Application loopholes in the scenic area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Application vulnerability is a scenic spot in Guangxi provincial scenic spots, Beiliu City is located 3 kilometers south-east of the main peak Goulou Hill, as a result of hook-dong, music, clothing, named after the leak. Area of 204 hectares, a typical karst landscape. Application vulnerability is the ancient Taoist 36 Dongtian "Dong Tian 22," with its hook through leakage characteristics of the song and 000. By Po-kyu, Que-yu, Pak Sha, Yuen four holes, a total length of 300 meters inside the cave Legend of the Eastern Jin Dynasty Ge Hong, "Alchemy religious", the opening words Nostoc a temple, inside a statue of Ge Hong. Hole before Cliff stele since the Tang and Song Dynasties more than 100 pieces. Inside the natural wonders of the natural, columns, stalagmites stalactites, and other criss-cross, a thousand Attitudes and attractive. There are holes spacious hall, there are only exceptional corridor, there are underground river on the ground floor, has a clear head to be learned. Humanity has a long history, since the Wei and Jin, Wang Fu, Ge Hong, Li Gang, Xu, and other celebrities to visit here to study, left a trail travel more ink, only grinding stone cliffs has more than 120. There Guo, motor, and so on in contemporary poetry Liqun painter handwriting stone. In addition, the area inside the beautiful scenery, Congcong flowers, green trees everywhere, but also adds a unique scenic of the scenery.

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Buddha-Hill Resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shan Sub-Buddhist tourist resort in Guangxi provincial tourism resort, located on the northern outskirts of the city of Yulin, about 8 km of the Buddha-Hill. Resorts with a total area of 10 square kilometers, with a water area of 2,500 acre lake. Clear water, beautiful scenery, unique and beautiful green mountains and blue waters of the pastoral scenery will be entertainment, the World Garden, Chinese Garden and Yu convalescence of the four major scenic spots such as the 56 district tourism blend. The main places to visit are: the zoo, Li Yuan Resort, Hotel, Hawaii, Lake's playground, restaurant Linyuan, Taoyuan Hotel, antique floor, Shing Mun, Han Shan Temple Vision, Kowloon Xianbao, music program Buddha fountain, fishing grounds, such as the water amusement. There are groups in the north Permian barrier, Lin secret in a deep valley, 729 meters above sea level of Forest Park Han Shan, Shan State in the protection of animals, pangolins, civet cats, azalea, camellia, Sageretia, and other garden flowers and trees, waterfalls Feiquan group of ancient temples and the Millennium "Three Han Shan temple." Travel service facilities, is a tourist resort, sports and leisure, mountain tourism Landscape of the mountains to visit a good place.

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Lu Chuan Spa - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? ?? Lu Chuan Spa, located 0.5 kilometers south county, Jiuzhou River and Miao PANGXIDONG River junction. Lu Chuan, Guangxi is the first opening to the outside world tourism county. Lu Chuan Spa with an area of about 1 acre, the temperature as high as 56 ?, an alkaline phosphate-chuen, rich in carbonate, sulfate, chloride, potassium, sodium, and other 24 kinds of chemical composition and the benefit of Body of radioactive elements radium, boron, iodine, such as argon, for the treatment of various skin diseases, arthritis, neuralgia, and so have the effect of disease, good medical and health effects. Guangxi Federation of Trade Unions nursing home in Lu Chuan. Lu Chuan Spa since found 300 years, long known as Fuquan, Stephen Xianyao, Suoi Tien, Sin syrup. "Luchuan County" Poetry has said: "Mu Tian birds, Gan Hot Springs for people."

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Shi Yi Venta - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shi Yi-Wen Shi Zhen stone tower is located in the mountains Yi. Shi Yi as a hollow octagonal tower Zhuanta Miyan Shi, the seven-story high, stacked up canopies, gourd-shaped brake top-22 meters high, built in the Southern Song Dynasty, Ming integrated maintenance for 18 years, the 11-year-Qing Emperor Qianlong (1746 Years) reconstruction. Shi Yi-Wen Shi Zhen tower is the most famous ancient cultural relics It is also now the city of Yulin, "key cultural unit". There is a ancient scholar once described Shi Yi-wen Tower: The Story of a written play, show a sharp Bagao days and Qi. On the same day as open Meng-tian County, Kongzong military affairs have not helped.

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Well Lvzhu Bobai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bobai county in the 28 km to the north-west, Feng double rural villages radish Green, a famous beauty of the Jin Dynasty Lvzhu born here, Lvzhuzhuilou death, the villagers miss her, Murai would be named Lvzhu well. It is said to drink this water-born woman looks beautiful. Qing Emperor Kangxi 1958 (1708 AD), sickle-county magistrate in Jingpang built from the temple. Imai Annihilation, is still Temple. Lvzhu (? -300), The surname Leung, Bobai County, Sheung Fung Ping Shan Rural people don green radish. Her bright intelligent, dignified and beautiful, will sing and dance poem to sing "chagrin song" jump "Wang Dance" for the best. Great Western Jin Kang years, Shi Chong Jiaozhi to make an interview, Bobai way, the shock Mu Green Beauty, Suiyi Sandouping Pearl Aiqie to hire her and took her back to Luoyang Valley Park. Sima Zhao Wang Lun right post, and his gang known Sun Lvzhu dumping of American States, to name Shi Chong obtained by Shi Chong refused. Sun after the arrest of Shi Chong, Lvzhu want to usurp that she was Zhuilou suicide. Lvzhu's death, sorrow local people sorry for her memory Liang innocent people, the purpose-build Sifeng. Tan also show history can not recite, in the Tang Dynasty poet Du Mu, "Garden Valley," said poetry: the busy San thing was Xiangchen, ruthless water from the spring grass. Tiniao east end of resentment, Flower Yousizhuilou people.

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Longquan Rock Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longquan rock scenic spots in Guangxi is a provincial-level scenic spots, located in the territory of the south-west of the town of Xingye Xian Cheng Huang Lu Feng, 1.5 km from the town center, 59 km away from the Yulin City. Mountain landscape and is the main cave landscape, field and forest scenery of scenic beauty as a supplement. Dong Jing, Mountain View, water features, complementary Lin , Integrate, complement each other.

?? Scenic Area is the main part of the deer-san, 2.4 kilometers long and 0.6 kilometers wide, for the limestone mountain, the mountain rocks, tall and straight lofty, Qi rocks, broken rock cliff. Longquan for deer in the central rock-san, 1256 m long cave, points up and down two floors, on "Dragon King's palace Treasure Palace" Hall 5, a lower underground river and meandering stream, which flows across the deer-san, its exports as a result of silt congestion, not only water cave, which come and go unknown. Rock with thousands of stalagmites and stalactites by many, stalagmites, Shiman, Stone spent a "Dragon King's palace Po

Hall, "" a thousand Gurong "and" southern scenery "magnificent landscape. Climbing up along the steps, there is a wide tilt the hall, filled with one from the ground from the pillars and stone mushroom, there are stone wall account, stone curtain, like stage The three-dimensional setting. And then along the rock band, a semi-circular and tilted hall, many more features, like the screen Curtain, neatly Yajie; embroidery like sculpture, thousands; like pastoral criss-cross paths, the more a fairy beds, chairs and a few fairy fairy footprints. And then boarded the 52 steps into a Dragon King's palace, are all up and down about three-dimensional sculpture, silver. Cave winding streams, more than 1000 meters in length, Tang Shui Access. Clear stream, but knee-deep, gravel to the bottom. Along the way there have been hanging stalactite, and thousands more numerous bats, visitors have been alerted, the Hong Hong sonic booms.

Longquan odd holes in rock, has a clear head, Sanjue stone for the United States. The main features of the natural scenic landscape surprising performance, quiet, dangerous, strong, five-show Respect; major scenic sites troops Li Tsung-jen, Pak Kok, China Longquan, Hualong Temple, and so on. Longquan col over the rocks to reach the site of Li Tsung-jen troops, in the mountains there are a hundred years from the cliffs in straight sets Guteng deep, very spectacular, a must for the deer-san.

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Yulin Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yulin City in Guangxi is located in the south-east, close to Guangdong, Hainan Province.

  In April 1997, the Yulin area evacuated to a city that dominates Yuzhou Qu, Fumian Management District, Xingye Xian, Beiliu City, Rongxian, Luchuan County, Bobai County, a total of 119 towns and townships; with a total area of 12,838 square Km; population 471,700 people, overseas Chinese and compatriots in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, nearly 80 million people in Guangxi is the largest overseas Chinese.

Yulin City in Guangxi is a major grain production base, litchi, longan, Citrus grandis, bananas, Yugui, star anise, garlic, Sanhuang, Xia smoke chickens, pigs, and other well-known specialty Inside and outside. Proven mineral resources are more than 30 kinds, of which Ying quarry, granite, limestone, feldspar and so on the most abundant reserves.

  Yulin city of beautiful scenery, known as "the natural landscape south." Well-known scenic spots and historical sites are known as "days Namgyal structure," Wu Zhen Rong Xian China's Dong Tian thirty of Taoism of the 20th Dong Tian Rong Xian Du Qiaoshan, Dong Tian twenty-North flow of loopholes in the ditch, "the southern garden show," Xie Lu Lu Chuan Villa, Bobai feast Rock Scenic Area, Societe Generale Longyan County Scenic Area, Yulin Shan Buddhist-tourism resort, and so on. Gu Chen Lin Yu Yulin, Guangxi is located in the southeast, east and Wu City, Guangdong Province, adjacent to the South and the North Sea City, Guangdong Province, adjacent to the West and the Qinzhou City, the region at the junction of Nanning, Guigang City, which borders with the North, the country's coastal economic open zones, southwest China is an important and convenient access to the sea, " Lingnan will. " Yulin Yu Zhouqu jurisdiction, Fumian Management District, Beiliu City, Rongxian, land County, Bobai County, 7 Xingye Xian county (city) area, Guangxi is the largest overseas Chinese.

