Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Temple is located in Hanzhong to the west of the town of Wuhou Mianxian, China's construction of the first Temple of a large-scale, magnificent architecture, the layout appropriate. A total of seven Cinei Jinyuan Luo, Han, Jin, Tang, Song and Yuan dynasties period, dozens of tablets, a former Temple high of more than 10 meters of St. Paul, a letter, "the prime minister Han Zhuge Temple Message.

  Mianxian Temple is located 3 kilometers south county. According to the former highway, after the Han Ping, sitting south to north, covers an area of more than 30 acres. A total of 7-designate Wu Temple hospital more than 60 temples between the houses, magnificent architecture, thorough, and Urban, for more than the existing building was built in the Qing Dynasty, Shaanxi Province to focus on heritage conservation unit. According to the history contained, Mianxian Wuhou tree is wise for the construction of the temple from the first temple, Chengdu, more than half a century as early as the Temple. Zhuge Liang's death, the ruling and opposition parties are up and down the King "Defan far and near," read the "cover-hoon quarter of the world", calls for construction of the Temple from Temple. However, Liu Bei's ancestral temple in Chengdu therefore not set up in Chengdu So easy to 263 AD in Wuhou Mianxian next to the tomb of its first Xiumiao temple built for people from Temple. For thousands of years, as a result of Liang's high-wind section Kam-kwong, Jesus Christ, the Temple became the pay of the people. And visitors to admire, the four seasons are constantly incense.

  Temple branch line have nosocomial YE Mao-jung's "dry-mao "-Shape building, such as lotus flowers, incense-color English. Seguinii for the National rare trees, Zhong each year, the flowers in full bloom. After the first flower leaves, especially around the demon, a major scenic spots for Temple.

  Temple of Hanzhong may be due to a remote area and namyang may also retains the charm of long, clean and elegant, No dust pollution, there seems to be a return to the quiet. In the Temple, Liang may be touched by the loyalty of vegetation water, Dianqian the lush flowers and trees, the growth of prosperity, is also an expression of respect for Mr. Zhuge. There are many rare flowers and trees in other places are very rare. Mei Butterfly, La-mei, Bignoniaceae, sweet-scented osmanthus, Peak , Cherry, Hackberry yellow fruit, white fruit trees, Cassia trees, flowers and trees, such as Cooper, the odd fight for research, such as the bright spring. There are a few of the most valuable to more than 400 years of drought the lotus tree.

  It is said that dry red and white lotus flowers of white, pink Fa-cheng, like the lotus flower, so people call Lin drought. This is also the country of valuable tree species Local friends said, lotus from the summer drought of Health Lei gave birth to 10 months before flowering, bloom every year in March, 38 of the flowers is the best date. Lin also said that drought had not yet flowering leaves Zhigan unexpected, and the Ilex Ru Xia Hua, such as the smile-shaped, Lin Feng sway, Chuchudongren. Unfortunately, the late, we do not have With this in a beautiful flower. There are three hundred years of a yard butterfly Mei, the backbone of about 25 cm, height 34 meters, such as crown Peng, Ye if Fuso. This butterfly-mei four petals, white, the first two leaves two big Ye, like jade-green butterfly. Looking at this time, has spent most of the drop, there are sparse flowers to stay The trees, there are beautiful ray presence. Since traces left behind, however, I can feel the butterflies when the plum blossoms that brilliant and elegant.

  Picturesque land, so many heroes Jingzhe Yao. In the history of the arena, the number of heroes to show their presence and realize the great ideals of life. This is on top of the stage There are those who, like Mr. Liang, seize the historical opportunity in the wind and rain to show changes in A Better Tomorrow, the world admire. Turbulent years to create numerous Hero and look at the history of Yang, a style show, but also a hero to write a brilliant chapter in the history of radiation so that light.

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Wuhou tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wuhou Tomb of the Three Kingdoms period is well-known politicians, military strategist Zhuge Liang's tomb, located four kilometers south of Mianxian Dingjun Shan at the foot of the ancient battlefield, in the year 234, Wu Zhang Liang of the original disease died in the military, according to Shu Han imperial court testament to be buried This. Is a period of three well-known statesman, military strategist Zhuge Liang's tomb. Year 2 4 years pawn disease Liang Wu Zhang former military, according to Shu Han imperial court testament buried here.

Tomb 5 meters high, around 60 meters, four around the block to gossip-Hua Qiang. Erect a tomb monument, engraved on the "Tomb of Wuhou Liang", after the tomb of "SG-guarding the tomb," as high as 19 meters, chest Meters, such as crown cover, shading thick mass graves, elegant and pleasant. Muqu area of 23,000 square meters of existing buildings more than 60 years, Han Gui 2, Han Bo 22. Liang middle of the hall on the shrine as plastic solemn, it is respect, Shutongshili about the next niche Zhang Bao, Guanxing on both sides of the separation. Metella bring up the rear 6 m, 60 m in circumference, was follow-up bucket in the Han Dynasty, the temple renowned cultural relics, Bian Lian levels, many stele, or Wuhou a sharp sense of song, praise or Zhuge intelligence Rui Min, Dan painted on the wall when the story of Liang . Wuhou Tomb of the country's key cultural unit, a well-known cultural tourist destination.

  Hall is God on the stage, sitting statue of Zhuge Liang, Lupine towel-lun, Po as a solemn, lifelike. China and India, two swords on both sides of the Shi Li Tong, the Shimonoseki Xing, Zhang Bao clad in armor, holding Ling Jian, Shen Bian, the powerful Xiong Meng, Hu Chi about one respect.

  Hospital Road and the South East and West wing concept, the "generation of stars Liang-chi" -Sculpture exhibition, divided into 30 groups, once again vividly demonstrated the political life of Zhuge Liang, military activities of the feat. Detailed and accurate historical data, the scale of the event, from relief to Yuandiao until murals, for a total look at the whole, look at each of the scenes, vivid characters, magnificent scenes will surely give people the feeling of Kim Ge Iron Horse, Shasheng feel so much noise. Otsuka Weiran bring up the rear, fight Zhuangruo review, the tomb is bright, Tsukamoto 6 meters high, 60 meters week, with white marble stone barrier around the enclosure, Shilan relief on 35, "Liang's life," the story pattern. 1.40 mound before taken on top of a pavilion, before the fine-sounding name of the tomb and pavilion. Gao Qiao Ting Kok, Tai Wai to Mulan, kiosks and hanging "SG Fang, "a horizontal inscribed board, the backbone of Li Ting-two tombstones, one for the next Sino-Japanese War Wanli (1549 AD) in Shaanxi Province Zhao Jinling An Chashi by the legislation," the prime minister Han Liang Wuhou Tomb, "the tombstone for a Qing Emperor Yongzheng in 13 years (Year 1735), Prince Guo Li's "Tomb of the Han Liang Wuhou" monument. Tomb to the east, East West feet, take, "Yong Xi Shu Wai, Xing rehabilitation camp" means.

  Han Bai Bai Dian ago on a haunted Wanshengzhiwu, "Ling Xiaohua" name "Boling Xiao climb trees." Toona sinensis leaves a total of like color and Tsui, to spend like cattle and led Sechi, the summer solstice every year since the beginning of autumn flowering only, as long flowering period of up to 100 days. Each flower season, North Korea Off the evening, over and over Hongying. Wang and Yuan, the only Calocedrus gray, dotted with red flower after another, red and green matched, the most beautiful, to give the flowers to open the Millennium Cooper's sense of good-looking Shashi. Xiao together flowers, a symbol of the Han Dynasty Fu Xing Liang, spared no efforts in the country for the people of noble character and sterling integrity.

  Within the cemetery is left over The steles on behalf of more than pass, reads 34, 29 against, three more than 100 pieces of the story murals, steles, Bian Lian, a tribute to Zhuge more words Wuhou. The era of the Qing Zhong Ding furnace more than 10 pieces. Wuhou left text and banners inscribed 48. Cultural relics, history is both a witness, has been added to the contents of the tour. Before and after the annual Tomb Sweeping Festival, the annual temple fair. Thousands of tourists, Ta-Qing Zhan Ye Wuhou tomb, unprecedented.

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Li Ping Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shaanxi Li Ping Chuan-Shan Forest Park located in the hinterland of the Daba Mountains at the junction of the internal and external Nanzheng County, 70 km from the city of Hanzhong, from the country is nearing completion of 108 tunicoides Town Road in Ningqiang County, 18 km away from the major cities of northern Sichuan Guangyuan only 90 km. Forest Park is based on the forest landscape, landscape, water landscape And the modern cultural landscape and scenery of rural-based, set in Mountain View, Lin, water features, one for Shi. Park has been planned for the four major scenic spots, the spots are proven to have a number of 160. Li Ping Shan area close to the original Lin Song and booklets Palestinian customs and modern cultural landscape as the main Ann's former home. Lin original, Towering trees, rare rare. Huang Yanghe high scenic waterfall hole, rock Melaleuca, Shicheng isosceles triangle as the main landscape. Melaleuca cross-strait situation Yan Jian, such as opening and travel into the body of which Menuhin, as if the three countries into the stone path along the cliff. Stone Hill area of Marx and Lenin to the powerful majestic stone rocks Qun Ma as the main landscape. Many stones, various forms of special And the Millennium Yang Lin Huang Shi Du Yan for odd, mysterious and hard. Cold dam area in order to dam the natural order of the size of Hill's major grassland landscape. Hill's former unlimited broad market, stretching several kilometers. Cattle and sheep flocks, melodious idyll, in which visitors enjoy. Life experience feelings of copy, copy watch the scenery. Yang Chun, brilliant Yamahana, Chaziyanhong; Summer, strong shade, cool and pleasant; autumn, Shuangyesihuo, wild fruit fragrance; the severe winter, the snow-wrapped, add radiance to each other. As the "Pearl of the green depths of the hill." The Forest Park is to develop four eco-tourism routes, 20, a number of attractions. Li Pinglin field pro Xuan Department of the use of market housing decoration of the election Rooms, guest houses, restaurants, reception capacity of more than 100 people, caused an initial set of food, shelter, transportation, travel, purchase, entertainment, and other tourist service center. We welcome all of you hot pillow people, friends from all walks of life. To invest in development of tourism.

