Xi'an Banpo Ruins - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xi'an Banpo Site is Banpo Site Museum, located in the eastern suburbs of Xi'an, about six kilometers of the village of Banpo, the Yellow River Basin is the largest and most complete preservation of the matriarchal commune village sites dating back 6,000 years.

  The site is divided into living, pottery, burial of the three areas, residential area of the village is the main Banpo people belonging to the Neolithic period, the main tool used in wood and stone is. Showroom of the three existing museum, a hall site.

  Banpo site of the Yellow River Basin is a typical Yangshao culture matriarchal Neolithic settlement sites, dating back 5600-6700 years. The 19 sites 3 In the spring, the site area of 50,000 square meters. From September 1954 to the summer of 1957, the Archaeological Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, nearly 200 organizations, archaeological workers discovered around 5 times, nearly 4 years to expose the site area of 10,000 square meters, was a great deal of valuable Branch Information. Housing remains a total of 45, 2 laps column, a number of Jiaoxue 200, Tao 6, 250 kinds of burial (of which 174 adult burial, the coffin urn child 73), as well as the production of appliances, tools and life of about 10,000 Pieces of cultural relics.

  In 1958, built on the ruins left behind Banpo The museum is China's first museum of prehistoric sites, in addition to the construction of an outdoor exhibition, the original 3000 square meters are residential areas built to protect villages in the hall. Banpo ruins of houses, cellars, kitchen pit, men and women at the funeral mass graves, and the production of all kinds of daily necessities such as the relic sites, to us vividly show 6,000 years ago in a matriarchal society and prosperity of our ancestors during the production and living conditions. China to research the history of primitive society has important scientific value. The library in April 1, 1958 the official opening to the outside world, has so far received more than 2,000 Chinese and foreign tourists million.

  Banpo left Site
With the original style of the village's door decoration, a fish pond stands in the water is the Banpo and the stone ruins of her front hall, Mr. Guo Moruo wrote "Banpo Ruins," the four characters of the United States and Qiu Jin Jun, Banpo Museum for the cultural atmosphere Added to an atmosphere for people to have a return Indeed, the history of reunification, return to the art of Zhenqingshigan, circumstances often make many of the audience lingering favorite.

  Banpo site is divided into living, pottery, burial of the three areas, residential areas is the mainstay of the village. Banpo people belonging to the Neolithic period, the use of this equipment is wooden and stone tools. Women are the main people Banpo Productivity, ceramics, textiles, animal husbandry by their commitment, more men are engaged in hunting and fishing. Showroom of the three existing museum, a hall site. Here, you can see the simplicity of human childhood, but also to look hard in the footsteps of the Chinese ancestors.

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A Fanggong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

A Fanggong Xi'an is the Qin dynasty, the great palace, the site in the western suburbs of Xi'an, this 15-km area of the Arab-Israeli village of Housing, a national key cultural unit. A Fanggong in the history of our country's most famous palace complex, large-scale, magnificent.

  After the reunification of the National Qin Shi Huang, an increasingly strong national strength, salt States Number of people. 35 Shi Huang (212 years ago), the Weihe River in the south of Shanglin Yuan in the beginning towards creating a palace, that is, A Fanggong. As the huge, Shi Huang was in office when it has only completed a Qiandian. According to the "Qin Shi Huang Shih-chi of this discipline," records "the Arab-Israeli Qiandian room 500 things step-by-step, five north-south Shi Zhang, can sit million people, under the Wu Zhang Jian to the flag, for the week Chi Kok Road, Nanshan straight from His Royal Highness, Nanshan table top that Que, for rehabilitation, since the Arab-Israeli Housing cross-wei, is of Xianyang. "The scale is huge waste of money and manpower, one can imagine. After the death of the First Qin Emperor, Qin Hu Hai II continues to build. Tang Dynasty poet Du Mu's" A Fanggong Fu "wrote:" review the three pressure Yu, the isolation days. Lishan North West structure and folding, Xianyang straight. Second-chuan Rongrong, into the wall. Wu Buyi floor, a ten-step Pavilion; Gallery back to slow, high-canopy tooth picks; hold the terrain, Gouxindoujiao. "A Fanggong can be seen at the time to do a very large buildings. Chu King Xiang Yu military customs, the shift to the Arab-Israeli hate material in the room And all the subsidiary set fire to the building, reduced to ashes.

UNESCO in 1994 on-site inspection, confirmed the scale of the construction site of the Qin E Fanggong and preservation of the integrity of the extent of ancient architecture in the world in the first place, a miracle in the world and one of the well-known sites, known as "the best in the world palace." This room the Arab-Israeli village near the South, there is a platform Datu, the week of about 310 meters, 20 meters high, all built using compactor, which local people call "Shi Huang on the roof." Housing the Arab-Israeli village near the south-west, Yili Rammed earth constantly, to form a rectangular platform, with an area of about 260,000 square meters, local known as the "dock Mei Ling" A Fanggong these two sites is the most significant architectural monuments.

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Great Mosque - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Great Mosque at the Gulou Xi'an in the northwest of the lane sleep, also known as sleep-Lane mosque, which Muslim alley Xi'an large study known as the China and Xi'an, two of the oldest mosque, because of their large study in the east of Temple Lane, It is also known as Todaiji Temple. Great Mosque at the Gulou Xi'an Xibei Yu, is a long history of regulation Chinese-style Temple of the grand old buildings, the Islamic culture and Chinese culture as a crystallization of the integration. The temple was built in the first year of Tian Bao Tang (AD 742 years) after Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing generations to protect the repair, the current pattern. Monastery in Shaanxi Province is a key cultural units in 1988 and was promoted to National Three key cultural units, in May 1997 won the Xi'an tourism landscape one of the top 10. Temple-wide with a total area of 13,000 square meters, construction area of 6,000 square meters, there are temples built in the early 17th century up to 9 meters of the wooden structure of St. Paul, St. Paul glazed tile roof, cornices different angle, fine thread Carving; east-west into the square, consists of four hospitals: the first into the house to the east of the most positive Yingbi set with the three diamond-shaped pattern Ju Lin, Yan Xia brick brackets, the magnificent, ancient wooden arch erected central, cornices different angle, of St. Paul At the top of the glass cover, a magnificent view, of St. Paul was built in the 17th century, North and South have their own car on both sides of the building three , The internal display antique furniture, Ming and Qing dynasties after the five entered the second floor into the hospital, the central stone to erect a memorial arch, three four-post and lintel in the engraved inscription "Heaven is in prison," the two wings as a "devout province of Man" and " Chiu Chin-wing thing. " 10 meters west north-south erect the brick mosaic "Diaolong into" a monument, to the west "Chici week "" Dian Chi Ci. "Hall there are seven-stone, Persian and Arabic inscriptions in Chinese. Into the second house was also big in the Song Dynasty and Ming Dynasty calligrapher meters large trunk calligrapher Dong Qichang calligraphy artworks, his elegant pen force, Write rapidly Qiu Jin, Yun fonts that can be called a masterpiece of calligraphy in China. Into the fourth floor there is an area of about 1,300 Meters of hall, which can accommodate more than 1,000 people worship, the hall has well more than 400 pieces of paintings, books in Arabic patterns, the composition of future generations. The mosque in the form of construction, one Chinese national style, tone, however, the monastery's layout and everything in strict accordance with the Islamic regime's sculpture hall decorated with algae, Man Arabic decorative pattern set by the carving, traditional Chinese architecture and Islamic architecture style representing such a combination, it is only concept, which it is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Islamic one.

