 99 Castle Peak Lin Feng sudden, dozens of square kilometers of continuous ups and downs in the region, and flowers all over the mountains, dense forests, staggered stones, deep gully risk, nearly 100 species of birds during the noisy animals play-ming. There remains deep in Imperial, City Girl site, Temple Site, mouth-high mountain, the East Valley Hill, West Hill Valley historical sites and natural scenery, and so on, "Chui Valley bimodal" one of the ancient King of the eight Teng. Lin Castle Peak area of eco-tourism is a beautiful and spectacular rich culture, so that visitors away

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Oasis Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bus routes: from Zaozhuang by 18 bus routes offer direct access to the tickets: 12 Note: Oasis Temple is located in Xiushui famous scenic spot in the hinterland of the northern suburb of Zaozhuang, Gu Cheng Garan Temple, also known as the Dragon Temple in Waterloo, in order to Lunan's Ming Si One. Monastery was built during the history can not, Wanli of the Ming dynasty have been carried out large-scale re - . Attractions: in modern times only to the site, the reconstruction in 1992, the name Oasis Temple, as a result of this rise of Oasis. Covers an area of 10.7 acres. Temple has a Main Hall, King Hall, Canon House, the Temple of Kiln, East and West side hall in a palace, on both sides of the corridor to connect, there Fangsheng Chi Hospital, Oasis, 1000 Ginkgo trees and a variety of old trees, there are also inside the temple construction of the stone ages. Main Hall Jinshen plastic Buddha 3, with Ocean's 18, his air of different life. Fangsheng Chi-long ride in a plastic Guanyin, the Oasis pool water injection.

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Bao Dugu National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bao Dugu National Forest Park located in Zaozhuang City, 20 km north-east, where rolling hills can not, many in the first peak, from west to east to form a natural barrier, an area of forest cover, the main tree species for the primary side, there are black locust tree Catalpa , And other valuable species and a variety of species Zamu. A peak in the mountains processes, such as Optimus Prime line Han, this is the Baodu Gu. Legend has it that old man, Wang Xi You Baodu its cultivation, named. Also known as "Junshan."

  Gushan south of the West there is a large sink Shen Jian, brings together this spring to form a waterfall. Shen Jian on the eastern side of a Tsinghua University CHAO and the concept of cloud concept. Mid-level Department of dozens of holes, To Yuen Tung fine-sounding name, such as Shuilian Dong. Stone outside the cave There are thousands of carved Buddha. Since the foot of a hill to the top, such as steep-walled, hand, foot and can be used while climbing on. Gushan number of top-mu field, the landscape has reached rock pool, Shu Chi deep. Gushan top stand, South Jimu days, Hirano picturesque East Vision in the Yellow Sea, the wind around the clouds, so there is "hope Junshan sea." There are around conception-yun Chao, Bao Dugu top ten Han-dong, Huanglong scenic spots, such as holes.

  Bao Dugu: temperate and subtropical zones over, the flora has a clear transitional zone. Section 165 plants in the park there are 627 varieties of ancient and modern plant mixed, as many as a dozen varieties of plants are under special state protection. Zhoucun at the foot of a reservoir, The proliferation of animal habitats of animals and birds provided a good ecological environment. A total of 39 birds in the territory of Section 89 and Section 21 kinds of mammals 8. Many of which are state-level protection of animals.


  Bao Dugu, 584 meters above sea level, said Han Dynasty shan floor, Sendai, said Wei, Jin Shan, Ming and Qing Dynasties Junshan said. An old Chinese saying goes, "Five old Bao Du Xi You stalk their farming, post-sen", it is also known as Bao Dugu, the history is known as "Southern Shandong Taishan small."


  Bao Dugu in the early 20th century, there have been shocked the world "In the first case of" great historical event. May 6, 1923, Lin Chih-Green Yao SUN U.S. officials for weeks have been out of the plight of the campaign, in Seongnam Provisional Jinpu line, I intercepted by the Po bound for Tianjin's second special express train hijacked Britain, France, the United States, Italy, Portugal, Mexico, and other seven countries in 27 foreign countries , Including former U.S. President Roosevelt's daughter. China shocked by this, the Minister big uproar, so that the North Huang anxiety disturbed by the government. Sun Yat-sen, Chen Duxiu and others have had this comment.


  Bao Dugu is revolutionary base. In May 1935, Zaozhuang area on the first branch set up this mountain, in March 1938, under the leadership of the Communist Party of great northern Japanese village Baodu Gu Cheng in volunteers , In September 1939, 115 of the Eighth Route Army led by Luo Shi Bao Dugu advance, Baodu Gu created the mountain base, the guerrillas set up a railway and canals, such as anti-Japanese armed detachment.

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Longquan Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tengzhou city in the eastern suburbs, the West Bank Jing He, with a towering ancient tower Weiwei. Xi Zhao when the setting sun, 10,000 rays, water waves and ripple Taying matched Toyama Light, CMV most spectacular was the ancient name "Taying high standard" (also known as "Buddha-store"), for the ancient Teng Eight of. Longquan ancient tower known as the tower, was one of the Longquan Temple Pagoda. Longquan Temple in building the size of Hong-li, can be seen from a distance that yellow wall tile, Cangsong Kon-yu. Progressive Temple look around, but see the middle of imposing main hall, veranda on both sides of the hall tidy hall for the life of Buddha, the monument house a variety of silver tablets, ancient elegance. End of Qing Dynasty, Longquan Temple in huge buildings collapsed most of the missing , The only tower. The spectacular achievements of the past Longquan Temple has been a thing of the past, but Longquan tower of smoke through the history of stand. Longquan name on the tower, according to historical records: "The big spring, when the floating houses, built so towers in the town, in the name of Longquan also from the cloud cover." Tower may be the origin of water-related. Tower was built in Longquan When? As the old data loss, the jury is still out so far. Qing dynasty, "Teng County" in "Buddha-store" of poetry: for a long time with the title Wei Zhao Ying, the Dien Longquan Zhuo Li Meng. Yi Cui Qi Yuxiu peaks, with only seven floating video-ching. Lingyun more offspring for potential cloud on the same day should be carried on the situation. Gold had Yufu wind tones mallard, Jiaosuerxi Zheng Pa. This as evidence of the tower may be in the Longquan Tang Yuan and the years after the eastward movement of the building from the county seat, about 1,200 years ago. For thousands of years, Longquan tower suffered wind and rain erosion, in particular, to withstand years of the Qing Emperor Kangxi of the earthquake test, still stands, and that it had a good quality of construction, and also Coming off maintenance. In March 1938, in the famous World War Taierzhuang a prelude to the Battle Teng Xian, the Japanese bombing of the city Teng Xian, the ancient tower of the war-torn, dumping Tasha ruined, Tiaoyan off brackets, tower afternoon Sore hundred holes scarred. Tengxian county party committee and government appropriated special funds to conduct a comprehensive maintenance. 1 84 years on July 10 began to clean up the dumping of the top tower room, build a barrier wall and tower ninth grade coupons door, concrete water tower. 8 installed metal pots of lotus Xia and Bao Block Tasha got up, installed lightning protection devices. Tiaoyan at all levels in the top of the cutting slot, cast reinforced concrete beam-buried, outside the brick closure , The reinforcement of the following Feng Yao Xu Mizuo. After more than five months of efforts to be completed on December 25, after the renovation of the tower Longquan more solemn majesty, with a new attitude stands in the Jinghe Sea.

