Songhua River Highway Bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Songhua River Highway Bridge in May 1983 to start construction, August 30, 1986 completion. Bridge the enormous scale, the structure of the novel, showing the shape of scissors, a total length of 1565 meters, at the time of the National Highway Bridge is the most and is also 50 years after the liberation of the Songhua River Basin in Heilongjiang Province to build the first large permanent Road and Bridge.

  Bridge project huge structure of the novel, showing the shape of scissors. Through the Heihe and Harbin, Luobei, such as Manchuria National Highway Route, to become the city of Harbin in Heilongjiang Province, as well as road traffic hub for economic prosperity, and promote the exchange of strategic importance, but also in the urban area of Harbin Road beautiful landscape.

  "Fei Jia bridge the North-South, changed Tianqian thoroughfare," Harbin Songhua River Highway Bridge, built in the southern end of the Jiangbei "Jiquan voice heard phase, the phase between old age and death claim is not" a history of linking it to the Heihe River in Harbin, Luobei, Manzhouli, and so on National Highway Route has become the province's highway cross The hub of the province's urban and rural communication material, cultural, scientific and technological progress to promote the development of tourism, speed up economic construction, is of strategic importance.

  Songhua River Highway Bridge in the north is the Bard of a well-known tourist destination in Harbin. The bridge stands, the Jimuyuantiao, Sun Island Scenic Area collected eye , Rolling east to the water in the Songhua River at the foot of the Pentium, a good one magnificent scenery.

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Kek Lok Si Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kek Lok Si Temple is located in Nangang District, Harbin, at the end of East Grand St., built in the 1920s, covers an area of 57,000 square meters. Kek Lok Si Temple is Heilongjiang's largest Buddhist monastery in modern architecture, but also the three northeastern provinces of the four famous Buddhist temples, and Ban Ruosi Changchun, Shenyang, Grace Temple, Yingkou Lengyan famous temple. Kek Lok Si Temple of the overall design, layout and building structure in the form, retain all of our temple building style and features of the main building there is the Mountain Gate, the Clock Tower, the Drum Tower, King Hall, Main Hall, Temple III, side hall in a palace, and other things.

In 1921, the then Secretary for the Middle East, railway inspectors to raise Chen Feiqing , Started in 1923, covers an area of 23,400 square meters, construction of the main north-south in central axis, the Mountain Gate, King Hall, the main sanctuary and three Temple, and so on, are hard-Hill roof. Mountain Gate for the St. Paul-, green-brick structure arc-shaped openings Vol. To enter the Mountain Gate, east tower, drum tower of the West have.
There Tayuan Seven and tower Buddha passed away chiuta than five hundred Rohan Hall, 48, and so is willing to Temple. Floating seven-storey octagonal tower was seven loft-style, cone-shaped, Tong Shen masonry structure, beautiful shape, and exquisite beauty. Resplendent temple as a whole, the solemn and dignified. It is a pay one's respects to Buddhist worship in the north of the holy sites of Buddhism, but also Chinese and foreign visitors view Visit the spot where, has been identified as a key open temples and provincial-level key protection units.

  Hall of Heavenly Kings Temple is the first major Hall of East and West Miankuo 3, a north-south into the deep. Plastic middle of the hall 1.6 meters seated Maitreya, the special things out, growth, broad head, Duowen four kings seated Li Wei Tuo as the North side. King Hall connected with the main sanctuary located in the middle of a 3 m high iron Bonding.

  Zhudian Temple is the main sanctuary, things Miankuo 5, North and South into three. Order before the stone lions have a pair of plastic middle of the hall 2.7 meters high seated Buddha Sakyamuni, on both sides of the Ananda Li, as Li Kassapa Thera II. West Temple rubbing wall hanging, "Ocean's 500 chart." Foge hanging on, "Hui net lights as" horizontal inscribed board, hanging out at the two sites "would like to have the land into a pure land, the people who asked as" couplets, Foge behind Buddha Qianshouqianyan plastic.

Three main sanctuary at Temple, things Miankuo 5, 3 deep into the North and South, Dian-zhong plastic bachi Buddha stands as the left has Kuan Yin, Buddha Da Shizhi stop right there like the East King seated in plastic.

Temple set up after the three-floor, Canon, is a two-story brick building. Song possession of a photocopy version of "possession of moraine sand" letter of 60, 590 Republican; "possession of gamma-band" 48; "Long possession of" 6 8; "continued possession of" 1750.

