Deng Garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Also known as the "love garden", located in the urban areas Guangwu Backstreet doors on the 4th. Gansu Province in 1922 aide-de-camp of warlord Zhang Jian Han Lu Jian-ting in the flowers, Deng Baoshan in 1932 for the purchase of villas, many famous and precious flowers and trees planted. Ms. Deng in 1941 and their children by the Japanese military aircraft bombing victims, buried in the garden. In the office of Mary Help of Christians Gate wrote the amount of "love parks." After the liberation of Deng Baoshan Park is still in office, home and sleep, and met many famous people and the central leadership.

Deng Baoshan is Tianshui, Gansu, was born in 1894. Hubei New Army in 1909 in Portland Association Commission on recruitment of new troops, Deng should be raised to Ili in Xinjiang. In 1910 to join UNITA will take part in the Ili uprising. Shaanxi in 1916, "Ju Yi Hua Shan", the struggle to participate in Taoyuan. Mihara participate in the 1918 uprising, Ren Jing Shan State Army command. Feng Yuxiang in 1924 to participate in the national army, he served as the Second Army Division in the second one brigade, seven Division of the National Coalition Zhu Shan, deputy commander-in-chief. When the original World War II, he served as the eighth Fan Jiang front army commander-in-chief. In 1932, the KMT office in the Office of appeasement of the West Gan, director of Administrative Office. Anti-Japanese War during the term of office of the National Jun-jun, head of the twenty-first, at Yulin, Yan'an of the CPC Central Committee and established good neighborly relations. January 13, 1949, Deng Baoshan signed on behalf of Fu "The peaceful liberation of Beijing agreement." After the founding of the PRC, Deng Baoshan former member of the Northwest Military and Political Committee of the National Defense Commission member and Chairman of the People's Government of Gansu Province, Gansu Province, on behalf of the National People's Congress, the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, vice chairman of the KMT Central Committee level, and so on. Died of illness in Beijing in 1968.

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Tianfushagong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

This is the city of Lanzhou most unique natural landscape, is located in the city of peace Taohua Yuan District of Renshou face Shandong Long Feng Xia, was a million years ago, about 2,500 of the red sandstone, after weathering a long-term water erosion by a group of Class Dan Xia wonders of the landscape. Since as a result of natural, such as God Fuzao sand into the palace and the palace got its name. Hui arrived by car Yamashita, left the northbound highway 1.5 km, that is, to the Long Feng Xia. This is the way the song-and Shagou, 4-5 km along the ditch, charming Danxia out on both sides of the wonders of the cloth, like a well-structured, physical magnificent, beautiful building, the layout of the building of a harmonious group, although since Heavenly Creations, As if it were open. As early as the Qing Emperor Guangxu 18 (Year 1891) on October 11, Tao Bao Lian geographer on an inspection tour here, "Shi Xin Mao line in mind," With this unique landscape of the earlier records. Northwest Normal University professor of geography Mr. Huang Keguang in accordance with its formation and structure of the morphological characteristics, known as the "Danxia." Danxia Red composition of the debris with the steep section of a variety of surface patterns, is Chan Kwok-up study in 1939 in Guangdong Danxia Renhua county named after Hill. China has discovered 292 Danxia, Gansu, 53, ranks the highest among all provinces.

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The ancient Silk Road - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located, del Chengguan District of the southern section of the Yellow River at the southern end of the bridge, a long thread rationale for creation, all in Sichuan Province Jiang Zhu Xiao sculpture and Social Science in March 9, 1987 Diaocheng.

  Sculpture interception of the ancient Silk Road camel a peak at the core, from granite Diaocheng, 6 meters, 7 meters long and weighs 100 tons, a reflection of the Tang period Road event.


  Camel loaded with silk-hung, a ride on the mantle, right-hand observation Peng cool ride for the elderly. Department of camel front of a deep eye long beard Hu Qiu quasi-led business reins back line. The right of a young camel in the rear right hand for the follow-up Tuodui horn-like cry. Ancient sculpture composition, as a whole dignified, magnificent, it is Dunsheng Desolate desert feeling.


  "Huang He Fu Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region since ancient times", Yinchuan plain vertical and horizontal channels, known as "stuffed with Jiangnan" The reputation of the beautiful rural scenery and forceful matched the Helan Mountain scenery, a very extraordinary Qingyun, Chinese wolfberry, licorice, Stone Mountain, the beaches in sheep's clothing, seaweed , Ningxia called the "five-bao" , Yellow, blue, white, black and multicolored spots make a false charge, the renowned Chinese and foreign.

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Lu Lian-Tusi Yamen - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yongdeng County is located in the western part of town even, the Ming and Qing Dynasties is the toast of the government offices in the vicinity, City Link, the Royal Secret Inspector Tusi surname Lu, Lu Tusi, commonly known as government offices. Yamen Ming Hongwu 11 years before (Year 1378), is in Gansu and Qinghai border Tusi many buildings to preserve the integrity of a palace-style buildings. Tusi system begins North Korea, sung in the Ming and Qing, is the ancient feudal dynasty in north-west, south-west border areas "to the local people, local Division of the matter," the tribal chief of the feudal system and the bureaucratic system to work closely together in a special management system . Lu Lian-Tusi system began in 1371, the Government of the Republic of China to 1932 " Flow to the soil "and was repealed last 562 years has been the toast Yong Deng Meng, the Tibetan spiritual leader, and along the Gansu-Qinghai border and influential forces in the administrative, judicial and military rulers. Tusi Rouge in Yongdeng jurisdiction, Lanzhou The old red, solid and the West Yongjing County, the Minhe County in Qinghai, part of the County. Tusi south of the North Block, government offices, backed by Beacon Hill, faced with large cr. Beginning in the early Ming, Xuande, Jiajingnianjian Xiurong frequently. Chia-ching of the existing system for 23 years (Year 1818), XV Jixun Lu from Beijing to pay tribute to come back, like Beijing Wang mansion, according to the ministry to create a French construction, are Zhuanmu stone knot . Yamen covers an area of 13,500 square meters, the layout of security, Diaolianghuadong, known as the "36 House, 72 doors," rather princely weather, "Forbidden City". Building the foundation to raise successive, linked to the courtyard, axial symmetry, from government offices, Jiamiao, Neizhai Garden, such as the composition of the burial area. Lu soil Yamen Lu east of Turpan-ditch 20 kilometers, in a travel online, Lanzhou has become an important tourist attraction folk.

