Gugewangguo site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gugewangguo Elizhada site is located 18 km west of the town, the year in the first half of the 10th century began to build, before and after the 16 hereditary king, the royal castle from the continued expansion of the 10-16 century and reached its peak in the 17th century, Tubo Dynasty After the collapse of the end. Gugewangguo site covers an area of about 180,000 Ping Meters from the foothills to the 300-meter high peak, housing construction, the pagoda and caves over the entire mountain, up more than 600 Block formed a huge group of ancient buildings. In recent years, the Guge ruins around constantly dig out the statues, sculptures and murals of the mysterious dynasty is a valuable asset left to the people. Guge sculpture for more gold Buddhist, on behalf of its highest achievements of the cell is known as the ancient silver statue of the eye; legacy of the most complete, it is the largest number of murals, frescoes Guge style, can fully reflect all aspects of social life. The site consists of the external walls, there are four towers, the entire construction site in a small territory , The sub-construction, in the next three, followed by the palace, temples and residential areas. In its Hongmiao, and Baimiao reincarnation of the temple carved statues and murals of many products.

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Intensive Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Intensive Temple in the Tibetan language in the "settlement". Intensive construction of the Temple of the times is now difficult to research, said that in the past gar residents in the vicinity of the foundry at Buddha, one day, residents carriage with a view of the delivery of audio and video, Peacock went to the riverside, the carriage was a rock stuck, how could not get On its way, so people in the Stop of the construction of a temple, named Temple Intensive.

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Kaplan "in the international market" - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kamiyama Gangrenboqi Feng Sheng Hu and Mapangyongcuo located in Tibet Elipulan County, Kaplan therefore famous. Champlain at the county Mu satisfied that Nigeria and Xuefeng Abi peak between Kongquehe (Tibetan cloth vest) Valley , And neighboring Nepal and India, Ali is the Siege "snow-capped mountains surrounding the place."
?? ?? Kaplan Since the ancient highlands of the western region is an important channel of foreign trade, ports in the second category is for the country. Since Kaplan went on the tour have not missed Champlain Folk Village Branch representative. And then walk along the village 8 kilometers, the China-Nepal border is the Association of Salvador. Association Salvador village across the river and Nepal. The annual summer and winter, businessmen in Nepal Lan "in the international market," stay in business, in the summer, Nepal businessmen Park pulled to goods such as France perfume, incense from India here immigrants, in the winter, and then to buy the wool and sheep back to Nepal. Nepal's clothing beautiful girl called Kaplan scene. Not only here to see Nepal, India on a pilgrimage of the rich people, Nepal to see the tattered husband back, so that Kaplan has "international" color.

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Bangong Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bangong Lake 4242 meters above sea level, is a plateau on the inland lakes, most of which are in China's Tibet Ali on county land, in the small part of the territory of Kashmir. It's strange is that: the lake from east to west followed by fresh water, brackish water, salt water.

China is located in the green lake water color, water quality, products The United States, produces the delicious plat Schizothorax naked carp fish. Nujiang in Tibetan "mistake ren-Angla wave", meaning "beautiful lake and narrow." It is 155 km from east to west, narrow the North-South, the maximum width of 15 kilometers narrowest point only 40 meters, 57 meters water depth, clear water, blue is too thrilled. Lake distribution Size of the island, most notably when the world's highest number of Bird Island. Lake surrounded by relics of early civilization.

  Bangong Lake is a piece of pure land of the natural world, Bangong Lake Bird Island is a bird of the Kingdom, Ali is also a full-Tibet plateau and even a well-known tourist attractions. Island Lake classes small, about 30 M, more than 200 meters wide, no trees on the island, but there are some low shrubs, growing along the coast also has some no name Caoke the plant. There were fragments of limestone islands, guano is everywhere, in some places has been the accumulation of a thick layer of bird feathers are everywhere.

As the ecological environment, Big Bird Island are everywhere, birds, eggs, rocks, grass, the surface of the lake, the lake shore, and everywhere there are tens of thousands of Shiratori will have to cover the entire island Yanyanshishi. Bird Island in the habitat of birds, mainly Ouniao as well as a small gray birds, such as duck, which lake to fish, aquatic plants for food, and so on. Per year A day, the Bay of Bengal warm air currents blown plateau Ali, the first from the plateau in the winter cold to fly to the mainland of South Asia, birds, flying back here to lay eggs, breeding future generations.

  In the world's highest bird world, there is blue sky and white clouds, under the snow-capped mountains, the lake. No natural enemies, not dry Only with the quiet and peaceful. Grand Island will be a natural barrier to separate the outside world, to preserve the integrity of the plateau Ali special natural landscape. Five each year to September is the best bird-watching season.

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Kamiyama - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hill Gangrenboqi peak the Gangdise main peak, 6638 meters above sea level, Sanskrit known as the "Shiva (an Indian name of God) in heaven," in Tibetan means "mountain gods", the peak Gangrenboqi The waist is large pink platform, the edge of the platform by snow and ice erosion, weathering a serious, the dog was like, the platform has recessed ring The trench. Bai Yun-Feng Gangrenboqi often wind around, it is difficult to see their real capacity, peak snow, Wan Feng-wei Lin on top of highly visual and spiritual power.

  Gangrenboqi peak known as Kamiyama, we can see its status in the world, it originated in the Bon religion, every year from India, Nepal, Dan, as well as China's major Tibetan pilgrims who flocked to the ranks, the more this means that the sacred peaks. Due to a variety of reasons that no one is a virgin peak. To show respect, the majority of visitors will come to Kamiyama Hill.

  Overview peaks in Tibet Kaplan County, two The same system, only 3 km intervals of high altitude lakes; Mapangyongcuo is larger in the east, the west is the smaller of Laon wrong. In the North-South Lake is a well-known two peaks: the north is the main peak the Gangdise Gangrenboqi Feng Shan, 6638 meters above sea level, located at 81.3 degrees east longitude, latitude 3l, is south of the Himalayas Satisfied that the above-Peak, 7694 meters above sea level, located 8l.3 degrees east longitude, latitude 30.4 degrees, the two peaks of about l00 kilometers apart. Gangrenboqi peak of the waist is large pink platform, the edge of the platform by snow and ice erosion, weathering a serious, the dog was like, there is a platform on top of the circle into the concave groove channels. Its peak Like a dazzling crystal crown, but only from afar see a rounded top of the hill.

