Han Sang City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Han Sang is a city of the world's smallest and most unusual city. More than 10 square meters area, city high 2.7 m, there is no gate, no tower, only 11 city battlement. There are branches in the city a vigorous, skin cream Qiu Ke of Mulberry. This is said to Guan Yu Chang Sang horses tree line. To the Ming Dynasty, the local Official also sang ancient built for a turn Castle-like wall, named "Han Sang city." Han Sang city repair slim, sleek, curved seven of the eight branches fork out outside the city, a distance of hope, like a miniature of the old show, the elegant fun. Gu Sang Laotailongzhong, such as iron trunk, branches of the huge distortions in the body back, crack a gap, shake off a skin covered as if fossil General Kennedy , Zhuangxinbuyi people, all sorts of feelings.

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Danjiang River Scenic Spot - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Danjiang River, originate in the Qinling Mountains, into the Han River with a total length of 384 kilometers, all mountain river, the Han River is the main branch. Danjiang ancient times has said the "Green Powder River", as a result of Yao Di's eldest son and buried Danjiang name. Danjiang navigation ancient history, the geography of China's earliest books, "Yu Gong" records, as early as the Warring States period have - . Route to Long Ju Zhai Shaanxi, Hubei Province issued Laohekou, Shun Han River into the air while the Yangtze River, China's ancient Yangtze River area to the ancient capital of Xi'an is an important sea transport hub. Ming and Qing period Danjiang shipping more and more prosperous. Its peak only when Jing Guan Zi more than 100 ships berthing pier daily, Lin Qiang fan more than 10 years. With modern Rail and road transport by land rise of Danjiang the upper reaches of the channel to plug the growing, and currently only in Danjiangkou Reservoir navigation.
Danjiang the two sides have a long history, splendid culture, are found along the Yi Yinian before the dinosaur egg fossils and 50 million years ago and the fossils of the elephant incisors more than 20 kinds of ancient vertebrate fossils. Also The existing tooth fossil ape-man and 30 more than the New Stone Age ruins, the ancient city of more than 10 sites, more than 20 large-scale ancient tombs, ancient buildings of some residues. Comparing the history of the famous "Qin Jin Ruo cutting", "Qin Chu Danyang bloody battle" in the battle took place along the coast. Spring and Autumn Wu Ba Chu, one of the early capital - Danyang, Dan may be big in the City along. After the Danjiang by land Shangluo risk, the former can see Jing, Xiang along the Northeast could be next Wan, Luo, easily defensible, the military is vital importance.

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Huai-shan TONGBAI source of scenic spots - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huai-shan TONGBAI source of scenic spots, Wei-wei tongbai stretch in the middle of the mountains Yue border provinces, three kilometers away from the Tongbai County. Shuilian Dong hours, Taibai top source Huai, peach, and other characteristics of the scenic hole. There are hundreds of large and small peaks 000, spring streams 58, a north-south transition zone climate, four seasons. Hill area Beautiful, overlapping peaks range upon range of hills, the vegetation intact, many animals and plants, there are acres of virgin forest, Zhennai natural forest park.

Tongbaishan Sidu is the history of China's Huaihe River, one of the thousands of miles of the place of origin. Temple curtain Diange Wei Li, the peak of Mount Taebaek Yunnan Central Plains Monastery is one of the birthplaces of Taoism, with the S & P Hill famous, the monks come forth in large numbers throughout Southeast Asia more than 10 countries and regions. Huai-shan TONGBAI source of scenic spots, initially formed to eat, shelter, transportation, travel, purchase, and entertainment into one ideal place to have control Northern Central Plains, South Chuxiang package, the East Han Ying-dong, west of Wanluo tourism hotline. Huai-shan TONGBAI source scenic location South Henan Hubei junction at the northern foot of the Tongbai Mountains in the middle, the specific coordinates: longitude 112 � 47'-113 � 11 ', latitude 32 � 17'-32 � 29', with a total area of 266 square kilometers area, the core area for 108 square km, 3 km away from the Tongbai County, within minutes Huai source Taibai top Hua-dong, Shuilian Dong characteristics of the four major scenic spots, a more than 100 types of landscape Department.

Tongbai Mountains, Trinidad is the birthplace of the Huaihe River. Located in the Qinling Mountains to the transition zone, the region Qi Jing Xiu, overlapping peaks range upon range of hills, forests covered, waterfall-chuen, many thousands of images, expert evaluation of its "high-risk than Huashan, Huang Jing show. , "She huai unique to the country as a source of cultural content, both Pangu culture, Buddhist culture, geology and culture of Soviet culture; to the North-South climate location of the most complete convergence of the natural environment and rare in the Central Plains of the original vegetation as a secondary feature to become China's majestic rivers and mountains and on behalf of the fascinating place. He was respect for the Chinese people, "Feng Shui River", and the Yellow River, Yangtze River, China's economic waters and called the ancient "Sidu," 26 years of the First Qin Emperor (221 BC), Dahir worship mountains, the two-chuan: Yuehuaiyueji. Huai temple was built here, that is, the Huai Temple trouble. After the ages misfortunes blessings for the emperors, on the Huaihe River East Huai big trouble from God, long closed to the public source, long the source of Wang, the restoration of the temple in the previous kings and also by increasing the size of the magnificent, various halls, buildings, units, kiosks and display a variety of House and its noble The authority of the accessories such as lions, water, animals, flagpoles, China, and so on everything. The annual spring festival came Huai imperial court of God, Xiajiao civil ditch in front of the temple, military attache of the dismount, walking into the general entourage will have to crawl forward. Temple stele hospital buildings, towering Cooper. Ming Dynasty's founding emperor Zhu Yuanzhang the author in person, an engraved monument giant temple; Yu Shu Qing Emperor Kangxi, "Ling Alan trouble," Zhi Ji; Yongzheng "Ji-hye River canal," thanks to the temple, Huai ditch in our country at that time to build The first time, the highest and largest temples. Huai unique source attracted many celebrities Kagekatsu poet here Walks chant, Liu Han, Tang Li Bai, Du Fu, Su Shi Song, Cai Xiang roaming in the first and so far, the Ming Dynasty, "Seven Hiromasa" Ho-ming, one of the largest number since then Fu Shan Ren resident here (also known as Tongbaishan large complex ). According to incomplete statistics, history seekers can explore here Shangjing poetry of no less than a hundred people, handed down as many as 300 pieces of works. Huai source of scenic and historical resources in our country a unique occupies an irreplaceable position.

Huai-shan TONGBAI source of scenic spots, but also Pangu culture, myths and legends are very focused on Place. Wu Xu people of the three countries as a whole book, "Five years in mind" set "The Very Beginning, the blood which read,." Tongbai-related non-governmental Pan mythology is rich in legend, the temple site, Pangushan, Pangu ship, ancient sites, such as grinding Pangu Pangu related to cross-examine the culture of architecture can be seen everywhere. Well-known Chinese mythology expert Ke Tongbaishan many times to study concluded that: "Tongbaishan Pangu Central Plains culture is at the center." There are also many popular "Yu water", "Jiao Yuwang lock" and "Apollo" legend, "Yu Gong" set: "(Yu) lead from the Huai Tongbai ... ...." Legend has it that Yu Huai River and found that there is a proliferation of water Huai Shui Yao Wu Qi in trouble, to make the Apollo the son of the Dragon will be carrying water for the capture of Shenzhen, after the catch chained in the beam of Huai well. And as a result of the Dragon Tongbai obsessed with beautiful mountains and rivers, do not want to Yu Dongzheng with water, Yu angry to decapitation. Local people to study demon Gong Fu Gengchen, on the stones to cut the Dragon Yu anger of the entire Peak Block, called "Sun City." Pangu culture, Apollo SHEN accumulation in the culture. In addition, Wu Cheng-en-ming Jiajingnianjian Tongbai neighboring districts in the new field for county magistrate had, on many occasions during the tour Tongbaishan, under "lock Yuwang Jiao," the story of this place and the combination of Shuilian Dong, Tong Tianhe, put the race course, Taibai Top Huaguo Shan, Tang Jun, such as completion of the names handed down the famous "Journey to the West." Lu Xun, in his "History of Chinese novel" has already made it clear to testify, "Wu Qi branch of the Monkey King is a prototype," Huai-shan TONGBAI source area for the "Western" provided the origin. This scenic spot in the domestic culture is also very rare.

