Shilihualang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Suoxi Yu is located in scenic areas, the area is the essence of tourism in this as long as more than 10 years on both sides of the valley, is rich in natural scenery, such as the People's Bank of China during the painting. Dai Feng ditch next to the screen out and formed a rock hill 200 to respect people like objects may seem like a bird of animal shapes Shi, "Peacock Kai-Ping" and "old old "And" Welcome longevity "," Xiao Tian Tigers ", the most well-known.

  Gallery, about five kilometers on both sides of the verdant trees, wild flowers fragrance; Qifengyishi, are thousands like pieces of a huge volume of landscape painting, hanging side-by-side in the cliffs above the thousands of Ren, so absolutely beautiful view of the natural wonders Rongjinxianshi Works of art Dan in Mexico. Shilihualang into the attic to have along the way, guests longevity, the elderly herbs, such as two-faced clock ten main attractions.

  To the attic where they stand is a feng, hollow peak "window", Shi Feng as a whole From a distance, like a multi-stage pagoda, the last to see a turntable Yousi attic. By a narrow The rotation, direct access to the roof. The lower floor, turn into a circular gallery of rock, stone people Gallery, Luan leaned show. Shishi other side of the stone floor with attached wide cent capacity, a loft with a master servant, Xiangyingchengqu.

  Shilihualang to about 30 meters, just as there is a feng-old to stand in the face of longevity, facial contour points , Short hair and long eyebrows, deep eyes, smiling. His left hand up high, like in greeting visitors from afar. Xingshenjianbei longevity, the spectacle can be.

  Old old old rock also known as the "longevity Blossom" not far from one hundred meters up the side stand Shi Feng, a waist Huoxiang Koh floor for the elderly, wearing a party , Wearing a long gown, carrying a basket full of herbs. Obliquus cage in the back-to defend one of the Zashu bright and clean, get rid of drugs if the inversion. Two head to the mountains look at from close-bright, thoughtful, it seems like with a big surprise, as if suddenly found odd drug life, a good Manual, "Sun Simiao." Shilihualang old rock is one of the well-known landscape. Looking to the West Gallery, there are two high to low, the north-south mountain. Yuan Wang, like a head raised high to the days of Zhang Xiao Tigers. This is a well-known landscape Shilihualang Tigers Xiao Tian.

  Kam-rat view of its hibernation site on the day the Tigers across the ramp-Feng Xiao Tian, the peak like a rat Jin. Jin, referring to an emerald. Yuan Deng rat eyes that see, ears Zhishu and look to the blue sky, staring for a long time, and even millions of years do not change.

  Shilihualang there are 2 side by side next to the skin Yan Feng, Jun-feng on the left side of a high-hsiung, on the right side of a peak and low-fiber soft, like a pair of Jiubie reunion of husband and wife talk in the Zhong Chang. Named "husband and wife rock." Carefully looking husband Smiling face, looked at his wife and intimacy, lips Wei, Yan Xiao-Wei Lu, seems to whisper to his wife Wen language. That smile Lianrong wife, who lean forward slightly Xiumei falls, with deep feeling leaned in the arms of her husband. Zhangjiajie's landscape with the husband and wife there are rocks similar.

  At the end Shilihualang. Here blame Rocks, trees Conglong, often in small groups hundreds of monkeys in the collection Council, the monkeys that slope. Visitors this point, or trees, or mountains Road, Qunhou common in the steep cliff climbing on the play, and some blind Shangpan jump in the vine, and some rock sitting alone grasp ear scratch gills. Meikaiyanxiao either visitors, the endless interest Looking to the Nantian Men from the opposite, showing three Shi Feng thin, beautiful women, such as shape, Tingtingyuli, named the "three F-feng." And three women, especially in the peak in the third peak wonderful, Shi Feng in the chest with a diameter of about 1 meter breast eye can see from the hole in the mountain sky, as both hanging in Shek Pik on the mirror, like a girl wearing a Yu-ying decorated with transparent.

  Nantian Men continue to have been climbing about 200 Note, I have a Cha Dao, called Project of the moon, is right at home Tianzishan stone canopy area, while on-ramp to the right on the rooftops. 1020 meters above sea level on the rooftops, there are two things viewing platform. Eastern Taiwan is a vacant stone, surrounded by numerous Zashu, down Gusong It is the sunrise view of the ideal. West looking down at the West Sea and Taiwan of the most wonderful, but see the unfathomable deep canyon, Shiqianfeng stands, wearing a green Phi Tsui, beautiful scenery most out of the eye.

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Stone house canopies - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Stone house along the eaves, beautiful scenery, beautiful scenery, numerous attractions. The relative concentration of scenic tour line, "lean on a railing in the sky to make access to King."

Shen Tang Bay: a deep concave, as the cut is surrounded by steep, foggy day Fei Fei Yu. Range upon range of hills overlapping peaks down to form a five-Shen Tang, the bottom unpredictable Known as the "mystery of the Kingdom of Heaven." This is the legendary emperor Death to the King.

Taiwan will be: Baiwu located in the wind around the deep, craggy rocks as if dozens of human form, "the emperor" the highest in the middle of the front, "Chuan Lingguan" imperial decree was read out, "Zuo Cheng right with the" old bent, "soldiers" Ping Listening. Wang legend to the emperor in the parade will be.

He Long Park: Located at 1,200 meters of rock on the left side of Melaleuca. Park, standing in the "cloud Qingyan" on the bronze statue of He Long and nature together to form a unique artistic style. This is nearly a hundred years to shape our country's largest bronze statue of a. Yu Bi Feng: Tianzishan located on the west side of the emperor's Court in the valley. Cuolayouzhi dozens of processes Xiufeng, washed away the blue sky, the right was inserted as the Shi Feng Yu Bi, Shi Feng may sign off on the left side of the "land." Changing scenery, Tianzishan is one of the most famous scenic spots.

San Hua Fairy: Block Yu Bi Feng in the opposite ramp. Qiao Li Shi Feng clouds, the state very enchanting, Di Cui Yan Ding shrubs, wild flowers, such as Kam-foot mountain, every spring evening, the day the wind, the convective clouds float, like a fairy will be scattered flowers on earth.

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Jin Bianxi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jinbian Xi is a natural form of a beautiful stream, so named because of Jinbian Yan. Winding stream from west to east, even if the drought will not stop. Jin Bianxi approached, green everywhere, even the clothes have become the young green light. Gurgling water, accompanied by the sound of birds, walked, and suddenly felt a cool before Review a light breeze blowing gently, hit off the fragrance can not help you stop to savor. Clear bottom, not Xianchen into the clear water, fish swimming cheerful, red, green and white colors and shiny pebbles in water. The sun through the gap in the shadow of the mottled surface Sala, give the peaceful nature of the quiet enjoyment of the United States. Jin Bianxi Wulingyuan is along the boundary of the most beautiful scenery from the Zhangjiajie Forest Park to enter the door, walk back about 300 meters Jinbian Xi is the entrance to the entire 5.7 km long river, through the Valley, which rise amid clouds, bright and clean water, more ups Position, in which small fish around, the banks delicious flowers, birds Yingti The stream of people along the line, increasingly middle reaches of the painting.

  Jin Bianxi through the Valley Shen He, Shiqianfeng stands on both sides of the river, high into the sky, lush trees, shade Blot out the Sun, gurgling streams here, Fei Bao glass, rare birds and plants and animals with the Health and co-prosperity, Constitute a very beautiful, quiet and natural environment, "World's most beautiful valley" and "the most poetic of the stream."