  Since the Kek Lok Si Temple in 1983 to repair and opening up, the oven monks have been returned. The management of their own temples and train a new generation of advanced materials monk sent a young monk students to study at Chinese Buddhism. Today, the Kek Lok Si Temple in the development of foreign Buddhism, cross-cultural In more eye-catching.

  Chuba lunar calendar every year, 18, 28 of the Qing Buddha, the Kek Lok Si Temple held a grand temple should be, bustling, crowded. Today, the North temple Kek Lok Si Temple in the development of foreign relations activities, particularly eye-catching.

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You Yuanhui Ice - Chinese tourism scenic spots

You Yuanhui Harbin Ice was founded in 1963, in Zhaolin Park, held every winter, snow and ice is one of the world famous tourist destination, covers an area of 6.5 hectares, with about 2000 cubic meters of ice, the ice more than 1,500 works of King around, is the world's To form the first time, the largest, and has become a local The large-scale integration projects Ice outdoor open-air art exhibition. You Yuanhui Ice grand vision, the charming landscape. Harbin, with Songhua River artists to create original ice, the ice sculpture out of thousands of works of art, and then by means of modern science and technology, it constitutes a unique feature of the Northern Ice Art.

You Yuanhui Ice each year from Jan. 5 to start until the end of 2. In the hands of artists and craftsmen, natural ice into a piece of the Aura features exquisite works of art, turned into ice Qiao Qi lights, build Yu silver inlay of the world's ice, ocean light. Ice art new changes every year, people call the "Yong Repeat the fairy tale. "From the beginning of 1985, in the Ice You Yuanhui held during the annual Harbin Ice and Snow Festival, visitors can participate in the Ice You Yuanhui, watch a variety of ice art, but also to participate in the Songhua River ice sports in the world, Bing-fan sitting, playing Monkey ice, ice-skating, winter swimming than to watch And ice wedding, to participate in activities such as Ice and Snow Festival Cultural Show.

  Zhaolin Park in Harbin Ice You Yuanhui, the Bard is the ancient Chinese people were affected by the revelation Ice in 1963 in the Chinese territory to create a modern unique to the cold ice and the ice quality plastic garden art King, who is the development and utilization of Bard Ice Resources to the most outstanding achievements. Songhua River to its natural ice, water and materials for the light, masonry, Stackable, sculpture, water spray, mosaic and frozen and so on, according to the specific needs and the overall layout of the theme, a different landscape in the processing of space The King of ice - ice building, ice sculptures, ice Waterfall, flower bed of ice, ice slides, ice calligraphy, bonsai ice, the ice advertising, frozen flowers, light ice cover, if the composition of the scattered high and low, the density of our different spots, step by step to form a King, King easy walking the snow and ice garden At the same time, a variety of lighting configuration to increase the fixed component, with sound effects to shape, light, action, the sound of Harmonic unity. Therefore, the Harbin Ice Art on Ice as a carrier for the light to the soul into painting, sculpture, architecture, landscape, literature, music and other art all in one, and the use of optical, mechanical, acoustic and electric, machinery and so on Science The emerging technology of plastic arts. The use of such art forms to create the Lambeth Palace Museum, Xie Qiong Yao Bridge, silver plastic jade carving, the tip of Picea, Bingbao ice, thousands of inter-day, crystal clear, Ambilight night, Full, as against the head of the mountains blurred Joan Tower, it seems like a dream The magic crystal palace, and every year a new, Sui Sui Jing, known as the "never to repeat the fairy tale world" China Harbin Ice famous, famous five, so far the country except Tibet, Qinghai and Hainan provinces and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Taiwan Province, including the 24 provinces and autonomous regions of the vast majority of large cities and some medium-sized cities and Four municipalities, and Hong Kong, Kazakhstan held Bin Ice exhibition, and some cities have hosted more than a dozen times. Harbin Ice is still in Asia, Europe, North America, Africa, Oceania and the many countries on display caused a sensation.

  Ice, Ice is a species, is an independent art form. Harbin Ice and Snow Festival each, Workers to the respective organizations, families, children and middle school students nationwide, as well as the international ice sculpture competition, the competition generated hundreds of works of different posture, lively and vivid, the south-pointing carriage.

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Europe and Asia window - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Europe and Asia at the window of four Xuefu Lu St. Nangang District, covers an area of 320,000 square meters, following the Beijing World Park, followed by a world-renowned landscape features for the modernization of the park.

