Dongping National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dongping National Forest Park located in China's third largest island - the middle and northern part of Chongming Island. From the south gate of Hong Kong (county) 12 km south of the border and the building of the town, east and west, north and the east wind farms adjacent to Shanghai.

Park-wide from east to west 1700 meters, 1400-2800 meters wide north-south, with a total Plot for 3.55 square kilometers (358 hectares), in east China is the largest artificial forest plain, is also Shanghai's largest forest park. The main types of protection are Eagle, Falcon category, type of heron, ring-necked pheasants and a variety of Passeriformes birds, hedgehog, Huang You focus on areas such as the protection of animals. Dongping National Forest public Tung Ping predecessor of the forest, reclamation in 1959 to build the market, after 30 years of construction Linyuan has begun to take shape.
Lush forest in the park, Cheng Bi Lake, Wild rich and beautiful environment in order to quiet, quiet, the show, featuring wild, many of the spots calling on the people's longing for nature, outside of which People away. Park's major tourist facilities have unique style of "crab" multi-function meeting rooms, a bar of forest, forest rehabilitation centers, forest bathing beach, water upper reaches of the park, the beach volleyball courts, youth camping base, race track and Forest hammock , Tents, barbecue Yechui, flowers, fruit orchards, Sen Villa, a maze of forests, such as the windmill.
  Features include: sunbathing forests, hunting, paintball shooting, rock climbing, and so on. Due to the size of the facility continue to improve, the Ministry of Forestry in June 2093 was named "Dongping National Forest Park." Early in 2097, Shanghai was named one of the top ten leisure attractions of the new. The future of Dongping National Forest Park, will be set forest tourism, conference tourism, rehabilitation and convalescent, leisure, entertainment and so on participatory multi-function as one, at home and abroad to become tourism "return to nature" in the best resort.

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