  "Hometown of overseas Chinese most out three-Xiu, Four Seasons share Lingnan color," Yulin beautiful landscape, exotic monuments, commerce and prosperity, the beautiful countryside, the hometown of overseas Chinese customs, you will always Yiyi Nanshe. Yulin "Lingnan Yu, Lin scenic spots, such as "reputation, rich tourism resources, and diverse types to historical sites, the hometown of overseas Chinese customs, religion, culture, tourism and trade as a feature of Danxia karst landforms and landscapes throughout the county (city) district, agro-ecological resources Rich, has been the formation of East jade, Jade West, South-three spot. Reform and opening-up, Yulin City of rapid socio-economic development, infrastructure, transportation, energy, communications, and so has constantly been enhanced. In recent years, has built Yulin to the North Sea, heather, Rongxian, the crown of the Northern Wei flow, the road to Wei Lu Chuan, and other high-level road. To the city of Yulin City as the center of the city leading to the (City) area of high-grade highway network has been formed. Power construction has complete coverage of the city's 35 kilovolt to 220 kilovolt power transmission of the network, the main power grid capacity of up to 30 billion kilowatts of local small thermal power, small hydropower generating capacity 300,000,000 kwh. Well-developed communications, all of the city's digital program-controlled telephone of Agriculture being the "three high" agriculture and speed up the development of agricultural industrialization, the first in Guangxi to achieve a "per-mu yield TON-GRAIN FIELD City." Further speed up the process of industrialization, the city set up a machinery, building materials, ceramics, food, pharmaceutical, Tang Zhi, chemical industry, a pillar for the cigarette industry's system of the train as Yuchai machinery, Yulin system Guangxi reached the United States and a number of a certain scale in China and the well-known enterprises. High-speed development of township enterprises, the economic development of Yulin is the most dynamic growth. Trade and prosperity active contract, the city of Yulin industrial clothing market, Chinese herbal medicine market in china.

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Wuzhou Riverside Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the downtown area of southwestern Riverside Park, the environment Yishanbangshui elegant, chic compact. Flower and fish pond Cuoluoyouzhi Gallery Ballroom, Ting Xie up the house and recreational facilities in the shade green leaves. Garden-nan Park, bamboo, bamboo corridors, the bamboo pavilion, bamboo fence, a bamboo Naozhongqujing the world, rich One Village Wild The park is a children's amusement park in the world the joy of the children. This is the game tea to visitors, fishing, swimming, open Mid-Autumn holidays. And when the sun sets, living in the vicinity of the Miao, Buyi and leisure for the elderly in the singing of folk songs, parks constitute a unique style.

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Babao Tong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

River Jiujiang is located in the south bank of the mountains, bays, hills and islands, over the jungle, according to legend has previously Sin travel far and wide this point, the drums and appreciation of agricultural Sound overnight, leaving after eight Bao Chau for the commemoration, the "keep out eight treasures" . Tropic of Cancer as a result of the Trans-Babao and Tong, to open up astronomy to the park.

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Bing Wei tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? ?? located at the south bank of the Xijiang River Iron Mountain angle, the light was built four years (1824), brick structure was hexagonal tower, high-7, 34 meters. Each tower building canopies Lotus relief pattern, very spectacular. A floor governor of the Qing Dynasty Wuzhou Yuan Wei-bolt moment "Wen Luan large show," top part of a tablet on the second floor, "Wei Ping Tower" (have been left behind ) 3 words, in order to make transportation in Guangxi of the Qing Dynasty scholar Chen Jichang carved book.

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Pan Yuan Garden Restaurant - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pan Yuan Garden Restaurant for Wuzhou one of the Eight. That is, Guijiang, Jiujiang River (upper reaches of the Xijiang) convergence, Guijiang and water turbidity of the Xijiang River flows at the same time, a muddy one-ching, a relief to a radical, clear, commonly known as Mandarin River, the Song Dynasty poet Su Shi's reputation as " Silk Mandarin unique. " Jiang Yuanyang beautiful scenery, look look Saw vast West River, surging water; Guijiang green, and sparkling. Interchange water, the water is like Mandarin, leaned each other, hug each other, looks Sishou, Nanshenanfen. Legend has it that the Song dynasty poet Su Dongpo was then pass Wuzhou amnesty, the Mid-Autumn Festival coincides with the night, in Yuanyang River rafting in the face of the river can not help voicing thoughts Chun, Chan poetry: "I love the clean and upright row hit frequency, Silk Mandarin unique." Yuanyang in the name of the river from private to spread. "Pan Yuan Garden Restaurant" is listed as the first of eight Wuzhou. Wuzhou to the tourists who visit the impressive scenery are amazing. 84 end of the year, the city of Wuzhou in the river mouth in the West Bank triangular Department has opened up a Known as the "pan-Yuan Garden Restaurant" scenic areas, a pavilion and the flavor of the ups and downs, twists and turns of the winding corridor along the coast, attracted me to lean on a railing overlooking a lot of tourists, watched from the East to the surging river, watch the Department of Qingzhuo Into the spectacle, as well as the volcano on the southern bank of the ancient tower Yunsheng. In June 2000, Jiang Yuan and junction plane Jiang Yuan of the bridge, but also for tourists provide a major convenience.

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Department of Long Island - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wuzhou is located in the city of West River in a small island, 3.5 km away from the urban area. Of the old Seven Mile Island. An area of about 1.5 hectares, surrounded by water, a Song Qi Feng, standing mid-stream, to the "Lung Chau-cheng zhi", no matter how big the flood, the island can not drown the total. Is the ancient legend of the immortal put a chicken, duck carrying a pair of Po, How much the flood will not sink, it is also known as Wuzhou people, "Chau cages." Wen Ge Jian Ming and Qing Emperor Kangxi, when the reconstruction. Tingxiu trees on the island, Jiang Shu embraced the low-down island of splashing water, waves as Eun-joo, like snowflakes and waves, the vessel flies. Xiuba overlooking the mountains, the mountain city of Wuzhou, mountain water around the ring with one of southern scenery, it is palatable to Head. South Ming Emperor Yongli Bozhou has made a special trip to this degree of the Mid-Autumn Festival, fine-sounding name more famous water palace Chan-line poem Long Island: "There is Shi Yi Ran, a single Department of Long Island" (Gui-ming Liu, "Untitled"); "Cui Department of Road Shi-long, all-whale-like crocodile. Pillar in Hong Tao, sales for key river. "(Ming Xing Yuan" Untitled ");" qi A leaf is very much like a boat, the shore mooring Jingtao mid-stream. Nong Chao Cheng-xing as a result have no intention to listen to the voice of Jiang's Picnic. "(Mok group," Gordon Department of Lung Chau ").

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Former Residence of Li Jishen - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Former Residence of Li Jishen Cangwu County is located in Wuzhou City is expected Kamimura. A former vice chairman of the Central People's Government of Mr. Li Jishen was born here in 1885.

Li Jishen (1885-1959), the word permanent wave, Guangxi cangwu people. Army graduated from Beijing University, a former chief of staff Yuejun the first division, on behalf of the division , The National Revolutionary Army of the Fourth Army commander, vice president of the Whampoa Military Academy, Chairman of the Guangdong Provincial Government. In 1933, Fujian organized anti-Japanese Fan Jiang's "People's Revolutionary Government of the Republic of China", under the chairmanship; in 1948 initiated the establishment of the Chinese Kuomintang Revolutionary Committee, chaired. After the founding of the PRC, the former vice-principal of the Central People's Government , The NPC Standing Committee in the first and second vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee vice chairman of the first, second and third terms, passed away in Beijing in 1959.

House built in 1925, estate-style brick building, built around the four walls and gun turret, for courtyard-style houses and rooms, corridors days aisle plane -Gun turret, both Chinese and Western architecture. Covers an area of 3040 square meters. After the green mountains and ancient forests iron, elegant landscape. Is a national heritage. House for the green-tile-roofed house courtyard, the hospital after the old Iron power green forests, beautiful scenery.

Qian Zhao front of a large marble top, hand carved Hu Yaobang Written by the "former residence of Li Jishen" 5 characters. Down the escalator on the second floor, surrounded by corridors on Western-style chic bars, carved doors and windows on the flowers and patterns, has added antique colors. Li Jishen is on the second floor of the reception room and bedroom, telegraph room, generally kept the display of the year. Former Residence of Li Jishen built in 1935 Li Jishen here has received a number of KMT officials and a large number of people who love culture. Watt's former home side built-block sidewalks, and 1.40 on the same gun turret, is to enter an attack or retreat to observe the building. After the liberation, the former residence of Li Jishen on several occasions to carry out repairs in 1997 were classified as state-level key cultural relics protection Unit-level autonomous regions and the patriotism education bases. Chinese and Western architecture for the visitors as well as the gun turret room with the perfect combination of stunning, well-known family of the Democratic Revolution, the former vice chairman of the Central People's Government of Li Jishen NORTH PEAK performance and revolutionary style to the more impressed by the visitors.

