Beijing Amusement Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beijing is located in the south-east of the Longtan Lake City, Temple of Heaven Park from the East Gate 1 km with a total area of 400,000 square meters, of which 115,000 square meters surface. Facilities, imported nearly 22 of the 200 modern recreational facilities. Landscape architecture in the park are thousands of different colors, new shapes, all kinds of pleasure Shi scattered next to, so-called "China's first Ferris Wheel" and "Grand View Ferris wheel," there are strong horror as the dragon spin "spiral scooters," there are mock "pirate vessel" Wild in the endless "pirates", so that Jingji people about the "alarming housing", the world's first marvelous set of Chang's dream water curtain Video, fun for children and adolescents to build a "happy pregnant" and "Shinkansen", the most comfortable for parents with the children's play, "roaming the water", and "Liu Yong Jin," "flight tower" "Flying saucer", "monorail train in the air" and "bouncing animals" and "Mechanical Animals" and "spin - "And" swing rotation, "and" laser shot "and" video games "and so on. Rockery rocks in the park, Tinglangshuixie, large-scale sculpture with a wide range of recreational facilities are available, the distribution of coordination, Cuolayouzhi." Stephen's well-being, "" On the Moon, "" Rainbow, "" Little Mermaid "sculpture, and so rich in symbolic significance; 11-made Unique, different style of the size of a bridge across the lake; large-scale program-controlled laser color-changing fountain endless day and night, Pushuo from fans, it is too long for. Admission: 70 yuan /person (1.4 meters tall or more visitors), 45 yuan /person (1-1.4 meters tall and between 60-year-old or older) to open Time: 8:30-17:00 season (March 15 -11, 14), 8:30-17:30 summer (July 15 -8 31); off-season 9:00-16:30 (Nov 15 -3 14)

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Tao Ranting Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tao Ranting Park is located in west Beijing on the north side of South Second Ring Tao Ran. The entire park with a total area of 59 hectares, 17 hectares of water surface. Park built in 1952. It is the People's Republic of China, Beijing, the capital of the first to build a modern landscape. Yanjing for its scenic spots, known as "all doors resort" reputation, old, Mottled track. The famous Tao Ranting, Cibei An fall on the table here. The beautiful landscape scenery, rich culture, historical and revolutionary, so she became the tourist destination.

34 Qing Emperor Kangxi (1695), algae and Industry Jiang doctor supervision and was ordered to Yaochang, he Cibei An Ministry to build a kiosk and get Po Chu-poem "Homebrew Huang Ju to be more familiar with a drunk-Tao Ran a" sentence "Tao Ran," the word for the pavilion named. The kiosk seekers can explore the popular favor, as the "Zhou Hou Hui, by the by, Youjun repair of purification", was all over the country come to Beijing as the author must visit places. Qing More than 00 years, the renowned Citing long, focused, have become one victory.

Tao Ranting around, there are many well-known historical sites. Northwest has Longshu Temple, the Temple Jianjia a small house connected to large, Ni-day Court, Hill House, look, hold the ice, and other Church buildings, often celebrities in this open space, and its popularity in the Qing dynasty, and Kan Tao Pavilion with horses. There are black South East Longtan, the Dragon King-ting, Nacha Temple, the barbed Meiyuan, the ancestral park;'s south-west wind park; a kiln due north of Taiwan; are in Northeast Hong mass graves, mass graves parrot, as well as the modern drunk Guo tomb, the tomb of Sai Jinhua And so on. These sites have a history in the early 1990s more than Tao Ranting, and some even earlier than Cibei An. They are seekers can explore Yong's history, now has been the leading position of glory.

Tao Ranting modern, with a glorious chapter in history. "54" before and after exercise, the founder of the Communist Party of China and Li Dazhao leader, Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai had Tao Ranting to carry out revolutionary activities. Jan 18, 1920 Mao Zedong and the "agency auxiliary" in Beijing, members of the assembly to discuss the expulsion of Hunan warlord Zhang Jingyao struggle in the post-Hill Cibei An outside group photo taken before the big tree. August 16, 1920, Tianjin, "Juewu She", Beijing, "China Youth Society" and other progressive groups in the North Hall to discuss the "54" after the revolutionary struggle As well as the direction of the joint struggle. 7, 8, 1921, Li Dazhao through the "Association of Young China," Chen Yu-sheng members of his new wife Jin Qi Tao Ranting buried in the tomb in the name of his wife, Shou banks, leasing South Cibei An rooms of the two, in this covert activities, to the 1923 Inter - , In the summer of Deng, Yun Daiying Chang Gao Junyu and so on to attend the meeting.

Tao Ranting of a modern park, is a financial ancient and modern gardening art in one of the booths in order to highlight the culture of the Chinese nation as the main content of a new type of modern urban landscape.

