Hangu Guan Ancient Culture and Tourism Zone - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The Hangu Guan, used to be known as the "Qin Han Guguan." It must Jian Hongnong the east, West Ridge refuse to value the plateau, according to the South Qinling Weiwei, surging north of the Yellow River. Road clearance letter a total length of 15 Wa Lane, an ancient Luoyang's the only way to Chang'an, easily defensible, has been hailed as the "clearance when Kazuo, Fumo million to open", was also "a The letters Hangu East pill "to describe its strategic position. Hangu Guan has been more than 2,000 years of history, during which there were 16 major battles took place here, a lot can be said that the Battle of the impact of China's history. In the past , It was: who owns the Hangu Guan, the war will have to take the initiative.
Six years, Qin Shi Huang (240 BC), Chu, Zhao Wei, Yan, Han co-Five vertical attack Qin. Qin Han Guguan based on the natural barrier, Yingdi switch, so that the armed forces of the five countries, "Lu drift bloodshed," but the big loss. In 206 BC, Xiang Yu and Liu Bang agreement, the first entry for Wang. Liu Qin choice of a weak strength of the line Attack, from Shaanxi's Shangluo by Wu Guanzhong clearance to enter in advance. Xiang Yu and depends on its powerful military strength, take the road all the way, waiting for him to attack Hangu Guan, Liu has heard that customs, furious life force general tattoo cloth research and check floor, burning, staged through the ages Masterpiece "Hong Menyan." Shih, manager Geshu Han Tang Jun Cheng forced to abandon plans with the rebels in the Battle of Hangu Guan of the original area of the West, were a failure. In 1944, Japanese invaders in the letter the ancient customs of the Kuomintang army encountered strong fight against the Department of Hu Zongnan, were wiped out more than 2,000 people, suffered heavy losses. In 1986, as the war in support of the Warring States period, the Cheng soldiers arsenal - Treasury arrow-shaft was found. Treasury arrow 11 meters deep and 0.9 meters in diameter, for the iron arrows, copper clusters, each for a bouquet of 30, is already rusting.
Hangu Guan in the right side, is known as the "source of Taoism," the palace beginning. Palace to mark the beginning of Lao this year in 5000 to write the words "Dao De Jing" Built. Beginning in the middle of the so-called Taoist heaven and earth to form the initial strength of the original or the formation of the state.
According to historical records, Hangu Guan was related to Sky View Yinxi good, proficient in the Book of Changes. One day, on board a Turkish Yinxi Taiwan, the East has found a mass of up Ziqi, aware of the saints from after Hangu Guan, so Changing bath, waiting quietly. Sure enough, soon a Haoshou Zhang Ran the old man, riding a green cattle from the east came slowly. He is the column under the Zhou Dynasty History of Lao Zi (000 Lee ears, also known as Old Dan), as seen declining room week, breakdowns in court, decided by the Western Han Guguan to live in seclusion. Yinxi hospitality of the Lao Zi, urge The writing, the Lao am pleased to accept the retention of Yinxi, a shining page in the future on the five thousand words, "Dao De Jing." "Ziqi East" on the origin of this phrase. To commemorate this and future generations to build a purple-looking building, also known as Wang-Taiwan air.
Along the axis over the 2 doors on both sides were about three and San Qingdian Hall, the hall from the altar Taiwan Longhua Road, Santa will be donated. Dian Gong Zhu beginning to the end, the inside is dedicated to Lao Zi. Haoshou Lao Zhang Ran, spirits, concentrating on the book, on both sides of the separation of the A and Xu Shu Tong Guan Yin Xi order.
Zhudian rising all along the left side of the stage, that is, "Taiwan crow."
States during the four gentlemen, they are the Mengchang Jun Qi, Chu's Chunshen Jun, a Xin Lingjun Wei, Zhao Ping Yuanjun's. China to Sijunzi Meng Changjun of the largest known, is said to support customers, he studied under three thousand people. In order to Chengjiubaye Zhaoxiang Wang Qin, please do Mengchang Jun prime minister. Qin's minister for fear of Meng Changjun The impact of the arrival of their status, they do everything possible in the face of the King of Qin said Meng Changjun down, would like to reuse the Mengchang Jun Qin, but at other times indecisive, Meng Changjun had to temporarily placed under house arrest.
Qin's brother Keng Yang Jun, Qi Meng Changjun hostage and became good friends when he saw a Mengchang Jun Will come forward to seek the King of Qin Yan Chong Fei Ji. Ji Yan Meng Changjun presented on the wall look Yu, Hu Qiu only want white. However, Hu Qiu only one white, one Mengchang Jun Kwan when it has been dedicated to the King of Qin. Meng Changjun dilemma, I do not know what to do. Menke, a volunteer at this time, the school library look like dogs Man Guo, from the Treasury holes into the palace, a white Pirates of the Hu Qiu, Yan Ji dedicated. White received after Hu Qiu Yan Ji, Banquet taking advantage of the opportunity to persuade the King of Qin Meng Changjun released. Qin Yan Fei can not stand the hard Ruanmo wrapped, it ordered the release Meng Changjun.
Clearance to be instruments of Mengchang Jun, Qin afraid to go back, the gang led by Jiben Guan Valley. Hangu Guan arrived, it is the middle of the night. Qin according to the law, "cock switch, closed-door sunset," Meng Changjun time did not mind, anxious as ants on the hot pan. Came a sudden burst of bright cough crow, attracted all the chicken inside and outside the customs cried. Meng Changjun subglottic was a hanger-on, went to high-school Department of chicken , Shou Guan did not identify the authenticity, to hear the cock Mimi at best get up to open the closed, the customs inspection instruments, Meng Changjun put his party out of customs. Qin did go back, to send troops to recover, but it was too late to others, Meng Changjun his float to the surface of the dust has been a long fall. In the later stage to build a high-cock Taiwan as a sign of commemoration.