1929 , Li Jishen Chiang Kai-shek was imprisoned after the release of Tangshan back to live here, in 1936 held here in the United League and the Unidad Revolucionaria Nacional. Anti-Japanese contact during the KMT and the CPC and the people in the cultural sector Chen Mingshu, Jiang Nai, Cai Tingkai, Chu Yun-shan, Mei Gong Bin, Zhou Chen, Xuanxia father, and other matters to discuss anti-Japanese behind enemy lines. In 1944 to accept Thinking back to the old recommendation to the organization of armed people, and the dispatch of the Dong culture, a group of patriotic people here "in the Southern District Anti-Japanese Committee," to carry out anti-Japanese behind enemy lines and telecommunication links and to maintain Yanan

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Volcano Xi Yan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wuzhou City in the south, separated River Jiujiang (West River) stands. Yu Cong around the Four Seasons, as a result of a "sword buried in Turpan-night candle Mountain Han, Tibetan beads floating Hui Shan Ying-night" and got its name. Legend has it that South Vietnam Qin Mo Jian Wang Cho Yoon possession of this mountain, it Teng light at night, on March 5 per Tianyi see, even at the beginning of a fire from spreading to the next top, all-red Hill, into the fire And an instant out the next day in the mountains still want to drop green. Yamashita has also Chuan Tan, the depth of The Promise, under Bao-zhu, Chugeng float, bringing on stars, candle Baoguang days, such as Emei Gejia, shengdeng Nanyue of shape, then a "volcano Yan Xi" wonders. Litchi production in the mountains, which mature in April each year, was a national reputation "Litchi volcano." Yamashita C riverside temple, Jiayu middle like a small fish fins, the United States and taste great, especially in late spring. It is said that the country's well-known char before the middle of this, throughout the post-breeding. Shen Gui period of the Tang Dynasty poet "who by the volcanic heat, Jiang Yan into the miasma sell" from a poem.

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Wuzhou Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wuzhou is located in the eastern part of Guangxi, located in the middle reaches of the Pearl River Basin. Wuzhou City is a 2000-year-old ancient city, the ancient Baiyue to place widely believed to be cangwu Gu Cheng, rich in ancient legends as a result of the Indus thorn tree named after. In 621 AD (Tang Takenori 4), Junzhi to change state government, will be replaced by cangwu Wuzhou, Wuzhou is Of the beginning. In 1927 the formal establishment of the city of Wuzhou, in order to provincial cities. Show dominates the city of Wuzhou million area, mountain butterfly, the suburbs, Cangwu County, Tengxian, Meng Shanxian, hosted Cenxi City, covering an area of 12,585 square kilometers, the population of 2,730,000, of the total population of the Han nationality accounts for 99%. One area of Wuzhou City 30 Kilometers and a population of 320,000.

  Wuzhou is a beautiful two thousand years of history with the city. To the ancient Baiyue, widely believed to be cangwu Gu Cheng. In 621 AD (Tang Takenori 4), Junzhi to change state government, will be replaced by cangwu Wuzhou, Wuzhou is the beginning of its name. 192 In the formal establishment of the city of Wuzhou, in order to provincial cities. She is located in Jiujiang and the Guijiang River (called the upper reaches of the Lijiang River) at the junction of the area, 365 meters above sea level Beiyi of Baiyun Mountain, Castle Peak embrace of green water around the small river, rich and pleasant weather.

  Wuzhou is located in the city of Jiujiang and the Guijiang River (called the upper reaches of the Lijiang River The junction area, 365 meters above sea level Beiyi of Baiyun Mountain, Castle Peak embrace of green water around the small river. Shaosheng in the Song Dynasty poet Su Dongpo (1094 AD) has passed Wuzhou Fushi said: "The nine are Lianmian Yi Heng Xiang, cangwu alone in one day. Blowing isolated Kok Yan Shu, Jiang Wei Luo vast sunset." Subsequently, Su Bong Hui Zhao, once again visited Wuzhou Guijiang, Yin Chu, "I love the clean and upright row hit frequency, Silk Mandarin unique" well-known lines.

  Wuzhou is located in the middle reaches of the Pearl River Basin, adjacent to Guangdong, near Hong Kong and Macao, backed by the vast Southwest. Guijiang Department, River Jiujiang, the Xijiang River in a convenient, fat and water , And many merchants, like clouds of tourists, is well-known trading port in southern China, "Hong Kong" that has always been all over Guangxi and Yunnan, Guizhou, and Sichuan and other places of distribution of goods, leading to the Guangxi is the most convenient channel in Hong Kong.

  China's outstanding tourist city - the city of Wuzhou is located in the eastern part of Guangxi, and Guangdong, Hong Kong Linked to the water, adjacent to the economically developed Pearl River Delta, Southwest backed by neighboring ASEAN. "Guangxi door to the East" and the "Guangdong, Hong Kong and the back garden." Show million dominates the district, the mountain butterflies, Cheung Chau district, Cangwu County, and the Tengxian Mengshan Xian, hosted Cenxi City, covering an area of 12,588 square kilometers, the population of 2,900,000. North In the line from the city through, a sub-tropical monsoon climate zone, the average annual temperature of 21 ?. Dependent landscape here, the city linked to Jiang, the city scenery and a half, semi-blue city, fresh air and beautiful scenery is breathtaking landscape of the city, also known as the "chaotic situation created by the Chinese Museum City" and "artificial world of precious stones are." Shanqingshuixiu Wuzhou, beautiful scenery. National, autonomous regions and cultural level as many as 16 units, the main attractions are: China chaotic situation created by the city museum, heritage building the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Song Long Tai Miao mother, completed the first National Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Su has been praised for the "Silk Mandarin unique" Yuanyang Jiang, autonomous regions and class King spots Baiyun Mountain Park, four ex-ji Buddhist temple, the world's largest breeding center for rare animals francoisi, the world's largest living snake Reserve raised field Wuzhou snake park, 23 years Qing Emperor Guangxu (1897) was Wuzhou Prefecture Into the port was built at the former site of the British consular department, three of the National Football Training Base of Wuzhou sports training base, state-level forest park Dragon Lake Tourist Resort Shishan and peace, the former residence of Li Jishen national heritage unit, formed Mengshan champion of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, and other sites.

  Wuzhou is a famous Cantonese opera at home and abroad of town. Wuzhou the local culture by the East poem (cangwu), West (Tengxian), the Southern drama (Cenxi), Song of the North (Meng), and in the urban areas in the central section of the five major opera poses. Local repertoire features include: mother cow drama, dance Erh-fire bowl dance, white unicorn dance, dance Lei, alba dance and opera Wuzhou. In addition, the golf course, bowling alley, dance hall, the city entertainment, nightclubs, Single room, table tennis /badminton hall, such as Internet cafes were readily available.

  Guangdong and Guangxi Wuzhou is the center of the city, a variety of native products, travel goods, with a complete range of wares. Native products include: precious stones handicrafts, crystal milk, curd, guiling paste, meat Dragon card, a snake meal, boat Congee, three snake wine, liquor Gecko, Lingnan god of wine, with sweet dates Wuzhou, and so on. "Eat in Wuzhou", local Cuisines: Wuzhou paper chicken, cooked in soy and vinegar coming Feng, Ji Bao river snail, Ting Zizhou, banana leaves, such as fried rice cake.

  Wuzhou City tourism industry size, structure, capacity and so on have a certain scale. Wuzhou plot Into the Pan-Pearl River Delta and ASEAN Tourism large circle and go all out to develop the tourism market at home and abroad. "You Cantonese Wuzhou", "You people in Guangxi Wuzhou", "Guangdong, Hong Kong people travel Wuzhou", "ASEAN tourists travel Wuzhou" self-drive tourism increasingly hot line.

  The hospitality of Wuzhou The people who came to welcome home and abroad for sightseeing!

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End of the World Pavilion - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qinzhou City in Qinzhou of the people in the town park. Chuan-Qing calendar for the Northern Song Dynasty (1041-1048), known Taobi was built. "Chin in the ocean south, west Jiaozhi (now Vietnam) to the capital thousands of miles, so as to the End of the World, and Hepu of one who is also known as the Cape." End of the World pavilion was built in the early South-east Gudu head out Wu five years (1372) Tong Zhi Guo bring the city to move east entrance of reconstruction. In 1935 this relocation site, it is also known as the "three-track Song to move." Hexagonal pavilion for the plane, while 2.5 meters long, 5 meters high. Liang Jia pillars timbers, Cuanjian Ding, glazed tile covered. North and South Pavilion face hanging cornices, "Song track thrice" and "End of the World Pavilion" wood End of the World Pavilion in the green mountains and blue waters, spring water, Dicui Castle, to board the height of summer, Shuangqi attacks, I do not know afternoon heat. Pavilion at 3 m to the north, Tian Han in 1962 poem, "Canal rolling into the lake, not the word crisis over grass-order kiosks. Huai clear off the word homeland, Qinzhou is why the End of the World," a single stone.

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Lin vertebral Pinnacle - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longitudinal Pubei County in central and southern mountains of the five HUANG Ling growth of more than 20 million mu of merging the original red vertebral secondary forest, they straighten thick trunk (some two or three people to be able He Bao), stands tall (some of the two high-San Zhang ), The number of branches and compact, dense and slender green leaves, each tree is like a green Jusan, shelter Zhetian . Up from the foot of the mountain, and that verdant green of the vertebral forest, along from low to high, winding down the mountain, Manshanbianye, Mimizaza, layer upon layer to grow endless. This is a red vertebral Lin, China can be a must. Provincial Line Road, 20123 (Walled to Zhang Wei Huang) 61 kilometers to the west fork junction 4 public Village Road, then to five HUANG Ling in the center of the Longmen Zhen Mao village. Here, visitors can enjoy the magnificent KIWI "Lin vertebral Pinnacle," the natural landscape.