The park in the shade of the lush pine forest, fresh air and quiet environment. The construction of the structure to break the traditional Park mode, using the platform of Western-style garden, so that the Disney castle, the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, the Dutch windmill, the Russian cathedral, cottages Africa, Southeast Asia, such as wooden dozens of exotic architecture and natural landscape features as a foil to each other, and combine.

Park Street was divided into Europe, Asia and Africa area, sports Kin Area, a quiet recreation area, and other scenic spots Group of Eight, also has a Swan Lake, Kongque Yuan, the dove of peace Square, tennis courts and golf courses. Here, visitors Zubu Chu Park can be accessed through the forest and look beautiful in the world.

  Europe and Asia to break the window of the traditional way of gardening, using the platform well-known Western-style garden So that the Disney castle, the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, the Dutch windmill, the Russian cathedral, cottages Africa, Southeast Asia, such as wooden dozens of exotic architecture and the natural characteristics of the King as a foil to reach each other, and combine. Park Street middle of Europe, Asia and Africa area, sports fitness area, leisure areas, and other quiet eight major scenic spots, also has a Swan Lake, the hole Park Place dove of peace, and so on. Here, children not of the country can be accessed through the forest and look beautiful in the world. The children are all these beautiful landscape of the stop, one after another before taking pictures of the statue, the foreign teachers in various architectural styles for children on the national customs to help children in mind hook Beautiful paintings of the picture.

  The amusement park is quite exciting and fun activities - the artificial lake on the different styles of bridge games, children's park with dozens of Office without a driving force for travel, the thrills of the paintball shooting, all the patience to play bumper cars, petrol cars, small ... ... Cruise sightseeing tour for your guests. Li gentle green peacock and the dove of peace is the addition of unlimited life. European-style villa resort in the multi-purpose hall, swimming pool, bowling alley, game room, restaurant, guest rooms, facilities, is your family together, the ideal place to vacation and leisure.

  Winter in the Eurasia in the window of more than 100 snow sculpture works Contrast, the more charming. Snow park built in the early, mid-level ski, and skiing circles prize skiing, snow tug-of-war, snow maze and other games to choose any project. Not in the urban areas, so that you can enjoy the fun of skiing passion.

  Can not believe this urban romantic journey, you will wash away the city Health In each of the merit of the tired, you also get a.

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Harbin Forest Garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Heilongjiang Forest Botanical Garden was founded in 1958. In 1988 the official opening to the outside world, 1992 was approved by the State Forestry Department for the National Forest Park in Harbin. Botanical Garden is located in the city of Harbin Power District, covers an area of 136 hectares, is the most representative of China's northeast boreal Botanical Garden, but also in China One in every provincial capital city of Forest Park. Park has a different style of garden specimen trees, medicinal Botanical Garden, Spring Garden, the Arboretum-cut, tulip garden, the Botanical Garden of rare and endangered, Akiba Winter Garden, all gardens, orchards concept, Rosa Parks, Willow Park 13 plants Special type of garden. Planting a garden north-east, North China Northwest and some of the more than 1,200 foreign plants. This is the essence of the Botanical Garden. When you enter here to enjoy the colorful world of plants, but also to cultivate the sentiment. Park also has 12,000 square meters of the water in Lake Park, 48-meter-high tower Qingyun, surrounded by shade of Longevity Hill, 10000 square The Plaza eco-leisure, the square has a large music fountain. Nine Dragon Wall, Sixi baby dragon and phoenix, concentric walls, bell-hi named as Gods of Fortune, signs, viewing booths, and other flavor, different patterns of small-scale landscape sculpture, it is pleasant linger. This in Daxing'anling as small Hinggan Mountains, the Changbai Mountain vegetation and reduce the window She's vast forest rich in atmosphere, fresh and elegant of the ecological environment, unique and beautiful landscape garden, complete and satisfactory service to welcome your arrival.

  Harbin Forest Garden has a forest park specimen trees, park drug, the geographic area of forest plants, aquatic plants area, poplar test areas, with precious District species, economic flora, fruit trees such as cold temperate zone plants base, is now among the list of the National Botanic Garden of large, is the only city in the state-level forest park. Pinus Park, an Eva, is Liu, a maple tree, Spiraea, Lonicera, ginseng, and so are more than 200 Section 114 is the sum Family here, shrubs, trees, flowers, herbs, vine, the leaves, evergreen, and the formation of a unified and harmonious melody of the forest. Harbin Forest Garden by planting in cold temperate woody and herbaceous plants of well-known, large botanical gardens in the north. Park can enjoy the fantastic cold temperate plants can be Bath line of forest, forest recreation and camping, but also in the quiet of the artificial lake leisure fishing.