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1.80 Gannan City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ganga Beach is located in east-central Qu River and River central Taiwan, Dongbei An interchange on the ground, about 33 km from the county, the county is the Ganga in the territory of a rural site of the ancient city.

According to records, it is the former site of the Han Chi Whitehead County, he is also a fan of the state to the south-west of the main pass, was the Han, Qiang, Tang aboriginal Frontier fortress city. Han is with the Tuyuhun, Tufan, the Western Xia Dynasty, pta de La such as Dynasty intense strategic battle fort.

City star anise is actually a hollow cross the city. Because in a hollow cross the corner of a city pier, highlighted Illicium form. City were derived.

The city wall 2193 meters, 11 meters high, the city covers an area of about 2,000,000,000 square meters. This city square into four general to break the surface and 12 conventional surface, there are 36 walls, together with the eight city pier, by a total of 60 surface composition of the Circuit City, a moat outside the city, auxiliary facilities, such as trench , East, North West have Weng Cheng As a result of the mountain north of the city and no, Weng Cheng things with "S"-shaped channel, from East to West by the south gate of buildings which have profile outside the south entrance and outside the city.

Wall by a layer of soil walls, a layer of sand layers Ben Zhu, stick to the middle folder, wicker, Sulu solid network, very hard, has been well preserved.

Was arranged in curved wall, the wall, near the angle between the distance, in the range of Gongnu, the city had no dead, plus the Shing Mun channel is extremely small, Wuxikecheng, can be easily defensible. City building castles in the form of peculiar style, in our existing in the ancient city is unique.

In recent years, the city issued The pottery of the Neolithic Age, the Han, Jin and Tang, Song and Ming since the article bricks, Banwa, Tong Wa, a large number of cultural relics such as iron money fully to the distant history.

1.80 distant city for its history, an important geographical location, unique architectural form of the city, literature and history has aroused deep concern of the community, the need to Step in the research and development.

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Temple solemn - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Temple solemn Chengguan District of Lanzhou City in the old city center on the west side of Drum Tower. Was built in the Tang Dynasty, Jin-cheng Suimo to legend, Xiao Yu Xuejuguzhai. The great cause of 13 years (617), Xueju in Lanzhou proclaim oneself emperor, that is their palace. Tang Xue Ju put down after the Buddhist temple replaced by the Mountain Gate, and Qiandian rooms, main hall, etc. Houdian three courtyards. According to Xian records, Yuan, Ming and Qing generations to carry out repairs on many occasions, 3 of the existing hall. To plastic, books, paintings, "Sanjue" with the Big Buddha statue in the main hall of body symmetry vivid, lifelike detail Yiwen; the Mountain Gate of the original board, "Albrecht solemn Great Temple" on the sixth, known as the Yuan Dynasty calligrapher Li Guang-by, Qiu Jin font; in the main hall Posterior wall of Guanyin Painting, dignified and graceful posture, wearing a white, Wan Ran, such as yarn, Panicum Jingping, such as the new Cuise. After the founding of the PRC for a place to visit.

  In the solemn Temple of Surveying and Mapping in the process of discovery of the murals, the Dunhuang Research Institute is likely to be inferred in the Maryland area and the rare wall paintings in the Ming Dynasty temple, they "block access peel back Recovery "program for ex-situ conservation of wall paintings. Post recovery, according to experts mosaic mural on the mark and all can see the cutting of parts of the screen, block-by-splicing carried out until they reach the so-called" match exactly, "so that the screen Each site can be cut accurately and is very comfortable to fully Together. Then, using advanced technology, from a mural, crisp base for the mural restoration; off the murals that have been cut up for sewing, color and make up for the old deal. Now that the solemn temple murals, because of improved recovery after the overall effect of a new mud-filled with original frescoes in the basic tone on a coordinated, wall Rich, beautiful painting work, is typical of the era architecture and painting style.

  In order to ensure the solemn Temple, "such as the repair of the old old", in November 1995, Garden City Design Institute, the city's landscape construction experts, engineers and technicians stationed Lanzhou Daily hospital on the former site of the Temple of the three solemn hall Physical mapping of the line, kind of off, take pictures and video, and so on, come up with a concrete implementation of the relocation program. Have taken part in the solemn Temple of the demolition workers, this is the most difficult they have been involved in the demolition of a large hammerhead is no access to large shovel, a piece of a brick-watt light are beat down, light put Canal light, to remove wood Components On the first hit, and then carefully transport packaging. The components of the original paint color painting, and the residue colors to preserve the line as far as possible in order to restore the original paint color painting effect. Until by the end of December 1996, the solemn Temple of the three main hall only after the demolition.

  9 period in 1995 the provincial government agreed to the solemn into the Temple Ex-situ conservation, the new site chosen in the Xinan Yu Wuquan Shan Park Jiro Kong. Temple demolition solemn place overall recovery protection project to overcome the complex geological conditions, such as the shortage of funding difficulties, before and after 10 years, completed before, during and rehabilitation of Houdian; antique arches built, the wall; to restore the original mural.

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Mt Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mt Park is located due south of the city of Lanzhou Gaolan in the mountains, the city of Lanzhou is the first man-made forest park. Gaolan Hill 2129.6 meters above sea level, south of Lanzhou is a natural screen and peaks in the first peak, there has been a barren hills of ancient bald ridge, the mountain people of Lanzhou after planting, will be here at last into a lush green trees, 10,000 Qian Hong artificial forests.

  Peak Park is located on high ground, is nearly 500 meters high. Covers an area of 5200 mu. It Gracilaria from the East ditch Lao Lang, West Hill tail loquat Ridge, the ridge along the highway are the same, the highway on both sides of the mountain scenery, Cuolayouzhi pavilions; Park has followed the Mountain Gate, butterfly House, Shan Hill, a small decorated archway, Pinnacle Park, River House, Wang Chung House, Liu Jiaoting to 30 pavilions, of St. Paul, the entertainment city, the race track, Long Hill and so on the first antique buildings. Peak Park grand momentum, overlooking the view, Lanzhou panoramic view.

  Park Tower 3 is a barrier south of Lanzhou City to the top of the building. Three, building a pavilion, magnificent momentum. This bird's-eye view internal organs in the city, the Yellow River and through the city, panoramic view of the city. In the evening, Toyama steam cloud Xia Wei, the city Wanjiadenghuo, spectacular scenes. The winding Parks Labyrinth, entertainment city full range of entertainment projects, small sports car, Bagua Zhen, Mystery Palace, Palace color, Moku, and other recreational facilities so that people Even pleasant. Park near the more than 4000 years ago, the site of human activity, the military defense of the Qing Dynasty Piers, the liberation of the Lanzhou Ying Ling battlefield, and other cultural relics.

