Column writing - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? writing at the Tower Street-town, also known as Kuixing Lou, five Qianlong Dynasty (1740), five-story high tower, was hexagonal tower, tower-block body with Daqing, Quecheng the surface of the red, Green glazed tile above, the amount of floating pile of black doors, "Kuixing Lou," the three characters.

  Tower also known as the writing Kui Xing It is as ancient Hezhou official school buildings Wenfeng symbolic, five-year Qianlong Dynasty (1740), a total of five-story tower 27 meters high, covering about 80 square meters. The top floor of a tower of the original cast on the South Han Bao-four (861), 750 kg of large heavy bronze bell, bronze bell round, was horn-shaped openings, copper Exquisite style, beautiful decoration, cast on the 1288 text, with very high artistic value and historical value, an autonomous region focus on the protection of cultural relics, the bell was in 1963 moved to the park Lingfeng eight steps.

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Water-washed Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chong Nature Reserve in Guangxi water-skiing is the best protection of the eastern part of a secondary forest protected areas, covering an area of as many as 18 million mu, with a large number of rare animals and plants Zhen, a national, II protect animals and plants: Yellow-bellied Kok child, Tufted deer, porcupine wind up; paliurus, South wood, Cephalotaxus, and so on. One relict plant - Cyatheaceae Group, the "living fossil plant" reputation, and is a species of dinosaur from the same period. On a high mountain and the area close Lin, in addition to forest officials, a rare deserted, people here have been through is extremely rare.

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Country Guposhan Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Country Guposhan Forest Park located in the north-east of Guangxi, Hunan, Guangxi, Guangdong, at the junction of the three provinces of Guangxi Meng from Lingnan end Hezhou inside, away from the urban center only 21 kilometers, is located in Hong Kong - Guangzhou - the Guilin Tourism Gold Line Intermediate station. With a total area of 8000 hectares, with a peak height in a deep valley, majestic mountains, forests Mao, rich in flora and fauna, waterfall fly the river flow, such as the elegant features of the environment, set "-hung, extraordinary show, quiet," as one, both type landscape, suburban park-type features.


Park with a majestic mountain, the peaks above 1000 meters above sea level there are 25, the highest peak 1844 meters above sea level-top paradise, Tung first peak, more funding colorful red Wayao gallop falls, falls Xian Gu, Ocean Falls, Galaxy falls nine days off, "two and a half cents," falls, the mother falls, Yuanyang features such as waterfalls, magnificent parks Climate, with an average annual temperature of 18.2 ?, Dongnuanxialiang is a good place convalescent care. Forest Park is the predecessor of the Guposhan Forest Farm, 1992 was approved as a provincial-level autonomous regions, Forest Park, in 1996 by the former Ministry of Forestry approved for state-level forest park, in 1998 assessment by district youth science and technology education base in 2000 commentary by tourism in the region The model of civilization, Central region Excellent demonstration, and so on.

Forest Park transportation, communications, tourism shop facilities, food, housing, transportation, match play is set sight-seeing, vacation, exploration, adventure, health care, convalescence, scientific research, teaching, meeting in one tourist destination.

  There are currently planning the park area Guposhan the Forest Hotel, Plum Garden Villas (Yao construction) at the same time can receive more than 160 eating places, parks, wildlife breeding farms, large lawn Xian Gu, Xian Gu Temple, barbecue is Yechui visitors, leisure, entertainment, bathing the forest A good place. Hong Kong TV series "Tea is a strong home," "Wine is the hometown "The shooting has been completed, is being hit, the Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao tourists a good place. Hezhou way to spend a beautiful hot springs environment, the high temperature of 60 degrees, the flow reached 60m3 /hour, the water contains a variety of health care for convalescence useful minerals.

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Huang Yao Ancient Town - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huang Yao Ancient Town, is located in the northern part of Guangxi Hezhou Zhaoping County, with all Hezhou Zhaoping County and about 40 km away (straight away), 200 km from Guilin. Huang Yao is close to a millennium-old ancient town, Fat in the Song Dynasty years, the construction of Wanli in the Ming Dynasty, Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty in its peak years. As the town with Huang Yao Most family name, named "Huang Yao." Has now been listed as provincial-level scenic spots.

Huang Yao is located in the lower reaches of Lijiang, known as "poetry throughout their homes." The town has "more than 6" landscape caves, pavilions, Siguan temple shrine, the ancestral hall, old trees, and more horizontal inscribed board couplets. Hill must have water, Water must be Bridge, the bridge must have a booth, there must be joint pavilion, a joint must be important, the town constitutes a unique landscape. All streets in black stone mosaic from the town building by Nine-palace-style Bagua Zhen layout. Housing for more than two-story brick structure, exquisite architecture, superb technology.

?? 60 residents of the town More than eight streets and housing to keep most of the Ming and Qing styles, as Huang Yao are special geographical location, are surrounded by mountains, easily defensible, and transport facilities, the towns and villages in a state of semi-closed, making the old residential areas, a large number of Heritage preserved. Anti-Japanese period, there were as base areas behind enemy lines, a large number of love From Guilin to Huang Yao, these cultural relics, the former residence is still well preserved, such as Han Yu, Liu standard ink, the Chinese province of Guangxi, the former site of the Commission of Science Museum, the statue of the martyrs QIAN Xing, He Xiangning, the Gao, Qian Jiaju cultural celebrities such as apartments, As well as many of the poems in conjunction tablets.

Huang Yao for a typical Sterling landforms, Qi stands, deep cave, the stream surrounded by towering old trees. There are eight major natural landscape of small round-King King, preservation Siguan Temple Temple Block 20, 10, a number of pavilions, mostly Ming and Qing architecture, there is a well-known civilization Court, the Pearl of view, Xingyu temple, the temple lions, ancient Stage, Jiaci Wu, Guo Jia Ci, Dragon Temple, the Temple see Long, Long See Temple, with Longqiao, Longqiao care, natural kiosks.
  Ancient Town area of 3.6 square kilometers, is a karst. Qi stands outside the town, the town bamboo forests, surrounded by the stream, the Nine-palace architecture by the Eight Diagrams layout of the battle, a Lingnan style architecture, together with the surrounding landscape. Street Department of gray with a black stone mosaic formed, although the vicissitudes of life has remained well-formed.

  It is said to preserve the integrity of the ancient town is now 8 stone Street, more than 10 kilometers in length. Gu Ming and Qing architectural preserved more than 300 buildings, covering an area of 16,000 square meters. Landscape Architecture there are a number of pavilions 10 Siguan Temple Temple Block 20, features 11 bridges, hundreds of couplets reads, deputy.
  Town house for more than two-story brick structure, although no other major city that magnificent vision, but the beautiful building, brick, stone carving, wood carving has a very high level of technology, ancient architecture of the column, brackets, purlin Rafter, wall Diaolianghuadong have smallpox, thousands, lifelike.
  Huang Yao in the past to a business that both sides of the streets of the old house the vast majority of all the old shops. Those old days of the old wood shop windows, and keep a round hole is closed at night "to deliver the results have paid their dues," the channel. Each town Lane Qingshi Ban on the total size of the Wankou to see, even the holes in a row, was said to be in place for the gate, a foreign enemy defense.
  Huang Yao Ming Dynasty town has a population of the ancient building stage. Stage hanging at the center of a wooden plaque, a letter to the three Chinese characters Cursive "xing."
  Huang Yao this Xiaojiabiyu Demure little town in the War of Resistance Against Japan for a number of people with lofty ideals of the revolution, cultural figures provided blessing. He Xiangning, the Gao, Qian Jiaju, Ouyang Yuqian ... ... These modern history, the culture of celebrity and the lofty ideals of revolution in Yao Huang left home. Chinese province of Guangxi Work memorial site, those pictures of yellow, Sound proof of the bridges in the local Chinese revolution in modern times.
  Now, in the ancient town of purdah began to re-hwan glory. Gangju "Tea is a strong home," "Wine is the hometown of alcohol", "Kuwata joy" to allow the reputation of the ancient town of reputations, has become a hot tourist attraction; in August this year "Spy war in 1949" in October and "gorgeous veil," respectively, Huang Yao as a choice location shooting, Geng Shiba of this millennium to the ancient town of the world.
  This year on September 19, in Beijing's Great Hall of the People held in 2005 and foreign tourism branding award of the summit meeting, Huang Yao Ancient Town award Tourism value of China's most ancient cities and towns, "the title to become China's most ancient towns of the value of tourism, Guangxi is the only award of ancient cities and towns.

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Flower Road, Hot Springs - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Flower Road, Hot Springs is located in the north-east Hezhou, 17 km away from the urban areas, and Guposhan 9 km away from Forest Park, in the urban areas the only way to Guposhan Forest Park, the traffic is convenient.