Buddhist culture Parkinson's scenic culture also plays a heavier weight. Tongbaishan Source Taoists long-yuan, building Taibai top Chinese had "security concept", "Jin Ting Chui-Que" for the calendar Tongbai Eight of the old one. Wudang were Master originator in the Xiuzhen, the current territory of the founder of Taoism incense still Ling Wang. Tongbaishan Taoism was known as the "world first Eleven blessed "," Dong Tian 36. "

Buddhism started in the Sui and Tang-shan TONGBAI, prosperity in the Qing. Qianlong 1960, the Sichuan government Ning Zi Shan temple monk in Germany to end so as to create Tongbaishan Tongbaishan-based Feng, Yunnan Taibai top of the Rinzai-ji Temple were mainly white mountains, was known as Dezu light, Master-generation operating experience, Tongbaishan temple has more than 20, when Wang incense more than 600 monks. Come forth in large numbers because of senior monks, a new study of Buddhism constantly, once a par with the Putuo Mountain in Zhejiang Province, known as "the South Putuo, northern Yunnan." Qing Tongzhi years the temple abbot Yunnan Ma Hanai Fengzhaorugong Buddhist services for the imperial court, the completion of the matter, only by the emperor and the Royal Secret Inspector qianfoensis Sha Jingou Yuhuan, this matter is now in the possession of Yunnan as the Temple Zhenshanzhibao. Age 30, a Buddhist Temple in Yunnan, Shanghai Xujiahui preaching, and Beijing Dafa Master North-South divide, from time to time, "Southern law in the north," said. Yunnan transparency Monastery monk rate has Sengtuan Dalai's visit to India, Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru in 1958 to visit China, Yunnan had proposed an exclusive interview with Temple, as a result of the inconvenience of traffic and other reasons, did not take place. Today, white clouds spread to 14 monks on behalf of the mountains, across the Sengtu Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Sichuan, Henan, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Japan, the United States, Singapore, Myanmar, India Countries and regions, such as the United States such as the Great Mercy Hospital presided over the revised Master, Myanmar Lotus Temple, presided over the Master Miao Zhi, the Hong Kong Young Buddhist Association of Master Chang Huai permanent instructors, such as India, Master Jian, and so on, have become the Tongbaishan. At present, the Tongbai Shan Temple and the curtain opened with Temple, the White Horse Temple in Luoyang, the Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng, and so on and known as the "Central Plains Daming Temple. "

Tongbaishan or transitional zone of the North-South climate, the two major Huaihe River line. Both in the north of the mountain forceful, and the beautiful scenery of southern Xinjiang. As a result, Qi Shan many different stones, spring falls can be seen everywhere, good vegetation, numerous types of flora and fauna, the crossroads of North and South, the mutual penetration. According to Richard, 33 invertebrates of the existing Section 326 kinds of head 76, in which countries included in the protection of rare animals such as Jin Qianbao, golden eagle, otter, indica, a small indica, musk deer, White-crowned Syrmaticus, giant salamander, pangolin, Qingyang, Red-winged crested, and other 33 kinds of the cuckoo. Has a good transitional zone of forest ecosystems, the flora of the South Compatible, known as the Central Plains unique natural biological gene bank and the Museum of Natural History species, natural vegetation area to become a unique landscape.

Many old and valuable trees here, with over more than a thousand old Han Bo and more than 100 old trees, such as ginkgo trees, in particular the Temple Qingquan existing Millennium ginkgo tree, called the first Central Plains , A tree 11 years by Li Yong Zheng stone. Monument contains: "The ancient temples Qingquan Temple, the Temple of Ginkgo tall, all the more for thousands of years away, watching his situation, surrounded by mountains, linked to the shady trees, and the habitat of many birds, dense bamboo forest, ... ...." The tree trunk circumference is 9.8 meters, 11 meters-Wai, height 27.5 meters, Increase the diameter of 25.5 meters.

Tongbaishan located in the Tongbai - big city zone, the special geological formation, so that the complex structure of the landscape, from south to north, the valley development, all zoned greater depth. Qi Shi Shan and therefore vary more on the ground floor is rich in minerals, the initial proven reserves of 60 types of ore Per capita value of the national per capita is 14 times. Here in Asia, the world's second-quality natural soda ash mine, ranked first in the silver mines of the four major domestic open-air gold mining, but also for the first time in the world, was named the International Institute of minerals, "Tong Parkinson's mine "and" Wai Mine. " International Institute of minerals and in Hospital on several occasions to send scholars to study here, Tongbaishan academia was referred to as "China's geological mystery", "geological museum", "geological window." Red for the old quarry area Danxia rare scenic spots, up and down cliffs three hours, several hundred meters high, if Wang Hongxia, more cave, waterfalls, hot springs, scenic spots for the rare scenic spots. A lot of scenic peaks above 1000 meters above sea level, where the steep mountains, overlooking high, as the North Central Plains, South Chutian read, Qianshanwanhe, panoramic view. Designate a unique concept, when cold air transit, the mountain clouds or weak Piaomiao, thick cotton or prudent, or magnificent, or changing moments, such as jade belt, it seems Cloth; sometimes steam fog Zhu Yun, the peak is submerged sea of clouds, Yusifumian, such as the line goes Wanmabenteng; sometimes when the sun and air, as if the island peak, one at the foot of the sea of clouds, magnificent, "Wang Fu-yun" Tongbai as one of the eight landscape.

Huai-shan TONGBAI source of scenic spots is also full of strong cultural Soviet Area Party and state leaders, including Liu Shaoqi, Li Xiannian, Wang Zhen, Yang Jingyu, Peng Xuefeng, Wang Shusheng, and so on have been here and worked in the fighting. From 1925 to 1947, 22 years, there has been set up at the provincial level 6, level 5, 12 county-level government and military leadership, the former Central Plains Military Region, the CPC Central Committee Bureau of the original have been set up here. October 24, 1945 "Tongbai realignment of the three services" in the war of liberation in the history of our country occupies an important position. Former President Li Xiannian as "heroes monument Tongbai" and "Tongbai Revolutionary Memorial Hall" inscription. Tongbai for future generations has become an important base for education.

Huai-shan TONGBAI source for its unique scenic spots of the advantages of natural resources and national scenic areas in particular, alternative sources of Huai culture at all levels of government and caused widespread concern both at home and abroad; in 1982 by the provincial government for approval of the provincial-level nature reserve, 1996 Was approved as a provincial-level scenic spots, and in 1997 was the commentary Top 10 scenic spots of civilization, Henan Province, more than 20 countries and regions, visitors to this tourist visits, Origin of worship. Its natural, scenic quality of the higher grade, is only part of the development and utilization of resources, and its broad prospects for development, if well developed to give protection to use, can become truly strong China Rivers and mountains.

Huai-shan TONGBAI source of scenic spots located in the Central Plains, located at Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Nanyang, Xinyang, in Xiangfan, Henan Oilfield of the six large and medium-sized cities in the center, 175 kilometers north of Wuhan, Xinyang 75 km east, south Zhengzhou 343 kilometers, east of the South 125 km, 312 National Highway and along the scenic, traffic is very convenient, it is an area where hundreds of people travel and tourism, summer vacation, the study of scientific research and education on revolutionary traditions of the ideal resort.

Shuilian Dong: Huai-shan TONGBAI Shuilian Dong is the source of scenic spots one of the main attractions, ranking very Cueifong 48 m On the precipice. 10-meter-wide, 5 meters deep, the Monkey King in stone, Tong Tianhe water down Fei Liu, Yan Zhe hole, then rain Tigers & Dragons, is clear cut gossamer beads; inside the cave, a donation drop-chuen, a stone bowl sinks in , The sweet-Ling ice-cold water, not dry seasons, there Danzhuoshideng week for rest. Xuefei, such as through the curtain, look at possible too Temple City scenery King, "Snow hanging curtain" is one of the eight Tongbai since the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Hole under the Temple curtain is well-known both at home and abroad of the central plains of the Buddhist Holy Land, the Song Dynasty Yuanyou years repairs have been Cisi, Tongbai County in 1984 and newly renovated, the existing Main Hall, Temple House border, Yufo House, King Hall, Housing floor, merit-tang, hospital Buddhist temple, Han Tong, China Tibetan temple library types of buildings 120, various types of Buddha Buddha statue as more than 120 large wooden surface 12 by King Kong, Japan Tai Zhengcang version of the two books by more than 20,000 volumes . Plum, Song-yun Teramae Second Creek intersection, Ssangyong was holding beads trend, Zhong drum all day, Buddha Air Heavy atmosphere. There are next to the Temple of bamboo temple, Buddhist temple Kuan Yin, Lotus Temple, Stone Temple site, the yuan is still Temple, and so on, to a multi-Temple, temple linked to the Temple, known as the "Central Plains a must." Shuilian Dong mountains on the west side of a Wofo, the first full North South, Yangtianerwo, head stack gold ingot, pedal Huaguo Shan, stretching 6 km in length. Buddha's hair and eyebrows, eyes Mouth, the nose can argue that a clear, very mysterious, and fidelity.