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Mountain people sites - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Heung Hoi Ling Shanxian in three columns Chong Village in Ma On Shan. Gu Feng karst mountains, the shape of a saddle. Yan Dongsheng a foot of the mountain, Portugal and rock to rock at the end of three holes. In 1960, Teachers College, Guangdong, the Guangdong Provincial Heritage Commission and the Chinese Academy of ancient archaeological team with the spine of ancient human research institute Jia Lanpo, Gu Min, Gu Yan Dongsheng, and so on Found a temporal bone of the middle ear, two teeth and a section on the left side of the upper femur; in the Portuguese rock to find a top-3 and the frontal bone. Xiong Yan Dongsheng also unearthed fossils of snails and calcification; to the Portuguese rock rhino unearthed in China, wild boar, deer and cattle in the fossils. Experts study identified as one of the late Pleistocene fossil bones. Named "Ling "Fossils unearthed in place. In addition, Stone Cave-back mountain torrents ancient human relics, unearthed a bone-top, a hip, on a molar, 2 tooth plate, on behalf of the elderly individual, is the Old Stone Age. In stone Tang Xiang Zhong Xiushan slippery cave sites, 10 found the skull, 70 teeth, l block hip, l pieces of perforated Chu and some of the reticulate, Jomon pottery, the study identified as the New Stone Age human skeleton.

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Ma LAN - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Eight new Qinzhou, one of the basket Ma fairy islands, including the District Qinnan rhinoceros feet of water in the town of Ma Wan and Island basket. Ma basket Island (also known as the first basket Ma) is one of the Qinzhou Bay on the island, the total area of 295,000 square meters (including a beach in the northwest 15,000 square meters), the rhinoceros at the foot of the north-west of the town, the seat 4. Kilometers from the water to the Qinzhou Port .2 miles, travel by boat and a half hours to arrive, convenient sea and land transport.

Ma basket of the island like an oxbow shape, a long curved shape. Widest point on the island 400 meters, 200 meters narrowest point, has a surface area of 80,000 square meters of the hill, elevation 21. M, on top of the sea can enjoy the colorful spectacle. Rippling blue waves, Tianshui win a hand, the sand fly gull, Jinlin swimming, windsurfing little bit, singing each other's Song, referring to the wind side, relaxed and happy. On the island intact, pine, casuarina, bamboo reed, the United States slash pine growth, and other close-mao, neat, is the evil of artificial forest, trees Yam, the coverage rate to 80%.

  Ma basket island surrounded by the sea, the sea is the ring on three sides, which have a large one on the beach, a wide flat, sandy gold, is the rare natural bathing beach; many reefs, a thousand-funded attitudes, strangely shaped, and it is thus a major The Greatest Places; this place there are a very strong The mangrove forest belt. Ma basket Shanqingshuixiu fairy islands, Mao-tree forests, elegant environment, people are on vacation, sightseeing, the ideal tourist destination.

  Island to the north-west of a large beach, a wide flat, sandy golden, natural bathing beach, south-west for the rock group, thousands of rocks, strangely shaped, East Is a very large spectacular mangroves. This is also rich with the "three-sand": the problem, sand drilling fish, sand crabs, famous overseas. Qinzhou of the island is the development of new tourist resorts and tourism facilities have been improved.

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Wang Gang Shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

King Kong is Shiwandashan Shan mountain range, in the main through-Qin Beiqu throughout Town, covering an area of 1637 hectares. Gang Wang Shanshan Podou high, the wall must peak risk, forest clouds, like spring all year round. Dr. Sun Yat-sen have been here over the leadership of anti-Shan Wang Gang armed uprising, led by the People's Party guerrillas have set up base here. The steep mountains, abundant forests and streams is a slim, sleek King Kong Mountain landscape characteristics. Longshan large peak of 994.6 meters altitude, for the city of Qinzhou in the first summit, five fingers Feng, Wang Gang head, and so on Beacon Hill more than 800 meters above sea level there are 15 peaks, many Shek Pik, cutting steep, foggy cloud Gone with the Wind . 800 m above sea level of the Wei-ping, lying flat on both sides of the cliffs, like the mountain platform, with many in the rock, a short mountain forest, as if natural landscapes.

King Kong on high mountain bee with a little perspective, the vast distance to the sea, near the city looming, the group with a single step nose ridge, strong gas future. Scenic areas within the river Water features, Bitou Ying-ching, a few fish; Castle cover green water, mountains and rivers with Chang Yi. Stream over the forest, tree-lined, river rock exposed, the United States and overlapping Shan Tam, bank or see water everywhere, the water falls into a fly. In 1995 approved the establishment of provincial-level forest park for.

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Feng Wood House - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gong Bao, also known as the first former residence in the town of Qinzhou City, Qinzhou Whitewater Tong, Feng is a step back into the village at home. Wood Feng (1818-1903), Qinzhou, South word stem, its leather booths, the late Qing Dynasty general, the former Guangxi, Guizhou and admirals. Sino-French War in 1885, has nearly 70 years in Zhennan Guan (this Youyi Guan) " Drosicha clothing, Governor saber team, "bloody, defeated the French army, to follow up the victory Wenyuan Vietnam, Lang Son and other places, more than 1,000 F-French, known as" Victory Zhennan Guan. "Buried after the death of Qinzhou City East , In 1905 to build the tomb, the tomb of a Tablet, Shirengou, Shima, stone arches, the scale of the event. Former Residence was built in the first year of Emperor Guangxu (1875 AD), covers an area of 64,350 square meters, is a Feng Shui reorganization of the military material sent to the front line of resisting law enforcement headquarters. Take home south to north, the brick building, including the three small hills, surrounded by walls and tanks. Three hours into the house, each into the Sam Tung, Each three-constitute the richest Wind characteristics of the "three rows of nine" building model. 40.5 m-wide surface, 45 meters deep into the pass. 3 Miankuo the main building, together with Liang Chuan Dou-mixed framework, hard top, Sha Tong Wa al. Building a strong focus on practical, not luxurious decoration, but high-quality fine art. There are temple, towers, buildings, stables, ponds, Well, gardens, orchards, and other ancillary buildings, walls outside the building, large-scale, a new hospital in Tung Tau Forest of Stone Tablets, delicate and pretty exquisite writing, gesture Qiu Jin, self-King.

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Six King Devonian profile nature reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Six King Devonian section is well-known Devonian standard profile, the world famous Devonian standard profile. It is located in the northwest Hengxian six near the town of King, from Nanning, the capital of the autonomous region, about 50 km. King started at the starting point for the section north of the town of Xia Yi Shan, south through the train station and then to the southeast Valley and the ancestral village close A total distance of about 3.5 km. Stratigraphic section at Deep Water Comparing with the standard Devonian profile and shallow water with Devonian section, the two types. The six-profile King both two types of marine sedimentary basin, is the region with Sham Devonian and shallow water with Devonian stratigraphic correlation between the bridges. Its scientific research, teaching, international academic Flow has an important role. In recent years, with its rich geological features clear profile of a shorter line, accessibility, and the geology students become interns and the masses to popularize knowledge of the location. King profile six or paleontology, stratigraphy and sedimentary facies study ancient geology and so on the basis of the ecological study of Would like to place.

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King scenic beach water - Chinese tourism scenic spots

