Tanzhejietai Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tanzhe Temple is located in the western suburbs of Beijing's Mentougou District in south-eastern foothills Zhe Tan, 41 km away from the Fuchengmen. Tanzhe Temple ride south, Bao Bei Yi Everest, surrounded by tall peaks 9 was horseshoe-shaped retaining ring, which peaks 9 from the eastern side of the back followed by a number of Long Feng, a tiger from the peak, holding on peak, purple Cueifong , Set Yunfeng, Luo Ying-feng, aircraft Feng, and Wang Feng as Lotus Peak, the summit like a 9 9 forward to protect the giant dragon's Bao in the middle of Mount Qomolangma, the large-scale Tanzhe Temple built on the ancient temples in the south of Everest Po. The tall peaks of the block from the North West of the cold spell hit, so Tanzhe Temple where the formation of a warm, humid microclimate, so lush vegetation here To spend the large number of old trees, the King of great natural beauty ring.
?? ?? Tanzhe Temple scale of the event, Temple covers an area of 2.5 hectares, Siwai covers an area of 11.2 hectares, along with around Tanzhe Temple from the jurisdiction of the Forest Hill Field and, with a total area of more than 121 hectares. With the level of the mountain temple built, Cuolayouzhi. Tam Temple was built in the Western Jin Dynasty, has been in recent history in 1700, is in Beijing as early as the construction of a Buddhist temple in Beijing folk "first Zhe Tan, You Zhou after" the proverb. Tanzhe Temple in the Jin Dynasty when Mingjiao Jia-ji, called the Tang Dynasty when the Longquan Temple, the Temple, called on behalf of the Royal Secret Inspector Wan Shousi large, in the Ming Dynasty has also Longquan Temple and the resumption of Kerry once called the Temple, the Emperor Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty Ci Ming Xiu Yun as the Temple, but because there are Sihou Longtan, Zhe trees in the mountains there, therefore it has been civil, "Tanzhe Temple."
?? ?? Tanzhe Temple of today's towering temples, quiet courtyard, Temple, Church, altar, the room has its own characteristics floor, corner booths, vegetarian extraordinary scenery, Tree of wood, Bamboo flowers all over the temple, rockeries Pinnacle, Qu beginning Xiangyingchengqu water, green glazed tile walls, cornices Qiaojiao Calocedrus Chung in the shade, neatly Hall, the great solemn.
?? ?? Jietai Si, has a long history, large-scale, towering temples and beautiful scenery. Mentougou District Jietai Si at the foot of Ma On Shan, Beijing 35 km, 11 km from the district government, Paradise Peak west, south upon the six countries range in the north of Shilong Hill, east of Beijing Vision. Temple sit east of the West, more than 300 meters above sea level, covers an area of 4.4 hectares, the construction area of 8392 square meters. With the level of the mountain temple built, Cuolayouzhi. The whole temple both North Towering grand temples of momentum, and Jiangnan gardens of delight Su quiet, there's a strong culture and religion, magic and beautiful natural scenery, is not only a well-known Chinese Buddhist temple, is also a renowned tourist destination. ?? ?? Cliff Figures Siwai group, Cliff lettering, stone arches Muta group, as well as the large number of mysterious ancient deep hole, it seems like Zhongxingpengyue scattered around the ancient temples of Lvwa red walls, so that the Jietai Si formed around a few years, representing both, and natural Tiancheng, and many attractions , The taste of different tourist scenic spots. The early Ming Dynasty, "playing the autumn Jietan slope" has become a Beijing people's traditional customs. Today's Jietai Si has a full range of scenic tourist service facilities, and the same bus, is able to receive a variety of domestic and foreign tourist groups and small and medium-sized meetings, an ideal tourist scenic spots.