Huaguo Shan: Jin Bianxi located at the entrance, where gentle stream, the river is relatively open, a waterfall hanging from the mountains and tilt, the TV series "Journey to the West" is here to Huaguo Shan for the location of the land. Jinbian Xi is a natural form of a beautiful stream, so named because of Jinbian Yan. Winding stream from west to east, even if the drought will not stop. Jin Bianxi approached, green everywhere, even the clothes have become the young green light. Gurgling water, accompanied by the sound of birds, walked, and suddenly felt a cool Aware of only a light breeze blowing gently, hit off the fragrance can not help you stop to savor. Clear bottom, not Xianchen into the clear water, fish swimming cheerful, red, green and white colors and shiny pebbles in water. The sun through the gap in the shadow of the mottled surface Sala, give the peaceful nature of the quiet enjoyment of the United States. Jinbian Yan: Zhangjiajie is the thousands of Qi in another typical rocks, pulling it from the mountain to redundant, three pen steep, angular, spangle, magnificent momentum and become as a result of ancient weapons in Whip named after. According to legend, Qin Shi Huang Shan reclamation this time, as a result of careless drunken Jin Bian will fall, Shi Feng made.

Tam Boraginaceae: Jin Bianxi located in the concourse area with sand trench knife. Valley for the purple sandstone, as a result of erosion by flowing water several times into a trough-shaped, and known as Tam shikonin. Bottom clear water, Qi, green trees, the words purpuratus Tandi, variegated, Lin Lin Shui-Guang, green shadow flicker, the very nature in harmony. Tam on small For a complete natural stone.

Fish jump Lake: Lake is located in the lower reaches of shikonin. If Jinbian Xi as a peerless beauty, the two Tam is moving its pair of eyes. Tam is also a jumping fish washed into the stream by the Shihcao, pouring water into the dam to form a gap, the fish give birth period and the water back on, alive to this, so Tam fish jump.

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Walled kidney - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Walled kidney Zhangjiajie Forest Park located in the north-east direction, and Huangshi Zhai, Yang family form a community of "three pillars" of power, it Jinbian Xi on the right side, with the exception of a road from the valley Huaxi-old Bay mill, there is no way tour . Gongs and drums from the tower to the Walled kidney, all the way over, into the mountain, through dense forest, the stone step, over a small bridge, steep climb , Shangtianti, boarding bridges, monuments to see that there are many unique natural scenery.

  Walled kidney top 1,500 meters above sea level, just like the shape of a kidney, and therefore its name. It is relatively distant Huangshi Zhai, Goushen cut peak, the mountain is very dangerous, but there is a top-Walled open plains, is a wonderful natural viewing platform, the face About 60,000 square meters, deep valley surrounded by cliffs, very Xianyao. It is said that years of the Ming and Qing dynasties and the Republic of China, here is the local people to avoid Bingfei, there are existing sites Danzhai.

Walled kidney Zhangjiajie Forest Park is second only to the Huangshi Zhai second major tour line, most of the sites are directly on the air, Appropriate to the risk-takers, the line of the main bridge landscape, the eagle beak, ten thousand crags and torrents, spear rock, patungensis Hu, Mochizuki rabbit, and so on.

  Walled kidney on that ladder to climb, and there is also linked with a rope, ladder by the two-story wooden ladder was built artificial pose. I have been with the former director of Zhangjiajie Forest Farm Kailin, the Office burning secretary, Comrade Hu too, such as mountain climbing together, that is, to climb up the ladder. In general, do not age, the body is not good visitors can climb ladder, so that can take the short cut, to save time, but also can exercise their own will, once to climb, it is, "Hill was also higher at the foot of I " Lee and a sense of pride. Ladder along the border could also see some of the Road do not look elsewhere for scenic spots. The frail elderly tourists, is not recommended climbing ladder and take the risk Panshan Road, although slower, but safe and reliable.

  Walled in the top of the kidney, there is a temple, fine-sounding name "Jiefeng temple." Here is far Jimu East Water can be seen Rao 4, substantial Southern Huangshi Zhai, you can see, "the town of seven towers demon." At the moment, only to see the site of a temple. Tall rock doors, rock walls still there next to the monument, Dan Deng, and other cultural relics. According to research, Cimiao in the construction of the Ming Dynasty, in memory of Wang to come back and win the emperor built, so named Jie Feng Temple, "meaning that his Jiefeng celebration. If there is a good guide, can you explain to the uprising story of the emperor Wang, Duwusiren you, you can bring it into the era of war incessantly.

  "Mother of a nine-Health" and "Butterfly Tree" came to the valley over Huaxi Chichiawan stone, can be seen along the way, many Unprecedented, unheard of landscape plants. Such as: there is a flood Suzi tree from its trunk and grow nine different trees, so the issue is called "mother of a nine-sheng, nine-nine-like." There is also a "Butterfly Tree", also known as a "thinking" and the tree, it's end-around into a circle in the middle of the rotation Waterloo Complete with the abacus calculation of the same. On both sides of the road, there is a drug, "Pratia flowers", entitled "The drug Lily", which the sub-node, the same day soldiers will be the Pratia, very magical.

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Marshal Luo's former home - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Marshal Luo Ronghuan Hengdong Xian Town House is located in the South Bay Street Village, China is well-known tourism "golden channel", "Jinggang Mountains - Hengshan Mountain" must pass through, away from the Hengshan Mountain, about 70 km. "Chor-nam Jing in the first" reputation as a "tin-dong", from here, only 3 kilometers away. The special geographical location Coupled with a unique architectural style of ancient folk, here to become Nanlaibeiwang visitors stop each other's well-known scenic spots.

  South Bay Street is a group of Qing Shiban to the streets of the Qing Dynasty into the ancient buildings, the former residence of Marshal Luo - Kuroda Roche public to enjoy different temple in the north-west side streets. The temple was in 1914 by the Luorong Comrade father Mr. Luo Guogen in memory of their ancestors on behalf of the twelve-san and the public through the construction of the temple. More than 540 square meters floor area, covers an area of more than 700 square meters.

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Hongseong Hot Springs - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hongseong Hot Springs is located in Qidong county within 3 km of the West, after Stephen mountains, vertical and horizontal criss-cross paths, all year round temperature of 20 degrees. Dongnuanxialiang for bath in winter, the water contains a variety of skin treatment and benefit the health of the trace elements, does not contain harmful substances such as sulfur.
  Hong Seong-fat hot springs in some clumsy Song 2004 (1198) In the past, Chang Ming Dynasty scholar Zhang Yan redress for their title of "Gan clarity from the village of fertile soil, not passers-by in downtown Xian Huaqing," from a poem engraved on the rocks.
  Quan-nozzles for Cave, the flow from about 20-square-meter pond, the flow of 0.3 cubic meters per second, and then at the end of spring water and a clean, free from the rainy season Ring, keep all the year round.

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Heaven Hill Scenic Spot - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Heaven Hill scenic spots for the provincial scenic spots located in the southern Changning Shi, the middle reaches of the south bank of Xiang River, 85 km from the city of Hengyang, with a total area of 120 square kilometers. Tashan Scenic Area as a whole by the West River area and customs of the Yao, paradise on Lake Recreation Area, Paradise Hill natural scenic area in front of the temple cave and stone landscape, and other areas of the four King , Set the natural landscape and cultural integration, there are more than 100 scenic spots. Scenic landscape with strange, beautiful scenery and charming and more exciting "in the first Huayao rural drift" - the West River rafting, folk magic and beautiful, colorful style of the rural Yao, "underground treasure house of art," God of Wonders hole China and India for the Grand View Hill, still charm of ancient residential areas in the Qing Dynasty, Sally floating in the air if the water umbrella to fly to heaven ... ... Hill Scenic Spot a colorful embellishment.