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Jade Mountain National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jade Mountain National Forest Park, located in Lushi County Pingxiangqihe Lion Forest Farm, 90 km away from the Lushi county.
Jade Hill is the western part of Henan Province roof for the main branch barberry Yumai Qinling mountains. Changling roots to large, pole ditch, ditch riding for the four major scenic areas. The Jade Emperor sharp peaks above sea level 205 .9 Meters higher than Mount Tai Dongyue 527.1 meters. Extremely board. Lin panoramic view of more than 40 square kilometers. Looking around the peaks, such as Qianshan sea, and enjoy the foot of a second county (Lushi the south bank, Danfeng) fun, just to experience "when Ling will be in excellent shape, the list of small hills" of the heroic. There were "sharp boarded the Jade Emperor, Light do get close, do not take the three hills, look at the water Sacred Mountains of China ", said. Verdant forest in the mountains, good forest cover, its tall and straight and large fan of Japanese red pine is the only expert in Henan Province-based forest landscape, which can Shen Lin Lin's vast experience the vigorous; Huashan of the original forest area by China and South Africa even more rare. Vascular Park More than 1,800 objects, more than 400 species of woody plants, 1225 kinds of medicinal plants, 400 species of animals. The protection of plants which have Cercidiphyllum, Manchurian ash, oak trees, such as Eva; rare animals have Jinqian Bao, musk deer, Qingyang, deer grass, such as the Golden Pheasant, thrush, birds such as parrots are from the shuttle between the branches, Le people that wild animals, birds of heaven, are the same plant. By the chimney, gurgle poured out of holes in the small streams of water features come together to form a true ... Stephen Wanting down from the mountain streams, clear sweet water quality, water clear to Wan, the second national animal protection Giant Salamander (commonly known as Wawa Yu), travel to play the tortoise Q, the scales can be seen. Come together to form a spring from the Huanglong Dirty white Tam, Tam made a mistake, Longjing, such as landscape painting, such as volume, Xinyu after the flight Rainbow lying, like fairyland on earth.
Jade Mountain National Forest Park, the spring bloom Yamahana, Chaziyanhong. Ukraine floral language, for young trees; Water Pik Shan-ching in the summer, Lin surgery verdant, cool climate; mountain is covered with frost in the fall called, do storied dye Xiangshan Xiangshan increasingly is not. Wild fruit covered with branches, one mouth drooling with greed; Winter Hill dance Yin Yi, Dai-A Phi peaks, one in the north scenery.
Jade Li Shan was deployed forces, and training of military force. The main attractions are: Taiwan will be Chuang Wang, stone vessels, stone knives test Chuang Wang, Yu Huangmiao, Longtan yellow, white Tam, and so on dozens of Longjing.

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Peach Bottom natural scenic area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Peach Bottom is located in scenic areas of natural Lushi County Mizoguchi grinding rural West Village Tiger, the most unique natural ecological landscape of large cave landscape and historical and cultural landscape. From the county seat 40 kilometers away from the 209 national highway 14 km area with a total area of 1940 hectares, the forest area of 681 hectares.
East and West Valley were ?. More than 20 meters wide. Long 1 5 kilometers, forming a valley of natural multi-level falls, the vegetation hill Feng Mao, the Peach Blossom Spring Yan, refreshing and pleasant mid-summer, autumn million base red-up. Severe winter snow-wrapped. And between the rocks on the ground about 10 meters deep around the cave, known as "Shuilian Dong", and under the River Fei Xie Shen seemed to hang in the string Zhulian portal, a natural and charming, like a painting without rendering the landscape screen.
Ling-hu cave is located 200 meters away from the River of the Mid-levels high, have been large-scale development of the well-preserved cave, a unique landscape, viewing area of 10,000 square l, permitted inside the cave at large, stone forest palace, Show Court, Ocean Hall, Tallinn, Tam Yu-zhu six sections.
  Legend has it that the late Ming and Li Cheng and Ms. Gao in the store dressing soldiers, martial arts training. In order to resist foreign invasion chaos, as Li Bai in the Walled repair, and so far Zhai Men 400-meter-long Zhaiqiang also. People in memory of Li Bai and built into the temple Chuang Wang, Chuang Wang Temple At the Peak, the terrain Xianyao ago has more than 200-year history, has also come rain ritual.

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Dragon Lake Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dragon Lake Scenic Area, located south Lingbao in Henan Province, located in a tributary of the Yellow River on Jianhe farmers. Lingbao 22 km from the center.
Dragon Lake Scenic Area, is mainly for irrigation, flood control into account, power generation, water supply, tourism, the combined effect of large-scale water-control project. Lake water 5-km long coastline, the two sides sik Better Shanqingshuixiu climate, there are more than 5,000 acres of wide surface.
Dragon Lake scenic natural beauty Shi Yi, the complexity of the mountain scene in the water meandering twists and turns. Yue Ling-day pine and cypress cover the top, wrapped around the waist of fruit trees, willow sitting at the end of its winding streets and fascinating; Patrick Lau Hung-po who cut the legend of the Wang Mang who wins food Groups of fish and shrimp in the water, shore fishing, the lot; sparkling water, boating play, relaxed and happy.

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Lushi God Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Temple-dry Lushi county on the north side of Chinatown. City of Henan Province key cultural unit.
Ming Hongwu began in the early years, Xuande destroyed by years of war. Tianshun 2008 (1464) to the integrated 2002 (1466) reconstruction. 29 Jiajing (1550) fire again, to nine years Wanli 1581) to repair the expansion of the existing size of the mold. After the founding of many funds renovation, the temple house is a different place. The existing building has five main hall, the seat north to south; corner booth Festival Hong Lok House floor, and all three; things all 10 rooms; incense around the kitchen plot of the two; in front of three, were yellow Dragon's Back, and Lvwa Ridge matched all kinds of animals Fun. The entire building, the resplendent, canopies fly teeth Alice, exquisite technique, while the rich high-chu, Chang Ming-li excluded, is the study of ancient architecture and the scientific basis for the appearance. After the founding of junior middle schools for the county, so far in 1960, the county cultural centers for the resident, the county is the people's cultural activities and cultural relics collection centers.

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Hui River Scenic Spot - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hui River area is located in the southeastern city of Sanmenxia in Henan Province, 50 km away from the urban area, covering an area of 169 square kilometers.
Dense forest area, the original vegetation, landscape and Mao, both waterfall Tan, Jade, the beautiful scenery. There are 95 peaks above 1000 meters, more than 30 rivers and streams, wildlife, plants reach More than 200 species, the forest coverage rate of 75%. Jian Valley, Longtan waterfall, Gap dragons, seven cents Tam, the top 10 scenic spots such as Nanshan, unique and inspiring area of natural wild, ancient and mysterious.
Yang Chun March, fragrant grass carpet, Bristol Flows, Yamahana in full bloom, fragrance everywhere; the height of summer, and Green Fan vegetation, strong Blot out the Sun, Feng Fei Splendor, Shanqingshuixiu; late autumn season, many wild fruit, the mountain is covered with plant, the storied dye do; winter, the snow-wrapped, icicles hanging upside down with one of scenery in the north. Nirvana is a Celebration of the Arts, knew the magic of the unpredictable resort, not a Xian Chen, pure green natural world, but also a leisure vacation trip Tourism, forest exploration, and practical training, scientific investigation, the perfect back-to-nature.