?? way to spend a natural hot spring tourism resources, covering a total area of 22 hectares, the three sides Hot Springs Mountain, a River, during which there were two drop up to 16 meters and 22 waterfalls, beautiful scenery and fresh air and elegant environment. Hot water flow, water temperature year round as much as 63 ?. Water quality testing by the health and epidemic prevention departments in line with the national "level, surface water quality standards," the human body contains a variety of useful minerals, Body skin, rheumatism, arthritis, and other significant effects.

  Hezhou hot spring water flows to 120 tons /hour, the water temperature of 60 degrees Celsius, the sulfur content of 1.5 mg /L, the water contains zinc, manganese, iron, and other 38 kinds of minerals beneficial to the human body; regular hot springs bath, skin on The wind , Arthritis has a significant effect and can promote blood circulation, and physical health, beauty care.

Hezhou Spa occupies an area of 600 acres, will include public hot spring area (which can accommodate 500 people at the same time swimming bath), the hotel places brigade area, sports and leisure areas, water park and the park district Lin Jingquan, and so on. Tam can be for luxury Places, health convalescence, the meeting host, Hua Cao block, water rafting, and other multi-function services.
Fei Bao view of the river flow, and enjoy the clear water, blue sky - friends, you are welcome to join the warm springs Hezhou noble journey.

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Wang Jingjiang City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wang Jingjiang City, Jingjiang Palace, Du Xiufeng

Wang Jingjiang City Center is located in Guilin, which is Zhushou Qian Zhi Sun Ming Zhu Yuanzhang has been called the Jingjiang King built the King when the city. City Wall to the left temple and right for the state. The city has carried the door, Hall carrier. Around the main palace building, but also to build more F-Tang Office , Xuan Pavilion Room, a magnificent, large-scale buildings.
Zhu Yuan Zhong Sun Ming Tai Zu Feng Zhu Shouqian for the Jingjiang Queen, as Fandi here. Zhu Shouqian in five years, Wu Ming-hong (1372 AD) government started to build and will last for 20 years before completion. It has carried the door, Hall carrier, the palace, Jian temple, built right Social Forum, pavilions Hin Court, Tong Tse room floor, do not prepare anything, Huangwa red walls, cloud-order-wall, brilliant spectacle. King City is around 3 in the city long-heng, both within and outside the square to Qingshi Xiuqi, very strong. City to open Dongnanxibei 4, respectively named as "Ti-ren" (Donghua Men), "End of Man" (Zhengyang Men) "Zunyi" (Xihua Gate), "Kwong Chi" (after the doors tribute). Kennedy Shenzhen city gate, guarded momentum. Wang Guilin City has experienced a 14 on behalf of the Jingjiang King, was scheduled to Qing Dynasty WANG You-hole total is scheduled to become the Southern Palace. Li Jun farmers to the country after the capture of Guilin, You-hole self-immolation of arson, so that 250 years of Wang into the city Soil. Wang is now the city is still intact, and the door carrier, the carrier Hall platform, and Dan Lan Yu Yun-order Majesty for tour. Jingjiang Palace Ming Hongwu five-year (1372) to 25 Wu Ming-hong (1392) year. Palace fan on the court in accordance with the provisions made by the Palace building, the main contractor for the building before the doors far, in Hall of the carrier, after the palace for the final is Gyoen. Around the main building there are 4, 4 and the Taiwan Pavilion, Pavilion, Villa, rooms, such as by a number of 40, covers an area of 19.78 hectares, the scale of the event. From the completion of the destruction of the Ming Dynasty 257 years, 12, lived here on behalf of the 14 Fan Wang.
Palace prior to the construction In Du Xiufeng, Tang Xue Palace, Temple Tieniu Song, Yuan said the great circle temple, after the Mansudae Hall. Palace were destroyed after 14 years Junji (1657) Jian Gong Yuan. In 1921, Sun Yat-sen's Northern Division has set in this section. In the early Republican era, there has for the second Normal School, a model primary school, Three High School, a school industrial site. In 14 years (1925) winter and into Zhongshan Park. In 1937 for the seat of the provincial government of Guangxi, were destroyed during the War of Resistance Against Japan, and reconstruction. Guangxi Normal University is now the site. Du Xiufeng Weiranchuli, Old Palace complex, but more than the carrier Dianqian Column and the "Pi-yun-order", saying "this is the most ruthless Zhongshan, Sun made available only lightly."
Wang Du Xiufeng located in the city of Guilin, King City, it is an integral part of the area.
The first, "Jia Tianxia landscape of Guilin" in the poem inscribed on the Du Xiufeng. "Jia Tianxia landscape of Guilin" 800 years As a direct comment on Guilin's scenic landscape, once immortal, but in the 1980s, the words from the mouth of whom are outstanding. Some say it originated in the Song Dynasty Li Bo has "mountains and rivers in Guilin Jia Tianxia" a tone poem of the transfer, and some say it is from the Qing Dynasty King Wu-xiang poem ways.
2 The mid-1980s, Guilin Du Xiufeng of the stone relics workers to conduct a comprehensive clean-up investigation found that since the Ming and Qing Dynasties from a never have been aware of the Cliff stone, engraved with exactly above the "landscape of Guilin Jia Tianxia" Words are written Qingyuan Southern Song Dynasty, Jia Tai-year period as a reference point in Guangxi Deputy prison and Jiang Jing Zhi Fu's four-ming (Ningbo, Zhejiang Province today) people Wang Gong, thus putting an end to the endless controversy centuries. Gong Wang's excellent poem to Guilin highlights of the San-ching, Shui Sau, the odd holes and stone the United States, established as a scenic tourist city of Guilin in China and internationally.
Du Xiufeng Guilin and famous Shan Cai, the three pillars Fubo Shan, Guilin is one of the major peaks, a relatively high degree of 66 meters. 3.5 billion years ago by the shallow water sedimentary limestone biochemical component, there are three groups of almost vertical cracks cut from the foot of a mountain peak Zhipi through the water, next to the formation of Gu Feng Fu Pei-free. Xiushan oblate single-East Wide, dignified and majestic, narrow the North-South, Qiaobajunxiu, "South Tianyi column" reputation. There is a hill basaltic Court, Kwun Tong, three off the temple, the three shrines, and so on, have a foot of the mountain crescent pond. Chen Xi, evening light, put on a brilliant sun, like a jade belt Zipao the king, it is also known as the "Purple Mountain." Southern Song Yan Yan's poetry "If independence does not show, Mindanao Mindanao inter-town suburbs"; Chang-Tang poems that, "Gu Feng hills with friends, not straight up Qingyun potential break." It was highlighted However, Wu Li-mediated momentum.
Du Xiufeng only show in the pavilion roof, two-story, and Hong Zhu, hexagonal, Zhong Yan, of Wading Antique Pavilion. 7 meters high, 4.8 meters Changkuan Ge, 23 square meters plot. Column transparent window between East and West to open the door to the double. Fang Ting-ting other side, 6 meters high, 4.7 meters Zhang Kuange, covering an area of 22 square meters, was air raid alarm facilities. There are 10 square meters platform Ting Qian, Zhou column, the largest in the cliff top. Board around, with a single step Yun-sheng, Chest out, Guilin Qishanxiushui glance. In addition, studying rocks Duxiu Feng, the crescent moon pool, Zhongshan Memorial Tower, and other attractions. Reading for the Northern and Southern rock legend, writer Yan Yanzhi Department study.

Wang Jingjiang City, Jingjiang Palace, Du Xiufeng travel tips
Guilin is located in central Pass 50, including Jing King City, Jingjiang Palace, Du Xiufeng (height 1.40 meters to 1.00 meters half-price, free of charge below 1.00 meters) above the opening hours of 9:30 to 5:30 p.m.

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Camel Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Camel Hill (Hill hump) at Putuo Mountain, its shape resembles a squatting on the floor of the camel. And its like a flagon of ancient, it is also known as pot Hill. The late Ming Dynasty scholar Jiangnan have lived here, kind of all over the peach. Each spring, prosperous peach, flowering as a Hongxia, as if to put on red camel Shan Xia, a landscape Beautiful, ancient people known as the "red Xia hump," the landscape, Guilin is one of the 10 King. In July 1998, U.S. President Bill Clinton in the mountains next to and within China bonsai as well as major non-governmental environmental protection forum held in the front lawn of the camel, delivered a speech on environmental protection, and a hand side of the Guilin on the side of Zheshan And humorous to as "energy-saving air-conditioning."