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Yu-Shan mother - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yu-Shan mother was originally called Yun Wushan, as a result of the impact terrain and easy to play into a fog cloud, often clouds and wind around its name. Yongzhengnianjian-ching, ruling value Chau Chu Road Taiwan for a long time because of early rain, the disaster the people, they are attracted to the mother Shan Yu Tan Chi Songzi rain, "al devout pray, Ze Li rain down" because "without this cloud Yun Wushan , Is the mother of rain thanks to the rain, " Give thanks to the pro-title "mother of Yu-shan" in Chinese Jin Bian, the rain was renamed Hill home.
  Rain Mountain Range mountains home first in the Mountain and return to Sri Lanka Yan Shou each other and with the Seven-Mile Hill, Shek Ngau peak power of each dragon and snake respectively. Yu-Shan mother above sea level 238m; the relative elevation 200m, the scope of 6km2. Peak height in a deep valley, very dangerous, and Shek Ngau out of the 510m peak structure of the city a 30km radius of the ecology of the region, 53 in the mountains Section 246 kinds of plants, is rich in resources, coniferous forest, broad-leaved forest into overlapping interest, the tower of tree, shrub cover, very green show . The mountains are wild animals Ye Yang, wild boar, white-fast, pheasant, Niaoque, and so on, down the mountain water Noise of water, rivers into lakes, the water reservoir south of Red Lake 330 acres, surface rainwater harvesting 2km2, such as the level of a mirror, the clear bottom. Chong Tong Temple Reservoir to the north, the west side of Kowloon Reservoir, crossing the reservoir around the foot of a mountain pond, lake constitutes a red flag with a number of different directions mirror, reflected on the mountains, Huguangshanse, beautiful. Hill mother of four distinct climate Dongnuanxialiang, gentle and pleasant, spring the rhododendrons bloom, Manshanhongbian, ground-breaking Chun-Sun, Chunyiangran. Summer Night echoed mountain breeze, smell Lin Tao, Chinese Restaurant Huguang, Hawthorn Huan fish. Camellia everywhere in the fall, Kim Man-Zhi Guo, Ao-xue winter plum, flowery Maple Leaf.
  Rain mother Mountain Attractions: (1) Ku Tai Temple (2) Hall of Avalokitesvara (3) Tan Chi Songzi (4), flying stone (5) to prepare hole
(6) Fishing Lake (7) Red Lake (8), Chai Ling (9) nine Buddhist nunnery (10) bamboo chicken slope
(11) Ma mouth mouth (12) beautiful hair (13 Long stone lions (14) ring of water Soap (15) defeated Singapore
(16) Lok Ma Bridge (17) burning row (18) Tiger Hill -

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Hengshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hengshan Mountain is one of the Chinese Sacred Mountains of China, is located in Hengyang City in Hunan Province, towering peaks, magnificent, 72-Feng Wei Yi 800, 7 runs through the city. Zhu Rongfeng peak 1290 meters above sea level. Sacred Mountains of China since ancient times to show only good scenery, long history and reputation, both Buddhist and wide influence, the Chinese public life Yue Yang Zhao said in .

  Sacred Mountains of China in Hengshan Mountain, due to climatic conditions better than other Si Yue, Lam Xiuzhu is everywhere, year-round green; plants, 4:00 put incense and very beautiful natural scenery, and thus "Nanyue own show" The reputation. Wei Yuan Qing Dynasty in China, said: "If the Hengshan Bank, Dai (Thai) Hill, such as sitting, Huashan Li, Songshan, such as lying, but only Nanyue swiftly. "This is the Hengshan praise.

"Seventy-two Furong blue sky", including the Hengshan Yuelu Mountain in Changsha, Hengyang Yanfeng back, stands with the composition of the 72 peaks. Nanyue the first peak in Hengyang City at the entrance of the South - to Yan Feng, from the "days Mountain peak in the first "to the north, along the North Zhengxiang traveling by car for more than an hour from the flash before Enuoduozi as Furong Zuoxiang dozens of peaks, scenic spots into a Nanyue. If people from the Jing-Guang Railroad train, in Hengshan Stop, change cars, only 15 km distance, they can enjoy the South The scenery.

Nanyue the show is not without Hill Green, Hill is not no tree. It fell across the mountains and the graceful mountain is covered with dense forest, evergreen, like a huge natural park. Lin Shu-deep, light and listen to the names of trees, touching enough of: money-song, yew, tree horses, Tapiscia tree, allspice, Good, bronze and the evergreen camphora, the magic of Solo, the fiery red Fenglin, the oldest Tengluo. According to statistics, Lin Nanyue the existing landscape and other plants, there are more than 1700 kinds. This is the dozens of people on behalf of the crystallization of the sweat and toil, many of them gum. Fu Yan Monastery of the word ginkgo ordained in the Six Dynasties, when the Zen Master Hui Si, tree There are at least 1,400 years, the trees are Hebao three adults can not crowded. Canon bring up the rear of Magnolia, also Siwubainian history, is still in Spring flowering, the mountain is covered with Xiangpiao. Ban Shanting the Gusong, three or four hundred-year-old age, or so little brother! Sihou closure on the virgin forest, many trees are Laotailongzhong Qubei bending, Bianshen moss, look no lines. At first glance, they no longer curl Zhang, does not cover the whole crown, deep-rooted, and leaned with each other, like a group of cold weather clothing in the dilapidated people, embracing heating, and no mercy is handsome elegance of praise. However, in this high mountain air, thousands of them every day, " Cream knife sword forcibly imposed martial law ", have to hold each other tight iron, and mix I help you, and some are even born the same roots, branches and even arguments not only show alone, and love.

Nanyue If only these trees showed the Xiuse, it is not enough in the world in such a famous eye-catching. Xiuse that it is only the external beauty, Show there are "no" is its far-reaching connotations. People of Mountain scenic spots as "absolutely Nanyue eight", that is, "Zhu Rongfeng high Tripitaka Hall of show, Temple wide side of the deep, grinding Jingtai of quiet, of Shuilian Dong Qi, Yu's ancient Jambi, South Yuemiao The hung, Xian Qiao risk. " That is "absolutely Nanyue eight" top Before it won the "Sacred Mountains of China alone show" that well-deserved reputation.

Zhu Rongfeng Mountain, 1290 meters above sea level, because of the smoke stack of peaks and contrast lining, constitutes a "bottomless Zhurong to pull, but not Smoke in Yuxian" majestic. Its board, can be seen to the north of Dongting Lake Yanbomiaomiao, albeit not very clearly South of the list of peaks, such as impaired as screen, Wei Yi Xiang River water, like a jade belt, west of the Peak Xuefeng, Tao Yin somersault, and thousands of images, panoramic view.

Tibetan Temple in the mountains, hidden in the depths of the Valley, surrounded by towering trees, green shade article, the Artesian Bore Baths birds, each ring A, appears to be boundless vitality, quiet Plaza de Fang Guang Temple Linquan, beautiful hills, quiet environment, thorough, visitors now have a "deep" sense, the adage "to the wide side, deep enough to know", said.

Xian Qiao will stand, look around gum, Kim Guang Cancan, green rolling waves, a magnificent view can be seen Zhurong One side of the stone, like a tortoise, known as "Herbie pilgrimage." Bridge risk, is a must, Zhennai unlimited scenery in the Xian-feng.

Yamashita Shuilian Dong, Fei Bao, such as diarrhea, video screens shrinkage in the Song Dynasty Shuilian Dong Yong-Bi Tian Shi Yishou there, the beauty of the Road: "Portal Qianchi hang Fei Liu, Zhu Yu Sui Luen autumn cold spray; ancient I do not know who is a roll, green radish as a hook to bring on. "All this shows the general view of not.