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Beijing Aquarium - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beijing Aquarium is located at the Beijing Zoo, the long river of South Hill, adjacent to the Beijing Exhibition Center, Planetarium and the stadium in the capital, traffic is extremely convenient. As the world's largest inland Aquarium, the Museum of the total construction area of 42,000 square meters, green area of over 80,000 square meters. Complex shape using a unique Conch "shape, color to blue and orange as the basic colors, representing the mystery of the vast oceans and marine life inexhaustible vitality. Its unique internal design ingenuity, are the roof rack structure, and the use of blue and yellow for Decoration will be a blue in a world in front of people. North Atoll Reef "TAO of the public, the students learned that to maintain ecological". Museum is divided into six different venues to display the content, named for the wonders of rain forest, touch pool, the seabed around, Shark Aquarium, the whale and dolphin Bay Marine Theater. One place that people can experience the diversity of marine life, but also in person By the relationship between human beings and the oceans. Museum exhibits a variety of tens of thousands of fish tail, marine and freshwater fish to watch nearly 1,000 species of ornamental fish. At present, tens of thousands of fish live in the end of the Atoll Reef, and has fully adapt to this new environment. In addition to the ornamental fish, the Beijing Aquarium also a strong marine animals Performing groups, whose members include dolphins, whales and sea lions, and other mammals.

  Beijing Aquarium is the world's largest, modern, advanced marine life of popular science museum. It is in many ways in leading position at home and abroad: the largest total floor area: the largest total area of the largest water; with the Biological has the largest collection of marine life can be more than 1,000. The total fish rearing up to 30,000 10,000 -5), the Beijing Aquarium Museum so that the first � m artificial sea water and sea water when the woman ten large drawer. Beijing Aquarium of the main architectural design for the said ten large 69 "and violence Ie", and the color blue to orange as the base Wood Tune, on behalf of the mysterious ocean and marine life of endless vitality.

  Beijing Aquarium to adopt new ideas from the show into the lead into the shallow understanding of the oceans. The Library has a total of six venues: the tropical rain forests, touch pool, the seabed around, Shark Aquarium, the whale dolphin Bay, Western theater and violence.

  Qi rain forest Concentration of South America's Amazon rain forest landscape. So that visitors enjoy the "flow down the waterfall, trace noise of water drip hearing stream. Kawasaki bird Chong Ming, Huang Ruo exposure to the mysterious horse industry's original forest, to find a back-to-nature, the feeling of Return to Innocence. The mysterious statue of ancient god of the bridge, to bring more visitors Meditate far. With the changes in the natural topography of the ups and downs, 22 large and small display tanks Cuoluoyouzhi to set them, without leaving any trace cents artificial ax. From the elephant to have a bright Ruxia blood parrots, fish, fresh chilling butterfish. Transparent glass cat species, big-red dragon. Yin, � precious national treasure in the water -- Sturgeon, Chinese sucker, and so on, a total of 1oo demonstrated a variety of rain forest and inland rivers of freshwater fish.

  Touch pool touch tank 36 meters long, long a symbol of buckling of the coastline. Here in the shallow waters of the major habitats of intertidal biological. There Rhodospirillum mollusks, seven Lo Kok, Lo horseshoe, and so on, there is animal skin Xue Participation, bile and regret the sea ', a lovely pond turtles, a green turtle.

  Visitors can touch them gently into the sea from a friend, play hard Dayton slightly from the tenderness of the sea

  Out of the seabed around the touch pool, swim into the surprise discovery in front suddenly, the super power gel-off sub-arc-shaped windows that you lifted Dark mystery, and violence at the end of the tunnel like Andante Cantabile, gentle to moderate with you people and the strange quiet of the world's oceans. 32-cylinder display, a show on earth the most typical and representative view of the sea fish, they tell visitors to a 10 and moving story of the sea; not out of Beijing, visitors can Experience - Harbor Global wonderful time travel.

  Shark many of the movies or literature are accustomed to sharks portrayed as hemophagocytic, crazy animal cruelty, then the real shark look like a long, visitors entered the Shark Aquarium, read, we know that there And dissatisfaction with the dark, fear and bloody slaughter, Is a somewhat leisurely, even a little romantic ambience.
Bay whale dolphin marine animals home. Open so that visitors can design and those from the depths of the oceans friends face-to-face communication. Dolphins, whales and sea lions here to live a happy, hard training, and training their staff and forged a profound Friends.