King Beach National Scenic Area water at the southern outskirts of the city of Nanning, capital of Guangxi, 28 km, based on the Dawangtan reservoir built to Huguangshanse beautiful south of the Yangtze River and the magnificent modern water conservancy project is known, Nanning, the capital called the "back garden" is all green Nanning One of the top 10 scenic spots, tourist scenic spot in Guangxi outstanding. King Beach Water Located in the beautiful Phoenix Ling Ha, was known as the United States and the Phoenix Lake, located in Guangxi from Shiwandashan Bachimen the middle reaches of the River. River Phoenix in the past through the ridge and the formation of Oxytropis Hill Canyon Rapids, people pray for good weather and the safety of passing ships, built in the valley next to a large Temple, the king said Beach. Dawangtan reservoir built in 1958, was completed in 1960, the reservoir has a hub 670 meters long, 38 meters high main dam of a, 10 secondary, with a total capacity of 638,000,000 cubic meters, the water storage area of 38 square kilometers. After years of construction, now king of the beach set of flood control reservoirs have been built, irrigation, the And tourism functions of the large reservoirs. Phoenix Lake vast lake, Lake Clear blue, exquisite crystal, Yan traditional costumes and full of water, such as transparent as mirror clean. Castle Peak, green, blue sky, white clouds making the other more beautiful, sparkling, colorful; especially in the evening, the golden beauty of the lake can look at the players in Life-like, at this time of the Phoenix blue lake like a golden Guoshang mercury, Fuguo breeze, sparking bursts of gold ripple, showing one of the resplendent scene. Spread all over the island in the lake, floating if Shen, or hidden or are; mountains around the Lake, surrounded by green, the faint trail; fresh air waves in the wind, sultry Lung and promoting people of God Shuang, Chang-minded people ... ... There are poems of praise: "You trail the United States and Silk Hill, Dan a close eye. Taihu envy the people of the world, although King, but the upper reaches of Lake Phoenix Love." "King of King Beach Beach ah, But no king Beach. Bathing just saw goddess, six under the water a sentimental Bay. "Phoenix is also the beauty of the lake to attract large number of persons taken The fans come. Yishanbangshui built in scenic areas of the reservoir King Beach Resort, with spacious, comfortable and well equipped in different grades of luxury suites, deluxe standard room, single, common standard rooms, 110 Triple A total of 280 beds. At night, in the small resort places one night, home In this quiet environment, Tao Sheng as the soft breeze from the lake came gently, like a lullaby support of the dream, find people to sleep. So that you stay away from the city noise, the rush to unload on earth, is the integration of nature and an excellent way to enjoy nature. Resort has a full set of specifications for a variety of meeting rooms, Song and dance halls, karaoke and barbecue box OK, and other facilities, also held a variety of high-quality conferences and training courses ideal destination. The beauty of the lake to build the resort chic restaurants, reception of 300 people dining at the same time. Village restaurant a "green, healthy and delicious" as the king of eating and drinking culture theme, Totally confusing to local vegetable farmers and farm chickens, pigs, and other raw materials as elaborate. The most memorable is the Phoenix Lake Reservoir in fresh wild fish to produce the whole fish feast, people labiodental Fresh, it is difficult to forget. Inside the area also has a large recreation center of a campaign, set tennis, badminton, table tennis Ball, squash, basketball, football and other sports as a whole. Every weekend, many of the company's white-collar workers are the same here leisure resort in Phoenix to enjoy the beauty of the lake than can be made to the artificial playing field, brought about by the movement to enjoy health and happiness. This Nanning has become the public through the weekend A kind of fashion. Nanning Phoenix Lake is 50 km radius of the largest artificial lakes, to develop a full range of water sports and entertainment projects to meet the wishes of the people play in the water. Water development projects entertainment standard swimming pool, luxury yachts, boats, speed blisters, banana, diving, water-skiing, water slide umbrella, leisure and so on the raft. Speedboat Speed blisters, banana, diving, water-skiing, water slide is the umbrella-loving and fashion to stimulate the movement of the best friends. Nanning to King & Beach Resort is the golden distance, accessibility, green cars travel every day off. Bicycle enthusiasts can step on those beloved horse, enjoying the scenery along the way with the Movement can be. King of the Beach Scenic Area, is to enjoy the sun, water, health one of the best way to travel.

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Wei Lu ancient town - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lo Town is located in central and southern Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, 67.5 km away from Nanning City, is located in Binyang county, Guangxi is one of the four ancient town is Binyang County's political, economic, cultural and education center. The town area of 188.04 square kilometers, of which 73,446 acres of paddy field area, the basket area 313 3 acres. The total number of 42,054, with a total population of 19.0245 million, of which urban population of 83,000, 107,250 of the rural population. 28 village under the jurisdiction of the town, 16 communities and 212 villages, the town 36 units of the organs. 95 cadres and workers in the town, 30 village, the village Set up 220 cadres. The town has 8 schools, 93 primary schools, teachers, office 1316.

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Seriola top-Hill site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Seriola top of the site is located in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Yongning Xian Shan Po New Village Miaozhen nine bowl slope. Site area of 5000 square meters, is the largest preservation of the territory of Guangxi, the unearthed relics, relics of the richest, most representative of the Neolithic site of one of the shell mound. Settlements and the burial site of the separation zone. Burial in the 331 clean-up of the graves were unearthed bones of more than 400, include not only the funeral-Yang Shen, on their sides, leaning over the limb flexor funeral and burial squat limb flexor, and other forms of limb flexor mass, unearthed a small number of stone tools and pottery are more Similar shell mound site in Guangxi found for the first time. In addition, it found rows, regular column hole for Stem square-column construction in Guangxi prehistoric archaeological for the first time to determine, for Guangxi to explore the prehistoric human beings to live in the form of dry fields and construction of the origin and development of value. Cultural relics can be divided into four phases, II and III of the academic community has been named the "top Seriola Hill culture", age about 8,000 years ago to 70 0 years, an early New Stone Age relics. The fourth has entered the late Neolithic Age, some years ago during the years 6000-5000. Hill Seriola top sites, on the understanding of prehistory in the southern region of Guangxi and shell mound site of the cultural characteristics and content, the prehistoric culture of the region to build the basic framework and sequence Of the Yellow River to reveal different from that of the natural environment of the Yangtze River in human survival and development of a model of how to explore the prehistoric South China and Southeast Asia-way cultural exchanges between man and nature, and so the interaction is of great significance.

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Yang Mei town - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiang ancient town located in the lower reaches of the left, and Jiang's three sides, from Nanning, the capital city about 30 km by public transport, water and land, by sea from Nanning, along Yongjiang up more than 30 kilometers into the left-Jiang, Yang went to the United States and the ancient town. Ancient town built in the Song Dynasty, as a result of water will rise and, as a result of the decline of water and silence, has gone through a thousand years. , By Luo and Liu, land and the construction of surname Li, as a result of numerous thorns, white flowers all over the floor, named "white village." Later, Di Qing Ping Man, who came to the parties, the progressive development, as a result of the stream (that is, Jiang left) surrounded by Yang Bo-by-stream, it will be "Yang Village." Later, with the development of the times, the ideological evolution of the United States to the people, they "Yang Mei." Yang Ming Dynasty in the United States to develop, by the Qing Dynasty is a more prosperous. Prosperity, Jan 8 terminals are the United States, "then the stern of small bow, South cavity to the north over the language. Nightfall tens of millions of light-fan, Yu-gang flash Floating like stars," as a major trading port, is a radius of 100 km of distribution of goods. Here the people Quaint, Norman Lo Tak, the United States and Yang-Yang Mei, Zhong Ling Yuk Sau, Renjiedeling. Ming and Qing Dynasties, Juren, examination, the ex-sheng, one after another degree too; Revolution in modern times, there are sages Zhi Tang Liang, Andrea Leung, for the people admire. Yang United States still maintains Old Streets of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Gu Xiang, Gu Ci, the temple, old house, old , The ancient gate to the ancient port, civil and military tower, beacon towers and old, endless charm. To get into the town, the old house row upon row of the Ming and Qing dynasties, historical sites spread all over, the seven-chu housing, housing Juren, the first examination, Muyi the door, cut around the monument, Huang began Manor, the old streets, old houses, the old window lattice, Deep courtyard, The long-carved cornices, the foot of a wall covered with moss, filled with dull and tranquility. Bright and clean along the way, such as washing of the Qing Shiban, more than 300 meters on either side full of blue Heiwa, the brick shop in the Qing Dynasty, which is built in 1832's "River Street." There was a busy street, carrying a heavy history Canopy roof, Chen old brick tile, stone Zhu Chu, has long been attributed to the quiet. Walking in the streets of this ancient Ching Ming, charm into this remote environment, thoughts will be long gone era of the search; night falls, the voice of the string and wind from the depths of the ancient town long to spread through the dough too late Jiang sent to the wind, my heart was floating flick . Yang of the United States and eight major scenic spots attracted a large number of tourists: the Longtan Xi Ying, Ji Cui Leifeng, clear spring sword play, on Jiang Liu Ting, River beach, sloping green tone, Wang Yunxia Court, Pine Beach called phase, are still To be found. 20 beacon towers, and other little-known scenic spots are also quite a number of aesthetic appeal. Ming Dynasty, the famous trip Xu Nanning home from the boat left on Jiang, who praised the United States Yang scenery along the river: "Since Nanning, Youjiang over (into the left-Jiang), Shi Lu, mt only to the United States Yang Jiang, Shi Qi before ... ... more than that Yangshuo Hill Endangered Qiao Jiang, not on the coast stone, and stone exciton production stream, no Shi Qi. " It can be said that the United States Yang town, the magnificent scenery; ancient port net , And endless charm.

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Stephen shrimp - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guangxi's Nanning City is located 120 km north-west of the northern shore of Youjiang, Pingguo county West shrimp foot of the mountains, there is a mouth-chuen, from close to the river bank, clear bright and clean spring water into the Youjiang. San Siyue annual Lunar New Year late at night, the shrimp group gathered Mimizaza right over the river and spring water in the shallow junction Wali, scrambling to forge ahead against the current. Shrimp spring water down the EU will again move forward. Chuen, who rushed to the mouth of the shrimp will be the winner of the gesture, Kenya carefree travel into the depths of the spring, there have been no longer. The shrimp here is the peculiar habits, "Health-ri-ri support," Youjiang "home", Stephen shrimp as a "villa." Local villagers should be Of the season at night to an I-chuen, a shrimp cage, after 23 hours of "Shou cage to be shrimp," can not "fishing" and was more than 10 kilograms of "spoils of war."