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Museum of Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Shi Huang from the mass grave is located in Lintong Zhai Xiang Yan, Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum in the 1,500 m on the eastern side of the Agency. This is a huge underground military museum, known as the Eighth Wonder of the World.

The spring of 1974, local farmers digging in, from more than 2 meters deep dug up the head of the pottery figurine fragments, a Talking about. The accidental discovery has aroused great attention to the archaeological department, opened a dust-laden Since then, more than 2,000 years underground treasure house of culture. One was found in the pit and on the 3rd hole, and in 1976 found that on the 2nd hole. One local mining pit to open in 1979; on the 3rd hole to explore all, in 989 was opened; II from the pit in March 1994 to start mining, viewers can watch the excavation process.

Terracotta pit sit west to east, 3 Hang goods were arranged in shape. 3 Hang Ma Tao pottery figurine are more than 8,000. Since opening on the 1st hole, the Museum of Terracotta to the audience at home and abroad to receive nearly 3 000,000, dozens of heads of state to visit in person, are full of praise. Former French Prime Minister Jacques Chirac in 1979 to visit here, praised the Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses of the world's eighth largest miracle that do not look at the pyramid, which is not true that Egypt; do not see terracotta warriors and horses, is not true in China.

One pit for a long -Shaped, 230 meters from east to west, north-south width to 62 meters, with an average depth of 5 meters, with an area of 14,260 square meters. Tunnel for the civil engineering structure, each of the slopes on both sides of the East-West Road 5 North and South sides of each of the two side-door, standing plugging openings, Hang on to wooden shed, Luxi, and covered with soil. Pit at 3 m Rammed earth a wall, the wall between the air display when the Department of Terracotta Warriors and Horses, shop at the bottom of the brick. One pit pottery figurine are more than 6,000 pieces of pottery horse, horse really is like a real person, in order to dig out more than 1,000. Pit by infantry and cavalry Dead figurines rectangular composition of the RUF forces. 3 is the eastern end of East-oriented team of infantry Wang figurines, each 70, a total of 210, for the array of forces forward. Followed by the cavalry and horse chariot team of four, before and after a total of 38 columns, each 180 meters long road, infantry fighting vehicles and alternating arrangement, which is the main military array. Front Army of the right and left have a separate north-south cross-oriented teams, each team has more than 180 warrior figurines, as the military wing of the Front Guard There are at the western end cross-3 teams, 2 East side, a side of the West, is the array of military guard. Army tight layout of the entire array, like gearing up trend. Figurines they knight were different bronze weapons in recent fighting there knife, spear, sword, halberd, firing weapons and have Gongnu Jianzu. One Arrow 97 cm long, robusta surface.????? With daggers, the King of Qin is this assassin's sword cut. Despite more than two thousand years of erosion, the sword has remained strong sharp color.

In order to facilitate the protection of cultural relics and visit. One has a hole arch display hall, with a total area of 16,000 square meters, good lighting, the audience can see the hole from the reviewing stand The majestic terracotta warriors and horses.

One is located on the 2nd hole of the pit in the northeastern part of the eastern side of the pit and on the 3rd, the colt was square-shaped, 96 meters from east to west, north-south width of 84 meters and a total area of about 6000 square meters. One pit and pit construction, but more complex exercises, a more complete arms, is 3 hole The most spectacular array of forces. Two pit has 17,000 square meters of exhibition hall, is currently China's largest and most comprehensive modernization of the Office of display sites. Museum of Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Yuan-long official explained: "On the one hand, in order to better protect cultural relics, and secondly because the whole array of all the military cleared the ground, Code 5 to 7 years of effort. This has the advantage of not only tourists can visit to the second hole of the local style, in front of your eyes on the 2nd hole of the excavation. ?

According to preliminary projections, a pottery figurine on the 2nd hole more than 1300 pieces of pottery horse, chariot more than 80 vehicles, tens of thousands of pieces of bronze weapons, including General , Horse figurines, figurines shot kneeling position for the first time. Two pit east and west slopes at either end 4 Road, the north slope of two doorways, figurines sit pit east to the west, in the main entrance to the east. Pit layout is divided into 4 units.

The first unit, located at the eastern end of pit figurines, a promenade around the vertical string of 60 figurines, Eight road east from the heart of the 160-string kneeling squat figurines composition. String array to take in the array Provision Zhang, Li, the shooting took turns kneeling down to indemnify crossbow Zhang slow in danger.

The second unit, located on the right side of the pit figurines from vehicles by 64 square composition of the (Department of wooden cars, leaving only ruins). Out of every 8 by a total of 8. Cart before the horse really have a drive-sized Ma Tao 4. Every word order soldiers after the car figurines 3, Royal hand for the horse bridle and the other two remain and the car left the right car, armed with long-handled weapons.

The third unit, located in Central, by 19 tanks, 264 infantry and figurines 8 Knight figurines composed of a rectangular array Is divided into 3. Each horse before the legislation of a knight figurines, single-handedly led by Ma Jiang, for single-handedly pull bow. In addition to the car after every three cars with disabilities, also has 8 to 36 infantry figurines.

The fourth unit, the Army is located in the left side of the array, 108 Cavaliers 180 pottery figurines and horse figurines line 11 Cross team, composed of rectangular Front Rangers. 1, 3 of which as a 6 combat vehicles. Each horse, Li Hu Fu figurines of a knight, the horse right hand, left hand draw.

On the 3rd hole at the western end of one pit 25 meters, an area of about 520 square meters, was concave shape. One chariots in front by, there are 68 samurai figurines. 3 from the pit Bureau of view, appears to General Command, commander of the left and right, in the three armed services, not only just completed.

There are no pit on the 4th hole figurines, only the backfill soil.

2 from the hole layout and Zhenfa, on the 2nd hole formation complex, complete arms, is against the backbone. This method of grouping the soldiers Called on the "big package array array of small and large business small package business, even off the hook even, relatively bending." "The Art of War Sun Bin," said: "riding in the war and, three, one is right, is a Left, is easily more than its car insurance is more riding on its anti-Canton is the crossbow, "an organic combination of all three can Baizhanbudai. The second hole is the ancient military Graphic theory.

