Walled Rose (Rose-dong) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Walled-dong, also known as Rose Rose, located in Hainan bamboo on the edge of the cliffs, Shunan Bamboo-sea-level scenic spots, is a cut-meter-high cliff several hundred in the central corridor and a half-Walled opening and closing holes. Former ancient refuge of minorities and of the troops, can accommodate more than 1,000 people. Steep terrain, unattainable only a tortuous path along the cliff of the same. Walled Tianbao according to legend was built in 1862, Official for the local defense forces Shida Kai Tai Ping Sichuan built. Xianyao terrain, easy-to-defense, Guzhai 1,500 meters long and 20 meters high and 10 meters wide around the hole were at the top of the rock composition, for more than half of the hole, depending on the built-dong, the strange twists and turns, there's originality 3 Zhaimen rock solid, easily defensible, banditry infestation early years of the Republic, as anti-Walled to bandits. Walled Tianbao steep terrain in Zhuhai Tianbao million Danzhai Ren Danya carving on the "United Nations Security Council Resolution" major combat soldiers stone, to make a map, mainly to the high relief, the introduction of modern and traditional forms combining stone Area 1000 square meters, into the natural and human landscape in one, 1 km long, magnificent, unique and spectacular, is the longest mural stone base, but also Shunan Bamboo-sea taste of the highest spots. The path along the cliff a total length of 1,500 meters, the west tunnel Yu Xian, the east Zhuhai highest peaks Emperor Temple, in the wind Hill Canyon, in the vast in Zhuhai through which, for the following streams cross the hills hundred miles. On both sides of the path along the cliff, Zhetian shade, wrapped around hanging vines, Qiao Shi Ling-Long, wild flowers fragrance. Along the way there is to build 13 Zhaimen stone, such as 13 for the critical size, quiet surprising simplicity of the "viewing gallery." It is not only fear, The daunting, and it was quiet Juesu, Yaqu endless. People walking along, looking in excellent shape and the air, looking down at farms Qianchi vertical rock, steep-walled, such as cutting, think of a feast of Green River, such as the Ribbon, Yaxia in the flow, leisurely away. From a distance, smoke vast, faintly mountains, as if a gorgeous, very large natural landscape . Miya Walled Rose "gallery" where odd, dangerous, steep, in a show is in Zhuhai miles a wonderful landscape.

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Yu Xian tunnel - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yu Xian is located in Changning tunnel hole, Jiangning County at the junction of ear-cleaning, in Shunan Bamboo-Sea is a more important attractions. The circle with the mountain, such as Danya cut. Sin Yu last hole in the building from the cliff path up, up, which amounts to Bai Yumi hole, hole 15 meters high, about 10 meters into the deep, with stone statues and Taoist god 40 respect. Yu-sen was a natural rock cavity, more than 300 meters long, wide and 2-15 meters, the hole on the vast bamboo forest, the hole is under the Zhuhai Grand Canyon. Zhuhai every other Grand Canyon and bladder linked to rock caves across the group, or when the vast Yan Bo, or cloud-Fei Wu, Yu Sally hole when it is hidden when in the cloud Yanai , From appearance to the hole, around the green Chui Man, the vast Bilang, if the weather was fine, Yunxiaowusan, where dozens of birds-eye view of rural scenery. Dongshan on the door pillars are couplet: "cliff out of the sky, exquisite stone-how, ask CHAOS what cutting-year break; clouds Xungu hole Danyanpiaomiao to see fairy flying overseas . Chen Yu Qing Dynasty poet has a new poem Chan said: "Sin Yu Shan's high-Play days, on top of their hanging Cave has a diameter disk space must deserted, and only when the crane ape walk around limp." Yu-sen is a rock on the mountain caves in the construction of the temple, there was first a Taoist temple, and later flourishing of Buddhism, the Song Dynasty, one after another to build a Hall of Guanyin, the Lao Jundian Activities. Yu Xian hole is actually a co-existence of Buddhist and Taoist observe the teaching activities. Yu Xian-Pro-built wooden building had been destroyed, the Cave of the old still in the old days of strong incense, is still arguable. In 1994, the Hong Kong writer, the International Buddhist Research Center researcher at the Institute of Buddhist donors Jie Xiu Wofo the Buddha and Guanyin purpurea. Changning County in 1997 and rebuilt the management of cultural relics and small-hung Treasure Palace Main Hall, the gradual return of the former Gumao. Zhuhai down the hill from the hole to hole Dongshan Yu Xian door to door Dongshan Buddhist monks for the Hall of the activities of the district, the Grand Canyon from the Zhu Hai uphill hole in the door for Nanshan, South Lao Jundian door to the Taoist activities for the district.

