Queen's Square - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Queen's Square, is connected with the Standard Chartered Bank Road, the open area of the Cenotaph. There are a number of fountains and chairs, every Sunday, many Filipino maids are gathered here, many people are here to work, the Hong Kong Bank building is another gathering point. Place the sculpture in the Second World War was Destroyed by the army, now only ThomasJackson Sir sculptures returned to the original position, he was the manager of HSBC. Place Dome of the Center for the colonial-style building was the Supreme Court, it is now the headquarters of the Legislative Council. It's among the high-rises, do not have a taste.

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St. John's Cathedral - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Commonly known as the Cathedral, located on Garden Road, the foundation in 1847, built in 1849, Hong Kong is the oldest Christian church. During this period in 1865 to carry out the expansion project has become like today's. During World War II, Japanese troops have for the church headquarters. After World War II, rebuilt several times, the old capital is still able to . There is discipline in front of a monument to the memory of the martyrs during the First World War, next to the Maxwell soldiers on the ground floor flat tombstone, in Hong Kong to mark the front of the church in time of war to defend the martyrs of the soldiers. North wall of the church and another captain, William stone monument to commemorate his time in 1857 in Guangzhou City under the martyrs. Now It is still Hong Kong and Macao Association of Parish Church of the Lord.

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Stanley - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Stanley on Hong Kong Island's south, 20 kilometers away from Central. It is difficult to imagine now Stanley's individual cigarettes in the past few small villages, there is crying (in the village of TinHuaTemple can see the tiger)! Here today has become a wealthy Hong Kong businessmen and foreigners of residence, numerous ongoing construction of luxury . The popular market, especially on weekends. Here you can buy clothes, antiques and souvenirs. Stanley not only attract foreign tourists, many locals have frequented here. Stanley shops have a lot of silk garments, sportswear and jeans, a lot more code to increase the clothes. From the Stanley In the 25-minute walk to the beach, near the beach there are many bars and restaurants, sitting on the beach side of the drink while watching the scenery, is very satisfactory. Here or cruise ships with an excellent place to surf. Hong Kong's maximum security prison here. Traffic: A subway station in Central Square exports trade in Pakistan 6,6 A total station or the road to 260

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Police Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The library, formerly of the nineteenth century, was built in Wan Chai Gap Police Station, located on Coombe Road. Exhibits, including historical value of the Hong Kong Police Force since 1844 since the founding of the police equipment, documents and information on crime, and so on. Transport: Bus No. 15 bus (from Exchange Square to the Peak), Stubbs Road and Peak Road between the station Vehicles. Tickets: Free to remind: the museum is closed Mondays

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Happy Valley horse races held - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Galloping horse from the heroic, people applauded the scenes, non-ink description, only experienced. Happy Valley horse races that were built in 1846, followed by additional night race in 1978, building more Sha Tin Race Course, so that the people of Hong Kong Jockey Club to become the most enthusiastic about the betting. Race Course has set up a giant computer screen and all kinds of first Facilities. Each year in September the following year to June is the racing season in each event attracted tens of thousands of "race" admission. Visitors will be able to participate in the Hong Kong Tourist Association's "Tour race," witness a grand occasion and try their luck. Transport: Subway station in Times Square, Causeway Bay, exports to the Wong Nai Chung Road on foot can take " Ma "tram line.

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Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center - Chinese tourism scenic spots

At 1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, is the latest in the area of the building on behalf of one of those. In addition to making large-scale convention and exhibition purposes, there are two hotels, office buildings and a luxury apartment each. The new wing of its expansion from the reclamation, containing large auditorium and a number Hall, distribution Three-storey building, is one of the world's largest exhibition hall. July 1, 1997 Hong Kong's return to China is also at the ceremony to be held, the focus of international attention, and its unique style Youth Pre-employment patterns of birds, but also to the beautiful Victoria Harbor to add a lot of color. Here more often hold business talks, the stream The exhibition, fashion show, and so on. Another 8 o'clock in the morning flag-raising of the flag ceremony has become a major landscape. Transport: 1, Central by 10A, 20,21 Line bus, get off at the China Resources Building. ?? 2, Wanchai MTR station A1 exports, in accordance with the road signs will be able to reach.