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Temple tatarinowii - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zaozhuang World crown Liu eco-cultural park is located in tourist areas in the urban area south of Zaozhuang in Shandong Province, Yi mountains in the western city of Shenyang, Wa Lane 45 from east to west, north-south 6 Huari wide, covering an area of 12 hectares. The park has more than 530 million pomegranate tree forest, 48 species, was established in the Western Han Cheng Di years have elapsed since the historic 2000 On our long history, with an area of large number of trees as much as the full-color products, fruit quality is excellent and well-known both at home and abroad, China's largest pomegranate garden, was the headquarters of the Shanghai World Diogenes certification "of Diogenes The most ", so as the" crown Liu World Garden "and was listed as" to spend on the road "on the important tourism hot spots Provincial-level scenic spots and national-level scenic spots 3A, is a natural landscape, ecological landscape, folk religion, cultural history, sightseeing and leisure into a comprehensive tourist area. With her as a Seasonal changes in the color shining pearl inlaid in the green mountains and blue waters between the Lunan, and the shade in this beautiful garden One of every human heritage, Lunan is the epitome of cultural history, lead to different levels of fat people Sigu of exquisite feelings.

?? ?? in environmental protection and eco-tourism resources to promote the development and utilization of each other, the local government has invested in the park has developed more than 3,000 million tatarinowii Temple, a Wangting, garden park, three College, Temple Kuangheng, the Fairy Cave, and other scenic spots, more Valley different holes, the strange stone peak. Artesian Bore Baths Fei Bao, Shu Qi Furuki, such as decorative stone stele In the meantime, the natural landscape and cultural integration, making the other more beautiful, magnificent. Continuous development of the world crown Liu Park currently has a function of increasing tourism and the environment Shi gradually supporting a full range of tourist areas. Dan Liuyuan old Hull, more full of fascinating charm, is a new attitude and style to the beautiful country, to the world. Dan Liuyuan from the development so far, the visibility and enhance the attractiveness and growing, received from more than 30 countries and regions Tour ,?????up to 50 million years of rapid growth in tourism revenue each year.

????????????????????????????????????????? Tang Monastery, founded in the first year of opening, the original name for the Yunfeng Temple, located in the Chu and Han Shan of the two valleys, Tatarinowii valley covered with trees tatarinowii later changed its name to Temple. Today, after restoration, a full range of tatarinowii Temple, Lunan for the incense of the most productive areas, the development of cultural tourism Buddhist temple of the Holy Land. Tatarinowii visit to the Temple, one of the Millennium to watch old Tan; Second, the pilgrims enjoy the quiet away from the hubbub of city life and quiet. Growth in the number of Valley tatarinowii Millennium Tan ancient trees, as the weather-beaten, the nature of the Seven Wonders of the Industrial and vicissitudes of the years sculpture has become a stunning piece of art. The monastery of the Millennium ginkgo, even the rationale for male and female, shade cover of the temple, the ancient Italian scene, so that the Buddhist temple of the multi-ray of human fireworks and cultural tension. Cool autumn, Lin made pollution, Danxia 10,000, of Maple Valley, ginkgo, red, yellow, and green tricolor tatarinowii add radiance to each other, in the reflected waves of Yan tatarinowii lake full of water, there are some other situations, Valley, the temple, Huguangshanse form the ancient Yi Eight counties of the first one by one, "tatarinowii Autumn." Here is a scenic landscape and natural combination Place.

?? ??

  In the temple behind the Main Hall, to commemorate a national hero Yue Fei and was built in the Northern Song period of the "Golden House community," said the local floor, "Yue Fei Yang Yan floor." After the bat cave floor, as the only natural Shiliu Yuan Dong Fu, the spectacle can be. Zaozhuang calligraphy international friendship monument Yishanbangshui, a pair of trees in the shade and into classical Chinese garden-style and Japan and the architectural style as one that sets the ancient Chinese art of modern poetry and calligraphy art of Tai Shing, is a collection of well-known calligrapher of the treasure-house of Chinese calligraphy works, Liu added Park for the poetic, rich garnet a landscaped area of culture. Should Health and the pomegranate to the theme of painting and calligraphy art to enhance the area Durian Park's cultural tastes. Hailed as "the first Jiangbei Tower," the seven-story octagonal "serve the country Tower", stands towering in the tatarinowii end of the canyon, in order to provide visitors a view of Ting Feng Yu tatarinowii reward the best place to go. Liu landscaped area of road travel, the environment, shopping, dining Communication facilities to improve it.

?? ?? Wangting a Shiliu Yuan stands on the high ground. Liu Hua blooming season, kiosks overlooking Deng, Liu Yuan thousand mu Tucui sink, 10,000 Flow Dan, the splendor of the flowers were beautiful panoramic view, so that you fully experience the "one step on Wangting Liu Lin," feeling. ?? ?? the essence of Dan Liuyuan Park is in the garden, the garden park is the birthplace of Dan Liuyuan, is a garden Durian of the most well-preserved original style and features of the park. Hill here on three sides. Shade trees, its winding streets and flavor. According to records, the prime minister Han Kuang Heng year ban from the Royal Court led to pomegranates in species, first of all, the establishment of species in the park here, and then to the base after a few Continuous cultivation, development and the gradual formation of this famous garden million. Liu Yuan as Yishanbangshui, Liu peculiar shape ancient tree, flowers and trees and branches are the United States, formed a four-Safe viewing the landscape, as if to open a picture style, to show tourists the world and the good fortune of geographical and cultural crossroads of the mysterious charm . Stone Culture is the essence of pomegranate bonsai art, from its natural than nature, a "silent poetry" and "three-dimensional picture of the" reputation, the city yi pomegranate bonsai art of bonsai can be wonderful, award-winning home and abroad.

?? ?? Park in the park most of the old pomegranate trees are 300 years or so, Liu Shu-over Thousands, vigorous Qi Jue, Cuolayouzhi, depending on the terrain of the rocks and streams of Health, the formation of twists and turns of the winding force, is a unique combination of elegant gardens. There are springs in the park St., Stephen Cheng, Stephen roll pan, do not dry up all the year round, gurgling Artesian Bore Baths, come together to form a Dragon River. The legendary fairy stole pomegranate pomegranate seeds scattered in the mountains and rivers, bless She is a garden Durian's patron saint, now in the North Longchi Miansu the pomegranate has created an attractive fairy statue. In addition, the park also Teahouse in the park, conference rooms and villas, and so on, are organized by small and medium-sized leisure and meeting the ideal place to go.

?? ?? Park in the Village Park to the west of the two Liangbi between the boulder, a Spring housing, according to the Ming Dynasty writer Jia big three left by the recent literature in Quanbian set up the "three near College," Jia represents nearly three years ago written, the writing scene, is floating the holy books . Liu Kuanghengcinei Park in the south, the Western Han Dynasty by the well-known scientist, "with a generation of" cutting Kuangheng wall to steal light, strenuously time The spirit has inspired generations ahead hard. Yi urban agriculture eco-tourism routes and content of the A line for line in the western city of Yi to pomegranate-based eco-cultural tourism so that visitors during a visit to the industrialization of pomegranate, pomegranate taste of the unique eco-cultural tourism and the feelings of pleasure.