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Bo who HANGING COFFIN - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Bo HANGING COFFIN people" at kung County, in accordance with the "kung County," "the kung-Bo, Bo HANGING COFFIN people" and named. As early as 1956 on the provincial level as a key cultural unit, is now the focus of the national heritage unit. HANGING COFFIN known as the Bo people in the world, Prachuab a must. HANGING COFFIN ancient burial is a minority Burial system. Gongxian County, Yunnan, which borders with Xingwen, as the ancient hinterland Xinan Yi, Emperor Yelang open, qianwei buy a gun when Bo County Road. Bo ages and other ethnic minorities who live in this area, the remains of more than HANGING COFFIN, but up to now and the most concentrated areas, most kung County township of Los table Ma Tang Ba Cao Yingxiang and the Ma Wan Su. Ma Tang Ba County north-south strip of East and West on both sides of the Qi tall and straight, the risk of pulling Jun Qiao Yan Xue, many of the cliff hanging coffins and a half, in the cliffs on the existing HANGING COFFIN with more than 160. Ma Tang Ba from more than 10 kilometers of Ma Wan Su Cao Yingxiang, steep limestone walls of the distribution HANGING COFFIN 48. HANGING COFFIN from the ground for most of the 26-5 Meters, 100 meters high. HANGING COFFIN of the cliff that there are many murals painted red, rich, rough lines, the composition concise, realistic image. HANGING COFFIN and rock paintings is of great historical value and aesthetic appeal, but also studies the historical development of ethnic minorities along southern Sichuan kind of material. Has become the world's researchers funeral HANGING COFFIN Purpose of the center, at the same time attracting numerous tourists. This area is full of ancient and mysterious color. Bo HANGING COFFIN people before the Ming Dynasty Tombs of the Ancient cliff burial, the national key cultural unit. Focused on the Soviet Union and Tang Ba Ma Ma Wan. To be placed in the coffin of the deceased on the brink of a precipice for the special . HANGING COFFIN have preserved a total of 265, is the door to preserve the largest number of the most concentrated. Purchase a high degree of coffin, the general 10-meter distance from the surface to 50 meters, 100 meters up to the highest bidder. Coffin home modalities, for one-wood piles, which bore on the cliffs in the 2 to 3 months, wedging wood piles to support the coffin up; Second-point cut, that is, Cross-drilled hole on the wall or Shuxue to the coffin in full bloom; Third, the wall between the use of natural caves, cracks in the coffin in full bloom. Tai Mei small coffin in the first, for the whole wood, and Zi Mukou Suntou fixed. Yang Shen used straight limb funeral, the body Guoshi linen, on both sides of the burial objects at the foot of the home, the amount of uncertainty, ceramics, bamboo, iron and Ma Goods, woven hemp fabric in which most commodities, there is a small amount of silk. HANGING COFFIN funeral of a family, the academic community quite controversial, there are relatively concentrated Bo said, Liao said. Their age, the maximum unknown, as the lower limit of the Ming Dynasty. HANGING COFFIN Tang Ba Ma Bo Gongxian County were the core of the HANGING COFFIN. Gongxian County in the southwest town of Los table Tang Ba Ma. 300 meters wide east to 500 meters, 1,000 meters long north-south, the river crabs from the dam in the stream and wear, Xian confrontation between East and West with 21 continuous ups and downs of the cliff, HANGING COFFIN distribution on the cliffs on this. The existing 223 to the main wood piles HANGING COFFIN. Purchase a high degree of general coffin in the 20 meters to 60 meters high were up more than 100 . There are cliffs close eye such as bee-hole pile of ruins and rock paintings painted red number 200. Rock is rich in content, Jishe, dance, acrobatics and a variety of animals, weapons, such as geometry, the vivid image of the ancient. HANGING COFFIN rest of the burial sites had a similar rock paintings. Ma Tang Ba HANGING COFFIN concentrated in a relatively Guancai Pu, Shi Ziyan, nine Lights, big hole. Yan Deng, the three-dong, umbrella and pearl eagle rock, etc.. Ma Su HANGING COFFIN Bay in the village of Cao Yingxiang Begonia to the north bank of the Deng family. Overlapping mountains, there are many castles built on the cottage, that is, HANGING COFFIN confrontation with the Soviet Union at Ma Wan rock. HANGING COFFIN existing 42, 7 under natural caves Rock on the pier

