Aba Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? ?? Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture is located in the southeast edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Sichuan Province in the northwest. Wenchuan jurisdiction, the justifications for the county, Maoxian, Jinchuan, Xiao Jin, Barkam, Aba, Zoige, the original red, soil Tong, Songpan, Jiuzhaigou, Blackwater 13 counties. Area of 83,426 square kilometers, population 790,000. Aba Prefecture in Sichuan Province is the first Large Tibetan and Qiang of the major inhabited areas. Aba Pinnacle mountains, vast grasslands.??????year as a result of the world-famous Long March, up here in the snow-capped mountains, grassland and over, "Snow grass."


?? ?? territory of the beautiful natural scenery, charming, national Love rich, rich tourism resources and many scenic spots, Siguniang Mountain, the "World Natural Heritage List," "China in the world," Jiuzhaigou, the state-level scenic spots, "Renjianyaochi" Huanglong Temple, is listed as the International Wildlife China's largest panda protection of the natural base in Wolong Nature Reserve, the Xiao Jin-class scenic spots Siguniang Mountain, Miya Luo Red Hot Springs Scenic Area, Blackwater Ka Longgou scenic areas, the original red grass, Diexi - Songping ditch scenic spots, nature reserves Shirakawa, not nature reserve Kok, Po Top-ditch nature reserve, nature reserve Aries, the Cayman Nature Reserve jurisdiction, Zhuo Keji Tusi Guanzhai Direct-wave group of Tibetan stone house, Songpan ancient city wall, the justifications for the county side to raise floor, Xiao Jin mouth of the meeting of the two sites, Songpan maul covered the meeting site, the site of the meeting Zoige Brazil, Red Tomb of the original Red Army, Songpan Red Army memorial park, Taiwan will Maoxian Cliff Figures, and other scenic spots. There are very characteristics of the Huanglong temple, the Festival of the Tibetan calendar, will turn Hill Lotus Lantern Festival, Li Qiang Festival, will Jishan, daughter Festival holiday event, as well as the unique Tibetan, Qiang and customs and culture.

  Aba Prefecture in this magical land, diverse climate, unique ecological environment, rich natural resources, Sichuan is an important forestry, livestock, medicine and fruit production bases. Geng 80,000 hectares, the main crops are corn, barley, soybeans, potatoes, wheat, beans gourd, buckwheat, rape, flax.

There are 4,220,000 ha grassland, accounting for 50% of the total area, stocking 3,300,000, the country's five major pastoral areas, poultry, leather, wool, milk, oil, animal products, such as bone-selling Country. There are 3,030,000 hectares of forest, accounting for 36% of the total area, the growth of Song, Hua Yang, 40 species of maple, and other valuable species. Xiao Jin to the economic forest, Apple Maoxian, Jinchuan famous Sydney. 1232 kinds of wild medicinal herbs, Chinese caterpillar fungus, Fritillaria, Tianma, Astragalus, musk, bear, deer horn and the party The most expensive. Wildlife pandas, golden monkey, takin, otter, roe deer, bear, leopard, and so on more than 50. There are mineral uranium, gold, iron, manganese, titanium, tin, tungsten, lead, zinc, coal, marble, diamond, spodumene, such as dozens of quartz, peat reserves of 70 billion cubic meters, the world's number one. Power reserves 19,330,000 KW, to develop capacity of 7,000,000 KW, metallurgical industry, power, mining, chemicals, machinery, food, brewing, and so on more than 20 categories, particularly in Aba carpets, leather, the original red milk powder, ferrosilicon , Aluminum ingot, Electrolytic Manganese, Kim Steel, a small four-wheel tractors, milk separator, as in Products such as the renowned across, and some have been exported to foreign countries.

?? ?? Aba is rich in resources, beautiful scenery and attractive folk customs, tourism has become the most Kawakita bright spot.

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Pingle town - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pingle ancient town located 93 kilometers southwest of Chengdu, Qionglai City, 18 km south-west, the east Linchiung, Chengdu, Ya'an the west, Kangcang, with the outlet, Youzha, hindsight, Rinzai, Junior Road, the town, and so on Huojing Adjacent to the township, known as the "one-two-three folder on" in the world.

Pingle is the six of the State Council ministries and commissions 20 4-year in February named the key town of Sichuan Province, and named the town one of the top ten, Chengdu is one of 30 key towns, the national historical and cultural towns and the beautiful environment of the township have been declared passed the examination, Qionglai City In 2000 the implementation of "one city, a mountain town" in the "town", with the town government party Tourism Xingzhen "The implementation of the strategy," the first stop on the Silk Road South, the first Tea Horse Road in the town, "the brand started, as well as" a comprehensive historical and cultural towns and key towns, townships and towns nationwide beautiful environment, of the 10 ancient Sichuan In the town, the town of Chengdu, the focus "of five cards to create a well-developed industrial and social progress, environmental The United States and profound culture, Habitat harmony, "national first-class town, the first town in Sichuan," just around the corner.

The basic situation: the town of Pingle jurisdiction 6 communities and 21 administrative villages, 189 village groups, the town's total population 32,000 people (09,300 of which market town area). Size 69 area 94 square kilometers (of which 1.28 square kilometers area of town). 22,305 acres of arable land, 0.69 hectares of arable land per capita of farmers. In 2003 the town GDP of 4.3 billion revenue 4,900,000 yuan, the urban residents per capita disposable income of 4,500 yuan, and net income of farmers per capita 3 05 yuan. January 23 industries 17.7:65.5:16.8 ratio. Urbanization level of 29%.

Social cause: the town high school level there is a music school, secondary school in the town and the Central Primary School 2, 6 kindergartens (Pingle 3 points, 3 points under the dam), the village primary school 4 (Pingle 2, 2 points under the dam), a Center Hospital, in the town, 2 hospitals at the township level, village-level health stations 25. Water penetration rate of 50%, the rate of methane-generating pits in rural areas 90%. City, Town, Village Road, 55.69 km sclerosis, the small towns concentrated solid waste landfill disposal rate of 100%. 004-year in February by the Ministry of Construction as a key town, the national historical and cultural towns and the beautiful environment, the township has passed the assessment, the Department of Chengdu, one of 30 key towns.

Natural Resources: Pingle is a shallow hill-town landscapes, each accounted for one-third of the dam hill, the moderate climate in the town area, rainfall, Under abundant water resources, and the adjacent town Zhenxiang rich wood, bamboo is particularly rich in resources. As early as the Song Dynasty in the town of Pingle Township is a well-known paper. Around the four sides by mountains, a bird's eye view height, like a small basin.

Tourism resources: the town of Pingle has been more than two thousand years of history, 970 years of the Year -99 Huojing was the seat of county government, the ancient town of the Ming and Qing Dynasties building 235,400 square meters, "nine old": Old Streets, temple, bridge, old trees, Guyan, the ancient Square, the old, ancient, ancient song; Pingle ancient Town "outside the town of King", with the exception of the ancient town of the district, there are four areas to support: Lugou natural scenic spots, Jinhua Mountain Sorbus Mountain and the ancient Qin and Han Yi Dao Scenic Area; Citai bamboo has a long history, and exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States; ancient tea, the tea farmer hand, root, wood and features ancient town famous snack.

  Pingle Township in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province is located in the jurisdiction Habitat, Qionglai Southwest, with hindsight, Junior Road Rinzai, Youzha, such as the outlet adjacent to the Zhenxiang from Qionglai City 18 km, 318 State Line Road, 9 km, 93 km Chengdu. Size of the town area of 70 square kilometers, of which Town area of 0.83 square kilometers, is the largest municipal Qionglai towns, known as the "one-two-three customs folder."