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Weir mountains and rivers - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Weir is located in the mountains and rivers Shanqingshuixiu praised hub port, is the garrison Hanzhong Liu, and Xiao Cao Can presided over by the construction of water conservancy projects. The original irrigation Nanzheng, praised the city in parts of two counties, praised the use of the qu basically mountains and rivers along the lines of the old construction of the weir. The weir in the first three and can be stopped praised the river for irrigation of farmland in history A very important role. Now, in the mountains and rivers on the weir can still find the remains of the Han Dynasty.

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Ya Ling Monastery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ya Ling Monastery is located 3 km south of Lueyang Xian, built in the Tang Dynasty between the first year of opening. Wen Yu-shan back and face the Jialing River, sitting east to west, relying on rock temple on two large natural cave formation with the ingenious combination of human landscape. Cliff stone-130, which?????Han Li's name inscribed, "Pu Chung-ko" (carved in the public 172), the study of calligraphy valuable, is the provincial heritage unit, known as "Forest of Stone Tablets small."

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Giant Panda Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Foping Nature Reserve is located in the middle of the southern slope of Qinling Mountains, 158 km north of Hanzhong City, 215 kilometers north from Xi'an. The protection of giant pandas are mainly of forest and wildlife nature reserves types with a total area of 35,000 square kilometers. Protected areas southeast of low-lying high in the northwest, 980-2904 meters above sea level There are 1580 kinds of higher plants in the region, under Section 175, a 679. There are 265 kinds of wild animals under Section 65, 27 head. At the national level included in the protection of animals have giant pandas, Ling horns, the golden monkey and leopard 4, the secondary focus of the protection of animals, 33, known as "natural plant and animal gene pool" Said. Coat color of giant pandas unique to this area, there is only black and white giant panda, and found that many white and brown and white giant panda. The protection of giant pandas in the region has beautiful scenery and rich tourism resources. Tourists can watch the vast sea of clouds Lu Feng, the strange shape of the remains of glaciers, waterfall-flying girl Tam, to come and go in secret The rare birds and animals. Shanqingshuixiu inside, the magnificent natural scenery beautiful, 52 million mu of forests intact. Is a set of summer vacation, sightseeing, hunting, explorers in one integrated provincial tourism base, has been included in the province on the recent efforts of one of the ten projects. Guest House reception center set up in the region for travel To provide food, housing and other services.

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Oblique favorable path along the cliff - Chinese tourism scenic spots

There is a well-known Chinese idiom "of repairing the surreptitious." The story said: Hanzhong Liu admitted after 206 years before Christ by General Han Xin of the scheme, to send a small number of people repair the path along the cliff to guard the transfer of customs in the central and western Yongwangzhanghan attention, secretly along the west side of another dangerous Road ( That is, Qin stack), a large North Guan, took another city, Xianyang to enter. Poet Li Bai's amazing, "Shudao difficult?????" refers to the period. Shihmen 13 13 items of goods, "praised the opening of a ramp-Cliff," degrade the year in 66 years, the first of China's Cliff lettering. Juan in the year 148 years, "it Sili Oh Yang Wei Kin, "said the World" Shek Mun Song, "for China's Han Dynasty, Cliff [three-song] first. Juan in the year 155 years, "Li souvenir" and the year 173 years, "Huai Yang, Yang Bi table", said the World Bank, "Shek Mun Song," which are known as the Han Dynasty Cliff elite. If the other four characters Cliff Han Li, the facts are there for in accordance with Enough to pay for the future; which signed [Wei Wang] the snow gun Cliff, for the mass of Cao Cao WEI Wu wrote, has long been renowned Chinese and foreign. Juan in the year 263 years, "Li Bao Tong Kok Road title" is a rare moment of the three countries left behind. Juan in the year 509 years, "Shek Mun-ming", not as?????cents of goods. As for the three Cliff in the Song Dynasty, the Han, Wei and anecdotes are mentioned, and for Song Han Li-fang of a masterpiece. [13 Shimen goods] is not only favorable oblique account of the ancient path along the cliff and ancient stone tunnel, as well as the ancient mountains and rivers of the weir-side, changes in the value of historical materials; is our country during the Han, Wei Li-text of the artworks. Horse feed has its historical and scientific value of the artistic value.

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Ancient Chinese Taiwan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hanzhong ancient Chinese Taiwan, also known as the museum is located in Hanzhong city of Hanzhong, Hanzhong Liu Feng Wang is the palace, built on the site of the Museum of Hanzhong, Hanzhong tourists to visit and will visit one of the most important attractions, the Museum's Tibetan cultural relics are very Rich and Peiyoudaliang photographs and models, such as national treasures Shihmen 13 items Cliffs and ancient stone ramp favorable path along the cliff, and so on, you know the history of Hanzhong Hanzhong and provided a great level of convenience.

  Ancient Chinese Taiwan - in Hanzhong Liu Han palace ruins. Is now a tourist attraction. Located in the (southern Shaanxi) Hanzhong City Center, also known as the South East Shaopian "Seven Taiwan." Hanzhong City as a museum in the ancient Chinese production to Taiwan Thirteen Shihmen goods, archaeological finds, ancient paintings and calligraphy, the modern history of Hanzhong, fossils, showroom, and other religious statues, all kinds of cultural relics collection amounted to more than 12,000 pieces of cultural relics has become Hanzhong cultures meet. Eight of Hanzhong, "Shi Yan Liang Shan" and "Yu-chang platform" and praised oblique path along the cliff, rock carvings are Shihmen cultural treasures. Liu Han for the palace ruins in Hanzhong. Is now a tourist attraction. Located in the (southern Shaanxi) Hanzhong City Center Shaopian southeast, also known as the "seven stars" from the three-tier platform structure, 7 meters high, 156 meters long from north to south, east 72 meters wide, covers an area of 11,230 square meters. Hanzhong City as a museum Ancient Chinese Taiwan, Bi You thirteen commodities Shihmen, archaeological finds, ancient paintings and calligraphy, the modern history of Hanzhong, fossils, showroom, and other religious statues, all kinds of cultural relics collection amounted to more than 12,000 pieces of cultural relics has become Hanzhong cultures meet. Eight of Hanzhong, "Shi Yan Liang Shan" and "Yu-chang platform" and praised oblique path along the cliff, rock carvings are Shihmen Of treasures. There are the "National Treasure" and "Shek Mun Hanzhong, the Japanese army," wrote an inscription for the community.

  According to the "Records of the Historian of the present emperor Ji" contained, self-reliance for the West Xiang Yu Chu King, contrary to the Covenant, the sights change Li (Liu) for the Hanzhong Wang. Liu Bang in 206 BC in April by the customs in south Hanzhong, adopted Xiao Recommendations for the General Han Xin worship, the whole training Ma, on the one hand and land transport, storage of food horses. At the same time, "repairing the path along the cliff," the enemy paralysis. Also in August the same year from the north Hanzhong, "stealing a march" to win Guanzhong. After Chu and Zheng Heng, the final victory over Xiang Yu, the national unity. Hanzhong Liu Bang in short, but Leave a lot of monuments, the ancient Chinese is one of Taiwan.

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Zhang Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhang Liang temple is located in the south of the Qinling Guanling Chai, Zibo in Shandong at the foot of the South, Zhang Liang from the temple town 17 kilometers Hanzhong Liu Baxian Department of the temple table on the street. Chuan-Shan Road across the first gate, transportation more convenient.

  Legend has it that Han emperor Liu Bang as the main policy makers, "the early Han three outstanding heroes" (Zhang Liang, Xiao He, South Korea ), One of Zhang Liang, assistant Liu Tai industry achievements, "Yongtui torrent" care "Bi Gu," lived here. He is turning to future generations "excessively prudent and avoiding error" strategy and "success is not home," Gao Feng, from temple to temple was built here. He was due to closure, "Liu Hou," named "stay-designate Temple", commonly known as "Liang temple." Zhang Liang as "the early Han three outstanding heroes" in the first, Liu said so himself: "ideas, winning a thousand miles, as I Zhang; to pacify the people, raise Liang Xiang, Xiao than what I am; millions army commander, to win wars, attack Ke Bi, as Han. Renjie the three are. "However, Zhang and Liu know Working not only to tide over difficulties with the well-being, so when the founding of the Western Han Dynasty, Zhang is the "Han speech" on the day, to stay in the depths of the Qinling mountains with great concentration Zibo religious Bigu immortal. This middle Liu wants, when he became the founding emperor of the Western Han Dynasty, the Chi Feng Zhang Jin Hou. 400 years after the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Zhang Liang 10 Zhang made on behalf of the Sun "Hanzhong Wang," In order to respect the ancestors are not gong to discuss the closure and high K-Swiss, not the ministers have a bit of self-righteous and Maria goes out of Germany, will be built this, "Han Chang Liu Hou Temple." Since then, this has become a Taoist activities of the resort center of the Quartet, pay homage to those who flocked to each other and Tourism. The ancient Like a mirror of history, Zhang reflects its own people from generation to generation, as well as his respect for the people.

Zhang Temple Observatory in accordance with water, flavor, year-round cloud wind around Margaret, quite Xianjia Aura. Chai Kwan, Zibo Mountain in the form of a chair-shaped, in front of the temple and a water Miaohou River and into a ring The state, the solemn quiet around the temple, around baili Zibo tall and straight green pines, much like law enforcement Wei Road. Dihydrate Diyin light flow, such as Qin Ming Qu; birds clear, sound Valley; coupled with exquisite temples, again and again up the house are often so busy visitors, such as the clouds to Piaomiao, the vagaries of the territory, fluttering Dunsheng For cents A sense of life outside. Zhang Rong Temple scenic spots, historical, cultural relics, in one scene and became well-known tourist resort in southern Shaanxi.