  Mt tree since ancient times. After the liberation, Lanzhou people back in the winter ice mountain, and greening, but with little success. In 1983, the Lanzhou municipal government building Water works by more than 40 units dicing contract, Green built the city of Lanzhou's first man-made forest park.

  Mt travel to the park, direct access to the car, you can Wuquan Shan Park in the East by cable car rose through the door, the length of the cable car journey and the climb is the first degree.

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Guanshan Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guanshan Forest Park located in the South-West 20 km, is a provincial-level forest park. There Swallow Hill, Yongsan, Hutou Shan mountains, and so on. Kim Hill in Huaxian Niangniang hall, Stephen Temple, Our Lady of Jiuquan Tsz Temple; Shenquan there, Lingquan, Longquan; there Xu Xian Feng, White Snake ditch, ravine, and other customs. Peak platform in the United Kingdom in the light-priests Summer in the construction of the villa, after several repair, still grace. There are also historical inscriptions on the mountain, an exhibition hall, Wang Lu of Taiwan and rich heritage, and other landscape plants and animals. Dragon Boat Festival every July and seven temple, visitors to the mountains gathering of extraordinary excitement.

  Guanshan Forest Park was originally called the Lions Valley, the size of more than 50 scenic spots , 112 km from Baoji, Guan Shanlin part of the game. Lions Valley undeveloped, there are a lot of people come here to play Shangjing. In 2004, after the market Guanshan Lin argues that the decision to develop this area. They raise funds through multiple channels 4,500,000 yuan, the area of road transport, water and electricity, catering accommodation, such as travel distribution To build a unified infrastructure. Acceptance by the department in 2005, promoted to the rank of provincial-level forest park.

  It is reported that Guanshan Forest Park area of 6982 hectares, the current development of tourist routes there are around 10 km, 11 hectares of natural grassland, to watch for the 84 kinds of wild species, is 1 day Garden plants and animals. Lin Mao-grass here, cool climate, beautiful scenery, is the leisure vacation, Summer summer holidays.

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Renshou Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Renshou Hill Park is located in tranquil areas in northern Taoyuan Liu Jiabao, 15 km from the city center. Tree-lined park, the beautiful scenery. Pavilions on the mountain, shade trees in between the red. Plastic on the hillside of a 27 m long Tsing Lung, and may be vacated Yue Qi, Fen angry claws. Hill has a black soldier in the temple, Ling Yunge, the Hall of Ancestors, Shouting, and other antique building. Renshou there are around ten Shan Hai Tao, every blooming peach, peach will hold a grand here, received the audience.

  Tao Yin Yan Ting at Piedmont Hills, was built in 1984 for Diaolong around the column, painted the brackets Qionglu hexagonal pavilion-style wooden structure, there is a positive cross-Mei Zhang Bangyan " Peach Pavilion "words.

  Lingyun Ge Ren-shan shan at the forefront, it was Koji Ming-year period (1488-1505), rehabilitation of the ancient temple Lingguan a brick. In 1985, Ling Guan removal of the temple, built two-story pavilion, for the lower Hall of Avalokitesvara, the remains upper temple Ling Guan, Ling Guan Like, 2 meters high. Wang Ling Guan reported for Huizong (1101-1125), who, Wang good name for the Taoist gods, they generally left eye, right hand Jinbian enforcement, the town of evil is evil law of God. There are doors on the amount of benefits Guzi title, "Lingyun Ge" words and couplets as "commander of the juvenile," Huang Luobin Suozhuan: Ge Fei Wan Li Gun scenery retina scan; shortage of Verdant Kong in the future cause of man-made.

  Hui Ling Yunge West Shouting at 100 meters, was here Koji Ming-year period (1488 ~ 1505) after the repair history of Cai Shenmiao. In 1984 to dismantle Caishen Miao, Jian Hui Shouting. In order for the entire pavilion Gao Ting was, the pavilion was built in a square 2 meters high above the platform, the use of relief, Toudiao, wood approach Diaolianghuadong, painted landscapes, flowers and Ukraine; column hollowing spend between lattice banners relief distribution. Column written for the two trees and grass together:

  Peach Department of Water of the Yellow River, Liu Si Fu Shan Green Renshou.

  There are top Ming , The repair history of the Senior's brick temple, Lao Si. Below the same period of building the temple founder, is a classical courtyard-style building, the existing building in 1986 for reconstruction. 3 middle of the hall, worship Ti basalt. Basaltic to the ancient mythology of the Lord God of the North, after the Taoist as the Great basaltic, Taoism in China Third place after the Jade Emperor Seiwa, said net basaltic Le Prince Edward King, and Jade, or Tianzun Yuan Shi for disguise. In ancient mythology for the basaltic Guiyi fit, "said Gui She basalt, located in the northern Gu Yue Yuen, who has scute Gu Yue Wu ... ..." the law in black, wear hair, Zhang Jian, Guiyi step. In the main hall Youpeishenzhuan :

  Fu-Man Hong Long with three songs Renshou; Heqinghaiyan Kyushu Tongqing peace.

  About rooms and corridors are connected. Hospitals have changed since the ancestral hall of Zhu Peony a hundred years. To the east front of the stone carving in the first year of the Ming Jiajing (1522) of the "temple of peace in Fort tablets", described the peace fort built before the city . Cibei erection of the original fort at peace in the temple founder, in 1958 moved to the Hill Renshou.

  Taoist resort in the mountains east San Qingdian, the ten Buddhism to the West Temple side, the overseas Chinese residing in Myanmar Fu Fengying donated by Li Yu Fo-3. "Longxi together," Eastern Hospital display hall for the Study of Gansu Province, one of the four major cultural Li Longxi Reluctantly set up the Friendship Bridge. Veranda Court for the winding paths, the ranks of star anise Renshou Mountain House, flavor, on the roof, things panoramic view of the two-chuan, the ancient city of Gongchang glance. 50,000 oriental arborvitae, spruce, Sophora Renshou to get dressed Shan Hong magic emanation of oxygen, the pleasant scenery, peony, peony, rose, chrysanthemum, Flower, Gladiolus, flowers, potted landscape, Tu Yan competition, attracting thousands of visitors.