Harbin Forest Botanical Garden is a leisure holiday weekend, enjoy the quiet and mysterious forest good place.

  Visitors can enjoy the park in the boreal landscape of exotic plants, the forest can be bathing, Lin entertainment and camping, but also in the quiet lake with leisure fishing. This place is attracting a growing number of people in the city.

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Northeast Martyrs Memorial Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Northeast Martyrs Memorial Hall is located in Nangang District, Harbin, a Cayman Street, is a white, Western Europe solemn classical building. Puppet time for the National Police Agency in Harbin, Manlie Shi Zhao has been imprisoned here, and so on. In 1947, the Northeast, political commissar of the People's Liberation Army Luo proposed to build the Northeast Martyrs Memorial Hall here, in 1948 10 10 officially opened on January 1, 1953 Zhou Enlai had visited in person, and wrote an inscription for "Eternal glory to the revolutionary martyrs."

  China is the earliest established to commemorate the revolution of one of the museum. The Western European classical architecture, is the Puppet Manchukuo during the former site of the National Police Agency, many of the communists and patriots In the detention and torture, well-known anti-Japanese heroine Zhao Yiman was here by the enemy's destruction of torture. After the liberation of Harbin, the People's Government decided to pseudo-police agency into the former site of the Northeast Martyrs Memorial Hall, opened in 1948. Anti-Japanese from the bore, the war on the ground floor, blood on the battlefield, such as black Yinghun Face, showing the anti-Japanese hero Yang Jingyu, Zhao Yiman, Zhao Shangzhi During the War of Liberation and the Zhu Rui, Dong, Yang Zirong 147, and other heroes and martyrs of the two groups of collective heroism. At present, the collection of 5,000 pieces of cultural relics, books, files, documents, photos, a total of more than 30,000, constitute a preliminary Northeast of the revolutionary epic library. Memorial Hall is also the use of landscape restoration, large-screen display and other modern means of reproduction of the tragic scenes in the past, people did not forget long after conception.

  In 1947, the Northeast, political commissar of the People's Liberation Army Luo proposed to build the Northeast Martyrs Memorial Hall here in 1948 on October 10 Opened, on January 1, 1953 Zhou Enlai had visited in person, and wrote an inscription for "Eternal glory to the revolutionary martyrs." The whole museum at the Sino-Japanese War Museum and the Museum of the War of Liberation, the two most of the main display in the Liberation War of Resistance Against Japan and in the Northeast at the expense of the representative of the deeds of the martyrs. Including Luo , Yang Jingyu, Zhao Shangzhi, Zhao Yiman, Li Zhaolin, such as the deeds of revolutionary martyr and a large number of precious cultural relics and historical photos, as well as the "March of the Big," the author of the new wheat, and Yang Zirong, Dong, Zhu Rui, such as the deeds of the martyrs and Photo, a total of 232 martyrs of the information on 1.4 million pieces of cultural relics, the display surface Up to 1031 square meters. In addition, there is a Japanese woman - according to Hasegawa son. She firmly opposed to the Sino-Japanese war from China through the broadcasting of Japanese soldiers to "stop the senseless bloodshed."

Will resume in 1978 during the War of Resistance Against Japan and sacrifice during the War of Liberation The Yang Jingyu, Zhao Yiman, and other martyrs of the 232 display, display the portrait of the martyrs, history, pictures, the profile, cultural relics, historical documents, inscriptions, paintings, sculpture and so on more than 700 pieces of cultural relics collection is 1.4 million pieces of information.

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Zhaolin Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhaolin Park, located in Harbin Daoli district banks of the Songhua River, Siu Lun Street, the northern end of the Daoli District, covers an area of 65,000 square meters, the original name Daoli Park, founded in 1900, is the oldest park in Harbin. It was in memory of war heroes, General Li Zhaolin, their bodies buried here, and long held in the park Burial and memorial ceremony in 1946, changed its name to Park Daoli Zhaolin Park.