Park verdant forests, lush flowers, mixed pavilion, shade pavilions Pleasant scenery. Heart Lake on the island, a pier Jinqiu, the first Shan Yan, Cheng Tao Ranting and channels dominating. Jinqiu top of a pier Jinqiu Pavilion, for its temple ruins Huaxian. South Pavilion foothills of the "Rose Hill", for its original Hong graves, mass graves parrot, Sai Jinhua site of the tomb. North Pavilion tranquil foothills of the forest, a well-known Gao Junyu, stone tomb Pingmei Yan has laid the first top-Ting Chui, and Jinqiu Pavilion on King, south-west foot of the mountain Jian Cheng Guang-ting-ting, in this view of Lake Hill, the most affordable. Pavilion for the northern evergreen Xuan.

In 1985 the construction of the park pavilion is the name of the Chinese Tao Ranting Park "in the park's garden." Centralized tourism resources, selection of national pavilion To build from. "Ong Ting", "Orchid Pavilion", "Beiting goose pond" and "Bei Ting Shao Ling Cottage", "Canglang Ting", "Du Xing Pavilion," "Er Quan Pavilion," "Blow to Taiwan," " Baptist Moon "and" a hundred booths slope "Shi Yuzuo. 000 of these kiosks are the ratio of 1:1 to imitation to build from, King Pavilion, complement each other. Even in the park, like Chu Li-de Marine, or Wu Yue Yu beautiful town feel, the more profound historical and cultural connotations. The majority of tourists do not labor long and arduous journey can only enjoy the architecture of the Chinese nation and the human landscape.

Tao Ranting Park is a total relocation, like construction designed to build the pavilion for 36 Yan Jing And colorful. Tao Ranting park visitors in the reception 7,000,000 passengers, visitors to Japan hit a peak volume of 60,000. In 2002 by the China National Tourism Administration's assessment of the first four A-class tourist attractions and tourist areas in the capital of civilization title. Tao Ranting Park also has cruise ships, water park, children's entertainment city, the fans MACLEOD, playground Restaurant, Tao Ran Garden hotel and commercial outlets, such as integrated facilities. Warmly welcome Chinese and foreign guests sightseeing tour.

  The main landscape:

Tao Ranting

  Tao Ranting is the Pavilion of the Qing Dynasty, China is now the history of the four were one of the booths. Qing Emperor Kangxi 34 years, Industry and regulatory algae doctor Jiang Yao Chang See the "face of the West have Beichi, more water, look very quiet, a little dust-free gas" in building the kiosk. After several years of "thorough and Hin Pavilion", named in the Tang Dynasty poet Po Chu-poem: "Homebrew Huang Ju to be more familiar with a drunk one-Tao Ran," "Ran". Tao Ranting Park, as well as Tao Ranting is the name of the region as its name . Citingmiankuo 3, into a deep and a half, covering an area of 90 square meters. There Su Ting-painted, Liang Dong house decorated with flowers and birds landscape painting. Draw on two Beam, "Choi Ju," "Eight Immortals crossing the sea", "Drunken", "Liu Jinchan show," There are three important Pavilion, the first people to build kiosks algae Jiang personally wrote to First Quqi Stone, "Xijiang Yue. Xishan Wang Tao Ranting back on the" word, Guo is also a problem, "Tao Ranting Park" characters in the amount of doors, hanging on the goal post to the east, "Wen Tao like to open three tracks, with a total of Amitabha niche . " This is linked Lin to write. In conjunction with the old deposit, the couplets by contemporary calligrapher Huang Miaozi re-book. Booths were suspended between "Hui in perspective, the de Ban Mu Hong-Lian-Bi, like fireworks, sitting on a white breeze." Now is a couplet written in modern calligrapher Yong Kang. "No one temple to the possession Smoke, couch deep reliance on a Church", which is linked Weng Fanggang Suozhuan, Guangxu years of presiding monk Cibei An Jing Ming Emperor Guang Xu's teacher, please Weng Tonghe rewrite. Pavilion in the north-south four-stone wall, one written by Jiang algae, "Yin Tao Ran," and cited travel, and the other is written by Gao Jiang, "Tao Ranting", Tan Third, "the old city of Nan Si-ming" and order, the four "Tao Ranting small collection", which is written by Wang Chang, "with invited Tao Ranting Zhujun small set of editing," the poem that Chu Chu . Wang Chang is a poem for Emperor Qianlong in about 40 years.

Tao Ranting completed, Jiang seekers can explore some of the algae often invited, and friends to colleagues on the Tao Ranting banquets, Fushi, where seekers can explore into the "Red Dust clean in the world." Tao Ranting there is a U Cheng Nga Chap civilian areas, it left a lot of poetry Qiu Jin, Gong Tao Ranting and so on have left the poetry.