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Zhao Yiman Memorial Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhao Yiman memorial was to introduce the Chinese anti-Japanese national hero Zhao Yiman deeds of the memorial hall, located in the city of Yibin in Sichuan Province Cuiping Shan Ping College of the waist. Established in May 1959, was originally called the anti-Japanese national hero Zhao Man Lieshi deeds showroom. Museum collections 816 products, including a 10 goods. Museum ago Zhao has a white marble statue of the Man, the museum has displays of the party and state leaders of the inscription. Display reflects the growth of Zhao Yiman, after she and the labor movement in the north-eastern region, particularly in Anti-Japanese United Army fought in the performance of the Provisional and difficult at the time of heroism.

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Prime minister is the ancestral hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The prime minister at the ancestral hall Yibin Cup Pool Park, south-east flow will be Taiwan, in memory of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms prime minister Yunnan Nan Zheng Liang, Rong way to the state (this Yibin) built. The ancestral hall was built in the Song Dynasty, in memory of the Northern Song Dynasty poet, calligrapher Huang Tingjian, the Valley Temple said. Ming Tak years, Hu Feng Zhi Fu Pei Xiu his temple Zhuge Wu Si-for-designate as the. Qing Xianfeng the first year, and the flow of the Temple Cup pool area Bingluan destroyed, Xianfeng 2006 (1856) and reconstruction. Mu Qing Guang Xu Xin (October 1901), the Syrian state Zhifu Wenhuan important book "ancestral hall of the prime minister" and the door together, "German aware Yan has a sense of three long Gu en ask a critical situation, after all, big name Huai-chuan two Aizawa Laibai shortage Temple ", the remaining traces of the original temple at the door. Houdian Temple Temple is the prime minister, since it into a courtyard. Hall plastic Guan Yu, Guan Ping, Zhou Cang, like, ancient stone oven Dianwai Smoke filled the ancient Shek Kwu, lions, Shi Hua table stands proudly. Collection of the temple there Huizong Zhao Ji, Emperor Zhu Yi-Ming and Qing Emperor Kangxi, dry , Xianfeng, such as the Emperor Tongzhi's important to mention that more than 10 pieces of couplets.

