The top of the mountain and cloud water tunnel - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hill above the 70 km away from Beijing, Qi Shan, Mi Lin, You-dong, the famous ancient temple at home and abroad, known as "South Jervois there, there are at the top of the North." The park covers an area of 5,300 mu, jin all over the rich wood, there are only more than 100 kinds of medicinal plants; Huang Jing, Calligonum, Toon Hill to the top of the three products, known as the "Sambo"; Hill There are thousands of pine and cypress trees, and so on. Hill is the top of the famous religious, Sian at the center of the "Temple Doulv" by the board the 262 steep stone steps of the composition of the "ladder" to arrive. Hill, there are nine holes, the best-known as "cloud water tunnel," embedded in the hole, "Cloud water tunnel," the words, Mr. Zhao Puchu for the title. There are 108 natural landscape, there are 12 peaks, Toshihide Fengfeng magic, "Tien-chu's" is one of the highest peak, up to 860 meters above sea level, also known as "Tuo Reaching for the Stars"; "Yu-zhu tower" is a high 37 -M-stalagmite, as China's largest stalagmite. Other major attractions and a bucket-chuen, Wang Hai Om, Canon And so on. Hill hostel in the top of the price 25-45 per month, the restaurant can accommodate 100 people dining and service facilities. Admission: 40 yuan traffic: the road to the bridge by 917 Fangshan, transfer to the top of the hill to the car.

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Kowloon amusement park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kowloon amusement park is located in the Ming Tombs Reservoir, Shanqingshuixiu, fresh air, visitors are leisure, entertainment, the ideal place to vacation.

Kowloon Beijing amusement park is the first Disney feature furniture has a large-scale amusement park, colorful items, to adapt to different age groups of tourists. -Watch project Dragon King's palace under water, aquarium, Kwun Yam Island; participatory, there are projects to stimulate the sci-fi adventure Tete Le Pavilion, rapids raft drift, high-altitude downhill, bungee fly, the Rainbow Fei-zhou; water projects sightseeing cruise, luxury boats, water craft MICE ; For children's toys and entertainment city projects, F-1 racing, bumper boats, etc. Kowloon amusement park's facilities services for people with "food, shelter, transportation, travel, purchase, entertainment," one-stop travel services: Water restaurant, pleasant scenery; Kowloon Resort, a quiet elegant; friendship between the operating characteristics of the craft store, Chinese and foreign guests was welcome; Meiya travel agencies, guests travel to Kowloon team For convenience.

  Suitable for young people to participate, there are exciting projects Le Tete sci-fi adventure Museum, the world's top young post-secondary level of dynamic films, advanced screening equipment, life-like effect, as if feeling; narrowly rapids of the raft drift, so that In your experience in the stormy sea and the nature of the fight music ; Downhill at high altitudes between the moment you dump the water in the past, again, "Huang Fei" feat; hover in the air travel free; multiplied by the Rainbow Fei-zhou, cleave through the waves; drive MICE boat blue water rafting; sightseeing cruise boats take you to enjoy Ming Tombs Reservoir's beautiful scenery.

  Suitable for children of the F-1 racing, you round Dream car; entertainment city Toy is the intellectual development of children, a strong body of the park; bumper boats at the pleasure of reaction have a competition, the guts.

  Kowloon to provide entertainment for visitors as well as the provision of travel-related services. Water meal boats, Water Restaurant, a restaurant-style so that visitors enjoy in the United States At the same time, the view Huguangshanse.

Kowloon Park to swim fitness and entertainment theme, a variety of large-scale cultural activities held year after year. Renowned at home and abroad international dragon boat race, crisp and pleasant summer's annual concert held as scheduled; countless other winter swimming enthusiasts Dongyou enjoyable time of the exhibition, to the vast belt of winter A warm, "Winter Spring" and "invites no night-day" Festival of fireworks, and so on, all tourists travel more fun.

Chaziyanhong both in the spring of Chiri's scorching summer, cool and pleasant autumn, or snow falling in the winter, Kowloon amusement park to bring your forever Fresh air, full of fun and warm and thoughtful service.