Terracotta weapons unearthed from the pit of the year engraved in mind, the Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Shi Huang from the mass grave was built before and after the reunification of China. Qin Shi Huang by virtue of his "no cloud motion of wielding a sword," and "Western riding group was" the ability to eliminate the six countries, ClickTracks. Reflect the Qin Dynasty Terracotta Warriors and Horses of the best players together and available, dominated the Potential. After the death of the First Qin Emperor, Qin Hu Hai, following II, A Fanggong continue to overhaul and relaxation, corvee taxes more onerous than before, which led to large farmers uprising. In such form, on the 3rd hole halfway break, put on the 4th hole less than terracotta warriors and horses, fill in a hurry to die. Excavation found traces of the House, may be related to King Chu into the A Fanggong fire related.

  Into the museum lobby, only 5 meters deep in the ground, neatly arranged like the thousands of life-size bronze was the body of the samurai, from 1.8 to 1.97 meters high, a magnificent, the weather is really tight, daunting . If there are really big horse Tao of Ma 32. Ma Tao a group of 4, pulled the chariot of wood.

  The terracotta warriors and horses arranged in 3 is a cross-oriented East teams, each figure gladiators 70, a total of 210, appears to military array of forwards. Immediately after the infantry fighting vehicles and the road is the 38 columns, each about 180 meters way, the military appears to Front Body. Both sides have a sub-surface Although the South and the North side of the cross, and each team comprises about 180 warrior figurines, like the military wings of the array. There are at the western end of a Western-oriented warrior figurines, like the Front for the military guard. Warrior figurines of friends dressed in uniform, some clad in armor, holding bronze weapons, are in kind. Well-organized, Wu purge. Dozens of horses neighing horses heads held high, firms want to save hoof. In the entire military force ready to go.

  A magnificent array of forces, again for the completion of the Qin Shi Huang was the great cause of reunification of China and to show the military and military might.

  The terracotta warriors and horses in the history of the art of high value. MA The shape is based on real life and creation, fine arts approach, with a forthright attitude. Pottery figurine clothing, do not look the same. Just-made, there are many, varied gestures, facial expressions are different look. From their dress, facial expressions and gestures can be judged on the officials or soldiers, the infantry is still riding . There is a long-bearded veteran of the battlefield well, but also on the battlefield at the beginning of the youth. Up to 1.96 meters tall figurines general, Wei-ran head-up, your breath meditation, the firm revealed a powerful expression. The warrior figurines, raised his head slightly, eyes look directly at the front, appears to be an emotional high and a little childish. The A Phi Xian, the chief executive to his right hand, left hand cars by the samurai, action gestures show that he is to defend the people's car figurines.

  In short, distinctive pottery figurine of a strong personality characteristics of the times. This song is Sculpture MA treasure house of art for the splendid Chinese culture by the ancient splendor, but also to the world art history Filling a glorious page.

  Pit of terracotta warriors and horses unearthed bronze weapons are the sword, spear, halberd, as well as a large number of Nuji machetes, arrows and so on. According to laboratory tests show that these tin-copper alloy chrome weapons after treatment, although buried in the filling soil in more than two thousand years, the front edge is still sharp, sparkling, has shown that at the time High metallurgical technology can be regarded as a miracle in the history of metallurgy in the world.

Read the terracotta warriors and horses, people can not help but ask: construction of terracotta warriors and horses pits What is the purpose? There are four people or less saying: "The guard of the capital Su Wei-jun," "East of the First Qin Emperor Guard patrol the symbol", "funeral procession of figurines group," " Recognition by the military to establish the monument. "Qin Ling, according to archaeological excavations showed that the overall layout of the Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum is a simulation that he had plans of Miyagi. 3 located in the hills outside the pit east on the north side of East Gate Road, appears to be based in the capital outside the guard Su Wei-jun's capital.

Qin terracotta warriors and horses who have more than cover depicts or stamped Text, according to some experts, some of the names of Tao Jiang, officials from the central workshop of pottery, but also from the local pottery workshop. Some of the text to be broken. Qin terracotta warriors and horses are used in the production of Split, and then install and bonding, bonding is a statue of the general shape after the break and then baking. The original terracotta warriors and horses have a Yen , As a result of years of erosion for a long time now see only the color Huiwa.

Warrior figurines as a whole immense style, fitness, Xi Lian. If you look closely, face, hair, body and spirit are different from QIN can be seen from different areas have different ethnic, character are not the same. Ma Tao Erect ears, and some ask for a favor neighing, and some shut up vigil. All of these are full of touching the art of charm. In the past, many people think: Chinese ancient sculpture is with the introduction of Buddhism to form the Southern and Northern Dynasties of Qin terracotta warriors and horses found that the denial of this view, the powerful Qin Dynasty of China confirmed that the sculpture is ripe, and sculpture in the history of our country A link between past and future.

Unearthed from the weapons, in order to copper-based components, and with tin, rare metals such as lead, as the hardness of HR106, the surface of chrome that reflects the Qin Dynasty of China's metallurgical technology has reached very high, much higher than the same period of extra-territorial countries.

Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses Study of the Qin Dynasty military, cultural and economic to provide a wealth of information in kind. Its excavation as the "twentieth century archaeological discoveries in the history of one of the great." In December 1987, UNESCO has Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum (including figurines pit) included in the list of world cultural heritage. It is understood that in the central and local Holders, plans to invest Terracotta Museum 110,000,000 yuan for the second phase expansion project.