Peach hole: Peach hole at top of Taibai on the west side of the Grand Canyon, the canyon on both sides of the tower Perfect Mount, the Old Sensen, stand like a wall of rock, the size distribution of its 72 holes, which the West has a big hole in the wall, that is, the Peach hole for the mass Tao Huaxian woman living on the land. Peach Blossom Zhang Er wide, high-Jiu Chi, Qi Zhang over the deep, deep wells have "Longchi." Dongbi "Guanyin Dong", for Ocean's 18 stone and Guanyin; North "Sun Bin hole," up and down two floors, in-depth Shu Zhang, Sun Bin legend in the writing of this; South "gongs and drums hole" in Stone hit the hole, such as the sound of gongs and drums, the wonderful anomaly. Peach Pu Hua Si-dong ago, the Central Plains is the standard of culture on behalf of the Temple Cave, has been 260 years of history, the giant canyon at the end of Dan Leilei, BUZZ streams, is the source of the Lishui River, flowing into the Yangtze River. Even a River Peach-San Tan, Tongbai under the famous "fairy at the mercy of" Landscape, during which the myths and legends, it is fun, there are days Temple, Tiefo Si "Zhonghuai Han Wang Jiao" landscape. March Yang Chun, former peach-Man Shan blooming peach, ten bonus, Hong overflow Valley, like Asaka, rich and enchanting. "Dong Tao Xia shop" for the Tongbai one of the eight ancient Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Taibai top: Tongbai at top of Taibai town 15 km west of the state-run tree farms Zhuang Chen , Tongbaishan is the main peak, 1140 meters above sea level, the mountain Jun Qiao, Qi Xiu scenery, magnificent, known far and near. Look at the top, as the North Central Plains, South Chutian read, the mountains are, Jimu thousands of miles. Yunnan temple on top of the temple there, as were the Buddhist Rinzai Baiyun Zuting mountains, most of the central plains of the Potala Palace. Temple on the eastern side of a Well Huai, is the source of the Huaihe River; wells 30 meters far from the southeast between Shek Pik Liang Dong, Zhang served its purpose and legend, this Bigu; song was also the platform, Laohudong, small wells Huai landscape. Taibai Zhetianbiri trees around the top of the Peak, in 1982 into the provincial nature reserves to protect the national level, there are 33 kinds of animals, the 41 kinds of plant protection, and compatible with the North and the South, is now a state-level forest park.

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Yahekou resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yahekou Reservoir in the upper and middle reaches of the River, from Nanyang in the urban areas only 40 kilometers. The water in the reservoir area covers about 120 square kilometers, the water storage of about 13 billion cubic meters, with flood control, irrigation, farming, tourism and other integrated functions.
Yahekou Funiu Mountain Reservoir is located in the transition to the Nanyang Basin of hilly areas. Funiu Mountain Yumai Jiulishan, Castle Peak, the stack of five mountain peaks Songzhi a lot of first-line in the northwest, the Treasury temporary or sightseeing boat in the library can experience the overlapping peaks wrong unlimited scenery. Cross-strait links through the hills from time to time, on uplifted Block, a mushroom-shaped Potou, Pianpiancucu trees reflected in the boundless expanse of blue water of the lake, crystal blue lakes full of clarity, Blur of blue sky and white clouds and birds as a foil to shadow, making floating Shui-Guang Cui, increase cross-strait Choi. Aquarium fish in the reservoir area, there are more than 20 species of waterfowl and more than 10 species of fish around, and the birds swept low, some wonders. Reservoir, there are more than Treasury fork, grassland, on the peninsula, or island, the use of these regional tourism development and a quality living environment. The whole dam reservoir 3600 meters, rather like a giant dragon across the lake on the very momentum. Crest also the Tinglang classical style gives the board the dam provides a good place looking so beautiful panoramic view over Lake. Dam Baicheng Lin Wai-song, Ai Ai cigarettes green, dark green and matched the Lakes and comparable. In the shade of green silk flood gates diarrhea, power stations, such as Ji Nianting Nairen building to watch. The following is the reservoir hundred miles of wilderness Nanyang Basin, near the artificial ponds, across the River rail and road bridge, the pond, such as hot springs also enriched by a number of reservoirs.

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Medical shrine - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Medical shrine is located in Nanyang City Dongguan City-Wen Liang, in memory of the Eastern Han Dynasty, when the great medical scientist Zhang ancestral halls built.
Medical shrine gate with the Han Dynasty architectural style, layout strict spectacular towering, golden glazed tile roof dazzling. Mr. Guo in December 1952 wrote " Shrine, "the three characters, a strong vigorous, shiny.
Axis at the door of the building there, Zhaobi, Zhongjing statues, monuments, kiosks and the Mountain Gate, the tomb mound, over Temple, the main hall. There are two double-Que, the ancient statue group of medical scientists, the stele East Gallery, the portrait gallery of the West, Chun-ting of Taiwan, Autumn Court, Ren surgery Museum, San Chung , Zhi Yuan Zhai, refectorium life, things such as Piandian. Ancient statue group of medical scientists, doctors and a sculpture, respectively, and Wang, Hua Tuo, Chinese Li Shizhen of the four different historical periods of great medical scientists.
Zhang also Cinei the tomb, the tomb was built in there when no test. The monument is the tomb of the Qing Dynasty, Zhang Li's different. Imitation is the tomb of King Han style, each of the corners of the tomb of a sheep's head, in ancient China, "sheep" and "Xiang" is a homonym, synonymous words, a symbol of good fortune. Muding the lotus seat, a symbol of Zhang, "??????" noble medical ethics.

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Luoyang Garden State - Chinese tourism scenic spots

China Garden State site of the ancient city is located in Sui and Tang dynasties, was a mess on the outskirts of the waterfront and rubbish dump. In Luoyang city development and construction of the grand luonan planning has been completed in the Sui and Tang Dynasties a historical and cultural basis in order to peony culture as the main content, melt the history, culture, cultural and peony garden is a landscape The special class of Peony Park. Peony garden planted more than 400 varieties, more than 20 million trees planted Joe, shrubs and plants in more than 100 species, 200 more than 10,000. In the layout of the environment on the plant due to natural flow, highlights the tradition of the imperial garden style of gardening. Thousands of plants in the park, mountain stones Tsui, Tingtailouxie Cheng-hui, lakes, water waves. Luoyang peony show to become the geographical and cultural characteristics of the place, forming a cultural context Luoyang peony display system in the beating heart.

  China Luoyang Qiao country from west to east garden peony Bridge, south Luo Yi Road, North Park Luopu to Nanti, from east to west 2 00 meters, 524 meters up the North-South widest point, with a total area of planning and design for the 1548 acres, from west to east is divided into six scenic areas:
  West entrance to scenic spots: a scenic area with modern construction, steel structure, with a total weight of 60 tons, from Peacock and Peony combination of sculpture, symbolizing good fortune and Expensive. The whole structure like a bridge, meaning for the media to spend, to make friends, to build a bridge of friendship. West Plaza covers an area of 7500 square meters, this is a background for the open-air stage of the rockery, with both sides of the arch fountain, accompanied by colorful lights, white crystal clear water, the sound of Stephen's ears, open heart is God .

  Peony culture: in this area by the dozens of shapes and styles fresh and unique culture of Peony Plaza, and Yan Xiu Lake, composed of non-famous landscape. This ten square are purple peony root square, square plate-yu Jin Ge, Huolian square-saver, Autumn Square Xian Weng case, after Kao Hua Plaza, Acacia Johnson Plaza, Chun Gui Hua Square, white crane snow lying on the square, with two Qiao Ting Fei-Hung makeup Square, the plaza color. Here, there are a number of peony on the legend of the beautiful, touching story of Peony given a different style and spirit.
  Peony history and culture: Monument Square area by Ouyang Xiu, Po Chu-i "-Peony" Monument Square, Peony Taiwan, Chang Hua Yi Xiang Plaza, the World Magic and Dan Hui Jue Yi Square Park Plaza embodies six different historical and cultural Peony Plaza, the theme of the composition. History seekers can explore the gifted pen, nine of the spirit of the ancient capital of North Korea, the prosperity of the Sui and Tang dynasties style, through the Millennium and interest rates did not finish.
  You reward embankment surface area: East is on the north side of the door 2400 meters swim tours of the embankment surface area above 12 has a garden square and a number of small-scale paintings, there are also inside the area more than 3,000 cherry trees Tau, the city of Luoyang was the largest cherry blossom viewing area Tau, is the ideal place for leisure.
  Production management: at a road outside the park, the Garden State for various King Reserve a large number of nursery stock adjustment, as well as the unsightly buildings on the block played a role.
  East entrance area: at the entrance to the East China Garden State, is the main ancient buildings, the amount of the Department of Fang's painting vivid, lifelike, have drawn Peony, color pictures of the Phoenix, the same symbol of wealth, good fortune, together with Luoyang well-known tourist attractions Longmen Grottoes, the White Horse Temple and the famous "Tang Luoyang" pattern, all colorful, gorgeous!
  In addition, the door is located on the south side of Kwu Tung buildings, the country is the Garden of Stone Museum, the exhibition here at home and abroad with many of the stones.
  China Garden State to Tang based on history and culture to culture as the main content of the peony, melt the history, culture, cultural and peony garden landscape into one. Yan Qun-Fang crown of the peony, are thousands of plants, stones of the Pinnacle mountain, and customs of different pavilions, waves of clear water lakes, ancient Relics of the beauty ....... unlimited construction, accounting for Merry, the Garden State of the United States and China, the Qing, the quiet, Luoyang garden can be a leader. Xi Ren has to go, scenic spots remain. Let the legendary return of spent Fang Rong, in the display, green and a clean, beautiful breeze, and the story of the spiritual figure for the moment the fair, Chinese Garden State so pure Chinese dream become a reality. I Welcome guests at home and abroad sightseeing, and earnestly hope that the overwhelming majority of colleagues to guide us! With the development of the market economy, the use of the park, I own advantages, various types of active agents greening projects, landscape design business for the city of Luoyang landscape make its due contribution to the park welcome to my business contacts.