Tao Ranting, facing three Cibei An Lake, east and central island of King Lam Chui-ting, Taiwan, separated from the kiln with the North across the lake in the west and clouds of delicate painted floor, across the Qing Yinge. Adventure rippling surface of the lake, Lotus after another, Fumian breeze, it looked Tao Ran. Hall of quasi-mentioned

Quasi-seat hall to the north of the Southern Dynasties, to open the door to the north and south. The northern wall has no windows, for the middle of a door, and the Kuan Yin Temple Dianmen relative to the north. To associate the original Temple to worship, and other quasi-3 for the Buddha, the hall has many statues and Buddha, the sacrificial utensil for a. Hall of the amount mentioned: "The potential to Treasure Palace"; Union Hall: "Rain Yun, Fu by the people; Baogai Kingland, the two long-ming quit. "These old things, and now have no deposit. Quasi-Hall is mentioned as" Tao Ranting showroom stones. "

Kuan Yin Temple

Kuan Yin Temple is the Cibei An Zhudian, sitting south, with the potential to mention Hall of the relative. Two Hall of Cibei An axis with the Department, although the system specifications Imitation, but the Hall of Guanyin Temple-based quasi-than-Dian Dian mentioned above more than 60 cm, and Hall Gallery, and therefore more magnificent. The roof ridge animal, a lion, unicorn, such as the hippocampus, appears to be solemn, old-world. In October 1986, in the Kuan Yin Temple to set up a youth education on revolutionary traditions as the main content "Shi Tao Ranting Park showroom," open to the public. Showroom at the contents of a long history, to commemorate the revolution, the new Tao Ranting three parts.

Wen Ge

Wen Court sitting south, Miankuo 3 (8.1 meters), into a deep (4.4 meters). About 10 meters high, with a total construction area To 83.28 square meters. Pavilion before a small Fang Ting. To the south side of a gallery upstairs, looked lean on a railing. Wenchang Pavilion of the wooden beams exposed parts of purlin Dong Fang, as well as kiosks, the gallery ceiling, decorated with painted, rather China and the United States, coupled with the Court may be small but very characteristics, so that it no cornices of the brackets shape, but the dangerous high , And inspiring area of natural Pojue elegant. Wen Wen is Geneisifeng Ti (also known as Ti zitong) and Kuixing, the two gods is the key to fame and the Rise and Fall of Man Wan-lu-god, the most revered of scholars. Therefore, in the feudal era, it has always been to Beijing to participate in the Hong Kong Certificate of Education candidates who pay homage to the shrine. Wen Ge old pre-human The fate of "Wen House poems," 100 are from the Department of Ancient Seven-quatrains, made-for Ji Xiaolan. Monk wrote these poems, "Wen sticks" for this to draw Bozhe asked.

Liao Dynasty stone buildings

Cibei An, Wenchang Pavilion before the stone buildings built in the Liao shouchang five years (the year 1099 ), Now has more than 900-year history, 2.52 m high buildings, as the octagonal cylinder blocks, and all sides have used Chinese transliteration of the Sanskrit scriptures carved. Buildings were "Cizhi Dade Fodingzunsheng dharani buildings." Building on the "next test of the old text," there are detailed records, we have to identify Tao Ranting in the vicinity of Liaoning in the south Location in the eastern suburbs of the city to provide evidence of a kind. Here is the funeral of a Liao Dynasty monk named Wei, Liao emperor called "Cizhi Dade division," thanks "Ziyi." He died of illness shouchang four years, five years shouchang his disciples to him, "Jing-dong buried in the first division side of the grave." October 19, 1912 when Lu Xun to Tao Ranting Liao monks introduced the history of buildings, in 1964 Guo carefully read the stone buildings, he pointed out: "They are not only valuable ancient artifacts, but also determination of gold in all the important sites Cheng Cheng coordinates, in the history of Beijing is a major Standard, should be well protected. "

Jin stone buildings Jing Zhuang is the ancient religion of a stone, was founded in Tang-for-like pillars, often used by more than a pile of stone blocks.

Is located in the Cibei An Shan Ying Bi door after the Jin Dynasty stone buildings, is part of the day will be nine years (1131 AD) left Jing Zhuang, as a 000-cylinder 1.80, engraved with the wrong directions between 4 Buddhist Van Hanh and fourth in both the scriptures, the scriptures were four mannose dharani Goddess of Mercy, net dharani realm, Ju-chi Nyorai heart-breaking dharani Hell, there are some side carved Date style is still faintly visible, only nine days will be a few words. In the history of China, the main north-han and Liu Jin Sheng Wan Yan Prefecture Days of the year will be used, but the Chinese regime in the north only 29 years (951-979), less than the geographical scope of Beijing, the academic community that this is Jin Jing Zhuang relic, which has been speculated that the buildings 900 years .

"Tao Ranting in mind," stone

Tao Ranting stone is the region's history left behind These historical relics reflecting the historic look of Tao Ranting. Cibei An are within the southeast there is a stone showroom, exhibition of precious historical relics.

1, "all doors resort" is written in stone Zhang Boying, the nature of the contents of a title in mind, Zhang Boying is for the rehabilitation of Yushu, Wang Tao Ranting and to make time in 193 After years of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Zhang Boying a former commander of the Kuomintang, he served as the founding of the first members of the National People's Political Consultative Conference.