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Dragon Lake Scenic Spot tree - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dragon Lake Scenic Spot tree-building highlights the natural landscape and historical and cultural integration with the characteristics of wood in the Dragon Lake on the north side of the door based on the Song Dong-jin, Song wall and other historical cultural sites, including the construction of Song Street, half Street, the ancient Sung Dynasty Village, Long wooden tower , Wood Night Long, shallow fish Bridge video, listen to the Dutch Xuan such as the Song Dynasty architectural style of ancient buildings The spots, long wooden tower on the Song of the Shanghai Longhua blueprint for the construction of the tower, 45 meters high. Dragon Lake on the south side of the wood and construction between the Diecai Hill to watch the woodland, grassland, streams, waterfalls mainly with the ecological landscape.
Wood is now the location of the Dragon Lake, in the Song Dynasty was row after row of barracks; two rivers four lakes pre-construction projects Densely built homes. Connected to Lijiang and Neihu, Sample received the effect of the implementation of Jiang's two four-lake project, the relocation of residents in 1896, 56 units, the removal of 174,842 square meters of old. The hu-demolition resettlement project as a whole, the removal of a total of nearly 150,000 square meters of old, set in West urban single project, a one-time relocation of the overall settlement was the largest, the largest and the shortest possible time, the largest demolition of houses of the record. Diecai in Shan Rail and the closing of about 1100 meters between the excavation of the artificial lake, digging more than 100 million cubic meters of earth and stone. This is because the artificial lake near Longdong wood, named Mu-hu. "

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Guilin Sea World - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guilin is located in Nanxi Sea World parks in the south, the aquarium experts from Malaysia Mr. Cai Chongrong billion investment in the construction of the past. In September 30, 2003 the official opening to the outside world, Guilin Tourism has become another bright spot. Sea World as a whole, covering about 10,000 square meters, a total of more than 100 tanks, 1,000 species of fish, sub - Viewing area, performance areas, tropical rain forest waterfall area, touching areas of the Cross Harbor Tunnel area, ocean areas, such as the Great Barrier Reef area.

Do not have to be able to see into the Underwater World Underwater World, do not have to travel long distances will be able to enjoy 1,000 of cherish Xiansuoweixian kinds of fish, hiding on the inland tourists is Days of the shortage of good thing, here, 10,000 kinds of style, brilliant magic of the sea of colorful fish as you dancing, elegant and deep feeling. Here, the fish will be power generation, the fish will be luminous, the fish will tell you the story of Ni-nan of the oceans. Here there is no need to sneak into the seabed can also enjoy the Shengjing coral, fish roam in groups, was shocked by the Sharks front of you from the past, savor the "Shark Dance" with romantic stimulus. Onto the escalator, into the real tunnel, there is a wonderful feeling into the sea, as if they fish with a mighty adventure travel. Through 180-degree all-round landscape window, beautiful fish You pass, a huge sea turtles and sharks ferocious dive down from time to time, you are also glad to fear, give birth to an admirable pleasure.

  In Guilin, the world's oceans, marine life and can be expected. The pond to touch the starfish and crabs gentle sweet bread, you can come here and they are a pro - Contact. Feeding performance against the backdrop of the marine areas, through the glass, you can see the color dressed in diving suit sailors enjoy playing with the fish. Dances were shark, turtle people dancing, dancing mermaid landscape of both romantic and exciting, perfectly embodies the strength and beauty of the ocean.

Guilin-Sea World to watch , Intellectual, entertaining all in one, in the air to watch the marine life at the same time, but also visitors to enjoy the broad ocean culture of popular science education and education of the ecological environment of the best places.

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Longsheng Hot Springs - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longsheng is located in east longitude 109 � 32'-100 � 14 'north latitude and 25 � 35'-26 � 17' of Guangxi and Vietnam in the northern city of the south ridge, an administrative jurisdiction of Guilin, with the passage of the Dong Autonomous County in Hunan Province, and Miao Autonomous County City Step Guangxi and resources, Hung Yen, Lingchuan, Lingui, Yongfu, from the Sanjiang Dong Nationality Neighboring counties with a total area of 2470.8 square kilometers.

Longsheng is located in the subtropical, is a monsoon climate, abundant rainfall and pleasant weather, the average annual temperature of 18.1 � C, an average of 314 days frost-free period, annual rainfall 1500-2400 mm, cold winter with no summer heat. The whole The average elevation of 700 meters, the highest peak Fu Bao-ping 1916 meters above sea level, second only to Mao Ershan Xing'an for the second peak in Guangxi; lowest Shek Tong, 163 meters above sea level. The county is a mountainous area, the temperature difference between a great, continuous peaks, deep valleys, more than 1,500 meters above sea level there are 21 peaks. Tree Bazhuangxunjiang All over the county line. The rivers and mountains which form the Longsheng CMV landscape of rural scenery, tourism, convalescence, a good place for summer.

Longsheng County dense forest, afforestation rate in the county as much as 76%, 94% of the green, excellent ecological environment, in February 1997 by the National Environmental Protection Agency set National ecological demonstration zones, Longsheng with rich tourism resources, colorful ethnic customs, ancient folk customs Hou, and hospitality. Since 1985, for the development of tourism has gradually formed a hot spring at the core, rock floating gate Gap, Yaozhai life as one of the state-level forest park Longsheng hot spring tourism , The Dragon's Back scenic terrace, the scenic West River Ping, Fa Peng scenic forests and water Dongzhai silver, Huang Le gorge scenery, the mountain city into one of the wonders of the county, such as the five major scenic spots. Tourism has become a pillar industry of Longsheng. With the 321 National Highway in Guilin to Longsheng paragraph completion of the transformation, Guilin to Longsheng travel only One and a half hours, visitors to watch the Longsheng Longji terraced fields, Longsheng hot spring bath, the taste of the original customs of ethnic minorities to take part in door-Gap exploration drift will become more convenient and faster.

Longsheng Hot Springs
Love throughout the United States and led to Universal situation, Wen Lin Xiuquan Di dirt on earth to do. For the well-known poem book Wu Chun Road, the home title, can be seen that the county is located 32 km north-east ridge of low stream Longsheng Hot Springs, the county seat from the car takes 40 minutes to arrive. Hot on the ground floor by the rock poured out of the depths of 1200 meters, the water temperature between 45 ? -58 ?, the water contains lithium, strontium, iron, zinc, copper and so on a dozen in the human body beneficial micro - Su, the water quality by the State Department of Geology and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Light Industry, the Ministry of Health experts identified as: ultra-low salinity of sodium heavily Piangui Suan magnesium carbonate-based natural mineral water for drinking. Bath Spa for cardiovascular disease, neuralgia, arthritis, diabetes, gout, skin diseases, gynecological diseases, and so on are good physical therapy, treatment and care: Regular drinking hot spring water can also prevent atherosclerosis, slow the aging vessel, anti-cancer, anti-aging effects, and so on.

Adjustable shower often the cardiovascular system, for the treatment of high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes, inflammation, arthritis, skin diseases, endocrine disorders, and so have a good effect, local compatriots, said Yao "Shen Shui."

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Yang Di - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yang Di is a beautiful village, surrounded by peaks here, a water flow through, will have a bright pastoral, picturesque land. Yong's not exactly full of poetry and painting for a never-ending. People often praise: Kunming spring and autumn in Beijing, Shanghai, night, rain Guilin. Yang Di appreciate the Lijiang River is the best misty rain, misty rain Lijiang is a scenic Lijiang River must Yang Di of the rain, cloud Shiqianfeng around, hanging waterfall training flight, if the ship shadow magic, rain and waves such as tobacco. All around are dim deceive become hazy, such as the dream situation.

  Yang Di scenery along the coastal scenic Lijiang River is a bright spot, Kiyosumi bottom of the river, meandering in the magnificent green mountains between. River peaks Different type, Bamboo Congcong shade in the village, when the time is now hidden, constitute an axis of beautiful mountains and rivers. Since Jiang and Yang Di-shun, Qi Qushui closely linked, are the main attractions in Wonderland Taoyuan, Lang Sheng Jing Shi, immortal push a grinder, Hill embroidered wall color, water Mandarin, the Kowloon-Shan painted horse, seven Xiafan sister, screws, and other Shan Many parts of the twentieth.
Lijiang River in Yuanyang Beach in the West Bank, about 46 km away from Guilin Department. Yang Di after the mountain village, its two peaks, like upside down a pair of sheep, the Yang Di homonym for the name of the village. North Jinjishan village has, like a rooster peck meters. White Tiger Village there are mountains, waterfalls and Zhixie, Saman Eun-Jiang "Golden rice peck", said.

Jiang's like two mandarin ducks swimming in the sand, the beaches of mandarin ducks, beach under the stone drums. Yang Di-strait Bamboo forest, even as ten green Ping, swaying in the Castle Peak, Xiushui, Fei Bao, banks, in order to give the quiet, quiet, and the long, Zhi Yuan sense. Low-flow , Jiang Yu Yang Di is the starting point for drilling 10,000 animals and steaming hot, quiet and wonderful move to integrate together.