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Garden State - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ouyang Xiu in the Song Dynasty poet, "Luoyang Peony Ji" wrote: "Luoyang to spend the most appropriate vein, the peony is particularly surprising the world." Sentence that is out of a Luoyang "clock" Peony unique.

  Luoyang is located in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River, west central plains, the eastern end of the Loess Plateau. Here mild climate, fertile soil, Suitable for regular peony cultivation. As early as the Sui Dynasty imperial garden - Xiyuan started in a large number of peony cultivation. Luoyang peony with a wide variety, color and CMV Mingyangtianxia. Therefore, "Jia Tianxia Luoyang Peony" to the world famous spread.

Luoyang Peony rich, there is a very interesting folk legend. , Said in a winter snow day, Wu wrote a poem to drink, drunk by protecting the transient drinking edict pen to write: "Yu Ming Court on swiftly reported to know the spring, flowers should be made through the night, Mr Xiao to be the wind." Impressed by the flowers of this life, Qi-Fang Zhankai overnight, but did not open Peony Kangzhi. Wu furious, then Peony To Luoyang. A firm and unyielding to the Luoyang peony in full bloom on the head, which also angered Wu Hou, they ordered the death Peony. Who knows though peony branches were burnt to the spring of the following year, but more open-sheng. Peony people's preference for more, the praise for "strong bones are just", "Peony bone char." Ouyang Xiu had in the Song Dynasty China In contrast to the peony, peony come "out of Luoyang, this is the best in the world" conclusions. Since then, "Jia Tianxia Luoyang Peony," said the world will spread.

  Color country also known as China Luoyang Peony Garden Peony national gene pool, located in Luoyang City, Mangshan ditch in the mountains of the West. Area of 700 mu, of which view of Peony Park at North Park and South Park, covering an area of 400 acres, 300 acres of nursery, home to collect more than 500 varieties of peony garden, wild species of 6 months, to cultivate new varieties of 72, 50 more than the number of 10,000, imported more than 100 varieties of horticulture, The number of 50,000. The nine reproduction in color, range, the great Seyan Peony quality goods 300,000. At present, has become a domesticated wild peony introduction of new varieties of peony cultivation and breeding of domestic goods, the largest production base.


Luoyang Peony Garden State color since the beginning of 1984 the collection, all over the country to introduce new varieties of peony, wild peony cultivation; 10 Years, breeding all over the country's more than 450 varieties of peony, more than 30 million trees, and breeding of new varieties of peony more than 70 months. Garden State is now color and a clean ocean, the renowned treasures. During the Fair, a magnificent flower.

  Color in the Garden State produced a good job at the same time, pay more attention to scientific research, market development, the first Commitment to promote the peony cultivation, the anniversary of the flowering of technology research, has been a success. The establishment of a network marketing system at home and abroad are sold in more than 10 peony trees. Have been six times the national Ministry of Forestry, the Forestry Department of Henan Province as an advanced unit. In May 1999 by the Chinese forestry seed companies as Luoyang Peony exports , In December the same year was the State Forestry Administration, China spent flowers of the National Agreement for the production of the base model.

  March 2002 the country usher in the development of color Garden great opportunity, the Forestry Bureau to take over the city, according to the municipal government set up Mangshan Hill Peony million industry with the instructions of the spirit of the city forestry bureau of the party Proposed building color Garden State, led to the peony scale industries, development of the Group of ideas to raise funds more than 1,000 yuan, a high starting point, high-quality, full implementation of the expansion project, the new north gate house, car park 8000 ?O, leisure Place 10000 ?O, tourism public toilets 5, the laying of garden Road 20000m, artificial lake ?O 1500, the expansion of domestic and foreign products Peony Garden to watch 300 acres, an increase of 20,000 ?O green. Various types of green planting 12,000 trees, Park Yong Park appearance on a new look, a new country will be in color Peony Peony Xiaoying guests to the Fair.

  Garden State-bit color Yang Mangshan Mountain, easily accessible from the urban area 4km, leaving Los high-speed 5km, 310 State Road, which crossed. Traffic is very convenient

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Groove back - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Groove back at Forest Park in Henan Province Luoyang Luanchuan 35 kilometers southwest of the territory called Township. Located in the Yangtze River, Yellow River, Huaihe River valley of the three major interchanges, with a total viewing area of 56 square kilometers, is located in the northern temperate and subtropical regions of the transition, the altitude in meters between 1300-1800, the average annual temperature of 10 2 degrees Celsius. KIWI trench mountains, lush vegetation, beautiful stream, waterfall linked to Tan. Plants can be seen everywhere, 10,000 old Liu Yan Xi and Health. Stones, hung Hill, Silk, Youlin this constitutes a beautiful landscape of the volume.
At present, the success of the development of the 6 major scenic spots 86 to form a swim looking for You Mountaineering, pay homage to the two lines. One Optimus Prime (1950 meters above sea level), the Youth Pre-employment Training Dapeng (2113 meters above sea level) and five fingers with its high peaks, steep, three-Xiu and the park has become symbolic landscape, but also wonders Funiu Mountain representative. Park, part of the hardware facilities to meet standards AAAA, mobile communications network is already Coverage.
November 7, 2002 by the provincial Forestry Department official called "provincial-level forest park." At the same time, Luanchuan listed as the five key development area. At present, development of the area within a high standard guest houses 85 families, 1,300 bed sheets, combined with luxury resorts, luxury villas can accommodate groups More than 500 people board and lodging, entertainment, meetings. Is the leisure vacation, summer tourists the best place.

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Al-Mu-ling - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Al-Mu-ling of the original eco-tourism zone is located in Song County southeast of Luoyang City, Henan Province is the first of the original eco-tourism area, 120 kilometers away from Luoyang, 311 National Highway, the Pro-Direct scenic highway. Hill adjacent Shirengou what area, the two Baiyun Mountain Scenic Spot, by the Kowloon Valley, primeval forest. , The mandarin's peak, the Stone Forest, Shirengou Jun Feng composed of five scenic spots. Al-Mu Ling Funiu Mountain is located in tourist areas in the hinterland, north temperate and subtropical zones of transition, located in the Qinling Mountains, the Huaihe River on the first major geographical boundaries. The special geographical location, gave birth to the unique and rich source of biological resources. Tourist area with a total area of 40 square kilometers, of which there has never been Traces of the activities of the primeval forest, 20 kilometers, is the breadth and depth of the primeval forest plants and animals of the Kingdom of Paradise. According to the investigation, including the state-level scenic areas with the protection of plant Euptelea, Ash, Chinese elm Dragonscale warm tree, rock hard, rattan more than 2000 kinds of plants, including Jin Qianbao, musk deer, antelope Including more than 260 kinds of higher animals. "Seasons throughout the year varied scenery, all Dongnanxibei vitality," al-Ling is a true portrayal of the virgin forest: along the trail to visit, accompanied by cool green light, sharp eyes and Guteng thousands of trees, hearing the ever-changing pest birds Ming, it was real To be with the great mystery of nature. Tourist areas above sea level from 950-2153 meters, steep peaks in the region, many rocks. Mandarin's peak towering 300 meters into the sky, towering tall and straight, like mandarin, who like face, carrying China's first with a beautiful myth Yiyin;. Feng Qi around the rocks over Different scenes, as much as 15p in the first meters of stone Maang Fenti, WHO Camponotus end life; about 6 meters of chukars, Mountain flying, the wind moving, shaking fingers and the three peaks General stands tall and straight, as if to guard God, cold parents. Kowloon valley between the 1,000 meters, bringing the number of falls Chi, Chu Pui even the female population, Green Longtan, Huanglong waterfall, Longjing, Longtan, or experienced, or trickle, different patterns, and thousands of images. Drop up to 113 meters Centaline the first waterfall - Long waterfall, cliff jumping, and go under the hood fog Shen Jian, audio Valley. The back Valley, the water and swim, Oasis clear, but not Mu . Lin original, towering old trees, highlighting Qi, the scene of Health Central, a complete ecosystem of the original Central Plains rare, exotic form of a rare North Shi is the original ancient mysterious virgin land, it is eco-tourism return to a natural paradise. Tourist areas Cement 6-meter wide road leading directly to an elevation 950 meters of an Walled parking lot, 1.5 m wide pedestrian path, the steps leading to the various attractions. More than 50 large and small hotels, high-grade facilities, services and sincerity, while 1,500 people received food and accommodation. Low consumption, enjoyment value, is the working-class families and the best option for travel. Lin waiting for the original Community guests return to nature and enjoy nature!