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Nanning People's Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nanning is located in the urban areas to the north. Construction in 1951. 785 acres per plot; one area of 10 acres of water, the green coverage to 45.61 percent. People's Park, also known as White Park, a park as a result of some 70,000 square meters of the White Dragon Lake got its name. According to the History of Song "and Jisheng Meanwhile," recorded in the Song Dynasty general who has Shuaijun Di In the presence, on a lake to see a group of Aries, like a swimming White Dragon, so given the name White Lake Dragon Lake, White Dragon Lake can be seen has been named on the thousands of years. Zhenning Battery Park, White Dragon Lake, Jiuqu Qiao, Hu Xinting, White Dragon restaurant, children's amusement park, goldfish game, ice on the ground floor room, strong Monument, and so on. Park opposite the door, is a verdant forest, the whole Yan-side slopes, which is the main park - Wang Pei Xian, a 141 high, 10 meters wide stone steps through the Peak. Jin Luo Chuan has been in Nanning in the mountains west of Luo's cultivate immortal, Wang Pei Xian Luo and as a result of the relative distance Xiushan Named after. Wang Xian Poding Uehara has worship Di, Sun Mianyang, Yu Jing, Su Shih, Wang Yangming, according to Mang map Nanning on the history of celebrity power of the "six Ancestral Hall," was the old warlords Gui Lu Rongting down in 1917 , Built a fort, that is, Fort Zhenning. Fort Qingshi large structure for a ring Fort, built inside a high-profile placement above a German Krupp factory-made guns in 1890. Block, a Fort Ancient Beilang feet. Battery can board the Nanning City, overlooking the whole picture, can not help but ponder nostalgic memories ray. Wang Pei Xian is the highest Nanning, boarded the Fort, Nanning panoramic view. Wang Pei Xian The south is the White Dragon Lake. Bamboo Lake shade, swaying and weeping willows, the lake at the center of a small island, there Jiuqu Qiao Island in the west, north of the island there are three holes on the bridge to the island and the shore of Lake linked up. Visitors can boating lake, feeding on the bridge can be fun. Dongbei Yu in the park on the slopes, has a grand revolution strong Monument, 25 meters high monument, engraved on the "immortal revolutionary martyr," a few golden Chinese characters, surrounded by pines Calocedrus, the entire building with a solemn silence. White also has a central park in the region's largest, the largest number of species than the entire shade of the Botanical Garden of Health, is a set of scientific, intellectual, artistic, interesting in one Sub-tropical botanical gardens to watch.

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Jinlun hole - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jinlun hole Mashan Xian is located 21 km to the south side of the highways, away from the hole side of the road only a few hundred meters. Here surface mountains, trees Xiushui Qi ghastly, since ancient times over the mythical color. Just dare to spend on the south side of the Tuen Shan nest, and suddenly there was a natural cave, about 5 meters, a width of 10 , Quietly throughout the year with a flowing river water, river water Mingche transparent. From the hole on the river near the bridge to fly into the hole, the dazzling scenery, the people will feel the magic and unpredictable nature of good fortune, endless. Jinlun the first hole of the magic is long, big hole, and Lu Kuan-ping. According to the preliminary probe, the Shanfu through 12 holes, the run-up to more than 7 km, a total of 5 imports and exports, some of the foot of a mountain pass, some of the Peak-to form a beautiful Kit Kat to the door window. From Hill Wo into the mouth of the aisle, the way some minor repairs, you can get cars through the hole promenade, a few kilometers deep inside the cave, direct. Hole Lots of very straight; some very bend of the lot; some music sites such as the Garden of 9 corridors; driving forward their own cars to the front of the road must be odd; lot more songs like the forest path, Walking Tour, the prospect of a sense of its own. Yuet a hole in the heart Dongfu people linger, there are charming hall is pleasant, Wonderland-like park is intoxicated. These halls, Dong Fu, parks, and some may be dozens of parked cars, and some 10,000 for the National People's Congress meeting. This giant hall of Dong Fu, who for many southern rock wins the hole rare. Good luck natural cave, in particular, the magnificent, colorful, thousands, infinite illusion. This is the gold The biggest hole magic. Inside a variety of shapes, is indescribable. Stone pillars of flowers, stone curtain Shiman, milk stalagmite stone, stone lantern light rock, rock rock melon fruit, poultry Shi Shi Shou ...... hole in the corridor and the size of the hall, erected everywhere, and everywhere hung upside down, Shashi uncanny workmanship , Qi Jing Yan dispute. To those who view, are scared About! More visible as a hundred Chaoyang Feng, Yin into the sea, like the carp jump Beach, her green bucket snakes, monkeys, such as fish-shaped, each panda, Munv such as hi-shaped vertical sheep, the female villagers hope that Lang, like the Old Fisherman Fishing, Duige Third Sister Liu, not to mention the umbrella of Ganoderma lucidum, the Imperial Palace canopy, while the first beacon tower Yu-zhu, Shi Ping balance, not Weng has been. All of the objects, people near and far point of view, life, want to move may prefer calm, the sense of its own. Magnificent hole, and keep the cotton side of the Great Wall, as well as silver flashes of Yantian Harbor, endless. There are characteristics of the hole Zhuang Qishanxiushui, Tianran village to visit its territory, to watch carefully, I still feel Jing Yan Department flowers, and rich grain, six domestic animals well-being. There are myths wealth to the color of the roadside pavilion, air stage, Jinlun rod inserted, Ma Yu-run, and so on, watching, natural imagination, and endless charm. Jinlun the third hole of magic, since he is open-ri, water flow from the hole. Sap river, as long as a little sparse Can and Su Liu, boating browser. It is not difficult to imagine that the hole has a viable road vehicles, water can pass Zhou Ji, also Zhennai wonders of the world.

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Long the state flower rock - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longzhou County in the north-east 30 km ring of water Gyaincain cotton. Rock Hill at the side of the River, 120 meters long, 30 meters high on the wall. Rock was red ocher, figures, animals, objects and all kinds of image-round 267. The splendor of the grand, unfathomable magic. People with the most images, there was a horse dog, Tonggu (round Image), swords, knives and so on. People have a positive and the two sides form the largest high as 2 meters, is generally 0.6 - 1.5 meters. Rock style and left with the image of the Rock River the same as second only to the size of Ningming Huashan rock.

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Pingxiang Youyi Guan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pingxiang, Guangxi has always been to the southwest border, Youyi Guan is the largest Sino-Vietnamese border, the most important anti-Kwan. It is located 18 km southwest of Pingxiang in the urban areas, stands on both sides of the mountains, the situation is really difficult, stuck in the canyon on the channel. It is a tower-style building, 22 meters height, the bottom is a solid wall, as the central arch Shing Mun, a very grand. Arch set in the "Youyi Guan," the three characters, is the title of Marshal Chen Yi autographed book.

Youyi Guan Zhen Nanguan has historically been called, was built in the Ming Dynasty Hongwu years, it was in ancient China one of the nine were related. In 1885, the famous Feng Qing Lvjun material on this blow to invade France , Made world-famous Victory Zhennan Guan, now still here, the ancient battlefield of the Sino-French War. After the liberation, Chang said the people of China and Vietnam, "comrades and brothers" profound friendship, were related to "Youyi Guan."

Vietnam now travel to the majority of people are crossing the border from here, if you do not have a passport, There are cards only through travel agencies, single 1400 yuan and 1600 yuan double and five 2,500 yuan.

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Jiang Feng-liang National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiang Feng-liang National Forest Park located in the southern suburbs of Nanning City, 14.5 kilometers from the city center. Park clear-Liang Feng Jiang flow slowly, River lush trees, scattered Pavilion, luxuriant fragrant grass, wild flowers little bit. Park in the sub-tropical tree species in Guangxi and endangered species of Section 122 varieties of 1294, is a national monument 85 kinds of objects.
  Park's most famous attractions is the Buddha Buddha, the Buddha in the Villa, there is a yin and yang of the only strain of the bodhi tree together, it is said will be issued by the Buddha, as long as it could touch on the Elimination of all diseases.

  Here not only unique tour since Scenery and scenic south-pointing carriage, enjoy the food of the 21st century, but also to watch their own national conditions and customs of the show.
[Plant Kingdom]
Was built in l964, has a rare variety of l700 Section 123 trees in Southern China's largest specimen trees park scenery , Is a botanist, professional biology students to learn the ideal place for research, but also long for visitors. Which has a golf driving range, the deer stay, and other amusement park project. Through them, such as exposure to a large "forest bath" to do a recreation of Automobiles at Full health. In the meantime, here's ethnic or tea, the state Level to protect plants - Camellia home.

[Bodhi Grand View Garden]
Liang Feng Jiang blessed by nature, yin and yang Thanks One of a tree, its roots like a pair of Xiang Yi Jintongyunv stand for the rarely seen at home and abroad. As a result of moving the trees and beautiful legends, together with the release of Buddha Ying-Mou With the coming Buddha, and thus known, that ran.

It is said that Sakyamuni Buddha in meditation under a full 48 days before enlightenment of the concept of good or bad times cause 12, founded Buddhism. Linden tree has become the Buddhist saint. Liang Feng Jiang blessed by nature, Thanks a tree. The linden trees, In what month and who can not grow their own test. Carefully to those who can easily find their roots like a pair of old Yun Xiang Yi Jintongyunv by Aura. This is a unique national unity of Yin and Yang of the tree. It is both gentle, masculine beauty, it is perfectly natural for the best allocation, the legend, Buddha had the shine. [Bodhi Villa] Bodhi Villa near mountains, the architectural style of fresh food. Because there is a tree named after the renowned, the existing 62 rooms, 116 beds, operating a restaurant area of 500 square meters, can accommodate 200 people dining at the same time; floor of a session, at the same time can accommodate more than 300 meetings. In addition, There are tennis courts, gymnasium, swimming pool, and other ancillary services.

Villa has been approved by the foreign tourist hotels, operated by vegetarian, wild mushrooms, forest green vegetables such as the won's appreciation for Chinese and foreign guests.