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Old Town of Lijiang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lijiang is located in the upper reaches of the Jinsha River, has a long history, beautiful scenery, the majesty of the natural environment, it is the descendants of the ancient Qiang, the home of the Naxi. Old Town of Lijiang 2,400 meters above sea level, the Lijiang Naxi Autonomous County is the center of the city, is China's historical and cultural city is one of the key national scenic spots. Yunnan is located in Sichuan, Tibet transport hub, in ancient times the frequency of business travel activities to promote local prosperity of the small, soon to become known and the market town. Lijiang city is generally believed that began in Late Song Yuan. Year in 1253, Kublai Khan (Khan) Nan Zheng Dali country, the troops had here. This year, direct Near the beginning of the Qing Dynasty 500 years, Lijiang, the central region are under the jurisdiction of the dynasty's ancestors of the Naxi wood and wood Tusi's (established 1382) hereditary rule. In the meantime, Yunnan has traveled extensively during the geographer Xu Ming Dynasty (1587 - 1641), "Yunnan Tour Diary" was described in Lijiang city, "group homes , Chlamys than Tile House ", the ancient city residents up to the end of Ming Dynasty more than 1,000 households, shows that urban construction has been well-established.

Chinese historical and cultural city as a world cultural heritage and the Old Town of Lijiang, the ancient town of white sand, beam River town, the town study the relative independence of the three units together, which is the main part of the large study ancient town Large study in the ancient city of Lijiang, located in the central Bazi, an area of about 3.8 square kilometers, 2416 meters above sea level, was built in the Southern Song Dynasty, has been 800 years of history. Large research thousands of years near the ancient city of Yunnan Province in the northwest has been the political, economic, cultural and military center, is the way Xuanfu Si Yuan Dynasty and Ming Lijiang Prefecture of soldiers and civilians, the Qing government of Lijiang resident. Naxi language, said "the Chi Gong", meaning the storage market town, the Old Town of Lijiang can be seen live on pay-based economic development, the Southern Song Dynasty, Li Mu's ancestors were to rule from the center of Shandong Lions moved to the white sands of "Leaves Field "to create a new home, as a result of an ancestor tree Naxi behalf of the beam, leaves, Mei Ho of the four major branches of the "leaf" a, so its construction of new homes from the name of the "big leaf market," the Ming Dynasty, also known as the "big leaf car," the Qing Dynasty called " Research ", the Republic of China be changed to" study the town. " Mongolia Year in 1254 set up three military officers of the public Dan pipes, the year 1277 be changed to Lijiang On-state, the year 1382 state-an-known Arab states have a submission Ah Ming, Ming set up in the Lijiang government soldiers and civilians, Zhu Yuanzhang Cixing for wood, and called hereditary Zhifu, the ancestors of wood in the construction of the Lion Rock Lijiang government soldiers and civilians Yashu . Since then, the ancient city of trade fairs and street widening, and a fairly large scale, at the time of the ancient city Northwest Yunnan plateau into the city.

Research and big city most of the ancient Chinese city, not to build walls. It is said that Lijiang was named ruler of the wood, he believes that if the construction of walls, wood framing the word has become "trapped", so taboo wall. Large study of the ancient city with its unique style, in order to study ancient China Urban construction has provided valuable materials, which are valuable historical heritage and a treasure of the Chinese nation.

The overall pattern of the ancient city of Lijiang, Yulong Snow Mountain to the north based on the South Hill for the barriers to writing, is a major for the Naxi people living in the old town to Taoism to form a map of the Eight Diagrams Street party for the art and business center to Xinhua Jie, Sun Yee On Street, Guangyi Street, 71 Street, May Street, the main street for five context, to form a four-week extension of the number of lanes. The hard-working and simple living in the Naxi Ren, "Zhaobi a three-Square", "Five Tetraena courtyard" to a two-story structure housing the civil, "stars were wearing on" Naxi women a year only in the busy Lunar New Year's Day Lanjue of sleep a day. Housing construction and cultural integration of the Central Plains and the essence of family neighborhood, and the formation of the Naxi architectural style reflects the Naxi layout of the brick Han, Tibetan painting, sculpture four of the Bai ethnic characteristics, known as "residential The museum " In harmony with nature, nature, people can cleverly decorated in the ancient Kuni doors, windows, so that they live with the life of Naxi language, said, "Bogut Four Seasons", Chinese for "Fu Bao Four Seasons" Meaning.

Upon the ancient city of Yulong Snow Mountain snow, and clear spring gurgling Longtan built, Hill near potential, the three major river systems around the ancient city from the Yulong Bridge over Chuanjie Lane, admitted through walls, the town spread to form a "water every family, every household Chueiyang" south of the Yangtze River scenery, as the "Oriental Venice," " Suzhou's high altitude, "both in the mountain city of tolerance, and the Shuicheng Maung. Water is the soul of the city, the city is building muscle , And the ancient city of over 354 large and small ancient stone bridge, stone wood, and formed a "small bridge, flowing water, people," the beauty, thus narrowing the distance between people.

December 4, 1997, the Old Town of Lijiang with a long history and unique style, splendid culture have been combined World Cultural Heritage Organization inscribed on the World Heritage List, the first Chinese to become subject to all of humanity's shared responsibility for the protection of world cultural heritage cities.

  There are ancient Naxi Ren drops of sweat to infiltrate the colorful stone road, tell it to the world of the Tea Horse Road Station on the city's long history. Lijiang Naxi Ren has been re-teach Shang-wen, many people are good at Qin Shi painting. In the ancient city of colorful festivals, in addition to the all-night national and local song and dance drama, playing amateur "Naxi ancient music," the most famous. Among them, "Le fine white sand," set to song, dance, music as one of the major classical music divertimento, As a "living fossil of music"; Lijiang, another "hole through music" is derived from the ancient Taoist music, it retains many of the Central Plains long ago lost his music song. Lijiang Naxi ancient music was invited to go to Europe to perform multi-national, was warmly welcomed by the audience and acclaim. As the members of the band are from the civil over the age of the elderly Therefore there are "longevity Naxi Orchestra" in the world.

There in the ancient city of Xuan Ke, led by President of the ancient band music through holes that the ancient heritage of integration of the crystallization of the Naxi music. The old music, old band, so you have to appreciate in a dream fantasy into the kingdom of heaven. Ancient "fine white sand music" is the Naxi ancestors to non-classical theme-based story, "Dragon Tree" movement-based music and dance, which is from the Naxi Ren, the harmony between man and nature of the music and dance. Naxi, "Le fine white sand," is given by the Yulong Snow Mountain Spirituality is the Dongba Culture to cultivate wisdom. It had its origins in folk, popular Civil, Naxi Ren is in production, life and nature have a kind of cry, as the "living fossil music." Today, the establishment of "Le fine white sands" Research heritage and the establishment of the Naxi Ancient Music Center, a gathering of "Le fine white sand," eighth-human transmission of Lijiang, led by all musicians to demonstrate the integrity of its people, its World Cultural Heritage of the Old Town of Lijiang add bright flowers of the nation, which give you - the distance to the distinguished guests in the night away at the ancient city of Naxi Ren another attachment.

World-famous murals of Lijiang, located in and around the ancient city of 15 temples, these murals of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, with a variety of religious and Send the contents of the integration of both feature. Remains of Lijiang in Pak Sha Tsuen, Tai Po plot palace of large-scale murals, "Nyorai life will be immeasurable," Han Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism and Taoism of 100 painted statues of God together, reflects the Naxi culture and religious characteristics.

Lijiang area has been a picture of a pictographic The word "Dongba text." This used to record ancestors of the Naxi Dongba scriptures teach the unique characters, is the world's only living pictographic text picture. Today, collectors were in Europe and the United States, as well as some of the Chinese National Library, the Museum of more than 20,000 volumes of ancient books by the Dongba, the Naxi records for thousands of years of glorious history and culture One referred to as the "deliberate mode" Dongba dance spectrum, including dozens of music and dance of the ancient art of dance, it is extremely rare precious artifacts. Ancient Naxi known as the "Encyclopedia" by the Dongba, the Naxi study of the history, culture and great value.

These rare as Sambo, the Great depth the history, culture, in this ancient city in the deeply into these ancient peoples and land and water in this side. Therefore, China not only belong to the Lijiang Old Town of Lijiang, China, and it belongs to the people of the world.

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Jade Spring Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jade Spring Park is located at the foot of Xiangshan north of the ancient city of Lijiang, built in 2002 Qianlong (1737), Qianlong 60 years later, 18 years have Guangxu repair records. Yuquan Temple of the old Long, as a result of Chia-ching were, the two Koreas, the Emperor Guang Xu Chi Feng "God" and its name, and later renamed the Longtan. Also known as Jade Spring Park. Spring water from the foothills Inter poured out of stone, brought together about 40,000 square meters wide pools, water jade bi, as a result of Yuquan said. Shanqingshuixiu around, turn for the better. Yishanbangshui modeling beautiful old buildings dotted the meantime. Ambilight its often stopped food linger. Bottom clear water, towering in the distance which reflected on the Yulong Snow Mountain, beautiful. Jin Yuquan to the park, see the face of James Kim is a prize draw arches, stone lions at the entrance 4, beautiful fabric, a magnificent, the last wooden guard Tusi's government offices, in 1966 moved to protect the Yuquan. Come to the right, but see Gone with the Wind refers to the weeping willow, Tan Cheng Bi, at the end of the tree sky clouds, trees loom up the house. Lake embankment along the right-to-lock Bridge, the bridge has linked the ancients: "Jingtao to shake the tree Qing Xue Fei, the rain did not Chui Hong Qu Bo lying." It vividly depicts the scene of the bridge. Fei Bao three holes to the right under the bridge, scattered water, thundering Tao Sheng, the flow of the ancient city, water-yu, Yang Liu Yiyi, Blot out the Sun shade. To the left side of the bridge, a five-hole stone arch bridge, a wave of lying Changhong , Tam will be split into two, a handsome Linglong text Pavilion, on a separate floor, stand inside and outside the Tan Xin, the four face water, and the bridge connected to the shore. This floor was built before 2002 Guangxu (1876), were taken from the floor of the ancient couplet "???????, Xiangyang flowers and trees as early as Spring" in the words. Reconstruction in 1963, Guo If the building was written the board "on a floor," the words and couplets 2. Mao Zedong's poetry collection is a sentence: thousands of willow spring, the scenery here is fine; Feiqi Yulong million, so much land Johnson. Another deputy was Guolao couplets written book: the Longtan reflected peak 13, Hyphalosaurus Days, flying to the ground; vertical and horizontal water-yu Hsu and a half years, for Mo Yu, Yu-chang for God. Trans Union only 30 words, but to write the charm of the Jade Spring Park, calligraphy and Qiu Jin unrestrained free and easy to park quite a number of hyperchromic. Yulong Snow Mountain in the distance down the event Tan Zhong, can be seen, "Joe 48,000 snow-capped mountains, deep corner of the screen inserted at the end of" qi . Xiangshan Banbi also put in the water, so that the Longtan in the mountains and water, water, mountains, landscapes matched, very beautiful scenery. Yuquan banks of the North Wufeng Lou (also known as the Law Court), Ming Wanli 29 years in 1601), 20 meters high, cornices octagonal pavilion for the Triassic, a total of 20 days peck cornices, In point of view, see all five flying angle, just 5 want to fly the Phoenix, named "Wufeng Lou." The floor, where the Han, Tibetan, Naxi architectural features of all ethnic groups, ancient Naxi is the leader in construction, is a provincial-level key cultural unit. 12 Chong-chun, Xu Lijiang tour, had this to stay on the 8th floor, Tusi wood addendum to the miscellaneous school and a preface, the Naxi in the history of literature section of a much-told tale. Yuquan in the eastern banks of the ancient chestnut leaves, stone ages, have a high historical value. In addition, the Dongba Cultural Research Institute and the Dongba Culture Museum. This is the first county-level museums in Yunnan Province. The library is the world's cultural Nissan Old Town of Lijiang one of the important window of opening to the outside world, but also visitors understand the culture of Lijiang in the best place to go.