  Pingle 5 jurisdiction in the town community, 22 administrative villages, 189 villagers group. The town population 32,000, of whom 09,300 Town district, an area size of 70 square kilometers, of which Town area of 0.83 square kilometers, 22,305 acres of arable land per capita arable land 0 69 acres. GDP4.3 town billion in 2003, 4,900,000 yuan of financial income of urban residents per capita disposable income of 4,500 yuan, farmers 3505 yuan per capita net income, the ratio for the industry on January 23 17.7:65.5:16.8. Each community has a room with multi-function room, the town A high school, junior high school, the Central Primary School 2, 6 kindergartens, child care admission rate of 98%, the rate of primary and junior middle school education for 98% of senior secondary education basically universal. Health centers and hospitals in the town of a, village-level health stations 25. Water penetration rate of 50%, natural gas, liquefied universal 20%. City, Town, Village Road, hardening 55.69 km, per capita road area of 7 square meters. Air, water, noise environment quality is better, septic tanks, sewage gas treatment rate of 20%, the market town solid waste landfill concentrated treatment rate of 80%. In February 2004 by the Ministry of Construction as a key town State historical and cultural towns and the beautiful environment, the township has passed the assessment. The town is rich in tourism resources, the ancient town of the Ming and Qing Dynasties building 235,000 square meters, "nine old": Old Streets, temple, bridge, old trees, Guyan, ancient residential areas, workshops ancient, ancient Yi Dao, the ancient customs, Lugou natural scenic spots, Jinhua Mountain Landscape , Sorbus Mountain scenic area and I Qi. Citai bamboo has a long history, ancient tea, the tea farmer hand, Sorbus mercury tea, root, wood carvings are famous tourism in the number of 100,000 visitors, tourism income of 8,000,000 yuan.

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Wild West town - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Blair to enter into a highway along the Pujiang County. This is a major tea producing counties, is not busy, there is a little green "pretty." After the car was traveling on the highway leading to the West lai in a forest on the road, Yuemo 20 minutes to 30 minutes, came to the town of Lai Mountain West.


  Lai Mountain West to find ancient town Street, the first to find a "husband and wife trees." Here, young and old alike will warm to guide you to tell you where to find a "husband and wife trees."

  Street's really called "Street children" is not far, have not seen "husband and wife trees", the blue appeared on the streets in front of. Get off into the old , Less than 5 meters wide with all the brick-paved streets, water vapor in the humid Zhuanmian cast a layer of "Qingsha", as the setting sun above, appears to be particularly Chaziyanhong. Now living in the street have become less and less on the street is quiet a lot. When you hear the sound of Tintin Dangdang's follow, along the street on a Small alley to go to the riverside, husband and wife on the tree in the alley at the end of the last Bazi.


  Do not stand in the alley out of Bazi, an embankment on the side to see two huge banyan trees, trunk and branches are entangled together, going through hundreds of years of ups and downs, the more the closer we move on, it seems The firm Sishou looks of determination. This is known of the "tree husband and wife." There are ten river bank a few similar large banyan, and their Lvyin so dense, almost the entire cover all of Bazi.


  Tree side of the nether world with the words "tea" in the small flag flickering in the wind, this is the old couple's house People. A dollar a cup of tea, surprisingly cheap!

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Red Army memorial - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Red Army memorial hall is located 45 km west of Chengdu High-Ho stone pagoda in the town. Monastery Department in 1935??????Fourth Army set up the fourth of the former site of the Soviet zone, as long as more than half a year. Hill built outside the Pavilion of the Red Army, published in the legislation of the Red Army left behind by the stone slogans such as "all-Chuan Chi Hua," " New China, the Soviet take, "" Only Japan can save China "and" support the Communist Party "and" Long live the Communist Party "and so on." Pavilion of the Red Army "of the words for former Defense Minister Zhang Aiping the title. September 1996, the Chengdu People's name He high-town city 11 Zhenxiang for the Second Revolutionary Civil War root And after the Municipal People's Government has completed the Red Army memorial Qionglai, the revolutionary cultural relics on display, and to repair the ruins of the Soviet zone, a new road up the mountain, catering and entertainment facilities and parking. In November 1998, the museum was named the Chengdu base for patriotic education. The melting revolutionary heritage attractions, history text In a furnace, the natural landscape, cultural landscape in one, is a rare landscape, to the steady stream of visitors.

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Weng Ting Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Weng Ting Qionglai City Park is located in the center of the district, covers an area of 2792. In the early Western Han Dynasty era is Linchiung Zhuowang Sun wealthy private garden. Shi-contained, as in the Tang Dynasty in the town of Qionghai Jianbie will feast place. That is built in the Song Dynasty, "are hung Ke Tang." He Chi Chun to the Ming Dynasty, a storage-de-sac with five baht money Daweng 2, "as a result of possession of Jianting , 000 urn Pavilion ", this park is also named. Peixiu all ages. In 25 years (1936) years into the expansion of the" New Park "(corresponding to" Wenjun well, "said the" old park "is concerned) , "Linchiung Park." New China was founded, park maintenance to the expansion, additional attractions, including "Red Dutch "4000 area, the heart Island Lake, the Spring and Autumn Furong, summer flowers, green willow Lake, Xiaoniaoyiren. Hunan Square, there are ships, such as the shape of their ship, a ship-building Ting Xie, Diaolan painting houses, special . In addition to the ancient urn Ting Wai, there are "Formation Pavilion," "are hung Ke Tang," "Shuixie", a rockery, arch bridge, visitors Weaving, boat flies. Linchiung people on Cai Yan's poem "Peach Blossom Luo Jin Fei Xu do, and the Netherlands Red Hushan rain fishes", vividly describes the beauty of the park pavilion urn. Is currently planning the construction of the eight scenic areas: the door area, landscape areas, green areas, areas Shibei culture, children's activity area, activity areas for the elderly.

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Yin Changgou - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yin Changgou Longmenshan is a state-level scenic spots, Baishui He is located in National Forest Park, Baishui He National Nature Reserve, 89 km away from Chengdu, the town of Longmenshan Pengzhou City. As a result of the Ming Dynasty emperor Chongzhen Liu Yuliang in the temple named after the silver-opened. Yin Changgou the altitude of 2000 meters, Chengdu lower than the temperature About ?, the highest summer temperature does not exceed 24 ?, the evening even more cool-calm, away from Chengdu is relatively recent and the highest elevation of summer leisure, Yang Shen heart of the natural resort.

  With Qi Zhi Yin Changgou stack, the steam cloud Xia Wei. Valley Low, the Bi Tian Furuki. The rapid rivers, the forests in the cliff then hidden in Now, the valley has added to a sense of mystery and silence. Scenic beauty of different seasons, spring azalea sea, wrap-winter snow, autumn is the height of summer verdant Linsen, swift current and a clean, rinse during the flight. Shushan is on behalf of the Sichuan Water classics.

  Yin Changgou Longmenshan where the state released the first batch of national geological Park. There are famous scenic spots of the Longmenshan nappe generation, the development of rich Stratum. Klippe distribution of a large number of ancient relics glacier, the typical profile of the formation of geological remains, known as the Geological Museum Park.