2, "Lan Zhu map" stone: 3-tang picture of a group of stone. The picture is painted blue, bamboo, stone, and many people wrote poetry, the question in mind, this picture is 3 1933 Tao Ranting at the Mid-Autumn Festival banquet held in the group set when it was created, the artist painting a hundred people Peng, Wu Peifu, and other inscriptions, Wu: "Takemoto with an open mind, it is Love."

3, "Kuixing map" stone: the original map Kuixing Genei enshrined in Wenchang, Kuixing is taken, "Fukui" shaped by, for example Fukui foot into the "struggle." The so-called "Kuixing struggle." Early in accordance with such characters as drawn by the Kuixing, like ghosts in the head and one foot upward tilt, as Fukui's words turn big hook. Fukui, such as holding a bucket in the middle of the "fight", written by hand, meaning for the pilot-point pen name, but the lack of "want to fight," the hand, like this from "self Ceremony, the body Zhengxintai "words, Kuixing is the text of Taoism is the key to the rise and fall of fame Yun-lu-god.

4, "happy" stone: This stone was South Tao Ranting room door sales room abbot, Chen Er-tin in 1934 by the book.

5, "Choi map", "Choi before the song", "Choi after the song :

This is a group of Sai Jinhua account of "the life" of the stone, a total of three, embedded in the original Tao Ranting north wall is built in 1937 Yushu, Wang.

"Choi map" Choi as a stone, master of arts from Zhang hand, the painting was detailed by Fan "Choi song" The Long Poem for. Fan Details on their own, "Choi song" quite proud, well-written, to be framed in preparation for the possession of the home as a permanent preservation. Fan Zengxiang after the death of his writing hand, "Choi song" Shouben, at the time was a collector from Dong Shi-en. In 1937, "Choi song" Sai Jinhua mistress died, buried in However, kiosk. To take this opportunity once in 1934 to contribute to the reconstruction of Taoran Ting Wang Yushu, to Sai Jinhua said that on the one-time capital of the miss, from Dong Shi-en by the Department of these pictures, made of stone, embedded in Tao Ranting The wall.

"Choi before the song" is the account of the life of Sai Jinhua of the head of a poem, Guangxu in 25 years, Fan Zengxiang is the author of the famous at the time, he described the game's Health peacetime, many are not realistic.

"Choi song" Fan Zengxiang Boxer in the years after he made "before the song Choi," wrote the sequel, also the head of a poem. Guangxu in for 29 years, that is, "G The change "the third year.

6, "Zhao Fei-Ling Tomb": This is the tombstone of Manchukuo during the senior officials of the Pan Yugui for the Sai Jinhua Li.

7, the "mountain city" stone: Wang Yushu stone for the book, inscribed: "Chung Yeung Yi Hai, Wang Yushu." Cibei An original inlay in the northeast corner of the wall platform Renovation work disappeared in 1978, is based on the original stone rubbings of stone are reproduced from.

8, "pear Museum," Stone: South hall stand on the west side of the front yard Cibei An Yan Xia. Cibei made in 1930, the mill has been destroyed and a face-lift for the moment, "Tao Ranting." Yuan is a monument to write, Weibei, pen Bold, very characteristics. Regular visitors will Cibei Tao Ranting as a symbol of this commemorative photo.

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Ditan Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beijing is located on the eastern side of the street outside the Andingmen, the Lama Temple and across the river, has a long history. Is an elegant environment, a solemn garden of the Royal Tan Miao. And Tan Tan, also known as Fang Ze, also known as al-Taiwan, Ming Jiajing on behalf of nine years, is Jide emperor of the Ming and Qing Dynasties place, so that the grand spacious altar Jide, Inside and outside are second to none. Simon tall and magnificent arches, is based on the Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty when it was built to re-design of the building, the construction scale of Beijing's most decorated archway, green glazed tile surface, in order to draw a single map Feng, Sheung Fung plans and peony patterns, to have a positive Center Tan word on the back of the core there is wide Houjie words, is Ditan Park, one of the main attractions. In recent years, the new Rose Garden, Garden, set-landscape garden, and other new attractions. One maestro by the Liu Haisu title of the Rose Garden is a show, watch it in one of the popular Rose Garden, with more than 300 species of rose; elegant chic in the Garden of the fountain, stone arch bridge Ting Lang, Shuixie phase; set-garden is unique in the Garden Park. Traffic: 18,27,104,108,119,803,850, 2-up special.