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Huashan fresco - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huashan Ningming County is located in back of the Long Jiang left the shore, it Linjiang in the face of it 260 meters high on the cliff paintings were filled with all kinds of red soil of the picture. According to the research and painting in the 1990s before the Eastern Han Dynasty, had lapsed since 2000, more than the past.
In this group of large-scale picture, although the images of lines But of Hong Kong life, carry the sword, to wear the crown, is the headman or command, there are around a group of "little" towards him, and the composition of the painting pictures of different situations.

Huashan Qiaoya the whole picture was filled with all kinds of red soil and portrait-like, like in a positive and the two side position. Portrait hold high-handed side, that deviates from the establishment of the horse-feet. Ping Shen hand side of the portrait, micro-legs into a squat jump, as both martial arts training, and if singing Kuang Wu. Objects like in the shape of a horse like a dog, like a cane shield appears to be, gongs and drums, and the sun. Portrait of the character lines in the rough, life pictures. Portrait painting is in the wear The sword, wearing a crown of these figures is the headman or commanders. There are around a group of "little" towards him, and the composition of the paintings look different picture. Recorded information, frescoes flower cliff 220 meters wide, 45 meters high, the figure more than 1800 images, painting in the 1990s before the Eastern Han Dynasty, had lapsed since 000 years of history, not without admiration visual impact: the magic ah, Huashan!

  Zhuang ancestors of the cliffs draw the large-scale murals What is the intention? After a number of experts and scholars in the field study, some said to be a celebration ceremony, some said to be celebrating the harvest, and that is what training or hunting , And vary. In short, is still a mystery.
Cliff wall paintings are spend worthy of the art treasures Zhuang. Its rugged simplicity of style and technique of writing, that all-too-apparent lifelike characters look, reflects the ancient Zhuang people's aesthetic taste and high standard of art. Recognized scholars and experts about: Left River The murals on the cliff of its wide distribution, the painting of a steep place, the picture of the magnificent, painting conditions of hardship and difficulties at home and abroad are rarely seen in the history of art in the world should enjoy the highest status.

Now spend the cliff wall paintings Zhuang has been renowned art treasures at home and abroad.
  Jiang Ming, Of the ancient Qing Zhi, from the billowing from the upper reaches, and the Netherlands to bypass the city, a circuitous westward flow quietly, in the state on Long Jiang left into gold. Spirituality out of the river full of water, moisten the two sides of Castle Peak gave birth to brilliant ancient culture. The hard-working ancestors with the wisdom and courage in the narrow coastal Ming Jiang steep cliff on a number of left-mural Huashan mural is a culture of the ancient Yi Yi shining pearl.
  Huashan Weiwei, standing Ningming County in the southern border of the territory of the lower reaches of the north shore Ming Jiang, nature has given her a unique figure: more than 300 meters from the river out of the mountains, the sky, as if Linhe facade was a god From the sword to cut To form a huge cliffs. Zhuang ancestors painted on the cliffs in this 1380 sizes, different patterns of images, a component of more than 200 meters long, more than 40 meters high wall paintings. The river hope that the numerous red lines of the composition of the rugged simplicity of the image, as if one is lost in a fog of burning fire In the silver-gray stone on the screen beating, the Pentium. Throughout the magnificent murals, subtle magic, magnificent, with the surrounding trees and Castle Peak Chengbi out of the river water making the other more beautiful, amazing people.
  Has made many Chinese and foreign archaeologists could not understand is that it looks like an ordinary red lines are going through more than two thousand years Inter still color as before? In the bird can have no place to stop on the cliffs, how to get the ancient painting, cutting and do not leave Fu Zao marks? To solve these mysteries, yet one after another, experts and scholars come to visit. Many foreign visitors have come here especially for a Huashan style gambling.
  Huashan fresco The experts as China's leader in the mural. Her country as a state-level scenic spots. In recent years, Ningming County People's Government invested heavily to bring the magic of Huashan, the beautiful scenery along the Ming and nature to maintain the original style and features of the Swiss Lung Nature Reserve even as first-line, open up tourism Huashan Scenic Area. It entered the Huashan Magical land, viewing ancient frescoes, paintings linger beautiful Silk Hill, thousands of people can not help thinking: the ancestors of the Zhuang with courage and wisdom to create a culture, Huashan brilliant, leaving a precious legacy. However, for generations the good wishes of the founding of New China after reality. Chun's reform and opening-up , To arouse our country and the nation's rising prosperity and change. Huashan old is no longer a silent! At the foot of Huashan, Greenfield off, rolling That Shakes The Barley, fruits Man; Jiangliang An-ming, the sound of rumbling machines, endless sea of sugarcane, star anise fragrance. Huashan are children with high morale, with diligence and wisdom to portray the new picture.

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Yang Mei-town - Chinese tourism scenic spots

This is a very preservation of the integrity of the town, located in the lower reaches of Jiang's left, away from Nanning City, about 30 km by public transport, water and land. Ancient town built in the Song Dynasty, was a radius of 100 km of distribution of goods. Ming Dynasty famous traveler from Nanning Xu has been to a boat here, Yang praised the United States and in the town of scenery along the river. Yang Mei-town there are eight major attractions, namely Kuixing Lou, a Qing Dynasty Street, the ancient Ming and Qing buildings, the sub-beam column (Patriots Revolution), and other attractions former residence, when the sun sets, sparkling river, green water Tsui Zhu Ying Zhao town, made her even more beautiful.

  Jan ancient town built in the United States and the Song Dynasty, Exercises had been there thousands of years of history. As a result of Jiang's three sides, only a sea of Lee, once in the history of downtown, is left on Jiang's well-known trading community. Now scattered on Pier 35 passengers calling at a small boat, the boatman smoking cabin squatted patiently waiting for the guests to return to shore. Under the shade of a tree dustpan with a dozen peasant woman sleeping on the ground in the town hawking Production of bananas, Mei Cai Kou, lobster sauce. Terminal has Xunbu Dao vessel was filled with riverbank, "then the stern of small bow, South cavity to the north over the phrase" "goods, such as rotation, the voices" of the scene. Perhaps the only bank towering old trees, you can witness the bustling town in the past.

The right side of the terminal, the shade of a tree in the legislation Road gate, the letter "Linjiang Street," the words, which is known to the "street of the Qing Dynasty." Three hundred meters to the streets, with wide paved Qing Shiban, a small slender, less than four meters wide, on both sides of the building, brick, Hui Wa, Mendun quite ancient. Brush the walls of the old wall of a few Quotations from Chairman Mao, Zhu red handwriting has been Annihilation some people do not read the feelings of Health. In deep on for a long time, the old houses have collapsed, the Zhaiji Several species of grapefruit, pomegranates, flowers planted Ji Pen, the joy of life Ying-ran.

Yang is the United States and other landscape at the end of the Longtan Village, Xi Ying. Left here by Jiang Liu, a major Bay, a lot of old trees on shore, the towering Blot out the Sun. Tree In possession of a hexagonal kiosk. Whenever the sun sets on the surface of the water spangle, from the look-ri Longtan, the charming scenery.

Yang was also in town to spread the United States and a number of historical monuments in the Confucius Temple, Kuixing Lou, Muyi doors, estate, Huang began, Revolution person examination and old Andrea Leung's former home are worth a visit. Leng Yang and the next through the United States and the Old House Lane, as if walking in the corridor of years, the flow of time, the cultural relics, monuments, rocks and a clean, the scenes in front of us to start walking different King, picturesque , To teach people to hang around.

Why this is still well-preserved ancient town has become the modern tourism To do? At that time the United States because of the ancient town of thousands of years, Yang has been all the way on the left side of the river with the outside world, even the ditch, and Yang is also the United States and around the three sides left a River, a natural form of a 6.5 square kilometers wide strip of the peninsula, the land come to a Jan broken on the United States. In addition, Nanning and this must be a ferry, will be the natural Yongjiang Nanning between the United States and the ancient town, so well-preserved, the western suburbs of Nanning has become a Shangri-la.

Jan ancient town built in the United States and the Song Dynasty, Luo and Liu, Lu, Li surname of the first ancestors came here to live the creation of the ancient Wei, as a result of local flowers everywhere, so also known as "white village." Shandong will later Di Shi Nan Ping will lead the next man, who constantly moved around to this, the formation of the ancient town. Jan part of the United States and other ancestors is the late Ming Kwai with the main pack of South Yilaoyishao. The town has a total area of 6.5 km. Yang Qing Dynasty in the United States and a very prosperous years, a total of 8 during the Song Dynasty of ancient stone streets, the ancient Song Dynasty eight terminals. However, in At the end, because of the inconvenience of land, sea and convenient position to be in Nanning, Guigang replaced, Yang from the United States would gradually quiet down.

Yang is not only the United States has a long history and talented people here have a Juren Du Yuan-chun, Jie Yuan Liang Dejian, the Revolution activist Leung out Asia (former Secretary of the Dr. Sun Yat-sen) Jan-American cultural advocate, had a Qing Dynasty Street Linjiang 5 Juren, the town had more than 10 examination.

Residents of the town is beautifully decorated with housing construction, roof, windows and doors floriation beautiful, auspicious animals have a roof You Long sculpture, ancient stone dogs, such as ancient stone, gives a plain old sense of the concept. The United States also is rich in ancient music, folk arts: singing Chunniu see, the division of public show March three designated activities such as dragon boat.