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Tourism Zaozhuang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

About the city of love
  Located in Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province in the south, Division St. Mocius born here. East of Yimeng cuddle a beautiful mountain, west of the Weishanhu ocean waves, South pillow Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, a town north of Confucius and Mencius, Qufu. Area of 4550 square kilometers with a total population of 3,260,000 in the cities, Yi City, Sanjeong Taierzhuang, five Xuecheng District and the city of Tengzhou.
  Zaozhuang a long history and brilliant culture, have been mining identification of the North Xin culture, Zaozhuang show has been the history of 7000 years of civilization. Zaozhuang in the history of famous people come forth in large numbers, such as the Warring States period philosopher Mozi, the prime minister of the Western Han Dynasty, by Kuangheng of Jurists, the Ming Dynasty Hanlin, the text Jia Jia near-three. Taierzhuang in the history of modern war, the guerrillas of railway vibration at home and abroad.
  Zaozhuang today, is to be fully liberalized. Zaozhuang people to work hard and sincere friendship, and sincerely welcome friends at home and abroad, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots to visit Zaozhuang, tourism, in the broader scope by Technical exchanges and cooperation, Zaozhuang to create a better future.
  Splendid culture
  Zaozhuang a long history and brilliant culture, have been mining identification of the North Xin culture, Zaozhuang show has been the history of 7000 years of civilization. Zaozhuang in the history of famous people come forth in large numbers, such as the Warring States period philosopher Mozi, the prime minister of the Western Han Dynasty, Kuangheng of Jurists, the Ming Dynasty Hanlin, three near-writer Jia. Taierzhuang in the history of modern war, the guerrillas of railway vibration at home and abroad.
  Historical and Cultural Cities
  Zaozhuang beautiful mountains and rivers, many scenic spots, known as Bao Dugu Lunan Qi Feng. Bao Dugu Sensen National Park thousands of plant communities, There are temperate zone plants, sub-tropical plant species have reached 300, of which more than 100 kinds of woody plants. World garden was named the organization's "crown Liu World Park" Dan Liuyuan located in the southern city of Zaozhuang, 80% of the pomegranate tree into Sheng Guoqi, annual production in recent pomegranate 50,000,000 kg. Pomegranate drinks, tea and Liu Ye Liu bonsai development, the development of the park for Liu has opened up broad prospects.
  New modern city
  Rich in minerals, energy resources sufficient to enable the formation of Zaozhuang in the coal chemical industry led to coal, building materials, textiles, machinery and electronics industries for the four major pillars, at the same time have the metallurgy, tobacco, Paper, rubber, food, medicine, and other categories of relatively complete industrial system.
  Zaozhuang City in 1986 was approved by the State Council for opening up the city since the opening to the outside world and the accelerated pace of international practice, the complete package of social services. The establishment of the customs, commodity inspection; opened foreign exchange settlement, with the deposit and lending Agent, the International Air Express and Sinotrans Container agent, and other foreign operations; set up a foreign auditing, accounting, legal, insurance, foreign-invested Enterprises Association, the Promotion of International Trade Club, Zaozhuang, and other agencies working with a more sound investment environment.
  The spring breeze of reform and opening up to make a fresh exuberant Zaozhuang , Accompanied by the gradual establishment of a market economy, the Zaozhuang-oriented economy has developed rapidly. With more than 70 countries and regions have established economic and technological cooperation and trade relations. The city has approved 500 foreign-invested enterprises, export of 20 categories, more than 400 varieties to form a production scale, good A time when the credibility of the machine tool products, bench drilling machine, electric tools, electronic components, washed coal, gypsum, cement, cotton yarn, cotton cloth, solid, T-shirt, toys, sodium, such as peanut butter.
  Zaozhuang reform and opening up, so that this ancient and beautiful land of magic happened. Agriculture accounts for the economic re-Zaozhuang , Is a national commodity grain base, pollution-free vegetable cultivation base, the base of aquaculture, animal husbandry bases and Ganxian Guo base, the development zone and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization is the Huaihai economic zone of one of the demonstration area. Agriculture and animal husbandry account for the proportion of GDP, per capita Roudan Nai, for two consecutive years ranked first in Shandong Province Second place.
  China's most advanced cities, the city through science and education
  Zaozhuang science and technology, education, health care, broadcasting and television industry is the development of the city's existing 30 scientific research institutes, 93, was approved as a national patent pilot cities, there are 3 major colleges, 48 secondary technical schools , 379 medical institutions, libraries, museums, sports and cultural centers, sports facilities, radio and television network coverage in urban and rural areas throughout the city.
  Zaozhuang in 1984, the first in the province's home on the gas pipeline, gas supply on the capacity 200,000 cubic meters, Qi Hualv 86%, water, electricity, gas, heating all Fully meet the production needs.
  High-financial trade, finance, culture and information in one of Zaozhuang city in high-grade construction and decoration materials, small, family cowboy clothing, cosmetics washing. And imports of goods, Ganxianguopin, and the means of production mainly of the eight major grain and oil wholesale markets operator, to build Zaozhuang in the center, north-south traffic in big, big things flow of commercial pattern.
  Zaozhuang city's rapid development of the city clean and tidy appearance, there are three quarters of flowers, evergreen the four seasons, flowers, flowers Tu Yan, urban green coverage rate of nearly 40% in northern China is well-known city green, of the three re - State health city.
  City resident located in prime locations of the bright square of the city led to the cultural square, Zaozhuang to provide a spacious, elegant entertainment and leisure venues.
  China's resource-rich region
  Zaozhuang is known as "Coal City, Lunan," said Li-mining Can be traced back to the Ming Dynasty. The coal reserves of up to 60 million tons, is now known of the three major coal fields, coal-bearing area of 1017 square kilometers. Zaozhuang has a more modern mine, with an annual output of 20,000,000 tons of quality coal. By virtue of the unique advantages of Zaozhuang City rely on coal conversion, Hang Hau build 12 power plants, the total installed capacity Capacity of 1,860,000 kilowatts, of which China's large installed capacity of power plants Shiliquan 1,225,000 kilowatts. Use of digestion and absorption, high technology to improve the Texaco coal-water slurry pressure of clean coal gasification process, the full development of coal, coal chemical industry, fine chemical products research and development. Zaozhuang in the establishment of a national coal Engineering research and development centers in order to Lunan Chemical Industry (Group) Company based, development and construction of coal as raw materials in order to fine coal chemical industry chain.
  Zaozhuang is a resource-based cities are now more than 20 kinds of proven underground mineral resources, mainly coal, iron, copper, bauxite, gypsum, limestone, granite, stone Sandstone, dolomite, diopside, hard clay, and so on, limestone reserves of up to 26,500,000,000 tons. Zaozhuang City and non-metallic materials manufacturers more than a thousand, and 44 product categories, more than 120 species, of which cement production capacity of 16,000,000 tons, ranking first in Shandong Province; gypsum production capacity of Shandong Province, home of the first , The nation's total output of 1 /6. The city has formed a cement, plaster, glass, wall materials as the main body, both architectural ceramics, stone, cement products, insulation materials, waterproofing materials and new systems of the building materials industry, "a town building materials" and "Coal Lunan City "par.
  Zaozhuang adequate water resources Average annual rainfall 815.8 mm, 5 large and medium-sized reservoirs, 130 small reservoirs, storage capacity 540,000,000 cubic meters per year, 18 billion cubic meters of reserves available for mining, urban water supply capacity to 400,000 cubic meters, is Shandong Province, one of the water-rich area.
  Convenient transportation and post and telecommunications Zaozhuang and strategic location, easily accessible, 50 km radius there are Xuzhou, Lianyungang, Jining, Linyi Airport 4, Shijiu, Arashiyama, 3 Lianyungang to the sea, the Beijing-Shanghai Railway, Beijing-Fuzhou Expressway, 104 National Highway, 206 national highway and had to wear throughout; the city's secondary roads more than 57 .3 Miles, the road density of 35.7 km per square kilometer, the total length of 288.5 km railway in the territory; world-famous Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal through the urban area in the south, and down with Jiangsu, Anhui, Shanghai and Zhejiang provinces and cities such as the heart, and every year A large number of high-quality coal, cement, gypsum, etc. to other places. Taiwan abuse Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal lock is the largest ship lock, two thousand-ton ships can freely enter and leave the territory formed by the aviation, railways, highways, waterways, and other components of an integrated transportation network.
  Zaozhuang complete postal and telecommunications facilities, the use of fiber optic, microwave and digital program-controlled exchange equipment, all call into urban and rural areas Domestic and international network automatically, at any time in the world with more than 180 countries and regions to contact the call.