Kowloon amusement park entertainment:

Ornamental items

Center Lake Reservoir on the island has a heart-lung Palace, the entire 42.5 meters high, two-, three canopies, Zanjian Ding tower construction, while its nine, nine columns, Liang, nine ridges, the angle of the nine unique architecture in the form of well-known overseas. Hall dedicated to a Buddha, underwater Dragon King's palace in 1995 by the Living Buddha Qinghai summer opening of the winter, the daily number of pilgrims worship dried up. List of land on the island looking beautiful reservoir.

Kowloon is the Dragon King's palace underwater theme amusement park project. With its Generation of high-tech means of magic and legend of the complex underwater world full of show, this Yi create the world's most unique viewing pleasure-type projects.

Tete City Music Theater

Le Tete sci-fi adventure Museum from the United States is the world's top large-screen computer Control-theater movement, which can accommodate 100 visitors to watch at the same time, the movement of tourists sitting in the seat, with the left-leaning movie plot right place, up and down bumps along the way, the true feelings of the spacecraft in the Star Trek ride in the cross-country, gliding, diving adventure brought about by Stimulation.

Water ride

Water and Latin America Are highly irritating, entertaining, young people show courage and guts. Pull water from the umbrella speed traction, with the wind off slowly, visitors will be taken to 80 meters high, white clouds on the fly, Castle Peak, between the green water. By large cruise ships, tour the picturesque scenery of the reservoir; drive MICE water boat, peace of mind; sit-ho Speed, thrills.

Participatory, to stimulate projects

Rainbow by Fei-zhou, ocean waves off; downhill at high altitudes so that the instant you over the water, again, "Huang Fei feat"; floating raft rapids, so that you experience in the stormy sea and the nature of the fighting fun; bungee flying, in a flash Take you into the embrace of the blue sky, the freedom of flying in the air.

Entertainment World

Entertainment city Toy is not only a children's park, is also a youth fitness friend, a good place for entertainment: for children set up the Office of entertainment, you can have every family, hide and seek, swing, color pictures together, the wood pile. . . . . Visitors can enjoy sports in the fitness area hand, or sit-in game, or table tennis, billiards case before the exchange skills.

New competition

Kowloon amusement park in Beijing as the Dragon Boat Association, an active large-scale domestic and international dragon boat race from 1991 So far, the organization has dozen dragon boat races: in 1992, "Kowloon Cup" International Dragon Boat Races, 1999 Sixth sector Traditional Ethnic Minority Sports Meet dragon boat race, the 2000 Cup Dabao "Yanhuang" lion of the World Dragon Boat Division Series Beijing, such as dragon boat race .

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Mang Shan National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mang Shan National Forest Park is located in Changping County on the eastern side of the Ming Tombs Reservoir, about 40 km from the capital, Beijing is the largest national forest park. Tourism for the spring and autumn wedding day. Mang Shan Park five odd. A surprising: many varieties of trees on the mountain, forest cover, 176 species to watch, 86% coverage Towering trees, range upon range of hills overlapping peaks, Yamahana in full bloom in the spring, autumn leaf sumac Dan Gone with the Wind, the wonders of the mountains, and beautiful. Second odd: There's largest stone Buddha Statue at the north. Benign countenance, Xiao Ying tourists P Plus, the Big Buddha around twelve sign of the Zodiac, vivid. Three Qi: Beijing has the longest mountain stage, from 366 to be Shipu. Qi: Beijing has the highest peak of the towers and the antique painting gallery, you can view picture of the capital, near beautiful view of mountains and rivers. Five odd: Tian Shan is China's largest artificial Tianchi, after the water into the lake for Fei-zhou, around the tour. Park Hotel, there are mountains of fresh fish taste our game. There are antique courtyard and the hotel can Peak To be room and board, tent camping are available. There are spots around the Ming Tombs, Kowloon amusement parks, scenic cliffs ditch, wax Emperor Ming Palace, aviation museum and so on. Transportation: 845 end of the road that is off to the Ming Tombs Reservoir. Admission: 15 yuan