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Refers to the Temple Cloud - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cloud refers to the Temple is located in the city of La dam in the western foothills of only five Yongzheng Dynasty (1727), Lijiang, one of the five La Masi. Lijiang, a popular Monastery founder Li Xiang Lama Temple and the legend of the origin of the name: this name and with legislation, the beam Lijiang River, was originally set up bamboo for a living, after blessing to the Temple ordained as a monk. In particular, the Tibet Bao Tai Wang arrived in Lijiang, summoned all the kung fu monks to attend assessment, as a result of legislation with deep skills, the Karmapa on with their studies Buddhism in Tibet. Li Xiang returned to LIJIANG promote the studies of Buddhism, is in the process of Jiansi address, according to legend there was a different person, an empty finger Choi Wan West, said: "This can be Jiansi." Jiansi from under the cloud, it is named refer to cloud . Monastery of the original 13 homes, an existing compound and 5 small hospital. Jinyuan La compound for two, the entrance tower, had room, room, hall, the whole building sophisticated appearance, internal courtyard there are planting in the 300 years before the two-Sang, Cassia, ginkgo, brain lipid and Yunnan cherry plum 5, and other old trees 000 patients, the environment quiet simplicity. Zhong Yan Dian three pavilions, the temple roof tile follow-up, carved beams carved columns, obviously different from the Tibetan stone house in the Tibetan-room building, reflect the Han, Tibetan, Bai, Naxi architectural features blend. Yan Zhu around on both sides of the heavy down-to-earth, and two-Zhu Chu, that is, in Zhu Chu Fu Pen-wood home on Lotus Zhu Chu, Yan Zhu in order to facilitate the replacement of rotted away, can be described as With ingenuity. Monastery overhaul in recent years, a new look. Peach produced next to the temple, a big Seyan, sweet fragrance and reputation. Teramae Huguangshanse, Tianchou farm structures, Cuolayouzhi, excellent view. Sihou in recent years on the south side of the slope, and found stone wall, from a different point of view, respectively, showing the male and female reproductive Stone Shape, as far as research is a very mysterious early human reproductive remains totem. Shek Sheung Shui sewing section also Sanskrit, Tibetan, Lama identification Lijiang, which are readable by the opening of the Curse of good fortune, Taibei Zhou Yin, Haimu Curse of King Kong, and so on. It is said that old local married with no children are bound to get this crisp incense next to the stone in order to worship son, Jing Xiang Yun refers to the Buddha Temple of the people must have to pay next to the stone. This stone scriptures and found the remains of reproductive totem, referring to the Cloud Temple has added a wonderful scene.

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Rock Hill Danxia - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dawn of the landscape is the most important rock Danxia, here are Shiqianfeng Among a Myriad red red is the role of tens of millions of years of geological landforms formed under the Chi Mei. Therefore, it is also speculation that Ma took the ancient name and its associated color stone, the Qing Emperor Qianlong, "Zhi Lijiang Brief House" set: "Ma Hua Shan, in the northwest city of ... ... Kui-old southeast of the state sector, are cliffs If the horse, make a false charge of their splash, Xi Yao Chao since some of the country for Malaysia to spend on this. "Dawn around the valley can see every color of the rock Danxia landform, you can choose more of the characteristics of slag Romania is willing to look at. Sunrise of the first and second summit between the peaks out of a river, the river flows through the hills Qing "Romania is willing to slag." From the dawn of a secondary school on the south side of the road to the east, across the river on the north shore of the river and into the Qing, the Qing were found Danxia is a wonderful scene Ngam, the Qing both sides of the peaks are clear lines of bare red Hill Wall, the Peak and cluster under green, reflecting the sun, beautiful, fine Mother Nature was the first peak was cut differences Scene, you can start them in the face of a rich association: as such, such as eagles, such as the monk ... ... Qing within the gurgling brook, you can see the water mill, a single-plank bridge, Qiu tree branches the scene, as well as small - On the road a few households covered wooden roof of the family, leisure and sheep herders, these Chenzhe rock Danxia Letter, you are beautiful pictures of the camera. Romania is willing to slag is a long Qing Shan, along the Qing are constantly Danxia the rock landscape, you may be in accordance with their own specific arrangements for the run-time, the choice spots.

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Lijiang Laojunshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

New Main natural botanical garden, located at longitude 99.5 degrees north latitude and 27.22 degrees in Ludian County of Lijiang rural village after the New Main Dong Lu Yun-ling, 165 kilometers away from Lijiang City. Here the unique topography, 2350 meters above sea level has risen to 3850 meters, sunny, slope, ditch cage, were distributed lawn. In mountainous, Bitan deep, vertical and horizontal streams, water and soil Lip, suitable for a variety of plant growth of the natural environment. In less than 10 square kilometers of area, brought together almost all cross the mountains of plant species, and therefore as "a refuge for plants", "Natural Botanical Garden." According to the survey, the park has Home of a class of rare and precious plants to protect more than 10 species of plant seeds have 79 Section 167 is more than 280 kinds. One hemlock tree, tree height of about 37 meters, diameter at breast height of 3.7 meters and 11.7 meters chest, like a crown Jusan, covering an area of about 100 square meters, more than millennium-old, known as the "King hemlock" Here there are only 2 cm plant height of woody plants, micro-gold emblem of the waist, and light ringoniella threshold of durable wood, and can extract the anticancer drug Taxol yew. Maoliang, Rosa, Mrs Magpie, Lily, Trillium, Mulan and other plant growth and reproduction of this group is only 5 Du there is a magpie 30. With the Along the Jinsha River will be further protect the ecological environment, natural Lijiang New Main Botanical Garden not only as a tourist destination, is also engaged in the study of plants, research the ideal place.

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Three Dragon Dieshui - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Three Die Shui-Dragon is a kiosk landscape. If a large spring water along a slope, into three overlapping. In this water there is a beautiful legend. Shenquan the spring Yulong is the place of God to come and go every year to inspect Lijiang Yulong God out of Bazi, always out of water, and with the wind, the water made Triassic. It said the first Stack as "a long waterfall", the second stack as a "show-long waterfall", the third-stack "to send long waterfall." Three Die Shui Dragon will have the name here. In fact, three Dieshui Dragon is a large group of large and small, high and low waterfall. Qingying the spring, but now God's holy spring water. Hua Hua falls from the water, so that the Dongba serene Holy Land Quiet. Falls of the train, as if Dragon in the bath in holy water, be careful not to scarf down the people scared about Mu. Ri plump water, fish cruising in Shenquan give joy and happiness in. Dongba another in the western part of the Holy Land - Baishui Tai Zhongdian, also known for its pure spring water, but is in the running Stephen white-only platform. In fact, the Chinese civilization and other ancient civilizations have originated in river basins, water and forged a bond. Water is not only the water of life, civilization is water. Similarly, water in the life of the Naxi Ren account for an important position, they yearn for a beautiful, serene quiet of their homes. To have Stephen holy water as a place to worship the gods of the Dongba Holy Land. Three of the Naxi Ren Dragon Dieshui of worship, into a life of their own domestic water Xiucheng Triassic Shenquan look to rational water use; their "three Dieshui" put on the private banquet dinner to be high or low Plate, bowl, pot divided into three ; The "three Dieshui" into the courtyard of the Naxi Ren; Naxi women also "Die Shui" to wear in the body.

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Heaven field - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shenquan is to the east of the ancient Naxi Ren Heaven field. This festival has a long era of the market, or lucky during the event, the Naxi ancestors have always held a worship ceremony here. Unrest in the 1990s, the ancient festival market would be seriously damaged. Yu kiosk spots in the recovery process, and the master of Dongba Andrew presided over the reconstruction of Heaven open market in order to Now antiquity. Today, Yu Dongba kiosk in the village of Dongba at any time that tourists have demonstrated a ceremony to worship Heaven on the worship of ancestors, Naxi Ren gathered in this field Heaven, the devout offer incense, food, in order to achieve prosperity of the family business, Healthy humans and animals. According to legend, the god in the Dongba-kiosk for the crane to the media so that the ancestor of Naxi Lean-day forbearance married women, children, to survive from the Naxi. To this end Naxi Ren held a grand Heaven, a gift from God to thank. Heaven Naxi Ren is the most sacred and most solemn festival. Many important events are published in Heaven when, the deities to seek advice, The aliens are not allowed to participate or watch. If there are aliens eavesdropping worship, or community of this leak the contents of Heaven, will be put to death, so as not to cause unnecessary disaster. Legend has it that King Naxi wooden King to seize territory Pumi Wang, a special daughter will marry Prince Pumi for bait, happen to be in Princess women back home, eavesdropping on the wood when the King of Heaven issued by the plot. Although the Dragon Princess to notify the Pumi Prince, but was unable to stop the war, Pumi war dead Prince, Dragon father was also persecuted to death.