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Crescent Bay Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Crescent Bay, also known as Half Moon Bay, located in North County, Long Island Long Island at the north end of the most, depending on the length of 2000 meters crescent built in Long Beach, a hook like a huge crescent. Park in the main building to a high of more than 20 meters combination of Chinese and Western-style "crescent Pavilion", standing on top of the cliff in "Mission Hills Pavilion" and the kilometers-long promenade. Long The former, there is a stone ball with decorative paving meters of "rock blanket" of his trip there, "Pearl Tap step" feeling.

Qingzhi most of the Bay is a crescent of stone ball, it can be said is a stone ball Zhuguangbaoqi the world, such as white Mei-yu, the crystal Amber tournament, no matter where you lift will be a Want to leave. Party and state leaders came to the Crescent Bay, both in person for the inscription Bay crescent remaining poems.

  In 1979, Ye Jianying to Long Island to Crescent Bay is the inscription: "Long Island Moon Bay, the Agriculture, Fisheries and ground vehicles Ishida, the price of Aung Shi colorful balls, women and children far more difficult situation finger"; 1964 TUNG Crescent Bay for the inscription reads: "Long Island travel, the very heart suddenly," Where do the tour is too long and Dong Lao people will have the same feelings.

  In order to meet the growing tourism industry, the Long Island county party committee and the county government decided to build Crescent Bay Park, the first phase of the project is a new gallery, reception room, shower and changing room Now been completed; the second phase of the project will be to build a national standard swimming pool, facilities, construction of the garden, visitors need to be equipped with a variety of tourist facilities.

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Scenic Wonderland source - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wonderland at the source of Long Island in the eastern county, the scenic area of 2 square kilometers to the natural landscape and human landscape combined park with the theme "young people into science education base." Wonderland, the major source of human landscape wall there, do nothing, show booths, the Jade Pool, Diaoyutai, Jiulong Dong, marine playground, Tang Zheng Relief groups and so on more than 50; principal natural landscape there Beaches, Abas on the beach, sea, sunset, Bo Huang Hai II, III and Kamiyama odd different reef rock, culverts spring, Perfect Mount Ridge cliffs and so on more than 100 Department. To the 1980s, archaeologists unearthed here two years ago of a human skull fossil Wanwuqiannian ( Heritage treasure), the Eastern Zhou Dynasty tombs unearthed in Block 100, of which there were seven tomb of a feudal-ting, after the dynasties of ancient relics are relics discovered, is also here as well as Long Island is the origin of human Shandong Peninsula in the first village on the sea the mountains Long Island, a tourist attraction - the source of Fairyland scenic areas. People talk about the Wonderland less than the source, not the long-shan (Long Island); Wonderland tour of the source of survival was a god. This is because the residence of the Eight Immortals, Qiu Xian Han Qin Huang is seeking land, Shandong is the birthplace of the earliest human beings, Tang is also stationed east of the hub here ... ... but also had the privilege to watch a mirage, Hai Zi, stratospheric Long-off and soldiers (gam) of the four ancient wonders of the sea; There are vast blue beach, the optical-Abas ten color on the beach, Qiao Ya culvert, the odd different reef rock; here, "Qingdao" trestle, "Penglai" do nothing ; There are six-rowed the Millennium turtles as a source of the town treasure. This area facing the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea, the embrace of the sea "Kamiyama" (Bird Island million, large and small island Chushan), holding the Yellow Sea holding sunrise, sunset in the Bohai Sea are satisfied with ......

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Nanshan Scenic Spot - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nanshan Scenic Spot is the first national award of 187 AAAA grade scenic spot, is located in Longkou City in her beautiful scenery of the Lushan Mountain, is a natural landscape with human landscape combined with an excellent tourist destination. In 2002 the tourism business nanshan all passed the ISO9001 international quality management Department and the ISO14001 international environmental management system, two-factor authentication. The whole area is divided into religious and cultural park and garden history and culture of two major parts.

Tourism Scenic Spot is nanshan her elegant natural landscape and rich cultural details, a painted structure, "Shoubinanshan" The beauty of the world. Lu knot of people in the territory, and no noise is charged, take-Ju Dong, leisurely southern mountains.

Nanshan scenic park by the religious culture of ancient cultures Nanshan Garden, Nanshan Temple, the Big Buddha Nanshan, perfume Um, Ling-source concept, and other components. Its attractions were Jin, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasty relics, the ancient temples of the Millennium, the resort is Light, added to the new look. Ancient buildings in the Tower Gallery Ting Xie, water forests, mountains and structure, flavor, Yili spectacular, magnificent momentum. The Nanshan scenic spot in the Big Buddha, the world is a rare bronze Buddha big Zuofo, 38.66 meters high and weighing 380 tons, the world's most Zuofo Copper. Lin Big Buddha Block has merit together, the permitted million, History of Buddhism. Display hall to poke a 9999 model realistic, lifelike bronze statue of Buddha, and constitute a major Zuofo 10,000 grand line-up of the Buddha, the Buddhist Museum of History in a display of Buddhist culture, the rise of the rise recorded in the history of the library display features Muni Fo Buddha relic, and so on dozens of pieces of cultural relics and Buddhist art.