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Beijing Wu Tasi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

True, also known as Abbey, the only Ming Yongle years. Yongle in the early years, India Bandi monk in China, Ming Chengzu donations to the Buddhist throne of King Kong and 5-regulation. Cheng-Zu him for the country division, and he built Cisi. Abbey really have five towers, the specifications for the throne of King Kong. Tower was built in the high-profile (that is, the throne of King Kong) on top of the five towers that Lord Buddha side, it is true, commonly known as Wu Tasi Abbey. Here, visitors can see unique architectural style, characterized by both India pagoda as well as the traditional style of Chinese ancient architecture. In 1961, Abbey's really the throne of King Kong is listed as the first batch of national key cultural unit, and three renovated, restored The original appearance of history. Address: Haidian District, Beijing Zoo outside of North Xizhimen. Transportation: Yuntong 102,105,106 Road, 320,332,717,941, special 4, 6 special way stations under the National Library. 601,612,27 Road, White Road, 105, 111 trolley Station under the bridge. 102, 103 trolley route under the zoo. Admission: 10 yuan, student votes: 5 yuan. The opening hours :9:00-16: 00 (closed Monday)

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Zizhuyuan Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beijing Zizhuyuan Park in Beijing Xizhimen, Zizhuyuan came, it came to the Kingdom of bamboo. Park has Zhulou, bamboo pavilion, bamboo tables, bamboo chair, even the large and small bamboo bridge all dressed up. Dongzhai spectacular wind and rain bamboo bridge, visitors can see for themselves how Guizhou on the bridge of the Dong Feng hide the custom of rain; bridge board Otake is a ship, bamboo canopy of bamboo windows, hung with red lanterns side of the ship's rail, air of luxury. All kinds of bamboo with its unique architectural style of the Chinese nation had shown the presence of the culture, people are more people living in bamboo is indispensable. The park with a bamboo water tankers Huahua the water slowly to the sound; keep moving up the so Penny Penny In the lake to draw a water mark; bamboo sedan chair to sit, shake J bamboo blowing tube so many art fun. A large group of people co-Miao Lusheng rhythm happily jump Zhugan Wu, bamboo grass, set up on the stage of Yunnan Bai, Dai is the song and dance performances attracted a large number of visitors to the lake shore bamboo structures Zhu Shi Rentoucuandong street, where people drink tea, bamboo tasting meal, a variety of bamboo to buy daily necessities, handicrafts, the scene, southern Zhensi "The Painting Scroll." Address: Haidian District, 45 Whitehead Road traffic: by supporting 114,300,323,334,374,374 Road Zizhuyuan off 811,814,817, 334,347,360,360 slip three or Tiger Whitehead Road Bridge on the south and get off, get off at the library 320,904 Beijing Road southbound. Tickets: 2 yuan

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Flower Market Mosque - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the northern part of Chongwen District, West Main Street Flower Market on the 30th, covering a total area of 1797 square meters, the hall area of 1098 square meters, 84 years in January as the district-level protection unit, is now the Islamic Association of Chongwen District office. A mosque 13 years Ming Yongle (1415), has been 500 years of history. It is said that it was founder of the Ming Chang Yu-chun (Hui nationality) of the sites, after conversion to a mosque. The first large-scale mosques, from South East port city of sheep, bath west alley north of the West Flower Market, South handkerchief to the alley. Mosque of the existing buildings of worship hall, sitting east of the West, the former Changting 4, Four Hall of an open courtyard, through to the sun. Legend has it that, in the main hall of the main beam of roof to avoid the wooden Niaoque, named "Peacock wood." Because of their precious, for the first time Jiansi Royal avoid expropriation, the wood in the main beam of roof on a number of cramp camouflage, is still cramp, there is no habitat for birds, across the hall there is a Shangyubeiting, has been out of the stone, Then changed to Of the guests. Transportation: Take the bus up to 12.

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Miao Fengshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

60 km from the city center, covering an area of 20 square kilometers, are renowned for their "ancient temples, Qi-Song, rocks, cave," is famous. The main peak 1291 meters above sea level, steep mountains, flowers Qingli. There are sunrise, sunset, Rime, Hill City, and other seasonal landscape, wearing a "no one in North China," the crown of acres of the Rose Garden, the size of North China Great pilgrimage temple, Beijing is the most peripheral of the cultural scenic spots, one. Miao Fengshan located in a prestigious Chi Jian Hui Ji Temple, built in the Liao Dynasty, the temple of the three different functions (inspired by the Palace back to the Shannon Court, Yu Huangding) are taking the mountain potential, scattered vary, there are caused by high or low, 14 Shrine temples ,, Confucianism, folk customs, and other ways of God to the gods, is the Ming and Qing Dynasties in Beijing Center for people of faith. Miao Fengshan tradition began in the Ming Dynasty temple, now has more than 300-year history, is the birthplace of Chinese folk culture. Miao Fengshan peak at the end of the open, fresh air, shrubs Qunying, vitality, with more than 570 species of woody plants More than 20 types of high-quality medicines, the rich variety of different flowers regular season opened, he opened down to form a "surrounded by mountains are picturesque, not one day to see" the unique scenery. Lin Miao Fengshan temple, the many attractions. Liao has a well-known habitat of the Royal temple Yangshan hidden temple, the temple goes, "ryong'am wins into the" water of the rock, The Last Emperor Pu Yi's English teacher, and so on Johnston's house. Can be described as "Shan Jing-sheng as the Buddha, the Buddha was enriched by Hill." Address: Miao Fengshan area Mentougou District of Beijing Traffic Management Office: apple orchard subway stations have direct access to the scenic tourist train, the 8:00 am start. Admission: 30 yuan; there is evidence in elderly Students half-price card (15 million)