Zhaolin Park today, has become the annual Harbin Ice You Yuanhui land held every year on January 5 to start until the end of 2. Ice art new changes every year, people call the "never re - Fairy Tale. "

Alterations in 1985, there Huaguo Shan Park East, West Ridge have roses, a small South Island South, the North has spent the glass cellar, in the middle around the artificial lake, five of the bridge will be linked to its clever. Lilac Park with the park, park Chinese Restaurant, Beiyuan, bird cages, a pavilion, an amphitheater, roller skating field, child Playgrounds, flower and fish exhibition of modern recreational facilities.

In spring and summer, flowers bloom here, forest green, Jade, is a casual, a good place for summer; winter here has become a world of ice and snow silver in the world, Deng Hua shade, the Ambilight Ice, Linglong visible, shining crystal, Xiao Wei Miao of ice, towering Gaochu Qionglou of the universe, Yili linked to the tip of the Tamagawa, like Dragon King's palace of ice crystals, fairyland on earth.

The park covers an area is small, but the garden rockery, a pavilion, weeping willows, flower beds, rugged trail, giving people a sense of quiet. Nice and cool in the summer months, long and narrow and quiet of the small ; The quiet calm and collected, such as an antique silk of Suzhou, the river was weaving friendship has become the solidification of silver in the bridge to vibrate slightly. Green weeping willow in the clear water of the floating Yang Zhao, it is long tipsy ... ...

  It is worth mentioning that have is that when the people of North Snowflake Piaofei usher in the season, In time, "China Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival" part of the Ice Art Fair, held in Zhaolin Park. Bard used the advantages of snow and ice, snow and ice will be through sculpture, architecture, design, King points, with light color, and form a unique landscape of ice and snow art, it is known as the Ice Park Resort The Bard of people young and old, swarmed with visitors from outside Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots who travel on five continents together into Zhaolin Park. In the meantime, snow and ice for the media to hold large-scale Ice David Park and a series of snow-related sports and cultural activities, as well as economic and trade negotiations. Harbin Ice and Snow Festival has become the world so grand Moving, and snow culture spread to every continent in the world. Ice resort - Zhaolin Park also be famous around the world.

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Erlongshan tourist spots - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Erlongshan AAAA state-level tourist area, located in the eastern city of Harbin, 50 kilometers east longitude 127 degrees 27 minutes 41 seconds north latitude and 45 degrees 45 minutes 59 seconds, the ancient city is located in southwest Pennsylvania. Covers an area of 25 square kilometers area, a clear water lake, surrounded on three sides by mountains, natural scenery, beautiful. Here both the Second Long Chu, bo long queue of lying, silver-Feng Cui play, sing blue, and so on the evening of the 10-Jing, Taiwan and Feihong, flying fish, such as the four wonders of the lake. Is the heat, vacation, leisure, a good place for convalescence, to receive foreign tourists in recent years, millions of people.

  In recent years, Erlongshan tourism industry developed rapidly growing infrastructure complete Scenic areas within 10 km of trunk roads are concrete roads. The many recreational, Liusuo high altitude, snow in summer, mountain cableway, the wild rock climbing, bungee Mini, Speed meniscus, Paintball, the Bull City, classic cars, car batteries, ATV vehicles, Karting, two bicycles, Power, such as paragliding, the novel stimulus Narrowly. There are fishing, shooting, archery, horse riding, as well as a variety of cruise ships, and so on the public to participate in the project.

  Pearl Erlongshan ski 8 Snow Road, there are two major and junior ski, at the same time be able to accommodate 2,000 people skiing; Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery is the largest temple in the Northeast, the Tibetan Buddhist 10,000; Pearl Island movie set Light, entertainment, film shooting in one, people linger favorite; lotus pond is a good place for rare. The reception area there are 3500 beds, the existing tourist hotels, resorts and more than 30, 3500 total beds, of which more than 3 stars Hotel 4. Long Ski Resort for the second largest in China, set up The whole of one of the two major resort, which can accommodate 2,000 people skiing. Running four years, has hosted the 4th International Ski, as well as the international ski competition, "Shi Donghui," freestyle skiing competitions. Second Dragon Lake fish feast, mountain vegetables, farmers Caideng allow you to enjoy a pollution-free green food.

Second Long Convenient traffic, 54 kilometers away from Hashi, Hashi from the car, with three from the export of Binzhou Highway 6 km, with three along the road to that is, 40 minutes, with 221 national highway adjacent; or three trees in the passenger bound by Bin The train, an hour can be arrived at the beautiful scenery and scenic Erlongshan.

