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Muslim formerly known as West Temple, also known as Shanghai back to the West Side church. Shanghai is the largest of modern Islamic architecture, the seat of the Islamic Association of Shanghai. Simen as a result of being in front Xiao Taoyuan Street, so named "Xiao Taoyuan mosque." Monastery was built in early 1917. In 1925, in the reconstruction of the site, is a four-top garden of a West of the Islamic architectural style of the mosque. Xiao Taoyuan mosque in the main hall of worship magnificent momentum, which can accommodate up to 500 people worship at the same time, at the great hall and down two floors, there are large inter-hall structure of the dome, inside the building in the Islamic rare. Worship hall on the roof of a symbol of Islam Shuzhuo - Xingyue bar. Transport: Road 932 (Fuyou Lishui Road junction) terminal, the way 569 (Henan Star South Street) terminal, the people on the road (the old North Station) stations were 11,126,736,920,926,930 Road. Henan Province in the South (Fuyou Road) have set up stations 66,92 , Fang Chuan line, in the revival of the East (Yuyuan Garden Station) station 24,64,581,715 of the way. Address: Huangpu District revitalization of the East 52 Street, Xiao Taoyuan Tel: 63775442 Opening hours: 9:00 to do five times a day of worship Tickets: Free

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