  Marine Theater's most popular tourist favorite. Rickety, Han Tai Ju of the sea lions can be funny, humor, love cute. While they laugh at clumsy copy of the seals, for a while with the music and people dancing, while also seriously to promote environmental protection ... ... excellent performances Lingren Renjunbujin Dolphins, whales are equipped with skills, the audience often enjoyable time. Sound laughter, applause array asylum for the aged, on and off stage to form an ocean of joy.

  Beijing Aquarium are located on the south side of the long process for the zoo, according to East sorghum Bridge, west of white stone bridge. Traffic is very convenient. Visitors can be driven South Park gate into the Atoll Reef, or take the subway for-16 from the northern gate into the Atoll Reef.

  Beijing Aquarium visitors to the services provided by the project are:

  Display of marine ecology - Visitors to the display of marine life, including plants, fish, marine mammals and so on. Yang performing animals - sea lions, dolphins, false killer whales, marine animals, large-scale performances, visitors will have real, very lively sense of fun.
  Marine science knowledge - knowledge services, the Atoll Reef is the highest: the idea.

  The Library has introduced the knowledge of the marine exhibition (Text, picture) and won more than 1,000 pieces of them display. Warm, lively and interesting presentation, Ke Jiaopian, models, specimens show, and a comprehensive image of the people to talk about the ocean of knowledge. In saunters along, the laughter and joy, people in the Atoll Reef could feel a strong culture of the marine and ocean civilization.

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Black Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Temple Black in the Haidian District Dongsheng township Madian Village West. Both before and after the temple was, in one street away. And two near the Temple Monastery for the same Lama Miao, as a result of follow-up to Heiwa, it is commonly known as the Black Temple. Temple was originally called the former black-chee degrees Temple Dynasty in the early years. Ride south, Hall re-5, burned in years. Originally named after the Black Temple Han Lama Miao, Dong Qutugtu Mengcha Han Qing Junji Living Buddha in 2002 (1645) to create collect alms. Temple sit south, the original Hall of re-3, Simen said the amount of "Qing ancient temples." Temple followed by King Hall, the main hall, Houdian, warehouses and living Buddha backyard. III, in the main hall dedicated to the Buddha, and for the feather like, it is also known as Guan Gong ; Houdian for Qing Emperor Kangxi of the immeasurable gift Buddhist life; Living Houdian positions in the northwest, west side-by-side for two-courtyard building, housing between 20; have to sit back yard south of the main hall 3 and a number of penthouse. Temple also have a 10-year-Ming Tak (1515) Temple, the most wins a big bell, In the first lunar month, the temple was held on the 23rd activities against another. In the main hall burned down years, the decline was Temple. Ma Dian near the mosque, and so on.

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Guangtong the former site of the Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guangtong the former site of the Temple in Haidian District, North Shimonoseki Dongsheng township primary schools. Originally named king of Temple, between the first year to have stopped by your good fortune to build. Guangtong changed its name in the Ming Dynasty temple. Ming Jiajing 39 (1560) and Qing Emperor Kangxi 51 (1721) and the 12-year Yongzheng (1734) rebuilt many times. Ride south, into the Hall of five. Temple 39 years old Ming Jiajing (1560), "Tong Chi Ci temple tablets rehabilitation," the monument, 51 years Qing Emperor Kangxi (1712), "Kwong Chi Jian Tong temple tablets," the monument, 12 years Yongzheng (1734) Royal system-wide Temple tablet, were destroyed.