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Baihuashan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baihua Mountain area has four major components, namely, the main peak area, a scenic meadow, Wang Hailou scenic areas, scenic banks of a hundred herbs, the 35 spots in the "meadow of flowers", "Baihua Mountain Falls" and "Bing Ji Man" "Sunrise Peak" and "sunset Ying Tsui," and "Ant Hill" the most well-known. The road along the mountain road First of all, fallen leaves, the group of broad-leaved forest belt, feel perplexed about their towering trees, cloud cover Blot out the Sun; move forward, tall and straight and tidy coniferous forest, is a thick layer of pine needles all over the floor, lively birds and squirrels to play; through the needle Lin is second to none in North China's original birch forest, and is deeply rooted trees, vibrant; is to go mountain shrub ; Followed by high mountain meadow, moving in the knee or even waist-deep grass and Yamahana, you feel Huangruo into fairyland on earth. Through which will be heard from time to time, spoon chicken, Crossoptilon, black stork, and other animal calls, Sometimes cranbrooki can see, the red figure. Admission: 20 yuan Address: Mentougou District Township Baihua Mountain forest. Phone :010-69853974 ,010-69816659 Transport: From Beijing to travel along the 109 cities and towns Mentougou State Road 100 kilometers subway in the apple orchard by the road 336, 326 Beach Road, get off, take a car or travel long Baihuashan Automobile, to be under the Baihuashan. Can apple orchard in the area directly to Pakistani MTR ride. Accommodation: the existing high, medium and low-grade 400 beds, 20-200 yuan per bed, complete supporting facilities

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China Aviation Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

City in the south, bounded by the Ming Tombs and Badaling Great Wall is China's first large-scale opening up an aviation museum. Museum collections in the more than 100 models, a total of more than 200 aircraft, and surface-to-air, anti-aircraft artillery, air defense radars, aerial bombs, more than 800 cameras and air weapons and equipment samples, of which Multi-national aircraft of precious relics, the world's aviation treasures. Existing large cave Hall, the Museum District standard, laser shooting range, aviation science and technology exhibition, the exhibition of Mao Zedong's airplane family, soul-day tablet, such as landscape. The Asia's largest aviation museum in the world to demonstrate the splendid Chinese civilization and the air of self-min , At the same time to commemorate the dedication of the Chinese nation's aerospace industry of their ancestors, comrades and friends. The building now houses the museum restaurant for 200 people dining at the same time. Admission: 34 yuan for children: 15 yuan

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Beijing Dongyue Temple Fair - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dongyue Temple Fair was built in the Yuan Dynasty in the early years of right-million, six years have elapsed since the history of Yuan Mo destroyed in the war, after repeated expansion into the north of China is one of the largest Taoist temple, the first view of North China, said. Dongyue Temple Fair magnificent temples Wang Hui, an area of 96 acres, more than 600 various types of construction. There is a built in the Miao Menwai On behalf of the Green Glass of St. Paul, engraved with a positive, "Zong Si-rank" on the back of "Jo Yong-Yan Emperor," as reported by Yan Song Jian Xiang Ming Dynasty book. Into the door, things are on both sides of the Drum Tower, the Clock Tower, on the north side of the steles are two, one for the eastern side of the Qianlong Yushu, there is no word on the west side of the monument. Dongyue Temple Fair "Forest of Stone Tablets in the small capital" that can be described as Chuan is true, the original temple steles-140, after the war, is the only pass 20 to 30. "Treasure Palace Zong" Dongyue Temple Fair for the main construction, Zhu green glazed tile walls, magnificent, the hall houses the memorial tablets of Dongyuetaidi and Empress. Temple-wide total of more than 3,000 statues statue, the shape of different characters, vivid and, therefore, "Dong Yue Jia Tianxia statues, "said. In addition, Yu Dongyue Temple Fair also de Temple, the Yu Huangdian, Zhenwu Temple, the Temple fight mother, Wen Ti Temple and many other unique architectural style, there is a quiet elegance, the rich over the Xiumu Large Garden. Dongyue Temple Fair is not only a prominent part of the Taoist temple, its architecture and size of the temples in the country Is the forefront. Dongyue Temple Fair Chaoyang District, as important cultural relics in the near future will be a new look to welcome visitors eight points of the compass. Address: 141 Main Street, heading for the Beijing Municipal Traffic: City of God by 109,112,846,750 Street get off the road or subway station to get off to the east gate of Chaoyang. Votes: 10

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Tallinn Yinshan Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tallinn Yinshan for Liao and Jin Ming Si of the times - the monks Hokkeji Muta. According to research, Changping District, Beijing Shou-day north-east, south-west of the village of Hai Zi Yinshan south China's Liao and Jin era temples gathered, leaving temples when the size of 72, is one of the largest Hokkeji a.