Nanshan scenic spot of the Chinese Historical and Cultural Park is the only one in history and culture for economic, cultural auspicious for Wei, from the ancient, limited to the Qing Dynasty, a dynasty according to the order from the construction of large-scale theme park, the area of 6 square kilometers Chinese historical and cultural park in a different style of Chinese dynasties of the main buildings as the carrier through a lot of historical data and in-kind show, a lively display up and down the 5,000-year history of the general trend, it is important relics, and representatives of major events and tourism activities in accordance with the Request the history, culture, auspicious culture, folklore text , Food culture, street culture into one complete picture of the extensive and profound Chinese culture and the colorful national culture, like a fresh of the General History of China is the Chinese people appreciate the history of evolution, the man of the hour together, the sentiment of Chinese civilization From the land will. In July 2003, the park was named School history teaching real base "and" patriotic education bases in young people. "

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Ding Longkou Guzhai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longkou Guzhai Ding is China's large-scale well-preserved courtyard-style buildings, the early Qing Dynasty for the wealthy Huangxian D Guzhai million. Longkou City, is now turned into museums.

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World Square - Chinese tourism scenic spots

World Plaza, located in the Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone, bounded by the Yangtze River Road, south Road, covers an area of 240,000 square meters, started in 1994, the completion and opening in 1998. Green Square for the keynote to highlight the main natural plants, decorative sculptures, such as small-scale artificial landscape. Square axis will be divided into north and south Watch groups to express the meaning of heaven and earth square. For the North and "Heaven" intends "Sun" Square, the center outward using radial roads, so as to the shape of the sun, and for the South "and" intentional "The Good Earth" Square, the center plans to Wai ring road to the shape of the earth. Place on the erection of a Chinese Yantai Economic and Technological Development The marked area, 33 meters high monument body, the property a triangular-shaped three-dimensional, high-placed to the top 5 meters of stainless steel round emblem, the pattern is the capital "C" of the central embedded "YTETDZ" the words "China Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone" The initials, legislation entitled Pearl blinking open, and Zheng-Hui day; monument around the six-fan Shun eight Stephen King Chung, intended to take to Liu Yong Jin, and prosperity. The main plants for lawns, trees, flowers and trees and flowers of Taiwan, which is made up of colored lanterns in order, add a little more beautiful. Leisure time, in this beautiful green plants in the ocean, you can enjoy a better life unlimited fun.

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Ji Mao's Tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mao Chi Laizhou for the nationals,?????Guan Zhi Ming Dynasty, the prime minister Shoufu. According to records, Mao Ji towards official corruption, some political achievements. Mao Chi retire after the return home left a lot of folklore, Lu Opera, "Yi married sisters," the main character's hair by the JI staged publicity in the land of Qilu well-known, well-known. Mao Chi-les-buried after death Story Zhang Cunpang Xishan hills above the cemetery first large-scale, is still left Shishou, Shima, Satoshi Emperor Stone Festival, and so on. 1994 has been carried out by non-governmental fund-raising to repair, not like the size of the original, but it is also important attractions of the city of Laizhou. City traffic from 2 km to the west across the Western Hills Village, Zhang, that is, the arrival Ji tomb. The spots can visit the four seasons, the best time for spring, summer and autumn.

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Shell River Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shell River Park (formerly known as Park Heung-pear), the pear orchard in 1985 on the basis of planning and designing the expansion, located in the Eastern Laiyang City, covers an area of 50.5 hectares, 25 hectares of water surface in order to pear as the main body of the full Laiyang reflects the local characteristics of an integrated tourism Entertainment and cultural attractions. Park children's entertainment sub-district, sports and entertainment , Water sports area, animal area, the area of landscape plants, flowers, nursery areas, park management area.

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Fujian Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fujian Hall, also known as "days after the palace," 10-year reign of Qing Emperor Guangxu (1884) was built, when merchants to arrange with trade, the worship of Mazu. Architectural style has a strong Taiwanese characteristics, the sculpture art into East and West and North and South in one style, one must be called. Listed as state-level key protection units.

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Namsan Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Namsan Park hillside, an area of more than 1,200 acres. As early as 1934 on a grand scale, therefore there is a "pear" and was named the first visit Yantai City Park. There is a zoo, children's park, Qiyun Court, Tan Yan tiger landscapes, and so on.

  Namsan Park is located in Yantai City Huanshan Lu, at an altitude of More than 00-meter-high mountain. Here is a beautiful, beautiful. Looking up at the Nanshan, Pinnacle, which rise amid overlooking the North Sea, Shuitianyise. As early as 1934 on a grand scale, therefore there is a "pear" and was named the first visit Yantai Park. In 1976, based on the overall planning and construction, has become Taiwan's largest city of a comprehensive park, an area of more than 12 acres, the park is divided into zones, areas of animals, flowers area, forest area, children's park area, such as the District 5. In addition, there are man-made lake, rose garden, bonsai garden, the Garden, Qiyun Court, open park. Qiyun Court building, also known as Chang Jin Taiwan, 900,000 yuan of investment, was built in a 84 years for a typical Chinese style garden in the garden of the park.

  Qiyun the Supreme Court for the park, where they stand, the cloud line, the entire park is a peak expected, based on the Court, to the north, Clear Water, Blue Sky backed by the busy urban areas such as the Youth Pre-employment Training Mirs; look to the south, Mountains winding down, Yu Congcong; look around, the clouds of fruit trees, Qiushi Chunhua, it is relaxing, away.

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Yantai Hill Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the urban area at the north end, the sea on three sides, Gangluanwuli, verdant forests, delicate and pretty elegant. Yamashita, blame the scattered reefs, the ocean waves, sea and sky Isshiki, a vast stretch. Shanhai combination here, connected to land and water is unique scenic tour, the main attractions are the lighthouse pier, Yan Shi-Taiwan, anti-Japanese martyrs monument, stone vessels, Jalan Booths and so on. Yantai Hill is the seat of the Pier Lang Yan Ming Dynasty, according to the records, Sanshiyinian Wu Ming-hong (1398), in order to prevent harassment of Japanese pirates in the construction of the Hill Langyan Piers, also known as the beacon towers, the enemy was found, while day or tobacco, Night was cited fire, warning that "Yantai" that is, from this. Yantai foot of the East China Sea Road, and in the event masterpiece Manchao every northeasterly winds, surf emptying, into the sky, snowy clouds, is a wonderful scene.

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Haiyang meters bathing beaches - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Haiyang City, located in the Yellow Sea, the southern tip of Shandong Peninsula, Qingdao is, Yantai, Weihai City, opening of the three areas identified by the State Council is the first coastal open cities. Haiyang meters of the beach is located in Fengcheng Beach Resort in the region, located in the city 10 kilometers south. Hai Duong is an East Asian temperate humid monsoon-large Climate, no cold winter, summer without heat, climate, the average annual temperature of 12 degrees Celsius. Beach Haibi sky blue, white water sand-ching, more than 10,000 meters long, 150 m wide beach, sand as fine powder, as pure face, even as the basket over, the guests were at home and abroad as "little domestic" It is ideal However, Beach. In 1984 the former general secretary of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Hu Yaobang visited before his death, wrote the name of the brush with pleasure "Haiyang 10,000 m bathing beach."