  The pilgrims trace most of the world's religions have one common feature - on a pilgrimage. With a strong aspiration of the vast, along a relatively fixed, a miracle of inspiration San Road, to a recognized towards the Holy Land, Hajj is the move. Pilgrimage for a long time. Absolutely outstanding natural environment in the risk of Tibet, in particular, appears to be sincere dedication pilgrimage. Tibetans believe in Buddhism firmly believes that: to make a pilgrimage to the sin Di Many Lives, Many Masters, adding endless merit, and ultimately emerge reincarnation, crowned as the Paradise. As a result, always have thousands of Tibetans to independence The knock long way in the first pitch in between heaven and earth to the strong magnetic field like the way the Holy Land. No flesh and blood, without pilgrimage will move did not go, without pilgrimage to the way it does not really gone through a lot of hard work and across time and space, there will be a pious soul. For followers of a pilgrimage, is in his life time Seriously the sacred act. Can even say: beyond the "asceticism" on the meaning of the pilgrimage is to the lives of individual trip to the only way to the extreme! Kamiyama as the Gangrenboqi, its status in the world. Creation Indian epic "Ramayana", as well as Tibetan history, "Wang Shi", "Hill Gangdise Chi "in both the writings referred to the Hill. From these records speculated about Kamiyama Gangrenboqi of worship can be traced back to about 1000 BC.

At the same time kamiyama Gangrenboqi by Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, native Tibetan Bon religion Jainism, as well as ancient as the center of the world. Tibetan language in Italy "Hill of the gods" in Sanskrit and Italy as a "paradise of Shiva" (god Shiva as the leader of India), is originated in the Bon religion. The stream each year, from India, Nepal, Bhutan and the Tibetan areas of China's large contingent of pilgrims who make the sacred here means to deepen and continue to be reflected. Gangdise Mountains to The world's highest region, the Ganges, Indus, Brahmaputra, and other major rivers have originated here. In the minds of believers, the river and have Gangrenboqi sacred connection. According to the classic description of the Bon: Gangrenboqi down the river, next to Ma Yong into the lake - not to conquer the lake. Four Thus Origin river flows north, south, east and west of the Quartet. The flow of North Senge zangbo - Shiquanhe (the lower reaches of the Indian River), the diamond mineral-rich drinking water in this People's lion-like; the flow of the South is the possession of cloth vest - Kongquehe (for the lower reaches of the Ganges ), Silver-rich sand, drink the river water to people such as the Peacock As lovely; flow to the east when it zangbo - Quanhe MA (for the lower reaches of Brahmaputra), the emerald-rich, drink the river water was generally strong, such as Ju-liang; to the West is the possession of Langqin Cloth - like Quan He (the lower reaches of Souter for the quarter, he tired), rich in gold, drink the river water was as strong an elephant. According to legend, benzene, in the early struggle between the Buddha, Buddhist Venerable Milarepa benzene and satisfied if the followers of the king in a battle of wits Gangrenboqi when a number of sites still remaining. In these places to change and a prayer is essential for future generations pilgrims homework.
  Hill to come from different parts of the pilgrims are the most commonly adopted ??. Road to two points: outside Gangdise Hill is at the core of the Tai Wan Shan Line, inside Gangdise Hill is due to open on the south side of the Tuo Shan mountains at the core of the small lines. Total length of 32 kilometers outside, 3 days on foot to be martial arts, would knock in the first 15-20 days long. Shanren are generally transferred to the 13 foot circle outside after Turn inside. Every Tibetan Year of the Horse, to pilgrims up to the mountain. It is said that Sakyamuni Buddha's Lunar New Year (Tibetan traditional Chinese Lunar New Year by the concept of the impact point of view more appropriate, the sign of the Zodiac Year of the specific size of the order and is also consistent with the Han, followed by: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse , Sheep, monkey, chicken (also for Ukraine ), Dogs, pigs. (Tibetan calendar combined with the five elements and yin and yang theory, and so on, in particular in areas such as solar terms during the Han and different, the Lunar New Year is also a slight difference) is a horse, Horse Hill to other years is equivalent to around 13 laps to Hill, and the most efficacious and plot Long merit.

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Cymbidium Kok Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cymbidium angle at the southeast corner of Wanning County on the coast, away from the town of 10,000 about 18 kilometers, is a provincial-level nature reserve in Hainan.

Cymbidium angle from the saddle before and after the two mountain saddle structure, between the two peaks, there are a hundred meters wide near the canyon, together with the two peaks into the vast South China Sea, the Gulf's a natural. Arcuate, a few hundred meters long beach, with no white sand, people throughout this temporary, to see the moral of the blue sea water, and then is the crowded gravel. Arcuate's pebble beach, stone boulders you squeeze me over the pile with a big fight, such as small eggs, such as a round of the flat, smooth one by one through Bristol, and Chan expected the sun Shuoshuo shining, Linglong visible. Stone body, there is a pattern King, such as Zhuo mill, may draw non-painting, Red Green Blue, yellow, and green, colorful, dazzling, fun scene; a few Li Wei-ran as some of the guards, like some fast running of sprint Athletes, some as the arch of the girls, some as if Tai Fu display sickle, and some Wan The chase for food or animal, are thousands, realistic image, all life, with as attractive.

