France and China Tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

France and China Tower, also known as Kim Sattar, located in the Jiading State Street Bridge. Jubilee was built in the Song Dynasty to open, since then, Wanli Ming, Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong and Jiaqing during the Republic of China and have varying degrees of repair. In January 1996 for France and China cleaned up the tower to explore underground palace, has found a Song, Yuan, Ming and the three generations of a Buddha statues, books, Gu Qian, jade, and other precious artifacts. In 1996, according to the Ming Dynasty-style look for the tower was repaired. Today, the Street has become a tower, the River Street three or four bridge south of the Yangtze River water into Kai King. Transportation: Travel Line 6, North Kerry line, and so on Tel: 59525688

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Lu Xun's former residence - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lu Xun in October 1927 came to Shanghai from Guangzhou, on October 19, 1936 death of an entire life in Shanghai, 9, has lived in Qiujiang Lu, King Wan Road and San Tsuen China on the 9th and often Uchiyama go to bookstores, and many have been to Hongkou Park, even when the death of Lu Xun was thought to Hongkou Park changed its name to Lu Xun Park. As a result, subsequent to the Tomb of Lu Xun million from the country to move to the Hongkou Park Cemetery, in October 1956, the twentieth anniversary of the death of Lu Xun, the park houses a Jiangnan style of Lu Xun Memorial Hall built in 1988 and was formally changed its name to "Lu Xun Park." Therefore, Lu Xun Is a red brick 3-story building for the generation of great masters of culture from 1933 to 1936 before the death of living and working in his home. Here, Lu engaged in a great deal of creativity, translation, editing, but also organized a "liberal movement in China alliance" and the "Leftist", the display is a master of the house with his The value of goods and writing utensils. Address: 132 San Road, get up to 9 bus lines are: 18,21,47,51,52,70,79,97,100,101,134,139,217,222,939,502,942,508 , 37,529,531,537,541,552,579,592,597,828,848,853,854,863,875, 10, traveled the road, four-lane Airport, Hong Chuan line.

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Shanghai New International Expo Center - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longyang Road in Pudong of Shanghai New International Expo Center is the modernization of Asia's largest exhibition center. Expo Center exhibition hall for each size of 70m � 185m, with an area of 11,547 square meters, column-free exhibition halls are a structure. At present, for a project, a total of four exhibition hall and an entrance hall. Hall plane 45,000 square meters for indoor and outdoor 20,000 square meters. And upon completion, will have all 17 exhibition halls, the entrance hall and a three towers with a total exhibition area of 200,000 square meters of indoor and outdoor 50,000 square meters. The surrounding roads and spacious car parks have large areas of green belt. Shanghai New International Expo in Is a modern exhibition hall for Chinese and foreign exhibitors for staging exhibition provides an ideal venue. Expo Center also has a business center, post and telecommunications, banking, customs, transport, express delivery, advertising and other services to provide a full range of quality services to guests. Transport: Metro line Five Bridge Road, six , Dongchuan lines, bus lines, such as Shin-line Address: 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong

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International Chapel - Chinese tourism scenic spots

53 Hengshan is located in Xujiahui, Shanghai International Chapel is the largest Christian church. Built in 1925. Building the whole building was "L" shape. The modern Gothic brick. The establishment of the International Chapel, from start to the choir. In the early 20th century, a group of Christians in Shanghai and the United States in the United States and Du Lu East Lake this way) organized a choir. Later, due to space limitations, and the other to build a chapel. Chapel International Church Music has the beautiful sound of Fiji and Shanghai. International Chapel is a major feature of this is regardless of sect, the state of Christian worship. Transport: Subway Station Hengshan, 02,15 49,93,548,824,830,927 Road, travel route 10 Address: No. 53 Hengshan Tel: 64376576 Opening hours: usually not open to the public on Sundays to do 7:30,10:00,19:00 three weeks, Participation Visitors can go in .