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Great Northern Dynasties Mountain Cliff stone - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Large mountain 478 meters above sea level, the distribution of the peak to valley since ancient stone Cliff 24. Northern Wei Guang Zhou Cishi, well-known calligrapher Zhao Zheng Road in AD 512 in the left Shan valuable Inscription 12, are carved with steep mountains on the Cliff, the main stone "Tang Tai Mountain Poems" and "out of the altar" And so on, with Yunfeng Zheng Chao Road into a stone one, with the international green tourism calligraphy, Japanese calligraphy groups receive each year about 600 people, in 1998 by the State Council as a state-level key protection units. Grand Valley Mountain, also known as a Taoist priest, the thousands of years, is a Taoist priest, Taoist nun self-cultivation good place, still left the ancient Taoist temple , A famous Taoist priest Late Song Yuan, Quan-Zhen Religion Department Qiu one of the seven life-machine in this practice, and left in the Western Hills Cliff Inscription.

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Zhu Linsi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhu Linsi the Northern Song Dynasty, founded in 2002 Dading Kim (Year 1162), is located in Yantai City, Shannan sunny Laishan Dai Wang, Shandong Peninsula is the only nation with the style characteristics, the famous ancient temples strong incense, refresher Chronicles have Ming Qing dynasties repair, and Emperor Qianlong inscription records. Shiniandongluan to make it into the rubble, Zhu Linsi this reconstruction of historical records not only to maintain the beauty of the Holy Name, but also expanded the size of the entire temple with a royal style, magnificent. There are Hall of Heavenly Kings Temple, Main Hall, Temple III, East and West side hall in a palace, the Drum Tower 10 minutes. Worship hall Maitreya, the Buddha Sakyamuni, Sam West, Buddha, Bodhisattva and King Ocean's 18 Buddhas, and so on, the image of realistic, lifelike.

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Feng Shan Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Feng Shan for the Long Island town of Zhigao Dian, Qi Ming Dynasty's Kangwo for maritime anti-Japanese invasion, in the Shandong-Taiwan Jianfeng fire, therefore its name. Now visitors to the island of Yingshan used to call it, as a sculpture Eagle Peak, looked in the distance, life, Zhanchiyufei, a symbol of the reform era of take-off of Long Island. Peak times-san There is a bird exhibition hall, in front of the title of "bird volley Court," reads as a sign of bird exhibition hall. Long Island Museum are on display all kinds of birds, more than 200 specimens in recent years, the museum also keeping an eagle, swan and so on, there are more than 300 poisonous snakes for visitors to watch. Park-san of the total area of 300 acres, is China's Designate North and South Island Resettlement natural "trip" to which the national primary and secondary protection of more than 40 kinds of birds, Chinese and Japanese island of further agreements to protect 227 species of birds, that is, there are 156 kinds of Long Island. In 1988 the establishment of the Northern Shan State in the protection of migratory birds, in May 1988, Long Island as a nature reserve by the State Council. Public-san In the county seat, drove up.

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Laiyang City Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Laiyang City Museum is located in the middle of Laiyang City big Sijie, 1992, the museum built, the existing premises of 53, covers an area of 1070 square meters, the 1992 People's Government of Shandong Province have been identified as key cultural units at the provincial level. Renjiedeling Laiyang, a long history in the early Western Zhou period, there have been with the Central Plains Step-by-step culture. At the same time, thousands of years in the history of development, Laiyang has a fine tradition of patriotism, emerged in the famous national hero the first left-mao, "a generation of these poems," Song Wan clean, not a matter of power and big Shan Zuo agency chief Song Jicheng, Anti-tax uprising leader Kang Shui Qu Shiwen, and so on a large number of heroes. Revolutionary historical exhibit on display from the Neolithic period to the liberation war in all history. Laiyang in which Tang and supporting the front of the bamboo-en (the original is in possession of Chinese Military Museum), the East China Field Army awarded the sixth column Laiyang small team of "supporting the front meritorious" banners, pennants, and other business Laiyang Chishan relics in the country to enjoy Reputation for state-level precious cultural relics.

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Genting Haiyang Natural Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Genting Haiyang Natural Scenic Area is located in Haiyang City Village on the west side of large rock Zhen, Zhao Hushan Mountain. Here mountains, towering old trees, fresh air, the more clear-chuen, Bamboo problems, around 4,800 acres of Sam Rainsy has maintained a good ecological environment, and nearly 1,000 species of plants and animals alive. In particular, is amazing , Went so far as the growth of more than 500 acres of lush bamboo. According to forestry experts, this Jiangbei largest bamboo forest, when the origin not known. However, in latitude 37 º to have such a region the size of the bamboo forest, rarely seen in the world. Scenic Area in order to travel 5 km and 7 km road pedestrian trails tourism Then the two features more than 30 scenic spots in its special environment and climate characteristics, forming a rich natural landscape and ecosystem types. Genting is located Zhulin natural scenic tourist area on the south side, from afar, structured, the density has caused. One walk, as if integrated with nature.

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Zhifu Island - Chinese tourism scenic spots

China's largest, the world's most typical landing Island, seemed to be Ganoderma lucidum. Gu Chen Yantai "Zhifu" from here. Rise amid permanent on the island peaks, cliffs, craggy rocks, wave-cut cliffs on the island, sea gestures peculiar reef. As a result of three board of the First Qin Emperor, the Emperor and the pro-driving ceremony Mingyangtianxia. Transport: Railway Station, take the Pier 6 Available at the Island East, 26 by way of the West Island to the mouth.

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Long Island - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yan Bo in the vast sea, a group of inlaid precious stones such as green as the Dai island, which is by the people of the world as "mountains on the sea" is beautiful - Long Island. Long Island squat outline of the Shandong Peninsula and Liaodong Peninsula between the Bohai Strait, with the ancient Dengzhou (Penglai) across the sea.

Long Island, that is, the temple is the island, Unique blue sky, clear water, sunshine, beaches and clean air, "state-level scenic spots," and "state-level forest park," Su "Chinese abalone, scallop, kelp town" known for the world.

  32 by the size of the islands, the land area of 56.96 square kilometers, dependent landscape Poetry picturesque, the island has the magic of the island. Million cars from the island, also known as Bird Island, Bird is the kingdom million birds fly, Zhetianbiri that was spectacular; Chushan size of the island got its name to Penny, Rippling Brook on the island, Bamboo Green, showing a sea Yanbo One beautiful scenery south of the Yangtze River; island the size of Montenegro, is the Kingdom snakes on the island complex Bearing a giant poisonous snake belly more than 10,000, has become China's second largest shedaoensis; weight Rocky Island, is a rock of the world, and many stone color, absolutely exquisite, the whole island in the color backed by stone, a changing pattern, Brilliant color mural in the world.

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The Golden Sands Resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The Golden Sands Resort in Shandong Province as the first provincial tourism resort, more than 10 km long golden beach valuables, named after the Golden Sands. Long Beach here, Pohuan, fine sand, the level is a good beach.

October 26, 1993, the People's Government of Shandong Province, Yantai Sands The establishment of the tourism resort. It west of Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone of the Hill Gang Yu folder to the mouth, the ZHIFU Zhifu Island, east of Laishan tourism zone in the Yellow Sea, coastal foreshore development, with a total area of 23.5 square kilometers. The Golden Sands resort, the boundless expanse of blue water into the sea, the photogenic powder beaches clean, green and luxuriant forest, mountains and rivers Xiangyingchengqu beaches, beautiful scenery and pleasant weather.