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Xianyou Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xianyou Temple, in the weeks to the county seat, about 17 km south of Blackwater Meiyukou. Xianyou was the Sui Dynasty palace ruins, Chang Sui Wendi to this summer. Xiantong the first year of the Tang Dynasty (AD 860 years) to the Third Temple, the Temple of breakdowns in a no-deposit, is now in the Second Temple, the two sides separated in the North and South Blackwater.
To the south bank of the Xianyou Temple, known as the Southern General , The next six years Yingzong orthodox (Year 1441) was changed to Cape edge Monastery, the rehabilitation of the Qing Dynasty, the five existing main hall, there are clay, bronze and wooden Buddha statue and more, are very delicate sculpture. Dianqian after four different sizes of the ancient tower, the largest for the king of the tower, a square brick, under the small, cone-shaped, such as legislation, about 7 meters, the bottom width of 8 meters, the seven-story tower, asked the canopy layer brackets. Tower was built in time, there is no specific test, but it is to see shapes of the Tang Dynasty architecture. Tap the southwest corner there is a black mark, people circulating around town for the light cigarettes Suoxun, when the dark when light, known as the Ten Xianyou Temple, one of the "shine of the pagoda."
On the north shore of the Blackwater Temple, known as the general North Temple, there are more than 20 temples. South-east of the main hall are three large, as the Song-Su school, the East Temple, "Lady hole," Feiquan inside the cave, "Stephen Girl," Gan cases of spring water, Su Shu-Feng to sign Magistrate House Office official, Often far from satisfactory to water, bamboo bookmarks, for the Second Generation, Terauchi deposit, since the possession of, preparedness for the exchange of letters show that the "water diversion site." Mountain Valley is no longer in the east, there are remnants of a Cave, in order to study the Han Ma Rong, known as "Ma Rong Stone", as one of the Ten Xianyou Temple.
North and South Temple between Lake "black pool" 'also known as "Tam Xianyou" and "Five Tam ", the second wide Zhang Yu, dark color, dark can not be involved, Tong Yan Jun Senate" sokdam Dai plot color, every vote-year-old dragon "verse. Shek Pik on Tan Qiao absolutely,. Shape," Longtanhuxue "and as Sally Ten Temple, one of the tour.
In addition, there are scenic spots here, "known as the setting sun", "Ridge as Shishan," "West Gordon Fog, "" Jiufeng Pinnacle "," Xianqiaogudu "," Meng Police step alone. "The great Tang Dynasty poet Po Chu-i wrote this immortal poem," Everlasting Regret. "
Here is not only beautiful scenery and terrain obstacles. As a result, a lot of the history of the peasant uprising as a military base here had to combat feudal Commission Class. If the late Tang Huang Chao-Jun peasant uprising, the camp here, ZHU Mei defeat of the 80,000 troops; peasant uprising in the late Ming-Jun Gao Yingxiang well-known leader of the troops here, many Sun Chuanting rout, Hong Chengchou siege; peasant uprising army generals late Qing Cao Pei time, it maintains here, to defeat Zhang Lu has a host of armed attack.
Tips to know: 1, transportation: Zhouzhi county seat 17 kilometers south of the Blackwater Meiyukou in water or Nanguan coach station traveling in the bus bound for weeks to that. 2, ticket prices: 10 3, the opening hours of :08:00 - 18: 00 (per day)

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Zhong Xian Drum Tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

10 minutes at the Gulou Xi'an China Center of Xi'an in Shaanxi Province. Clock Tower and Drum Tower East-West confrontation. Clock Tower in the early Ming Hongwu 17 years (1384). In the current site of the West Main Street Guangji corner, 10-year-Ming Wanli (1582) repair, relocation to the site. The original bell hanging above a large, as the clock hit with time. Zhong Yan Wo-arch construction, to save the top corner of the wooden structure, a total of 3 layers. Dougong facilities on each floor were decorated. -Floor area of 1377.64 square meters, four-door each street. For a square base, 8.6 meters high and 35.5 meters wide, with brick masonry. Height of 27.4 meters. From ground to roof, high 6 meters. There may be circling staircase and, for visitors to visit the board. Drum Tower for 13 years before Ming Hongwu (1380), 13-year reign of Emperor Kangxi (1674) and the five-year Qianlong (1740) has renovated, but still maintain the original staircase-building characteristics. House, nine three-Ying, Zhong Yan Xie Shanding for the three-water structure construction. 38 m wide, 52.6 meters long, 8.7 meters high, brick masonry used. Height of 24.3 meters, 33 meters high pass. Piyou middle of the North and South, the width of 6 meters Voucher door. North hanging "in the days Savaka" horizontal inscribed board, the South suspended, "Sheng civil and military" horizontal inscribed board. House, built in the base, solid and stable.

  10 minutes On the northwest corner of the display with an iron bell in the Ming Dynasty, 5-ton weight, 10 minutes while casting a gossip design, build integrated in the next years (1465 ~ 1487). However, it earlier than the clock tower suspension of a bronze bell is much smaller. Giant fly original clock tower bell was cast in the Tang Dynasty King Wan years, "King Wan Chung" (now in the possession of Forest of Stone Tablets Museum ). It is said that this move to the site, although the size of the building style has not changed, but how King Wan Chung is also not out of the ring. Do nothing, only for another.

  The clock tower doors dry floor window of fine carving complex, showing the prevalence of the Ming and Qing Dynasties of the decorative arts. Carefully on the doors to enjoy a rate relief, they will V. you ancient story of the many interesting anecdote. The first floor north gate, from west to east, followed by; Qiu Ranke; Mulancongjun; Wenjiguihan; Chui Xiao Feng cited; poem leaves; Ban Zhao reading; Sha Po Lang Qin vertebral; singing sand to raise the volume. The first tier East Gate, from north to south as follows: Chang Sheng Dian vows; a chain of dollars; point night rat nuisance Kok linked to school; Bian Zhuang Cihu; wrapped; Dongpo Wall; on the invitation of Li Bai. The first tier South Gate, east to west since followed; visit to Emperor Wen-yin; Ya Guqin; finishing touch; Qibing cut snake; simple; Liu Yi-book; Shungeng Alexander; to bridge the book award. Simon first floor, were from south to north; Zhengedaidan; Ling soldiers trapped; by the radio-ape; Friends of the Long Song chicken; ear Huang Shu-Chuan; Sun release period dolphin; brick Yun Tao Kan. The second floor South Gate, east to west from a total of 8 "Eight Immortals crossing the sea, Gexianshentong" screen, followed by Zhongli, Guo old Zhang, Lu, Cao Guojiu, Tieguai Li, Lan Tsai, and the son of Han Xiang He Xiangu.

The second North Gate, from west to east, a total of 8 spoon "Sin drunk," the screen, followed by still Zhongli, Guo old Zhang, Lu, Cao Guojiu, Tieguai Li, Lan Tsai, the son of Han Xiang and He Xiangu. The second tier East Gate, from north to south followed; Single attend the meeting; beat Jinshan; Yuemucizi; Meng Mu o Optional; Lu negative m; paintings by Noriko; Johnson must skirt; smell the chicken dance. The second layer Simon; from south to north are: written by goose-for; Ms tert-mao; Baqiao Liu break; Taxuexunmei; Tao Qian Ai-ju; event of did not look for hidden; Gushan put Crane.

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Xi'an Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xi'an is the capital of Shaanxi Province, a world-renowned historical and cultural city, China's central and western regions is an important scientific research, higher education, science, technology and industry for national defense and high-tech industry base. July 1992 approval of the State Council for opening up land-locked city, the new Eurasian continental bridge section China's largest online Long Hai-Lan Xin at the center of the city. 4 County District 9 jurisdiction with a total area of 9983 square kilometers, the population of 7,250,000 people. The city's GDP in 2004 to achieve 109,587,000,000 yuan; fiscal year revenues 16,450,000,000 yuan, of which the local revenue of 8,606,000,000 yuan.