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The ancient capital of Jin Mao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gu Du Jin Mao, on the Yellow River is famous Gudu one of the three, 6 km in the urban areas in the north will Xingzhen Department, and Lu Ping, Shanxi Province on the north shore of the river across the county.
Jin Mao Gu Du Xian Yao terrain, is the ancient western Henan. Shanxi leave out of Guo Yu, Mao Jindu to cross the river from the south, and win a victory in one fell swoop. Park 624 years ago, Qin Beidufajin here. Eastern Han Dynasty, Liu Han Xiandi-nation Association of this and desperate North Korean defectors. Tang Dynasty, "Shih," Don King for the insurgency, Huihe soldiers by 3000, which also entered the Central Plains. Revolution, Yu Qin Long complex twice the Han Army of the east, near the ferry in fierce fighting with the Qing. Anti-Japanese War and the liberation war Period, the ferry when I transfer on the ground floor of party members, to preserve the revolution's main strength. August 22, 1947, Chen Xie in the army of Mao Jindu Jiyuan and the long cross-chuen, by the "oil" to cross the river, crossing for three days and three nights. "In order to 61 class brothers," the story of the two sides also took place in Gudu. In the history of the famous Hill Lu salt, which also ferry. "Jin Mao night crossing" as one of the Ancient Eight Shan Zhou. Emergency crossing between the hours of darkness the night, shouting their boatman, son of sway with the beat of the lights on board, Dan Chan scared of the night crossing of people, in the soul-stirring Zhuolang Jiazhou in advance.
After the liberation of several Maojin Du rebuild, as Yellow River's largest mobile one of the ferry ship. In December 1993, the Sanmenxia Yellow River Highway Bridge was opened to traffic after the Jin Mao Gu Du lost the busy and noisy in the past.

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Lingbao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lingbao in Henan Province is located in the western region, Qin Yu Jin at the junction of three provinces, namely Shaanxi Province and the luonan, Tongguan, Ruicheng's Shanxi Province, Lu Ping, Henan Province, the Shanxian, Loening, and so on Lushi County, which borders 7. Lingbao on the floor on the ground floor of the large number of cultural relics and the spread Wanfang deified legend, colorful, is a long history and splendid culture City; and Lingbao is rich in tourism resources, beautiful mountains and rivers, beautiful scenery, and unique scenic spots and historical sites, national forest parks, scenic mountain area in Wushan Asia, the natural landscape-hung, dangerous, extraordinary show, the wild; Chinese people get to worship the Holy Land --- Jingshan tomb, ding, mass graves, the floor, House, Qualities of power; when Kazuo Kwan, Fumo million opening of Hangu Guan, the vicissitudes of life through the ages, the sites remain.

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Miao Digou site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Miao Digou site at Sanmenxia in Henan Province in the urban areas within 3 km southwest of Tsing Lung southern coast of Zhangzhou, as the New Stone Age ruins.
Connotations of the site is divided into the second phase. A (lower) for the Yangshao culture relics, named Miao Digou Yangshao culture types. The second phase (upper) remains an Yangshao culture to the transitional nature of the Longshan Culture Remains Miao Digou named the second phase of culture, which is inherited from the development of Yangshao culture, but also for the development of Henan Longshan culture. Yangshao culture have been unearthed in Longshan culture and thousands of pieces of pottery, archaeologists in China caused a sensation.
Miao Digou sites found to resolve the Yangshao culture and stages of the Longshan culture and, more importantly, Summary of the Yangshao culture and the relationship between the Longshan culture. In order to prove that the ancestors of the Chinese nation from time immemorial been Yangshao culture, the Longshan Culture until the Shang and Zhou, in the continuous development of the Yellow River Basin and the creation of a high degree of civilization, for the study of ancient Chinese culture, the development provides an important example of the kind.

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Sanmenxia Dam Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sanmenxia Yellow River scenic area of the dam, Sanmenxia in Henan Province is located in the urban areas in the Northeast. It is bounded to the north of Shanxi Province, west of Shaanxi Province, in western Henan referred to as the "Golden Triangle." 30km from the urban area of the Sanmenxia Dam, was born in 1957, China's Yellow River in the construction of the first large-scale water-control project, known as Miles of the Yellow River dam in the first. "
Sanmenxia Dam to the main concrete gravity dam, the installed capacity of 400,000 kw, a total length of 875.2m, the maximum height of 106m, stand in Sanmenxia Yellow River valley between. Is a scenic and cultural spots combination.
Legend has it that Yu water when the river dredging, 3 Fupi "and the formation of the door gods Island, a ghost island door, the door-do people, named Sanmenxia; the spirit of the Chinese nation has been hailed as the symbol of the" mainstay "in the stand in the stormy sea; also study the ancient ruins of the Water Transport of Grain" Yellow ancient path along the cliff, "and Zhang Island, dresser and many other historical sites are there are a lot of Li's legend. Add radiance to each other instead of the scenery is beautiful Yu Park, resplendent Welcome House and Sanmenxia Yellow River Exhibition of Chinese and Western, set in one of Qiushi Chunhua Sino-Japanese friendship, and other orchards in more than 10 sites. They are majestic based Sanmenxia Dam, the formation of the Yellow River's ancient cultural features as a whole, a Unique taste to watch.

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Jade Forest Park in Tsim Sha Tsui - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jade Forest Park is located in Tsim Lushi County of Pingxiang Qihe Lion Forest Farm, 90 km away from the Lushi county. Park Chang-ling, including roots, large pieces of land, ditch pole, ditch riding four spots. Yuquan main peak of its sharp 2057.9 meters above sea level, higher than Mount Tai Dongyue 527.1 meters. Pro-top Jimu, 40 kilometers Lin Eyes closed, in order to give the wind at the foot of the clouds, the list of small hills in Wonderland feeling; tall and straight to the large Japanese larch Henan Province is the only large-scale high-forest landscape, one can enjoy the vast Shen Lin Lin's bold simplicity; clear River gurgling water, clear bottom, Jin Lin to swim, play with crabs. Park vascular plants More than 800 species, 400 species of woody plants, 1225 kinds of medicinal plants, 400 species of animals. The protection of plants which have Cercidiphyllum, Ash, Eva oak tree, Tianma, such as Ganoderma lucidum; rare animals have Jinqian Bao, musk deer, Qingyang, deer grass, the Golden Pheasant, Giant Salamander (Wawa Yu). The main attractions are: Wang will be Taiwan, stone vessels, stone knives test Chuang Wang, Yu Huangmiao, Longtan yellow, white Longtan, such as dozens of Longjing.
  Jade Forest Park in Tsim Sha Tsui, Yamahana Black Man in the spring, Chaziyanhong, Jade, lofty trees; Water Pik Shan-ching in the summer, verdant forests, fresh and cool climate; Shuangye mountain is covered in the fall, not the increasingly Xiangshan Xiangshan, Fruit covered with branches, one mouth drooling with greed; Winter Hill dance Yin Yi, Dai-A Phi peaks, one in the north scenery.
Yuquan sharp Forest Park beautiful, unique scenery to make visitors feel good, away.