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Walking the streets of the Central Street - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Central Avenue was built in 1898, the beginning of the "Chinese street." In 1925 was renamed the "Central Avenue", later to become the city of Harbin, the most thriving commercial street. North Main Street from the Songhua River Flood Control Tower, south latitude Street.

Street has a European-style architecture and European-style imitation 71, and brings together text Renaissance, baroque, modern and eclectic variety of architectural styles to protect municipal 13, is a rare architectural art gallery. It is currently Asia's largest one of the longest pedestrian street.

Street walking with a beautiful environment, well-ordered. With its unique European style, row upon row of commercial products, Hang small group of casual, colorful cultural life, Harbin has become a beautiful landscape.

Central Avenue is a famous Chinese name one of the Street, was founded in 1898, the beginning is called "Chinese Street" in 1925 was renamed the "Central Avenue." It loose from the North River Flood Control Tower, south latitude Street, a total length of 1450 meters, 21.34 meters wide. Among the taxi companies to Stone Road, 10.8 meters wide. The whole street's architectural style, European and European-style architecture like 71, and brought together Renaissance, Baroque, modern and eclectic variety of architectural styles to protect 13 A small street, encompasses the history of the West Building of the most influential of the four major schools of architecture, encompasses the most attractive in Europe the past 300 years the history of cultural development, which encompasses a long history and profound display of the art of architecture, most Bo Position for a rare in the world.

From a young age I grew up in Harbin, the childhood of the mind I always wear a small steamed stuffed bun, and went outside to step on the snow, creak to hear the voice of the small red sweet Zizi Lian Daner will be open to the laughter. Harbin is the sky blue and, like childhood, but has no wings over the swan. I love my home, as it were that the United States and the Four Seasons, as It's all so the United States.

As a child, I always like to put on You Yongquan went to play in the water, Songhua River, Mo Yu, and like her mother to buy Qiulin "out Pakistan" back to eat a good few days, look like the central street of autumn leaves outside the home and small Tree in the yard side of the neck thick tree snow. Much better Memory, I have carefully treasured in the bottom of my heart, is not willing to forget.
Education Bookstore

Built in 1909, was co Matsuura, is the largest city on behalf of the Baroque building works, but also the central streets of Peugeot-building. Look gorgeous, vivid style, decorated complex, rich profile The dark red attic, Bangsar-changing shape of the roof and half of the dome to create a beautiful skyline, the city is building to protect ? category.

Yu was known as "Little Paris" in Harbin, with a swan-like qualities of pride, the city is quite romantic artistic expression of a harmonious, given the history of the thick Color, but also to the deep-rooted in Harbin's cultural charm. Central Avenue is a landmark street in Harbin, but also Street, 000 Street, the pedestrian street to protect the streets, architecture Street, the busy commercial street, tourism, leisure and public Street Culture Street. Main Street, the elegant classical architecture, beautiful tall and straight, the building reflects the To the essence of architecture, the whole of Central Avenue is an architectural art gallery.

  Central Mall

  At 100 Central Avenue, Central Avenue, located in the heart of the gold zone, the Central Avenue shopping, dining, entertainment, sightseeing and leisure into one comprehensive The multi-functional modern city. Central Mall 100,000 passenger trips daily.

  Harbin Flood Control Tower

Central Plaza, the end of the street, was built in 1958, in memory of the people of Harbin in 1957 to overcome flood attacks. In 1957 the city of Harbin in the flood threat , The flood peak water level in 1932 than 0.58 meters. Flood Control Tower from the cylindrical tower and a subsidiary of the composition of the semi-circular corridors. 13 m high tower, the Roman-style corridors 7 meters high, a spectacular harmony. Tower located at the bottom of the 11 semi-circular pool, the water level in 1957 which marked the highest level. Tower painted relief Flood wins a lively plot. Top intellectuals and the workers, peasants and soldiers on the ground formed Yuandiao image, showing the heroic image of the victory over the floods.

Central Avenue to the people of the world's amazing is that it's the road. To pave the way for the use of the stone box made of granite, shaped like a small Russian bread, 100 years after the baptism, Have a block or so dense and compact, that top step on the ups and downs, smooth texture and delicate rhythm, Shu people are happy, walking lightly, paved the way so the arts in the history of Chinese and foreign construction are rare. It is said that in the old, the price of a square stone on the value of a silver dollar, gold has really paved the way. Sofia church

The Far East's largest Orthodox church, belonging to the Byzantine-style building, which was founded in 1907, from 1923 to 1932 calendar when the nine-year reconstruction, the whole church Wealthy elegant appearance, bearing quite extraordinary. By the brick church. Top of the hall Green spire of the Byzantine-style ball, four of the roof attached Kok Lueai, Russia is a feature of the tent-steeple. High-rise is on top of the cross.