Mountain boarding, water color can watch the sea view, the former Saddle Ridge is slightly higher, but also between the meters. From west to east from the foot of a mountain looked and saw the west side of the mountain like a majestic statue of the Sentinel statue, stood straight in the sea On. Shi Feng towering high in the mountains, forest green, red green wood-backed each other, it appears to be thriving, and inscrutable. Saddle Ridge after the lower, but not spectacular Chuan-hung lost. Huge rocks in the mountains as a natural Road to the erection of barriers, with the saddle on the ridge along cliffs, hung as a surging in the South China Sea, with the bird's nest Qixiu Island Grand Island) across the sea. The forest caves, inhabited by groups of monkeys, which often groups of Deng rock climbing trees, playing chase and sometimes end swim team go down the mountain in search of food, the owner of a full air. Standing on top of the hill, the Jimuyuantiao, and dry up Bo-ho of South China Sea involving Shuitianyise, seamless, rolling whitecaps at intergovernmental Yin Fan , The boat-flow situation, gull Xiang air base; overlooking the foot of a mountain, layers of ups and downs and waves into the shore, chasing one another slap a rock cliff, up a spray-chip, passing around water, sent waves of Zhener Roar, such as the Pentium Gunma, such as the roaring salute, as Luoguxuantian, odd objects come together to form a symphony of nature. Big Shanguangshuise strange angle beautiful, charming landscape and colorful, temporary visitors away, not without habitat.

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A 20 massacre memorial - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Salt and Tao Hong Kong, "a 20" tragedy monument was built in October 1957. In April 1926, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, salt Tun 160 Yim cease-fire at the same time, more than 700 people salt launched against Salt Wanning County, the KMT authorities struggle to strike, after more than 50 days of the struggle to obtain a full strike Lee.

Jan 20, 1928, the Kuomintang magistrate Mannings He gathered more than 1,000 elegant, Bingfenlianglu salt to the pier, a map Tao, Tao Figure II (Kennedy, the English area), and Le Hong Kong to attack villages in the north, such as revolution, killed Revolutionary comrades and the masses 489, to capture 57 people were killed and 600 houses burned down. This is appalling salt and Tao Hong Kong, "a 20" tragedy.

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The former site of the Soviet government - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Is the predecessor to King Shan Hall, now the Lingshui County Museum. In 1927 the "four. One or two" counter-revolutionary coup, the CPC Guangdong Provincial Ji Yang were set (this Qionghai City, Hainan Province), Hainan Island back to the office Qiongya prefectural (after the special committee) secretary, neighbors and lead the people of Hainan launched Held in the Autumn Harvest Uprising, the implementation of the Agrarian Revolution, for the establishment of the Soviet Union Egyptian political power struggle. July to November the same year, the Lingshui County, people of all ethnic groups in the Chinese Recorder Joan shore and under the leadership of the three had launched an armed uprising, took the county seat, the same year on December 16, Lingshui County, the Soviet government in this Declaration Set up. This is the new-democratic revolution in the history of Hainan Island County, the first Soviet regime, Hainan People's Revolutionary struggle glorious page in history.

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Chin Bay Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

A long white beaches, sea reef Cong drink drunk sea waves, thousands of the most spectacular whale is nine stone, so that visitors wow. There are birds here Yan-dong, natural quiet mystery; there is Chin Shan Temple, Hau Wong Wenzhou in office appeared to legend, the Four Seasons continue to incense. Hainan is more in the construction of the fishing resort for holiday visitors Xing Tim delight.

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Sharp ridge forest nature reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Was built in 1981 to protect the forest area of 3.9 hectares. Here overlapping mountains, forests covered, towering trees, magnificent momentum, Wanning County, is currently more to preserve the integrity of the original mountain rain forest.

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Tai Kok Hua - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hainan provincial-level nature reserves. Cymbidium angle from the saddle before and after the two mountain saddle structure, between the two peaks have a hundred meters wide near the canyon, together with the two peaks into the vast South China Sea, they form a natural bay, where several hundred meters of the arcuate Long beach, with no white sand, people throughout the provisional, first of all to the land-locked Cham The water then is the crowded gravel. Arcuate's pebble beach, you stone boulders over crowded and I piled up in the beginning. The big fight, such as small eggs, such as a round of the flat, smooth one by one through Pitt, in bright sun shining Shuoshuo, visible in Yuen Long, Shek-on, there is a pattern King, such as mill cut, like non-painting paintings, Blue Chek Huang as Cai colorful, dazzling, lively atmosphere.

At present, give saddle, after Anshan, the craggy rocks towering rocks, layer upon layer, and some stand as sentinels, and some may build rapidly running red assassination of athletes, some as young arch, as if some of the furnishings Taifu Sickle, and some Wan Cut up or feeding the animals, are thousands, realistic image, all life, with as attractive.

Deng mountain to watch the sea water color, the former Saddle Ridge is slightly higher. But also among the hundred meters. From west to east from the foot of a mountain looked and saw the west side of the mountain like a majestic statue of the Sentinel statue, stood straight On the coast, the mountains towering high-rise Shi Feng, forest green, red green wood-backed each other, it appears to be thriving, and inscrutable. After the lower saddle ridge, but also across the sea, the cave where the forest, live in groups of monkeys, often groups of Deng rock climbing trees. Chase play, and sometimes go down the mountain knot teams travel in search of food, a decade The master of air, standing on top of the hill, the Jimuyuantiao, Yan Bo in the South China Sea Shuitianyise the vast, seamless, inter-Yin Fan little whitecaps rolling, the flow competing boat, gulls Xiang air base; foot of a mountain overlooking the waves at various levels to the ups and downs Chung Shore, chasing one another slap a rock cliff, a piece stream up to spend, passing around water, Zhener roar of the waves, such as the Pentium Gunma, such as the roaring salute, as Luoguxuantian Meeting of the strange symphony of nature, flowers Shanguangshuise strange angle beautiful, charming landscape and colorful, temporary visitors away, not without habitat.

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White Water Ridge tropical forest protected areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

A tropical forest with a total area of 45,700 hectares, where a dense growth of the rainy season in tropical mountain forest, the forest habitats of many species of rare animals, as Tianbao of China-Hainan, a tropical forest tourism is a good place.