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Xiguan mosque - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chengguan District of Lanzhou City in the liberation of the door on the eastern side of the square, a Ming Wanli, now see is that in the 1990 renovation of the building, forceful momentum, with a solemn silence, with a distinct Arab-Islamic style. Monastery has also trained a large number of Islamic scholars by the school, each year more than 100 foreign Muslims to Week visit here. Xiguan mosque not far from the northern side of the mountain on the west side, the bridge door mosque, large-scale, local Muslims are concentrated places of worship.

  Xiguan mosque, also known as Zhifanggou mosque, located in Xining city in Qinghai Province Customs Street West, No. 141, the original temple late Dynasty ago There are more than 10O years of history, the Monastery as a result of the expansion of roads and other reason to move 4 (times), in 1980 to implement the national policy of religious customs built in the West Main Street, No. 141. Monastery to worship hall and the Arab-classical style combined with the construction. Temple O.7 all-acre area, construction area of 141 square meters hall Temple-wide building with a total area of 441 square meters. Place the imam there is a person, pull over IO, Dong Xue 3. Canon 50. 500 Christians, a total of 1,500 people, were the Hui, an Iraqi and Vanni.

  Qing Emperor Kangxi, Yongzhengnianjian rebuilt twice. In 1990 with the rehabilitation of the site in Arab Islamic-style dome construction, forceful momentum, with a solemn silence for the National Mosque, one of the most spectacular.

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Lanzhou water tankers Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Park is located in the city's water tankers del western section of the road to the east "of the Yellow River Bridge" west "of the Yellow River Mother" sculpture, north Baita Mountain Park, near South Baiyun, is the way del major online travel scene.

Water tankers has a long history, unique appearance, originated in the Ming Dynasty, ancient city of Lanzhou is the oldest of the Yellow River along the coast to ??. Lanzhou water tankers, also known as "Crane", "roll", "Irrigation car", "tiger car", double park by the water tankers, the cofferdam, water mill room service and recreation area, remain the south bank of the Yellow River , Wang quarter of the use of the natural flow of water propelled rotation; dry season are water-diversion cofferdam, a small channel through the weir, artesian water Push. When the natural flow impulse Yeh wheel when the board to promote the rotation of water tankers, Pelton scoop it over the river, and so on to the roof space and then dumped into the Mu Cao, coming into the park for the benefit of irrigation. Park water tankers represents this ancient water tankers of water machinery, so that foreign visitors can see at a faster pace.

  Park covers an area of 14 water tankers 88 square meters by zoster green, alluvial silt Island, LIU Yin Beach in three parts. Planning and design for major construction projects: a diameter of 16.5 meters antique two water tankers, two-story-Shuixie Office of a multi-service, supported by the construction of small King. Projects carried out in two stages, a project in October 1993 in ten Japanese construction, completed on August 10, 1994, after seven years, before and after, the park's water tankers have been completed and the main engineering works supporting facilities, water tankers for the completion of the park surrounding the governance and reform. Clean dead, laying floor tiles, the kind of wide flowers, water tankers so that the whole garden park on a new look. 1998 has a new water mill, the Friendship Store, photography water tankers, water tankers Teahouse, and other services for the majority of visitors has provided more and better entertainment services. Particularly mentioning that the water tankers to the main scenic water tankers based on the Teahouse, with its unique natural environment, attentive service and attract More and more tourists come to visit. Park water tankers has become a set tour, sightseeing, dining, entertainment, leisure, vacation into a comprehensive tourist attractions. Lanzhou Park is open embrace of the water tankers, warm and thoughtful service to welcome you!

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Yellow River Bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

North of the city of Lanzhou at the foot of White Pagoda, the Chengguan, "the world is the first of the Yellow River Bridge," said Maryland is one of the landmarks in the city. Iron bridge built before the pontoon bridge across the Yellow River have here. Pontoon before Ming Hongwu years (1368-1398 AD), by the name of Chen-yuan bridge, this bridge still used by the iron An up to 3 meters and weighing about a few tons, there are "nine-year Hongwu".

  Qing Emperor Guangxu 33 (Year 1907), changed for the pontoon bridge, the upper reaches of the Yellow River is the first iron bridge. Four bridges Tun, with cement under the iron posts, on stones, arc-shaped steel beam arch, was later reinforced building projects All the works are a total of more than 30 million silver consumption of the two. Deng-Yuan Wang Bridge, not far from the Yellow River, such as band, twisting wind, the industrial city of Lanzhou many hyperchromic.

  Here is a brief account of the ancient Hexi Corridor control, Qinghai, Ningxia, the hub of the "Silk Road" of the necessary land. Western Han Dynasty, severe winter junction of the Yellow River , Hou Shu Chi, traveling on the passage, commonly known as ice bridge. Shaanxi known as the road to Gan Liang Tong, but Lanzhou pontoon; enemy if this bridge, cut off from Ha Tay, hard-assistance rates. The soaring summer and the river, often washed away bridges, winter and spring, ice collision, and usually destroy the bridge. "Note Lanzhou old" records: 33 Qing Emperor Guangxu (19 7 years) into the pontoon bridge, ten feet long 70 wide Erzhangerchi Sicun, four under the bridge pier, under the iron posts with cement, stones, and Henan in the second deepest pier, the pier at the end of the water to a Joe Qichi. A total of 306,000 more than the two silver flowers. Works by the German business & Taylor for repair, transport and construction materials for the whole of our commitment People all over the camel, big wheel vehicles, Yuan She thousands of miles east from Tianjin transport bridge materials, and finally in the shelf of the Yellow River since the first iron bridge. Iron Bridge in 1954 by reinforcement works, arc-shaped steel arch beam shelf, beautiful structure, imposing more majestic.

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Wuquan Shan Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lanzhou is located on the south side of the urban area at the northern foot of Gaolan Hill is a thousand years of history with a tourist destination. Wu Quanshan more than 1600 meters above sea level, covers an area of 260,000 square meters, because there are benefits, mannose, on-social, son of touch, Mongolia named after the springs 5, there is the history of whip Quanyong ring legend. Mongolia, Huidong, West Er Quan, Wu Quanshan on both sides, Feng Zhong outflow from the water to form a waterfall, commonly known as East and West "Longkou." Wu Quanshan in peak height for the ancient buildings, the construction of the temple on the mountain and powerful, connected to Tower Gallery, Cuoluoyouzhi. You Wuquan Shan and the best from the West.