  Yin Changgou Longmenshan is the essence of the Grand Canyon area, the high and steep rise amid Qiaoli Days, criss-crossing deep canyon. Pentium white water, such as steep cut to the path along the cliff hanging bridge, Canyon rocks, a rainbow Fei Bao said.


  Bang Bo Fei Bao of the Longtan, green mountain vegetation, clear streams of water, forming a large Longtan, Tan dragons, Cang Gap Court, a sky full of stars, the Phantom falls, Joe Falls, and other unique attractions Shu water. Bank of twists and turns of the path along the cliff Gap Cang Longmenshan Grand Canyon is the most characteristic of the main King, 8 km in length, Baizhang falls by more than wood piles and stone into article, Xu is the ancient side of the officers and men of the construction of the path along the cliff landscape of our country Most of the path along the cliff area.

  Red-rich mountain fern moss, Long-shell, tiger fern, trigeminal fern, fern shoots blood, Erh-Qin, Kwun Yam, and other wild bamboo shoots; there are wild boar, pheasant, and other Shan Zhen; authentic wild wild long.

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Longmen Mountain Scenic Spot - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longmen Mountain scenic spot is located in western China - Chengdu, Sichuan Province Pengzhou City, Sichuan Basin in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to the transition in the middle Longmen Mountain, a peak 4812 meters Prince City, Jingshan from Dan, Yin Changgou, Gubongsan, Ridge horse's mane, the planning area 203 square kilometers. Pengzhou known as "Tian Jin Peng," Shu "Gaoyuzhide" known, can test up to 3,000 years history. Longmenshan ancient western Sichuan that is well-known tourist attraction, the ancient man of letters Wang Bo, Gao Shi Lu, Wang Yuan, Yang Shen, Li Yuan, and so this transfer Exploring the Range Rover, a tribute to here as "Emperor Hui-chang of the country" "Show souls of town." Here four Jade is in China's western Huashan. Longmen Mountain Scenic Spot steep mountains, deep valleys, has a strong, dangerous, extraordinary and quiet, interesting features. Birds, animals, Artesian Bore Baths, Fei Bao, Canyon, the path along the cliff, rocks, rainbow, the Magic Lamp, Buddha, the plants do not have anything, is the latest major cities from the mountains Valley-based scenic spots. Longmen Grand Canyon (Yin Changgou) Longmenshan area is the best scenic spot, 50 km long trench, with scenic peaks stands and weighing Luan overlapping peaks, deep valleys, many rocks. Fei Bao Pentium roar of Artesian Bore Baths, unfathomable magic of the Rainbow Mirage, Wan Ting twists and turns, the dangerous hanging bridge , Is a national scenic spot in the Tour's longest path along the cliff, no one can be called western Sichuan. The maximum temperature in summer does not exceed 25 ?, is the largest natural air-conditioning, the perfect summer resort. Gubongsan area as a result of the "Sword to pull Qi, Zhi Song Ran out nine persons," so named. 9 peak of more than 4,000 meters above sea level on the 4. Gubongsan that is popular peak for the flame. Gubongsan many rocks, clouds and transpiration, tall and straight trees, giant pandas from time to time to come and go. Gubongsan on top Leiyin Si can enjoy the mountain scenery, the sunrise, sea of clouds, Buddha and planetarium, and other wonders of the Magic Lamp. Horse's mane ridge 3508 meters above sea level, as a result of Junba peaks, like anger Named after the horse's mane. Alpine rhododendron forest into a film, an area of hectares, it is wow. Longmen Mountain scenic area and convenient transportation, telecommunications smooth, facilities, the existing high, 8 mid-range hotels, hostels dozens of farmers received more than 8000 beds, is a tourist, scientific, vacation, summer convalescence A break of the full-featured scenic spots.

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Shun Yeung view - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xinjin Chun-yang concept, also known as the "old Chung Rulin best in the world", 38 km away from Chengdu, and covers an area of 120 acres, was built in Guangxu years, the focus of Sichuan Province for the protection unit. There are 68 statues, life, loyal 24, 24, and other child, to teach Buddhism Road, three-in-one and a co-exist. Lu Chun-yang (Lu) is one of the legendary Sin is also one of the founder of Taoism. Chun-yang concept in memory of Lu Chun-yang (Lu) to build, after evolving into Rulin Chung. Dazhong plastic booths are as loyal Confucian history. Zhi Xiao-ting of the plastic is a traditional filial piety as 24, and left a large number of famous poems and couplets and tablets, especially in the Curtain of the most interesting poetry. The concept of an area of 27,000 square meters, close to town, walking distance. Chun-yang view of the statue embodies the ideas of Confucianism in the late compatible with the characteristics of Buddhism and Taoism, as a large-scale embodiment of the spirit of Confucian temples in the country to play the leading role. Chun-yang view of the original plan designed by the magnificent Dazhong , Zhi Xiao-ting, section F, F-yi, Jade House, and Dacheng Hall. Unfortunately, because of the outbreak of the War of Resistance Against Japan, the festival, Italy, on the third floor of the Jade Emperor and the Great Hall of less than complete. Dazhong the main building of the existing kiosks Zhixiao confrontation between the two peaks such as kiosks, an area of 814 square meters, up to 34.5 meters, called Shu-ting of the crown, building style as "triple 1.80-saving tip-top helmet, "also have around like pieces Wai-ching 44 rooms echoed each other, building experts for the reputation of China's representative in the history of modern architecture. Kiosks and the room of the original plastic tube and a history of Confucian loyalty, filial more than 240 Respect, is the most Confucian figures. Dazhong is the history of the plastic booths Zhong , From the Xia Dynasty, which lasted 4,000 years, such as the section was dug heart of the dry, spared no efforts in making the wise. Zhi Xiao-ting of plastic chart Takayasu 24, Meng Zong as crying bamboo, Wang Xiang Bing lying. There are concept known as "China's Cube" Rolling stone palindrome poetry and poetry, all kinds of stone Shibei, wrote couplets are known, Li Kai, the grass, both seal characters. Huang Chun-yang with the concept of loyalty, filial echoes of the two kiosks, as the three pillars of power. Height of 30 meters, covers an area of 340 square meters, "the three-Zhongyanxieshan" style, like the original construction of Wuchang Yellow Crane Tower.