  Bin tourism with coastal scenery, followed by distribution of Golden Sands Beach International (now changed to Golden Sands Beach Park), the colorful city of leisure park, Qin Shi Huang Tour East Palace, the main temple Yang, Zhifu Island Tourism cable, entertainment city in the Yellow Sea and other bodies Characteristics of the scenic spots To facilitate the traffic resorts in the region, Cuigai green space, improving tourism facilities have been built three-star Hotel 4, a two-star hotel, tourism, foreign 8 Hotel, Resort Village, apartment buildings and entertainment facilities, and begun to take shape The leisure travel environment.

  The Golden Sands resort area Beach to the state's key beach, have been included in the national health-based beach monitoring network.

  Green and luxuriant forest, mountains and rivers Lin Xiangyingchengqu Beach. Main Street Plaza, there are days, the international beach, Qi Cai City leisure park, east of the First Qin Emperor Palace Tour, and so on. Holiday services in the region to improve the existing three-star meal Two, vacation homes, apartment buildings, recreational facilities, good for the seaside resort destination.

  The photogenic powder beaches clean, in the sun Fanzhuo golden halo, "Golden Sands" is the name of the resulting; here is green and luxuriant forest belt and is deeply rooted not only have a sand-fixing function, the more the sea Hyperchromic many of the beach environment, every year in April, the forest and opening up Sophorae race, the air was filled with sweet floral Qinrenxinpi is intoxicated.

  Every summer, this has become the joy of the sea, this casual, resort, swimming the visitors.

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Alondra Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Montenegro is located in Grand Island at the north end, the legend is a dragon and snake respectively in order to fight left traces of the Alondra named after. Scenic areas within the stone culverts have fun. The first of the North sea caves - Poly-dong, is the legend of the Eight Immortals gathering procedure, is the essence of Alondra Hill area. Cidong more than 20 meters above the water surface, 80 meters in depth, and size 3 With the same hole, by boat from the "main gate" entry from the "side-door" to evacuate, hanging inside the high dome steep, deep and unpredictable Han, gurgling water; outside reef surprising differences, such as stone floor, such as the Temple, such as the stool, such as?. Admission: 15 yuan

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Bird Island million - Chinese tourism scenic spots

By car, also known as Island, Long Island is located in east-central islands, the elevation of 73.5 meters, only 0.05 square kilometers of islands in the vast sea, it is a little sand, but the deep-sea charm , A small island of delight, with tens of thousands of seagulls taken up residence on the island, known as "Bird Island million." Island by car, from afar, like a landing ship's anchor. 1.25 km long coastline of the island, coastal landforms accounting for 90% of the steep cliffs above, such as split as they cut the cliff, with a quartzite rocks, broken and strong, weathered by the sea and, he concave-convex this cliff, rock Order, Shitai, caves, Row upon row of hole, forming a natural Seagull "stone floor." Another Day in the island by car around the island, the only central to a culvert to the mountain, extremely dangerous, known as "sky-way" and go on the road in the sky, like a seagull outside the kingdom, can easily touch the birds wing; to be on the Peak , And the birds are at the foot of the whole. Migratory birds are the most trustworthy messenger. Nine per year, between October, from Siberia and the north-east China's large and small Changbai Mountains and the Inner Mongolia grassland in the vicinity of the migratory birds, the way in the Liaodong Peninsula of Hainan have been moved, mostly by flying Long Island. The migratory birds each year means there are 19 heads of 274 kinds of Section 51. Shandong provincial government in 1982 to Long Island as a nature reserve of birds. Banding of migratory birds is a science, Long Island was set up in 1985 Banding Center of migratory birds stop over the past few years more than 5,000 migratory birds Banding only 11 counties in 7 provinces return information, in trading on the accounting for and recovery of the country. In order to launch the community Of financial knowledge, interest and participation in one of the characteristics of the islands with tourism projects in Long Island every year in the fall of a special arrangement for migratory birds flying characteristics of this circuit.

  Mountain Island much more than charming, it's around the island are strangely shaped, odd very steep cliff of the sea, but also Moving to the island's tourist heart. By boat to the mountains southwest of the island, you can see the highest point of the island, known as "Mo Tianling" wonderful, high and steep cliff to the left at the bottom of all of a sudden, only 4 supported by pillars, four pillars of the island - divided into angle Four hole, hole connected to Zhou, very spectacular. No matter from the In point of view of an elephant is the nose shape, and this is its "trunk-dong", the largest of a hole, known as "Longdong lock."

  Legend has it that when Ao Dragon King Edward III of Canton often evil in the world, the design of the Eight Immortals to lock in the cave, the Emperor of Heaven for help after the Dragon King, the Emperor of its intention to release, there can be afraid of Sin See, so let God in the hole and then open a hole, out of the Dragon Prince. Therefore Cidong now connected before and after, when the waves flooded, deep hole will be issued as the "Dragons"-like sound, as if Prince Edward Long still here. Mountain on the island, can be seen everywhere around the thousands of islands, reefs, leading reef, reef Jinchan Peacock reef, reef Yu Hu, the day openings, Gou Dong Hai, Ki Hyun-dong reef and attractive. North-east of the sister peak, a high-low two rocks, as if Shouzuqingshen two sisters into the sea.

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Sources in Wonderland - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Long Island is located in the south east of the Wang-ditch drive. Therefore, to have a history of fairy named, said the main landscape-wall, the Pavilion, bridge, culvert, the Taiwan fishing, marine playground, beach, myths and legends into one. In particular, "eat in the fishing family, to live in fishing villages, swim in the sea", "Le fishing family," tourism projects, much of tourists hi . In that enjoy sun, sea, beach and the generosity of tenderness, and the "Wonderland" fun. Admission: 30 yuan

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Pacific Floor - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pacific floor at the northeast corner of Shuicheng-waves on the stage, the reconstruction in 1987, peace building, Qi statue will be Taiwan, Chung Moon, Lang Ping Palace, and other attractions. Pacific House, located in Taiwan and Central Lang Ping, sitting south, the two-tier structure of the building, the roof slope, 1.40 cornices, six animals Ridge home, around the gallery out there, hanging above the door " Ping House, "reads, is a calligrapher for the book is, the door couplets incised on both sides of the next column:" An implicit even the ancient Shu Chao Sheng, full-day spring back to the state. "Qi statue is located on the south side of Pacific House, 1987 To commemorate the 400th anniversary of the death of Qi Jiguang built, the quality of cement, 4 meters high, the performance of Qi Jiguang dressed in uniform, chest The first stand, An Jian Shuicheng bird's eye view of majestic. Taiwan will be located on the west side of the Pacific floor, sitting south, as the old command, to mobilize water in the city trip to naval vessels Department. Moon Chung House, located on the eastern side of peace, Lang Ping Palace is located on the south side of Pacific floor.