  Regional distribution of the national economy Xi'an has the east west, east of the west in conjunction advantage in the western development strategy has an important strategic position. The comparative advantages of Xi'an prominent on three levels: a world-class tourism resources; state-level scientific research and education advantages of high-tech industry base; regional financial and commercial And transportation center, a hub of information superiority. Through deepening reform and opening wider to the outside, Xian in China is becoming a major inland cities.

Unique tourism resources, both at home and abroad is well-known historical and cultural city, one of the world. Xi'an, the human civilization of the Chinese nation and the fine traditional culture of fat One has 3100 years of history of the city, Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang dynasties in the 13 established their capitals here, was once China's political, economic and cultural center of the first opening to the outside world city, famous "Silk On the road, "Xi'an is the starting point is with Athens, Rome, Cairo's famous World Well-known history of the ancient capital. 1981 UNESCO to Xi'an, identified as "historic city in the world."

Xi'an rich cultural heritage. Xi'an There are key cultural unit 282, of which state-level key protection units in 34 provincial key cultural unit 2, Museum treasury more than 12 pieces of cultural relics. Hailed as "the eighth wonder of the world," Qin Shi Huang's terracotta warriors and horses pits, to preserve the world's most complete, the largest ancient city wall - the walls and Zhou Feng Xian Ming-ho, A Fanggong Qin, Han Chang'an, Tang Daming Palace ruins of the four, and so on, Human beings are valuable historical and cultural heritage. The rich and unique historical and cultural landmarks in Xi'an to make at home and abroad to become prime tourist destinations.

  Since reform and opening up, Xi'an tourism infrastructure and large-scale industrial system.?????100,000 in the city have more than 20 scenic spots, national 4A level scenic 9 , At the end of 72 star-level hotels in the city, five-star hotel 4, 13 four-star hotel. Received the first batch of "China's excellent tourist city" title, the tourism industry in Xi'an has become a pillar industry for economic development and foreign trade of non-major source of foreign exchange.

Strong science and technology, higher education developed, China's scientific research and education and an important base for high-tech industries. Xi'an comprehensive scientific and technological strength in the forefront among major cities in the country, particularly in the aerospace, power transmission equipment, instruments and meters, electronic communications, sewing machines, fans of large, heavy cars, textiles, watches and other areas with strong scientific research, production capacity . West The existing state-level scientific research base 9. Xi'an universities, research institutes numerous, with a number of international standard is open and the domestic first-class laboratory testing and detection equipment, some of the cutting-edge technology in the domestic leader. Xi'an 37 existing ordinary institutions of higher learning, and other private institutions of higher education 3 , 334 doctoral, 826 master points, 60 key disciplines at the national level, provincial-and ministerial-level key disciplines 385. In 2004, the city identified as high-tech enterprises has reached 1023, the output value of hi-tech products reached 38.5 billion.


In recent years, Xi'an optimize the layout of regional development, high-tech industry development zones, economic and technological development zone, near the new district, Rui Ba River Eco-producing areas, the National Aeronautics Yan Liang high-tech industry bases and the results are remarkable formed a "four-zone Base "of the new pattern of development, Xi'an has become the center of scientific and technological achievements into , The window opening to the outside world and promoting the development of new economic growth point. Xi'an High-tech Industry Development Zone in 1991 approved by the State Council for the period 3 state-level high-tech zones, the Ministry of Science and Technology and was named the National High-tech Zone one of the top 10 advanced. In 1997, the Xi'an high-tech development zones approved by the State Council of China for the first 4 pairs of Asia Organization for Economic Co-operation (APEC) members, especially the opening of the Hi-Tech Park is one of the country "Five-Year Plan" period of 5 key national model of high-tech zones.

In 2002, the Xi'an High-tech Zone by the United Nations Industrial Organization study found that 6 of China's most dynamic cities in one of the region. At present, Xi'an High-tech Zone has become China's western region of the largest scientific research, production, commerce, housing, culture, education and entertainment in one of the high-tech industrial park. IBM has been the United States, such as Philips of the Netherlands 46 and the world's top 500 enterprises into the world's leading high-tech zones. In 2003, the Xi'an High-tech Zone has been 50 selected as China's investment environment integrity safe area. Xi'an Economic and Technological Development Zone in September 1993 started, in February 2000 by the State Council officially approved as a state-level economic development zone in the region with Northwest's only state-level export processing zones, Xi'an is a window opening to the outside world. Have The Mitsubishi, the United States, such as Coca-Cola 12 in the world top 500 enterprises to invest in the area. District Qujiang implementation of the strategy driven culture and tourism, speed up infrastructure construction in Xi'an has become a new tourist highlights. Rui Ba River Eco-producing areas, Yanliang State Aviation Investment, and other high-tech industry base is well advanced and become On the new economic growth point.

Keep developing the western region of historic opportunity, and the momentum, the work of creating a new situation. In recent years, the city's serious implementation of the national and provincial government to deploy the work around the development of the western region, the great development of Xi'an, emancipate our minds, seek truth from facts, and when they are , Innovation, the "building of the western Jingjijiangshi, Xi'an, Western China to achieve the best" objective.


Xi'an is not only the oldest, is more modern; is not just a rich historical and cultural heritage of the ancient city is also a booming Full of vitality and hope that the modern city, but also invest in various parts of a friend's party hot spot. We sincerely invite you to come to Xi'an to seek cooperation and common development.

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A monument to win. Women's Volleyball Base - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xinhua is located in Zhangzhou Road in the urban areas in the northern junction of trigeminal, in the face of Zhangzhou (state)-fu (state) highway, Beiyi sports training base in Zhangzhou and Zhangzhou stadium. In July 1984 in memory of China won the women's volleyball team in November 1981 in Japan's third World Cup Women's Volleyball Championship, 1982 12 In Peru, held the 9th session of the World Women's Volleyball Championship, in July 1984 in the United States at the 23rd Olympic Games Women's Volleyball Championship, won the "three consecutive championships," built. From the main monuments and murals backing composed of two parts. There are round the base of the main platform, a platform of standing in front of a 5 m , Have left Gold Cup, holding high his right hand bouquet of Chinese women's volleyball girl statue. Behind the statue, Tri-Y-shaped columns towering monument standing. Monument columns 24 meters high, silver, closed up slightly, to the top of column three branching into a high-up volleyball, a symbol of Chinese Women "three consecutive championships." Monument to the north lower part of the column, Qian Zhao China Row of three consecutive inscriptions; south China Women's Volleyball Yuan Weimin, Sun Jinfang, Zhang Rongfang, Lang Kebei equal sign. Behind the main monument, with built-Gate Tower huge mural for lining Monument. Frescoes with more than 1,000 pieces of the surface of a square block of stone composition, degrade the middle of the Olympic rings logo engraved at the top of the "young Chinese women's volleyball Three consecutive Memorial ", the words, the subject figures screen represents women's volleyball girl's heroic battle field.