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East Bashi Luo Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tower is, the Dongba ancestor worship Bashi Luo East. He is now in the middle of its superior security of God in the left and right sides of Ma. East Bashi Luo at the top of his head, his personal security Xiu song. Xiu song on both sides of the two defenders are left for the west side of the root, the right to five hundred Han Yu. Kok is on both sides of the north-south, east are the five Bashi Luo Gaotu East Bashi Luo life changes. His parents are ordinary people, but the East Bashi Luo extremely smart, not born, his mother in the stomach, with her mother speech. Devil they know that it, was surprised by the Bashi Luo Xiang Sha East. Bashi Luo Dong, of course, know that the devil tricks. His mother from the left Birth of the armpit. Bashi Luo Jie Shuo East, but could not escape and was killed by a demon. Later, a small god and Britain and Germany picked up five East Bashi Luo soul, took him to heaven Explorer next to the scriptures there are fewer United States, to study hieroglyphics. East Bashi Luo practicing well. Are next to a small gift to the United States and the Double Dutch East Bashi Luo and let him back on earth, in order to service the people. Double back East since the Bashi Luo, the Naxi Dongba culture, such as ethics, morality, folk customs, and so on, on the Bashi Luo get back to the east of the criteria for the Book. Naxi do any religious activities must follow the East Bashi Luo recovered by the book. Because the East is the Bashi Luo Naxi Dongba ancestor worship to engage in it live And master of the book by the Naxi people are followers of Eastern Bashi Luo. They later known as Dongba. Naxi Dongba culture is culture. Traditional Naxi Dongba ritual, the Dongba is the largest. During the offerings are the main crops, butter, sesame oil, livestock, but not for wild animals. Are before the Court, The big burn incense censer. Each of the three burning stick of incense, incense first columns censers into, and then make a wish and bowed to worship, offerings presented. For the goods and money, does not affect everyone in my normal life under the premise, according to their size and financial resources and capabilities. East because the Bashi Luo generous mercy, love broad. Economic conditions , Only three burning stick of incense, said sincerely. In general, rich families to Zaiyang pig for the gold and silver pearl; beggars or not to work, as long as three burning stick of incense, East Bashi Luo will bless them so that they wish to achieve. If the foreigner Chong Jingdong Bashi Luo, who worship him can bring Naxi land items, such as soil, wood, gold and silver ornaments and so on. Please Dongba presided over the opening, the store next to the skin, the Dongba will be subject to when he let them in the world in peace and happiness, prosperity, and avoid disasters, health and longevity. East Bashi Luo lifetime struggle with the demons, fighting the scourge of human disaster of all for Between the people's well-being.

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Walled rainbow trout - Chinese tourism scenic spots

God useful spring scenic spot in the highland farming rainbow trout, moved to Lijiang from the United States is aristocrats of the species. Yu kiosk Shenquan rare quality, growth and development of rainbow trout to provide a good ecological environment. Tens of thousands of rainbow trout in the clearance of spring water in transparent flow around the shuttle has become a unique kiosk-landscape. Yu water Culture of rainbow trout, according to experts detection, is China's best trout meat and become the provincial government, Lijiang, the local government to receive foreign dignitaries and leaders of the designated food. We have the support of the kiosk-rainbow trout, fresh meat, pure taste, is on good food. If you are not here to taste a little Trout fish, then you will definitely be life-long regret.

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Yu kiosk Dongba Village - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yu kiosk Dongba village, fully in accordance with the Naxi traditional way of life built from the courtyard to the layout of the building facilities to use the tools, to the details of life, can feel the atmosphere of traditional national culture. Yu kiosk is the daily life of the village of Dongba Naxi Dongba to show real life. You can understand the East Customs of life. Yu kiosk is the Dongba cultural heritage base, the village of Dongba three Dongba Master: Mr. Yang Wenji, and the ability of the public and Mr. and Mr. Zhen-wei. Now a number of Dongba students with learning Dongba old Dongba culture. Mr. Yang Wenji, is living in Lijiang Dongba great master in Dongba up to a dance. As the "East Dance of God "; force and the public, he is highly educated, had traveled thousands of miles of the Naxi live, on-site inspection of national history and culture, there is profound knowledge of the Dongba culture; and Mr. Zhen-wei, the Dongba Mingmenshijia Future generations, the grandfather of the United States is sincere and scholars of Dongba teacher, Mr. Locke.

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Yufeng Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Approached the snow-capped mountains, you will see an odd tree, snow-capped mountains in the south basket, as Bingcheng Aura snow-capped mountains, blooming every year 10,000 are two or three, named "Camellia 10,000." Surprising because it is the best in the world, it attracted many tourists. Pak from the eastbound highway to return to the snow-capped mountains, along the road about one kilometer before the West after the turn, then About 4 km away, they came to the snow-capped mountains south of the basket Yufeng Temple, a famous temple. Yufeng Temple is located in Lijiang Yulong Snow Mountain at the foot of the north of the city, town, 15 km, 39 Monastery Dynasty Emperor Kangxi (1700), and Temple-fu, Pu Jisi, Temple Wen-feng, referring to Temple Cloud side by side for the five Lijiang suburbs Lama Temple. The largest There are nine courtyards, and the upper and lower houses of the existing hall. Temple weeks dense pine and cypress, water gurgling, together into a dam, beautiful scenery. Camellia species are both within and outside the temple, cherry blossoms, smiling (ten incense), Magnolia Hill (Acacia night), and other valuable trees, especially in the hospital for more than "10,000 Camellia" famous. The La Masi small, there is a "Camellia King" and famous, every spring, 10,000 Camellia open race, like the wonderful Hongxia add radiance to each other, the Department of radius around. If the outside of which, led by clothing Fumian flowers, trees in flower, on a pair of people, dazzling, who says: "Camellia Jia Tianxia Yunnan, Lijiang Hill A Yunnan on. "Yufeng Temple hall for the courtyard design, by the Gate Tower, the Basilica and the two components of the tiger. Harmonious symmetrical layout. Seat hall west to east, Zhong Yan Xieshan Ding, ding decorated Zheng Ji, decorated with animal both ends of the kiss. Basilica Total 16.3 m wide and 12.6 meters deep into the total. Eaves on three peach well as supporting brackets, under the canopy for arc Xuan Decorative, with strong architectural style of the Qing Dynasty. Kim Joo-4 indoor gold dragon base for relief. Octagonal roof caisson drawn Tantric sitting Buddha Temple, painted beams rocker covers 20 Buddha images simple lines, with the Tibetan "Thangka" style. Here wooded, scenic, and 10,000 of them hidden on Camellia, you Visit the temple on the side, watching how the odd side of the tree. Yunnan Garden expert research, planting 10,000 Camellia Emperor Kangxi in the years since the 300-year history, the camellia trees, there are several characteristics: First, 10,000 flowers, long flowering period. Beginning in the early release each year, beginning of summer flowers do, 7 Seasonal total of more than 100 days, the first More than 20 sub-approved open, a group also did not fade and a group of Moon, each batch of dried flowers while, to open a total of more than 2 flowers, flowers for every 5 to 7-inch plate so much, "when the old flowers bloom Down, thin red Nenhong to stop it. " Second, the site can tour. Camellia old general, to stem the high number of very careful, too should not be the last tour The so-called "Yuan Wang Shu-Hung nearly in Lingyun see." Camellia Yufeng, but 3 meters height, diameter main building plus column, the branches set to grapple with New Zealand, skillfully woven into a three-Square to build a big shed, in front of 4 meters long, 3 meters on each side, top Is an area of more than 40 square meters of covered flowers, the crown of up to 56 meters, almost a full cover A courtyard. Visitors into the hospital, flowers led Fumian clothes, flowers in front of the head with even open, "under a tree in flower, on the crowd," Camellia Yinghong telling people, is heading Shenmi string. Such a peculiar shape, both wind and frost-free, and visitors can tour the past, shows the ingenuity to cultivate. The third is a tree of the two products, and Civilized, tied for Mandarin. Yunnan Garden visits in recent years, experts believe that the tree was originally set up for the tea stock safflower oil, tea seed for the lion head scion, grafted rootstock after the original forest tree branches and Mao, the formation of safflower oil and tea Duoban Zamian opening of the lion head and wonder. Qicun such as the lion head plates large flower color as beautiful as roses, Bingdi Kai, nine Cong-tipped stamens, petals 18, said "nine core 18"; safflower oil tea single open flowers, dark red color, commonly known as "red as Temple," "Boy face." And a hybrid of two camellia trees, flowering season, Xia Lin Yuan Wang as a tree, and set off Xuefeng, a "tree-pronged 10,000 for the first swallow fire, red-hot half-day Winter The Greatest Places. The other is the "single-core Yamahana," Yan spit snow spray, flowers only Wucun plate, a single flower made up some sticks and some Bingdi open branches staggered, locked, surprising. It turned out that it is two different species of Camellia side by side with a long, Tianzhangrijiu become inseparable, as if it is a by. This By the Lama Temple, passed from generation to generation carefully cultivated over the years, they hibernate in their late fertilizer, vegetable oil by rubbing tree trunks and roots of water, increasing nutrients, so smooth tree trunks, old trees is not bad, Climb, the flowering response , Unbeaten for a long time to open. Sheng of flowers, sometimes from afar the red tree flowers. Had "Cang who ran all kinds of old trees? 10,000 red light connected" to describe how the magic mountain of tea. Partial hospital in the north, there are two built in Yunnan Province of St. Paul's smile, commonly known as Hong ten, ten kinds of incense is also valuable to spend in order to win the fragrance, flowers can be custom-ten-and named. Were flowers on a white, flower-less However, several duo-intensive, to spend every release, the hospital courtyard, filled with fragrance. Flowering from late spring until the severe winter, long floated fragrance ancient temples. Yufeng Temple and Yunnan Camellia 10,000 smile Qi-fang, when waves of visitors, all said no.