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College Museum of Ancient Boat - Chinese tourism scenic spots

College Museum of Ancient Boat Penglai Pavilion is located in the east and south sit, built in 1990 for antique garden architecture. The main entrance of the museum for antique decorated archway painting, reviewed glazed tile roof, the amount of the door, "fugue", mounted on the west side of the door, "College Museum of Ancient Boat" words incised marble monument, on the eastern side of 4 square mosaic Ancient Boat Navigation granitic relief. 3 exhibition hall set up: a home Penglai Shuicheng Hall (ancient Dengzhou Hong Kong) and two PVC sand table display board at the display board showed the "Hong Kong College of ancient traffic map at home and abroad" and "Hong Kong College map changes." Second exhibition hall in 1984 when a small sea dredging of the Yuan Dynasty unearthed in the ancient warships, the Song and Yuan dynasties Shihting wooden anchor, the Ming Dynasty Macassar rudder stock and various types of ancient anchor. Three small exhibition hall on archaeological finds in the sea 79 and eight years of the Ming Dynasty (1375) of copper casting gun 2.

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Tien Hou Temple Island - Chinese tourism scenic spots

As a result of Year 1122 Hall of Fujian in the construction of the Mazu temple of the sea - and Tien Hou-known in the world. Temple is the island along the coast, in particular, into the sea of people worship and longing. Navigation on the Long Island Museum in the days after the palace, the museum displays the history of navigation tools Chuanqi of Long Island's history into the sea, in order to give people the knowledge Yu Kwok-hing to help others. Admission: 11 yuan

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Lin Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lin Park is located in the South Island at the southern end of a long, 3 km from the county seat, Lin Hai-feng Hill Park, north volley of bird exhibition hall, the title of South Beach-long pile of snow Shan Mei is a set of mountains, forests, sea, beach and reef , Cliff, in a hole, a rich source of King's virgin territory. The acres of Songtao Lin, Chui-wave Green Wave to fresh air and negative oxygen High-known.

  Park in the Yellow Sea to the east, the west by the Bohai Sea, separated from the Southern College across the water and Penglai. Hold up on cliffs overlooking the concept of Hai Ting, Dunjuekongkuo lofty, Changshan islands fresh in our memory, video gull boat pose a panoramic view, the vast sea of thousands of ranch scenes, it is refreshing, this is not Considerable sunrise, sunset, also had the privilege to watch a mirage rare landscape.

  1992, the Ministry of Forestry approved by the Long Island National Forest Park in the main part of the official opening to the outside world now. Park in the Yellow Sea to the east, the west by the Bohai Sea, separated from the Southern College across the water and Penglai.

  In particular, into the summer, "Lin , The sea breeze, mountain breeze fragrance, to give every shade of nature. "Feicui Gu," Splendor Higurashi, Jade, is evergreen the four seasons, three quarters of Xin Hua, spring to autumn migratory birds gathered in the mountains to form a unique spectacle. 369 along the order of about 50 degrees, "Ladder sea", can pay homage to the sea adventure. Or Yutanlinshang , Or Probe into Laohudong, Dangzhou or fishing, or enjoy playing great, "Chongru forget all" feeling, looking back to see the "cliff kilometers picture," or human or animal like, or landscape, or like objects, If the potential floated in the sky, dizzying.

  In 1997, Huang Jian-boundary junction in the Bohai Sea, a high marker 9 7 m, the main body double for the BAI.

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Wang Fu reef - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the South at the foot of the dao, a rock standing in the wind, like the shape of a woman wearing a scarf, the embrace of the baby, said the reef as "looking Kazuo reef." Cardiff look to have a reef and moving legend: a year Layue 28, a fisherman forced to fish to the sea, suddenly encountered a storm and gone, he married his wife more than a year of grief Dissatisfied with the whole day on the stand in the seaside children in the hope that one day a miracle, her husband will return safely. But over many years, family members did not return, she has become fixed in stone Lizainali storage. She is the old Long Island community of millions of loyal love, the fate of Qi Ku Yu Fu in miniature. Cardiff Reef Point is 1 day The formation of stones, not artificial engraving, by the turn of the shale and quartz rock formation Dieya.

  Cardiff Reef Point Park is located in the South at the foot of the Long Island, where there is a rock standing in the wind, like the shape of a woman wearing a scarf, the embrace of the baby, said the reef as "looking Kazuo reef." There is a moving mass , A year Layue 28, a fisherman forced to fish to the sea, suddenly encountered a storm and gone, he married his wife more than a year of grief and resentment on all day with the children standing on the beach, I hope that one day a miracle, her husband will return safely. But over many years, family members have not returned, she became Fixed the stone Lizainali storage. She is the old Long Island community of millions of loyal love, the fate of Qi Ku Yu Fu in miniature. Amah Rock is a natural rock formation, not artificial engraving, by the turn of the shale and quartz rock formation Dieya.

  Cardiff Reef Point Park since the beginning of May 1995 vote Construction, a total of five scenic spots, 36 spots, covering 3 square kilometers, the project construction with a total area of 2000 square meters, this set of mountains, water, forestry and in the corner, financial island, reef, beautiful beaches and rock legend as one, Shows the natural landscape charming culture.

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Penglai Shuicheng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shuicheng Penglai of Shandong Danya in the urban areas in the northwest side of the Song Qingli 2002 cease-fire to build this ship Walled Daoyu. Wu Ming-hong nine years in the former Walled Daoyu on the basis of Shuicheng construction with a total area of 270,000 square meters in the south North kuan narrow, irregular rectangle, it sa negative control the sea, the situation is really difficult, the Watergate, anti-wave breakwater, wave-Taiwan , The code , A lighthouse, walls, the enemy of Taiwan, fortifications, moat, and other coastal harbor construction and building well-preserved, is the most complete existing ancient water army base. In 1982, and Shuicheng Penglai Pavilion of the State Council jointly announced a national key cultural unit.

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Qi ancestral hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qi Fu Qianjie the ancestral hall is located on the eastern side of Penglai Pavilion, 2008 Chong (1635) as a compliment and Qi Jian, thanks to the amount of "Gong Temple table." Qing Emperor Kangxi in the ancestral hall 46 years (1707) repair, in 1985 as a sign of state-owned and full-scale restoration. Jinyuan Luo Jia Miao temple for the three-building. Concierge, the temple is 3, Dan Yan are brick wood structure, an area of 595.1 square meters. Porter to the east of the West Block, outside a stone lions on each side. Incised couplets on doors, "Long lasting Code, the Bai-Zhan-hoon", the banners of "sea power and prestige." To the east of the call for the concierge. Call-sitting to the east of the West, Qianlang. Qianlang display on both sides of the knives, guns Swords, ancient weapons, such as Ji 12. Is the call-neutral screen, hanging on as Qi. After screen, which is a call-over Temple, the temple is south Block, incised hanging above the door reads, "Qi Wu Yi Ancestral Hall." Warm in the main hall of the Central Zuo Xiang Qi Gong plastic. Mosaic, introduced the four walls of Qi Jiguang's life plate. Cinei also suspended Yu, Ouyang inscription in stone, such as calligraphy, in conjunction title. A hospital in the Ming Dynasty temple is a ginkgo, tall and straight days of drilling, Zhetianbiri. For the temple is on the eastern side of the back garden. Lush flowers and trees in the park, the "good guys" and "filial piety" II monument on both sides of the separation of North and South. The southwest corner there is a tree in the Ming Dynasty, Qu Qiu circled proudly to be alone.

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