Chuba lunar calendar every year, the temple fair held in the mountains, with the exception of Buddha and ritual activities, but also Flower Show has a variety of folk and cultural activities each year during the Spring Festival, also held exhibitions lighting, Wu Quanshan Maryland who is now a leisure tourism destination of choice.

  Wu Quanshan due to mannose, on-social, son of touch, Hui, Mongolian 5 clear she's named after the springs. Legend has it that Emperor Yuanshou three years (20 BC ) Huoqu Bing Zheng Xi, who unmanning here, Shizu weak thirst, Huo Qubing the whip hand, the five-batter, whip Quanyong ring, then into a five-chuen. Although this myth, but Wu Quanshan "five-chuen," The magic is indeed wonderful to have attracted worldwide attention. Wu Quanshan in peak height for the ancient buildings. From the Mountain Gate along the straight channel in the middle, a butterfly pavilion, King Kong , Main Hall, Wan Kok Sources, Wenchang Palace and Temple, the Qianfo Ge, and other ancient temples on the mountain and powerful arrangement, Xiangdie levels, connected by stone steps Tinglang. Peak in the wings for the East and West Longkou, east along the five-chuen, Longkou - Wenchang Palace - West Longkou curved line array, suspended halfway up. Stephen again between the stone bridge Pavilion and the four-phase Gallery .
  Wu Quanshan can be divided into West, Central, East Road, around three, three-way up the house are Pavilion, a long stack Hongqiao, Fei Bao clear spring, but different layout, self-contained, each with its own unique. From the West Bank before, the first scenic spots as "You Tsui of the new garden," plum orchard with holes, inside the cave, there are a few pool Wangqing, Ji Zhang corridors, Ling Po Hsuan, an octagonal, on the ground floor of a recreation field. Hong Zhu cornices pool of reflection, and the quiet green scenery matched, the charming scenery beautiful. The promenade along West, the round shape of a crescent at the beginning of the kiosk, "and a half months Pavilion", that is, through kiosks and a half months to bridge enterprises, one of the five-chuen, "Hui Quan," according to bear on the bridge standing. Stephen yen Surrounded by shade trees, surrounded by fragrant grass, bottom spring clean, sweet taste, Pengcha appropriate, and the benefits of irrigation are very affordable, named "Hui Quan."
  Huiquan to leave, follow a Green Road roundabout and on the stone steps on to the famous "Mani Temple." Guhuai strong here, the beauty of the temple, a row of hanging floor Simen pressure, Xia floor bird's-eye view for the East and West for the extension on floor, in front of the ground floor there is Yiyi track, Zeze the door, many homes, piles park pavilion after another, the slim, sleek, twists and turns have caused. Mani the Temple, following the line Xianggao Chu, a waste-lifting there are only trickling waterfall Zhi Xie Qing Tan Zhong Wangqing the next wall, which is Longkou West. Stephen away from here very close to Mannan "Stephen Mannan" is the highest in the five-chuen, a Stephen, is located in Wenchang Palace to the west, the cover alone kiosks, thin origins, Jiuyu no sex, do serious drought, like a drink of mannose. Legend has it that this co-chuen, "fine, mannose heaven" was named after.
  Mannose to out-chuen on the Wenchang Palace. A palace on the eastern side of Yuan Hua Qiang, took their Like a small door on the door, a book of the three light sierozem Li's character - on-social-chuen. Stephen and the other several times very different from Stephen, Stephen said that it is in fact more like wells, springs together in a kind of a deep hole well away from the ground about 1.6 meters deep. During the Spring River, the direct impact on vote-chuen, heart, such as on-social sites, "on-social" the resulting 000-ya Here is the West, in the east of the junction of three mountain path. Qian Foge step along the eastern corridor and slowly, on the meridian to Taiwan and Taiwan's gossip. Provisional here on the East Longkou, under the Endangered Meng Quan. Fei Xie looking up considerable Longkou East and falls under, can enjoy the bird's eye view of the five highest-chuen, "Meng Quan." "Muddle" Guaming, six One of the four Gua, the Gen Hom, Hom for water, for the Burgundy Hill, "Meng" general outlook of the East Valley, with a foot of the Italian insurance. Wen Ho Lee Ming-chuen, Mongolia had praise poetry: "I have invited leading a new cooking tea, water in the mountains learn the fifth-chuen."
  Seomang promenade by the East, in that high, steep ladder under the Qing Zhong Ting-hung, a 1.40-li Waist. Kiosks and a suspension of about 3 meters high, 2 meters wide mouth, the weight of the Taihe 10000 jin Chung, Kim Tae-line and 2002 (Year 1202), Ho Kam to be monitored by the cast. This majestic bell shape, resonant voice, Suozhu inscriptions readable. Original hanging Puzhao Si (the former site of the Garden Orchid) Drum Tower 10 minutes for the first Lanzhou One of the stone relics. After the liberation of displacement Wuquan Shan, is now the focus of the provincial cultural relics protection.

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Binglingsi Grotto - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Binglingsi Grotto is located in Yongjing County, 35 kilometers southwest of small Jishi Shan Temple of the trench, the famous grottoes in China is one of the key heritage belonging to the unit. "Ping-Ling" is the Tibetan language, "the Buddha of thousands" of Kim, the Chinese equivalent of the "Thousand Buddha Mountain," "to poke holes."

Binglingsi grotto built in the West Philip year (420), with exquisite stone carvings known to the world. Terauchi A total of 694 stone statues, clay 82, about 900 square meters of frescoes, in the Tang Cave accounted for more than two thirds of a total of 20 caves and 113 niches. Among them, the cliff at a height of the Tang Shu-Cave (Cave 169) the most exquisite, Cut in the ground 60 meters away from the steep cliffs, an area of 200 square meters in the north of the Shek Pik on the West there is the first year of Bright Future (in 420 AD) statues of the title-ming, which is China's grotto art in the Annals of the exact title of the first recorded It is Binglingsi grotto treasures in the Po.

  Other factors, such as 125 niche Dubbo and stone Buddha Sakyamuni are, of course, the art Binglingsi Grotto. These stone carvings are a true reflection of the six times the social outlook of the Northwest Territories, the customs of the people, music, dance and decoration, a high historical value and archaeological value.