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Yabuli Ski Resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yabuli ski resort, by the Windmill Hill, National Education Committee and the traffic Hill, Blue Ski Resort, communications Villa Hills Power, Ding Yun Villa Park Resort hero, as well as the common peasant families, located in the eastern part of Heilongjiang Province Shangzhi City, 193 kilometers from Harbin, Mudanjiang City, 120 km away from. Most Feng 1374.8 meters above sea level, where the extreme minimum temperature is -44 ?, the average temperature of -10 ?, for a period of 170 days of snow, ski, and almost 150 days a year of mid-November to late March the following year here is the best Ski period.

  The entire ski in the mountains, close-lin Thick, and spectacular scenery. Guo Kui Shan Guokui three main peak has been turned into large-scale ski tourism, and Guokui Guokui II was the third Asian Winter Games track, it is now the country skier's training base.

  Yabuli ski facilities very well, a total of 11 at the beginning, middle and high-level skiing, the mountains Snow Road is the longest in Asia. There will also be skiing up to 5 km of the ring cross-country ski track and motorized snow, snow Lane, with 3 lifts and cableways, 3 Tuoqian cable and a cable to mention skill. The resort also has multiple machine-made snow, snow pressure, snow motorcycles and other modern ski equipment; Road, with more snow Lifts and cable traction, skiers can take anywhere from a cableway, ski do not need to take off, sliding all over the inside track.

  In terms of the number of Snow Road, the length of the gap or other ski facilities and a comprehensive service level, the Yabuli ski resort is far better than other domestic ski, China is undoubtedly the best ski resort. Here is the competitive skiing and ski the best travel sites, in 1996 the success of the third Asian Winter Games held all the snow, here or in China Entrepreneurs Forum will be the permanent meeting place known as "China's Davos. " The Yabuli is actively Office 2009 World University Winter Games and 2014 Winter Olympics, a growing international influence and appeal, attracting tourists all over the world come to ski tourism, leisure resort.

  Yabuli Ski Resort, located 193.8 kilometers east of Harbin, from the Mudanjiang City, twenty kilometers. Yabuli, formerly known Yabuluoni that the Russian "fruit garden" of Italy. Royal was a period of the Qing Dynasty and the Qing nobility of the paddock hunting. Yabuli snow-capped mountains close collins Hill,??????meters above sea level, the average annual temperature of two degrees Celsius - 10 degrees Celsius. Yamashita winter snow depth of 30 50 cm and one meter thick snow in the mountains around, good quality snow, moderate hardness. Period of 170 days in the snow, ski period of 120 days, is to carry out our competitive skiing and ski the best place to travel.

Yabuli Ski Resort ski area is divided into competitive skiing and tourism district. Atletico slip Region 9 Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing seven, six ski cable car, including a suspended six-box-type cable car windscreen and a cable car lift. At the same time, has world-class ski synchronized platform, 90 meters high mountains Level ski jumping, biathlon shooting range, an indoor stadium each. Tourism is Windmill Hill ski area by the China International Futures Brokerage Co., Ltd. as the developer to invest in the construction of world-class ski resort and the tourist resort Four Seasons Resort, open to visitors both at home and abroad for the whole year. Fourth, in February 1996 - on the 11th, as it has for the third Asian Winter Games in Yabuli athletes Received from Asian countries, snow athletes at home and abroad and tourists.

Yabuli Ski Resort Tourism (Sino-US joint venture) for China's first large-scale in line with international standards of ski tourism, with high, medium and junior ski Road 15, a cross-country skiing Road, with a total length of 30 km, ski tourism The three cars, with Germany by the introduction of the world's longest slide in the summer Erliubashi meters (dry snow), in order to provide visitors Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, snow skiing, snow motorcycle, dog, sled Mara, Lake Skating, snowmen, snow fireworks evening campfire entertainment, and other items. Bi You also entertain children skiing Ski areas and the traditional windmill area. At the same time, Snow has a rental shop and ski school, the Peak, the mountain, down the mountain with a number of bars, fast-food restaurants, shopping centers, the Red Cross ambulance station, as well as international and domestic long-distance telephone and satellite television services such as utilities.