Nanyue or well-known Buddhist holy sites. Hundreds of mountains, there is wat, Um, and so on a number of 200. Nanyue located in the ancient town of Nanyue temple, southern China is the largest group of ancient buildings, covers an area of more than 9800 square meters Shapes like the Imperial Palace in Beijing, followed by nine Jin. Ride south temple, surrounded by red walls, tall turret. Jian Shou spring, the walls around the capital flow. The temple, on the eastern side of 8 Taoist, Buddhist temple on the west side of 8 to show equality of both Buddhism and Taoism Nanyue. Nanyue temple, is a historic and artistic treasures of the value of a scale Grand, beautiful architecture, the structure of a complete, detailed layout of, is rare. In the ancient town of Nanyue, and a Buddhist temple - Zhusheng Si. It is located in the town of Street, with the Nantai Temple in the mountains, Fu Yan Monastery, the closure of the Temple and outside the city Qingliangsi Hengshan, and so on, together known as the Mountain Buddhist six jungle. Legend has it that when the water Dayu After coming here, and here the establishment of cold palace She Li Shun. Qing Emperor Kangxi years as a major alteration to the palace and changed its name Zhusheng Si. Temple is now surrounded by green trees, wind around inside of cigarettes, Muk Yue Zhong Qing voice, we can often hear the Buddha statues map everywhere, those who are interested in, but also to talk with the Master, Nanyue taste like a well-known Su Can I Lent. Others, such as Liu Guang Temple, the Temple in southern Hunan, Danxia Temple, Tie Fosi, the wide side and Temple-court, Ting view, are the old Tan before the Ming Dynasty, is not the same size, but also have their own best interest.

Hengshan Mountain scenic spots and there are many myths and legends, has attracted On behalf of a variety of characters to form a rich and varied cultural deposition, like a vast landscape of human and cultural harmony, harmony of the huge park.

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Nantai Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Objects being thrown from a peak in the bowl of noodles Tanan Samsun, known as "the world is the source of law", from the Fu Yan Monastery less than 2 km. Southern Liang-day monitoring period Haiyin Cisi create a Zen master, Tang Tianbao seven years, Zen monk Xiqian his ancestral it to be known as the Nantai Temple. Nantai Temple and pleasant scenery, surrounded by green trees around the temple, the temple has saxifrage, Qili Xiang Exotic plants, the most surprising thing is called a snow mountain plants, it branches low, driving a golden flowers, the leaves are not long. Nantai Temple, the Buddhist Sect of Japan was seen as Zuting, and Sotoshu Nantai Temple belongs in the same Rinzai Zen Nanzong a founder of the Hui. Qing Emperor Guangxu 29 years (1903 , Japan MEI Xiao Sotoshu to Nantai Temple monks were the source of a series, a lot of gifts to the Tibetan Nantai Temple, left, "MEI Xiao donated by" a much-told tale.

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ZHU Ming-feng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

ZHU Ming-feng in Yue Miao, Dong-feng under, for the legend of the immortal practice Kwong Sin, from his hole, not gone out, the word for Nanyue hole before.

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Gou Mountain Peak mountain peak - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gou Mountain Peak mountain peak from the Mountain Village 50, Hengyang in the rural north, the majestic mountains, trees Canggu, the rich grass-Zhen, Xiang Fu rich, in Yu Temple, the temple has Yuwang side of the monument, there are Lei Fei's Tomb, There are peaks Falun Temple, predecessors to Gou Mountain Nanyue mountain peak to peak, the mountains of the original mountain peak Gou Mountain, Shek Kwu, Lian River College.

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Cao Dai Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Closure on the Temple, Bi Luo Feng hill, to build a temple, the temple of the high-profile, on both sides of the Simen "Songyinzadi" and "towering Buddha" couplets. Siyu existing, is 25 years Ming Jiajing (1546 AD) reconstruction. Temple at an elevation of 1000 meters above the mountain, our predecessors had "a high mountain, Shi Qi, Qing Quan, village "It summed up the characteristics. Craggy rocks around the temple, condescending, a lot of Inscription on the rock. Temple next to the" concept of the sea floor, "is a sea of clouds view of the ideal premises. Teramae not far from the" open yunting "The Pavilion Department-wide granite Lei Qi, Nan Tianmen Shihfang up and down with the confrontation between the banks Pavilion, "Pond" remaining, but the drying up of water, the pool There is a small square, to this room for the car. Si You have Guanyinyan lower side, the rock engraved with the "big trip harrier nest" words, there are banks of Rock House, caves, a built-in Guanyin. Rock around the towering stone is different, particularly on the right side of the tall, stone to the left, there are clear spring, Quan Yin name, Qing Han cold water for drinking Temple monks . There are holes under the rocks haze, left for the first Shilong, stone toad, as North Korea really Shi Fu, Xiang Shi, and so on.

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Nine cents concept - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nine cents in the view of purple covered peaks, the West has Xiang Lufeng, the East has spit Wufeng, cigarettes Piaomiao nine cents concept caught in the meantime. It away from the town of Mountain Village 13, was the former site of the concept of life cents. Leung Tin-year prison (in 502 AD - 519 years) to build. Outlook for the practice of the Taoist Master. The first year of Emperor Guangxu (1875 AD) re - . Nine cents concept right, there is a Buddhist Pine, deep, hollow trunk, about ten feet five-Wai, for the old millennium, now semi-dry green and a half. Next to the concept of "nine cents soaring main altar" stone of the six Chinese characters, Zhang Xu Fang II, carved in a rock formation, for the remains of the Song Dynasty. Concept before a stone chessboard, the letter "I came to be," Word, the word as much as ten Chi Yu, and "to Cijie Sin", describe a high of about two feet, "Cloud View" and "View of Sin" Inscription writing clear view of boulders in the middle path between fields after the fields have a "board of its real "The words, more than a foot high.

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Magu in Wonderland - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Magu located in the Tianzhu Feng Wonderland, according to legend for his wife, Nan Yuewei Magu maid to Ms. Wei's birthday, take it, "Shi Jing point, the water landscape, King of the road, planting trees Tim King" landscape practices, so that Magu in Wonderland to be a truly worldly paradise. The main attractions are Magu birthday, Jiang Zhu Ting, Pirates of the peach stone, Wo Hu , Ganoderma lucidum, such as fountains.

Glossy ganoderma lucidum by the fountain springs and pools, artificial landscape of Ganoderma lucidum on the mountain spring water fountain will be together after spewing out very spectacular, was sunbathing, forest bath an excellent place to go.
  Ban Shanting from westbound at about 1 km to that fairyland Magu. Magu is a legend Fairies for farmers in March to the third birthday of the Queen Mother of the West, she adopted each year in the Mountain Ganoderma lucidum wine, and then to fly to the birthday of the Queen Mother.

Westbound over a bridge and bamboo pavilion, showing a Ping Qiao, a waterfall off the bridge Triassic, that is, the famous waterfall Jiang Zhu. See it up a pool of Jiang Zhu, according to the legend here Magu wine. Chi-li Jiang Zhu statue there, stand on the rock Magu is the fairy, she carried the pot to Peach, who relied cents deer, flying Zhuangruo.

Magu the beauty of nature in a fairyland the United States, Yanxi trip into the forest, the wild flowers in full bloom Fang Xin, shade everywhere, all visitors to this good fortune sigh of natural achievements. This There are points Wo Hu Shi, stone monkey, and other features.

In addition, Ganoderma lucidum and Stephen Magu in Wonderland phase adjacent to the fountain of Ganoderma lucidum and the composition of the pool. Stephen has a giant glossy ganoderma lucidum artificial form, spring water spewing from Ganoderma lucidum in shape.

It is worth mentioning that Magubaishou legend or our Chinese An ancient tribe of the message notes, "such as the blessing of the East China Sea, Shoubinanshan" refers to the Nanshan Mountain, Magu here by flying to the Queen Mother Bai Shou.