Lin entered the protected areas in the ancient sea-green, that Lin Tao Sheng, sometimes growling, sometimes Diyin. Mountain stand looking down, hanging on transit, tree tree fire with suspected smoke cage, hanging like sunshine Mountain King. Into the valley is protected areas in the hinterland, the only towering old trees, Zhetianbiri, Yin Yin coverage, everywhere in the shade, the aerial roots of banyan network and down, tightly wound nearby trees; Fujiki Entangled wrong-end disk, with vertical and horizontal cutting of trees, irrigation and miscellaneous Phi, wild flowers for Yan, a Fenghua, a wide variety of plants, constitute a beautiful tree to tree with Lin Lin, layer upon layer, Structured plant communities map scene in scenery peculiar. Protected areas as a whole, there are more than 3500 plants Liao turn, sub - Section 259, 1347 is the main land and there are pine trees, red-nan, the five-wood, pine chicken feathers, hypoglaucum, textilis, the anthill base, Lai Chi Shan, the mother of Health, suffered Azusa, and so on, Lingong structure of the composition of the complex, dense canopy, tree Board-developed root, many Fujimoto, the old flowering stems of the obvious characteristics of tropical rain forests. Rich protected areas The number of plant resources, for the two-proliferation of all types of animal habitat provides a unique advantage. There are animals of rare monkeys, the clouded leopard, Hainan indica, pangolins, sambar, red deer, snakes and so on trilobata 34, 7 belong to Section 19 of the head. There are more than 110 kinds of birds, there are a hundred rare Swinhoe, peacock pheasant, jungle fowl, partridge and so on pelican There are also brilliant colors of black Oriolus chinensis, Formosan red birds, bird catfish too slow, chest Fei, such as parrots. There is also mildly sweet song thrush, the great tit, and so on.

Protected areas, water features flowing stream, trickling Stephen Fine, Fei Bao, such as diarrhea, such as pulse stream flow, mild climate, clean air cool. Shan Breeze, smell fragrant wild fruit Yamahana assail the nostrils, Qinrenxinfu. If the water with silver in the wind around Qianshanwanhe between Yamahana brilliant streams, falling butterflies, birds singing, animals do not go out. Yuanti Luming, one after another, Shun down the valley in the forest.

White Silk Mill Hill United States, the original tropical Lush forests, plus a variety of rare animals and that it deserves to Tianbao of China-Hainan, Hainan Province, is the ideal forest tourism zone.

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Xinglong Tropical Garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shimei Bay is located in the coastal tourist areas and hot spring tourism resort is booming, from the eastern exit of the expressway Shi Mei Wan, only about 2.6 kilometers away from Xinglong Hot Springs Resort about 6 km from the highway is currently in Hainan Province recently, Many from the seaside tourist resort of the recent location of the tropical rain forests. Tropical Garden to the south Reservoir as the center covers an area of 1800 mu. Park Cuise sultry mountain is covered with tropical rain forests, many of them at the national level to protect the forest green Pilling. Pilling green trees normally take in more than 300 meters above sea level, the mountain was growing well, but here are a high mountain at an altitude of 300 meters below the same Pilling Green Fan . So, here Pilling In addition to the green with environmental and ecological benefits of open space for visitors to watch a "forest bath", a more significant scientific research value.

Garden is a beautiful tropical scenery of the picture. Undulating terrain, vertical and horizontal streams, Water Pik Shan-ching, clean air, environment Ya. There are large areas of tropical garden fruit trees, and introduced from abroad a special variety of unique tropical fruit differences. Garden is located in Xinglong Overseas Chinese Farm area of the farm to maintain a large number of Asia-Pacific countries and regions of the returned overseas Chinese living habits, customs and rich Asia-Pacific and other countries. Garden Farm by the special advantages of human environment, so that In the tropical nature of Wild added a special atmosphere, and therefore more attractive. In a positive development of the principle of protecting the natural environment, natural garden, the humanities, agronomy, landscape ecology and environmental protection as one, the holiday-leisure, recreational and scientific exchanges at all a function that has opened up a tropical botanical garden, Tourism industry tours fruit and flower area in the Asia-Pacific resort style, Yechui camping areas, water recreation area, scientific research base of tropical flowers and trees, the peak sea-view concept, such as parks. State Environmental Protection Agency has been named the first "national environmental education base," in 1996 by environmental organizations in the world as a model for China's environmental protection unit, one of the four. This , Leisure park outlying villas, to provide for other visitors to the delight pleasure.

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Niu Ling - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wanning County, located in the Eastern Highway and the junction of Lingshui, 180 kilometers away from Haikou. Eastern Highway is the best point of view of the sea. Niu Ridge Mountains stretching up to the seaside. Niu highway tunnel in the mountains and over. Niu Ridge parking, rest and watch the sea, shopping facilities are speeding up the construction, will be built into a new journey Resort Area. Now, can stop the sea view. Niu Jian-Ling is now a unique style of the concept of Hai Ting, Wan Yan and on winding roads. Here, the blue of the sea, such as general brocade, damask on a display of jade - known as the boundaries of the Green Island, is on the left side of Wanning County, Shi Mei Wan, the rare large green plants green Pilling of the Australian National Mei Wan; County Lingshui is on the right side of the Perfume Bay, a large shiny silver of the beach; head is the clarity and purity of the blue sky, is behind the Dicui Castle. Sea, space, trees, mountain tenderness Feelings are staring you in, make you melt in the beauty of nature's sweet and gentle way.

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Hailing pearl farm - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lingshui County is located about 12 km south of the Village in Hong Kong, South Bay and Peninsula across the risers, is well-known pearl farms. Pearl is a market building, through a long Dandi out into the sea, looking like a sea platform. Seawall on board could see the sparkling sea, arranged in a section of rope, floating above the Yan six colored plastic balls, like a swimming pool, the water lane. Leaf boat, shuttle between the ropes, bursts of ripples, the entire Harbor is a beautiful picture. Cultured pearl market in order to Markov Baidie pearls and pearl oyster bay famous for the number of countries with considerable valuable pearls. 80 pearl farms and scientific research units Training has been great with a diameter of 15.5 mm pearls, beads 0.6 mm thick, and also ends with a small beads, which is China's largest artificial breeding of a pearl, known as the "pearl", was included As one of the world's five members Chu. Here in natural sea water pearl culture Ma Pui Pui and Baidie Pearl, travel Pearl farms to tourists, trying to get open beta globin fun.