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Lake Baizhang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baizhang Lake Baizhang from Lake island of sweet-scented osmanthus, tea Secretary Ma Qing Yi four spots constitute Lake, located in Dong Lu Meng, Jin Bang National 108,318 lines. Baizhang Lake lake 2,000,000 square meters, 20,000,000 cubic meters of perennial water, the twists and turns Lake, a small island located In the meantime, Shanguangshuise, elegant quiet. Water If the blue, mirror-like. Jinshan folder from the lake under the Yuxi River Flows Pitt, in and out constantly, the water quality good, clear mirror. A good ecological environment Baizhang so that the lake water has become a theme park. There are thousands of wild ducks winter leisure, there are groups of white crane Xiang summer air, like a cloud cover off. Zhou Wan Shan shallow lake out, verdant forests, it Lake, unlimited poetic. In recent years, along Lake week new Baizhang some of the resorts, such as construction groups, as a result of their own characteristics and styles, have become new scenic spots Lakes region. Osmanthus fragrans Island got its name because of sweet-scented osmanthus and carnage. Four Seasons shade on the island Razor Hill, overflowing flower. Tree-lined trails criss-crossing the island, its winding streets, particularly quiet; Lei cottage is located In the meantime, Zoran style, elegant simplicity. Sima Baizhang tea at the West Lake 5 km, 108 country road, that is, the Southern Silk Road on the commercial channel. Song Emperor built in Xining 2007 (1072) and "to the main Qian Guan", the Secretary Cha Ma matters. Qing dynasty 29 years (1 49 years) rehabilitation of the tea Memorial MA Division of the Department of construction sites, covering about 4,000 square meters of construction area of more than 1000 square meters, Yan Zhu is a stone's brick courtyard. MA in the history of tea with his main Tibetan mainly carried out by the National Tea Huanma transactions, and for the military, reached its peak "Win-year-old camellia of 20,000 pack" as much as, in some cases national tea reception Trade horse trading day as many as the number of teams more than 2,000 people, the event can be seen. Yi-ching Lake and Lake Baizhang adjacent to the lake 550,000 square meters, 4,000,000 cubic meters of perennial water. There are 000 islands in Lake Kameyama, surrounded by water, onion wood, Bamboo and green tea to embrace, particularly quiet. There are booths on the island Herbie, the Ting, Guanyinge. The forest trail, scattered around, take a stroll In the meantime, Journey Into Amazing Caves.

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Jinfeng Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Park Jin Fengshan in the city of Ya'an city next to Kim Temple and Tomb of the Health Que as the main attractions. Jinfeng Temple was built in Early Tang Dynasty, reconstruction and expansion in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Congcong temples in the shade of green, elegant environment, an area of 10,000 square meters. King, Maitreya, Daxiong, Kwun Tong four Hall of Ocean and the large-scale construction is ancient temples of the Millennium Temple possession of more than 500 volumes by the book, there are important celebrity right, screen more than 50 pieces of paintings, drawings and Thangka animal, such as the symbol of the wheel "Jixiangruyi" ornament is a Tibetan national unity and harmony of the witness. Rohan Rohan halls to 500 sculptures look different life. Gao Yi Que tomb was built in the Eastern Han Jian-14 years 209 AD), covers an area of 2000 square meters, is a high-Yi Han Dynasty Yizhou Prefecture younger brother and high-Que is the tomb, a national key cultural relics, the tomb Que Shishou and are reflected in the culture of the Han Dynasty and the rich connotation of the building, set Building the art of calligraphy carved into one, Que Han Tomb is the most complete preservation of the most beautiful treasures, with High historical, artistic and aesthetic value.

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Nu Wa hand (Green ladder) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nu Wa hand (Green ladder) Bi Fengxia Ya'an in Sichuan Province is located in scenic areas, 120 meters high, the world's highest tourist spots of the world's largest elevator and the longest arm, called the world's giant hands. Start with who, through the ancient creation, a sense of great feats of the Sky Nu Wa, Si Yi Potian Sky difficult; pity and prosperity in troubled times at Exclaimed one day win, win one day. Nu Wa children and grandchildren, when the bear in mind. Li Bai's poem goes: "Xiegong clog the foot, body boarding ladder Green. Banbi see the sea, the air smell Chicken Little." Ladder of this cliff and build upon, more than 100 meters high, such as the giant tower in hand, the income ladder while the wind Liang Lei Sheng, rose through, skyrocket.

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Ya'an Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sichuan Basin is located at the western border, the Chengdu Plain to the transitional zone of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Gu Cheng Ya-state, dominates the city of Ya'an and famous, Tianquan, Lushan, Baoxing, by Rong and Chinese sources, asbestos seven counties, covering an area of 15,300 square kilometers, the population 1,470,000.

  Climate for the sub-type heat And humid monsoon climate, the North-South differences, the average annual temperature 14.1 ? ~ 17.9 ?, and more rain, most of the county in more than 1000 mm of rainfall, "Rain City" and "missed days". Humidity, the less sunshine.