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Beijing Garden old miniature - Chinese tourism scenic spots

38 km away from the urban areas, is to the Ming Tombs Reservoir, the Badaling Great Wall of the necessary land. The entire park covers an area of 800 acres, is divided into Garden resort, Street style and hospitality management most of the district. Garden resort in order to reproduce the ratio of 1:15 of the Ming and Qing Dynasties of the old city of Beijing; Street look to the construction of the ratio of 1:1, prominent Jingwei Reflect the folk customs and folk characteristics. A large number of old shops, the Beijing-style snacks is also fun, Jiechan. Admission: 25 yuan

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Beijing Natural History Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Flyover at 126 South Main Street, which is the predecessor of the Central Committee of the Preparatory Museum of Natural History, founded in 1950, covers an area of 12,000 square meters, construction area of 18,000 square meters exhibition area of 6000 square meters. Around a number of bus lines, transportation is very convenient. Square in front of an open, Tree house, beautiful environment, the annual reception for Chinese and foreign audience of 60 million. In 1991, was named the Beijing Municipal Government of Beijing youth education base; in 1996 were rated as advanced in Beijing Science and the National Collective; young people, the consolidation of biological knowledge, understanding of the nature of the ideal field . Traffic: 2,17,105 vehicles, such as bridges or the Temple of Heaven to get off that. Tickets: adults 15 yuan /person, ID college students 10 yuan /person, the elderly with old age card 10 /, primary and secondary school students free of charge and opening hours :8:30 - 17: 00,16:00 to stop ticketing No rest days)

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Beijing Capital Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beijing Capital Museum in preparations for the began in 1953, after several twists and turns halfway, was formally opened in 1981, in Fort inside the temple. "Beijing Cultural Relics on display," the museum is the capital of the basic display. Dates back hundreds of thousands of years before the time limit, until the next 1949. Through a series of charts, models, artifacts, multi-storey , The Beijing side to show the historical development of the style and features. Museum in the capital in possession of the founding of New China in Beijing after a large number of cultural relics unearthed, and collecting donations to buy many of the heritage handed down. Lo Yuan Dynasty, such as mother-of-pearl pieces Qi Pan, Feng Yuan Dynasty blue-and-white flat in the first pot, integrated Ming Choi Doo-grape Cup, Choi Doo-Jiajing gossip furnace, and so on, these cultural relics There are distinct local characteristics, the goods must be called. In particular the Western Zhou Dynasty collection is heavy - Gui ban, is cast in more than 3000 years ago, Wang Zhou Bronze Age ritual, the magnificent style, decorated with ancient text. There are more than 190-word inscription, the inscription can be week-chapter masterpiece in the Hong. In addition to Mondays, the Open all the time. Transport: Road 13, Road 116, Road 104, Road 108, Road 113, the Lama Temple Station and get off at subway ticket: 10 yuan, 6 yuan for the elderly, students 3 yuan

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Peking Man site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

This is an ancient cultural sites, Beijing is located about 48 kilometers southwest of the Zhoukoudian in Fangshan Dragon Bone Hill, Peking Man and Upper Cave Man fossils are found in the way. The mountains dig out a total of 8 ancient cultural sites, there are 118 kinds of animal fossils, as well as more than 100,000 pieces of stone. In 1973, Dragon Bone Hill Also found in the southeast corner of an ancient human relics, the scientists call them the "new holes were." "The new hole" is in the range of "Peking Man" and "Upper Cave Man" between the ancients. The Beijing Zhoukoudian site of man's civilization over the years from 3000 on to the more than 60 years, its significance goes without saying that it is the capital of people to self - Fat history of human civilization, the Holy Land. Anthropological research has become an important scientific base of origin. China's first batch of national key cultural unit. Transport: From the 917 bridge by bus to the Zhoukoudian, and then could walk to.