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Lotus Peak - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lotus Peak in the West Yuemiao Sishili like a lotus flower, side-Canton Temple was built in the "Lotus Heart", a Hui Si Temple, monks Haiyin cassock and Taiwan make up the washing pool cassock, a flying bell hanging in front ginkgo tree , And Zhao Ji Temple Huizong of the original title of "world famous" horizontal inscribed board, the latter moved to Ban Shanting.

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Fang Guang Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nan Tianmen south along the ridge line, Shun Xiling Mountain, about 5 km away, deep into the elegant side of the Temple in Canton, where dense trees, water features Silver Spring, surrounded by eight peaks, such as Lotus indeed in all aspects, the wide side is the lotus temple . Monastery was founded in 2002 supervisor of the Southern Dynasties Liang Tian (503 AD), repeated after repeated waste-hing, well-preserved appearance Fang Guang Temple in Lotus Peak, where a temple for the Lion Rock, a little under two off Castle Peak, a narrow mouth, three Kuan Jin, Si Zhang, maple, cedar, very dense. Late autumn each year, the red maple leaf, cedar branch Molv that exposure to dense forests, particularly refreshing. There are streams in the forest, Jianshui into the bottomless Tan Zhong, If Hongzhong, water from the dam overflow mouth, and tortuous. Xi Shun, under which there are many rare trees, such as beans, Wang Shan, Silver Bird, Hong fruit trees, including a Shorea trees grow on rocks in the stone, has been for hundreds of years old. There are ten yellow sand from the Temple Tam Pak Tam, Tam, and other Hac Sa water. Hac Sa-tan-tan bottomless Cang water was black, up to the formation of Er Zhang, Zhang Yu-wide waterfall, pools Huizong handwritten inscription on the Shek Pik "Qiushui Hainan Dragon", describe surviving.

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Martyr's Shrine - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nanyue Martyr's Shrine at the city of Hengyang in Hunan 4 km away from the ancient town of Nanyue, which rise amid the wrong store here, pine and cypress shade, surrounded by water, road set fiber, Hill is a heavy water Complex, Shuang Xiang Yang Kai, is the ideal construction of the temple. Ciyu the whole ride south, the central axis, according to former high-low after the layout of the terrain, followed by St. Paul, 77 minutes Monument, memorial hall, and enjoy Jinian Ting-tang, with the exception of the monument, Ji Nianting for pure stone structure, the other stone walls are green glazed tile, Danyanqiaojiao.

  July 7, 1937, Japan invaded China in the beginning of "Seven. VII" incident, the long-planned out to destroy China's war of aggression from the To start all-round. To the end of 1938, China's armed forces despite strong resistance, but poor equipment, inadequate training, the Japanese army invaded and occupied half of the numerous patriotic officers and men of the red blood of the land of China.
At this point, Guangzhou and Wuhan have been lost, at the rear of Hunan Province, is such an important strategic position from , Wuhan has become after the Department engaged in another war camp. Hengshan Mountain is known as the Sacred Mountains of China show only the reputation of the railway road transport by sea to facilitate the anomaly. By the chairman of the Nationalist government of Chiang Kai-shek personally presided over the military held a "meeting for the first time the military Mountain", was also invited Vice-Chairman of the CPC Central Committee and Zhou Enlai, the Eighth Route Army chief of staff leaves The United Kingdom. The two parties to national interests, to join hands against Japan.

At this meeting, many officers and soldiers were killed and more general reference to the "body battlefield violence," can not be buried, the speaker sad, Lianrong listener. Chiang Kai-shek's very sad to hear this, the post-Chen Cheng, Xue Yue called two general, solemnly arranged Cemetery.
Chen Cheng later transferred to Sichuan, Hunan and Xue Yue-time Chairman of the Government, the building is basically a matter of the cemetery by the auspices of the Yue Xue.

As has been working with the Japanese army during the war, together with the survey, land acquisition, fund-raising, and other preparatory work has been 1940 on September 1 , Mountain Martyr's Shrine in the first phase of the project officially started. The second phase of the next year on November 5 Hing Engineering, in June 1943 to be completed. July 7, the Martyr's Shrine Mountain held a grand inauguration ceremony, the presiding officer in the Valiant Ones Yue Xue Gong tablets before reading oration, solemnly declared "war of resistance, the officers and men of the Valiant Ones, Japan into the temple, the temple at the age of "the first temple to the generals there are Zhang, Hao Menglin, Tong Linge, Zhao Dengyu 38, and so on.

After the completion of the Martyr's Shrine, in 1944, the fall of Nanyue, the Japanese army was destroyed, and then the Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution was a powerful destruction.
1984 , Here to pay respect to Hu Yaobang, the 87-year restoration of the CPPCC National Committee put forward their views. Until 1992, the local government by the full-scale restoration. 96 years as the central government has been the focus of the National Heritage unit.

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Closure on the Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the high-profile top of the Temple, 10 km from the South Yuemiao, Mountain is one of the earliest temple, the Sui Dynasty called light days before the concept was respected of Taoism for the twenty-blessed land. Si You closure on the outlook for Japan and Taiwan, Zhu Rongfeng left for the peak on the Zhurong language does not bring up the rear is rock, rock boulder there looking, like a Turtle in the struggle to crawl upward, "Herbie pilgrimage." Not far under the rock cliffs on the air, there are two stone, with the cliff-phase, looked on the verge of collapse, will be known as the Xian Qiao, when on night out, there can be vaguely heard the sound of wind and string, the legend has to be a god who drink on the bridge Wine music.

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King Kong stupa - Chinese tourism scenic spots

King Kong stupa at the back of the Nantai Temple Feng Shui should be, more than 600 meters above sea level, southern China is the largest relic of the golden mountain pagoda, 48 meters high tower, an area of 233 square meters, the floor, nine points all directions, tower 256 The wall around the tower ladder, by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage and the China Buddhist Association to identify two of the Buddha relic An Feng at the top level. The tower was started in July 1993, May 15, 1998 formally completed.

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Wu River Forest of Stone Tablets - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wu River Forest of Stone Tablets in Yongzhou Qiyang county seat is located in the southwest of the Xiang River in the West Bank, China's rare for the Forest of Stone Tablets in the open sea poetry. Beautiful mountains and rivers here, contains the history of the mid-Tang Dynasty poet Yuan Jie's very popular here, on the banks of the stream of live-Lu Jian, Wu Jian Taiwan, and the river named "Wu River," Wu River, which got its name. Yuan Jie in the year 76 Writing in the "Chung Hsing Chung Tang" and subsequently great calligrapher of the Yuan Jie Yan Zhenqing will be writing this article engraved down the river on Yashi, the Wu River from the world famous. After the Song and Huang Tingjian, the Qing Dynasty Ho Shao-chi, Wu Hui, and other famous stone to the title, gradually formed the Forest of Stone Tablets. Forest of Stone Tablets in the Qing Dynasty in Vietnam so that there is To stay here through the four stone.

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Hengyang Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Meandering journey of a thousand miles in the middle reaches of the Xiang River, Sacred Mountains of China show the independence of South Mountain, there is a long history and beautiful scenery and culture of the city. She is known as "in-wan beauty," "Pearl of Jiangnan" Hengyang. Legend has it that "North Yannan Fei, bringing the rest back to the wing to stop," it also said that Blair "wild city."

  Hengyang is Southern Province, the second largest city. 5-wide municipal County District 2 City 5, with a total area of 15,300 square kilometers, at the end of 1998 the total population of 6,973,300, the urban population of 780,000 people.