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Baishui He - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ganhai son to leave the North to continue to go forward about 5 kilometers, a Guaiguo turn, will be able to see a foot of snow from the outflow of water, such as the eastward course, this is Baishui He. After Baishui He bridge, you can stop along the right side of the bridge down the road, leading to white water river can be. Baishui He first That Qinglie give you the impression that bright and clean. Department of snow melting snow water and then filtered through rocks, water poured out of into the end come together to form the river. Even in summer, you are barefoot river-related, and that feeling of biting you always bear in mind this spring snow quality. Baishui He clean water, not any pollution, rinse red river of pebbles, money Clear, as Whitehead was at the end of its water, water colors more bright and clean, Baishui He also named. Baishui He give you the impression that the second magical scenery, the river water cascading waterfalls, lush vegetation near the two sides, the distance Xuefeng backing. Baishui He winds from the snow-capped mountains out of the depths, you can walk or riding And flow, watch the scenery along the coast, explore the snow-capped mountains under the initial formation of the river, and personally this natural taste of pure water, bring the fresh feeling. Flow under the bridge from Baishui He has been to the east, not far from the snow-capped mountains and the outflow of water to another intersection. The river is also a snow-capped mountains of snow melt Stephen Cheng, eventually come together to form a stream, bright and clean water, as a result of the underwater black pebbles most of its water, the water matched the color black, Heishui He named, and Baishui He Heishui He intersection, then became a black-and-white water River. Snow-capped mountains to snow million years old and black and white stones from birth to a black-and-white water, it has a special ethnic Naxi Emotional, Dongba Classic "Lu Lu Rao as" volume in a black and white to explain things in the world, pointing out that to reconcile the yin and yang, open confuse right and wrong, on a harmonious world order, in front of the black-and-white water, is a natural river, the River of Love, For you, black-and-white moral of the water without blocking the road, not across the river obstacles on the road, God.

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Yulong Snow Mountain Maoniuping - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yulong Snow Mountain is located in the foothills of the north-east Maoniuping is an open space, rough and beautiful mountain meadow with a total area of 15.8 square kilometers. Naxi language saying that "as did", which means beautiful mountain meadow. Yunshan Ping-lying and flat, with the mountain grassland Maoniuping ups and downs, the magnificent powerful, with black and white The yak grazing and the Tibetan men and women constitute a Maoniuping flow of beautiful landscape. From the cable station on the westbound along the wooden path along the cliff 600 meters went to the Snowflake Lake, covering an area of 2500 square meters, the lake Light yellow, yak focus here is water. Lake along the snowflakes water Sibei yak on the 1,200 meters to Maoniuping the highest level - the Jade Pool. Jade Pool is not the water, but water is clear and transparent, Snow Lake and strong contrast. Jade Pool is surrounded by tall spruce and larch trees, blue sky, white clouds and Xuefeng, shadows reflected in the calm waters, it is exposure to Huangruo dream wonderland. Maoniuping in the vicinity of UN Several of Tibetan herdsmen, have Zhongdian Tibetan-style cabins dotted the snow-capped mountains, meadows, unique atmosphere. They all live in the mountains at the foot of a large rural village of snow, cabin Maoniuping only temporary residence. In the spring in order to catch them up the mountain grazing yaks and horses, oxen and horses put back to late autumn, winter village.

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Baoshan Stone City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lijiang is located 110 km north of the Jinsha River valley, as a result of more than 100 households in the Naxi people living in an independent mushroom rock named after. Stone City on three sides are steep cliffs, such as cutting power, it is difficult for monkeys to climb up. Residents in the rock around the building plus a lap-foot high stone wall, so that more defense Shicheng Cover the entire south of the Stone City is only a natural for Shihmen out, closed the Shing Mun has become the perfect refuge islands. Baoshan Stone City in the early years of the Yuan dynasty, was in Lijiang in Yunnan Province Zhong Shusheng road trip Xuan Fusi, one of the seven portfolios of legacy, Baoshan, Kunming is also a well-known "Daguan Lou Long," by Road Phascolosoma cross-yuan ", is currently in Yunnan Province-level key cultural unit. Baoshan Stone City Naxi language known as the" thorn Lu Po-docking site "," Rosa Po, "was among the first to live here in the name of the head of the Naxi," Lu disk dock "Meaning Walled Whitehead." Yuan Shi Chi geography, "it reads:" Since its first floor in the first (this Ninglang Xian Yong Township) Xiju the twenty Yu. "Southern Song dynasty, Kublai Khan in the lead Route Army, and Phascolosoma by raft through the Jinsha River, over the Prince Edward Kwan, arrived at the city of Baoshan, Dali Gongmie then, as well as the reunification of the country. Yuan Yuan for 14 years (1277 ), Set up in Baoshan County, two years later was promoted to state Baoshan, the jurisdiction of this large Cable, sound alarms, Baoshan, may Five from the rural area. Baoshan Stone City Tianqian Jinsha River to the east, south, crossing steep rock can be, in accordance with the West yak Ling Xian-feng, according to the North Prince customs barriers around the terraced into the hillside, is the ancient Naxi from "the mountain of negative risk, UAE stars Walled out , Tong She does not "nomadic phase of the shift to the cultivation Portrayal of history. Baoshan Stone City 2326 meters above sea level, fell across the city terrace week, winter and spring Mailang waves, summer and fall fragrance Hedao to decorate a castle vitality. It farming town during the day, sitting home at night, do not have some fun. There still preserved ancient Naxi folk songs and dances and, quite to explore research ??. Baoshan Shicheng thriller is unique topography, the south-pointing carriage design and simplicity of the original style, showing a mysterious presence. Tourists from afar, often have strong feelings Journey Into Amazing Caves. Shicheng Shicheng folk along the trail to the south, rising into the Shicheng, you will see the city Housing orderly, vertical and horizontal tunnel, the adjacent house, there are nearly 100 households. Harmony between people, you have to sit and chat outside the city to talk about things such as the family in general. Stone narrow streets and alleys in the city, but not blocking, but also affect the traffic, people take advantage of the city on the spot, uneven ground, it is natural stone path. Stone residential community in the city, with all the On the potential, and some stone plinth Zhuodeng column, and so the use of natural rock cut from a little repair, and some in the kitchen cutting stone for the kitchen, some in the courtyard of the Zaocheng huge water tanks, some even in the room stone chisel repair Shi Chuang Cheng, produced a lot of life can be described as representing supplies, the disposal and utilization of natural science level, stunning Stone lived in the city's residents be good at farming, they built their homes in the boulder, the proportion of people living in the stone outside the reclamation of the land, they built terraced base for the construction of water conservation, planting rice, wheat, corn, etc., to form layers of terraced fields around Stonehenge. May cooked wheat, rice in October yellow, green golden rice Hai The ship held up as Shicheng, Stone City is the most beautiful season. Khan Phascolosoma crossing site north of Stone City steep Yan Feng, Naxi Ren known as the "thorn Prince Peter Kwan," in memory of Kublai Khan of Mongolia, led by the army over the name of the insurance and customs clearance, when the powerful army of Mongolia The army from Baoshan Under the first city to the other side of the Jinsha River crossing Phascolosoma, Nan Zheng Dali country. Song Chun You Methodism 12 years (1252 AD), Yuan Taizu Kublai Khan sent Prince Edward Dali attack, Khan rate of yuan by the military Gansu Lintao Kangcang over the plateau, Lijiang closing Fensan Lu Bing, lead Khan Road Jun, Ning Yongning leading edge of the Jinsha, Stone City and across the river. At that time, the head of the Naxi good wheat stock of the situation and resolutely opted for Guifu Mongolia's military strategy, he visits the Jinsha River Stone City while crossing the barbed Bo, Zhai Men Open, citing military Mongolia Phascolosoma raft crossing. Baoshan Mongolian troops, after a steep Yan Feng, reported this Yulong Snow Mountain is the peak of the tail, Xianyao magnificent, well beyond the military Mongolia, Michael Liang Yanfeng this will be named "Rosa Prince Edward Kwan Bo", to mark Prince million, after Kubilai this Yanfeng.

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North Yuemiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lijiang, Yunnan North Yuemiao update :2005-2-18 here: 33 Yuemiao also known as the North Tower 3, located north of the village of Pak Sha, was built in the Tang Dynasty, Lijiang is the earliest temple, as a result of Nanzhao Wang Yulong mountain has been closed for Bukak, Therefore, the foot of the hill in the village Pak Limiaocifeng. Bukak the main temple of "3" protection of the statues, one hunter said to ancient times, in the Yulong mountain snow was found on a piece of stone, Hunter put it back down the mountain, passing through North Yue Miao, Shi heavy snow, hunters can only rest on this, and so on Want to take it back, the stone is now back on the snow can not give people that this is the incarnation of God, built on the spot Worship. , People who Lvxian a white, wearing white helmets, white hand spear, riding a white horse to the gods, between the protection of the Naxi Ren. When the off-Tusi's military operations, Lv Jian also fighting the white robes of God will come Zhuzhan, wood's toast to the "3" appeared, so the extension of the original temple built temples, ding bell cast in order to remember his shrine Kublai Khan Chi Feng "3" to "Wu Xue Shi Jing Di bring peace and stability to the country." Chuba old calendar February each year, the Naxi be held in North Yuemiao "3 Day" to honor the will of God the nation.