Ya'an has always been communication between the mainland Tibet, Yunnan Panxi area of the throat and transport of goods distribution, material Trade Center, South Silk Road is the main channel, "national corridor." Sichuan-Tibet, Sichuan and Yunnan and the National Ya (security) music (Hill) road running through the territory, formed more than 3000 km of road network extending in all directions, so that modern means of communication and the National Ya'an, Contact community more agile.

Ya'an is rich in resources, up to dozens of major mineral deposits, the forest coverage rate of 35% of the water reserves of up to 11,800,000 kilowatts, products Mingteyouxin long enjoyed a good reputation both at home and abroad have a considerable impact on the market. National planning Ya'an of the 10 water and electricity One. Focused on the distribution of water resources in the territory in Qingyi Jiang, the two River water system, there are more than 130 rivers and streams, water reserves amounted to 11,080,000 kilowatts, the amount of development can be 9,010,000 kilowatts, accounting for one tenth of the province, development of hydropower Natural conditions. July 2000 through the acceptance standards, For the fourth country, the first realization of Sichuan primary electrification of the city.

  Ya'an, Sichuan is located in west-rich areas in the territory of mineral, forestry, and agricultural and sideline products is very rich in wild animals and plants. In particular the "hometown of giant pandas," "Kingdom of Stone" and "hydropower base," known The world's first giant pandas in specimens from France in 1868 taken from the biologists David Baoxing Xian Tang Chi ditch, the specimens are now in possession of the Paris Natural History Museum, two in a row as a result David Academy of Sciences. Since 1949, only Baoxing Xian for more than 110 countries only giant panda, of which more than 10 as the only China and Envoy, presented a friendly country. Baoxing territory, Tianquan, Lushan, by Ying, asbestos, and other counties are the habitat of giant pandas, Ya present in the territory of the national giant pandas live for more than half of the total. In addition, there are lesser panda, golden monkey, white-lipped deer, antelope, black-necked cranes, and other 32 kinds of rare wild animals. Ya'an City, located in the Sichuan-Tibet, Sichuan and Yunnan and the main thoroughfare to the ancient Silk Road South, an ancient Tsing Yi Qiang, the territory of the human remains abundant, colorful cultural attractions, distinct personality, unique. The city's heritage of the existing 108 units, the protection of a number of 1300 points, 3 more than 10,000 cultural relics collection , More than 1,000 pieces of precious cultural relics 3 (sets), particularly in the cultural relics of the Han Dynasty as one treasure, one of the most influential is the Han Dynasty stone monument Que and relics of the Han Dynasty of the few national Shishou in Ya'an had 12, More than half of the total number; high-Ya-yi Que, Que FAN Min Lushan and carved stone tomb of the Han dynasty relics can be the best. At present, Municipal government for the effective protection, research and promote the cultural heritage of our city's history, is stepping up preparations Han Que Ya Museum. In recent years, the leadership of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, experts and scholars Zheng Xinmiao, Zhang Bai, MA from the tree, one after another, such as Yu Weichao Ya'an to inspect and guide the work, fully affirmed the city to high-Que Yi-based building The unique multi-functional integrated work of the museum's train of thought.

  Ya'an is a tourist resort. Ya'an mountains, four seasons, both of the unique natural landscape, and a long history and rich cultural connotations, as well as a considerable number of national and provincial cultural relics protection of the wind Places. There are well-known scenic by Yan Ying Road and the site of the ancient city of Lushan "relics of the Han Dynasty town," and so on; scenic spots have Fengtongzhai, speakers River Giant Panda Nature Reserve at the national level, there are Mengding Shan, Tin River, folder Gold Mountain, Bi Fengxia, and other provincial-level scenic spots. In recent years, and Bifeng Xia Meng Dingshan focus area The rapid development of the tourism industry has attracted a large number Cheng, Yu and other visitors to Blair tourism, the development of tourism are effectively promote rapid economic development.
  Ya'an rich mineral resources have been found in 62 types of minerals, ores and 560, in which large-scale mining area 5, 14 medium-sized mining areas. Granite, marble, coal, Glauber's salt, asbestos, pyrite, manganese, lead-zinc, phosphate, magnesite, and so is my area of the mineral edge. Asbestos mining accounts for about 70% of the country, Glauber's salt reserves amounted to 186,200,000,000 tons, accounting for more than 62 percent of the province, manganese ore production in the province accounts for more than 50%. Pyrite, Zinc, quartz silica mine have been well-known throughout the province, especially alone in the middle of Ya'an bismuth tellurium mine is the world's only found in primary minerals, referred to as "the second national treasure."