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Sai Kung - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sai Kung in the eastern New Territories, the beautiful scenery and many local people are like here for the weekend. Here's the best way to watch the scenery is a small-employed, you can boat around the island (about 150 Hong Kong dollars). Can also take a stroll on the beach or mountain hiking. A stroll on the beach in the sun and the sun all day, you can Near the small dining restaurants. The best restaurants are PepperonisPizzaandCafeonPoTungRoad (Road), as well as in ManNinStreet (Man Nin Street). The road TungKeeRestaurant (remember the sea - Restaurant), you can eat delicious seafood flavor of Guangdong. Transport: 1, in the Diamond Hill MTR Station by bus line 92 to the terminus in Sai Kung is, in the subway station or bus stop outside a take-ray light can reach ?? ?? ?? ?? 2, Choi Hung MTR station B on board the export line 1A GMB can

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Peak - Chinese tourism scenic spots

554 m above sea level, commonly known as the Victoria Peak Hill, is a top Hong Kong Island, overlooking Victoria Harbor is the best place to visit Hong Kong in the first focus. During the day and at night the peak of different landscapes, whether you are not a romantic, arrangement must also tours to Victoria Peak night, the best place in the Shangjing Tower's viewing platform, the cable car terminus next to the Lions Pavilion, Hong Kong at night you will never forget. Fun Tour: The Peak Tram up Victoria Peak is the top reward the best way to night, in the Central Garden-and Lower Albert Road intersection by cable car. After a pit stop buying "Believe it or not funny Museum" That the more than 400 pieces of exhibits strange, if there is enough time, can also "Cinemania" Scream experience pleasure. You know, the Peak Tram in the car can perform this stunt! A cable car ride down the mountain quickly arrived at the wreath Station Road, is the steepest cable car, they can stand with his car On the floor to form an angle of 30 degrees, because people will feel the illusion of flying, very interesting. Free ride down the mountain after the double-decker bus sightseeing tour in the urban areas, must be sitting in the open second floor of the shed, the shuttle's shining star in the building, a bit like a movie scene. Along the road through the "Legislative Council" It is a building with a colonial color, a lot of movies or Gangju in here shooting, Yun Huang and white light beams, and very romantic. Transport: 1, to the Peak is the best way to take the Peak Tram, one-way adult fare of HK 20 yuan, 8 minutes. ?? 2, in the General Assembly To the east by a line of GMB. ?? 3, at the Exchange Square bus terminus to a double-decker bus line 15.

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Hong Kong Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hong Kong is located at the southeast corner of China, the excellent geographical location, is the world's fastest-growing region. Hong Kong's area of 1100 square kilometers, including the Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula and the New Territories of three parts. Although Hong Kong is a lack of natural resources, but they have a deep-water port and 6,300,000 hard-working people. Three million of them are willing to Hard, flexible, well-educated work force, and their excellent quality, productivity and creativity is the cornerstone.

150 years ago, Hong Kong or a piece of barren rock, and now it has become a world-class financial, trading and business center. Shannon The eighth highest in the world economy and trade, export ranked the 10th in the world. By the end of 1996, Hong Kong's per capita gross domestic product (GDP) will reach 25,300 U.S. dollars. 80% of which came from the service industry, service industry employees in the total labor force of 70%. Hong Kong and the promotion of free trade. It By the government's macro-economic support, few interventions. It's simple and low taxation. Hong Kong has a credible legal system and independent judicial power, in order to ensure the implementation of the law, and no one can go beyond the law.

One and a half centuries of British colonial rule, under the 1984 Sino-British Joint That Hong Kong will be held on July 1, 1997 officially became a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. It's the existing economic, legal and social systems will be maintained in 1997 after at least 50 years.