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Du Xiufeng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wang Guilin in the city. It flat out, Gufeng alone show that people with early, "South Tianyi column" to describe its tall and straight. Because of the Asaka-hui as the setting sun or, if approved on a giant Zipao, gold waist belt system, so also known as the Purple Mountain. Rising from the Xi Lu, Gordon 306 stone steps to reach the peak, this bird's eye view Guilin, dozens of Qishanxiushui glance. Therefore, tourists visit Guilin, the first general travel Du Xiufeng, a bird's eye view about the whole picture of Guilin. Du Xiufeng also study the foothills of rock (that is, rock holes), shoot pool, and other attractions on. Reading for the Northern and Southern rock legend, writer Yan Yanzhi Department study. Transport: Bus routes 3, 14 Road Votes: 12 yuan

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Hill Diecai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guilin is located in the north-east, bordering the Li River, covers an area about 2 square kilometers, by the moon peak, and peak around Crane Hill, in Shan and Vietnam, as a result of cross-sectional layers of rocks, as Xiangdie colored silk brocade, which got its name . Du Xiufeng here with the town, the Lijiang River with Fu Boshan to visit the resort city. Yamanaka very Kai King , The famous ancient stone Cliff Eudora. Hill Road south of a mountain, rising to reach Shu Shibu Diecai Pavilion. East Pavilion of the hill is more in the mountains, there was more top-ting, Ting Zhong view from the peak of the moon rocks, we see Diecai levels, silver, the best taste of "Die Cai" means. Wait-and-see stop, the city King Panoramic view. Transport: Bus routes 2 and 58 free way to the park entrance tickets can be: 20 yuan opening hours :8:30-15: 00

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Longji terraced - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longsheng County, south-east peace in the rural village in the territory of peace, there is a large group of terraced fields, all located in the terrace 300-1100 meters above sea level, the maximum gradient of 50 degrees, from layers of a coil to the foot of a mountain peak, Layer upon layer, scattered high and low. Hangyunliushui their lines, the size of its spectacular Bang Bo, was said "Dragon's Back terraces."

  Longji terrace was built in the Yuan Dynasty, was completed in the early Qing Dynasty, 650 years ago. People building their homes in the wisdom and strength, here was fully reflected.
In this marine terraces, the per mu yield of the largest fields, however, most of the fields are He will line the two types of "Qiu tape" and the "frog jump three fields" Field broken, there is such a joke to describe each of the small field: There is a major farmer to the foot of a mountain farming END 206 fields, farmers The cultivated land after a few years to a total number of only 205 field, how then could not find the final piece, which he picked up the I am similar, only found out that there was a field covered.

Longji terrace set in the beautiful and magnificent one, "the world's number one terrace" reputation, the Department of photographers and creative artists of "paradise", Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other places, a lot of people take as a result of scenery and famous Dragon's Back. Dragon's Back Tian high value and good taste of the culture. Some celebrities, including Mao Zedong, General Shao Hua, daughter-in-law, living in the United States by General Feng Yuxiang's granddaughter, Fung Man-Dragon's Back on the true number of domestic well-known artist Song Zuying, the Chinese sheng, Liu Bingyi, such as the Dragon's Back frequently visited scenic terrace. Ridge Scenic Area A and B by the composition of the district, A resident of the area to the main Zhuang, B residents to Yao Hung-based. Dragon's Back of the North Zhuang Zhuang is the representative of the Guangxi Zhuang costumes, to maintain the architectural integrity of one of the regions, unique fashion, Armstrong's Walled Diaojiao Lou is a unique style, where you can see the ancient Zhuang people Dance of the Zhuang nationality and the protection of the perfect dress can hear beautiful Zhuangs folk song, enjoy the authentic style Zhuang, humorous style Zhuopu different customs copper encouraged by the division of public dance, pole dance hit fresh In addition, full of fun Zhuang's residential hotels, Hong-chun of the Dragon's Back delicious tea and pepper Dragon's Back, by heart and lung Qinren "Oriental magic water" Submit Longji. Hung Yao as a result of women like to wear red Xiuyi named after, the Red Yao women's clothing bright and beautiful, long hair like disk own winding, graceful dance of the red Yao elegant red strange ancient rituals and customs of the Yao, Zhuang and customs of Xiangyingchengqu.

  Longji terrace area Tourism Development Protection Project has been included in the 1999 national special investment plans with a total investment of 60,420,000 yuan. At present, the zone A of the way travel has been completed, the area within the electricity, communications, tourism reception facilities has primarily completed its scenic tourism to improve the basic conditions, such as the ability to take in good enough shape.

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Mao Ershan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Maoer Shan is located in Hung Yen, the resources at the junction of two counties, 56 kilometers from the Xing'an county, 81 km away from Guilin. Five Ridges for one of the main peak of the Vietnamese city of Ridge, 2142 meters above sea level, ranking among the highest Five Ridges, called "the first peak in southern China" is the birthplace of the famous Lijiang River. Maoer Shan-Tai Kwok-hung's, Huashan risk, Lushan You, of Mount Emei in one show. The mountains of rare animals and plants and a large variety of beautiful natural scenery spectacular, is Lansheng, exploration, adventure, vacation, to the best of the summer. Transport: There are long-distance bus station in Guilin bus sent to the Maoer Shan, 11 yuan fare. Admission: 50 yuan

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Taohuajiang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Taohuajiang Yangjiang ancient name for the most famous Lijiang River tributary. Lingchuan County in the northwest from Guilin en Bangmoshan Rivero and Ridge, the boundaries Hill, the public lobby Ridge, running through Lingui, Lingchuan to Guilin, a total distance of about 25 km. Taohuajiang river narrow, tortuous, dozens of big bend, bend hundreds of small, known as the reputation of the Bay 9 18. Peach Blossom River flows through, is the limestone areas, river water clarity. Qiao Zhi Luan victory to fly along the bridge, gentle flow, bright and clean as a mirror, Gaan peaks, the film fell into the water, the two sides Taohuajiang, the red oleander, Tianchou such as embroidery, hidden in the lion, delicate and pretty, a standing Shan. River more beautiful scenery, since the Tang and Song, man of letters, 000 Xianhuan, arrived in Yangjiang put back table viewing, Zhu Bo water was legendary. "Yangjiang Moon" is one of the Ancient Eight Guilin. Chan Taohuajiang a poem: "I do not like Lijiang, Lijiang increasingly rising."

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Lawn - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guilin, in south-eastern Lijiang River 35 kilometers Sea, the east Lingchuan Tin tide, large Town north, from the Lijiang River in Guilin from north to south and 10 km run through here, the two sides Lin Qi, Castle Peak floating Jiang Shu-Ying Bi, especially in Anji, cat Ears, Guan Yan 3 large well-known caves. Lawn home to more than 4,000 people of all ethnic groups, the population of Hui One-third of their ancestors 200 years ago immigrants to this, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is the only township of Hui Nationality. Local rich orange-Ming Lee and Cinnabar.