  Ya'an eight counties and six counties in the area rich in natural granite, marble, the total reserves in more than 4,000,000,000 cubic meters. Have Color, white, black, green, gray five series, more than 60 varieties. The "Red China" granite, "Shu-white" marble in the domestic unique in the international community and deserve, "Indian Red" and "white Carrara," comparable. "After Hung Ying", "Hung San," and "An Jing-hong," "red star" Granite Well-known across the country unique high-quality varieties.

  "Yu-Ya" and "fish-ya" and "F Ya" and said "Ya Ya three."

Jiuyang name is not really, truly see, you'll recognize: Mu Yu-ya, ya fish products, Yang Ya-F, Duke of Zhou Ya-shan three of the most authentic. Ya the rain is, of course, "Yu Ya," but it seems that only rain here, it can be called "Ya." Si Wu clouds, Huangruoqingsha, seems to be, and if not, the moist air mix with a large number of negative oxygen ions in such a walk in the rain, rain tours, or carefully listening to the rain fall on the feet foothills of the Duke of Zhou, the flowers fall, fall Zhou Take the advantage of the water scenes, no matter how kind of restless mind to become soft.

Zhou River, its water clarity bottom, Zhou Wan Shan Chanchanmianmian hundreds of years. The river stone, rock, hiding a legend - the "three-ya," one of the Ya-fish. Legend has it that, ya fish skull hidden inside a "sword" to the Warring States period when his Su Qin, Su Qin drive a wedge between countries, Dismemberment death, his sword down for Jiang Ya possession of the fish, so that future appreciation of the fish-ya The "anti-logo": There really is the sword, no sword is false. Ya fish to hide in the water to the fresh - Food, its delicious meat very tender. Ya Ying use by the middle of the casserole, Sheng Zhou River in the cooking water, "Ya fish casserole" and its people did not taste teeth memorable.

Either party to raise water and soil, Ya women, probably because of the rain-ya support, the AGB fish nutrition, so the woman Ya'an, a Bathing or as the lotus, or the dewy roses, not just pure beauty, but also good Wenya. Ya Ya as a result of fish and lush, as a result of Blair and rain scene as a result of Blair and charming woman. C-ya like a huge magnet, attracting all people continue to flock to Ya'an.

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Panxi Geological Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Panxi Geological Museum is located in the city of Xichang Divergence Road, Panxi provide regional information and investigation with the aid of diagrams, informative, based on the full and definitive proof about the ancient area of study as a result of fragmented into a variety of information available and all kinds of Cui Can the dazzling minerals and ore samples. The library is a promotion of scientific and technological exchanges High-quality education to promote knowledge of science park.

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Earthquake Forest of Stone Tablets - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Forest of Stone Tablets in the earthquake in southwest China's Sichuan Xichang City, South Lu Guang Shan Temple, a total of more than 100 stone pass. Stone's mind that there are Xichang, Mianning, Gan Luo, southern Ningxia, and so on several occasions in the history of earthquake occurrence, documented a 15-year Mingjia Jing (536), 10-year-Qing Emperor Yongzheng (1732), 30 light years ( 185 ), Xichang area three times the earthquake occurred at a time and before the earthquake, the main shock and aftershocks, the earthquake affected people and livestock, as well as the scope of casualties and damage to buildings. Xichang is located in the tranquil river, the river-fault zone, south-west China's earthquake zone, there have been many times in the history of a strong earthquake, the earthquake Forest of Stone Tablets in our study David is repeated at the same location, the earthquake cycle, the internal rules and other issues provided in kind, not only can be compared with historical documents, and complement it, it is rare for our country. The Forest of Stone Tablets for the provincial heritage unit, the tourists visit is a good place for tourism.