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Fruit Academy of Agricultural Sciences Research Institute - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beijing Forestry Institute is the fruit of Beijing Forestry specializing in fruit trees applied research and development of the professional bodies so far, 40-year history, has been in Beijing for the country's forestry and fruit trees to make a great contribution to the cause. Orchard Park, the nursery after years of careful cultivation and possession of Science , Scientific and technical content. Here the country has peach, strawberry germplasm garden, Burghardt streams nectarine, strawberry and the stars are family-Feng, Xiang Fei, and other table grape varieties in the market enjoy a high reputation at home and abroad; integration of modern biological technology, information science and the development of Up drip irrigation, water-saving techniques Weipen, the fruit of the plant facilities , The fruit of virus-free technology, molecular detection of the virus, and other new technologies for the age-old horticultural science into new meaning. Park also has reservations about the Qing Dynasty Ruiwang Fen sites, tall and straight and tall bungeana surrounded the nearly 1,000-square-meter lawn. In addition, guest rooms, restaurants, bathrooms, conference rooms, Science and technology, labor training and social activities, a good place. Environmental organizations summer here every year in agricultural science and technology education camp.

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Beijing benchmark Taiwan earthquake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beijing-Taiwan earthquake at the base west of Beijing Baijiatuan, in 1957 the International Geophysical Year from the start of an earthquake, an official of geomagnetic observation records. Beijing and Taiwan as a State Seismological Bureau of the network in the first category of basic units, with seismic, magnetic, gravity, tilt, geothermal, water level, the potential in the atmosphere, electromagnetic waves and other observations , Is China's earthquake observation, geophysical experiment is an important base for international earthquakes, editorial geomagnetic information exchange is one of the main Taiwan. Visitors can see the person being recorded on-site observation of the earth's dynamic changes in the process, please visit the rich and informative audio-visual images, You can operate the direct observation of the earth shook when the recorder response. Through visits, lectures and advice to enable you to understand China's development of earthquake science work, the arrival of the earthquake at the time of adjustment and psychological shock after the earthquake when the right of self-help methods to save each other, so as to grasp the effective measures earthquakes. North Seismic base is also a popular science bases in Taiwan.

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Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery in Haidian District, south of the Babaoshan. After the founding of the PRC, Hu Guosi in the Ming Dynasty on the basis of conversion. In two parts, Tong Hall into ashes, Zhu De, Dong, Peng and so on the ashes placed in the last into the big hall. Around the temple is the tomb area, Ren Bishi in 1950 after the death of the funeral, the Qu Shu Qianzang after this. Smedley writer for American Progress, and other international Sisitelang Annaluyi after the death of a friend would also like to rest in peace. In the entire cemetery surrounded by pines Calocedrus, with a solemn silence.

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Health Jue Temple (Dazhong Si) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dazhong Si three-ring located on the north side of the North, also known as the Museum of Chinese ancient bell, as a result of vegetarian clock hanging there is a big hall named after a bronze bell. It is the use of an ancient building, specialized collections of various new types of ancient bronze bell and 10 minutes to 10 minutes for the carrier to 10 minutes for the content of culture and science and technology resources to carry out academic research, exhibition, popular science information, The topic will be education of the museum. Beijing is that young people's education and popular science education base in the base. Dazhong Si ancient bell museum collections Bells, the current class of 439 sets of cultural relics, large bell cast in the Ming Yongle years, 500 years ago. Chung-high 6.94 meters, diameter 3.3 M, 10 minutes 18.5 cm thick lips, the weight of 46.5 tons. 10 minutes are neatly inside and outside the Buddhist scriptures has cast 17, a total of more than 227,000 words, fonts neat, tough, as according to legend, Shen Ming Dynasty calligrapher's hand. Clock must have five: a must: casting during the longest; II must: By species into the most; Sanjue: bell spread far; four-way: the structure of the best mechanics; five should: a maximum casting process. Wing-lok Dae-jung of the casting method used to form pits on the surface of the soil Tao Fan-law, regular cast, exquisite style, the grand body, pure bell Long, round pet-wide, penetrating strong. Far in the early morning can be more than 10 years. Wing-lok clock with a long history and superb art of calligraphy, fine casting process and the famous, China's Wang Yu-Chung. This "stalwart" of the original clock is how to hang the bell on the shelves to do? Dae-jung of the original cast , Until the winter, the first well dug every 500 meters, and then trench along the water, water ice, the ice in 10 minutes taxiing to sleep Health temple mound on the ice. Clock Tower building and then, the bell hung on the roof, Nuan soil thawing and 10 minutes after the hanging. In addition to this population clock, also on display Dazhong Si Yuan, Ming and Cast in the form of three generations, the pattern of varying shapes more than 100 bronze bell near the mouth. Dazhong Si ancient bell museum-oriented society, and the Zhongguancun acoustic, mechanical, casting experts, active development of new types of bronze bell will strive to become the birthplace of contemporary culture, 10 minutes, becoming popular science and scientific research base.