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Seven Star Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Seven Star Park in the east bank of the Li River, Guilin is the largest and most beautiful scenery of the comprehensive park. In the liberation of the bridge looking east, you can see seven peaks, as arranged in a very Big Dipper, and called Qi Xingshan. Seven Star Park, so named because of Hill.
Du Feng-kui of the four-called North Mountain, south of the bucket handle sambong, group The Crescent Hill. It sets the Hui Shan, water holes, stone, gardens, trees, the essence of cultural relics, and so on, are the main landscape Huaqiao, the Hump, Mount Putuo, chihsing yen, as well as the crescent moon Hill Guihai such as the Forest of Stone Tablets, is that people must visit the place.
Ling Jiang Jian Hua Qiao across the East River and small streams will be, is Seven Star Park to the west of the entrance. Jiaxi was originally called Bridge, built in the Song Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty, when the two repair and west an additional seven bridges dry hole, the flood season for flood discharge. At that time the bridge is located in the suburbs, the annual spring and summer, flowers bloom, luoying Day, "streams of water over the river and a half to spend", so called Hua Qiao. Bridge is now in 1965 in accordance with the original style of Sikong bridge repair, The stone block, white marble railings, the bridge has glazed tile roof for shelter in a public viewing. Huaqiao view, reflection and the bridge opening, four-wheel-like moon, in Jiang's words. Shangjing on the bridge can be seen Shui-Guang scenery, beautiful elegant. "Furong with four-wheel-moon, and a half into the semi-Chengjiang of Rainbow. Huahaoyueyuan Juan loving feelings, like Changting Guanghan Gong "This poem is written in" Chinese Restaurant Huaqiao "King.
Seven Star Mountain is located in the center of the park from the north-west Qixing Shan Tianshu, Tian Xuan, Rocky days, the 4-day peak of the right components. Because there are holes in the mountains dedicated to Goddess of Mercy, and according to Buddhist practice known as the Mountain. Shan Xi Lu's have a million wind tunnel, the height of summer heat, but here The wind blowing gently, the Yuan period of the Ming Dynasty poet writing praise: "deep hole through overcast cliffs, the cold can not Biao Health. Xiao Quan Shi hanging down, Tan Chui Cheng on the snow." From the Boulevard Osmanthus fragrans here along northbound near the door is Putuo , The building has security guards on the right side of Beiting, two upright stones, the book "Happy House" for the great Tang Dynasty calligrapher Yan Zhenqing wrote, Li Yanbi is on the back of the Song Dynasty "Shonan floor", is another milestone in the Ming Dynasty Yu Bao "rehabilitation of the provincial capital of Guangxi tablets." Putuo mountain from the door, left into the "static Chaochen territory," over and over small Penglai Pavilion Tsui promenade, then to the Putuo Stone Forest. Here Qi Shi Zhengrong, bone stone rocks. Tang Li Jing Li Shimin sent to the Swiss get back to the Stone Simon, Ou Yangxun write lithography "Jiucheng Gong Ming-chuen," the monument. Li Qinglin here to build concept, according to legend, "Qinglin concept of" words are autographed by the title of emperor of the Tang Dynasty. Observatory House, a Putuo, Denglou can view scenery of Guilin, after Guanyin Dong floor is dedicated to Goddess of Mercy. Putuo is the floor next to the Putuo rock, rock, but the left Zhuanshu are engraved with "virtual Bi Yan." This is the Ming Shi Pan Chang Jing Road, the wrong moment. Bi Yan is the virtual chihsing yen, the words should have chihsing yen in the mouth, because of the Pan priests hear deafness and wrong at this moment. Putuo through the rock, on basaltic Court, the Court left the window of the cliff there, "Gui Yi-in-one" relief. Red Green Snake turtles, shape Realistic, this is a masterpiece of the Pan priests. The Rocky Mountain peak days there are booths Reaching for the Stars, Tang Ting Ji Mu around, we can see that the great poet of the Song Dynasty written by Liu Chuang, "Qian Feng Wan Li Ye, a city of water flow have" the magnificent scenery.
"Hump" is referred to as the Camel Hill, which resembles a squatting on the floor of the camel derived , Because as an ancient flagon, he also called for pot Hill. Jiangnan in the Ming Dynasty scholar late spring thunder and seclusion to avoid this war, the kind of all over the peach, with writing. He was a good drink, will drink Zhang Xiao, since the "wine", the foot of a mountain buried after his death, engraved with the mountains, "Ray's Tomb of wine." Each spring, peach Hong Bian, as if to Camel Hill put on red Xia, the most beautiful scenery, ancient therefore referred to as "red pot Shan Xia", that is, red Xia hump. This is one of Guilin, King 16. At this point visitors will with a souvenir photo to Ji Xing Yu. Putuo Mountain in the Hill, on both sides of the zoo there, bonsai field, garden and teahouse.
Crescent Hill by Qi Xingshan Pier, Kaiyang, Yaoguang three peaks, as a result of a mountain of rock, like Yuan Wang Yi Wan crescent, it got its name. Because the mountains there are hidden holes Long, Long Yin Yan, also known as Hidden Dragon Hill. In the mountains north of the mountain, a stone hilt, it is an independent Yi Ran straight Qiaoba, up to a few battles, like hilt. Foothills along the trail and the south-west line Over rock rabbit can be accompanied to the Moon. Huaqiao here to see reflected in the clarity of the East River in small, very poetic. Forward line is no longer tens crescent moon rock, overlooking the East River in small, are cliffs on three sides, in full bloom Qionghua, stone Daochui milk. Here in the past there was a crescent Temple, in 1963 into a quiet old fashioned two-story pavilion Small named Han Guang. In its right side, near the mountain cliffs Department Jin Jiang Tower one. Gordon House view, the charming scenery. Shun Chu Ge Shannan, Tan Kwai on the rock, because it is near a previous legends Tan Kwai named after trees. This is the site of the Neolithic Age, has so far benefited about 10,000 years to 6000, and now rock still embedded shells Objects.
Tan Kwai is not a long-hidden hole. The North-South-permeability, insert a small hole Yibi the East River, a winding Dong Ding Shihcao, the erosion of the tank wall to be evenly mark, as a Dragonscale. Shihcao as a whole is like a flying dragon, after traces left by the body, so-called Hidden Dragon. Legend has it that this is Hidden Dragon to sleep, the end of the first South West, the dragon fly away, people in the Shek Pik on Inscription on the "Dragon remains," "Popi and fly" characters. Week-long into the Ming Dynasty poet wrote: "I do not know soar thousands of years, little has been kept Dragonscale." Hidden dragon is not far-Yin Yan-lung, which is said to the old Long live, as a result of rock Bag like a child, also known as rock bag. It is spacious and smart, pleasant winter and summer is a good place to visit. Yin Yan-lung is characterized by the largest Inscription lot of people in the Ming Dynasty accusing it of "No End stone wall." In the more than 100 pieces of stone, engraved with the Song to account for the majority of which is the most famous "Yuanyou monument from the party." The Song Chong Ning Year (year 1105) will be prime minister Cai Jing Sima Guang, such as Su Shi's 309 million people classified as Jiandang, Huizong ordered by the National stone tablets, and the following year Xiazhao destroyed. Yin Yan-lung of a piece of it is listed as one million party members of the Sun Liang Liang Tao has been the law for the first time in 93 years after the re-engraved, is the only one of the most complete. Kang Yu-wei is on the right side of the late Qing Dynasty's "concept of party members million tablets." In addition, there are written in Northern and Southern Song Dynasty poet Huang Tingjian Yan's "five-Wing" and the Song Mi Fu Cheng and poetry festivals, such as stone. In 1964, Yin Yan-lung into the mouth of the "Forest of Stone Tablets Guihai" museum, the exhibition spread out in different parts of the city rubbings of the Stone Tablets For people to enjoy being praised as "ancient calligraphy Yi-lin."

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Lijiang River - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lijiang, China is a pearl of the beautiful rivers and mountains, the scenery of Guilin is the best. Lijiang River in Guilin originated in the north-east of Mao Ershan Xing'an County, Guangxi flows through Guilin, Yangshuo, Pingle County to the mouth of Gongcheng, a total length of 437 km. From Guilin to Yangshuo 84 km of the Lijiang River, as a green silk green belt, between the mountain peaks in the coil Qi Jia An, clear water surrounded by floating Castle, as if a hundred miles picture. For thousands of years that it drunk I do not know how many seekers can explore. The new 20 yuan on the back of that section of the Lijiang River landscape.

  Along the Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo, water-way, about 83 kilometers, in three sessions: Guilin - Yang Di, the entire 46 km, 4 hours voyage. Scenic spots far from the fairway. Guilin from the close of Cheung Pei Shan, Tashan (the sword Shan). Only a river off the east coast of the West Bank and the mountains of Kameyama, such as the shape of the river two cock fight.

  Yang Di - Xingping, the entire 17 km A range of about 40 minutes. This is the best period of landscapes. Many scenic spots in Lijiang on the shore. For example, half of the famous crossing, the ferry as Shanbi cut for the world rarely seen; Gap Jiro cross-strait summit Qili, hanging Falls; painting Hill as straight cut, and Shek Pik on the show white, yellow, gray, black, and other colors, shades and white . Have been around, the show horse-9, commonly known as Mathura nine.

  Xingping - Yangshuo, 20 kilometers entire range of about 2 hours. When he saw the main peak of Bi Lianfeng Yangshuo, Yangshuo is coming up. Bi Lianfeng look at the positive side, smooth as a mirror, it is also known as the Kam Shan.

  Lijiang tour, is an excellent , That is, no worries about the weather, because of different weather Lijiang different landscape features: sunny day to see the reflection Qingfeng; cloudy to see the clouds Manshan; rainy, misty rain to see the Li River. Even the rain days, Jiang Yan Bo's vast mountains, albeit not very clearly, through clouds in piz, as Yu Mu Qing Sha over land on, like a The splash-ink thousands of pieces of watercolor painting.

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Lotus rock - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In Yangshuo County Xing Town 6 km north-east of the village on the eastern side of the end of Baishan. Ruping rock, with wide outside the narrow, small-mouth has been around for the development of some of the 481 m long, the rock around the mammary stone, shape million, has been named more than 100 scenic spots Department. There are rocks in the landscape: the wonders Lin Tong, floating in the water with 108 large and small, such as the Netherlands Cloud basin, basin full-sheng Chu natural cave, also known as cave pearls, size, shape, color and the lotus is the same. Lin Xian upside down, the stone entrance Cucu milk, such as Pianpian lianpan and huge oak lotus flower, hanging Dong Ding, gorgeous colors. Chu Dong Yong, more than 100 meters into the rock, on both sides of the wall, each with a Shihcao, Wan Yan twists and turns Up to bottom, as the two dragon to fly outside. Python pit Tam Lin Tong left there, unpredictable, and the river outside the dark-rock, do not dry up over the years. There are banks of Lake stone marks, such as deep a python, the knot all over the stone, such as scales, Tan Bian twisting. Lotus origin of the rock: in the 60s before the still little-known rock, rock I too, can crawl into the rock, the locals call it "rock to crawl." 1964 China-South Africa first secretary of the Board Tao Zhu study Comrade Yangshuo, decided to Yangshuo's beautiful mountains and rivers into the "Oriental Geneva", sent a working group to the transformation of the old city Yangshuo County, for transformation of the old city. A working group of Professor Jin ( Southern Institute of Technology professor) in the Town Hing investigation, to listen to local people talk about "creeping rock to" a very good look at the scenery. Thus, with Qi Deng, torches, rock climbing into the development of the exploration of its value. One hole, he was deeply attracted by this Yipian Yun basin. At that time, in mid-April, the water inside the cave, Professor Jin see these rock on The lotus leaves floating in the water, and many of the basin and the rounded pebbles Huoxiang lotus seed, so to call it the "Lotus basin," said this landscape as "the pond." Professor Jin Yan that the most valuable, he wrote in "Landscape Planning Xingping that" will be "V (creeping) to rock" as a separate spots were Shao will be the odd sight of the main attractions, and said its "Lin Tong." As a result, "rock crawl to" Lin Tong on the wonders of the resulting spread. People are talking about the wonders of both these pots cloud known as the "Lotus basin", over time, turn on this rock known as "Lotus rock" and no longer called the "creeping in rock."