  Hengyang is full of vitality and hope for a magical land. She has a long history and splendid culture, priorities Geographical location, good infrastructure and very rich natural resources. From the Sui Dynasty, has Hengyang Zhijun, state, House Road, the city built in 1942. Here is the paper-making technique, Cai inventor, philosopher Wang Chuan-shan's native place, the Republic of Marshal Luo's home. Hengyang excellent location, close to the coast, the Pro Hong Kong and Macao, then east of the West, is along the coast of the mainland, the mainland's edge; "brief account of Guangdong and Guangxi, Wu Jing-lock", is located in the "north-south hub," has always been of the merchants gathered in the main southern and distribution of goods. The territory of the traffic is convenient, Jing-Guang Railroad, 107 National Highway and the construction of the Beijing-Zhuhai expressway is the North-South China, Hunan, Guangxi Railway State Road 322 and the "three South" across the East-West Highway; Xiangjiang, Lei water, distilled water, water meters four seasons shipping, extending in all directions, especially 2,000,000,000 yuan of investment is currently under construction in the Xiang River Hengyang Dayuandu shipping hub project will thousand Shun-ton cargo ship into the Xiangjiang Dongting, pass up the Yangtze River in Shanghai; two for the opening of the airport Land and water has become empty of traffic interchange network, is worthy of the name echoes the North and South, East and West to undertake, alliances of the North-South transport hub.

  Hengyang is rich in resources, many products, the prospects for the development of attractive, well-known is the "non-ferrous metals town," and "non-metallic town" and "fish-meter Rural. "Gold, silver, copper, iron, lead, zinc, coal, rock salt, kaolin, feldspar, such as sodium more than 100 species of rich reserves, both at home and abroad occupies an important position. Hengyang well-developed agricultural production, ecological environment quality, the National The key grain, oil, pigs, fish, fruit base. Hengyang Qi Shan Shui Sau, the Gathering of Talents for tourism Charming pleasant light, around the natural landscape and human landscape, "huan beauty in" good reputation, in particular, has a "text Mingao zone" of the Hengshan Mountain, Wei Yi stretching more than 800 years to win shaped mountains and rivers and the only show to the Buddha Road and co-prosperity and fame, is famous the world, pay homage to the collection, exploration, holiday, summer in one of the more Can be a tourist destination. Hengyang rich in energy, water, heat, electricity and adequate supply of resources. The rapid development of communications, program-controlled telephones, video telephony, the Internet and other modern communication devices and the means of social life has been applied in various fields.

  Hengyang is a place full of hope Babao Bamianlaifeng place, the ancient city while you're a good opportunity to come. Hengyang this hidden wealth, the treasure is full of temptation, investment cooperation has broad prospects. Hengyang to today, tomorrow, the brilliant cast. There is an area of 15 square kilometers of high-tech industrial development zone in Hengyang City and the famous Chinese and foreign tourism economic development zone of the two Nanyue Provincial-level development zone, is a show business talent on the stage, a large number of energy, transportation, urban construction projects and other basic industries can cooperate, chemical industry, metallurgy, daily-use products, processing of agricultural and sideline products, such as resource development projects could be jointly developed, there are a number of Good condition, the strength of large and medium-sized enterprises are eagerly looking forward to cooperation With. Hengyang will also further open the door to the outside world and making friends in the world, all-round investment to accelerate the pace of development.

  Hengyang had a long history, Hengyang is a brilliant now, Hengyang will have a bright future. Now the city is the people of one heart and one mind, good governance, Hengyang power to influence both at home and abroad into the city of Industry, Trade City and tourism city. Middle of the next century or even earlier, a well-developed economic, trade and prosperity, scientific and technological progress, social civilization and prosperity of the people of Hengyang will be displayed in the new world. Good hard-working, the hospitality of more than 6,000,000 people as Hengyang To, welcome domestic and foreign friends from all walks of life came to tourism, business investment and industrial projects. Hengyang people will honor in good faith cooperation of the great cause of plans, shared interests and work together to create a better future.

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Hill covered five hunting - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chenzhou City, Hunan Province, located in the south-east 45 km south-east, the area of 8000 hectares hunting, 400-1619 meters above sea level, is the second, the only southern international hunting.

  Five Ridges mountain peak is located in the zone, a total of ten million. Times the original forest coverage rate reached 78 percent. Yamanaka 1 More than 0 kinds of wild animals, of which the number of groups, the animals are suitable for hunting sambar, wild boar, Huang M, rabbit in southern China, such as Meles total of 26, hunting big ridge in two Shan Mei folder and open hunting grounds, 3 each hunting station.
. Dongnuanxialiang here, humid climate and a summer resort. Closed-end hunting ground designated as hunting and open hunting areas, hunting with six points, with a hunting guide, hunting dogs and hunting equipment. To build five high-Lin Shan Shan dense, towering trees, which rise amid permanent peaks, ravines China, Fei Bao Artesian Bore Baths, beautiful scenery and a little Sengoku, Impatiens pool, against Taiwan, Japan and Taiwan view, Feng-lin, and other attractions Um If you want to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, exciting to participate in hunting activities cover five Hill is a good choice.

  Now the market has developed into a hunting as a leader, set adventure, leisure, tourism and scientific exploration of the forest into a tourist destination characteristics.

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Wan Hua Yan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

City is located 17 km south-west, direct access to the scenic asphalt road. It is a growing underground river cave, the scale of the event that year was the activities of the army of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom in the world.

Hua Yan million is about 9 km, 2200 m long main tunnel, there is Stephen outside, inside the cave, there are days, there are hole-hole, the hole Like thousands of rock, with the ancient, extraordinary and should never, quiet and so on. There is a hole underground river, visitors from the entrance to revert back to the boat. In 1988 there is a cave of the United States team here, said the hole "crystal water cone" Landscape is the world's second discovery of the odd natural Bao. Huayan tourist facilities Complete with designated boat, fishing, barbecue, and other travel services.

Hua Yan million located 12 kilometers southwest of Chenzhou, a large-scale development is the underground river cave, is the site of one of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom military activities. Stephen has outside, inside there are holes, holes under the river, the stone cave python, Lions, Shi Lian, Ishida, and so on more than 30 kinds of natural products Karst funded thousands of attitudes, with the ancient, extraordinary and should never, quiet and so on. A total distance of about 9 km, 2245 m main tunnel, visitors at the entrance to revert back to the boat.

Tsai Ming-yee to the "odd collection of numerous holes, when the drop-xian JING earth" lines. 88 years in March Identification of cave country team, "Hua Yan million with any one of the world's most magnificent caverns of the match." Hole 'underwater film of calcium crystal cone' King of the world, only two can be seen every 100 years only one centimeter long , Referred to as "national treasures." Hua Yan Wan-Yu, like in painting, such as human-xian JING.

Deer-picking And, about 100 meters in the Wo township, 17 km from Chenzhou, such as Shek Pik hole cut, the extraordinary momentum, falls from a high of more than 50 meters down Fei Liu, Yan Ding, the hole to put up a silver water Belt can be seen in the Southern Song Yan Ding Zhang Nanxuan home the title of Science, "Hua Yan million" of the word. Rock side of the "Monument to persuade farmers." A Yin underground river outflow from the hole slowly, Dangzhou hole, Youquan feel perplexed murmur, like Qin-ming; shore Chen Shi times. Into more than 100 meters, the abandoned boat landing, Xingse different stalactite, Zi-million. 1800 m-long main tunnel, the scenic spots along the way: "Python-predator", and look formidable; "Lady curtain down" Gorgeous crease.

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Su Xianling - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Su Xianling located in Chenzhou, Hunan Province of south-eastern suburbs of this famous mountain is not high, only 525 meters above sea level, but it is very well-known since ancient times, known as "the world is the 18th blessed," This is because the end Sin mountain and the Edge. On thousands of years, only 2 km from Chenzhou of Suxian Ling Su Xianling legend has been known far and .