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Huangpu Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Have been recorded in the "No dogs or Chinese as" humiliating history of the Huangpu Park in Shanghai is the first European-style gardens, was built in 1886, she was a witness to the vicissitudes of the Bund century. Today, Shanghai, the People's Heroes Monument stand Yiran, free and open bottom Bund is a museum of history of the Chinese nation for centuries of struggle . Shanghai, the People's Heroes Monument: used to be located in the "Chinese and dogs not allowed" in Huangpu Park, to give deep thought, three gun-shaped tower, meaning the Opium War, the May Fourth Movement, has been a glorious war of liberation at the expense of Eternal glory to the martyrs, there are profound connotations of the general. River tide: Huangpu Park in the South sector, which is a large bronze sculpture portraits. Wei, a body of workers, Yang Zhao Looking sail the waves hit, fighting courageously. The dynamic image of a strong, showing great strength of the proletariat, danger, bravery forward, full of daring defiance of the spirit. Shanghai is the theme of the works in recognition of work Class in revolution and construction in a brilliant performance. Shanghai Century of large-scale granite relief: Huangpu Park is located in a round-island sink, a total length of 120 meters relief, and 3.8 meters high. Relief in order to capture realistic approach typical of the historical significance of the events, performance from 1840 to 1949 between The sea of the people's revolutionary struggle. Wings for the decorative motifs of garlands, a symbol of Shanghai people cherish the memory of the revolutionary martyrs. Relief can be divided into seven groups, the typical 97, the performance of the martyrs are the great achievements of the struggle.

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Longhua Martyrs Cemetery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

By Comrade Deng Xiaoping wrote the name of the park is located in Longhua Martyrs Cemetery on the west side of Longhua Temple, a national key cultural units and focus on the protection of the building to commemorate the martyrs units. Here was the former site of the headquarters of the Kuomintang Songhu Guard and Longhua revolutionary martyr to die a martyr. After the liberation, the revolutionary martyr as a memorial to the protection of the 20th century 0 In the early Martyrs Mausoleum merge with the Shanghai building. July 1, 1995 completion and opening up is a Memorial to pay respect to the collection, tourism, culture, garden spots in one of the new cemetery, known as the "Shanghai Yuhuatai." Memorial set up to pay respect to the cemetery area, Muqu martyrs, the site area, and the underground passage to die a martyr, Forest, youth and education area, store the ashes of cadres and recreation areas, such as the eight functional areas. Comrade Jiang Zemin at the monument inscribed "Treasure of the Sierra loyalty for the people." Comrade Chen Yun wrote the Museum "Longhua Martyrs Memorial Hall." 11 large-scale sculpture with the Memorial Plaza, located in the north-south axis line. Gu is buried here, a red Luo Yinong, Zhao Yan, Lin Yu-nam, Lee and realistic, and so on more than 1,600 martyrs and built the first Forest of Stone Tablets in Shanghai, covers an area of 20 hectares, two rows at the North and the South, 54 meters long, echoes. South stele wall for Lu Xun "in order to forget the commemoration of" the full text of the north wall of the monument is a collection of the revolutionary martyrs Shanghai poetry. Mausoleum Quarter of forest green, peach blossom spring in full bloom, from the first day of the third lunar month to March 15 go for half a month's pay respect to the Longhua Martyrs, the concept of peach, Jingxiang plethora of shopping has become a temple fair in Shanghai's customs. Address: Longhua Road, Xuhui District, 2853 Tel: 64576327 Opening hours: 7:00 4:00 p.m. Tickets: 1 yuan, 5 yuan Memorial

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Shanghai Botanical Garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

With a tour, popular science and scientific research, production, protection, and many other features. 17 exhibition opening to the outside world, there are herbal garden, Magnolia Park, Garden, Rhododendron Garden, Rose Garden, Gui Garden, Chuk Yuen, the longevity park, fern garden and the environment, and other flora, and Huang Daopo Memorial Hall. Tickets: 8 yuan, 5 yuan bonsai garden, Greenhouse open spots 30 per ticket.