Create Hokkeji Kim will be three days (in 1125), the Temple of the death of the monk, was buried in the cemetery next to the temple and built Muta. Over time, buried in an increasing number of monks here, built in the Muta at the time the formation of Tallinn. As the old, now only seven Muta, Jin 5, 2 of the Yuan Dynasty, today Yinshan Tallinn said.

  Jin Dynasty built the same five-tower, are Zhuanta Miyan Shi, 20-30 meters high, tall and straight appearance tall, the tower has fine carving detail, much like the pagoda. Yuan Dynasty Tower II is more compact, is a tower Miyan Shi, and the other for the House Miyan-and-cover bowl to combine. Tallinn is located in Changping District Yinshan 30 kilometers north of the city, was released by the State Council, China's major heritage unit, is Badaling. Ming Tombs scenic spots focused on cultural attractions.

  Yinshan, as a result of the autumn of last winter, falling snow, snow-wrapped rocks, ice and snow layer named after the plot, because of the steep rock Rock wall color such as black iron, known as the "iron wall", referred to as the "iron wall Yinshan." For the Ming and Qing Dynasties, "Yanjing Eight".

  The distribution of the mountain, before, during and after the three main peak. One peak in the "independence of the clouds" in the highest sambong, reached 726.81 meters above sea level.
  During the Tang dynasty, Yinshan Huayan Si temple built, and so on, and Tang Xian Zong Yuan-year period (806-820), Tang Ming Seng Hidden Peak Hill in this practice. Liao shouchang years (1095-1101), a Zen master in public over the creation of the Po Shan Temple, and then pass arguments, a round-, three Jizhao Zen master has also said this in practice, the day will be Between (1123-1135), Cloud Gate were Mingseng feel great Buddhist Master Hui Hai (? Year -1145) came to this mountain, in the three-day hui reconstruction of the temple, 000 Temple St. extension, the temple has three temples. Since then, Dan Chi between the temples has been buried relics of the Ming Seng Jin Mi Yanshi Zhuanta 5. Among them, for? Buddhist Master Jue big tower, left for the night sea? Buddhist country feel great Zen master tower, front tower for the Zen Master Yi Xing, left for the Zen master Xujing is dedicated to the public, right after the great Zen master for the Yuantong dedicated to the public good. Shape of the building into a temple, the relative concentration of the layout of the Tallinn region.

  And the Yuan Dynasty, a Yinshan The temple building has also continued to increase and conversions. Xuande next four years (in 1429) in April, the Secretary-based monitoring eunuch Ng Yan-funded rehabilitation of major Holy Mosques. Orthodox 2002, (1437) concluded in February. In the same year, thanks to Chin Ming Zhu Qizhen Yingzong Temple amount of "France and China Temple." France and China at the time of the Temple, Hall 5, Shan , The meditation hall, the abbot size studio kitchen complete construction homogeneous distribution, much along the main Yinshan Temple, which they still get around many of the small temple, said Om 72. Since then, the increase was Bingxian, and deep-year-old in a long time, wind and rain destroyed, the temple construction serious residual bad. Chenghua 20 (1484) February to May, the eunuch god Gong Jian Yu Fuqing monks raise margin, reaching here, such as Hill and others re-repair organizations, not only the central axis of all stores repair firm, Garan and left together, having the right tang, as well as the veranda Gallery, Sengfang also modified all-new.
  13 years of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty (1674) in April, once again Hokkeji repair. Yinshan Keep other temple construction, according to the Guangxu, "Chi Chang-ping," records, and iron temple wall, Maitreya Center, Bi-feng Um, Um's peak, pine shed a few areas, such as Um.

  Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing Yinshan four generations have been built many monks Muta, most of the shapes of the bowl to cover-La Mata. These different shapes, sizes monk's tomb Some Hokkeji in hospital, some in other parts of the Yinshan foothills, forming a large area in Tallinn, the World "Yinshan unclear pagoda tree", said.
  In addition to the temple, the ancient tower, in the Ming and Qing Dynasties Yinshan also save a lot of other monuments and landscape. In front of the mountain peaks, there are hidden Tang Feng Taiwan statement (also for "Taiwan chanting"); ridge edge of a song, "songs like? Flail", as Deng Feng hidden "clothing hanging tree"; there are many inside and outside the temple tablets. In addition, there are rock Buddha, too tiger stone, stone-money days, re-Cave, China Yadong, Si Yi-dong, Chaoyang Dong, silver hole? Stephen, as well as over sambong Tsui, the late Zhao Dongshan, Hanquan And so on the humanities and natural landscape.
  August 21, 1979, the Beijing Municipal People's Government released "Yinshan pagoda" for the second batch of city-level protection units. February 8, 1982, the State Council published "Badaling - the Ming Tombs Scenic Area" for the first batch of national key scenic area protection Yinshan for which one of the scenic area of 17 square kilometers. January 13, 1988, "Tallinn Yinshan" by the State Council announced a national key cultural unit.
  In September 1992, the Ming Tombs Office of the Special Administrative Region for the protection of cultural relics, the development of tourism resources, organized Yinshan repair Tallinn , France and China to protect the completion of the temple ruins, followed one after another area of the Deng Feng implicit claim to Taiwan, Buddha Rock, Chaoyang Dong, silver hole in the top places and monuments environment improvement and clean-up, leading into the construction peak in Tour of trails, scenic lakes, landscape platform engineering, the construction of scenic spots within the stone Dengdao, into the The area of the landscaping and greening.