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Zhao Jiabao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhao Jiabao is located in Zhangzhou City, Zhangpu Chengguan more than 30 kilometers northeast of (Zhao Yi Ming City), Zhao is not an ordinary castle, which is after the demise of the Song Dynasty, Zhao descendants of the royal family in the yuan soldiers hunted down under anonymity, poly-ethnic conception and Home of the buildings; is the case for the Si Muzu Dili, like the layout of the construction of Kaifeng, the ancient capital of the Northern Song Dynasty anti-Kou City It is the world's only existing out of the King family home built castle.

  Zhao Jiabao at the beginning of Wanli in the Ming Dynasty built fort, which lasted 20 years before completion. Castle, like the construction of the Northern Song Dynasty capital Bianjing style, located outside the city, inside the city and Choi finished floor triple. Choi finished floor is divided into three four-floor, four combined, 20 meters high and covers an area of More than 84 square meters, 16 each, a total of 48, Lou Men's engraved with the "bi End House," the words, check, "the spokesman said the bi Zhao" was conveyed. Matrix soil floor to ring fort, Fort concrete walls 6 meters high, 2 meters wide, there are Duokou. Shing Mun four things for the North-South, East Gate Inscription "Eastern huge barrier," Simon title "high-suk wins , South Gate title, "Dan Ding Zhongxiang," but no title amount of the north gate.

  Simon set Weng Cheng, Li Zhao Fan have "high-suk fort in mind," the monument. East Gate, there are hundred meters Stone Street, in the courtyard to build a tunnel outside the east gate pass. "End House, give an example of" sanitation and soil fort known as "inner city." Zhao Yi is the other part of the expansion of government into five 5 , 30 each, a total of 150, commonly known as "Guanting." No. 5 each into a 2-story, the Department of female members of a family home.

  It is still well preserved. Guanting before the pavement is a square field of "Xiuzhu," "The doctor and his son," Shihfang, both inside and outside the square in front pools, Ikegami are delicate to build a "bridge to send Villepin." Besides There Xiuzhu Garden, Qing series of small homes, Buddhist pagodas together, Furui, Wu temple construction, and so on; "Wu Shi", "The School Department", "Yun nest," "right close by home Xuan Men" and copy from the Song Dynasty calligrapher Mi Fu The original handwriting "ink tank", from the copy of the monument Yu Gou Mountain mountain peak, and other stone monument.

  Zhao around the city of about 1 kilometer and a half, with an area of about Sq. miles.

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Shi Zhai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhai Shi Dongshan County in the East Gate on Lantau, is here in the Ming Dynasty scholar ecliptic week when the juvenile reading, is said to the ecliptic week at an early age to live in Shishi, as "Mr. Shi Zhai." There are holes, "Stone Mountain" vigorous and effective of the four Chinese characters, the ecliptic is the week when the Junior title. Pan Qing governor drainage in this legislation are of St. Paul, Moment, "Mr. Huang Danzhai Department study," engrave the back, "Yang Zhi mountain." Link to the top there is Wenfeng Ta, also known as the "East Gate Stone Island," by the Department of Jiajingnianjian Ming Tsai Chao patrol sea lanes presided over the construction. A total of 7-tower, 32 meters high and 14 meters Wai Wing, is the sea area near the navigation marks. Lobster-rich waters under the tower, now the Dongshan Guan Farm industry.

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Yun-dong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Step Township in Longhai City is located in the text He Mingshan, 10 km away from Zhangzhou in the urban areas. Yun-dong, there is a Cave, every rainy day, there are clouds from flying out of a hole, and storm clouds can be seen to cave Gone with the Wind, named the "cloud hole." A lot of the mountain wall, the largest caves in the capacity of 1,000 people, known as the "1,000 holes" There are a few rocks on the hillside to form Yili valley, the valley has Yihong spring, if the moonlight through the stone as in the spring, water will be mapped to the impact on Shek Pik, was the "March Jiao Hui" strange scene here "On Shengjing Gap." Yun-dong There are more than 150 Cliff stone, stone of these Generation from the tenth century to the mid-nineteenth century, ranging from a number of celebrities have to stay here Inscription, Xing Shu, regular script, cursive, Zhuanshu a whole, the cloud-rock and the "Forest of Stone Tablets in Taiwanese."

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Third Temple Ping - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Taiwanese Buddhist temple, located in the town of Pinghe Wen-feng, 47 km away from Zhangzhou in the urban areas. Third Temple Ping Yang ancestor worship mountains of monks, he was known as the "three-Ping founder," Tang Chee had "Guangji master." Three Ping Temple was built in 866 AD in the Tang Dynasty, the incense has been of great prosperity in Hong Kong and Macau and Taiwanese, East Asia, long enjoyed a good reputation, pilgrims stream, in particular, the six day of the Lunar New Year each year, the six in June and November, as well as the six founder of the birth of three Ping, monks, passed away on the day, but also voices, incense filled. The existing temple was rebuilt in the late Qing Dynasty, when the whole hillside temple building, the Mountain Gate, Da Bao , The ancestral hall, Zhaitang Sengfang, Hall and bell tower, drum, and so on the second floor of the building, well-structured. Also in 1996 the construction of the park Guangji, a hundred orchards, welcoming Park, Villa San Yang, and other service facilities. It is worth mentioning that there are in the park with Ming Tea and Diet Home Church, where there are three left Ping founder of life and good food, Nuisance to look at some of the secrets of good health and longevity.

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The village of flowers - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhangzhou, known as the "Flower and Fruit town" because the flowers continuously throughout the year here, "the village of Hundred Flowers" is a well-known local flower village. Longhai nine flowers at the village of Hu Xiang, 5 km away from Zhangzhou in the urban areas. It is said that Yongle of the Ming dynasty, the Song of Jurists agent the descendants of Zhu Xi came here to make a living flowers, and later the flower - Here down from generation to generation. In the village of flowers as early as 1954, Miller set up a flower bed at developing a flower planting seedlings. In 1963, Comrade Zhu De to inspect the village, saying there is "the village of Hundred Flowers" and later by the title Comrade Lu Dingyi amount, "the village of flowers." Flowers of the existing village of nearly 1,000 varieties of flowers category, flowers, trees Bonsai and so on as many as 10,000 over 80, the best-selling products in more than 10 domestic cities and Hong Kong and Macao. In addition, the village of flowers also has a "garden pavilion hospital," a variety of flowers in full bloom here, to give people the feeling of spring.