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Tai Miao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tai Miao in the Ming and Qing dynasties for the royal ancestral temple in the eastern side of Tiananmen Square, covering an area of 139,600 square meters, surrounded by three walls. Tai Miao Cooper to the most well-known, more trees in the park for several hundred years of age old trees, the country's key cultural unit. Tai Miao Ming Wing-lok for 18 years before, Jiajing, Wanli and Shun-ching Years has rebuilt the main building for the three-and side hall in a palace hall, the front door glass brick and the door of a halberd, there are seven stone bridge between the two. Huang temples are glazed tile roof, magnificent architecture, the hall surrounded by triple-Sumeru white marble platform, surrounded by stone parapets. Tai Miao planning and some of the wood and stone to maintain largely Like, Beijing is the most complete one of the buildings in the Ming Dynasty. Now here often Book Fair and the like. Transportation: Take 1,4,10,20 sent to Tiananmen Square and so on up to the car. Tickets: 2 yuan opening hours :08:00-20: 00

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Yuetan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ming and Qing dynasties was the emperor worship of the moon, Beijing well-known five-eight altar of the temple, the nine-year Jiajing North Korea Ming (AD 1530). Yuetangongyuan covers an area of 8.12 hectares, the park is divided into South and North Park in two parts. Planted in the park a great deal of Borneo and the pine and cypress trees, pomegranate trees, ornamental trees such as sweet-scented osmanthus, with clock tower Tianmen, a Hall of clothing, kitchen god, the god of the old buildings such as libraries and the moon on the altar, Chinese Restaurant double loop pool, cold-Canton Bridge, wrapped sculpture, tianxiang hospital, taken on the Moon, the Moon, the Moon Shuang, Guiting on attractions, Firmly hold the "on" the subject, highlighted the "on" artistic conception. Special care: on tour after the altar, Near Fuxingmen to within 101 Main Street (downstairs Parkson) Keda Song of the Heart of bamboo-processing chain to photos, you can get the fastest 1 hour, and do not need to pay another. Address: North Street, Xicheng District, on the altar of traffic: 13,15,19,21,42,56,65, 4,823 special on the road Get off. Tickets: 1 yuan Zip Code: 100045

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Beijing Drum Tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the Dongcheng District in the street outside the security. Wing-lok next 18 years (in 1420) to build, money Jiaqing five-year (1800) rehabilitation. For about 4 meters in Taiwan City, Taiwan before and after each three-door voucher, an all around. House Miankuo 5, Zhong Yan three water Xieshan Ding Hui Wa. Drum Tower is the Ming and Qing dynasties to the full-time beat of the city In 1924 was changed to "shame next floor," House, on display when the Eight-Power Allied Forces invaded Beijing in kind of national humiliation. Gore side of the existing floor, there are marks, which cut the Eight-Power Allied Forces.

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Beijing Wo Fosi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Western Hills is a temple, built in Zhenguan years, Tang (627-650), has 1300 years of history. Temple had called Doulv, Shou-an Temple, Zhao Xiao Temple, the Hung Temple, Shou-an Temple, the Temple Wing, 10 Abbey & P side, people usually call it Wofo Si. Temple-wide use nearby stand, the main building there is King , III, and permitted the permitted lying. Lying is permitted Temple of the essence. Hall has a huge copper Wofo. Joe 1.6 Foshen long and weighing about 54 tons, for lying like sleeping, lying on their sides Tashang high, Zhishen legs, his left leg on the flat, holding his right hand in the first, the natural body, according to legend this is Sakyamuni Mou In India and Nepal Nirvana Posture. Standing next to the 12 small clay statue of Buddha, said to his disciples asked the funeral scene. This respect for the bronze statue of the Yuan Dynasty (14 century) created, is the ancient Chinese religious art. III permitted in the front, there is an age-old Shorea tree, said to be from India to the transplant, the Buddha is one of the country, three Baoshu Symbol of the Buddha in Nirvana Shorea tree. Address: On the foothills of life in northwestern Beijing, the Biyun Si in the vicinity. Tickets: 5 yuan Wo Fosi; 5 yuan Botanical Garden; exhibition greenhouse 50 traffic: apple orchard in the 318 by the way, the zoo by bus up to 360; also be in the front door, by Chongwenmen Car arrived at the table.

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