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Ling water - Chinese tourism scenic spots

30 km away from Nanning in the urban areas, is a natural spring water lake, Lake 9 springs gurgle poured out of stocks, year-round lake bottom clean, tree-lined shore of Lake. The legend Stephen had a life full of glorious Lingxi two birds, named as a lake. Ling-wide water surface 5000 square meters, the depth of 2-3 meters, the lake Two characteristics of magic, one case of either drought or flooding, the water will not do will not overflow; Second, regardless of summer heat the cold of winter, the perennial water temperature maintained at around 23 ?, Dongnuanxialiang, In the four seasons can swim. The annual Mid-Autumn Festival and the third lunar month, tens of thousands of Zhuang people are brought together by the lake, ride Duige, Guandeng full moon, and spent a happy evening.

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Damingshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Damingshan Wuming County is located in the northern part of the 210 national highway on the eastern side of the road, 104 km from Nanning, Guangxi is the Daming Mountain Nature Reserve, the level. Mountain scenery of the Four Seasons in particular changes in the charming, Chun-lan, summer waterfall, Operation Autumn Clouds, is the winter snows in the mountains of the four landscape, and thus the Hill "Lushan Mountain in Guangxi." Daming Mountain peaks of the main vein at the top with six major natural lawn, the lawn surrounded by trees surrounded by grass in the middle is not long tree, said Tian Wei Ping; Falls is deep in the red even three, the greatest level of more than 60 meters high, such as Tail swing, known as the "three-tail falls Beach", also falls in the summer and fly across the cliff Shek Pik Down; on the summit can see the fuzzy Liuzhou, Qinzhou; foot of the ancient battle of Shicheng, have unearthed at the eastern end of the Shang and Zhou era tomb, and other groups.

  Daming Mountain is a green pearl on the Tropic of Cancer. Daming Mountain is located in the Tropic of Cancer, animals and plants rich in resources and the distribution of primeval forest has a variety of rare and Complex, species-specific and age-old strata, is a huge natural biological treasure trove. Daming Mountain is located in the "Guilin - Nanning - the North Sea," Gold Line in the vicinity of tourism in Guangxi, Rock Ridge in Iraq, Jinlun hole, and other scenic spots added, has a good tourism environment. Damingshan colorful mountain scenery, and diverse types. Stubbs not only to Gui from the peak in the lead in the first mountain, there are typical olive Grand Canyon river landscape, more highly legendary Ping-day meadow and marine fossils, set-hung, extraordinary show, in the quiet one.
Damingshan has a unique climate environment, high-Lin Shan Damingshan secret, typical forest of the mountainous landscape and climate Chun-lan, summer waterfall, Operation Autumn Clouds, a Treasury Dongxue characteristics, especially in the summer climate is very cool, is the hot summer heat of the southern region first place, and the winter snows, China's southernmost resort Shangxue.

  Damingshan waters beautiful landscape. There are a number of sonic booms, the gap between more than 120 meters high waterfall and huge rocks Shuiguang Making the other more beautiful color of the Dragon Lake. Damingshan unique biological landscape. Is a huge natural plant and animal park, a very popular tourist biological value. In particular, valley rain forests and more magical disaster thriller, Wild scene is, after all, an excellent eco-tourism sites.
  Damingshan "Cui clear after the rain, range upon range of hills peaks Diego Life everywhere, "named after, You Yue" Pinnacle Ming Shan, "is the highest in Guangxi bee. Damingshan beautiful mountains and rivers, majestic tall and straight, the rise amid cascading, green and luxuriant. Criss-cross the mountain streams, forests plagued Valley; Fei Bao a cliff, the risk Bee Canyon , Piaomiao cloud, a fast-changing, Guangxi is a rare eco-tourist destination. Damingshan due to difficult terrain, the unique climate, flora and fauna is rich in resources, a relatively large height difference, to form a clear and unique landscape of the Four Seasons. "Lan Spring and summer of waterfall, clouds of autumn and winter snow," Damingshan is an acronym for the four seasons landscape. Damingshan years of wind around the clouds. The movie "The Fog of Goddess Peak "Fog community" and "heart-chuen," the multi-location filming in Daming Mountain.

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Guangxi National Heritage Court - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guangxi different periods of cultural relics can be seen in the Guangxi Museum. The library is a collection of the National Tonggu the largest number of museums, there are major cultural revolution in Guangxi display, an exhibition of Guangxi, Guangxi Folk exhibition, exhibition of ancient bronze drum, and so on.

Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region National Heritage Museum is the National Court Popular indoor cultural relics on display an extension and expansion, the area of 24,000 square meters. Court has carved giant bronze drum, while the town of artillery, has Zhuang "dry field", Yaojiazhulou, Miaojia Diaojiao Lou, the Drum Tower of the Dong, Dong Xiang Feng Yuqiao, Maonan the residential areas, but also has oil, rice, Paper-making workshops, and other non-governmental hand, are very Local ethnic flavor.

In addition, the Court at Zhulou with national restaurant, in order to provide visitors a unique flavor of a variety of ethnic dishes and snacks. Court stepped into the national heritage, ethnic customs blow against our faces, Yao Zhuang village of Miao Village You can be home; national historical and cultural success. National Heritage Court allows people with limited Time and space, will focus on Guangxi's national conditions and customs, to enjoy the scenery and unlimited national sentiment, the United States has been enjoying.

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South Lake Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

South Lake Park in Nanning is located in the southeast corner in this park, lake area accounts for three-quarters of the total area, Cheng Bi Lake, Grass Lake on the tree-dependent. Dangzhou lake, fishing lake, it will feel good.

Park has the characteristics of southern Palm, Livistona, tree nuts, such as tropical Lin, there are three "garden park", that is, there are more than 200 kinds of rare Chinese herbal medicine Chinese herbal medicine garden, a kind of Hsia Hui, gladiolus, Cymbidium orchids, and flame luxury of orchids and orchid flower bed in a bonsai garden.

  The main attractions of the first two South Lake. Ancient times, it is the Mao River Bridge (Yong stream) of the old river , Yong every tide, coming in the flood flow backward, so that the South flooded. Tang Jingyun years (710 ~ 711 years) Sima Yong Zhou Lu assembly workers in the construction of flood triage works together into a lake of water in order to alleviate flooding. Shallow lake dry, and farmland has become. After new China was founded, after dredging, and along the Planting flowers, gradually into a scenic spot. There are cross-lake Long Beach and seven-hole arch bridge, as well as around the 8.17 kilometer-long tour that also Sansi Shi-meter wide green belt around. People can walk through tourism, can also swim Lake boat.
Another is the Baise Uprising museum. For 1984 Read Baise, Longzhou Uprising and the 55th anniversary of the building. It is with the national characteristics of the construction of Guangxi, an area of about 740 square meters. Museum of text, pictures, in kind, such as a Ming-side display, such as Wei Baqun revolutionary martyrs in Guangxi to carry out deeds of the revolutionary struggle. Hall before a small square, in a Li Mingrui, Wei Baqun Statue of the martyrs, 4.5 meters high, positive Beizuo engraved with inscriptions of Deng Xiaoping "to commemorate Li Mingrui, Wei Baqun Baise Uprising and other comrades of the immortal revolutionary martyrs." December 1997 was named the Nanning Municipal People's Government "patriotic education bases and national defense education bases."
As the South Lake Park Face broad, tree-mao Tsui, location close to the city center, tourists are relatively concentrated, the festival's many cultural activities often held here.

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Ming Garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ming from the rural town about 53 km south-west, at the national level scenic spots. Ming river twists and turns circled River range upon range of hills or array, or competing peaks show little or peak forest, or open flat, Shanqingshuixiu, has long been known that the small Guilin,

Ming particularly Kiu, Tsui Chuk around the coast, dotted farm structures Wang single-plank bridge, swaying rice, the farmers get rid of Fuhe, the shepherd boy water, the scenery Toshiro Qing Yi, a very pastoral southern complexion.

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Phoenix Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Phoenix Lake picturesque sunset, the night sky seems to Phoenix Lake is also to show the rhythm of their youth. Phoenix was originally called King Beach Lake Reservoir, located in the city of Nanning Yong Ningxian that Ma Lian Huacun rural territory, Nanning City is the largest artificial lakes.

This is a landscape and scenery, affection and joy integration Into a good place from the city of Nanning for 30 minutes by car will be able to join in this "paradise".
  This stands in the beautiful gardens of Phoenix lake resort-style villas, 108 to set up a 260-bed standard room with a small conference rooms and large dance halls and karaoke box OK, but also equipped with At the same time, that can be accepted by 600 of the beautiful and unique dining restaurant and safe, comfortable swimming pool.

  Phoenix Lake was a fast-flowing flood land, the ancient have built here in the Great Temple, the beach known as the king. In 1958 during the Great Leap Forward, the organization of the people here in the construction of reservoirs, water Phoenix at the foot of the mountain, water, it amounted to 540,000,000 cubic meters, more than 20 million mu of irrigated farmland, a large number of breeding fish, not only for the Variable Po harm, but also because of the beautiful scenery Shui-Guang, has become a tourist scenic spot, People "Phoenix Lake" called.

  Phoenix Lake from outside the Lake, Lake, and countless branching , 8 km long from north to south, east 9 km wide, covering an area of approximately 24,600,000 square meters. Phoenix Lake to the tour, one tour boat lake, the boat sitting in the cool breeze blowing on the one hand, enjoy a Huguangshanse, very happy; First, the lake's swimming area designated for swimming, water broad being extended free , Feeling that can not be manually swimming pool are second to none.

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