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Rock on the sea - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhangpu County in Liangshan Dong Lu, more than 40 kilometers from the county seat. This is a Temple was built in the Song Dynasty, according to its natural and built Cave, a cap stone, rock 31 meters long, 13 meters wide. Temple of the Shek Pik there like a Buddha, when the rising sun as the beginning of time, as the sun in the Buddha, known as the "Zen to see the sunrise." Mid-Autumn Festival night (around 20:30), under the moonlight after a rock dam Selenastrum reflection of the water to the Buddha in the chest, which was known as the "Zen as on the heart." Main Hall has a couplet painted such a picture: "The air-sea gas condensate and so on form with Rohan, the moonlight reflected light water Return Bodhi Heart." Temple on the open sea before, Lean on a railing in view, but see the vast sea and sky, the vast Yan Bo, the scene is very spectacular.

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Minger three kawakamii National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

AAAA national-level tourist area - three Minger kawakamii National Forest Park located in China Excellent Tourism City in Sanming City in the south-west of the world's largest C.kawakamii of the original forest, away from the urban area only 20 km with a total area of 1125 hectares , As "rare" and "Green Pearl" and "the world . "Scenic spots, there are nearly 1,000 species of plants, more than 300 kinds of rare birds and animals, more than 400 kinds of insects, Blot out the Sun's Castanopsis towering tree, Luo Guteng form of interest, different colors of flowers fragrant grass feast for the eyes.

The arrival of spring, the flowers open Castanopsis, countless colorful full review of the white crown, such as the northern winter, the snow-wrapped Hot summer stroll in the shade of the forest cover, such as breathing "Tianranyangba" as if into the world outside the Taoyuan; the fall season, the wild glossy ganoderma, Russula, pears mushrooms, Boletus, and other precious food and a dozen Medicinal fungi, as if the girls Enaduozi up in the forest, visitors to add a little taste of the wild Found Into the winter, which is rich in starch, sweet and delicious, known as "small chestnut" known Castanopsis the fruit, appear out of the blue, mouth opening available. Its unique forests of the United States and forceful, plain and the United States and natural beauty is away.

  Park in 2000, the State Forestry Administration has been named National Forest Park, 200 Was awarded the National Tourism Administration AAAA-class tourist attractions, scenic areas in Fujian Province has been included in the popular science education base in 2002 as provincial-level forest park of civilization. This sightseeing tourists and scholars to engage in academic study, the experts is increasing year by year, becoming the famous eco-tourism hot spot.

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Gan Ruyan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ruyan at Gan Yong Thao town in the southern city of the former Rock Village, a radius of two kilometers. Ruyan Gan of the first building built in the first year of Xian Chun Song (1265 AD), have well-established in the Ming Dynasty, 700 years ago have been history. Gan Ruyan from the cave, the underground river and the stone forest, is divided into three levels, Gu Cheng, "upper bound In the sector, the lower bound ", a mysterious scenic spot of strange.

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Gongchuan city - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gongchuan the ancient city is located in scenic areas away from the hole Taoyuan, 10 kilometers Gongchuan town, Fujian Province, is the existing one of the most complete ancient town. The town has retained the ancient city wall is better, it Jiajingnianjian Ming, more than 2000 meters long, 79 meters high. Castle built in the late Ming College, and 100,000 books. Castle outside at the end of Ming and early Qing, building The bridge clearance will be unique.

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Tao Huajian drift - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tao Huajian originated in Pingxiang City Wing Lung Jing Gong Village, Village and the mountains, from east to west running through the village of copper, Taoyuan into the hole into the area after the Formation. Tao Huajian secluded deep, primitive simplicity, like a silver ribbon, winding peaks in the range between Pitt. Taohua Jian Sheng Chang ancient times on both sides of the peach tree, late spring season luoying colorful, full Red Stream, which got its name. Taohua Jian began to drift from the village of copper by Baizhang Yan arrived after the cave-in Taoyuan, 7 km in length, is a tour of the Taoyuan-cream. Small streams on both sides of the screen if the Castle Peak, mountain water around the ring, Xiangyingchengqu. Here to drift, like a fairy tale place in the world, you can feel the panic and dangerous, extraordinary items. The main attractions are Welcome Tan, the three call rain frog, turtle meditation, Changtan Valley, the Tiger Gorge dam, water Yixian Tian, and so on.

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Tianbaoyan Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tianbaoyan Nature Reserve, located 37 km East Wing City Department. Mountain region has an area of 125 hectares, the forest coverage rate reached 96.7 percent, Fujian Province, is one of the key nature reserve. The diversity of the local environment determines the types of forest vegetation diversity and uniqueness, constitute a security Tianbaoyan Landscape of the main resources, it not only has a very high scientific value, high value tourism. Protected areas in southwest China's central sub-tropical vegetation as the tibetana the woods, eyrei forests, a monopoly of wisdom Green Oak superba, and Schima LAM eyrei such as evergreen deciduous forest. In Tianbaoyan altitude of about 1300 meters, found in China Pre-largest long-Tsuga 1085 acres of forest, of which 200 acres of pure. The region has been included in the key state protection at all levels of 15 kinds of rare plants and rare plant research is an excellent place. Most of the vegetation in the region for secondary and primary states, particularly in the core area of the basic no interference in the natural state, Community study of the natural succession, with very high academic value, is the ideal base for scientific research and teaching practice sites, experts have been hailed as a "natural biological gene bank of germplasm."

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Hidden scales Shilin - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Key national scenic spots located in Fujian Province, Stone Forest hidden scale urban Wing 13 kilometers northwest of the territory of Great Lake, Stone Forest hidden by the scale, Hong Shilin Yunshan, 18 holes, and other scenic spots, with a total area of 1.21 square kilometers. This is a typical karst topography, the development of a large number of rocks, and Qi different holes. Implicit scale stone Unique: Stone Forest on the ground, underground maze; are very fortunate to be uncanny workmanship for a unique East China, the country's second. Inside the area stands a stone bud, cone rock, stone columns, stalagmites and more than 400 to a maximum 36 meters. Anthropomorphic-like rocks, thousands. The main attractions are: San Ding Yan, Wang-Star, Journey as a mirror, then shoots peak Shi Tao hold ape, black bear care bamboo, stone turtle caving, rock kiss, hidden scales College, and so on a number 50. Stone Forest was built before the scales Yongzhengnianjian hidden (Year 1729), by the Lakers Alice Lai Chun, Lai Yunsheng development of the two brothers, which lasted six years, has a pavilion, Taiwan, the floor, House and the hidden scale College. "Hidden scale" take "days Its hidden track, "meaning, because the surface was stone bud scales flake, and therefore its name. Shilin day tour could be arranged or Picnic. Scales for the day hidden Shilin date date 18 holes Hong Yunshan Stone Forest. Picnic for Hidden scales date eighteen holes Shilin (Stone Forest Yunshan or flood).