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The ancient city of Xichang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The ancient city of Xichang located in the Liangshan Prefecture in central, with a total area of more than 2600 square kilometers with a total population of more than 50 million people, is the Autonomous Prefecture of political, economic, cultural and transport center. Xichang, southwest border of the motherland since ancient times is one of the city, since the beginning of the Qin and Han dynasties regime have been set up in the county, state, Secretary House officials have been appointed. As Yuan Ding 6 years (111 AD), Emperor Sima Xiangru removal order for that to build all Qiong (this Xichang), set up more West County, the jurisdiction of 15 counties, is Yizhou. Although the jurisdiction after also changing, Tam county, state, Secretary of the House legacy is still in Xichang. As a result, Xichang has 2000 years of history is a cultural city (has Sichuan Province as a provincial-level cultural cities). At the same time, altitude, temperature, sunlight, latitude and longitude, and other conditions, combined with less material suspended in the atmosphere, the transparency of the air, so bright round moon, so there Xichang "on the city" reputation. In addition, due to more Xichang Satellite Launch Center to build here, there Xichang " Tin City "reputation. Xichang of the major monuments of the Western Han Dynasty ruins Tucheng, Han Que unknown, the White Pagoda in the Tang Dynasty, King Nanzhao John Temple, Rolls-Royce Xuanwei Si, mosques, Chase, and so on the door.

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Luoji Mountain Fairy Cave - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fairy Cave Luoji Mountain Yi said, "Sri Lanka UN colored home" is a 10 km long, large-scale lava cave. Stalactite cave thousand odd eccentric, and some, such as the palace courtyard; like some beautiful rivers, as some of its flowers and plants, animal people if some birds; want to drop some bright colors; some green transparent; some five-color and taste Beautiful Day, like a fairyland. There are stalactite cave from the stream flowing through Feng Zhong called "Yin River", Qing Qing Chun for 23 years, Li has a stone tablet, engraved on the "odd Shenyou risk," it said, "Fairy Cave. Hall of a six hole Checkpoint to go deep in a row. There are underground river, pit, shaft, La Shuidong Tianshengqiao or water, and so on; also ditch solution, shoot stone, stalagmites and columns, Shiman, mushroom stone, thousands of stalactites and so on, there are fruits of King Avenue, also fish into the holes of crystal charm, Penglai fairyland of micro - Jing, also the sound of the swift current run-off can be described as representing the world in Wonderland, which all visitors to this wow. Local villagers, the Office of the 6th Fairy Cave is not the end can not pass. But there is another channel to bypass the mountains here and have reached the southern slope, a few kilometers long. This said, the Fairy Cave of the beautiful scenery, the scene in the form of images karst is not the end, fascinating mystery that has yet to be explored.

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Jianchang city - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jianchang ancient relics as much as the distribution of more than 2,400 ancient ruins, tombs, ancient rock carvings, rock paintings, ancient buildings throughout the city. Xichang site of the ancient site of the main settlement, the city, site of four sites and mining and metallurgy. The Neolithic era, the Shang Dynasty, the Warring States, Qin and Han, Jin, Ming and Qing Dynasties and the Tang and Song dynasties, of which New Stone Age 17 site, the site of the Shang 2, 3 sites in the Han Dynasty, the site of the ancient city of 11, 2 sites, the site of mining and metallurgy 2. Jianchang is the ancient city of Xichang of the people of all ethnic groups a microcosm of the history of 500 years, 500 years, a variety of major historical events in all left traces of the ancient city. "Dashun" Annals brick in the ancient city Now confirmed that the military leader of the peasant uprising in the late Ming Zhang Xianzhong in the year 1644 in Chengdu, the establishment of the "Atlantic" political power after the Department of Liu Wenxiu (ask Southern General) at the Xichang indeed give "Dashun" banner, according to the city a few months, Anti-money fight. At the same time Peixiu the auspices of the ancient city of Jianchang. The incident has given the city a special Jianchang Justice. "Dashun" Chengzhuan Sichuan for the first time. The city has found records of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Yi Wang Shi Dakai's tablets transit situation. Movement of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom of this study is of great significance. Jianchang city, 500 years long, multi-seekers can explore this exchange, Yangsheng An writer in the Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty calligrapher Ho Shao-chi, poetry-ching Richard Tong Jian Huang, as well as modern and educators, have left their ink, and in Jianchang 2 km east of the city outside the Poding Jiang, yet remains a local person, "Lu on the city castle." Identification of the scene: This is the castle Yuanmomingchu military castle, the castle has still preserved the wartime fortifications, stone cannon Relics, artifacts.