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Lakes cedar and Ronghu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guilin is located, on both sides of the bridge in Shenyang, Ronghu for the west to the growth of ancient banyan Rock Lake got its name; east to Sequoia Lake, even the Lijiang River, the lake has long cedar named after. Zhu Feng show independence from the view of Hubei and Hunan, water Yihong, like a mosaic in the town of Jasper, Quqiaotingxie, pleasant scenery. Transportation: Take 1, 3, 6 9, 11 up the road. Tips: Two River Lake four tickets 149 yuan (ring the city water lines around the two lakes refers to the four-Jiang Li River, Taohuajiang, wood Dragon Lake, Guilin, Ronghu, Sequoia Lake.), A boat trip time 2 hours. Around Guilin, Ronghu, Sequoia Lake Walking is a good choice.

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Mt - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guilin is located in the northeast, mt, about 8 km away from the urban area. Mt scenic Mount 909.3 meters above sea level, a relatively high degree of 760 meters is the highest mountain in Guilin. Yao Shanxi slope 450 meters above sea level, Qin Jian Yao Miao, in the name of the resulting mt. At an altitude of 600 --- 700 meters, has the original white deer Um Tang Bai Lu's former home for the Zen master, also known as Yu Huangge. 200 meters above sea level, Zhu Jian Ming St. Um, Um Mau Ping. Mt at the foot, to preserve the integrity of the country's Fan Wang Ming Dynasty Tombs.

  Yao Luan Yamaoka ups and downs, the magnificent, Feng Mao vegetation, rhododendrons everywhere. Peak winter when there is snow, the straight shock Minya, "Yao Dong, "a poem:
  "Shuo Feng from the East, snow Chuilayaokong, Yao Saxiang Peak, with Qi Jue look at the most."

  Mt to unpredictable, 4:00 gorgeous scenery and famous. In the spring, softly everywhere Hill of azaleas will be a range upon range of hills overlapping peaks of the mountains have to dress up Chaziyanhong; summer, the full Shochiku, bursts of waves, mountains and rivers King show, green and luxuriant; in the fall, Parkinson's Red, purple, Chrysanthemum everywhere, golden green; the fall of snow Fen Yang, snowy, Yushu Binghua, do not have some fun, standing around Jimu Peak, Piedmont as a mirror of paddy fields, such as the cottage in the painting, Central Shiqianfeng field, wearing a water view of the city will make Give birth to the hearts of the "list of small hills," the pride and enthusiasm. Mt is a well-known national heritage.

  Mt full range of cable and Austria to introduce a cable company DOPPE LMATYR advanced technology, equipped with automatic alarm, television, and other security tracking system. Cable length of 1416.18 meters Elevation 423.3 meters, set up two car lifts and cranes 175, on top of television stations located in the vicinity of the launch pad, the next station is located next to the Jingjiang Mausoleum, one-way cable running time of 20 minutes 38 seconds: the amount per hour delivery of 5072 , By direct access to the foot of the mountain by cable mt top, the Jimuyuantiao, Hai-Feng Shan Tao, cloud water Yu Guilin's landscape panoramic scenery.

  Slide mt full range of Germany's slide WIGAND import technology and equipment, expert from Germany worthy of testing the design installation, a total length of 1,000 meters of the chute, turn-based 18, elevation 150 meters, with an average gradient of 15 degrees, the maximum speed Up to 8 Km /h, speed limit 35 km /h, on the stand in the middle of cable stations, the next stop in Jingjiang next to the Tomb, sit and slide Shun Hill, traveling in the dense forest, along the rocks Qi-Song, who spent Yi Cao, clear spring creek, and other natural landscape, so that you enjoy the thrills of the modern view of charm, mt

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Hung Yen Ling Qu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hung Yen Ling Qu China's famous ancient water conservancy project, is also the world's oldest artificial one of the canal. Lingqu of Doumen, the predecessor of the modern lock, is the world's first navigation facilities. Ling Qu's greatness lies in its communication of the Xiang River and the Lijiang River, the Yangtze River and Pearl River to make navigation. BC 22 Qin Ying Zheng years out of the six countries, in order to consolidate imperial power, he made half a million soldiers at the 5th large-scale offensive Lingnan Baiyue place. As a result of rugged mountain roads, poor food and no less than Jiugong. As a result of the First Qin Emperor Shi Lu order to Lingqu cutting-grain Road. Upon completion, the channel said in a smart, which got its name. Lingqu to the maintenance of national unity, promote Lingnan with the economic and cultural exchanges have made important contributions to. Ling Qu Guilin because of the cut to become "even the South Sea, the Central Plains in the north," Lingnan the city. Lingqu a total length of 34 km, divided into North and South drainage channels, of which 30 km long drainage south, most of the use of the river is a natural, artificial excavation only a 5 km; North Drainage Although only 4 km in length, but it is the connectivity of the Xiang River and the Lijiang River channel. Transport: Bus ride in Guilin, Guilin, Xing'an to the train fares 12 yuan /person, to the Xing'an county seat, the car rental station at 1 yuan /person or to walk. Admission: 30 yuan /person (great time to visit the park Need to 2 hours), if the charter tour Lingqu channel 30 yuan /person.

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Guan Yan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guan Yan, located 29 km away from Guilin's Lijiang River in the middle, a human history of the Millennium underground cave, inside the cave ago Gan pure spring water and "Gan rock", after appearance Hill for its crown as North Korea and changed its name, "Guan Yan" .

  As early as the year 1637, to come to Xu, Guan Yan became the first detection Masters, in its "Xu's Travels" in the documented Guan Yan, "Guan Yan" in the name of it because he obtained. Guilin there are historical records of the earliest local records, "Guilin endemic in mind," Guan Yan also made a record, we can see Guan Yan Yan Zhu Guilin is the first known to watch one of the caves.
  From the lawn can take Smooth car through a local view of the field, leading to be inside the cave, Guan Yan. Mid-levels or on foot to the ladder by the Green Tourism elevator straight hole, through a bizarre landscape of caves, came to the underground Quqiao, Kikunami can lean on a railing. Came to the pit falls inside the cave, there came the sound of water, huge water curtain shop and the ramp, straight Pit. Falls through, Quqiao the back, then to the underground river terminals, visitors can take the Adventure, along the dark underground river section begins and ends in front of the unknown away, just in the hands of a small lamp that care for thousands of blame Underground river rock.

  If a ship docked at the bottom of the Tan Bian, the rise of See the top of a stalactite of the magnificent hall, thousands of miles, such as ice-covered snow Dong Ding, Xuepiao miles of open country, open one magnificent scene. From a long string of steep stairs going up, to reach the central hall, where a large column of stalactites, like the Chinese University of tropical rain forest of palm trees, palms, called Naiming Hall. This large Guan Yan is the most concentrated and spectacular scenery. Walk down the hall from the palm, came to an underground tram station, take the tram on a small, penetrated through a long canyon on the ground floor, tall and deep valleys, up and down overhanging cliff, if the rock fall, the spirit of the Three Gorges, named " Small Three Gorges ", the tram station, and then onto the Tung Han Lu, all the way quiet twists and turns magic, can not stalactite, plastic Yi Zuzu has become natural sculptures, a fairy palace, Peacock upside down, eating a toad Avenue, who bears a dialogue, the Big Buddha Maitreya, Northern scenery, tropical rain forests, Eagle Youth Pre-employment Training, Shark Harbor ... ...

More beautiful but to rely on people to imagine, can not be Pen and ink to describe.

  Guan Yan natural landscape, rural scenery and unique customs. Guan Yan from the scenic Lijiang River in Guilin in 1992 by the Tour Development Corporation to invest in the development so far has Guanyan underground river resort, the rural landscape art it Island Park, the electric rail cars Tourism tube, pipe gravity rail cars, Guan Yan Fei , Villa clouds, Guan Yan hotel and tourism projects such as infrastructure, Guan Yan to the formation of a underground river-centered tourism, the meeting in convalescence and light entertainment room and board for one of the large-scale integrated resort.