Windmill Hill has a vast territory, Four Seasons King Pleasant. Preparation of different styles of villas windmill group represents the world since the fourteenth century classic windmill, Yi Yishi Block neo-classical composition of the windmill, "Taidizhizi" windmill, a pan-generation optical features. Windmill Hill financial architecture and environmental art as a whole, can be called "windmill museum in the world."

Yabu Ski Resort transportation is very convenient, 193.8 kilometers away from Harbin, the running time of two hours three minutes; twenty kilometers from Mudanjiang Airport, the running time of one hour three minutes. Harbin Yabuli through the "ski highway" is already open, off-wide tourist resort For the quick and easy.

  In addition, summer and fall seasons, Yabuli is also suitable for leisure, the dense forest in the summer, autumn storied dye to make, especially beautiful in this place with fresh air to stay ten days on half a month, play golf, boating draw , Fishing, health will be of great benefit.

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Hidden Dragon Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hidden Dragon Temple, also known as Hing Education and the urban West, Pingliang Temple is located 35 kilometers tail of the mountainside. Was built in the Han Dynasty. Legend has it that the Tang Dynasty, "Shih," Tang Prince Edward Lee had lived in the refuge, after Lee proclaim oneself emperor, it changed its name to the Cisi Hidden Dragon Temple. Shan Shan East and West met through 5 km, verdant forest in the mountains, facing the water Jing, built in the Temple Ya Shang, mountain in the lower part of the 4-chuen, there is, the same years of its shape, droughts and floods do not change their earnings.

  Water from rock cliffs drop point, the screen Daniel Chu, Gu Cheng, "Di Zhu Longquan." According to the "Pingliang City Chi" set, the temple was originally called Hing Education and Temple. "Shih" Tang Li Hengxi Prince Edward County on Pingliang, the temple overnight, the following year to proclaim oneself emperor Ling , Hidden Dragon Temple has changed. Ming Dynasty, Han Xiang Ling Wang, "as incense, the home field for the middle temple." The late Ming, Bingxian destroyed. Qing Emperor Kangxi years, Ma has presented women's fund-raising "in the permitted on the right and left side hall in a palace, Wei Tuo Temple" and other buildings, the old South Gate House has a new modification. Lam Yuen Shue Kat Sz Cheung Kong Academy before it wrote the inscription. Since ancient times, is the Kongtong Mountain pilgrimage to the letter with disabilities between the rest of the way.

  Zhou Temple scenic, hillside vegetation Feng Mao. Along the foothills of a clear spring 4, inexhaustible Flow long, scenic spots, "Di Zhu Longquan," the most significant that one of the eight Department of Pingliang. Zhao Qing Qing Dynasty poet Li "milk-chuen, Chu Lu-down, heart-pot ice storage" a decent, respectable man. In order to develop tourism resources, Pingliang city government in 1986, Hidden Dragon Temple will be turned into parks, in 1994 the city identified as one of the top 10 tourist attractions, and set up management body, approved in December the same year agreed to the construction of the park attractions planning, focused Human landscape. In recent years, has invested a great deal of manpower Financial resources in the park tree planting and management of the current work of the greening of the hills has begun to take shape, more than 20 existing trees more than 10,000 trees.

  Private financing of the newly built San Qingdian, such as the Hall of the Queen Mother of the five old buildings, palaces and soul of the original 9 grottoes have also been restored, re-carved statues, painted the murals so that the face of Park However, a new, eastern Gansu Province to become well-known scenic spots and historical sites of natural scenic areas. There are now approved the construction of scenic spots Longquan Di Zhu, Hidden Dragon Cave, Kowloon water, Baita, the fire dragon mountain, Jing-long embankment Court, Xia Ling, and other leaves, incense letter with disabilities, visitors must not 4:00.

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Stone Arch Caves Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the Town Miss Huating County at 3 km. Kukan of the existing 14, are stone statues. The largest cave is No. 2 and No. 6 Cave Cave, a very grand scale, inside the cave were made three threats paternity Buddha and the Buddha, carved on both sides of the door anterior King. No. 6 Cave 8 meters high, 6 m high Buddha. Cave of the two statues Tongzhi in the Qing period (1862-18 4) is damaged, only 6 of the first cave-wall side door relief to support a number of people still waiting, are the robes, was diverted to the Northern Wei Hu Fu after the provider of image. Cave of the statues cut roughly equivalent to the era of the Northern Wei, Western Wei Dynasty to the late stage.

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