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Sheng An Guihu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sheng An in Chengdu, Guilin, 16 km to the north of the city the new capital, for the celebrity culture of the Ming Dynasty ruins of Yangsheng An. Area of 46,500 square meters, accounting for 16,300 square meters in the waters. It is a landscaped trees, the shade of the garden pavilion. He Lingbo powder, the fragrance Guirui, Guilin is a unique feature, she is left to the people most The impression! The war in the late Ming, the shortage of Yi Garden, Lake spent the early Qing Dynasty for the field. 17 Jiaqing (1812), the county magistrate Yang Road South Guihu repair. 19 years light (1839), the county magistrate Zhang absorb, draw upon the book from all over the landscape of long, re-opened Guihu sites, and in the lake to build Sheng An Temple. In 1927, into Guihu Park; in 1959, Yang Shengan the establishment of the memorial; in 1961, Guilin and Yang Shengan Memorial Hall for public protection unit in Sichuan Province; in 1980 to verify the re-release, known as the "Yangsheng An Temple and Guilin." Since 1949, Sheng An Guihu by the relevant departments attach great importance to the country, Zhou Enlai, Zhu De Dong, Li Meng, and other Party and state leaders visited in person, wrote, spoke highly of. Provincial, city and county governments at all levels for funding and carrying out many times Peixiu so Shengan Guihu new look. Shen Yang Shengan name, use the word amendment, the first year of Koji Hsiao Tsung-ming (1488) was born in Beijing Hutong filial piety, the father Ting review of the Academy and then, after the official history of division and less Taizaitaishi, the two Koreas, the Prime Minister, prominent reputation. As the son of Yang Shengan with the door, eager to learn at an early age wise, five, six-year-old, his mother taught him to read Tang, regular script to practice. 20-year-old, grandmother died, he returned with his father Shu Bensang. At his home in the new capital, Yang grandfather taught reading Shenzhen's "Book of Changes", he will be able to recite more than half a month only. Sheng An 19-year-old should Sichuan Provincial Examination examination Juren, 24-year-old should Palace, the Ming Dynasty in Sichuan Province to become the only champion. Ming Jiajing three years (1524), Yang Shengan as a result of big events that offend the emperor and was banished in Yunnan. Shengan he can not be achieved in Yunnan Political ambitions, then included the frustrated career after the frustration into motivation, tirelessly writing and research and in-depth borderland, the inspection tour, lectures and apprentices. Under his influence and lead, from the Yunnan people who like clouds, so that the culture of that time behind the open style of study in Yunnan. Sheng An Boxueduowen life, works up to more than 400 . "History of Ming Chuan Yang Shen o" "World stuffing the memory of Bo-ming, the writing of the rich, push for the first careful." In addition to these works of literature, history, philosophy, there are astronomy, geography, medicine, biology, stone, painting, music, drama, religion, folk customs, and so on. He deserves to be called a great writer, historian, philosophy And a variety of academic disciplines.

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Liu Manor Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Liu Dayi Dayi House Museum was originally called the landlord House Gallery, located 52 km southwest of Chengdu Department Anren town of Dayi County. She is a manor built in 1928 in 1942. Covers an area of 70 acres, housing more than 350. Museum hours husband, two new residence. Manor wind around the firewall as much as two-Zhang Yu. Liu Wencai here every year occupation of a farmer's land property, the repair on a wall, a door opened, the entire estate re-Wall Lane folder. Construction is luxury-ho, rectangular, square, trapezoidal, diamond and other shapes, all pavilions pavilion, Diaolianghuadong; a variety of grille gate, carved doors carved animals strand, Hua Yi Cao, Bogut auspicious motifs such as decorative arts, as many as several hundred. Manor-house into the hall, living room, reception room, accountant, hospital workers, house rent, granary, a secret treasury, and Shui Lao Buddhist, Taiwan Mochizuki, Happy Palace, gardens, orchards, and other parts. There are a large number of in-kind, is the study of Chinese feudal landlord economy Department, the typical places.

Liu estate was built in October 1958, in November 1966 by the State Council approved for the 9th national key cultural unit. China's modern society as an important historical building and one representative. The establishment of the museum for more than four decades, has accumulated a wealth of collections, the connotation Fu. The existing cultural relics, a collection of more than 2 pieces, pet scale, well-preserved buildings of the estate, the estate and a large number of relics and documents and materials in kind, plus a unique display of the estate, constitute an organic whole, in order to understand and study Chinese semi-feudal, semi-colonial socio-economic, cultural, military construction and Sichuan, China History, folklore and an important place for the physical scene, the old rural China as a microcosm of the history of China's social development is a cross-section.

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Bai Yun to poke holes - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bai Yun is located in Dujiangyan to poke holes in the urban area 34 km south of the Department and the Hua Shan Ying Xiong Shan linked to the ears of the Mid-levels meniscus shape. Ridge, more than 1600 meters above sea level. Rock, large and small, scattered hundreds of natural caves. Legend has it that the white clouds in the reclusive founder, named. Holes are divided into three groups, there are layers of holes, scattered high and low, Back to the twists and turns, stretching from north to south about 2.5 km. Group Xiongguanxianai hole may have, the more difficult husband million; may have a silver curtain, cloth flying rocks on the occasion; may have a natural corridor, and tortuous; there may Xia Ling Sin Temple, the singular mystery. The holes are different sculptures have an air of the Buddha. Bai Yun visit to poke holes in the multi-through steep cliffs, ancient Between the bamboo. As the North Ying-feng, Wang Hongyan top of the South, Qian Yan Among a Myriad of white clouds rising up, the vast sea of clouds, cloud on Zhu Feng, like a fairy islands canopy Loi; Artesian Bore Baths Summer, Fall, such as training, Stephen birds sound heard; into the Winter season, Shan Yin Yi dance, ice curtain Yu-zhu, like Qionglouyuyu. Baekundong overnight, the morning listening to the birds chirp, Cloud Gate Tin Lok, the window can be seen playing the forest birds, Cai Zhen-filled, Yau Yau to go. The thousands of Qi, the wonderful deep caves, the forest birds, green and clear spring of the long white clouds, fascinating.

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Yong Ling Museum (Tomb of Wang Jian) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yong Ling Museum (Tomb of Wang Jian) is China's Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period (907 ? 967 years) before the founding emperor Wang Shu (847 ? 918 years) of the tomb, located in downtown Chengdu Central Fuqin East Main Street, the first national Key cultural unit, an official of the State Council published in 1961. Wang Jian Henan is Wuyang Xian, for the early years of the Tang Dynasty general, when the war with the late Tang Tang Xizong fled to Sichuan, after the state Ren (now in Guangyuan City) Spurs officials. The demise of the Tang Dynasty in 907 AD, Wang was occupied proclaim oneself emperor in Chengdu, Sichuan large national title, the history of Qian Shu said. Wang Jian Feng Tu Metella round, 15 meters high with a diameter of 80 meters. To Zhuge Liang is ordinary people have been misrepresentation of the Taiwan Fu Qin, and thus become a local place names, until discovered in 1942 when Wang was satisfied that the tomb. Wang Chien-stone tomb from the 14 tickets constitute, at before, during and after Room, Room with wooden partitions between rooms. Wang's coffin placed in the coffin room on the bed. Bed of East and West, South Shek Pik on three sides engraved with Leji, 24, were playing pipa, zheng, drums, Sheng, cymbals, Konghou such as musical instruments, figures beautiful, realistic look, is the only country to explore the integrity of the Tang North Korea palace band image, the study of Tang and Five Dynasties period, the court formed the band, music history, the history of musical instruments Have a very high value. After the Royal Room of the bed are placed a stone seated Wang. Fu statues wearing head, dressed in imperial costumes, jade belt waist line, an air of calm. Although the tomb of Wang stolen, but the tomb unearthed a jade belt is still room, sorrow books, books posthumous title, Bao Shi, silver and a variety of pig iron, tractor and so on. These cultural relics of Tang and Five Dynasties Research Period architecture, music, dance, costumes, court ceremony, and other system has provided valuable materials. Yong Ling Museum (Tomb of Wang Jian) is a national topic of museums, gardens and elegant environment, Jade. Mausoleum tomb, an exhibition of Chinese and foreign tourists open daily. The building now houses the museum tea is the most negative chengdu Tea of the resort. There are also ad hoc Shu Palace instrumental ensembles performing in order to meet the needs of Chinese and foreign visitors.