  Binglingsi about caves dug in the early years of Western Jin Dynasty (about AD Early century), an official in the construction of the West, after the Northern Wei, Northern Zhou, Sui, Tang, Yuan, Ming and North Korea, and so on. Due to the relatively good natural conditions, man-made damage and, therefore, has been preserved Binglingsi Grotto still relatively complete. Now, under Kukan retained a total of 183, 776 body statues, murals of more than 900 square meters, Stone carvings and the book title in mind 6.

Sixteen countries of the West period, as the local rulers Xianbei people believe in Buddhism, with the result cave Open activities imaging very active. This is Binglingsi caves dug the first wave and has been extended to the Northern Dynasties of the Northern Wei Dynasty. During the most representative 1 Cave 9, and the remaining 172 caves and niches 1, 126,128,132 Cave, 2,124,125 and 16 cave shrine, and so on are also well-known groups. Despite statues Diaozao of this period as "Hu God" Buddha and Buddhism, but to remove gesture, fingerprints, clothing, and other natural style, most of the abandoned Gandhara art as a prototype of the Buddha's features into a local craftsman own life experience and aesthetic requirements into the Chinese believers and their own feelings and ideals of the content. The most obvious is that the mural in statue and people near the Mexican Foundation has written the name list. It is clear that since the Han Dynasty is a traditional form of succession Statues in the grotto, looked lively, beautiful gesture, clothing lines, smooth, as a whole appears to be proficient skills exquisite, delicate approach Xilian.

  Tang Dynasty, because of the rise of Buddhism, the rise of another wave of statues, that is, the caves dug Binglingsi second major period. During the relatively well-known niche there is No. 46, 0 niche, and No. 51, and other niches. Kukan statues of the Tang Dynasty in the portfolio for more than a Buddha, the Bodhisattva (Buddha or four), two kings, are also a Buddha, the Ocean, the Buddha and the King II. This time Binglingsi Grotto imaging features of the caves and statues of the Tang Dynasty with the overall style as if all the emphasis on the health of the United States and plump But it also has its own unique, such as surface-long, dynamic exaggeration, ups and downs Department distinct edges and corners, the blade is also more powerful rough.

  Since then, in the Yuan and Ming dynasties, there are also caves Binglingsi cosmetic repair, but the caves have been cut tend to the decline. Binglingsi Grotto caves cut in the history of our country is relatively early for , Although after the Millennium, is still full of vitality of the arts, arts in the history of our country is a treasure.

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Baita Mountain Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the northern city of Lanzhou, because there is a mountain named after the White Pagoda Temple. Monastery was built in the Yuan Dynasty, in the reconstruction of the Ming Dynasty, the temple was rectangular plane, the White Pagoda in the middle, eight for the seven-tower, about 17 meters high, have a green roof, under a round-based, white species, tall and straight Beautiful. Tanan San Dasi is the floor, to the north is a quasi-Buddha Temple, East and West There are a number of side hall in a palace. Gordon White Pagoda Peak, looking down at Lanzhou city, with the White Pagoda on the Yellow River Bridge pose a forceful magnificent picture has become a symbol of one of the city of Lanzhou.

  Baita Mountain "Baita," named after. In the White Pagoda Temple Mountain, to commemorate the legend of the Yuan Dynasty that audience to Mongolia and Genghis Khan died in Lanzhou Well-known Tibetan lama and build. Ming Zhengtong years (1436 - 1449), Chong Yong-Cheng Liu eunuch guarding the building. Qing Emperor Kangxi 1965 (1715), Chuo Qi make up the old governor by the new, expansion of the Temple site, the name Grace Temple. Baita seven-eight, 17 meters high, at all levels of each side are Buddhist. Ma Kok copper canopies Breeze, beautiful clear, green crown on top, under the build-round. Qin Qing Dynasty Weiyue there is a poem: "northward pro ring Saga potential, the Ta Ying Wei-ran uphill. Budesonide King of San pagoda in a temple, a tower column bend of the Yellow River." Depict the majestic White Pagoda.


  White Pagoda Temple Xixia turn right out the door, the water Guanyin Dong Lian. At Northwest on the stage, the temple has, in Chunting, Lantai, Mountain Department to build a kiosk said, "The Peony Pavilion." White Pagoda Temple slightly south-west, Feng there are processes, known as Feng Ling Mountains, when the Qing Emperor Kangxi in the construction of three top officials and the Hall of Guanyin Dong. Jiaqing when added to build a drug and Dian Choi Ling Guan Temple and three floor building, and so on. Temple southeast have Education and Manpower Temple Road, Temple for the East Hall of San Juan, before Temple stone arch bridge, the Stone Arch for the door, and from Qualcomm. Over and under the arches is the Ocean Palace, a Dianqian floor, hanging more than 10 years, and Pingtiao for visitors to rest.

  Third Temple re-teach the other south-east there are three peaks Temple, the Temple is "delicate incense Fenglin," decorated archway, on the back of his "Three-Xiu Ying", refers to the East there are some ancient customs Fenglin, Wang Gaolan South Hill Court, three of Italy. Direct access to the south along the winding paths of four Hall, which is the main road up the mountain. Wen foot of the mountain on the eastern side of the original palace, for Kuixing Court, is the old scholar who went to pray Deng-Ke, the flowers are replaced by tea rooms, catering for the tourists leave . White Pagoda Temple in a straight line down the mountain from the south, Xiren on the mountain is divided into 10, each class has a small temples, collectively referred to as "Dian 10." Wang Diannan ten four Shing Temple, South Temple arch bridge there, is Yu Huangge Bridge, South Pavilion Hall is the founder. In the reconstruction of more than ten Dian has been removed and the surviving head cliffs in only one.

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Li Jian site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Li Qian Yongchang County, the site in person to Village, 10 km southwest from the county seat. Early Han Dynasty, had been set up here, Li Jian County, a county of Zhangye, Tong Yan Yan Shigu the school note, "Han" is contained, "Li Jian Qin also that big, Li Jian Zhangye Prefecture take to build this country in the name of our ears." Qin big that is, Referring to the Roman State; "Note Book of the Later Han make up" set, Li Jian County "Li Han people down home"; "Book of Jin" set: "cool ZHANG Zuo Wang Hao Qian Jiang and Li Jian Rong cutting in Nanshan, and also defeated," In addition, "Sui Shu", "Qing Zhi unification," " Five cold-chi "on the direction of Li Jian, Qian Li Rong (that is, the descendants of the Roman military) activities are recorded, it is an indisputable fact. Han site is only 28 meters long, 3.8 meters wide and 1.5 meters high for a Can Yuan, floor Tamping in the 15 - 17 cm. According to the South Qilian Mountains (also known as Nanshan), the west branch Shan Yan (also known as Huang Tai), originated from the Qilian Mountains in the river to flow to those who have. River water to those who are very small. Now, those who come for the Walled Villages.