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Babel Gap - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Babel is located in Luoyang City, Gap Luanchuan in the territory, 311 National Highway on the eastern side of 1 km, with the East Bay adjacent to the Long Valley, 10 km from the city Luanchuan. As a result of a valley or a group of high-san, or first-line Tiancheng, cliffs, steep inspiring area of natural Mindanao, Fei Bao chain and a clean Youtianerjiang is suspect, named Gap sky. Gap sky an altitude of 1760 , Is a warm temperate to subtropical fair cross section. Original natural landscape, now visit the area of 20 square km development, ten-step scene, a hundred-tan effect. The main attractions are: Feng Yuqiao, Lake Biwa, the lion-feng, bottles measureless days, Sun Moon Lake, Herbie into the water, and 50 heart ge and so on a number of region changes in camouflage Feiquan Qu series of overlapping; Cheongdam even the stars presenting, spread all over; Perfect Mount uncanny workmanship, inspiring area of natural Saga. Dog towering rocks, thousands of patterns. ; Kai plants over four seasons, the complex problems of rare trees, a natural treasure house of plants. Babel Canyon, in particular to a large number of rare species of vegetation "Bo" and the unique charm and leaves in the fall, Experts enrichment as the "mini Jiuzhaigou." Gap Airbus A total of 25 pools, waterfalls and 8, more than double to Die Bao Tan, Santandiepu. Qing Liu constant throughout the year, the Taoshengzhener, both of Jiangnan Water Village Jiaorou inspiring area of natural beauty and landscape of North Bang Bo momentum. Yang Chun, E Huang Shu-spit, Jade The height of summer, the wind around Sam Rainsy, it is nice and cool; autumn leaves Sihuo, mountain fruit fragrance; the depth of winter, the mountains-Phi, do not have a taste. Gap in the sky-high level of development of the natural landscape while also investing in the development of a number of unique culture of the human landscape, and expert advice, planning the construction of a number of scenic spots Yishanbangshui bin Farm and guest houses, so that the sky-Gap leisure paradise of the countryside in order to meet the unique aspect of the Quartet guests.

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Longchi Cayman National Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longchi Natural Man Song County, Henan Province People's Government in 1982 by the approval of the establishment of an ecological forest types of nature reserves. Song County is located in the territory of its geographical location in the south, north latitude coordinates 33 � 34 '~ 33 � 54', East Drive, 111 � 47 '~ 112 � 15' protected areas grew out of five Forest Farm Temple, built in 1958 in the field, Yang Shan, al-Mu Ling, Longchi Man, Poplar Ridge, Daqing 5 scattered forest, with a total area of 7573 hectares (11.36 million), total forest stock volume 425,000 cubic meters.

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Yan Zhenqing tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

An outstanding statesman of the Tang Dynasty, calligraphy artist Yan Zhenqing tomb is located in the city of Yanshi Hill of the rural village of Tang Quan village, the villagers call it "grave Yanlu Gong." Bei Yi Yan Zhenqing tomb Mangshan Hill, South Waterinfo sit, both length and width of the Tomb of 16 meters, the tomb of the Ming and Qing Dynasties are the stone-1. Monument for the county magistrate Lu Ming-chun as written, "Tang Tai Shi Zhen Yan Lugong Tombstone in mind. "Monument of the 1.75 meters high, 0.60 meters wide and 0.15 meters thick. Qing Monument 1.45 meters high, 0.6 meters wide and 0.17 meters thick. Engraved middle of the front," Mr Shi Wen-zhong grant fu TANG Yan Lugong Tomb ", in order to Qian Long March 55 years Prefecture Song and Sun Yilingtangyu by Li Zhuo. Is now a municipal re - Protection unit. In 1996, Shan Yan Zhenqing of the township government on the tomb was renovated and established a memorial Yan Zhenqing. State Councilor Chen wrote the name of the memorial hall for the name of a famous writer Ji Xue Pei wrote the name of the "great generation" of the banner.

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Xiangshan Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiangshan Temple, located in the Dongshan Longmen mountain, the construction of its immense simplicity, in the shade of pines Calocedrus. Xiping Monastery was built in the first year of the Northern Wei Dynasty (AD 516). Tang Tianshou the first year (after 690 AD), Zou Qing Wu Liang Wu Sansi be rebuilt, officially named the "Temple in the Fragrant Hills." Xiangshan Temple at the time of the "dangerous cut , To fly Peak Tower, seven stone niche, Futu 1.80. "Tai Tang Wenzong six years (AD 832), Po Chu Yuan Zhen close friend would write the epitaph run total costs, repair donated Xiangshan Temple, and wrote," Xiu Xiang Temple credited. "Masters famous Ming Si, complement each other so that the Temple of Zhen. Po Chu-i also own the Los 12 years of poetry written by 800, as Shi Juan, named "set in Los Buber," Temple in the Fragrant Hills on Canon halls. Po Chu-resident has Terauchi, since "Buddhist Xiangshan", and Hugo, Ji Jiao, according to Zheng and Liu Zhen, Lu negative, muddy Zhang, Li Shuang, such as the monk, and so became full of "Nine Xiangshan husband." Tang Huichang 2006 (the year 0 years, 46, died Po Chu Lu-old Daoli, Zunzhu family will be buried in the Xiangshan Temple and North division over the side of the tower.

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Re-cross the natural scenic gully - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Re-cross the natural scenic spot located in the ditch in Luoyang Luanchuan in the territory, as a result of the Eastern Han Dynasty Emperor Guangwu Liu Xiu two Iraqi water crossing point, from the Wang Mang and achievement Dili Kill industry derived from the name Royal Secret Inspector. God's secret history of legends combined with heavy cross the ditch area Sanjue is re-cross the ditch known and unknown in one fell swoop North Changhong, China sonic booms, he became At present, the province's most dynamic hot spots of the 10 best interpretation. The entire area at the south ditch and Xigou two major areas in the south ditch Fei Bao Artesian Bore Baths, highlighting "water"; Xigou Penny Lam show highlighting "You." The main landscape: Zhuhai, the curtain Sin Temple, the Bodhi Tree God, Fei Bao Artesian Bore Baths, Gaoxiapinghu, Cliff mushrooms, such as a ridge Kikunami A number of attractions. A well-known writer Zhang Gong praise: "Fei Bao Gao Xia possession path, green bamboo tone show love."
No one: re-cross the ditch water. Widespread water shortages in the north area, re-crossing a ditch days alone thick, hundreds of hundreds of spring shares springs spewing out from the depths of the earth, come together to form a stream Yiwansinian Lanxi the clean and upright. The persistent water, the mountains of steel-yi, calcium carbon quality, cut and polish a gesture of thousands, of various shapes and spring water, Fei Bao, Feihong unruly wild waterfall,; anger waterfall twists and turns pink ice Yusui; hands light curtain falls Sin Temple Shaking, Sishu curtain down ... 30 ... all these, give them different. Here water Wilder, water Qing Qiao, Zhang Yang's water, water everywhere mellow performance of the wanton Wang Yang. Dripping earned.
Second, no: re-crossing the groove bamboo. Day by women for the benefits of planting bamboo, articles deal with Japan to avoid Zhetian million mu of bamboo has also re-added to cross a ditch everywhere Chung Tsui Gallery of the natural. Here tourists sightseeing, leisure, A feast for the eyes to see can leave the bamboo forest scenery, but also bright and spacious living Zhulou the inn; Zhuchuang can sleep, sitting bench, lie down a bamboo chair, Zhugan hop dance, eat bamboo tube rice, bamboo shoots cooked in soy and vinegar to taste Levin, goods Bamboo leaf tea, listening to melodious Zhu Xiao. Before I left to do can also bring some of the sophisticated system of bamboo utensils and bamboo handicrafts as a Read.
Sanjue: re-cross the ditch farm guesthouse. To re-cross the ditch, you will see Tsui UN, UN-Ping, Tao Huayuan, old friends such as John elegant chic in the name of the window dotted with Chui Ling, bamboo water ring around the gentility of the farm gate on the brow, the highly Hill situation Style, full of pastoral atmosphere of the 318 farmers in ten hotel Xingsan The next Lanxi, Zhuhai million, has 13,800 beds, Zhang Yu, room and board in meeting the needs of tourists, but also the mountains to the district farmers have found a rich open the door to the Golden Key. Therefore, Li Chengyu, governor of Henan Province, praised the emphasis on cross channel is "a model for the development of eco-tourism, the hotel is a family model is You bring a model out of poverty. "Chinese tourism was the first person to Mr. Wei Xiaoan known as the" Chinese Farm Guest House in the first village "." Five. A "section on the eve of the magnificent scenic booking hall, visitors flavor of the reception center of the boundless expanse of blue water Wu Kuan Kung, nice six-star toilets, full southern charm Lane snacks, God's peace and tranquility down bamboo Oxygen Bar, Zhong Ling Yuk Sin Temple cave curtain of reform, such as the completion of the project, so that not object to travel a hundred re-cross the ditch and leisure resort features icing on the cake.