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Mountain Girl - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lingbao Hill woman at 11 km south-west zone, is Henan, Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces at the junction of a treasure. Legend has it that Taohun Three Sisters mountains, Yuhuachengxian, powerful, heavy rain, Wugufengdeng. Thanksgiving people, in the peak of the construction of the "Temple of God."
Shan girl 1556.2 meters above sea level, landscape With a total area of 28 square kilometers, beautiful scenery, rich human landscape. Conglong trees in the mountains, the mountains and possession of gold buried silver. Huang Shan girls have the tomb, the Temple of God, go horse-chuen, whetstone valley, Cang Long Ridge, Shi Fei Bao hit six scenic areas; have stone waterfall, five-stone, cliffs look Township, Kanai, Zuofo, 18 show set, into the 34, and so brought into sharper focus , Magic and charm.

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Shanxian Spa - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shanxian Hot Springs is located in the city of Sanmenxia temperature of the West Village, 15 km away from the urban area, convenient transportation and beautiful scenery. Hot Springs is located in Fenwei with hot mineral water turning point arc and the Department of Shanxi rift edge of a base structure is complicated, is a superior insulation condition of the runoff area. Development in the region have a depth of more than 300 meters deep fault, the deep rift There are relatively new magma, a huge rock intrusion into this area of the main heat source and a source of abundant minerals, water channel at the same time. Broken and a higher degree of corrosion of water storage layer is limestone.
Wen Tang excellent quality mineral water, clear and transparent, sterile, clean, sweet taste, fresh and refreshing, the water temperature Up to 60 ?, up 54.6 Piangui Suan content of a 55.7 mg /l, strontium content in a 1.25 amounted to 1.2 mg /l, in addition to containing lithium, iodine, selenium, iron, and other 34 kinds of trace elements beneficial to human health and Other ingredients. Calcium and magnesium content and a better ratio, PH value of 7.1 of the total bacteria Liver and large intestine bacteria are zero, China's consumption of natural mineral water to meet the national standard limits of the index value. Identified by the State, determined to be Pian Guisuan content of strontium and calcium sulfate sodium bicarbonate-based low-quality mineral water. This regular drinking water, stomach, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and so there are obvious physical health, at the same time enhance the human body Phytophthora functions, the effectiveness of longevity.
Shanxian distribution of hot springs area of 4.1 square kilometers per day of water up to 6,000 tons of exploitation, the flow of large, good water quality, dynamic stability at home and abroad in the history of the development of mineral water are rare. It is not only with world-renowned spa with Vichy France match At the same time, then hung himself, according to the characteristics of domestic mineral water on the lam.

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Premier Zhou Enlai visited Camp Memorial Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Premier Zhou Enlai visited Camp Memorial Hall is located in Shanxian great big via sales@organosilicon.com Tel Village, 20 kilometers away from Sanmenxia in the urban areas. The library was completed in 1977, together with the foreign guests reception room of the main building and comprehensive exhibition hall, with a total area of 2360 square meters. Museum exhibits are Apr 24, 1958, Premier Zhou Enlai visited When photos of the camp and in kind, and Peng, and Xi Zhongxun, Henan, Shanxi, Shaanxi Provincial government officials, accompanied by Premier Zhou Enlai visited the photo. Memorial Hall open all year round.

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Wen Tang Cliff Figures - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wen Tang Shan Xian Wen Cliff Figures at Nanshan Village of Shek Pik Yin, 15 km from the city of Sanmenxia. 36 existing statues, niches 6.
The first niche 1.75 m high, was the top-shaped flame, a laser Buddha Buddha of legislation like the Second, the lotus stems are connected. 1.35 m high Buddha, the head of flame-shaped ornaments. High-Buddha .20 M, with a single step are a step on Lotus Taiwan, the basic integrity of the statue face, cutting a niche outside support on both sides of the portrait, and Tang Yong Zhou Wei Gao Lingxian into a ditch grams, Tang fruit, such as county magistrate Wang Xichang, with the title of stone wall.
West niche for a high of 2.25 meters large niche, with the first shape at the top of the shrine, laser-li as the Buddha, building Beautiful, the head of its Corolla is a center of Buddhist carving, Kannei coated with red, green, green color, have a niche under the title Tang Shek Pik large calendar year (the year 774 AD) Guo Shan observation defense so that the transfer of title in mind Huangfu temperature.
On the eastern side of the lower part of a niche to the right is a big week Tang Chang'an 2002 (the year 702 AD) Services for Dr. Lang Shan Zhou riding Wei XU Yi-section of the author, Guo Yuanheng book, "Ming temple hot water and order."
According to the statues style and title text-ming, the number of caves cut the difference in time, the Longmen Grottoes in Luoyang style, but the big week, according to Chang's 2002 title-ming, described as "hot water temple." Henan Province in 1963 is listed as key cultural relics protection Unit.

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Guo aristocratic cemetery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guo aristocratic cemetery at the village of Sanmenxia the north ridge in the urban areas with a total area of 580,000 square meters, in the cultural sector by the drilling of 140,000 square meters, a total of 142 tombs of various nobles. Of these, 19 large and medium-sized tomb, Juma Keng 12, and other types of burial pits more than 50 blocks. In the clean-up has discovered the tomb of the 9 , 2 monarch tomb, the tomb of a prince, the Tomb of Kyi a Princess, Juma Keng 2. Unearthed a total of copper, iron, jade, stone, gold, ceramics, wood, leather, linen and so on nine categories of more than 17,000 pieces of cultural relics. Which unearthed a large bronze ritual more than 200 pieces, most of the inscriptions are cast. Jade mask is made up of the Spring and Autumn are recognized as war "Mingmu" ancestral type. Yu-string team for playing Han Yu Jin Lv, the predecessor of clothing. 8 unearthed in Ningbo is 10 minutes late Western Zhou Dynasty tombs discovered the only complete set. By the 12-member gold with gold ornaments to the Zhou Dynasty in the archaeological rare. A large number of valuable weapons, in particular the copper-Tiejian handle the excavation, was identified as the earliest in China Iron man kind, it will be found in China's iron age back more than a century, can be called "the first Chinese sword."
Guo nobility of the major burial ground found that the study of Guo State of the Western Zhou Dynasty as well as historical, political, economic, cultural, religious system, as well as metallurgy, transport, textiles, ancient war and other side , Provided a rare kind of information is of great historical value. Guo noble archaeological finds in the cemetery in 1990, two years in a row in 1991 by the National State Administration of Cultural Heritage as a major archaeological find one of the top 10. In 1996 the State Council have been identified as national key cultural unit.