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Valve pool painting - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Valve at the city pool painting, covering about 38 acres, known as the Garden of western Sichuan that is a provincial-level key cultural unit. Park gate of the Ming and Qing dynasties like the new Department of Architecture of Planning for the near future, the park will be planning to expand to about mu. Yau Chi painting foment history, was built in the Tang Dynasty, into scenic spots in the Song Dynasty. Also referred to as "dongting" "East Lake." Tang and Song Dynasties of the pool draw for the lawsuit foment local officials were guests of the House Gardens, with its scenery and plum Linghuayanliu for victory until the Ming and Qing Shu enjoyed a reputation as a state scenic spots. Pei Tang dynasty poet Di Ren Shu State (present-Chongzhou) invite Cishi when Du Fu's board, has been the subject of Du Fu, "and Shu Pei Ardiden provisional state dongting see a visitor out every morning See Yi-phase send "a poem, a tribute to the" Pavilion Dong Mei dynamic view of poetic inspiration. " Patriotic Song Dynasty poet Lu You Ren Shu-state contractors, leaving more than 100 in the first state to send Shu Wai poems, including more than 10 in the first valve painted a picture of the pool and plum flowers. If the "second quarter of long-Yun Zhang Meihua is the right word" poem: "To cut straight even the entire tree." "Day Lake to "poem" Red and the Netherlands have already more incense. " Valve painting evident at the time the pool has become the plum flowers and scenic spots. "Foment pool painting" in the name of this literature can be kept to test began Song Jia You Shou 2002 (1057), Zhao Bian Jiang former county magistrate should YANG YU and friends left behind to visit at the invitation of the poem: "The victory in Fangfei , Who marked foment painting . "Yuan, Ming and Qing times, the valve on the Official painting pool are constantly upgrading. Only in the Qing Dynasty, Emperor Kangxi and Qianlong, Xianfeng, Guangxu years have repairs. In 5 years (in 1916) into the park. After the founding of the PRC Government Maintenance times, the East Gate of waste in 1955, in the prosperous north of the Grand Strand to open a new door, People's Park said. In 1974, another amendment booth, pavilion, gallery, Hennessy. In 1981 changed its name to foment painting Park pool. Today, the lotus pool scenic spots, although no longer exist, but the pool is still well-known Hong-Mei Sheng's western Sichuan, Tong Qin He asked Meishan Hall, Hu Xinting, Mochizuki flavor Architecture Building, and so on, all attractions Cloud retaining wall ring, shade trees, winding paths, or love, branches and leaves phase. According to the Qing Dynasty writer Cao Xueqin's novel "A Dream of Red Mansions" into the film, many shot in the paint valve from shooting pool. You foment pool paintings, there will be a re-entry Tang painting at Habitat, the wave pool Send infinite sense.

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Longquan Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longquan scenic tourist area of Chengdu is located in the eastern part of Long Fall in the mountains, including Huaguo Shan, Baigong Weir, Longquan Lake, Temple, Shi Jing, and other scenic spots. Longquan Lake is located in Chengdu Longquan City in the mountains, 38 kilometers away from Chengdu, 12 km from east to west, wide 4 km north-south, the water up to 8273 acres, the waters are isolated 14, and 14 peninsula. Lake hills and lakes within weeks island, a forest fruit, clean water, groups of wild ducks, fish sparkling. Every spring and summer, Jade, a beautiful, autumn and winter season, the vast mist, hazy landscape, the more quiet. Scenic spots in hotels, restaurants, dance halls, resorts, camp fire facilities Water motor yachts, boating hand, Zuta boat, hovercraft were readily available, is Yechui, vacation, the ideal place to visit. The many attractions in the region, the Bay mill, the Peach Blossom Island, a cat nose is one of the distinctive attractions. Shi Jing Temple at tea Dianxiang Longquanyi District of Longquan Hill the highest mountains in the hinterland, away from Chengdu 37 kilometers, covers an area of 200 mu, on behalf of the orthodox three-Ming (1438 AD), formerly known as Temple Tiancheng, 32-year-Qing Emperor Qianlong (1767 AD), known as the Temple Shi Jing. Monastery in 1966 by the loss, maintenance and redevelopment in 1984, King Hall, Main Hall, and other temples in order to reproduce the nine Jin Bihui . It is time to visit the suburbs of Chengdu Fozong gym and leisure resort holidays.

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Flowing water park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Water Park is a city of the world's first comprehensive environmental education park from the spring of 1997 started flowing water park, the current preliminary works completed investment of 30,000,000 yuan. Flowing water park from beginning to end by being at home and abroad are concerned about the ultra - Even unusual. Whether official or private tours Mission, or foreign journalists visit Chengdu, will visit the Funan River, flowing water to the park will experience unique to the creative landscape. Du Fu River there is a new and unique flowing water park, is said to be currently the world's first to a water theme park of the city's ecological environment. This section of river bank, as layers of terraced fields Show House to the Sea water, a Bicao continuously from the "field" between the stone head out tenaciously, woven into a flow rate of Tsing Yi Cui, "Well" carpet. This surface slopes of a Honghua green and luxuriant trees have a more dense Ma Ma were higher than the cold Miller fern, and then turning the water tankers Yiyiyaya leisurely, as if all of a sudden people Where the original ancient era ... ... the river from the government, in turn flows through anaerobic pond, water sculptures, and oxygen tanks, pond plants, plant bed, fish Tangdeng water purification systems, or trickle, or passion ups, Changes in a colorful and qualitative change in the presentation of water to the people and the natural world from "muddy" change "clearance" From "dead" change "live" in the course of life. Park Center fountain sculpture garden, ecological embankments, "Huang Wu Caichi" and other natural scenery and dozens of aquatic plants, ornamental fish together cleverly combines education, to watch the game together, and let people approaching the natural , Into the natural, full To the wonderful experience of nature and magic.

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Chengdu Aquarium - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Atoll Reef is located in Chengdu, Chengdu, Xinhua Park, the construction area of 7500 square meters, the display area of 5000 square meters, is a set of viewing, entertainment, popular science education as one of the large-scale underwater world. Shanghai Red Coral Aquarium Technology Development Co., Ltd. to invest in large-scale repair and update the technology to make into a Aquarium became the very first-rate characteristics of the underwater world. It is divided into the Museum's exhibition concept turtle pool of seals, tropical rain forest, seals Hall, the Cross Harbor Tunnel, natural Office, the Office of the oceans, marine theater, Shark Aquarium, popular science classrooms, the tenth part of the teahouse. Here, you can experience the mysterious atmosphere of tropical rain forests; Yan six color of live coral limelight; tens of thousands of fish in the water play, chasing, Zheng Shi; shark who's soul-stirring dance; lovely sea lions seals exuberant performances; to experience the fun of feeding seals, the experience of people Animals live in harmony with the wonderful feeling. For marine growth is to raise awareness of environmental protection The establishment of a science classroom open to visitors free of charge. At the same time, 3 +1 theme of the museum's galleries of popular science is also a large number of visitors to the popular science education, environmental protection knowledge.