Su Xianling from the foothills of the Peak to a UN-peach, white foot hole Sanjue monument, the Star concept, character-ming, Shi sinensis, such as the concept of viewing tour Suxian Department. Peach Mountain Home is the starting point for visitors, it Shuixi peach-oriented, four-week refresher Chuk-mao, elegant and unique environment. Bailudong Peach in the top of the home, Bai Lu said that at this early age to indulge the Soviet Union at the time of breast-feeding. Bailudong rising from about 100 meters there Beiting care, there are kiosks and a high of more than 4 meters of natural Shek Pik on "Sanjue Monument", "San Jue," referring to the Qin Guan of the word "Tasha Xing Chenzhou hostel ", the writer Su Shi wrote it for the travel and Mi Fu's calligraphy. Suxian view of an extremely Suxian Ling, Song Dynasty is a building of the temple, the grand silence, Suxian Ling is the main attraction, its north-eastern corner of the two Piandian for General Zhang Xueliang was then put under house arrest, now known as the "enemy will be room." Sanjue from the monument to the concept of Suxian, climbing nearly 2 km to the mountain trail, trail Bank Calocedrus pines, good scenery along the way.
Reported in the Western Han Dynasty, Chenzhou City, Pan Jia Ping, a long and very beautiful book knowledge to know the girl Panxing the ceremony, once in laundry chen River, a river of red silk thread entangled floated the Laundry With the wooden club, pulling his hand away, her mouth to , But red silk onto her belly, the resulting pregnancy, in order to avoid the village laughed, and hiding her in a Cave in Suxian Ling gave birth to a boy, that is, Suxian. Su Xian after birth, white crane in order to warm its body feathers, white deer to feed their milk. Suxian because his mother was named King Delays in the Soviet Union, practicing at a young age, cultivated itself into heaven after the inter-crane. Because Before the Prophet or the following year by Chenzhou in the vicinity of the plague, was told his mother to well water, orange leaves Aoyao solution plague of Law, where he told his mother by a large number of people in the epidemic. People have a sense of its TU, for the construction of the Suxian Ling Su Xian concept, dedicated to his statues, which have become famous Su Xianling.

Suxian Hill was originally called bovine spleen, as Su Chen who indulge in this religious immortal, it was renamed Su Xianling. Therefore, as early as the Tang Dynasty, Su Xianling to enjoy the "blessed the 18th world" reputation.
Tourism in the Ming Dynasty Great, "Xu's Travels" had wrote, "... 10 years ... Chong (1637 AD) early in April on the 10th ... is ... Suxian to cover the travel. With Chen Kai, a line of the West Bank. Su Xian Qiao degrees, with Chen Creek on the east coast line, the Second North-East, North West River to break, by the water through the mountains east and the hills that have dome monument, "the world is blessed 18th ... ...." The book-you card directly to the Suxian Ling is the ancient land since ancient times, the word Abas.
Su Xianling Hill The existing "Shou" Yang Chinese characters engraved, in-line script, word for the track 55 � 45 cm, marginal notes, "Shoushan blessed" in the words degrade Shek Pik, but "blessed" is the word yet. Chen Ya-off people Jie Yun: Su Xianling that is a "blessed land", where workers cut again, "blessed" the word?
In line with the Municipal Party Committee, Government, the City Urban Management Bureau Su Xianling enhance quality, in-depth digging Su Xianling cultural instructions, as the ancient Su Xianling become "the world is the 18th blessed" heavy human Yi Yun, Su Xianling scenic spot in the square in the door, the roadside wall to be transformed, Shi-made mountain, and its engraved on the different styles, different sizes "Fu", which are out of print since the Tang Dynasty since 18-Jun-generation of hand. "Million" more than words, the name "Wan" meaning auspicious Yu, An Yu here as "the world is the 18th blessed," the ancient land. Title, "Fukuyama million," An Yu Su Xianling is "blessed". Since then, after a legend, touch, "Fu", a number of "Fu", will be Hong-fu Qitian. Fukuyama million into the square in the door so that a more clear-cut theme.

Delays in the Soviet Union left to the people of the world is not only beautiful legend, but also left a huge cultural wealth. Delays in the Soviet Union Puji of all living creatures, "Xiang Jing-quan orange" story, and the three medical directors from the role of life saving "Xinglin Warm, "the story of ancient Chinese medicine in China for two classical allusions, is the role of life saving medicine practitioners believe in the code of ethics.
Delays in the Soviet Union's "orange Xiang Jing-quan," the story of Chinese in the world in wide circulation. Delays in the Soviet Union bred a culture legend, the world is a common Chinese cultural treasures. Su Xianling to highlight Weisudangu In the square outside the main gate of the roadside wall to be transformed, the base Shi Shan, Fei Bao Quan stack, taking the Soviet Union intended to indulge in the "orange Xiang Jing-quan," the story, and Su Xianling and rich with human treasures reflect an increase of the square outside the main entrance of culture Charm. Rock Hill as a result of drop waterfall in the corner of the square, next to the "blessed the 18th world," Su Xianling, so "Pro-fu corner."

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East arena - Chinese tourism scenic spots

East arena is located in Chenzhou Zixing the upper reaches of the East River, close Jing-Guang Railroad and 107 national highway, 38 km from the city center. The lake area of 160 square kilometers, Yan Bo vast, wide-day high water, islands spread all over the place, known as the "Southern Hunan Dongting." Doulv Island East political arena is the largest island, covering an area of 5.6 square kilometers, pocket Ryong'am limestone cave in a maze of nature that very magic.

There are scenic East political arena, Doulv Yeongam, Lung King amusement park, the East River in small fog man, monkey, mt Falls, the East River dam, and other attractions, "China's eco-tourism in the first drift," the East River rafting, parachuting water, seaplane, water Boats, water slide, spa bath, and other financial items and participatory nature as one to watch. Here convenient transportation, beautiful four seasons, the vast number of tourists to visit the tourist resort natural.

  "The first East River ecological drift," the tourism project, starting in the upper reaches of the River hwangcho sound of rain in the town, 28 km in length, between 75 , 108 through the dangerous shoals. Clean water, Guaiyu Shi Qi, the two sides in the primeval forest, rare birds and animals come and go during regular. Because of the drifting Dongjiang unique ecological environment and the thrills, known as the first eco-China drift. Saturdays and Sundays the hours of 10:00-13:00 drift, and only on weekdays The first time. If the drift to participate in the morning until 9:00 in the hwangcho rushed to the town, a group of the afternoon to 11:30 in order to arrive before lunch in the town of hwangcho. Drifting for the season by the end of April of each year to the end of October.

  This is the largest natural oxygen bar, especially fresh air, get fresh With even the slightest sweet child. Standing on the shore of the lake, the Jimuyuantiao, full of cypress green, green and light green of the tree-Bin Li fern, white and shades reflected in the lake, as if written in crayons 10,000,000 in the mountains and the quiet of the United States-in To reveal the mysterious and confusing. In front of all, is so quiet, so serene, as if In the heart of East political arena, and feel as if turned into a small fish, and East into the political arena. The bustle of the city has been far from a long, free heart of this quiet will be a spotless clean.

  Lake of thousands of reflection was Dangkai, green lake water has woven a ripple Road, Bo expanding continuously extended. I am out of the cabin, bow stand, despite the cool lake winds, Yan Bo looked at the vast lake, has a heart of the mind can not tell. After several bypass the hill, the more magnificent lake open up, and a sense of floating or Aura, some "10,000 ares as Chang Ta-blue" trend.

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Yang Tianhu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yang Tianhu grassland tourist areas in Chenzhou City in Hunan Province is located in south-west straight from about 30 kilometers. He Yongchun Gap from the East, arrived in South Anyuan stone forest; west Chai Kim Sin-top, Eguchi north to the source. With a total area of 40 square kilometers. In dozens of moss million mu of grassland quality platform in the hinterland, a mosaic of green Shui Bo Wang, said Yang Tianhu. "According to research, it was during the Quaternary glaciers orogeny gift of the mouth extinct volcano, springs to form together around an area of about 20 acres of freshwater lakes and surrounded by moss grass everywhere, Wei Dang problems. Lake to 1350 meters above sea level, Is the Yangtze River, Pearl River water system's natural water Department.