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Lashihai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

La Sea city of Lijiang county is located 8 km west of the dam in the central city of Rafah, in Yunnan Province is the first "wetland" nature reserve named. "La City" for the ancient Naxi language translation of "pull" for the shortage of dams, "the city" for the new, which means the shortage of the new dam. Dian was here in the northwest part of the ancient land of the trough, the exercise of the Mesozoic Yanshan Fold Lu into effect, to become a quasi-Miocene plain, with the development of cross-sectional Mountains orogeny, to the late Pliocene to early Pleistocene, quasi-plain that they separated into three relative height difference in the 100-200 m of High altitude mountain basin, that is, the city of La dam, dam Lijiang, the seven river dam. The city of La dam is one of the highest-Bazi, In the waters of a still, he said the city of Rafah sea, lake, 2437 meters above sea level. Lashihai real fault structure for the lake, and at the same time by the dissolution of limestone structure from the role. Lake water into the surface of the water on the south side of a river on the north side of the United States and Quanhe. Water scanner, the water area of 265.6 square kilometers, the lake from the former West Side of the cave escape. In the past, significant changes in seasonal lake, the water level in the rainy season, the largest volume of 180,000,000 cubic meters water, the water 9 square kilometers with water depth of up to 9 meters; the dry season the water level dropped, and even dried up. Since the 1980s, irrigation has, in the former La Shuidong build a large dam, the water can no longer Law to flow freely, but Haidong from the post of Huangshan get through the tunnel of water flowing into the city of Lijiang. City by the Sea and Latin America has become a seasonal lake to maintain a certain level of plateau lakes, such as the mirror of the lake reflected the Yulong Snow Mountain, Enron waterfowl wintering habitat, or fly in the blue sky and white clouds, high altitude wetlands constitute a unique atmosphere. According to the survey, in the city of La Wetland total of 57 kinds of birds each year to the birds wintering there are 30,000 or so, rare and endangered bird species unique to 9, including the Bar-headed Goose birds unique to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, at the national level to protect birds China Light and class of merganser, black-necked cranes, black cranes and so on. As a result, the provincial government in June 1998 -Approved the establishment of Lijiang in Yunnan Lashihai Plateau Wetland Nature Reserve, including the city of Rafah sea, the sea, Yoshiko reservoirs, such as writing Reservoir Area 4, with a total area of 6523 hectares, the main part of the city of La Sea Area, covering an area of 5330 public Ha, the park has become a habitat for migratory birds. Shanqingshuixiu the seaside city of Rafah, Stephen to the United States for most. US Wo Hu Shan source in the Big Dipper and the Shan Interchange, from the craggy rocks in the turbulent spring water from the dam to form a sister, Shuilv perfect as jade, a clearance can be seen more than 6 meters deep Tandi. Here dense forests, flowers, prosperous, beautiful scenery, and Latin America will become a city of the sea "beauty - Lashihai - Melody Village - Temple Cloud refers to the "sea tourism route.

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Yang Ping reservoir - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ping Yang Yongsheng County Reservoir is located 30 km north-east, the site of the Yi Ping Township in sheep named after the territory. The reservoir dam height of 50 meters, 168 meters long, has Bahou-hydropower, water area of 2 square kilometers, the water fish farming 1575 acres, 2460 meters above sea level, in order to Lijiang, one medium-sized reservoirs, with irrigation Flood control, power generation, culture, and other benefits, as well as the development of the tourism value. Yang Ping reservoir like a pearl inlaid in the green mountains, clear water sparkling bank, the shore of Lake volatile ups and downs, tsugae green, flowers and trees flourish, Huguangshanse, charming and beautiful. Tarbes in the territory silence Yongsheng Hill is the first peak, elevation 39 3 meters. Peak winter and spring snow cover, heavily forested mountains, many of the vertical distribution of plant species, structured, like artificial good fortune. The colorful alpine broad-leaved rhododendron over the mountain, the spring and summer season, red and white Huang Jing Yan Zi. Taxus valuable all over the mountains, has abundant capacity, the development of some value. Yang Ping from the reservoir to the tower Shan Ren cloth, along the tree-lined, Bristol Flows, such as flowers and sea, and from the people linger. Yang Yi Ping for the resident, and other mountain Ninglang Xian. There are special wedding customs, the original eating habits, men and women sing and dance on the plateau, is a small reduction of the culture of Liangshan Yi Jing. Yang Ping Yuen Ling Qing and reservoir areas connected to the front line, road-county is tourism, the study of folk entertainment.

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Yongsheng keep his tribe - Chinese tourism scenic spots

He is mysterious and romantic style of keeping the characteristics of the two. You Tumulus Lin, the ancient city ruins, Baba participate in the festival, is the Galapagos trip; II into the village to see his girl to stay fire woven grass cloth, Chung step on a foot pestle, and then take a look at the "tent girl" is a romantic journey. Yongsheng county seat from the car by driving 30 km east Cichang, six to Germany To the north, along the rocky soil of a highway 10 km further on the cloud to the Village (also known as Camp Hill). Yunshan and its north-south water-village, the village is his two-keeping major settlements. Get off here, on the eastern side of the road on the hillside, Shun Yi Dao wear an old Walled-off field, an hour after he left the village at the junction of the three points were Hill, which he can hold people's graves Hill, Tumulus forests, ancient ruins and the festival venue Baba "memorial hall" are here. There is a large log created a very eye-catching swing plane to introduce legislation in the mountains, there are two walls next to the plane Huiwa housing, in front of the house free of the Ping is a "memorial hall" and the other is a "stay Lin ancient graves and cultural relics management . "

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Fairy Cave Huaping - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fairy Cave is located 2 kilometers southwest of Huaping County, the Department of the cliff on the nature of the Cave, there are legends Shen Xianju named after this. Cong Long before the old hole, Panzhihua brilliant, Jiandiyihong water, along the promenade in front, quiet beautiful environment. Over the original hall, hanging on the door 2 long together, as one of six in Huaping County, and Governor Lu-Wang Wrote: far wall to even the hubbub of city life, deep-hole ask deep-Hill, was suspected hermit; Mo sedentary too remote, to be Jiuhan tea stop, to hold a half-day fairy. Another is linked in eight years Huaping governor Zhou Germany (County of Hunan Province), Suozhuan: a fairy-fruit, Han Qin Huang has asked the Security? Just when every summer, carry chickens to re-Doujiu patience. Hall had Zuobi stone-week-de-author of the book Poems Wu Yan 2, reflecting the Fairy Cave was the scene of some Huaping and social conditions. There is water inside the cave, the breeze blowing gently, it is nice and cool, like a variety of Karst shoots like flowers, thousands of white jade. Hole 0 m, open terrain of a sudden, here Biyou the dance floor, seven-color lanterns shine, like Joan cents Court Palace, is reluctant to and from. Yishanbangshui the hole, a Des Rendezvous profile booths, water fountains, stone benches Shizhuo, not far from the county seat, it is natural for people to feel that's a good place for recreation.

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Dai Huaping tribes - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Living in the Huaping Dai, China is in Asia is the most latitude north of Dai village, population 6,000, his ancestors a thousand years ago in the period from the Tang and Song Banna, Dehong migration from other places. According to historical records, then Dai has entered the era of tribal alliance, a strong increase in population and political power to make it out Department expansion in the Tang Dynasty when Wang Nanzhao break all over Yunnan, for the sake of "the real", "kind of moved to its home" policy, Dai also immigrants, came to Huaping and other places. Dai Huaping from generation to generation because with the Han, Yi, Lisu, and other mixed ethnic and away from Banna, Dehong Dai and so on, the people in , In areas such as clothing have been great changes have taken place, with the local Han similar, but Huaping in the area, you look carefully, Dai able to find out the main features of the nation. First of all, its living environment. Huaping from the county seat, the Township to a new Star or the BA Xiang Shilong Longjing, Lin Dai, and other areas, Will find that their living environment similar Banna, Dehong, along the river around the green Congcong, the canopy of large banyan trees, rows of banana trees, a bamboo Congcong, and that the fiery red Muk Min tall trees, everything is sub-tropical landscape . Dai is characterized by settlers, most of them live along the river, Huaping in the formation of the two main centers First, the Jinsha River in the side of the Longjing BA Xiang Shilong, Linjiang, and the other is the new Zhuanghe next to the Township of the new Star. Dai living in the valley and more. Where abundant water, moderate climate, fertile land suitable for cultivation of rice, sugar cane. Dai also used to say: Where there are "climbing vegetables Weng" (a kind of edible plants), where the water Like, we will take shelter there. This was followed by the diet. Dai is the staple food rice, in addition to the production of vegetables and meat, has its own unique flavor. If the increase in food like sour, some tree leaves, carefully modulated, is a rare taste; several procedures do make sauerkraut, is certainly Dai The food may be less; also like to eat Tu Feng, the growth of moss in the water. In addition Songkran is over. The annual Ching Ming Festival April after ten days, that is, the Dai Li's New Year, Songkran Huaping Dai should have time for three days, two days ago to see off the old, the last day for the New Year. Huaping to take part in the Songkran Dai, you have to take BA Xiang Shilong Jinsha River to the edge of Longjing, Linjiang, where Dai is the main inhabited areas, the traditional Songkran activities representative and let rise, packet loss, swing, there are young men and women finding love in order to marry him, and other activities Dai content rich color.

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Thousands of Hushan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhongdian city from the south line along Yunnan-Tibet Highway 50 km to the small rural Zhongdian unity of the thousands of Hushan village in the territory. Thousands of Tibetan Hushan "Lam Dong measures", which means fairy goddess or a thousand thousand Lake Lake, Lake in altitude 3900-4000 m, with three blue sea, the Black Sea as the center and a radius of 15 Square kilometers, an area of 10 acres of thousands below. There are beautiful scenic magic and spread all over the mountain on Hu, various shapes and small lakes, mountains Jian-long, round lake surrounded by mountains, and some may long fish; open some flat, some deep quiet ; Some Shan Wa semirings in the depths of some In a pair of young rhododendron, and some may train Zhu Yu, and some isolation in the meadow in the middle; some exposed rocks, such as crocodile head, and some deep water color like a bottomless abyss ... ... thousands of really, every Yanbo vast lake, Qinglie the lake, such as sapphire for many. Around the lake was covered by primeval forest, tall and straight for the cold , Spruce. Lake covered with rhododendron forest, is more HUANG rhododendron, azalea red and white azalea, Corolla large, bright color. Rhododendron deep-rooted, the formation of a major natural wonders, the quiet water of the lake from time to time over the Huang Ya, for a peaceful lake and the delicate and pretty scenery hyperchromic.