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After Stone Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Stone Temple by the Department of western Sichuan one of the five major Buddhist Lin, Huang possession of large teaching Tsongkhapa by Wang Di Chuan Han district a Tantric the first gym that is located here. Stone Temple by the middle of spring is located in the Longquan Donglu of natural mountain, Longquanyi District in Chengdu tea Dianxiang by stone village in the territory. Longquan over the ridge to the west, 18 km from the town of Longquan, to the Third District in Chengdu 7 km; resort east Longquan Lake 4 km, and three poor south Lake 21 km, close Chengdu-Chongqing Expressway, the old Trans-Chengdu-Chongqing highway in front of the Temple Hill. East-West and North-South Longquanyi District in the territory of the long summer Song Shan Zhuang, Hua Guoshan million, Baigong Weir, Boser Lake, Lake Longquan and Jianyang County of Zhang Jia Ya Lake, Lake Sancha Into a well-known scenic spot. After Stone Temple was built in the late Eastern Han Dynasty (220 years) before and after. Department officials toward home early. Shu Han period (221-263), Cheng Shu-Zhao Zilong to this production, "Music of Hope" in the name of the world kept. Tang Jian at the great hall. Mingzheng Tong-year period (1436-1449), Ming Seng Hu Beiji Master Shu Wang Shan should be at the invitation of Zhu Xi Ling Yin Temple and the Golden Temple amendment Bao with North Korea so that the magnificent Great Treasure Palace, such as construction, the resplendent and amendment of the Ocean Hall, Dongyue Temple, Kwun Yam Temple, Lotus Lantern Temple, the Temple Niangniang Up and down, and other temples, the Temple changed its name heaven. Master Zhu Xi Chu Tian Shan Temple during the Jin Jiang has since rafting, a travel far and wide gorge Chu Wu , A Jiangxia Wang Jing Wang, and so thick case, the reputation of earthquake. Hill revitalization of the economy, people become monks, and to move towards the wall Jing Xiu called Zen Master. Tiancheng Siyisuizhi Prachuab famous, renowned in the sea. Chu Tian Shan Temple, I was more respect for the founder. China's Classic of Achillea "Strange Stories", on behalf of Gong seekers can explore the past and you're a writer Li + The "micro-world of stagnant water", by the Temple of Stone's reputation and have a description of the event incense. After the death of Master Chu Shan, in Sihoudanya founder of the Temple built on the spot, from within the "Buddha body." 32 Qing Emperor Qianlong (1767) Song Jian Zhou Mu Yu-jen felt Temple, stone gifts, "King Kong as" a, the natural result Temple Stone Temple by name. After a number of years of Qianlong Jiaqing major renovation to create a temple of this size. Stone Temple by the mountain-li, shade tree-lined courtyard, known as the "million-Bi Tian", "look into the distance by half a purple stone," the magical landscape. Main Hall before an afternoon Podocarpus years, the Department of Xiande years Later Zhou Dynasty (954-959 Sik, the neighbor on the north side of Temple has two ancient ginkgo, the Department of Zhenguan years, Tang (627-649)-sik, Climb to date, numerous fruits. Stone Temple experienced by the generation change, now covers an area of 200 mu. Chao Yu-west to east take the construction, go with the mountains from east to west up layer by layer. The main building has Zhaobi Mountain Gate, the day Temple, the Temple pack, Tallinn, the Main Hall, Temple III, Ling Kun Temple, the Temple founder, abbot hospital, a master Tibetan Temple House, and five Hall concept, and other construction. In 1983, the president of the Buddhist Association of China, the Eighth CPPCC National Committee Vice-Chairman Zhao, twice in person by Stone Temple, and the amount of rain Panchen Denis. Kyrgyzstan has Chan-meaning, will be able to master the sea after completion of his return to Tibet from the Chinese district to create the first Western gym is close by near-chee Temple also here, set up secret altar. In 1981, Stone Temple as being in Chengdu Municipal People's Government as a key cultural unit.

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From the stack Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The park covers an area from the reactor more than 90 acres, built in 1932. Park entrance couplet: "End of God ax vertebral Yu Gong, the unique land and sea, large canals Shou Shu Qin Hui; the whole package Shui Sau Shushan, Jiang lead in the first, 000 Park chapter Huayangosaurus add more color." Together on that reputation of "land and sea" Tianfu, Gaishiwushuang, Li Bing, thanks to full compliance, he Yu-off of God ax vertebral cents, to complete a great Dujiangyan irrigation; Xia Lian said that the overall Shu famous Silk, the city of Dujiangyan in the first place, away from the reactor Park is one of the luster of a hyperchromic. Ting Xie Cuolayouzhi Park, Old trailer coupling, the rich different flowers, water fountain, the layout of sophisticated, distinctive taste, Lagerstroemia in vases, Lagerstroemia screen, Ersanbainian from training, originality; ancient ginkgo trees doing this, not in legend as the Eastern Han Song Hand-Flocked still arch, Climb, as a crane, up here Aura's mountains and rivers, also heard that bear the fruit. Lagerstroemia indica vases, screens and ginkgo Lagerstroemia pile, people "Sambo in the park." Here we can see that there is a rising level of the hill 42 package, called from the reactor, is led by Li Bing, then the working people open bottle Po, quoted Minjiang River water for irrigation by the Chengdu Plain Zao Cheng Yu Lei and the separation of the reactor alone . On both sides of the "away from the pile," Stone, "Sanskrit Buddhist monument," is after The legislation, intended to help in the power of the town of Yong flood. Fulong FAN Xian-Concept, formerly known museum, was built in the Jin Dynasty, when the Three Magi is the commemoration of the Fan Changsheng. Fan Changsheng, Fuling, Sichuan, a legend, he's longevity surgery at the age of more than 130 years old, learned that Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang asked him to officials, no response to repeated, bent on doing a god, when people "Happy the public." The early years of the Northern Song Dynasty, Li Bing, the memory of the people of merit, the expansion of temples, old Li Bing, "Xiang water" legend, known as the concept of Fulong. Qiandian middle, Li Bing stone. Alan is moving in 1974 from the bridge in the river uncovered the very precious cultural relics. -2.9 meters high and weighing four And a half, simple form, the form of discreet, do-together at his chest, smile, sculpture Jianning in the first year of the Eastern Han Dynasty (168 AD), so far, 1800 has been for many years. In the middle line "and therefore taboo Fu Jun Li Shujun ice." You Xiu line there, "Yoon Yong-Chan Chang-made one-third of God in Jesus Christ Shirengou behavior," that when The water officials have long Chen Shui-made one of the stone 3. What role do? "Huayang Zhi country," said: "Three Shirengou, remain in the water, and Jiang's about God, not enough water dried up, non-sheng not shoulder", is marked for hydrological purposes. On the left is an incomplete statue of the people who Cha, was first damaged, a bar around his waist a short ribbon To prove that he is not high office. No written across their chests, holding a shovel, a unsung heroes, he is Jiro Lee. The third stone statue have not yet been found still in possession of Minjiang river. The two stone statue is a study of the history of Dujiangyan, the science hydrological valuable ancient relics. Iron Dragon is on the right side of the Tang Dynasty Ding, the whole body Dragon 8. The iron tripod is the granddaughter of Empress Wu, Rui Tang in the eighth Yuzhen daughter, Princess Margaret and Princess Jinhua, dissatisfied with the struggle to outdo each other in court, the scramble for positions and power of life, detached palace home, came to the quiet of Mount Qingcheng become religious, religious Alchemy Used, Xianfeng in the Qing Dynasty in Qingcheng imperial view of the mountains unearthed iron tripod weighing about a thousand , 8 with an air of the dragon, is a founder of the exquisite artifacts. There is also a 1938 map of the Dujiangyan water system map, reflecting the Dujiangyan canals at the time of the historical features. Dujiangyan irrigation project should include the head, trunk stream of Micronesia, such as canals and irrigation networks Shu tributaries. We are talking about Dujiangyan, Generally refers to this part of the project head. Fulong view of the viewing booths are all look-jiang Road, head works the best picture of the location. Dujiangyan project head, fish head by the head water embankment, spillway weir and Fei Sha Po bottle catchwaters three projects, "Jiang diversion guide, build water diversion weir," a scientific approach and become Whole machine. Water fish head embankment. From a distance, the Minjiang River water to the sky, which originated in Songpan County, arch bars Ridge, running through Maoxian, Wenchuan and Dujiangyan, Leshan, and other places in the city of Yibin and the convergence of the Jinsha River, known as the Yangtze River. It has a total length of 735 km, the average annual flow of 496 seconds cubic meters. It is because it Rich source from the upper reaches of the mountain gorge, surging, Mercedes-Benz here in the face of growing low-lying sector of the West Sichuan Plain, there is no restraint, to a flood period on the formation of severe flooding. Li Bing was in this study, Wei decided to become victims, the use of the unique terrain conditions, the construction of artificial water in the river embankment, as a Jiang Erwo against the whale, the embankment was the top cone-shaped garden, like fish in the mouth, it is referred to as "fish head." Fish head into the Minjiang inside and outside the two rivers, to the west outside the River, Minjiang is the flow is mainly used to be discharged from the sediment; for the eastern side of the streams, Yu Leishan along the side of the open river for irrigation. Fei Sha weir, spillway. Ancient times "by the water "Check discharge of sediment Italy. Embankment at the end of King Kong, according to a certain height (2.15 meters river bed to high), from south to north to open a 200-meter-wide hole. When the smaller streams of water, Water Curb it Neijiang into the irrigation area; when larger streams of water, it put extra water into the outer River, and because of the position Coincidentally design, and has great ability to schedule gravel, into the streams can no longer exclude the sand, so Feisha known as weirs. Bao bottle. From the reactor is located at the foot streams of water to the throat, then cut Bing is a 20 m wide, 40 meters high, 80 meters long of the hole, shaped like a bottleneck, it said, "Bao Mouth. "Within the river here was washed away from the reactor head-on backwater to form a backwater and swirling flow of water so that more clarification, and then the entrance. In the flood period is not to force a large number of streams into the narrow mouth of the Po, so as the swirling Obstruct flows back from the outside row Jiang Yan Fei Sha, from the role of regulators to ensure the safety of the Chengdu Plain. This Projects, well-structured, the perfect layout, interdependence and mutual restraint, to form an organic whole, received a "diversion to irrigation fields, in order to flood disaster reduction" of benefits. Bao streams flow through the bottle and then by the big trunk 10,000,000 divided into irrigation channels, the formation of a criss-cross network of irrigation sector so that the fertile West Sichuan Plain Trinidad , Agro-rich, a "land of abundance."

