Bridge released - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Known as "Xiang Jiangnan" reputation, according to the Qing Emperor Qianlong at the Kanazawa compile into a local records set: "Kanazawa Baptist surrounded by giant, with more than River, in particular a bridge in the town more than he, Gu Chen Hongqiao 42." However, according to the Information and local memories of the elderly, can only be found in Old Bridge 28, due to disrepair, serious damage, including: Onkyo million, Bridge, the bridge Ying-Xiang, Emperor Court, Bridge, the bridge well, and so on Bianshui Hongqiao bridge still beautiful shape, the structure of delicate, in order to bridge domestic and foreign experts and scholars attention. Traffic: Haizhi at 249 Jiangxi Road, the new plants by long-distance bus terminal to the level of long-distance look at the car and get off Kanazawa, Qingpu car or take a direct line of green gold. Self-driving routes: the urban areas - the Yan'an Elevated Road - Huqingping highway into the city paragraph (A9 highway) - in the spring -?????(State Road 318) - Kanazawa

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