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Male and female Shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Male and female mountain, located 5 km south-west Yanyuan county, as a result of its unique the male and female and young and old stone well-known, famous. From the county seat to male and female Hill Road, there are two, one is from the salt by the East Gate of the original reservoir, the three-money concept of the site, along the "road fairy," shun the "lion ears" of the cliff go directly to the mother Rock Hill public grass Lane. 1988 is a newly built highway. Salt River and back, directly to Yamaguchi. Mountain Gate letter of St. Paul Wang, "mt male and female," the three characters, both before and after the post was written couplets. In front of "God intends, Qi flying into a wonderful scene. Selfless good luck, stay-story stone-kai gang." Followed by: "Kai-Lin drought Beattie, the yin and yang immeasurable good fortune; Qi large rocks, is always flooded with male and female survival. "Over a Mountain Gate, we see the mountains ring with a large piece of low-lying land, Shan Wa, towering trees, green want to drop, a Lenglie, he could feel the wind and To come. Shun after the Mountain Gate and a stone, not a few steps away, the parents of the magnificent stone will be out in the head. Hectoliter, More than 40 meters, Singapore soil Chun-Sun, Wu Li proudly straight fearless; hectoliter from more than 100 meters, stone home with the corresponding distant, overflowing into Fun. Mother Stone nearly 100 meters high, strong at the end of Shao. Central stout, slightly elliptical peak. In a natural fashion into the cracks, one person can be leisurely through, as if a huge leaf lianpan. More It is inconceivable that people around the mountain, not Linmusensen fragrant grass is luxuriant, this is only the second male and female rock, bare naked with reddish-brown rock, stone home with a peak yet unknown length of old trees, regular season Green. Masculine, such as tall and straight into the sky, with gentle Mei open their hearts. For thousands of years, people Hill male and female for the Holy Land, men and women often come to pray and burn incense and paper, a prayer to bless the family safe, son of Sun Changsheng, but also perform many legends. Hill home to the public and its unique charm as a tourist destination, attracting tourists.

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Liangshan Yi slave museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mountain in central Shanghai, and Yi has a classical style of architecture. According to the back of Castle Peak, the mound facing the sea, Congcong standing in the shade of towering old trees, this is the famous Liangshan Yi slave museum. Liangshan Yi is China's largest inhabited areas. In the early 1950s, where most of the more retained End The form of slave society. Democratic reform in 1956 after the slave society from the Liangshan step in the cross-millennium leap to a socialist society. Save for the slave society and the kind of information, research and to show the special, typical conditions for the provision of social form. Liangshan Yi slave museum in August 4, 1985 Into open. This is the first national museum is the only form of slave society to reflect the topic of the museum. Museum of Liangshan Yi slave society in the political, economic, military, astronomy, calendar, customs, religion, as well as agriculture and animal husbandry, handicrafts and so on the full display for people to understand Liangshan To the slave society, the understanding of the development process of human society, to understand the long history of the Yi people. Recognize the wisdom, hard-working, courageous Yi nationality, in order to promote national culture and enhance national unity and patriotism, as well as education and historical materialism. Are of great significance.

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