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Litang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Litang, the Tibetan word for flat mirror, such as the Cao Ba, the county has vast expanse of prairie named after Mao Project. County 4014 meters above sea level, known as "high city in the world." State 385 kilometers east of Kangding, Sichuan-Tibet National Highway across the county, Yunnan Province, Litang to the highway which is also the beginning. Litang Monastery, also known as Chang Cole Spring Temple, located in the north county hillslopes. And the temple was teaching, Wanli in the Ming Dynasty III, the Dalai Lama when read through the Yellow Sect and its opening. After a gradual expansion, Culture and Sport has become the largest district in the south of the Yellow temple, known as "Connan of the Buddhist Holy Land." The construction of temples on the mountain, scattered high and low, structured, the hall Homes located in the central temple and height, towering and powerful body, to give Jimu sky, the speed of a sense of God. Temple Treasures of all types have gold-plated statue of Buddha, Buddhist scriptures, the Dalai Lama III, used a saddle, the Ming and Qing Dynasties era murals, and other precious relics fifteenth day of the Tibetan calendar every year Monastery of plastic butter to the Fair, Yu " A district must. "Accommodation: Hotel City high: two-person standard, the price between 200-360 million. There are more serious altitude sickness is not appropriate to stay in Litang.

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Chengdu Zoo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chengdu Zoo is located on the northern outskirts of Chengdu City, 5 km away from the urban area, covering about 360 acres. The evolution of animals in the park according to the order, the low turtles, amphibians, reptiles, the higher primates, a total of only 3,000 animals, of which more than 180 species of mammals in Sichuan, more than 570 kinds of birds, rare animals at home and abroad 2 More than 0 kinds. The most eye-catching giant panda is unique to Sichuan, the only year there are more than 10 giant pandas on display here. Zoo's giant panda artificial breeding technology has reached the international advanced level, has become the focus of attention at home and abroad. Traffic: 9 to reach the bus. Admission: 12 yuan

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Tai Chi, Kinmen and Matsu to tourist areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

River Township is located in the territory of Kinmen and Matsu County, 26 km away from Chengdu, covering an area of 1500 mu, is a new development of the pastoral plain-tourist areas. To be built into a modern style, national style and the Chengdu Plain is characterized by one with tourism, holiday, entertainment, fitness, and other multi-function integrated spots. It is divided into five functional areas: the military theme park, mainly to the International Shooting Club, with the museum weapons, electronic items, such as laser battlefield simulation; water sports area, covers an area of 120 acres, there are major surfing, skateboarding, yachts, man-made beach , The water park, slide, and other high-altitude; Forest Park, covers an area of 400 mu Park planted dozens of trees; country club and golf course there are major, major fishing grounds, children's mental game palace, Mo Gong, the lucky city, and other projects; villa, the East and the West have a different style of a small villa buildings.

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Genting Jintang Mountain - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jintang County is located in Chengdu Longquan Mountain in the middle, including the size of the cloud top scenic mountain, Gu Du Han Beach, Tuojiang Jintang Small Three Gorges, nine Longtan, the Temple III study, the Fortress Hill, the Star-dong, and so on, with an area of 67 square kilometers. Genting big mountain, 982 meters above sea level, because of tall and straight, cliff into the cloud, such as cutting poleaxe, surrounded by a few ; On the ground there are a number of mu, Zhuangruo wall, it is also known as the "Castle Hill" Late Song for the defense of the eight mountain city of the world, is well-known anti-million castle ruins. Margaret lined deep in the mountains, "Genting Sunrise" and "sea of clouds and fog Hill," "Genting Seiran" and other scenic spots. Genting top of the hill the big temple, built in the Northern and Southern Dynasties, the Temple of Qingxiu Qing Emperor Kangxi, when the repair. Cliff in the mountains there are stone carvings of the Tang Dynasty. Small Genting Genting Shan Shan from the large 2.5 km, the thin mountain, the entire Hill a total of more than 110 kinds of trees, shade Blot out the Sun, the mountain is covered with green. Jintang Tuojiang Small Three Gorges line cut off the formation of Longquan Mountain, 10 km long gorge, mountain high in a deep valley, a river gorge Pentium, momentum Fill spectacular. Genting Hill vital importance since ancient times for the military. In the Southern Song Dynasty fortification, Song and Yuan war, has moved Rd Chengdu, Sichuan Rd, An Jun, and other places, home, "Xu Li Division," the military re-defense, several times fighting, which insists on the 15-year, the end result of the city to make food And the fall. Shing Mun existing 8 and Weng Cheng, word walls, guns , Barracks, Tianchi, wells, guard posts, the Army Terminal water, and other military sites. Genting Hill Road have direct access to the Peak, near Chengdu has become a well-known tourist destination.