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Holy Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Holy Temple Road in North-West Rural Jinchuan. As a result of Holy Face Monastery named after. After Temple, also known as big. Built in the old quarry area above the building for one of the Holy Face Monastery, the temple has been destroyed, the tower-to-deposit alone. To square the seven-story tower, according to Mi-Zhuanta. 16.2 m-high. The first tier tower South Gate home, while 10.8 meters long. There are wooden ladder, the top - There are murals of the tower and the title remains in mind. Canopy with brick tower Corbel Shi Sanceng out, bottom-up four-and eighth-out water chestnut son of teeth. Concise form stable, non-parabolic shape.

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Pure gold Gorge Scenic Area Water - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiuquan city of Gansu Province pure gold Scenic Area Water Gap was founded in 2001. According to the Ministry of Water Resources to do a good job of water conservancy construction and management of scenic areas related to the spirit of the combination of pure gold in 2001 Gorge reservoir reinforcement project bonds, Gansu Province, Shule River Basin Water Resources Authority, the display Irrigation Management Service based on pure gold gorge water Cheng landscape, natural and cultural scenic spots and historical relics to create a pure gold Scenic Area Water Gap. At present, the water pure gold Gorge Scenic Area has been the Ministry of Water Resources Scenic Area Water Committee as the fourth national scenic areas of water.

Water Gap pure gold scenic location, convenient traffic, from 312 Road only 12 km. There Jiuquan space city, the Great Wall of Jiayuguan, Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, and so will the national and world renowned urban landscape and ancient ruins through the line. Gap pure gold has become a scenic water-Tourism, summer, leisure, entertainment, dining in one tourist destination, has a certain region on behalf of Sex.

Yishanbangshui Scenic Area Water Gap pure gold, unique and beautiful scenery and a pleasant climate, rich tourism resources. Scenic areas within the natural landscape and cultural landscape more, there are magnificent dam, the momentum Bahou Station, Red Fairy Tang save the Red Bay, the colorful Rose Tan Qi Yan fight for the Rose Garden, with the magic of the legendary Blackstone mountains, the devil mountain, surrounded by empty hole Hill area; BC there are 121 sites in the Pass, the water pure gold tablets, Lin celebrities such as Gap left by way of pure gold Quatrains and legends through the ages. Inside the area with fresh air and the water is very extensive, lush plants, natural And the human landscape here look after each other, relying on each other.

Gap pure gold water development and construction of scenic areas, the local tourism industry to add a new bright spot. The increase in the development of the scenic spot of the local fiscal revenue and the surrounding masses of income, increased employment, local farmers led the development of tertiary industry, but also promote Irrigation of the brand image and to improve and enhance the visibility of the water unit and competitiveness and, more importantly, protect the ecological environment and achieve sustainable economic development in the reservoir area.

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Jiuquan mosque - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiuquan mosque was built in the Ming Dynasty is located in Dongguan Back Street North. In 2006 (1917) Fan Jian. For the typical Islamic style of architecture, works of the main hall of a north and south with Hall 2, Simen east. There Gate Tower, built in the rear of the hall floor, two-story Mochizuki (Arabic and Latin America, said that indemnity floor), and room to the imam, the baptism of Housing . Area of 1440 square meters. It is a local Muslim masses, "assembling a crowd to worship", is a Muslim and dispute resolution, the judge right and wrong places. Suzhou mosque was built in the Ming Dynasty, the site of the city in Dongbei Yu, Qing Dynasty after the move to Dongguan Back Street North. In 1917, living in Suzhou, Dongguan Muslims The Hui people in the old Ma Jingui, were Ma, Ma Zhongxian, Zhang Ji, Yang Wan-lin positive initiative, self-organizing repair of the mosque for Fan Jian. To address the requirements of silver, with Ma Jingui Yang Wan-lin, Yang Wan-ching and others on horseback to Hami, Qitai, Dihua (this Urumqi), Yining, Kashi, Lanzhou Linxia, Xining and other fund-raising, the money raised by 3200, together with the local Muslim people of financing, raising a total of more than 3200 silver two, in part by the lack of Zhang Ji pad package from Xining in Qinghai was invited Ma Jie master carpenter Undertake the construction, design and construction, after more than two years, to be completed in 1919. Temple really following the completion of the masses of Muslims held a grand ceremony. In October 1949, Marshal Peng at the Jiuquan inspection work, go to the mosque Hui called on the masses, the masses had a cordial conversation with Hui, Gong Xu home. So far, some of the Hui was also the scene vividly, remember. Mosque hall construction area of 536 square meters, the brick structure of the Department of Civil Engineering, architecture and unique compact, simple and spectacular style. Dian Qian Qian Yan there, bring up the rear as there together, the three parts of an integral whole. From the side to watch, the Hall of saddle-shaped ridge were ups and downs, the Church stands on top of the four high-ting, tang, as there are carved on both sides of the Wood shavings Side door. Yan Xia in front of the hall are all filled with carved wooden doors and windows, walls on both sides of the north-south by carving patterns into the brick masonry. 8 large hall stands cylinder, carving Zhengliang before and after hanging in Arabic the "Koran" and the title five Chinese have "a true", "goes for the Muslim," and "unique dual-free" and "Muslim "," Tao Yin-day room "of important big, bold fonts strong. Courtyard is the former main hall, each of the five North-South Forum, the East-West 20 meters in depth, 15 meters north-south, Muslim doctrine and teaching Hui met to discuss affairs . Courtyard to the east of the Mountain Gate is, there are 18 meters high floor, Xuan Li. Courtyard outside the Mountain Gate, Water purification bath room.