Tianhu is surrounded by lush forests of the times, as a natural barriers grazing will be surrounded a Shangri-la. After the spring each year, the villagers then put the sheep to Yang Tianhu oxen and horses, their unrestrained freedom to live a few months until winter, when snow To look back. In some cases, is put out two cows, to look back 3 become, the original cattle have been a couple of love. This special way of grazing be poetic to the local people called a "drift cattle."
Here in Happy Valley or the South, hunting tour, Tan Qi, Shang Xue, fishing, kite-flying, gliding, sea of clouds to see and watch the sunset and leisure resort. Time to play 3-5 If the weekend is out, Friday night from Guangzhou, late Sunday to return to Guangzhou.

  In the spring, azalea Yang Tianhu radius of dozens of kilometers around the hills, Canruo Yunxia, Baptist Man in the mist of the vast; the arrival of summer, southerly breeze under the mountain Kusano, oxen and horses in the Tang Yang Gao Gang , Happy paintings of the beautiful picture; light and fall down under the shower Wei, Qu Qiao Ying Fei, showed a picture of Mimeng; winter, the snow slope high, the layers of the sea-Yuntao, continuously heat From the lake is rising slowly, Wei was spectacular. Yang Tianhu diversion from the main peak of the water source, after millions of years of speech Process. Cutting out a number of high-Gap valley formed a large number of Quanpu streams, the largest vertical nearly 100 poor Joe lays out a range Qitianling a spirit of total pages.

  Yang Tianhu downstream area, a huge mountain wings protruding piece of Lu, China's largest stone forest karst landform, which is relatively high in the 2 -60 Meters, and some jade Tong Shen, snowy white; like some animals, attitude million, down from the stalagmite rock refined large vine, the network area of several square kilometers Zheng Laois years, to allow people free "Shiwaitaoyuan."

  Yang Tianhu about 10 kilometers due west, the Village is located in Xian Cliffs of large top. The relative elevation of 300 meters of rock cliffs, creating a spectacle unique in the world --- China, "Yang Tianhu giant Buddha." Several "Ladder" by the ridge and were connected to the next high-Temple, the Temple of the lake, Lin Um, Dragon Temple Church, the dirty solution together, Kim Sin-ling, zhao WANG Dian, and other human landscape.
Days in the South China Lake created the myth of the nomadic, as well as set-top Nanling very high degree of the most natural waters. Yang Tianhu standing on grass Kong bird's eye view of the surrounding area, Bamboo hundred miles, many unjon Diego Diego, created a unique spectacle Zhuhai That Shakes The Barley.
Yang Tianhu less than one kilometer away from the ecstasy of the valley, a number of miniature Valley landscape, so that visitors can look, and can, and narrowly reluctant favorite.

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Yingtan Hill Resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yingtan Hill Resort is located in Changsha City comprehensive Camp car breakout horticulture farms in the territory. According to Lu-shan, he stopped fishing knife to Yingtan Hill 333.4 hectares against the backdrop of the mountains to rise amid ups and downs, south of the Yangtze River drops of green For natural scenery as the main body to Hongshan, and other human landscape as the Temple backed, elegant quiet, Jade, from the City 5 , Is the first in Hunan Province, the second of the National Farmers set up self-financing entity.

Village covers an area of more than 500 acres of the forest cover of about 4 /5, the pleasant scenery, fresh air, leisure travel is the best treasure.

Its multi-service functions, European-style villa construction, Shijie delicious, fishing, tennis courts, conference room, Steppenwolf tea gallery, beauty salons, viewing platform, song and dance halls, parks barbecue, quiet small bridge cable, music, tea, temples and so on Hongshan, is a comprehensive package, beautiful Representing the natural beauty and elegant integration into a human one, in order to provide tourist resort, Free, full-service business, and so on.

At the same time, the entire resort is still ongoing in-depth building in the near future, the landscape in the region will be more rational and noble, perfect to show rays.

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Shen Nong Villa - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shen Nong Villa is located in the world-renowned Tianmashan at the foot of the Liuyang River, is a leisure resort-style hotel, Changsha by the Shen Nong Hotel Co., Ltd., Liuyang city government, the city of Liuyang tobacco companies to build joint investment by the international reputation of the Li Sheng international hotel management company to manage.

Shen Nong Zhuang 98 years since Oct. 18 opening date, and in the neighboring city of Changsha in particular areas set off a "hot Shennong Villa." She was beautiful with its elegant environment, unique architectural style, full of four-star facilities, warm and thoughtful service and reasonable prices, coupled with every Saturday to watch the Villa in Large discharge of fireworks, has won numerous visitors of all ages. Villa had just entered the Shen Nong's highly competitive market, it became an instant hit, business is booming. Eastern Hunan region has become a shining pearl of tourism, dubbed "China-South Africa Villa in the first" reputation. Villa construction chic compact, only Layer 3, a total of 100 rooms, or on the ground More than 140 acres, carved as an arts and crafts. Spacious outdoor space and poetic natural scenery into one that is more relaxed and happy. During the day, Hill's graceful white figure like a pair of Hill want to fly the white crane; at night, the reflection in the river and if the Villa group of dazzling, visible Linglong Mermaid water, so "there is the ancient Shangri-la, there is this Shennong Villa", said.

Villa has a comfortable 100 luxury rooms and suites, wide field of vision, the elegant decoration. Magnificent Presidential Suite, a full-featured. In particular, an independent luxury villas refined elegance, as in Europe to enter the top people The self-contained high-grade facilities, as well as the elegant surroundings of the natural environment so that all who met her amazed.

Hotel brought together Chinese and Western cuisine, local dishes selected Liuyang, noble and elegant Grand Cafe, Sands Court restaurant in classical fresh, with melodious in the courtyard of the live performance of national musical instruments, so that you Ecstasy into the situation.

Villa from Liuyang City only 5 minutes drive from Changsha Huanghua Airport only 30 minutes away from the Changsha City just 50 minutes. From a spacious flat high-grade highway connecting, she is not only an ideal meeting place in the small and medium-sized, but also has become a family, friends, the longing for the weekend leisure .

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China fireworks Heritage Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Liuyang spend Baoxiang the world, the world number Liuyang fireworks. Fireworks founder Li Tian invented firecrackers for the first Chumonafu up for the fireworks to the cultural exercises had been there thousands of years of history. Liuyang in the splendid culture of the truth, Chinese culture is the most colorful fireworks of a China's fireworks Heritage Museum which is also built. Museum built in State model of small cities and towns in the town - Yao fireworks in the town's industrial park Daiwa Ping, here is the birthplace of fireworks, the former "10 nine explosive" workshop-style production for the development of the local accumulation of a large number of the original capital and deep Fireworks Cultural.

China fireworks Heritage Museum, built on the former site of Lee Wan Tin House Tang-style buildings, green glazed tile brick, canopy draw flow-dong, Weiweitaiguan. Court surviving original front door, the ancient remains, most of the exhibition hall is divided into four "Millennium Tour" and "art" and "modern technology" and "brilliant", recorded in the Liuyang fireworks of the origin of the changes, development and prosperity of 1400 Years. Museum A collection of the late Ming and early Qing fireworks printing plates, such as in-kind cart more than 100 pieces on display during the more than 200 photographs, a fireworks display since it was established a long and complicated, brilliant and magnificent history.

Chinese fireworks of the National Heritage Museum is the first village-run museums, enjoy the "Chinese fireworks Museum a "good reputation, it is the first to rely on a set of village-level forces to run the new model of the museum, created the hall a short time, the fear homogeneous materials, construction of high-grade hall miracle.

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