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Bi sell Tianchi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhongdian Zhongdian County, located in the small rural village in the territory of the Joint 3500 meters above sea level of the ancient animal husbandry Pitt, 51 km from the county seat, 3500 meters above sea level. Bi-selling Tibetan Tianchi "Chu Zhang", which means small lake. Bristol is located as a result of selling livestock, known as the Bi Suiqu sell Tianchi. Lake did not, the only area of 0.21 square kilometers. The average water depth .62 M, the deepest was about 3 meters, showing a singular and strange static clearance. This clarity of clear water, as if that is their colorful flowers around the trees in the world by the purity of heart Peng Chu soul. Small radius around the lake for more than 30 square km and the rhododendron forests covered by Lin. Trees Big tall and straight, mostly spruce and fir. Around the lake is covered with a rhododendron forest, Corolla to a huge, bright yellow color of azalea, Rhododendron white and red azalea majority. Corolla large, bright color. Flowering in mid-June to by the end of July, the occasion of the season, Lake Zhengyan flowers, very beautiful. Lake became a lake by the U.S. Department of Wai The rosette. Those gestures have different flowers, colorful. The elegant pure white, yellow and does not cover up the steady style of the United States, gorgeous warm red, cross-synthesis silent chorus of flowers. Hubei face on the gentle slope of nearly mu of Rhododendron primrose, purple and pink color was. Flowering in late May to late June, Du primrose Odd small tree trunk, derived from anywhere, rich color, fragrance and Dan Tan. People's Bank of China which, like walking on the carpet color, delicate fragrance smell from assail the nostrils, there are extraordinary people feel refined. Lake is the southern marsh areas, the main water grass, wild birds gather. Huang Ya is, duck, black-necked cranes, and other water birds Ideal habitat. This Dense green forest surging forward to a very vitality of nature, therefore, in its embrace of the water in the lake so demure tranquility, away from the troubles and never dried up. Forest its enclosure, and its purification. Clear lake water clarity, as if working capital is the colorful world of the purity of heart Peng Chu soul. There is also a lake The circular island, azalea trees on the island more than a year on, Huang Ya groups on the island in the lake and the surrounding lake water, Ruoyouruowu, did not call and Feipu figure spread, Jing Jing Tian forward to follow the law. Azaleas are not always in full bloom, pasture grass is not always all Yin-cheng, by the And at the end of winter, the snow began covering this Tianchi holy territory of the. But the snow-covered water is still clean, the trees are still green, no trees and azalea flowers with grass pastures dotted with snow, the more there are other Qingzhi.

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Haba Snow Mountain - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Haba Snow Mountain Nature Reserve, located in the southeast of Zhongdian County, 120 km from Zhongdian county, with a total area of 21,908 hectares. Peak elevation of 5396 meters above sea level the lowest point for the riverside villages, only 1550 m, 3846 m elevation above sea level. Yulong Snow Mountain and Haba Snow Mountain in the folklore which has been seen as a brother , The two big tall and straight from the Jinsha River's flow through the middle of snow-capped mountains form the Tiger Leaping Gorge. The upper part of the mountain than the flat, while the lower part of the steep rise steeply, hope the imposing steep and beautiful mystery. The protection of the entire area is 4,000 meters above the steep cliff Xuefeng, stoning Beach stream of rocks and glaciers. 4,000 meters above sea level Under a more moderate terrain, the landscape was ladder-like distribution, followed by the distribution of temperate, boreal, such as cold climatic zones, said almost the entire Northwest Yunnan microcosm of the climate, and the foot of a mountain peak, the temperature difference amounted to 22.8 ?. Protected areas, natural scenery from the main peak Haba Snow Mountain, Mountain Lake moraine, azaleas, snow-capped mountains Constitute a group of cloth. Haba Snow Mountain Peak, Mount Snow ice cold all the year round. Mount Guao tall and straight, four small peaks around the ring-li, from afar, like a crown trimmed with Eun-ding, with the season, the yin and yang of the changes in the staggered, unpredictable Xuefeng, the steam clouds sometimes obscure, hidden when they ding When they are, from time to time Piaomiao clouds, For cloud to fly, fishes from time to time during which continuously waves, "if they wish to use no white clouds, with snow-phase swallow spit," Health and snow clouds, clouds make snow scene, giving people "Hill love to see snow, white clouds love to see snow ". At an altitude of about 4700 meters or so, put a Bingbao cliff, as if the beautiful snow-capped mountains Gao Jie Movement. Road pretend that the hanging glaciers, is China's southernmost latitude ocean temperature of ice. It is said that those attitudes thousand odd angle of the peak, ridge edge, U-shaped valley and the sheep back stone is a relic of ancient glaciers left behind. The ancient glaciers melted together into a large number of stains on the lake ice, most of the more than 3500 meters above sea level in. Among them, in order to Sea, sea-round, the Yellow Sea, the best two-sea landscape, and for the well-known Haiyou. The high terrain of the Black Sea, water-ching very very cold, and to explore the people, an unusual cause plight of people dumbfounded. Ruoyun walk in, standing on the edge of the Black Sea, "did not dare to sing loudly, the fear of God in Lake scared", such as voice convergence rate is not closed, dumping rain and snow will And to call that float in the air at around only iQue Haba Snow Mountain in the azalea flowers, only to artificial dripping Huanchang your passion. In the Haba Snow Mountain, Xuefeng-wrapped on makeup in the next Chui a skirt, a mysterious deep water, steaming Xianqi, beautiful azalea flower color, spit-quiet, Silver Falls Zhi Xie Tao, the breakdown of water stone, fine-featured Dragon King Pool Silence, scenery, the people are intoxicated with them, away. Haba Snow Mountain Nature Reserve is the protection of mountain forests of the vertical distribution of the natural landscape and the Yunnan golden monkey, wild ass, Macaques for the purpose of the establishment of the boreal coniferous forest types of nature reserves. Haba Snow Mountain in the broad-minded, the Vegetation resources, abundant floral resources. The protection of the region was a three-dimensional distribution of Cryic with vegetation, mountains and alpine meadow bushes, fir, spruce, mountain evergreen broad-leaved to take, dry-hot valley of grass with irrigation, and so on, a wide variety of plants. Cordyceps have the protection of the region, Fritillaria, the Senate beads, Tianma, the snow lotus, and other valuable medicinal herbs; Orchids, such as wild peony blossoms can be seen everywhere; in the dense forests, the habitat of protected species for a class of Yunnan golden monkey, wild donkey; II protected species snow leopard, musk deer of the original, such as musk deer Ma. Remember never to come here to take a look at the azaleas, from top to the foot of the distribution of more than 200 species, accounting for the entire cloud 70% of the rhododendron species. In the azaleas in full bloom season into the Haba Snow Mountain, where you will be amazed Cai Cui has so many types of azaleas, rhododendrons here colorful, tree-funded multi-color, petals of different sizes. Haba Snow Mountain Biological reputation as the "mother of gardens in the world." This is the cuckoo, reported that spring gentian Blossoms and the distribution centers and differentiation, a large number of alpine flowers too numerous to mention. According to records, as early as the beginning of the 20th century, the United Kingdom, the United States, Austria and scholars have come to the collection of plant specimens Haba Snow Mountain, they removed a large number of species of azalea garden has become Europe and the United States, the beautiful landscape.

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Kong is a lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kong is a lake located in the northeast of Zhongdian county, 35 km from the county seat. 3705 meters above sea level, water area of 15 square kilometers. Kong is a lake surrounded by mountains, the average annual temperature of 35 ?, where 580 millimeters of rainfall, more than 6 to the rainy season in October. Kong is a Lake County is one of the largest lake, Lake Lee bright, rich lake, "is all Schizothorax" golden fish, abdomen with a crack, delicate fish taste. Lake is also a large number of wild habitats, water hyacinth, Huang Ya, and other birds. Kong is all around Lake Castle dies, Zhetianbiri primeval forest. Lake to the east into a piece of white birch forest, a golden autumn. In spruce, fir tall and sturdy, against the clouds, green crown careful to cover wind and rain. The forest habitat of the musk deer, bears, leopards, golden cats, Tufted deer, white chicken and other rare birds and animals. Kong is a well-known Zhongdian is the Lake Ranch, a vast grassland here, Fengmao water each year in spring and summer, groups of cattle Cruising on the lake, livestock sheds are scattered, and exposure to the lake, carrying Castle, faced with green water, cattle and little Qian, Mudi ears, the people deeply feel the high altitude who put leisure, swimming's life. To have a lake Kong Tourist traffic is very convenient, direct access to Lake Road, Zhongdian county town visitors from the start To and from the day. Kong is all south-east of the lake is well-known scenic spots Bitahai, more than 10 kilometers away from the two places.

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Lancang River Canyon - Chinese tourism scenic spots

This is a magical valley, which is a steep valley, here is a life full of charm of the canyon. Canyon and along the line, can be seen everywhere, "overlapping rise amid ups and downs, vertical canyon rapids," the magnificent scenery. This is the greatest elevation in Yunnan Province. Deqin County is located 150 km flow, the river sea 2006 m, Kage Bo in a straight line up to the peak 6740 meters, 4734 meters elevation relative. Congjiang surface to the top of the slope distance of 14 km per kilometer rose by an average of 337 meters, a canyon near-vertical slope. Lancang River in Deqin Runs of 150 km, is the most dangerous, the most magnificent, most tumultuous The 150 km, Yamagata straight into the River, River in the near vertical mountain as the two encaged animals in general, such as boiling roar, the world swirling in a row snowballed and the waves huge jump, the four-flying. On both sides of the green and luxuriant trees, their shape is so scene in the thousands, even if we have to imagine, even if we have the extremely talented and can not do the United States and its reference, its odd His rhyme. Among the villages in the gorge, the temple in the mosaic of numerous streams, Kam Ying Jie, green embrace them, delicate and pretty graceful. Insurance, it's just odd, money, it is the soft-ying, mountain-based gang, not less soft, this is the kind of harmonic phase with a rare you! Lancang River Valley, Grand Canyon not only to Long and well-known, and known to fast Jiang Liu. Clear and urgent winter flow, and turbidity in the summer of emotion and Jiang in the runoff 838,000,000 cubic meters. In the l50-km long, 504 meters for the drop, down 3.4 percent. Kuang Tao Jiang narrow side hit shore, the water thundering sound, very spectacular. Such a steep mountain valley Shape, so strange excellent geographic structure, it is rare for the whole world.

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Temple-US binding - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Temple bar the United States is the Ninglang Yi Autonomous County of Tibetan Buddhism (Yellow Sect) temple. Tanganyika to the east of it wooden and Hill should be relatively remote, Ming Jiajingnianjian North Korea, magnificent architecture, the Tibetan temple at the main hall, Piandian, such as the Buddhist temple. There are temples outside east, west and south door. Ambilight in the main hall, momentum, San Zhang Jin Buddha connections Piandian Man For Guang Temple embraced the extraordinary momentum. Temple murals very artistic, religious themes painting one another dizzying, though old, but the tone is still strong, full of rich Indian Tibetan style.

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