  Muslims used to?????in September, called "Ramadan month", that is, the holy month of Ramadan. During the holy month of Ramadan, the Muslim masses will be on view floor on Xuan Li, Lent decided to break their fast time. Weekdays 5:00 weeks before the "full pull" (the students) Denglouxuanli. This January, Muslims in Japan After fasting fasting, eating break their fast after sunset. The expiration of Ramadan, the Muslim is one of the most solemn holiday - Eid al-Fitr. Arabic "Eid al-Fitr," "Child Turku costs." Eid al-Fitr, every adult Muslim must wash large net, purification bath in order to worship on the Temple, the ceremony will be conducted. Whenever this Toward the mosque hall looked and saw the old and young Muslims in the Holy Land for the direction of kneeling neatly into the ranks of the Iraqi head Ma wearing a white robe, yellow Touchan "Das abuse it," at the forefront, Songnian, "Koran "Muslim leadership for worship, prayer ceremony. Qi look at the first and save the white, neat move , A solemn atmosphere, you feel a kind of dignity and strength. This is the Muslim unity and a symbol of determination. In the ceremony will be held before the Iraqi head Ma would also like to combine the history of Islam, to teach the public to explain and publicize the history of Eid al-Fitr, Christians are advised to comply with Islamic ethics. During the Eid al-Fitr, Muslims are voluntary San Shi mosque, "Turku fee" money, that is, the tax break to express their admiration and mind. Eid al-Fitr, the Muslim families have deep-fried "micro-" fishing "oil incense." Of which there is still a legend. According to legend, Muhammad in a battle after the victory, returned from the Arc de Triomphe, Muslims are scrambling to invite He went to a guest house, not to the Prophet wealth House dinner, and one of the poorest people in the Muslim guests. They do not have a delicacy, only to the Prophet on the side You Wangwang, fragrant "Oil-xiang" (fried cake). Prophet was pleased to use their right hands to tear off a piece to eat, the rest of the onlookers to the child. Since then, the Muslims form a torn right-handed eating habits of the traditional oil incense.

  In the festival, the Hui people also resort slaughtered chicken, mutton Fentang to eat and food to relatives and friends with neighbor-Chinese festivals. Married or unmarried son-in-law, it is necessary to bring gifts to the wife's parents home to congratulate the festival. Many young people of the Hui also in the election section During the wedding was held, immersed in cheerful good fortune in the new pairs, to the Muslim festival has added an unlimited warm atmosphere and charm of brilliant color.
  Shinianhaojie, the mosque was severely damaged, water room, floor, Xuan Li, Mountain Gate, north-south courtyard rooms were destroyed, and so removed the only residual Hall roof has been destroyed. In 1980, the number of local government funding to the mosque for the maintenance of the system and a new reception room, library and the mosque door and re-construction of a seven-meter-high floor, Xuan Li. At the same time, Muslim organizations and the masses of the democratically elected mosque management committee, responsible for mobilization and control Awqaf, repair the mosque organize all kinds of public religious activities, the school decided to appoint imams. Repair of a new mosque not only to meet the Muslim masses to carry out activities, and attracted a large number of foreign visitors will ceremony, posed for pictures. Every Muslim holiday, party and government leadership in the urban areas to be Muslim Congratulations to the Hui brothers festival. Today, the mosque has become a symbol of national unity and bonds.

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Pass Ya Mo Guicheng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ming Shashan of Dunhuang, with its natural geographic wonders of the Crescent Moon Spring has?????good reputation, and could be comparable with the Yumen Pass Ya Mo Guicheng but little known.

According to the "Ci Hai" explain "Ya - Uighur, the original meaning to the mound with a steep, dry area is a wind of the landscape." According to Kansai gate 75 km, there is a typical Yadandimao community, about 25 km east, north-south width of 4 - 5 km, commonly known as Mo Guicheng Dunhuang people, so for the time being to be known as the "Pass Ya Mo Guicheng" . Yadandemao this community far beyond the dictionary definition of the size and shape of its 000 And the overall scale and shape of the singular is rare in the world. Its high and low of 45 meters, there are 20 to 30 meters high, the length and width from a few hundred meters to 10 meters range; overall, as an ancient city in the Middle Ages. The special city walls, streets, buildings, squares, churches, sculpture; its vivid image, but Xiao Wei, frightening world. Many well-known building in the world can find it here in miniature, the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, Tibet's Potala Palace, Egypt's pyramids, the Sphinx, on the Mongolian steppe, the Arab mosque in the city, a sculpture of the mighty General, Desert lion, peacock opening screen, Luo Silk Road Team Fleet voyage, the group of fish to the sea, the pillars can not win ...... reference. Outside of which, like the construction of the world into the art museum, so dizzying, awe. These masterpieces of nature, can be uncanny workmanship, the marvelous world, people admire a five-way vote.

In the past Since the vast Gobi, dangerous roads, few people set foot in this place, Dunhuang is also hearing more people, who saw very few, with the sun Dunhuang Tourism Group and Ya Mo Guicheng Pass road-repair for the introduction of geographical wonders of creation Conditions.

Pass from Dunhuang to 100 km drive 1 hour to reach from the Yumen Pass along the ancient Shule westbound Valley, a merging of the swamp, water lake, meadow, Fengmao water, cattle and sheep flocks, a wild duck in the water, egrets, geese, crane, swan, and other waterfowl habitat, From time to time there are groups of water birds such as ducks flying in the blue sky. Han on the way through the Great Wall, Feng Sui, and other monuments of the West again 10 km, reached the pit after the son of Shule River Valley marsh dried up gradually, gradually disappear meadow, the Gobi desert valley was the annihilation continue westbound along the valley about an hour, all of a sudden like an ancient medieval castle in the face of this is the Yumen Pass Ya Dan Mo Guicheng, building a more sparse suburbs into the city is becoming complicated , Intensive buildings, row upon row. Into the city so that visitors suddenly, because of the city in the vast expanse of the Gobi, strong northwest wind went spinning on the surface of the Gobi, leaving only the coarse gray sand green so that it appeared on the surface of the blue Wave, a khaki-colored blocks of the ancient castle stands in the gray green On the Gobi, lined blue sky and white clouds, appears to be particularly enchanting. If on top of tall castle, overlooking down, as if standing on the countless islands in the choppy sea, the sea is really going to fly Shan, Hong momentum. When exposure to the large-scale "city", there is a stirring force, then the day is , Is so wide that people are so small, that magical feeling is unspeakable.
The "city" at different times, different weather conditions, you will feel that it looks different. Noon, the Gobi on the Tornado rolled several columns, "Gu Yan desert" in the "city" in channeling To flee, such as the desert mirage Yanbo the vast sea as a whole, "Mogui Cheng Ya," as if floating in them, so that visitors outside the Kingdom of Heaven, Ruhuan dream. When the sun sets, Miaomiaohanhai gradually recede, such as the blood of the Sun Ya Mo Guicheng to put golden touch, Orange became for a while, the wall brilliant show in a few Fraction of the solemn mystery, so that visitors away, but also caused endless reverie.

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