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Village life in Southeast Asia - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wanning City, located in the Xinglong Overseas Chinese Farm, the farm has been since the establishment of resettlement from around the world in 18 countries and regions, returned overseas Chinese, they have brought Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, home of the exotic customs and practices of life. Southeast Asia, covers an area of 300 acres of village life, where palm forest, a variety of tropical fruits Lin Everywhere. Chuang Chuang a building in the village with a Southeast Asian style features a variety of Zhulou, construction and leisure, fishing gallery, leisure facilities and so on a small bridge pavilion, as if the visitors to a foreign country. Accompanied by Ye Feng slightly, with the beautiful sounds that Indonesia's ethnic music, dressed in Indonesia, Thailand and clothing to young men and women happy From folk dance, as if you had taken on foreign soil. Here, all kinds of snakes performing arts, fighting to catch illegal immigrants, live snakes Shengtun people soul-stirring, life-enhancing. There are a variety of medical diseases snake soup, snake wine products, such as snakes, attracting Chinese and foreign tourists. Unlimited scenery and customs of the village, people from Indonesia and Thailand, the Condor Buddha face, greeting the guests came to the guest.

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Bachimen - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dongshan Island to the mainland to the throat. Here is this crossing, the General Chapter years, Tang (669 AD), Chen Yuan-ray Lvbing Taiwanese to open up so that the growing prosperity of Dongshan Island. To thank the people for the opening of Silla Zhangzhou merit, Ferry will be referred to as "cross Chen Ping." Three years of Emperor Kangxi (1664 AD), the Qing government to cut off the people of Dongshan Island General of Koxinga Ming forces, in the Ferry Building 8-foot border battery wall, guarded by unmanning, the ferry was renamed Ping "Bachimen." In 1960, the People's Government in this big building sea walls, so that the Dongshan and connected to the mainland from the peninsula. In 1973, Bachimen seawall built another 57 to the east drainage aqueduct pier, cited fresh water into the . The two grand projects, so that the Dongshan Island in the beautiful, more beautiful and enchanting.

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Nan Yin Wan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Since the ceremony at the city of Wanning coastal Ji Town, Shi Mei Wan and connected. Here is the result of birds and bird's nest Chunyan degree cold shelter, it got its name. Another said that the sea here is shaped like a giant cliff Yan floating in the water, this was only 000. Nan Yin Wan rich tourism resources, the old quarry area high peaks, clear spring flow Fei Bao Long, giant hole wide, white beach, Pet green trees, azure Haibi, rich in aquatic products. In addition, Japanese investment in the construction of the 18-hole golf course.

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China Peninsula - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mannings is located 30 km south of the city. With a total area of 24 square kilometers, surrounded on three sides by sea, land side. East according to its standard range cattle, near the South China Sea, Classic west sea port, bounded by the East Macao and Hong Kong. Both Xiuyi water, the magnificent mountains. In addition to the standard cattle on the peninsula in the eastern ridge above sea level 218 meters away. The remaining flat terrain, sandy soil are less-sik . Peninsula picture too, with the exception of cattle outside the standard range, and a silver. Peninsula for the vast South China Sea, adequate rainfall, the south-east wind blowing throughout the year, the average annual temperature of 27 ?, and moist climate, the island has been found in the current spring 8. China Peninsula, the most surprising or unusual stones. Tens of meters away from the coast of the Isle, is the largest since Seven Wonders of the masterpiece. Cock rock, rock fishing, Immersi� stone, stone turtle, and so on, with the high tide wave of ups and downs, changes in the thousands. China reflects the blue of the Gulf peninsula, soft contours and pleasant, white-sand beach width, combined with the decorative rocks rocks, especially the charming scenery. Peninsula back to the calm seas, its coastline twists and turns Width varies along the green and luxuriant vegetation, water reflection, as if fairyland on earth. The picturesque nirvana is stepping up development of urban areas from the Mannings to a total length of the peninsula 13 kilometers of road travel was only lanes early 94. There will be a financial tourism, vacation, convention center and convalescence in one of the great International Club.

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Dongshan Ling - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dongshan Ling Wanning City in the town located 2 kilometers to the east, as a result of Bing Zhi-Feng 3, the shape of a penholder, also known as the history of Beacon Hill, the development of Hainan is the earlier one of the tourist attractions. Ancestral Hall with five, Luhuitou, the ends of the earth, and other famous scenic spots. Known as "the first in Hainan, said Mountain."


  TV series in a row "Dream of the Red Chamber" Shenzi titles in a state of Sin "flying stones", it was referred to as "the first in Hainan Hill" on Dongshan Ling.

  Dongshan Ling scenic area of 10 square kilometers, 184 meters high above sea level, only the Shan Dong Shanling all over the stones, mentioned in front of the stone is "Yi Xiantian" King of the wind of stone, weighing 100 tons, in the sea breeze blowing up the human and shaking under shaking. Dongshan Ling on the verge of the South China Sea, the scenery is very beautiful. Chengkungling also a number of monuments and temples, are focused on the protection of the provincial cultural relics, of which Chaoyin Si is particularly great importance to overseas Chinese.

  Natural scenic Dongshan Ling Feng Beautiful, natural scenery, unique human landscape.

  Aura of nature to bring up the Dongshan Ling-Jun caused by the magnificent scenery. Gap seven-yun Chao, Wat is the Peak, Sally boat mooring, and Penglaizhen Shannon Cave, Yao Tai Wang Hai, Fiat crown cover, sea and flow Dan eyes, the ring of the clean water dragon, the famous Eight. General climbers from the "Cloud Road Order "to start, meaning there are far Shangao Lu. Granite along the Road rising, but the wind rise amid Li Ping, the tower rocks. Along the way, brilliant Yamahana, winding paths. Ancient and modern stone mountain fresh in our memory, particularly" the first in Hainan Mountain "and" South-day residential Doo, "" Dongtianfude "," Cui Dongshan large, "the most spectacular. Dongshan Ling there are well-known Buddhist temple, the most well-known for Chaoyin Si, Cisi to commemorate King's anti-Southern Song Li Gang and built. Visitors from throughout the year, best incense. Maitreya visit scenic spots Palace, the statue Li Gang, Longdong amazed visitors to the maze.