  After the renovation, the area is available to visit the ancient tower has 18. Tower of shapes, styles vary.

  The Mi Yanshi Zhuanta a total of 7. Its overall image by "Xu Mizuo" The Taki, a carved doors and windows, statues of the tower, dense layers And Tasha, and other parts. Tall and straight lines outside the outline of the beautiful, beautiful brick detail, is the study of ancient Buddhist culture and the aesthetic construction of excellent information.
  Yinshan the magnificent natural scenery, beautiful, Calocedrus pines, lush rich, elegant in its clean natural environment, more people travel and leisure offers a wonderful Department.

There are scenic spots before, during and after the three main peak, peak in the "independence of the clouds," the highest, up more than 700 meters above sea level. Hill area is characterized by the United States, the United States and trees, towers and more. Manshanbianye Hill from the United States and the Song, Parkinson's, oak, with the color changes in the species has dark green, light green and other colors. Yinshan iron wall is not only pleasant scenery, but also to a large number of ancient tower said. Yinshan the Liao Dynasty in China is a tower of the existing tower Liao most well-known scenic spot. Kim Won-tower group since, by the Ming and Qing To date, 600 years of history, 600 years in the tower in the year by the tired-made, non-governmental known as "endless Yinshan pagoda", said. Big High tower Shu Zhang, who trails of small scale, scattered high and low, regular layout, structure, are octagonal flat, fine shape, there are many relief tower, beautiful lines, has experienced vicissitudes of life, old, but well-preserved, it is said Shangao Lu here as well, inaccessible, the unrest in the 1990s was able to survive Tower rising along the mountain side, Calocedrus pines, surrounded by mountains, and then catch the sunset Hongxia, Yinshan-wrapped, not only is "particularly enchanting" terrible! Yinshan although it can not be a high degree of the towering, but it is also extremely dangerous, the mountain is a fundamental step way, or circling, or straight down like a staircase. Yinshan Feng unlimited scenery, you will be completely dissipated all of the fatigue brought you "when Ling will be in excellent shape, a package of small hills" Automobiles at Full unlimited!

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Phoenix Ridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

When people are tired of Rong Fan, crowded city life, it will naturally have a longing for the Wild to the village. Beijing's famous coach of the North Field, located in scenic areas of natural range south of Phoenix, Beijing is the green window. This is a non-polluting Land, the north, "Kamiyama," and facing the morning sun, a beautiful spring and summer, autumn and winter, peach pear fruit Quarter of fragrance; clean air, soil and fragrant, swaying pines and cypresses, the crystal clear spring water; stream water features, hidden when the time is now, back to the river to peak; undulating hills, many rocks, steep ridge wall must; many temples, particularly in the Longquan Temple , As the well-known stone permitted; Sen lush verdant trees, green grass and towering old trees, some of the capital can be . This is a summer heat, natural health care nursing homes, is a wild original scenery of the United States and Great Park is a tourist resort, enjoy the scenery and enjoy the fun back to nature, and mold a good place. Tickets: 8 transport: 346 Summer Palace by the end of the road and get off to that.

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Museum site of the Western Zhou Yan Du - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Museum of Western Zhou Yan Du site 40 km from the capital, covers an area of 20,667 square meters, the pavilion-style architecture, style of Tang Dynasty. A museum exhibition hall, library and two burial artifacts, Juma Keng two. There are cultural relics on display pottery, copper, the original porcelain, jade, lacquer, figurines, dozens of stone artifacts, and so on. Beijing, including the history of hair The biggest moment and bronze Dong Ding Li, and other state-level cultural relics. Business Week site area of nearly 6 square kilometers, including live sites, city, burial areas, such as Juma Keng. Since the age of 70 found have been unearthed thousands of precious cultural relics, not only an important academic value, but also further confirmed that Beijing has more than 3,000 With a long history of the ancient capital of culture. Zhou is a state-level key cultural relics units are being further research to explore the museum will also expand the sound. Admission: 10 yuan (students free of charge during the holidays) Transportation: Road 922 to the front door by Liangxiang 917 interchange Direct Line Business Week site.

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