Introduction of the main attractions
Tree: The tree in the world famous Buddhist sacred tree 30 meters high tree, the tree Wai . 5 meters, she opened the spring of white, brown knot autumn fruits, fruit Fozhu to do, people can carry around to ward off the evil, Bao Ping seasons. Sakya Muni Buddha is in the repair Zhengguo under the tree, so he became a hundred miles radius of people dedicated to the god tree. Legend has it that pig heaven Journey Pirates of the cut tree Buddhist monk's staff do not care Zhenluo fruit Puti Fruit, fruit rolled in this one, this one by one into a tree.
  Feihong Falls: Falls Feihong is re-cross the ditch landmark landscape one of the 40-meter gap, wild uninhibited, Yixieqianli, such as silk Ling pull off, Qiguanzhanghong, combined with rains from the waterfall at the end of Tan Zhong-fei From the sky and a rainbow of vertical. Cliff Falls anger: anger Cliff Falls is re-channel ferry the most representative landscape, Bai Yumi long, high-flow days, diarrhea, fearless, Luan Yue Cui collapse, the potential Man-kwan made. Legend has it that Qiu failed to take revenge Kau brother, angry into a cliff in order to have a good idea to vent anger named, the Queen of the Night, as the moon in the year-long crown rolled Pearl spent on the Zhu Wo, the fluorescence can be seen Youlan.
  Jiao Cliff lock: Lock Jiao high cliff more than 100 meters, 150 meters wide, covered with above-day lock,
Youth Pre-employment Training Peng, Yu Ruyi, such as the Twin Towers stalactite, the United States constitute a must-hwan Lun Shek Pik natural relief. Legend has it that a sea cliff root eyes through the North Sea Dragon King's palace, there are two sub-Jiao Dragon King Qiu. Jiao noted six re cross ditch in the fairy Uetake, and the color of their greed to, but have been fairies back to the six heaven, home Jiao sea waves and eye, the harmful effects of the common people, the Jade Emperor, King tota were locked in their eyes and the sea, the sea is eye Xianse Department of sea water may taste the flavor, Jiao midnight could hear the sound of its waves.
  Double-stack falls: more than 80 meters long, Wai Ling Wang stacked stone, Meng Ming Valley, charged jian Bai Chou Ming can be seen out. According to legend, and four women, one after another Xiafan and seven women, six women have Sifan the heart of the Queen Mother in the world would like to race really heaven? By-election January Fengqing Long Night came to re-cross, a surprised look, but the fear in the Jade Emperor, Have to go, anxious fear, the sleeves hanging down here, Gone with the Wind Hu Hu, albeit not very clearly divided into four named.
  Golden Rooster lead the way: This is a historical story. Legend has it that Patrick Lau to kill out of Wang Mang, this starry night, Renkunmafa, lost the path, that is the dilemma, there are crow in front of Hu Wen voice, by turning around Xunsheng, named.
Golden Valley Falls: Golden Valley falls to Qi Guanjue four spots. A surprising, since the water flow out of the cave, cliff into a waterfall seam; two odd-shaped waterfall and a woman if a bath Valley, also called Bathing Girl; three odd waterfall next to three meters often breeze blowing gently movement Shake the tree just a place; four-qi, falls were Huaichuai chicken, and chicken neck, head, corn, chicken beaks clearly visible, 000. It is said to help foot cliff climbing Liu Xiu-bing and change.
  Jian Quan play: the general area of water shortage in the north, crossing re-independence days, Gully was thick, more than 100 Stephen
Eyes, a few hundred shares springs spewing from the depths of the earth and Health, Stephen Sword Play is the most representative one, according to legend Patrick Lau sword play, pulling the sword out of the water solution of soldiers Keer's name.
Zhen Tianlei Falls: Zhentian Lei Fei Bao, a bottle of Kuanglong close. Strange rock opera of the clean water that flows out dead wood, Yin Chan Sheng strong noise, dense bamboo path quiet, far enough to Her Groove Back green, thick hands of love wild fruit, one-social cool water, wash away the note of the Millennium. Shi Yishou its small King has ran in front of their situation.
  Sin Temple curtain falls Light shaking hands, Sishu moving screens, to fly to vent light jade, silk exhibition of milk Lek Sin Temple curtain falls 80 meters long and 8 meters wide, where Qingqiao water, soft water, water lyrical, romantic water The performance of all the wanton Wang Yang, earned dripping.
  Sin Temple curtain: 20 meters, 10 meters wide, 80 meters deep, typical Rock structure by re-creating the special master Jiangxinduyun, cut and polish the Second Buddhist Temple Shou, Wang Yu-lion claws, inverted lotus, dragon plate column, two-Buddhist meditation, Phoenix Youth Pre-employment, macaque, such as climbing a number of caves is not wonderful Landscape.

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Mengjin the Yellow River Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mengjin the Yellow River Nature Reserve, located in Luoyang City, Mengjin County section of the Yellow River. 8 period in 1995 in Henan Province People's Government approved the establishment of the west for the Xiaolangdi Reservoir and the proposed Xixiayuan Reservoir, just east of the Yellow River plains of the Yellow River into the river and the two sides Beach with a total area of 11,700 hectares. One Heart area of 2200 hectares, 9500 hectares experimental zone.

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Mangshan hills Graves - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mangshan Tombs located in the hills of Luoyang City, Henan Province, Mangshan Mengjin County in the mountains. There is the Eastern Han, Cao Wei, Western Jin Dynasty, more than a dozen North Korea four of the Northern Wei emperor's tomb and the royal family, Minister of Peizang Mu, in 1000 more than the total for the Eastern Han Dynasty (AD 25 years -220 years) to three (220 -280 AD) period The tombs. The eastern part of Cao Wei, Western Jin Dynasty Mausoleum for the mountain, no Fengtu; west of the Eastern Han, Northern Wei Feng Tu hill existing on the ground there are 300 more than that review was fighting or cone-shaped, are the largest diameter of 100 meters, 50 meters high. The tomb has been discovered, the yellow brick useful large intestine from Lei Qi Shi, a great shape; also scale The small hole soil. Unearthed a large number of Epitaph, which relates to the community at the time of the political, economic, military, culture, foreign relations, ethnic relations, and so on, for historical research provided important information. Mangshan hills Graves is the larger of the Chinese national heritage unit, the world is a more even distribution of ancient tombs set One of the regions.

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Funiu Mountain National Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Funiu Mountain National Nature Reserve is located in Xixia in Henan Province, in rural, Nan Zhao, Luanchuan, Song County, 6 Lushan County, covering an area of 56,024 hectares. Protected areas by the Xixia old border town of black smoke Ling, Huang Um, Nanzhao Baotianman, Luanchuan Laojunshan, Longchi Song County man, Lushan mountain Shirengou 6 protected areas, the main Care for natural broad-leaved forest ecosystems. Funiu Mountain east-west, north China's sub-tropical and warm temperate climate and geographical lines Chinese animal division Palaearctic and Oriental line, also in northern China, central China, south-west of the plant mosaic Strip, a warm temperate deciduous broad-leaved forest North subtropical mixed evergreen and deciduous Lin's transition zone. Well-preserved forest vegetation in the region, the forest coverage rate of 88% is sub-tropical and warm temperate regions north of natural broad-leaved forest preservation of the integrity of a site. The special geographical location and ecological environment in a variety of complex conditions, combined with smaller man-made interference, so that the protected areas to preserve the rich biodiversity of resources In the region are 2879 kinds of vascular bundle plants, of which 37 are endemic to China, is one of 59 species, the state protection of wild plants have Cercidiphyllum, incense, and other 32 kinds of fruit trees; wild animals there are 62 kinds of mammals, accounting for Henan Province 86% of the total number of mammals, 213 bird species, accounting for 7 of the total number of birds in Henan Province %, The types of insects are more than 3000 kinds, as a national key protected wild animals have Jinqian Bao, musk deer, giant salamander, and so on more than 50. Funiu Mountain or the Yangtze River, Yellow River, Huaihe River some three major tributaries of the birthplace of important water conservation forest areas.

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Eighth Route Army in the Office of the Luo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Eighth Route Army office is located in Los Nanguan paste Lane profile. Sit for the south to north of the courtyard-style building, room 100, Yajing deep. The main tasks are: to carry out the united front work, the cover underground. To mobilize people to join the anti-Japanese national salvation movement, for our party and military cadres delivery, young people and goods transit Liu Shaoqi, Zhu De, Peng Dehuai, Xu Haidong, and other leaders of our party and our army has offices in person, guidance and deployment. Branch offices will accommodate a reception, secretary, Section confidential, radio room, a rescue room, medical clinic, appointed Chui Shiban, and so on. Staff reached a peak of more than 100 people. Liu Xiang has been , For a long time Liu, Yuan Xiaoxuan here chaired by the Director of the three work. In February 1942, in view of the tense situation in Luoyang, the deterioration of relations between the KMT and the CPC, the entire staff of the Office of the evacuation. Eighth Route Army in the former site of the Office of the Luo, is now a provincial-level key cultural unit. In 1985 the former site of the memorial into being, 1 87 years of formal opening to the outside world.