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Millennium ancient salt - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hainan is located in the Millennium ancient salt salt Hainan Yangpu Peninsula in the village of ancient salt of the Millennium, has recently been turned into tourist attractions. This ancient salt 750 acres, 1,200 years ago, is a legend from Putian, Fujian migration from the Public Works created salts. According to the Hainan Island salt workers are characterized by high temperature hot sun, the change in the past, "boiling sea Salt "method, after the sun dried sea water poured sand on the beach filter, made of high-salt brine, and then fell to the brine Shihcao, exposure by making salt. Here because of the salt Wei Xian and There are a variety of effects on the disease, Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty to hear the report, Yushu, "Tak" to give people salt. Hainan Millennium Yantian the earliest known use of the sun and salt system has been retained intact the original civil process of the ancient salt salt. There are currently more than 1,000 the varying patterns halite Yan-trough over the beach. Yantian is still more than 30 households in the village of salt workers every day in this old salt on the 1,200 years of ancient way of labor .

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Red Lake village water joy - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Is a set of holiday villas, luxury hotel garden, a large water in the world of entertainment centers and a variety of sports venues in one entertainment center.

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And in the ancient town - Chinese tourism scenic spots

And the ancient town of Danzhou for the state government, the Song dynasty literary giant Su big disgrace home this year. Su due to the local culture, for hundreds of years, people here are against love poetry, and in the town renowned "poetry on the town." Here a number of monuments, a town east slope of the College, Guanglang Um, well, and so on Dongpo, the construction of the Song Dynasty to the ancient city There are still preserve the West, both north of the Shing Mun, can be seen at the time the grand scale.

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Blue Ocean Springs National Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Danzhou City is located in Hainan Province, 135 kilometers away from Haikou, Yangpu Development Zone, 72 km away from the operating area of 5660 hectares and convenient.

Forest Park Ridge, such as Lotus from around the dozens of unique topography surrounded by mountains, Feng Ling and downs, peaks overlap range upon range of hills, valleys China. Bare rock Odd-shaped non-Yizhuang, thousands, attractive reverie. Referred to as "the first hole of Hainan" have a Guanyin Dong on the lower three floors with a total length of more than 500 meters, the hole has holes, deep twists and turns, the endless mysteries.

Park has mature woodlands with colorful quarter, more than 90% of forest cover. Tropical rain forests quarter Secondary broad-leaved forest, various types of economic forest, Lin, and other vegetation, fruits, colorful landscape, the distribution of various types of tropical forest plants, the green treasure-house of the high value of scientific research and tourism value.

Lotus Hill Park in the territory over Xiquan, large pool, the magnificent waterfall. Pond And the beautiful jing, the foot of the Blue Lotus Hot Springs Ocean base many parts of the natural spring, 10, 8000 tons more than on flow, water temperature 40-93 degrees Celsius, with good water quality and radon, the post-bath cool and comfortable, high blood pressure, arthritis, skin Disease marked effect is that the country's high-quality health spa. Transpiration mist hot spring area, China and the United States landscape, like a fairyland. The "cold-chuen," only one stone is separated hot and cold but clear is rare in the world.

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Well white monument - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Danzhou at the White Horse Town, that from the large town of more than 50 km. Well the main monuments white landscape is "white Yongquan" Fubo and General Temple. Legend of the Han Dynasty Fubo General Nanzheng when passing through here, with its white sand Paochu foot of the plane clear spring. Later, in memory of the heroes of the Han Dynasty built the temple Fubo when they set up Fubo well. Yangpu Development in Hong Kong, has built a number of local tourist facilities, an increasing number of visitors.

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Cloud on Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Magic Island, which lies not only in the soil warm of heart, inclusive, but also because it gives people often surprised to discover that people's visual memory and continue to be a new impact.

  If the car left the sea, the coast line Ulmus West all the way running through the two-hour Danzhou, and then move a few kilometers away from the "cloud on Lake degrees Village. "
  "On Cloud Lake" is a man dug a big reservoir, to see the early years of "cloud on Lake", He will not feel so special. Now, unknown cloud on the lake, hehe out of a such a large scale, the landscape so attractive resort to really surprise people, far , The vast lake and the vast green lawn of effective intervention, from the stone bridge across the surface of the water, egrets game in the air, surrounded by mountains, bucolic atmosphere like, pastoral charm of Park come face to people tired of the road All of a sudden break up a space; dozens of cocoa-Lo's villa, built lake will be a decorative Huguangshanse Canada blurred, there is a group of unique classical cabins, Jingwo in the depths of the jungle, Whitehead trail them in series, a cartoon film, as described in Wonderland.

  To leave the crowded, noisy city, all of a sudden came to such a situation, in sharp contrast, the mood suddenly stretch, a paradise-like feeling But Health. Villa admitted immediately Resort is on the Jiangxinduyun designers: a villa each, and each of the villa rooms are back temporary lake, landscape-oriented, open the windows on the lake in front of us, the light waves rippling, Breeze blowing gently, if you want to swim, do not simply go directly from the windowsill It best. Of course, like fishing or boating, completely free.
  Resorts around the way a lot of fun to play cards on the grass, tree-lined edge in playing chess, girls in the woods between the light swing, or their children around them are chasing new things, playing in the Wolf Stadium, the coach can swing into the next model; can also use the holiday to be not far from the "House" and that there?????eye-opener to open the Tropical Botanical Garden; night, the resort's club become friends , Recreational good place, and drink Shenkan, howling or Carnival, will not be what System; Pachao guests, you can call on 12 or 35 did not know or recognize friends, goes on to the lake shore to enjoy a quiet exchange of happy.