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Crossing the sun - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sun Shan Zhou at the scenic ferry, which connects Jin Yu's one of Gudu. On the other side for the County of Shanxi Province, Lu Ping Yang. Legend has it that Han Han's in the wood to cross the military opium, eup attack, five prisoners Wei Bao. 637 AD in Tang Dynasty had ordered General Qiu Gong trip here to build a pontoon bridge of ten feet long, 76, said Sun Bridge Gap Traffic on both sides of the Yellow River. Now the sun has become a cross, "the Yellow River Tour" this important terminal, visitors can board a tour of the Yellow River.

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After Gao Xia Tombs - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gao Xia, after the tomb is located in the southeast Shanxian Yan Ling Guan North juncture, three (gate Gap) Rod (ning) on the eastern side of the road above the high port, from the Sanmenxia City, about 28 km. Cheng Yuan-shaped tomb mound of its high of about 1.5 meters, 30 meters long week. Gray old trees, lush vegetation, with a solemn silence.
"Zuo Xi public 32 years" contained, There are two Xiao Yan Ling, the Nanling, Gao Xia after the Tomb "means here. Gao summer after summer is the emperor Kongjia on behalf of the son, ascended the throne in 1785 BC, in office for 11 years. Xiajie word tyrant is his grandson.'s Summer activities I am in the area of western Henan, Shanxi, Gao hours to move the capital town, is no longer a solid foundation for the rule. At that time, Inter are frequent off the war, Gao is very likely to die in the way he moved to the funeral. 60 years, Guo, Xia Nai to have this test Cha Xia culture. After Gao Xia from the tomb not far from there embroidered Ling Tang Palace ruins, "Wang Xiu Ling-Yun" one of the eight ancient Shan Zhou.

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Ankokuji - Chinese tourism scenic spots

An Temple is located in Shanxian Lee West Village, from the Sanmenxia City, about 64 km. Temple Hall Tongwa glaze, commonly known as the Temple glass. An Temple was built in Sui, both ancient repair. The main buildings sit north to south, to sub-sector as a firewall around two courtyards. And the Mountain Gate, including the front yard before, during and after the permitted three, and another by the Housing, Buddhist temple Clock Tower, East and West and Lianchi Jingchuang stone, and so on. Have permitted a re-backyard, two pieces of stone tablet stone. There are more than building temples subsidiary.
  Mountain Gate to the south of the front yard with Dan Yan Yan Lang's hard-Hill Building. Miankuo 3, Mountain Gate home on both sides of the ear of a door. Qiandian Miankuo for the three hard-Dan Yan Shan structure, there are side hall in a palace on the west side of , On the eastern side there is an article stone base, built of brick clock tower square, surrounded by brick roof Fangmu brackets.
Middle Temple for a Miankuo, deep into the three Danyan the hard-Hill building, with four corridors, Shi Yan Xia three single-step Aung brackets, the big dragon and phoenix ridge, and the kiss is most animals spinal remaining. Be used on the eastern side of the Middle Temple The structure Lianchi not yet complete, the West has spent pool.
Houdianmiankuo 3, and Hill Dan Yan-hard structure, and the Middle Temple Houdian by both sides of the (Zen) rooms are hard Danyan Hill structure.
Qiandian with the Mountain Gate Junji 14 years between the Qing Emperor Kangxi and a 1970 all-stone, "Ankokuji rehabilitation in mind"; "Clock Tower repair tablets." Middle Temple and Houdian between the first year of Qing Emperor Qianlong "repair Ankokuji gold statues makeup tablets" and "authentic Cao Dong," the Canbei a pass.
Firewall (named after the stone tablet stone) of about 4 meters high, since East and West as a whole will be divided into before and after the Temple hospital. For the middle of the entrance tower, inside and outside and along the forehead carved Erlongxizhu Patterns in the south eastern side of the firewall for Beaulieu brick patterns, to the west side of the Kirin patterns on both sides of the door for five Shui map. Fire walls are embedded Qing Ming-Lung four years, "Rui repair Yunshan Ankokuji firewall order," a piece of stone the stone tablet.
In the main hall on the north side of firewall, Miankuo 5, and Hill Dan Yan-hard structure, Shi Yan Xia three single-step Aung brackets, Long Grand Ridge. Kiss, and other animals and is decorated brick and wood carvings of the Eight Immortals Lang Yanxia the basic integrity of character design, carved door frame to clean the six basic good, Langxia canopies for the four small octagonal-Shizhu polished green is 26 years of Qing dynasty (AD 1846) rehabilitation of the change, about 3 meters high, the arrangements will be engraved on the book couplet: Bao maze of the original raft crossing the river, cattle dog would like to meet;

Gold rope to open the way sleep well on rattan rat snake should come off early.

Chang Shui-ying Fan Yu Ying-whirl 10,000 ares streamer;

Shan Shui wind around cool air around Gion.

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Stone Road trench sites - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Stone Road sites located in the trench Shanxian Kip Stone rural village southeast of trench car, about 36 km away from Sanmenxia. Ishizaka slope of the car-prints trench is about 100 meters, a width of the road 6-8 m, 1.06 m wide point. 0.25 m deep trench into the track, the wheels in line Danpo long-term pressure from rolling. Road slightly northwest to the southeast. Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu was passing through here, wrote the famous "stone trench officials."