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Jin Meng of the Yellow River Wetlands - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jin Meng of wetland of the Yellow River in Henan Province is located in Mengjin County of the Yellow River wetland nature reserve of water birds, water birds gather here, Man Wu swans, cranes bursts of sound, the vast tidal flats of the Yellow River, constitute a feather million Xiang Jing, water birds sing Yin natural picture. In 1995, Mengjin 26 km Yellow River, 6206 hectares of wetlands Was designated as a provincial nature reserve of water birds, after which, in the County Forestry Bureau for their hard work, the local people's well-protected, so that the region has become a good habitat for birds. In the year to stay in the region live birds, herons, spot-billed ducks 6; spring and autumn in passing the rest of the trip birds, ducks beans, such as Herring Gull 2; summer migratory birds are egrets, Michael Gray in the first 22 chickens and so on; there are winter migratory crane, the white swan, black stork, such as 32, every winter to protect the habitat of rare birds in the region reached 30,000, of which the country a class of up to protect rare birds More than 10 kinds. At present, to protect the settled areas of the 36,000 birds there, any more than a year ago, Rare red-crowned cranes in the world, the Great Bustard, white crane, black stork and white stork and other countries for a class protected animals, but also frequent in this wetland to show "Zunrong." For the first time this year, also found the 56 Great Bustard, the bird world, only a few hundred only. Many migratory birds have brought a large number of young, the national animal protection of the Little Swan II, He's young, and other water birds up to 40%. This indicates that this piece of wetland ecological environment of these birds have been approved. Zhengzhou Evening News

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Xuanzang Memorial Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xuanzang Memorial Hall to the world famous "Datang Western Regions" for the subject matter, Tang Xuan Zang reproduce the historical facts and learn from India. Covers an area of 150 mu, 15,000,000 yuan of investment. Museum set up, "Chen Fengming River," "Land ordained Temple," "I visited all the teachers," "West of Yumen," "Changli alliance", "cool desert", "secret Distress "," cottage song and dance "," Tianbengdilie "," Folk Afghanistan "," Nepal Royal Palace "," Nalanda Monastery "," India scenery "," Five Indian sonic booms "and" meeting with Tang, "" Wild Goose Pagoda Translation, "" Ocean's 500-tang "40 large-scale scenes. Adoption of high-tech control, both optical sound, One-off place, can enjoy the Central Plains Folk, wonders of the Three Gorges, the majestic ancient city, Saibei desert, as well as in Central Asia, South Asia, such as the exotic mountains, the palace halls of primeval forests, Buddhist customs.

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Ma Temple negative map - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ma Temple negative map Mengjin County, will be located in the town of UNITA mine Kawamura, Chinese Fu's human ancestor worship, Luo is also a culture, "he plans" to find. Ma Monastery because of "negative plans for river in Bangladesh" and its name is Luo Zhongyuan Xungenwenzu culture of the Holy Land tourism, but also Taiwanese culture, "he plans" to find Chinese culture to learn the origin of over 1,600 years ago. Monastery north of the Yellow River, according to South Mangshan mountain, river front next to the old course map, the grand scale, for the towering Hall, Jun Ba Mountain Gate, before Mangshan Chong recline, after surging rivers. Was published in 2000 in Henan Province for the third batch of key cultural unit. Founded in 2004 Jinhuai Timor, is grateful for "the human ancestors," Fu's achievements in the Road Map so he built the first place rituals. At the beginning of the "Fu Tu Temple," Yongjia time to "chart River Temple," Emperor Wu called "Ma Temple," Tang Gao Zong Lin Germany four years changed its name to "Temple and rejuvenating the country," Ming Jiajing still 42 " Temple plans ", the Qing Emperor Qianlong 19 years and change," Xi Emperor Temple, "after the Republic of China called" negative Temple map. ". Mountain Gate on both sides of the separation of the" old course of the river map "," Ma negative Department map "of the two giant-monument . Fuxi is the main hall of the temple Zhudian, Fu icon in plastic; the right side of the Hall of plastic high as 3 meters of Ma. Terauchi there Song, Ming and Qing dynasties Scholar Cheng Yi, Zhu Xi, Shao Yong, Wang Duo and others inscriptions Fu practitioners. "Book of Changes" set: "Figure out the river, a Luo, while the saints." Legend has it that Liuqiqiannian ago, Ma was responsible, "he map" leap of the Yellow River, carrying turtles, "Luo" Waterinfo surfaced, according to Fu's "River tulo" interpretation of yin and yang of the Eight Diagrams. According to Study, he refers to the Central Plains map of the geographical map mountains and rivers, Los book is BU Wen-shells.
Ma Temple is a negative map, "the root of human ancestors," and "human ancestor" - to worship the Fuxi's also the birthplace of Chinese civilization. "Copulative on the Book of Changes," it reads: "Figure out the river, a Luo, while the saints." "Yet Gu Ming, "pseudo-Kong Anguo said:" Fu Wang Tianxia, the Ma River, its text was drawn to gossip. "

Ancient times, Mengjin the eastern part of a map of the Yellow River and phase, the plans for this negative Ma River, according to Ma Fu's picture of a stem, against, from that shock, Sunda, Hom, Burgundy, for the content of the Gua-kun , Later known as the Eight Diagrams Fuxi map. Fu Yang Guan's like in the day, down in the law review, the yin and yang with the Eight Diagrams to explain the creation and evolution of human relations order. Fu made the book's deeds, marriage is, the hunting and fishing, putting an end to people Rumaoyinxue, Jieshengjishi ignorant of the history of Chinese civilization created. Ma negative Tusisuicheng "Map the source of river," Fu's was the Chinese nation as "the root of people's ancestors," and "human ancestor." "Han Chuan Kong Anguo" said: "Ma, the world's fine, for its shape also, Ma and Dragonscale body, it is referred to as Ma, Ma Wen red green, high-bachi Wu Cun, Lo-type winged, water dance Did not, the saints in office, Figure out of Yan Meng River. "

Ma Temple map negative in the past the grand scale, the towering basilica, Jun Ba Mountain Gate. Chong before Mangshan recline, after surging rivers. Mangshan to board a bird's eye view Shan Temple, Heaven and Earth righteousness, and of inspiring area of natural rivers and mountains can make an admission. Temple incense in the past its peak, famous far and wide. To pay the multi - Daguan and distinguished literati, the Henan provincial Zhang Qing has a poem: "sexual addiction Delays in the ancient Qi, visited the river Okuma. Bank had a negative map, close to Taiwan to study. Yang made early in July, the birth of a painting open. When the old Fu, Fuxi to witness. "In 21 years (1932) on January 4, Chiang Kai-shek by the Chen-kai Accompanied by plans to visit Temple negative, and title, "he tulo" 4.

Year in October 1998, Mengjin county party committee and government, "Ma Temple negative map" to carry out a large-scale restoration. After the restoration of the "negative-Ma Temple map", by the well-known contemporary easy to learn, president of the China Institute of the Book of Changes, wrote Professor Liu Dajun , "Ma Temple negative map" Five powerful words Qiu Jin, and the Mountain Gate Junba towering, ancient generous 10 minutes of the Drum Tower, traditional costumes and matched. The separation of East and West Mountain Gate, "the old course he plans", "Ma negative Department map," the two-giant monument. Fu hall, post red, white barrier, Diaolianghuadong. Emperor Xi hall with large plastic icon of Fuxi, V Biti lower part of the body leaves, hand millefolium. Yanhuang sit around on both sides of the sub-Mo.

Ma Temple Mountain Gate map of negative Junba towering, ancient Drum Tower Kushiro generous. The separation of East and West Mountain Gate, "the old course he plans", "Ma negative Department map," the two-giant monument. Fu hall, post red, white barrier, Diaolianghuadong. Fu large hall Fuxi a tall icon. Hall on the right side of the new plastic high as 3 meters of Ma, Ma Zutazhuolang, lifelike. Here north of the Yellow River, according to the South Ridge Mangshan, Seomang Han Tomb, East Malaysia call-Vision, miss ancestors, the great Chinese culture goes back to ancient times, it is indeed a tourist attraction. Mangshan Hill temple to board a bird's eye view, the righteousness of Heaven and Earth, rivers and mountains of Hope Can make an admission. Temple incense in the past its peak, famous far and wide. To pay this is more of Daguan dignitaries and literati, the Henan provincial Zhang Qing has a poem: "sexual addiction Delays in the ancient Qi, visited the river Okuma. Bank had a negative map, close to Taiwan to study. Yang made early in July, the birth of a painting open . When the old Fu, Fu witness to. " 21 States (1932) on January 4, Chiang Kai-kai shek, accompanied by Chen Jicheng, plans to visit Temple negative, and title, "he tulo" 4.

Temple Beilang negative map engraved with Professor Liu Dajun school at the "Book of Changes" by the full text of the mass, and its magnificent scale. Professor Liu Dajun also tablets by end - Wen wrote the foreword of a beautiful diction. Xi Imperial Palace on the other side is set more than twenty-Song, Ming and Qing well-known three generations of Science, calligrapher Cheng Yi, Zhu Xi, Shao Kang festival, Wang Duo, Zhang Dengzhuan monument of the book, Ming, poetry, Fu . These tablets of "Book of Changes" and the art of calligraphy has an important value.

Here north of the Yellow River, according to the South Ridge Mangshan, Seomang Han Tomb, East Malaysia call-Vision, miss ancestors, the great Chinese culture goes back to ancient times, it is indeed a tourist attraction.