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Nanpu Bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nanpu Bridge in Shanghai is the first area across the Huangpu River to the design, construction of the Twin Towers two-cable-plane cable-stayed bridge beams together again and again. A total length of 8346 meters, 423 meters of a main bridge across the River, the cable-stayed bridge of its kind in the world in the third. The main tower 150 meters high, arranged in neat, bold cable-stayed strong, as the fly Eagle. Puxi complex spiral curves like a fairy Xiafan bridge approach, a bridge in the world can be called a miracle in the history of the building.

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Europa World theme park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Europe is based on flavor, the European architecture as the main body, and European-style garden layout, the entire park to become rich exotic, Yasugongshang, the ages of the playground. Address: Sheshan south of Tel: 57651582 opening hours :8:00-16: 00 tickets: 0 yuan, 15 yuan for children

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Sheshan National Tourism Resort Park East Sheshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

East Sheshan 72.4 meters above sea level, covers an area of 850 mu. Park Attractions: Mekong fishing Angeles, Zhaoqing Temple, Shi Ziyan, Muyu stone washing Xinquan, riding a long weir, Xiang Quan Buddha, Butterfly Garden, Garden birds, beach forest, such as TOWER.

Mekong fish Angeles: She Shandong in the east the southern slope, so there Xiushui Around, and the stone protruding Rocky River. Chen Jiru the Ming Dynasty have been living in this hermit, from time to time in order to free fishing for the music, named.

Stephen wash heart: She is located in east Singapore shanxi, is a legend, the North Song Xingguo three years by cutting Cong Road. Stephen out of the Buddhist name "I yuan," said. It is said that this spring water to drink, wash can be reached realm of the heart. This So far Qinglie water quality.

Long ride weir: East Sheshan south of the stone steps of a stone, as if riding a dragon named after the Shan Pui, Blot out the Sun Road on both sides of the shade, quiet environment.

Butterfly Garden: East China's largest outdoor Butterfly Garden to watch.

Birds Court: She is located in the East Shanxi Lu, At present, the largest collection of popular science, watch the birds in one spot. Court birds mountains towering as high as 20 meters in the 20-40 column, nearly 30,000 square meters of steel polyethylene-wide bird Court. Court, there are more than 50 rare bird species, only 5,000, of which the national primary and secondary protection of the birds over the past 10 , Your vacation is a good place for leisure.

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Dianshan Lake Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xue Dian Lake was originally called, "the East Lake Geneva" reputation, is located 15 km west of Qingpu, Shanghai Qingpu cross, Kunshan, Jiangsu cities (districts), then on Yang Cheng, Qualcomm West Taihu Lake. East-West 15 km wide lake, some 30 km north-south, around 100 km, covering an area of 95,000 acres. Xu depth of 2 meters. Lake Cheng as a mirror, Yanshumimeng coast.
Dianshan Lake is the beautiful scenery and tourist attraction, preservation and construction of a large number of heritage sites, Bi You Dianshan Lake resort area Huguangshanse, elegant environment, an area of about
1600 acres in the middle Qingshang cross-roads, resort will be separated into two parts, East and West Is the eastern half of the natural scenic spots, there is a more than 380 meters long artificial embankment, "Liu Di in Early Spring", embankments Liulv bonus, relatively seawalls Bridge, Diwai boundless expanse of blue water, Shuitianyise, Dianshan Lake panoramic view. The western half is a "Shicheng antiquity," the antique street, is to provide services to visitors at the center of the district. Shicheng antiquity, "is located within 47 meters of as many as 7 layers of a pagoda style of the ancients. Pagoda is not only the tower is also a water tower, is the sixth-tank. Tower View spectacular scenery.
In recent years, many new banks Dianshan Lake tour places. There are based on the classical novel "A Dream of Red Mansions" to describe the mood of the structure built in Shanghai Park, a youth camp base, the village culture, the club Fokker yacht, the Sun Island Resort. "

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