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Longchi National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longchi National Forest Park is only 84 km away from Chengdu, 30 km away from the Dujiangyan, China's 20 key state-level forest park one. Longchi Scenic geomorphological structure in the form of 1.9 millions of years before the department in the late Triassic, the origin of ancient animals and plants, many ancient fossils, known as "living fossils" of Davidia, tree Lianxiang Tapiscia a round of endangered species such as Magnolia in this vibrant, wild animals have the golden monkey, giant panda, antelope, the Golden Rooster and rock, such as cattle, the Chinese and foreign experts as a "wild plant gene bank" and "natural animal park." Jinding Yu Tan, solemnly quaint, to build a water Yong-to-long respect for the "Nature and Man A "religious, philosophical and artistic realm of harmony. Born like extraordinary Sin Temple of the Jade Pool, as shown in poetically dreamlike Longchi Sea. Longchi Lord King outer suburbs of Chengdu is a well-known alpine lakes, Lake Longchi open boundaries, Stage six years ago, the Himalayan orogeny Qibaiwannian site, which is mainly rocks Old set, rattan Cang, Bamboo, Moss integrates the wonders of Shi - Long Royal Park. Nuan, wood million recovery, continuous green, green leaves, primrose, azalea, peony, and so on monocrotaline for Tu Yan Fang, all over the forest; heat of summer, here is the summer resort, visitors or boating lake , Or stream water Hearing bursts of Tao Sheng Lin, Wen Timing has kept birds, wind Shuang Fu Mian, the head Shu heart; fall season, leaves all over the ridge, do storied stained, with the wind Falling leaves to a thick forest covered with velvet-like The gold carpet, stunning; the advent of winter, the snow-wrapped, put on white mountains. Tickets: Tickets are 20 yuan into the Hill, on Car 20 yuan, 36 yuan ropeway

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Dujiangyan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dujiangyan water conservancy project in the Chengdu Plain is located in the western part of the middle reaches of the Minjiang River, is located in the western city of Dujiangyan, the world so far, the oldest age, the only retained, with the characteristics of the dam for water-scale water conservancy projects. Over the years 2200, which is still used in a row, still play a huge benefit. So that the Chengdu Plain to become "water From "the" land of abundance. "
Yangtze River upper reaches of the Minjiang River is a tributary of the larger, originated in the northern mountains of Sichuan. Every spring and summer flash floods, river and the Pentium, Guanxian from entering the Chengdu Plain, the river due to the narrow, ancient, often caused by the floods, a flood back, the sand is a thousand miles The Minjiang River on the east coast of Guanxian Yu Leishan also impede the east of the river, causing floods east of the West dry. 51 Zhaoxiang Wang Qin, Shujun Li Bing Ren Prefecture, for the benefit of the people, rule out the possibility of suffering from floods, presided over the construction of the famous Dujiangyan irrigation.

Dujiangyan project is the main body of Minjiang River water will be divided into two, one Article flow into the Chengdu Plain, which can flood mitigation, and reached the Tin Shui Guan cited, the change Wei harm. Then another into the Yangtze River. The main part of the Dujiangyan irrigation canal head for the Dujiangyan project, the Dujiangyan irrigation system is the most critical, most important facilities. Dujiangyan project head from the fish head of the main points Embankment, spillway weir Fei Sha Po bottle and drainage project has three major components. Its scientific solution to the automatic diversion of river water, sediment automatically control the water flow and other issues, both three-phase, take care of each other, totally natural, south-pointing carriage.

Water fish head is located in the embankment to the top of the middle reaches of the Minjiang River. It will Teng from the Minjiang into two, Jiang outside the original river bed, streams for irrigation drainage, which reflects the trick at 2:00. One is the use of its river streams dry season low and 60 percent water, Jiang outside the wide river bed, flooding 60 percent of flood season. The so-called "46 hours, heavy rain-dry" This is the reason. Second, fish head In the middle reaches of the Minjiang River at the end of the first bend, the clever use of the turn of the natural law of fluid mechanics, that is, the surface water into the concave bank, the lower water flows into the convex bank. As a result gravel content of less surface water into natural streams, and the water is the bottom bend of the River along the coast convex squeeze out Jiang, most of the sand will be rolled out along the river , Shen stay. The so-called "46 flood diversion and sediment on February 8," said this is the reason.

When the fish head into the river streams, the Pentium river flows will be ready to Chengdu Plain. How to control the unruly Minjiang that wild?

Fei Sha Dujiangyan Weir is one of the three major elements, look ten Ordinary, in fact, it is the function of any project can not be replaced, it can be said to ensure that the Chengdu Plain is not subject to flood the key point. Feisha the weir height of just over 2.15 meters Neijiang bed, and its role as the main streams of water over the bottle flow Bao limit, the excess water to overflow weir from Feisha ; If they flood emergencies, it will breach its own, so that a large number of Minjiang river is the return flow. Another is the role of the "Fei Sha" clever use of centrifugal force and the role of head of the top-dragging effect will be brought about by the upper reaches of the sand and gravel, and even the huge stone weighing hundreds of kilograms, from outside into the River, to ensure that Jiang's smooth, there was something fishy about the martial art ax effect.

Bao is a bottle from a manual cut-Gap, Yu Leishan be split into two, during which only 20 meters left of the inlet, within 100 meters from the river's width of the river Po into the bottle, the water level and flow at great speed off season , The peak season is on the rise, not control the water flow Climbing off a door Chung, the Chengdu Plain will be suffering from devastating floods. The design here Weir Fei Sha Po bottle with each other, it's more than just a high degree of Neijiang bed 2.15 meters. This means that when the water level 2.15 meters Neijiang, the waves would Feisha raging overflow weir. Bao bottle into the water will have to be always in a Almost constant on the balance. From then on the Chengdu Plain, who are also safe for irrigation, here's the good is also skillfully.

To commemorate the people of Sichuan, Li Bing and his son built the Second Temple. Second Temple was originally called the "Temple Zonta," Li Bing, meaning water power, people admired his favor. Song and Yuan dynasties, Li Bing Chi Feng Wang for the child after another, the temple will be replaced by Zonta Second Temple. Since then, Li Bing Jing Shu People such as the gods. The existing building for the rehabilitation of the Qing Dynasty.

Over the years 2000, Li Bing and his son away from the cutting of reactor, the weir to Drainage construction of the building project derived from the land of abundance has brought the world the respect and gratitude, the Second Temple in ancient times not only Shannon Its peak, and has been in the history of the official ceremony, as well as the civil and religious activities. Li Bing and his son formed a theme of the annual Chinese New figures on June 24 and June 26 as the center of the temple activities.

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Daci Si - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Daci Si is located in Chengdu, Dongfeng Road, Gu Cheng, "Aurora in the first jungle," Chengdu is a well-known temple. Was built in Sui Dynasty, Tang Chee-important, "Wu Chi Jian-ci Temple." The expansion of the Tang Dynasty, the large-scale spectacle, when the Temple 96 yard floor, Pavilion, Palace, the Tower, offices, churches, Housing, a total of Gallery 8524, the wall There are a variety of Buddha as 1215, King, Ming Wang, God will be like 262. All portrait "Jueyi all time" is a very precious treasure house of art. Song Su Shi as "exquisite world crown." Song Chun-Li in "King-chee Temple painting in mind," said: "give the world is made of Tang painting, is the Temple of King-chee-sheng "King-chee Temple, Rise and Fall has repeatedly destroyed Binghuo. All of the existing Hall of the Department of Junji after following the redevelopment of the Qing Dynasty. Temples are kings, Kwun Yam, Zhu Da Tong Hall and say, Canon House, and so on. Main sanctuary, possession of By the stone floor, with Gap for columns, magnificent. Terauchi temples Hong-li, Court of deep house, towering old trees.

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