  Guests have a special holiday-makers, while others see when they walk past a business trip, could not stay down. And here, no Where you are visitors or strangers meet, no words can quickly become the talk of a friend, perhaps because of the return to natural reasons.

  In the cloud on Lake spend, parting will be sorry to see some. People there will be attached to the serene, calm, like there's a harmonious, free and more like there Passenger and sincere people.

  Xianju a cloud on the lake, the resort features a variety of services and also to further support and improve them. With the evolution of the SAR people's way of life, "goes on to the lake!" Will become a hot topic.

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Yangpu Economic Zone - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Danzhou City is located in the northwest corner of the Yangpu Peninsula. In March 1992 approved by the State Council to set up economic development zones, set here of the SAR, the bonded area and preferential policies in a development zone, China's reform and opening up "the comprehensive experimental field." Danzhou and development closely linked to the Bay, the mouth on both sides of the Bay 3 km long nose Yangpu Between the northern Gulf, as the two mentioned Hao Han into the wall of the building in the northern Gulf, blocking the rough waves, so that the Yangpu harbor water gently. Yangpu from the central area a few kilometers there is a site of ancient salt, a source with the United States, is worth watching. Transportation: Take it to the sea to the province's largest steam train and then by the local Pakistani To the destination.

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Egret paradise - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Danzhou City in the north of the city, 10 km from the town of Rocky There is a village of Wu Ji, here is everywhere Lam Xiuzhu, a habitat for tens of thousands of egrets, and the people here referred to as "paradise egret." There are four 3-storey village of large banyan tree crown whirling wide, is home to egrets are spacious. Nesting site for egrets in the village of Wu Ji after 20 years of history . Close to the annual Ching Ming, egrets flying in groups, before and after the frost in December to leave in batches, about the life of eight or nine months ago. The people are very interested in bird care, they never hurt. Every evening fell, the egrets were scheduled to fly back to the formation of human character in the village, the scene is spectacular. In order to facilitate bird-watching, the Now the construction of up to 6-story floor, bird-watching, formed a tourism project. Transportation: Take the Western Province to the sea from the steam train or rent coaches along the western highway to reach that large town, the local bus to the town of Rocky, and then take the tricycle to the attractions.

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Hot House Garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Danzhou City is located in the western suburbs of the town that big is China University of Tropical Agriculture, Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences of the plant specimens Park, covers an area of 32 hectares, the establishment in 1958. Planting in the park from 40 countries of more than 1000 kinds of trees, is divided into tropical spice plants, tropical medicinal plants, tropical fruit trees Tropical plants and tropical oils such as ornamental plants 7 exhibition area, is the world's tropical treasure house of valuable trees with high aesthetic appeal. Admission: 20 yuan

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Red Detachment of Women Memorial - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Red Detachment of Women at Memorial Eastern Highway million hot spring Shek exit, covers an area of 200 acres, mainly by the peace Memorial Plaza, Memorial Square, Memorial Hall Red Detachment of Women, even the Red Detachment of Women, Women singing and dancing performances, Coconut Grove Village, the South Pa House days, travel services, and other areas most of the eight components. 2 June 2001 was awarded the CPC Central Committee Propaganda Department of "national demonstration bases for patriotism education."

To Hainan, China's revolution can not appreciate the history of legendary style Detachment of Women, listen to the nearly 100 veterans of the Red Detachment of Women to tell that story full of the legendary battle.

Xingzhi Show:

Address: Eastern Highway, Qionghai of Hainan Province at the entrance to Baishi Ridge

Tel :0898-62802175

Fax :0898-62802176

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Yang Ji Nianting Set - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Was built in 1958. Yang set, is the party's early days of revolutionary activists, Qiongya organizations and the main founder of the armed struggle, Sept. 23, 1927, the entire leadership of the king to be held in the armed insurrection of the total coconut Walled died a heroic death in battle, as young as 27 years old.

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Eucheuma Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shihua Cai, also known as Eucheuma is precious tropical marine algae, the growth of coral reefs in the seabed, "Harbor crops," said Agar is the raw material. Here's the only country Eucheuma farming base, visitors can not only enjoy the tropical seaside scenery, but also be able to enjoy cold Eucheuma, and the sea submersible pick the music Eucheuma .

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Sha Chau Island - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the middle reaches of the River, next to the city government of Qionghai Kerry plot the location of the town by the alluvial sand from an area of 300 mu, such as long-Yi Wan landed on the river. One on the island of the clean water lake, Lake and the river dark even separated out, a "river island, the island in the lake," the wonderful Kai King. Sha Chau Island in 1992 before the initial development. Four Seasons banks of flowers, green grass and charming beauty of the island, the river full of water on four sides Yan, was to be favored by a large number of visitors. At present, the U.S. enterprises to invest in the international entertainment center is located on the island, glazed red, has embraced the river, the island will attract a new style of the Quartet of visitors.

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Jinniu Ridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

As the peak named after the shape of an ox, Lingjiao scattered villages, palm forest, tile-roofed house green leaves shade each other. Chengkungling Conglong forests, craggy rocks from the southern slope of Lingjiao, a rugged path winding pass on the summit, visitors can visit and climbing, the Mountain View, step by step to watch. The hillside above the chimney, tree shrub mixed with problems, Green Wu Li grass with a pair of strangely shaped stones. Visitors sharp eyes and rock, the image of the heart structure, to show an immediate increase vivid relief groups, if so, guide and inspire play up, it would be more interesting, peak, the sea breezes rustle. Between the stones. Limelight of wild flowers swaying in the wind. Jinniu standing on the summit, as Cattle in the back. Northwest view, Kerry plot in the town's streets clean, high-rise building floor distinctly in the eye; overlooking Ling Ha, Wanquan, 9, the dragon roll Sanshui convergence of the United States inland sea sand eyes closed the whole landscape; Boao north, the Green Coast, silver Beach, Harbor, the ship group of very clear; view of the East Sea, connected to the water days, the Blue Wave mercury, Baigezhengliu, Air up and down, the terns fly. Landscape as much as the show is rare. From the north slope of the ridge down to detour at the foot of a few meters high, stay see a clear spring gush from the chimney, Stephen voice features, like Qin-ming, which is known for the "Taurus-chuen." Stephen rock edge vegetation, bright Yamahana, the spring Qinglie Zhennai earth gift, drink A, is the Dayton Heart Qinru.