  Ma Temple negative map legend
  Central Plains is located in the heart of the history of the county - Jin Meng, bordering the Yellow River is located an admiration for the people of the world's human Track - Ma Temple negative map. Buyuanqianli away when you come to look for pay, you will find there is a real Soul of Lixiangzhiguang in your heart Yiu Cheuk, you will be glad that the first volume, finally able to feel, come "plans River The source "of the Chinese civilization created a map of the negative Ma Temple, can be as devout to the Chinese nation "The human ancestors," Fu's own offer the most sincere greetings and best wishes.

  Legend has it that ancient period of our human ancestors - Fu's lead in the tribal area of the Yellow River survive, living a Rumaoyinxue, timing does not argue, regardless of yin and yang, Jieshengjishi life. At that time, winners of a body of the dragon monster From riding on the wave from the Yellow River, to stir up trouble, the harmful effects of the common people. On seeing this, Fu, Yiwufangu jump to struggle with lower river, Qitianqiye battle before the surrender on r. Ma, Ma after the bear map, Yang Guan Theater, down the Law Review, with its inherent pattern to create a gossip, A painting open days, the provision of a mysterious Hune of chaos, The fresh civilization, illustrates the world of Peru, Li text of the ancestors. Fu Shu-building lease, scheduled to human relations, marriage is, the high reactive power, the great Road, it was not Mo Yan Huang, Tang Yao-Shun-Yu non-comparable ... ...
  In recent years, Mengjin county party committee and government committed to nurturing the pillars of the tourism industry, two more than 500 million investment For the rehabilitation of negative Ma Temple plans to play its original appearance. After the restoration of the negative Ma Temple map, he plans next to the old course, covers an area of 40 acres, the grand scale, for the towering Hall, the Mountain Gate dial-jun, to board a bird's eye view Mangshan Shan Temple, Heaven and Earth righteousness, and of inspiring area of natural rivers and mountains can make an admission. Jinyuan La structure of the Monastery of three: one to enter the Mountain Gate, drums Floor; binary for Fu, WANG, Dian Trinity hole, Danyanxieshan kiss-glazed brick beast; for the three main hall - Hall of San Juan, Zhong Yan Dianding veranda structure, the high-profile buildings, seven out of five dark , Temple 21 meters high and 30 meters wide, Diaolianghuadong, resplendent, as Fuxi hall in the middle, Mo Yan Huang points out around the statue. For all ancestor of the Chinese nation, Chinese civilization are the Zhaozao. According to the main hall at the top of the "Book of Changes", "Sky View in the days of" language, at the end of the blue for the day, there were 64 Fuxi Gua Park location map, Guaxiang black-and-white, gold for the Big Dipper map, rotating bucket handle that Yu Four Seasons. Show "The Book of Changes", "Long by six days so as to guard the phrase" Long painted on both sides of the Department of the three, the four-Ukraine II. 1.40 reading "Yuan" and "enjoy" and "li", "Zhen" four auspicious words.

  Ma Temple negative map of the existing stone should be the most precious stone. "R. old course", "Furukawa map", "a painting open days", "origin", vigorous writing, Guzhuo blade, Rare treasures, "Fu icon", "Fu Ximiao map", "ran the text carved palace Gua", and Bachelor of Science in history easy to write poetry and books of upright stone tablet, such as Cheng Yi and Zhu Xi, Shao Yong, Wang Murdoch, Zhang Yu-twenties, and so on. Hill outside the magnificent, sweet air of lions, mountain door leading horse who, while riding wave Ma Statue, Queen Dian Qian Xi Qingshi large-scale relief, for the birth of the Eight Diagrams, for the sky, under the sea, by-laws on both sides of the Long Feng Pan, Linglong visible, after all, carved treasures. Among the mysterious palace, the Eight Diagrams Taiwan essence, infinite truths, to say the least. Ma is a negative map Sixihuangdian towering high-rise, Emperor Wen, Zhou Temple Serious Mu, 36 plain-looking palace, resplendent Gulou 10 minutes. Feng Lin Maocao front of Mangshan Mountain, after the Pentium, is always flooded by the Yellow River Grand, the Department of Gua Fu painting, home blue criss-cross paths, to the east will be 800 AU leaders, the Millennium Baiyun ancient temples, ancestral home Yanhuang Seomang Fung Ping Shan, more surprising scene in Han Guangwu Mausoleum, he plans Around, Yang Liu Qing Fu, to hang around beautiful, picturesque, it is Xinchishenwang. Today, incense inside look at its peak, Siwai busy, attracted many local and overseas Chinese to get to this pilgrimage. Outstanding reputation of the root of people's ancestors, the source of the humanities - negative Ma Temple map, is looking forward to more of its future generations to admire this light it Wong most of incense ... ...

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Prescription-dong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Prescription hole in the Western Hills Lung Yang Fengxian Temple and the ancient hole, drilled in the late Northern Wei. A Buddha statues, two disciples, the Buddha. Buddhism is the main body thick-walled, thick stocky shape. Buddha and Bodhisattva loose clothes, Cristaria sparse. Its imaging features, clothing, the blade has a ring Grottoes as the basic characteristics. Doors on both sides of the Cave Ancient engraved on the prescription, a total of more than 140, involving internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, facial features, such as neurology. Preparation methods are pills, powder, cream, soup, etc., involving up to more than 120 kinds of medicines, including plants, animals, minerals and so on. Also referred to the prescription in the treatment of cancer and methods of treatment of infectious diseases Law. This is the first stone of our existing prescription, is the early years of the Tang Dynasty of China's medical science, pharmacology precious heritage.

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Qian Xi Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qian Xi Zhai cleanse, also known as Temple Church, the goal is to the Western Hills at the north end of the first big hole. Cut in the early years of the Tang Dynasty, according to legend was the prime minister's villa Lifan. Inside the main Buddha statue, about 7.40 meters high, in the end Jiafu Zuo Xu Mizuo, full face, kind-hearted air. Figures on both sides of the two disciples, the Buddha and the King II. Second-Buddha Plump, round appearance, Yiwen smooth, elegant style, is a masterpiece of the Tang Dynasty Buddha statues. King law enforcement wearing armor, Zuta ghosts, the performance of the generals of ancient chivalrous spirit of the energetic

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Lianhua Dong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lianhua Dong Yi Que, also known as holes in the Fengxian Temple, the Western Hills to the north of the goal. Cut in the late Northern Wei, Kuding relief as a result of a beautiful lotus flower named after big. Yuandiao Buddha statue for the main lobby as Yili, 5.10 meters high. Bas-relief on both sides of several disciples, including the right of the hand-held Kassapa Xi Zhang. The cave shrines silver, niche Beautiful composition, both a pointed arch, the arch-mei, arched roof, and Luo Ying, curtain tassels, and moire, Juan Cao Wen, geometric patterns, as well as Lotus, Po phase, and other flowers, carved and changeable. Dong Ding large high-relief next to the Lotus 6 Fruit hands, flying in the wind to fly a large-scale, so that the caisson as a whole appears to be static in action, action There are quiet. Longmen Grottoes in the smallest on the shrines in the hole.

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Gu Yang-dong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yang-old formerly known as Temple Cave, also known as Laojun hole. Gantry at the Western Hills in the south. Longmen Grottoes was cut in the first, the most abundant of a cave. The excavation of the caves also bring political overtones, is the support of the Emperor Xiaowen of the Northern Wei Qiandouluoyang a group of kings and nobles and high-ranking officers for the Emperor Xiaowen of the Diaozao. The hole imaging experience Dynasties to complete. Wall is a carved Buddha, the Buddha. Buddha under the seat on the stage there is a high Zhengshi Northern Wei, Yongping, Jianchang years by cutting the niche statues. North and South are cutting Liangbi 3 shrines, Buddhist shrines and vault Diaogong sophisticated gorgeous, colorful patterns, like devout realistic attitude. It also carved inside the cave, Longmen Grottoes are the most complete -Story screen, such as by born, was born under a tree, step by step Sheng Lin, Kowloon Guanding, legislation for Prince Edward, severance servant horse. Well-known "Dragon 20" in Fateh Weibei 19 chemicals stored in the hole.

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Great Buddha Wu million dong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Great Buddha million Wu Dongshan to poke holes gantry groove located on the south side of the stage, Lei Gu, the cave Jiamei engraved with the "big Buddha Wu million" named after. About to cut the period of the Tang Dynasty Empress Wu. The horseshoe-shaped hole was flat, dome-shaped for Dong Ding. Lotus engraved on top of the sash around the ring, has carved Zuofo, Ji Yue days, Garuda and musical instruments such as pipa As the world of Paradise Wan Ming, the hype wonderful scene. Wall is a carved Buddha Maitreya and the Second, the walls are neatly arranged in a small four-seated Buddhas. Wall-high 25 relief Ocean Images, is about 80 cm. Ocean's side are engraved with their life of the inscriptions, and more content from " Law-Tibetan cause. " Images Ocean and its inscription, is the study of Zen and the law of descent important information. The central square hole on the stage to place a 3 Yuandiao Buddha, the Po wearing a crown, Shen Pei collar, Luo Ying, Po-chuan, and other accessories, is dedicated to the Tantric on the big Buddha image.

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