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Beijing to North Korea Agricultural Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beijing to North Korea Agricultural Park is located in Chaoyang District, Beijing Lai Guangying new rural village, an area of 30 hectares. The entire park is divided into four functional areas: the production area, clean vegetables processing zone, live entertainment area, leisure area to watch, which is set production, and technology demonstrations, entertainment, teaching practice, watching, dining, meeting for one more Be able to park. Youth Science and Technology Park, the practice of building area 3600 square meters, mainly for young people to provide a study, practice and broaden their horizons, an increase of knowledge of modern agriculture comprehensive place. Park has great small conference rooms, with farm-style restaurant and guest rooms and entertainment for the park to tourist groups and To provide a full range of security services. Netherlands to introduce a full set of large-scale intelligent multi-span glass greenhouse, cultivation of high-tech park is a concentrated expression. The district the adoption of modern means of cultivation of flower, seed rearing, food production and special high-tech demonstrations, gardening is the highest international standards. Into a small farm house of culture and On behalf of the agricultural history of the development of agriculture as one of the recalled Prospect Area, you can enjoy the music of farmers, but also enrich your knowledge of agriculture.

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Xiedao Beijing Green Resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiedao green eco-resort covers an area of 3,300 acres of the total, the set of cultivation, aquaculture, tourism, vacation, leisure, tourism eco-agriculture as a whole. Resort to production and marketing of "green food" for the most significant feature to catering, entertainment, fitness for the carrier to allow guests to enjoy Qingxinziran, away from the pollution of the high quality of life for operation Purpose. Holiday Village in Chaoyang District, Beijing is promoting the industrialization of agriculture structural adjustment of the focus of the model unit of China's Environmental Science Institute of Beijing designated by the Green Ecological Park base. Resort elegant environment, fresh air, self-contained, "a shop in the front garden" of the unique layout of the entire park divided into four blocks: planting Park Park culture, science and technology park and tourist resort park, the maximum convenience of your travel and tourism.


  The unique sea view City Water Park, a unique special bridge, a small rural farm-style house, a modern luxury spa facilities, swimming pool, a variety of sports palace, bowling, Ball, table tennis, gym, everything is all-electronic games, and Japanese all-new computer-controlled, "Fiberxon sports business." Year-round spring and cafe, bright and spacious indoor fishing pond, the atmosphere is quite simple farmer's sheep fighting cock fighting game, touch the heartstrings performance; When you enjoy these special activities You can post into the bright and spacious "House dinner," Lara Xiaolv first, pushing Nianzishan, then enjoy the taste of modern rice farmers confusion. Resorts in people-oriented principle of the rational use of water resources and biological resources, and built a water circulation system and reasonable cultivation, aquaculture, biogas, a combination of industry Xiedao agriculture-planting nearly acres of park land and rice fields more than 50 houses picking vegetables greenhouse, shed vegetables, fruits, beans and up to 80 species more than the supply of tourists and picking food restaurant, the output of rice, vegetables and melon Pollution-free fruit for pollution-free natural green food, so rest assured you are eating; keeping the culture zone Poultry livestock more than 20 parks visitor supply of food, fodder and grass used to feed rice bran to ensure that meat, eggs, milk quality, are now slaughtered to eat, to ensure freshness.


  In addition, the "Pet Paradise" will let you eat a pet Yan Fu. Xiedao all kinds of room 70, can accommodate 170 people Right, there are single rooms, standard, three suites. In addition, the characteristics of the modern farmer's courtyard with a capacity ranging from 6-12 people, lead the gray wall, to give people simple, heavy feeling; eaves hanging red lanterns, gold, corn sticks, dried chilli series, shows the full Yun farmers; outdoor display of a variety of "rare" With, such as lantern, anvil, the disc; Chaziyanhong a variety of evergreen plants and flowers spring to take you to the spring, enjoy the comfort Yi Shenqing go home. In addition, the collective activities of the team's big small conference rooms, is your deliberations to decide the event an ideal place. Germany and the Alpine Ski Club Xiedao the Arab-Israeli cooperation British Ski Center, in September 2001 was officially launched. The Ski Museum plans to invest 200,000,000 yuan, covers an area of 150 mu, building area of 53,500 square meters. Ski Museum to be built in 2003, and even China will become Asia's largest indoor ski hall.

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