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Yangshao Village cultural sites - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yangshao Village cultural sites, located in the city of Sanmenxia Mianchi Xian 9 km north of the city Department of Yangshao Village. 1921 approval of the Chinese Government, the Swedish geologists Anderson and archaeologists in China Yuan Fuli together for the first time to explore. According to archaeological finds, confirmed that China's ancient culture relics. In accordance with archaeological practice, the first As part of the culture found in the name of the type, named "Yangshao culture."
Yangshao Village cultural sites, located in the southern village of the Yangshao Taiwan gentle slope on the ground, according to Shaoshan North, East, West, South water on three sides, north-east to south-west more than 900 meters long, north-west to south-east more than 300 meters wide, with a total area of about 300,000 M Cultural soil piled up a 2-to-deposit degrees 4 meters. Yangshao culture from the site so far found more than 70 years, a total of three times after a planned excavation. The main artifacts unearthed a stone, bone, pottery, clam-. For the farming tools are ax, shovel, chisel, Ben, and other tools; for the hunting of sharp stones, bullets, rock cakes and so on; for The cable fell weaving, spinning wheels, bone needles, bone, and other cone. At that time, people's lives are ceramic utensils, Tao Ding, cans, bowls, pots, bowls, cups, urn, tanks and so on. Of particular note are the beautifully decorated pottery patterns, the decoration patterns have broadband, reticulate, petal patterns, Yu Wen, Xian Wen and geometric patterns and so on. These patterns Fully reflects the ancient wisdom of working people and the United States and the pursuit of life. The exquisite painted pottery is the unique characteristics of the Yangshao culture.
Yangshao culture dominated by farming, belong to the male line to the matriarchal clan community of the transition phase. It is the middle reaches of the Yellow River as the center and south of Hubei, Inner Mongolia arrived in the North, is the Yellow River Basin Often a powerful ancient culture. Yangshao culture of discovery, announced the "non-Chinese Stone Age culture" argument of the total bankruptcy, which Yangshao Village cultural sites by Chinese and foreign archaeologists as the "culture of the Holy Land"
March 4, 1961, the Yangshao culture of the village sent by the State Council announced the site for key cultural relics protection Unit.

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Yellow Emperor Zhu Ting Plateau - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Plateau is located in the Yellow Emperor Zhu Ding Lingbao second tone in the town, 80 km from the city of Sanmenxia.
"Feng Chan Shih-chi" records, ancient Jingshan area of serious damage, hearing the news of the Yellow Emperor from the Kunlun Mountains came to see Jingshan. Lian panacea for a cure for the common people, he adopted the first Copper Mountain, learn the lake, cast in Jingshan under the tripod. Legend has it that Huang Ding good cast, the Yellow Emperor Huang Ying to heaven, begging the people, not let him take the life and death, led some clothes pulled gowns, and some have hand-foot drag, dragging him under the Jin Xue, a Long Paxia skin, pull Gracilaria lost. People buried in the boots of the Yellow Emperor, he cast the tripod, this has become the world Baizu.
High tomb 00 meters, 5,000 meters long. Ridge at the western end of a 6 m high, 42.5 meters perimeter of the mound, the mass graves for the tomb. A Long Xugou hills south-west, is a legendary dragon's fall, the growth of an alpine rush here, said that the dragon is changed, are not around.
As a result here at the Chang'an Road, and Hangu Guan Guan Xiong Guan between the two, repeated destruction of the war, but the ages have been carried out to repair and reconstruction. Repair is now the main sites are: Xian Dian, the Hall of the Patriarchs, the promenade, Metella, Gong Si column, Que floor, and casting a symbol of God, to God, the ancestors of Heaven, Earth, Mankind 3 Tongding large.

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Po Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Po Shan Zhou Temple is located in scenic areas, the city was Shan Zhou Lun Temple Pagoda Temple. Road show for the beginning of the Tang Jian, the Dading 17 years (1177 AD) monk-su reconstruction, has more than 800 years ago. Temple had been destroyed earlier, the only tower-to-deposit alone.
Tata south of the gate, the plane to make a square for Diego 13 Zhuanta Miyan Shi, 26.5 meters high, 21.6 meters Wai, Qinghui be a brick-Shun Ding Lei Qi from. Bottom platform and a pedestal. Tower engraved with the positive, "Sam relic pagoda" Taming, the tower bottom layer by layer convergence, each a high degree of uniformity reduced outside the parabola-profile, water chestnut and brick-tooth Diego Shibuya A tower-block canopy, handsome beauty.
Bi You were semi-circular tower on each floor arch doors, shrines, Chuang Dong, the wind under the wing angle Duo (iron bell), the wind moving bell, ding-dong sound. A tower ladder and ventricular Tower Road, you can view board, to watch the "white clouds on the Yellow River far between" King Zhuang.
The tower shape for Tang , Inherited the internal structure of the Song of the tower built tower method which combines the Tang and Song Mi Yanshi tower and the tower of the pavilion-style structure and characteristics of art is unique compared with the pyramid, Po Temple elegant style, solid structure, although after 16 Earthquakes, four of which destructive earthquakes, the basic tower is still intact. Visitors stand around the tower a few , Call-in stone, applauded to show their will to hear, "Gua Guagua," similar to the plunging of the call. Call-stone ring or applauded to show more, the sooner this is called the voice of Toad and the more realistic, more loud, so people commonly known as "Toad tower."
According to folklore, a pair of the original tower plunging payment, so resonant voice. Later, Buddhist monks will be hung Toad stolen, leaving only a plunging estrogen, a resonant sound than in the past. In fact, Waming echo from the voice of principle. The tower with the Temple of Heaven Beijing Whispering Gallery, Shan Xi Pu save the Temple Tower Yingying, Sichuan Tongnan County of the Qin Shi Buddhist temple, the same as China's four major ancient architectural response. But the whispering gallery than 353 years earlier than Orioles tower as early as 387 years, more than 250 years as early as Qin Shi is the echo of the four buildings of the oldest, is now a key cultural units in Henan Province.

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Zhang Island and Alchemy furnace - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhang island in the Sanmenxia Dam near the bottom on the right bank of the mouth were the door. There is a legend in ancient Zhang Shao Gong's, witnessed the Sanmenxia dangerous waterways, the shock waves Chung, frequent boat people drowning over the horrible disaster on the island for Jielu Um, the obligation for the navigation of vessels traveling. To commemorate the elderly people, the island will be named Zhang Island.
Zhang in the island, incense burner shaped like a rock, rock and a concave go on a round hole, is in full bloom, like the iron stoves mouth, which is popular for a long time when the immortal Alchemy "Alchemy furnace" . Alchemy is said to be the immortal Lao Tzu, the legend of the Spring and Autumn, Sanmenxia in the vicinity of both sides of the Grange Farm structures were submerged by flood, people had to flee their homes. Lao Tzu riding NIU day Green Tashui come to see the plight of the common people, decided to repair the bridge, so that we can escape across the river. Sin must be bridge-building method, the chain can be a good panacea law firms. As a result, he will find in the coastal refinery panacea, selected the final piece of hard Rock. Alchemy furnace to whether or not a panacea, is not known, but This brings us to "Lao Alchemy", "Lao bridge-building", "Laojun cut stone," "God Huolian Hill" and other stories, so far there has been a "day 23, Lian Laojun panacea, Taurus posted every family, the four seasons, God, "the folk.