  In 2000, the Shanghai World Headquarters Diogenes assessment, Guan Yan-owned scenic crown Tourism tube cave with electric rail cars won both the World Diogenes record. As a result, Guan Yan in the scenic area can be described as "a day to spend time, will be able to visit the two great world record of Diogenes." In February 2002, the scenic Lijiang River Guan Yan again all aspects of the comprehensive advantages of the country and was named Class AAAA tourist King . The Guan Yan scenic Lijiang River, with its multi-dimensional infinite charm, attracted waves of foreign tourists, Guilin has become one of the most famous tourist attractions.

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Welfare scenery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Welfare site of the ancient town in the east side of the Shandong Lang, when the Tang and Song "Huang Thistle Street", after the gradual migration to the Lijiang River Edge, in this time of change. Yangshuo, Lijiang County is located in the low-down on the east coast, Yishanbangshui for the famous ancient town of Yangshuo. It was the Tang Dynasty on the settlement, and therefore more litchi trees, which concealed cottage, named Fu Lai village. 1926 Welfare said. Ting-kwong, a large river, stone Sangu, the Tien Hou Temple, Kuixing floor, the mother-long historical sites such as kiosks. To Tau Village to the other side of town, hidden green cover, graceful elegant. The town a "fan-painting street", linked to the production of large decorative fans, such as Hydrangea and crafts are sold at home and abroad. Welfare is the town of Yangshuo process of painting the main production base of fans "Chinese fan paintings town" reputation. Hydrangea also do good.

  Long Shan Dong Xing Ping to the well-being at the side of the road from the town of well-being of about one kilometer, for the well-known pictographic Hill County, the county seat with the famous West Hill Lang, from the southeast, due south, the north-east to watch on three sides, as each woman, man and warrior It is memorable Yangshuo in the Tang Dynasty poet Cao Ye have a poem: "Lang East stands to the east, looking further Zhao Zhao Sun; a feel vancomycin Dan, who ya Cloud Health Department is the shortage." Shanguangshuise here is not only beautiful, "Wei Qi humanities" with Gexian Third Sister Liu Zhuang legend has lived here for several years, leaving a number of sites, 60 of the last century The beginning of shooting the film "Third Sister Liu", is based on this legend, here as a major location of the land.

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Leaning Tower of the Dragon - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiang also known as the Leaning Tower of the left lung, water tower, located 2 kilometers northeast Chongzuo County, built a stone left in the River Island - the first peak on the boil, in a torrent of urgency Bay, the breathtaking terrain. The tower is the Ming Dynasty, Li Zhi Fu-mei revealed in the years (in 1621) in the construction, the building was three-and Qing Emperor Kangxi 35 (1 92 years) Xu Zhi Fu more two-story building has become Zhuanta five-story, the bottom 5 m in diameter, Taki of the total body high 23.184 m, 18.28 m tower, the octagonal tower was body surface. Top quality milling cast a gourd covered the top, never rust, and canopies are Tajikistan all directions, each of the Yan Jiao Tong-ling of a suspension, ding-dong sound swing in the wind Attractive, the appearance of the ancient tower vigorous proudly tall and straight, Tap the bottom of the South and Southwest to open an arch, from the second floor of a small window open. Anti-clockwise spiral staircase tower blocks Raozhi the top floor, people walking in the ladder, a strong sense of favor, according to the test tower to tilt 24 degrees 4 minutes 64 seconds, tilt the direction of 52 degrees west to south-west 1 Minutes and 30 seconds, according to research experts are craftsmen in the construction of river to take into account factors such as wind and the foundation of the carefully designed, is the only man-made construction of the Leaning Tower of the entire pagoda take advantage of the mountain, structural stability, harmonious shapes, since the completion of So far, has lasted 300 years and suffered repeated flood washed, sun exposed to the elements, However, stand firm, fully embody the people of ancient China's building of sophisticated technology. Tilt of the pagoda, the world's rare, and is located in the river rapids of the vortex in the middle, and it is spectacle. It Suzhou Tiger Hill Pagoda, the Suizhong tower Liaoning, Shanghai Songjiang Care Tower beads, Hubei Dangyang Tower, the Leaning Tower Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy, Germany Ken Tower Road British Parliament building to a total of Tower as the world's eight major Leaning Tower Leaning Tower of Jiang's left there is still a beautiful legend. Legend has it that, in the Ming-Lung-year period, Jiang left out all of a sudden in the middle of a huge stone that blocked Jiang Liu, Langfan vortex, so that in the past, many ships have been no disasters. People that this is a demon in the Long River in trouble The pagoda will be built in the town of demon dragon, named for the town of Hai Baota. But the demon against Long, repeated pagoda built repeated collapse. Later, to be immortal help move mountains foundation and a half before completion of the pagoda. But the demon dragon still appear harmful. Zhuang has been a youth immortal demon-long training to teach the law, to kill the demon dragon, and the world Peace, it is then included in the town known as the Long Hai Baota tower.

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Eco-park officials do leucocephalus - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Leucocephalus officials get eco-park is located in Chongzuo County, Luo white board with the benefit of the two rural junction (formerly Chongzuo County, precious animals inside the nature reserve) 35 km away from the county seat, the protection of steep peaks in the region of Mindanao, elegant environment is China's typical subtropical karst landforms and the preservation of natural resources have to complete one of the regions. According to the experts Monitor and protect the region has more than 60 kinds of mammals, 100 species of birds, 30 kinds of reptiles, more than 20 kinds of amphibians, as well as thousands of specialty plant, which for more than 100 kinds of medicinal, growth "Tea Queen's family" Camellia. In a variety of mammals, are a class of the national animal protection 18 leucocephalus more than 240 group only. Leucocephalus is the world's rare animals, but also our level of protection of wild animals, the world's remaining 700 or so, the number of giant pandas in China is also a small treasure in the world are on China, all located in southwest China's Guangxi Shung-left , Ningming, Long , And Dah Sing Fusui County, and so on, and Miranda left the White County Law, the board benefit of the two 24 square kilometers of rural mountain area for the officials get an important distribution area. Have been identified, there are 18 protected areas leucocephalus group of about 250, is the world's largest concentration of distribution leucocephalus, the maximum density. Moreover, in the protection of the region, every morning When the light at about 10 o'clock in the afternoon from 6:00 p.m. until dark before visitors can watch the leap into the cliffs above, in the play between the branches of the rattan leucocephalus.

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Huashan Ningming Yahua - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huashan for the rock-level key protection units, located in Ningming County town 25 km away from the riverside cliff on the left. Yahua its large-scale, spectacular momentum is well known to the world, is the world-famous rock group in Guangxi left Jiang, the most typical representative in the world of ancient rock paintings in the history of rare quality. Rock war began Period and continues until the Eastern Han Dynasty, was left to live in the River Luoyue nation works. Rock the screen up to 172 meters, 120 meters high, with an area of about 8000 square meters, the remains are more than 1900 kinds of images, including people, horses, animals, bronze drum, knives, swords, Selenastrum, bell button, And so on the road Constitute the main rock paintings are portraits of the composer elbow, squat-legged squat form, the ancient extended rough, small to 30 cm high, the entire screen from a variety of picture composition of the mysterious group of 111 images; magnificent grand, unfathomable magic. Yahua related to the author, content, color and how to draw, say, into the mystery through the ages.

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Chongzuo Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chongzuo located in the southwestern Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. December 23, 2002, the State Council approved the establishment of Chongzuo level. August 2003 Chongzuo listed on the establishment of the People's Government. Jiang Zhouqu-wide municipal and Fusui, Ningming, Long states, Dah Sing, 5 days, and other counties and the city of Pingxiang escrow. The city's total area of 173 5 square kilometers; the total population of 2,274,000, accounting for 89.13 percent of Zhuang, China's Zhuang population ratio in the highest-level cities.


Chongzuo is located in the ASEAN countries, leading to the mainland on the bridge, there is the territory of Hunan, Guangxi Railway, Nanning - Youyi Guan highway running through the entire city Take the highway to the Wu Wei Nanning International Airport only 91 km to 83 km Youyi Guan, the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi to more than 240 km. Ningming have in the city, Long states, Dah Sing, 4 Pingxiang county (city) border with Vietnam, 533 km long border line, the various border control points 11. Chongzuo "southern tour of the customs border and customs" Guangxi is one of the five major tourist routes, this line has long Chongzuo the tower, Chongzuo Shi Lin and the world of rare animals leucocephalus protected areas - eco-park officials do; left Jiang Huashan group murals; the world's second largest and Asia's first cross-Dah Sing Tak-day falls, 000 River pastoral scenery; Pingxiang Youyi Guan; Fusui group of dinosaur fossils, and so on. In addition, there are the mysterious ancient customs border of the historical and cultural landscape: the history of Sino-French War, the size of the Citylink, the Qing Dynasty States million graves, eight Red Army memorial and the exotic border.