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Temple has been reported - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? Temple has been reported or known as the Temple Shangrao Rao Temple, located in the foothills of Golden Rao, was founded in Germany diplodocus years (921), construction area of 1368 square meters, has a vegetarian King Hall, Main Hall, the Buddhist temple, and possession of buildings, such as the floor, Kwun Yam A total of 13 Hall 64, the elegant building, with a solemn silence, Yan Zhu Corridor were fine Carved small, old, delicate beauty, is a rare ancient palace-style building. As a result of old age, as Li disaster, in particular in 1984 by the impact of debris, the whole temple near several decadent. People come back later, social organizations and interested parties contributions to the refurbishment. Jan 1, 1987 of the Buddhist Association of North America will Master Yin Guang returned to light now, the absence of the past 30 years, the newspaper Temple Temple worship, and donated 10,000 yuan, as the repair and remodeling of the Buddha, now has a new repair and rejuvenation for sightseeing.

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Comrade Mao Zedong's old home - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jianning the Central Soviet Area is an important part of Mao Zedong, Zhu De, Zhou Enlai, Peng, Wang Jiaxiang, Liu, Yang, Luo, Ye Jianying, Chen Yi, Nie Rongzhen, and other proletarian revolutionaries of the older generation fought and practice. Second Revolutionary Civil War period, the Central Red Army entered the four Jianning, Under the most precious heritage and revolutionary relics. Soviet masses known as the "Red House" is the old home of Comrade Mao Zedong. Comrade Mao Zedong's old home is divided into two parts, the first part of Comrade Mao Zedong as the old; the second part is the history of revolutionary struggle Jianning Xian museum.

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Nao Gold Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nao Jin Shan, Fujian is located in the Great Lake National Geological Park in southwestern area of 14.26m2, is a granite stone eggs landscape area, is the source for the Min River. Whitehead top of the main peak elevation 1857.7m, China is rare in the eastern part of one of the peak, Fujian Province is the highest granite exposed areas, but also the public Huangshan in the granite landscape of the highest in the world. Nao Gold Hill to all Han Min Yue Wang without a hunting ground of fierce-looking, gold lost as a result of this Nao Hill, named after sparkling at night, since ancient times for it, "Yang Shan Eight". Kim Hill Nao rise amid permanent barrier, the magnificent, Qi Xiu-wei risk, verdant trees, stone eggs, Stone Forest, caves Star game Luo , Grassland, waterfalls, decorative Yamahana In the meantime, the scenery of a CMV vitality of the scene. Tourists and mountain climbing adventure enthusiasts, the ideal place for summer vacation.

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Emei Taining Peak Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Emei is located in Taining County Beixin Qiao Feng rural territory, 24 km from the town, belong to the Wuyi Mountains in the middle south of the West, Mount Emei peak 1714 meters above sea level, is the seventh summit of Fujian Province; in 2000, the provincial government for approval of the provincial nature reserves Protected areas, an area of more than 2700 hectares, as a result of a similar mountain in Sichuan Mindanao Named after. Laoteng old trees, plants, Xian-feng steep, bush grass, birds, insects birds Higurashi, Fei Wu convective clouds, the peak of Emei is the portrayal.

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Maoer Shan state-level forest park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Third, also known as Mao Ershan Jianfeng, three Jianfeng and suspension bridge is a symbol Lake, located in the center of our Lake. Park area of 6000 mu, mountain trail to the top of the cat 500 meters long, cat-top trail to the park 1800 m long, so we travel a total distance to 2.3 km. Shanguangshuise inside the park, Feng Yan Jing Xiu, Unique concept, a two-day, the concept of a cat Ling, Mao Ershan top, flat tree Gap, Dong Tian, and other wonders of 18 major scenic spots; there are all kinds of wild plants, 102 species of rare Bureau, more than 360 species, of which the country is to protect the species Metasequoia there, yew, YE Huai-long, stable Uganda, and so on more than 10 species of red tea (the most rare and when the Dozens of trees red tea); there are all kinds of precious wild animals of 30 species. In September 1997 by the provincial Forestry Department as a "provincial-level forest park", in February 2000 and was promoted to state-level forest park. Millennium Camellia Wang, Yi Xiantian Valley, and other amazing spots. Forest Park into the natural landscape, cultural landscape in , Is a public holiday and leisure, the best place to go back to nature, but also watch the scenery of Lake Huguangshanse in particular, the sea of clouds and lake resort. Lake on the first peak - Mountain cat, Xiushui panoramic view of Lake peaks, it is refreshing. ??

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Pak Yuen - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pak Yuen Yishanbangshui This water is beautiful Lake, the mountains are full of wonderful color of Ge (g� range. Here is a hundred miles upstream of the Lake, when the flow into Lake, the river is dry season, the river called the River Sequoia. Humanity "Anhydrous the world is not an easterly direction," but deliberately chinensis River flows west, it is said with the native place of Confucius in Qufu in Shandong As a unique stream. Sequoia West River Flow, 30, to ten Pinghu Jianning and local authorities in the (su?) the convergence of the river before the formation of Jinxi.

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Suspension Bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Suspension Bridge, the bridge 6 meters wide, 284 m span, 10-ton vehicle, the bridge on the Stone Tablets "Suspension Bridge Lake," five characters. The bridge is built, both for the convenience of the masses Lakes, Lake also added a scene.

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Ten Pinghu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cash Lake of the most open water - ten Pinghu. 8 km long from north to south, east 3 km wide, the water depth over 60 meters, the surrounding mountains, spread all over the island, Shuitianyise, the wind shaking grass, water moving float Hill, it is refreshing. Sui Jianning (su?) Taining Shan Xi River and the two streams that converge here to form Lake. Pinghu ten different changes in different weather, sunny, the weather, Bishuidanshan; rain, choppy, Qimi scenery. Sunrise, sunset, the Spring River, the lake, the time changes of all sorts of fascinating scenery. No matter when you have to show in front of you are full of poetic style and The different landscape scroll. Pinghu ten on the right side, top shape of a huge stone head, said head rock; a foot of the mountain township Mingjiao Mei I, therefore, also known as the Hill Baigan. There is a hill of Song Dynasty, founded in the military fortress, known as the Walled head. Xianyao terrain here, condescending, easily defensible, the military will fight for the ages Manner. There are a stone Zhaimen Xianyao built in the intersection, when Kazuo Kwan, Wan Kai-Fu Mo. Legend Shida Kai Shuaijun south of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, through the Walled head, no less than Jiugong, had to detour transfer elsewhere. Since May Zhaimen to the mouth, winding trails, BUZZ Artesian Bore Baths, a beautiful environment, beautiful scenery, is history seekers can explore travel to play Hill , Methotrexate given a good place for poetry. The early years of the Qing Dynasty, built in Sungai House here, and the Hillside Garden view mirror together GUIXIN House, which is also the site of housing and the drill ground, and so on Shuilao. There are stone lake board may take more than a decade, bird's eye view (k�n) Yuanshanjinshui. ??

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