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Grand Canyon West Henan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Large tour groups enjoy the noise of water Falls Lake Canyon rafting passion
Longquan into groove of the original forest's visit to cave to see folk performances

Grand Canyon Scenic Area in western Henan

Grand Canyon Scenic Area is located in western Henan Yu-Qin, combining three provinces of Shanxi Department of Sanmenxia City, Road Town Lushi county magistrate in the territory. Lushi is a 211 In the history of the ancient county is the birthplace of China's Luo culture, an important part of the splendid culture and long history. According to legend, Qin Mo Bo Ao Lu soil to avoid war in bear ears, Alchemy medical treatment in the fight against the plague. Li Miao people after the death of worship. Yuan Ding four years to the Western Han Dynasty (BC 113 years) to build the county, that is its name to life Prefecture .

Lushi rich tourist resources, because across the Yellow River, Yangtze River valley two, both North and South and customs, Ariyama hung in the territory, water-Bi, Lin's sharp Jade Forest Park, the National Tanghe unique hot spring bath naked, You risk Jiulong Dong magic cave, and ten per cent of our waterfall, the beautiful landscape of the big western Henan Valley.

Grand Canyon West Henan scenic valley Fei Bao shrinkage in the stream water features, Tam Chi-ching You, by Hui Xiang Pizhou slurry water, flow through to the Chui Valley Cen, enjoy the canyon drifting passion, Longquan ditch rise amid primeval forest area Overlapping peaks, winding Guteng, Caragana wild, squirrels, deer grass during play, the Wild Wang , The Valley - kiln hospital courtyard paper-cutting, shadow play, puppetry, folk, and so on Houxi Celebration of the Arts. All this constitutes a strange and beautiful canyon scenery and folk customs in western Henan attractive picture, it's perfect for a tourist destination, the Grand Canyon Scenic Area in western Henan and the Jade Emperor Hill primeval forest, Tanghe style hot spring bath bare areas, Jiulong Dong Scenic areas together is your first choice for travel in western Henan.
Grand Canyon Rafting in western Henan Zhongyuan ---- Warriors in the first drift

Grand Canyon West Henan Zhongyuan drifting to stimulate the romantic warrior with a total length of 3 kilometers, about the whole 90 minutes, the two boats drifted high safety factor, easy to operate, although without the fear risk, Kan Central Plains Warriors in the first drift, Fei Bao hanging valley, stream water features, Tam Chi-ching You, by oars Hui Xiang Pizhou water, flow through in the Chui Valley Ridge, enjoy the canyon drifting passion.
Grand Canyon West Henan was east-west, running from west to east as the extension of the streamer, with a total length of 30 km in width to 30 meters 0 m, the depth of 50 meters to 200 meters, the highest peaks on both sides of 1111.20 meters above sea level, a minimum 620 meters. Long and narrow and deep river valleys of the beach water and more urgent, large and small, from 99 falls and more than 300 Tam Chi composition. Whenever the flood season approaches, Tam flying splash Yu-chu, steaming mist, the thundering noise, air Bang Bo; season weather, then falls vacant, such as Bailian, the United States and absolutely white. Walk through the scenic areas, such as Castle Peak saw Dai, Pinnacle Valley, silver Fei Xie practice, numerous wild flowers, like a wonderful landscape of the volume, in order to give people an excellent visual and mental enjoyment. Canyon with several potential, such as cutting the brink of a precipice, on both sides of the vegetation Mao, Mungo green, Shi Feng different form, such as the Fengfeng linked to the picture, which enjoy walk-for-King, a special charm. Steam fog around every cloud, like a mountain castle in the air, sea of clouds dotted in Piaomiao, looking relaxed and happy is more.

The main attractions

Great Falls Cong Tan: Cong Tan gap falls 0 meters, 10 meters wide, we can Yihong from the stream down a precipice on Fei Liu, Fei Yu-chu splash, like a fly's Bailian, like a 'huge exclamation point. It is not only magnificent momentum and magnificent voice, listen to the thundering away in the past, such as listening to drums, magnificent, the Meteorology Series. Falls under a large pit, Crabs, fish, turtles in large, clear water Tam Lee, the charming scenery.

Maundy pool: Legend has it that Patrick Lau has been named in the feet. There are a stone benches Tam, naturally, very realistic. Behind the back, there are handrails on both sides, Tam said to the bath can be physical illnesses, you will be able to physical and mental health insurance, long life. Arrow block and stone cliffs block arrow: It is said that Wang had sent troops here to catch up with Patrick Lau, driven into a tight place that is made Luanjian Qi, Liu Xiu wish to kill. There are huge see him, he quickly hid in stone before the avoidance of death. Luanjian driven into a tight place one after another fired at the stone after stone and the cliff, huge rock cliff and shot numerous holes. Look at the whole rock covered with numerous small holes.

Tengu Moon: The two large boulders in the mountains, like two puppies as they a positive one aspect, long live the features, really wonderful!

Tan Zhong well: As the name suggests, there is Tanzhong Well, this place well Tanzhong small, natural formation, More than 2 meters, a deep well Jisi, it is strange.

Yin Ma slot: This section of stream water like a water tank, next to the coast stone statue of a Pijun Ma, Ma Tau into the stream, an MA in, the water fall. High and low water level, the group may have been caused by drinking Madhi, you see, there is a horse that There is also a, is down to the water in the river.

Triassic Canyon: Pearl Tam Tam and the upper reaches of the Virgin, known as the Triassic Yuyuan Tan Hop Canyon, three stacked around the waterfall, the group linked to the dam, south-pointing carriage. Legend has it that when Liu Xiu Wang Mang was the place to catch up, is Renkunmafa, dry mouth and tongue Jiao, Liu then leaned over to drink water, , All of a sudden channels, go low, and leaned want to drink, the channel also go low, this time, I met a girl by the name of Stephen Japan, see Patrick Lau difficult to drink water, then with both hands Juqi - holding water delivery Up, Liu only drink water. Stephen Japan girl hand, the channel has to fall, the three form a low three pit falls This case, Patrick Lau-chuen, Japan and the girl at first sight, Liu to the East, in the long-chuen, Japan girl watching Tanbian.

Tam arc: W Wong, also known as Tam, as a result of two similar tiles relative named, the legend in Japan for Quan Liu Xiu watching this when used daily.