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Hot and happy - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hot Springs is located in Guanling being spent Cross Walled security. "Yongning Chi," set: "Mitsui all the way, on both sides of the water very cool, but in a Dingfei such as temperature, winter can Maundy, bath home is often this behavior." Rotten tin pa in Hot Springs, about 500 meters, 200 meters wide.

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Baling Bridge Falls - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? Baling Falls Bridge in Guanling Buyi and Miao Autonomous County, 5 km east, to pass when the main Yunnan. Baling stone bridge built in the late Ming cross the river, 30 meters long and 6 meters wide, four-hole hollow. Tung hundred each of two ancient trees maintained a yellow, more than 10 meters high, Chang Mao-branches, such as a round-top cover, cover and a half in the river, follow-up on the bridge and a half, and he is called "structure-day cool "It is well-known" Eight Guanling ". Bridge several hundred meters left, there is Feipuchuilian, more than 100 meters high, twice as much as Huangguoshu Falls. Surging, bang-rock cliffs, peaks from the Song Zhi Pouring down in the valley, a number of Jiao fly sink off, if Pi Lian Zhan Yu-mei. Nearby followed by two dance Shan Yin Yi, Kim Soo-shore, Yulong Bay. Yunteng water anger, Longyan down, the boom days off, stop the waves from Jing Fei-zhou. Wonderful scene in magnificent, visitors have a poem, "Shen Yao dazzling heart soul Britain, did not want to tolerate the situation trickling" real feelings.

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Soe Screen Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Soe screen located in the scenic western Guizhou Province scenic tourist areas in the territory, geographical location and scenic areas with a total area of 55 square kilometers. Rich with karst landforms characterized by the natural landscape and human landscape.
Canyon shuttle's beautiful screen reservoir, the dam-building as a result of Puding Hydropower Gaoxiapinghu formed, Ssangyong have spots Gap, Gap JIANMENGUAN attractions, Tiger Leaping Gorge attractions, in particular, can be called "China's first dam, the world's first high," the roller-concrete arch dam sites with high scientific value of the landscape District begged capacity development unique landforms, strong, diverse types, different patterns, in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau with a wide range of representation Lotus has its attractions cave Kwu Tung, Ma Xian-dong, and so on. At the same time, there is a better protection of Lin Feng Huoyanshan original vegetation and rare species, cultural and Beijing are "Upper Cave Man", Yunnan, "Yuanmou Man" of the famous site of piercing, and Shiraiwa-foot site; Cliff ask a stone-an Specifically, the south will be, and so on; There are ancient Temple Yuzhen, Wenchang Pavilion, and so on. These unique karst landscape and a certain well-known scenic, with high viewing and research, scientific value.

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Hong extravagant tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Extravagant generous incense at the tomb County suburbs. Guizhou Xiang Ming Dynasty extravagance is a well-known female Yi Tusi, the beginning of Hongwu during the passage of Guizhou Fu Xuanwei make the post. She know the overall situation, the Yidao, Jingbian chaos, there were yin, in order to strengthen the unity of the people of the Han Yi, southwest closely with the central government's outstanding contribution to the relationship. 19 Hongwu (1386) Shannon's death, Zhao Ting Zhuanshi sent to participate in his funeral. 18 years of Qing dynasty (1838) Hong extravagant repair the tomb, the hometown of his wife, Shannon buy extravagant monument, to the present day.

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Hong dry hole - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhijin county in the northeast. 6 holes from the main branch and many of the components of holes. The main hole total of more than 2600 meters long, about 40 meters wide, more than 100 meters high. 6 Dongting general of the main square in 3000-6000, the third largest up to the Office of 30,000 square meters. Inside there are mountains of water, mountains and rivers, from the stalactite cave scene , The highest stalactite up to 70 meters. In the second one in the central hall of Lake, covering an area of 400 square meters, the depth of Guo Xi, a giant Buddha Tanzhong remain in the water, more than 30 meters high. The whole magnificent cave, the magnificent, as if the ground floor of the palace.

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Panjiang iron chain bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In Guanling, Qinglong County, the second set at the junction of the North River Ferry. Jia Zhi-feng of the two, no one in the water, Qianchi cliff, stand like a wall such as the cut. Is the ancient Yunnan to Guizhou from the inevitable. On both sides, about 80 meters apart, the swift current flow. Chong 2004 (1631), Guizhou Ancha Shi Zhu Min iron chain initiatives to build bridges, rule of a few big chains 10 On the rock between the two sides. On the cross two wooden shops, and 27 cm thick, about 3 meters wide. On both sides to set up about 3 meters high chain mesh barrier, with a bridge to facilitate open Streams, the rain battlement floor facilities. According to Xu on-site observation, the bridge "look of Piaomiao, but the practice is Yiran fixed. Japanese group over a hundred oxen and horses are weight-bearing More. "Built in the Qing Dynasty on many occasions, in large river bank in order to stack wood, stone to the town, so that the mixed into arch-shaped, the chain plate to hold firmly. Shield with a column version of the house. From the public may be in single file and the more Than in the previous wins and a competitive edge. Ghastly old the two sides, steles, Wu Li, Lin Piao Miao Palace, the brilliant shade. Predecessors as "Spirited Away Wang Jin Cunnighamella Dan is room for cross-Cai-feng floor, "the central Guizhou sites.

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Kwan-dong II - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Story in the southern suburbs of Gufeng a foot of the mountain, like the West cut the Fuxue Shiraiwa. There are stone Shiraiwa Mo Yan, "Sok-related" words, the next moment, "Xiao Tian", also on both sides of a couplet: "Jiedihaozi business, and the search for past sages;-day leap on 10 minutes did not beg, ask the latter People up?. " At the foot of Shiraiwa, there are two holes. Hole Hall, can accommodate thousands of people. There is room stalagmite pillars, Shishou stone monkey. BUZZ inside the cave, audio, there are a number of lower chuen hollow pool.

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Tam rhinoceros falls - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huangguoshu Falls in front of a deep box canyon karst, a series of canyons or pool, followed by rhino-tan, 3 Beach, Horseshoe Lake, the risk pool, and so on. These Lake Beach has its own unique features, including the rhinoceros as a result of Tam Zhuangruo rhinoceros, therefore named. Tam rhinoceros 11.1 meters deep water, Lake reached for the waterfall The splash of water covered by numerous, the water formed on the surface of the water in the dam to leave a long, constitute a big splash-ink of ink. Canyon rise steeply on both sides of the green, hi various types of water plants, Climb, a variety of weeds Yamahana, open competition, during which the Office of Water Point, Guanpu Ting, tea, iron chain bridges, buildings, as well as films such as a cable car Bamboo, along with the Great Falls constitute a three-dimensional nature of the landscape

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Tong steep falls - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tong Waterfall located in the steep upper reaches of the Huangguoshu Falls 1 km, is a 21 m high and 105 m wide natural Dam type Falls, Huangguoshu Falls group is also the most wide waterfall. Its top is an area of 15,000 square meters of the great melting Tam, falls in Wei Yi is the formation of more than 100 meters long beach travertine dam. Falls were also behind the Shuilian Dong, Shui Liandong drilling in the summer people can be, can climb Falls Man Liu travertine the beach to play on the floor, Fun for all. Every night the floods, falls siren call will be issued, known as the "waterfall roar."

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Xuan Tong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xuan Tong is a national scenic spot, Park Tong-shaped surface, an area of 10,000 square meters, is the upper reaches of the Dragon King's palace. Qualcomm swirling river of water where it sank to the ground, the ground floor into a underground river.

Throughout the year to pond water in a clockwise direction taking in the green duckweed to stop the swirling, ceaseless throughout the year, really the so-called "non-shan Water transfer. "Tangbian stand, the list can be built on the hillside villages, stone wall stone tile, style, Cuolayouzhi. Tangbian or an angler, Diaoqi the end of a few carp, will give you a Joy.

  Xuan Tong area in order to "odd swirling water, as much as a short river, the great Buddhist cave" as of "Three ": The swirling water of the pond throughout the year by rotation in a clockwise direction as a whole, the formation of" Shan did not turn to water, "the King must; swirling in the pond area of 3 square km, brings together 3 different short length of river water Clear and transparent, embracing bamboos, take the boat in the water, in the middle reaches of the painting, as if exposure to fairyland on earth; Pool swirling Guanyin Is a rare hole Temple, the quiet broad Miao, the environment and each other, the former President of the Buddhist Association of China, Mr. Zhao Puchu wrote this, "Guanyin Dong," the holes were.

At present, the connection center and scenic spots of Qun-Fang Xuan Tong Valley and around the ground trails have been built in 2001 and 1 On opening to the outside world, will immediately enter the cave water depth of the development phase. The further development of the Dragon King's palace, open and will be a new look to show the people of the world. .

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