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Black Dragon Temple and the Longtan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Black Dragon Temple and the Longtan in the Haidian District Ansan life mountainside north. Blackstone production legend in the mountains, Zhixi Ni, the quarrying has on behalf of the lady-in-waiting for thrush, known as Dai Shi, Shan Shan also called thrush. Halfway up a round tan, more than 10 meters in diameter, water from the dam into the gorge in rock crevices, over time stemming the flow of Yamashita in the field. There are legends Long hidden under water, and named Longtan. Built around the corridors of 33, after Lake Temple, 000 Black Dragon Temple, built mountains to the east, up layers of temples. Ming Temple integrated eight-year (1472), Black Dragon King worship, when Tian Han in the rain. The existing temple in the Ming and Qing Dynasties and the rehabilitation of the monument, Yu-Ling rain and the monument should be monument Multi-block.

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Ying Taogou - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wofo Si Ying Taogou located in the northwest, also known as the "Valley retreat", "Zhou Garden", as a result of wealth to the Wild is well known. Trench clear streams, many rocks, the sound of birds, added to the quiet atmosphere of the valley. Ying Taogou unique natural conditions, the suburbs of Beijing is a sound ecological functions of nature reserves. As the "living fossil" Metasequoia Weiran here in the forest, and planted a bell-flower, tatarinowii, Korean, and other rare and endangered plants, "Dr. Red Bird" project is to protect the area has added much vigor. More than the original historical sites, such as Fangsheng Chi, Songjeong million, the large stone, the pigeons to Taiwan, the stone pine, white Rock, a half-day Yunling, Weng Ting back, two-Cave, Ling Yan Er, Cave haze, the chapter were to see Taiwan and so on, and Ming Zhengtong 2007 (1442) to build the wide-Hui Um, integrated 22 years (1486 ) To build the temple teaching, as well as five long-Hua Temple, Pfau Um, water pagoda, Guanyinge, and other ancient temples, and more are no longer kept. Ying Taogou taste of cool spring water, listen to "rock song" and "Yuan precious stones," the legend of magic, you will feel the "water line to the poor, goes to sit from time to time to see" the beauty of artistic conception.

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Chinese Ancient Architecture Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum is located in Beijing, Xian Nongtan, is in a collection, custody, research, display of ancient Chinese architectural history, ancient culture, ancient technology as the main content of the topic of the museum. Xiannong Tan including Phi Thai Temple, the kitchen god, a Hall of service, Zaisheng booth and watch Taiwan's farming, such as construction, 1979 As a municipal heritage unit. Phi Thai Temple Xiannong Tan is the most magnificent set of buildings, sitting south, Miankuo 7, and cutting edge green glass Tongwa, Xieshan Ding, Yuxi and Dynasty, Dianqian 3 level. Phi Thai Dian Dian things veranda, Miankuo 11. Baidian the south, also Miankuo 7, and the relative Phi Thai Temple. Beijing On behalf of the Building Museum's exhibition focused on this group of buildings. The main museum exhibition "A Glimpse ancient altar - Xiannong Tan historical photo exhibition" and the "China Development Brief History of ancient construction techniques."

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Beijing opera rehearsal school field - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yangqiao three-ring from the South to the west line of 500 meters, the Beijing Opera School is the rehearsal field. 8,000-square-meter field rehearsal can be performed opera, drama, dance, acrobatics and comprehensive evening, the Office of the audience with 700 seats, a stage prior to There are three movements Le Chi Taiwan, but also with a capacity of 100 people Make-up of the two-story dressing rooms, two 90 square meters of dance classes, more than 500 square meters of multi-purpose hall, opera and prosperity for the cause of the creation of favorable conditions.

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