Tam Long bath: Legend has it that Emperor Guangwu of Liu Xiu Bath. Come here, gurgling streams, forests Yu Cong, the two sides colorful cliff in the middle of a long stone like a giant dragon, top-down into the stream bed, mouth-long immersion Lake area.

Wolong dry river bluff purpose: It is said that the Western Han Dynasty, Liu Chu Gong, Xian Huang had with a secret purpose, to the effect that the "large letters , Lung Cheung was four, sharpen dangerous, you're done, "can not be realized for a long time. To here, that there are large Cong Tan and the big noise of water Yuhuachengxian. Wude it in the future will be able to monopolize the world, very pleased, see streams Clear, Dunjue thirsty, it Wanshen Jushui to drink, unexpectedly, falling into the imperial Tan Zhong, who will Mangming imperial fishing On the old quarry area on the laundry, dry Who knows, no writing, the imperial decree on the back of Dragon old quarry area has been submerged. You Long is a pass by here at this time, Liu will fly it into the river life, the imperial guard, the old quarry area has colorful, like Dragon general, so called after here as "Wolong River," "dry cliffs purpose"

Situation Pool: The Legend of Patrick Lau-chuen, Japan and the girl beside the pool at the regular rendezvous, as a result of lingering side want but can not speak, can not be divided for a long time. As a result of two large stone next to it is very envious of, and you want to savor a taste of China, so going through a few years, to move the body. We see this huge rock two have been close From a distance, look at the past, only a very small distance, I believe will be near Would be able to achieve this through a kiss. It is said that from a kiss under the stone passed, will be able to happy marriage, Xielao old age.

Tam scissors: Earlier this pool very much like the shape of scissors, scissors so called Tam. Shek Pik at the bottom right side of the pool and a pattern of scissors.

The boiling water Tan: also known as Tam roll, fast-flowing here, a few meters deep tan, Wang Mang to catch up with Western Han Dynasty Liu Xiu, Liu fled here, Renkunmafa, Turkey will have Jikenannai, Liu Liu Xiu see this a steep mountain valley, the soil will be told Soldiers collecting firewood, fire, prepared food. A large pan of water boiling just very badly burned, Hu Wen to Sentinel reported that the approach driven into a tight place, soldiers fear A group of people Masiran chaos, a big water Tifan since the formation of a dam, water and waves as if boiling water in general, under the waterfall with a deep tan Au, such as the kitchen fire. So local people call it Lake roll pan.

Liu Xiu Lake: The lake with a total area of nearly 30,000 square meters, up to 8 meters deep, and draw attention to safety. At For a long time in the future, but also the construction of the upper reaches of Lake Lake Quqiao heart, such as the lotus plant, the area needs to be further developed. Sunset, the ocean waves, we will think of Fan Zhongyan of the poem, "Jin Lin swimming, Zhiting Lan shore." Boating on the lake, there are also other amenities.

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Sanmenxia Guo State Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Juma Keng Guo State Museum, located in the Spring and Autumn Road on the north side of the city of Sanmenxia, Guo State Museum is relying on state-level key protection units in each of the Western Zhou Guo burial site and set up a special museum. North of the Yellow River in accordance with it, look south Xiaoshan, is a set of cultural relics on display, showing the site, the landscape into a modern, Museum features. The library was founded in 1984, covers an area of 1200 square meters, Xie Shan is an antique-style building. There are three basic museum display, that is, A Brief History of Guo State, Sanmenxia stone stele art history, Guo Juma Keng and replicas of tanks.

Guo cemetery is so far discovered in China 11 large-scale, full level, arranged in an orderly, well-preserved Western Zhou Dynasty, Spring and Autumn Period Bangguo large cemetery with a total area of 324,500 square meters. From 1956 to date found that more than 800 known types of sites, nearly 30,000 archaeological finds. In particular to explore the 90's Guo Ji, Guo Zhong two Jun large tomb, as a result of the number of archaeological finds, and the high value of the owner of high-level people, for two consecutive years was named the "top ten archaeological discoveries", and was named "China in the 20th century 100 major archaeological discovery" One. August 2002 Guo was named the National Museum of AAAA class tourist attractions, and Qualcomm IS014001 the international environmental management system certification, in August 2003 and won its fifth "of the National Museum of the 10 products on display."

Guo Juma Keng, was in 1956 with Sanmenxia Yellow River water control project construction, in the village on the ridge was found by the State of the Yellow River Reservoir Team to explore the ancient, the former vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guo's proposal to place the protection of the status quo.

This rectangular pit, the bottom 15 meters long from north to south, east 3.82 meters wide, 4.1 meters deep, kept the chariot pit 5, 10 horses, from north to south Out. Vehicles for the wood structure, only her story, double, car paints Shih, wheels, car, parts such as Ju Yuan, to preserve integrity and image clarity. Per vehicle below the pressure has two horses, Ma Tau north, neatly arranged, after the burial of the Department of killing. Under the car also found a dog's skeleton. At the same time, unearthed a large number of vehicles copper Copper horse ornaments and other items buried with the dead.

Guo Juma Keng is currently found in the intersection of East and West during the week to preserve one of the most complete, is of great historical, scientific, artistic value, in 1963 in Henan Province have been designated as key cultural unit.

Guo State Museum covers an area of Juma Keng 50 acres, the basic display, "Guo burial sites and cultural relics on display" into "one by one Xie Ying Guo Bao Guo essence of the finds from the cemetery", "Ji Liang charm - his wife, Guo told the finds from the tomb Show," " Ma Xiao cars rumble of wheels - to get off to Ma Jun Guo array group sites "," looking for trace monarch - Guo quarter of the tomb site group "Part IV. Here are the country's first show, the largest array to get off Ma Jun, the first monarch ancient tomb, "the first Chinese Tiejian," the earliest times, the most complete form of jade mask is made up of CAA Guo, seven groups Juan Yuh-pei David, and other weighing equipment. Here is one of the world's Guo Xing Yan Yuan, "Guo cutting off passers-by" fat Manner.

Guo Juma Keng museum's special geographic location, unique architectural style, fantastic display design, David Meilen the heavy, powerful array of forces on the ground floor, the mysterious monarch of the ancient tomb, the new service concept, elegant visit Atmosphere has become tourism and leisure, historical and cultural taste of the feast Jia resort.

Admission: 30 yuan /person

Preferential policies:

Minor domestic group, active duty and retired officers, journalists, travel agents, tour guides free of charge; domestic minor personal visit to half-price tickets; group travel for 5 to 7 fold fold.

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