Jinniu Ridge Department of Sanjiang, the sea, Wanning, Qionghai hope that the two places, since ancient times on the top clubs one of the eight counties. Chen Qing Dynasty poet once-ching, "Yan Yue Taurus" poem:

Crystal poured out of the sea blanket, Bristol-Pro Yuhai peaks in autumn. Iron is entitled to claim a monopoly of wisdom , The next night, according to Taurus.

Department head breath open-all-hang half recognition when they left angle hook. Lang Lang cool Hanshan Lu, the shepherd boy has sound flow.

Jinniu River Ridge lines out of the Qingli fairyland on earth. This mountain, known as feng shui and future generations treasure. Chengkungling not Tumulus , The main tomb there will be music, with music, Wanzhou and Wenchang nationals, such as Ren Shi.

Jinniu beautiful ridge, down a simple story: a Chengkungling from a Taurus, luminous at night, ten can be seen, often poor people defecate gold relief, one day, a greedy rich man dressed up like the poor on demand Mill Jinniu Kim cattle defecate, Jinniu only put up a tail defecate urine feces, which Jianman of a rich man, rich man this very angry, sharp sword out of its tail cut Taurus, Taurus severe pain, jumped into the sea, go to Southeast Asia Tour , Southeast Asia, so that the richest place up. I do not know the story in modern times by coincidence or for, Implicit show it Qionghai on behalf of a number of people to leave their homes to make a living in Southeast Asia and their tragic history of people living with a difficult Fen, Fen business trails the joint venture.

After several years of construction, as a major scenic tourist attractions in Boao of the Taurus range, with her pure natural landscape, for coming all the way Chinese and foreign tourists, on the high dedication, Sea Point, on Vision and watch, Bishu, Spa and so on a lot of fun.

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River rafting - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hainan's mother river of the people - River, China is not contaminated, the ecological environment of the beautiful tropical river, the beautiful tropical island of beautiful scenery, unique local conditions simple so that you linger in the pleasant nature, ecstatic.

  River rafting, from tobacco to be Shan Park, about 15 kilometers, time 3 hours. River rafting, both when the shock wore white water surging passion of the more dangerous shoals, and at ease cross-strait panoramic view of the poetic scenery. Visitors by rubber boats and sailing, there are different between the dangerous shoals in the white water; God Qifengyishi excellent shape; Galaxy have Fei Liu rush down the waterfall; there are bamboo shade of coconut Miao Village cottage; Viiv fish in the crystal clear; Liu Shi-red and white flowers in full bloom; elegant Butterfly, Yan Yan flying, cruising ducks, birds chirp-ming, the two sides with the ancient, kind-hearted, hard-working farming Miao Village residents in the form of a beautiful picture of the mountain, Visitors to suspected exposure to the Peach Blossom Spring, Huang Ruo into fairyland on earth ... ... River is the most magical sites of the upper reaches of the River - the vast gray River Grand Canyon, because of their primitive, natural, ecological, simplicity, can be called "China's large natural oxygen Valley", the two sides due to the typical tropical rain forest Representing the landscape and the landscape is the most stylish outdoor sports - adventure, exploration, The flow of the best places.

Smoke from Park Station to board a rubber dinghy, he started the Grand Canyon River mysterious trip. River outside the Grand Canyon, the original verdant tropical rain Rui Lin Wei, Blot out the Sun Zhe Tian, such as turtles, such as tigers, lions may like the snake can be a huge Kuaikuai not, nine of the stack falls nine of the Permian-chuen, the ancient Spinulosa of the ancient vines, "Bank of China ship in the mountains, people travel between the valley, there are spring boarded-chuen, a heavy weight falls a day," it is nature's uncanny workmanship, it is the life of mountain and water Masterpiece.

River into the Grand Canyon, you can not help but wild publicity. Huihanruyu people through the jungle, you have to make a real body What is "Smooth", has experienced downhill cliffs, hidden in the body of the original wild burst quietly. If it is said that through the jungle, downhill cliff is no longer lofty, no longer timid, romantic and exciting through streams - upstream, so that a gentleman's demeanor and modesty of the ladies up in smoke. One-hour trip, the rapids Waterfall, whirlpool one after another, visitors sometimes trips, travel time, Shoujiaobingyong from time to time, unlimited fun, to do it.

A difference of tens of meters high Tianquan International Falls is the most popular outdoor sports - the starting point of Xijiang, when the rapids head-on impact of the moment, visitors with nature River and the Grand Canyon has been dissolved with the cast, this is the Grand Canyon River's unique charm, this is real harmony between man and nature.

River is a river of the four seasons can drift, drifting River Canyon River is the only item drifting. Canyon River rafting experience to the many dangerous shoals, less than 300 One. In addition to the five big wave slope of the dangerous shoals rapids, the rest of the dangerous shoals between the small, the risk is not large, V creeping in rubber boats, jet wear, the more dangerous shoals, enough to make the surging passion. Gentle flow, to fight Shuizhang River is the experience of the great projects, but see the water flying, all people here in the Shan Wang Qing Between heaven and earth, all the troubles in this moment of joy was all the washing water was gone.

River Grand Canyon in the United States natural best, to do "naturally the United States, Tan Tan Dangdang's show." It went to experience the magic of it, its charm. In the previous paragraph, "rap wear, the more dangerous shoals, and there is no fear "- Banks, money Beach, monkey-wall, water Yang Beach, eagles wall, Long Beach, Frog Lake, Humen, Tianquan, stone turtle, white sandy beach under the words" Valley View, rain forest tours, mountain idyll "- Tan Yu-fang, and Latin America Tan Peng, high-sickle Beach, Qiongya column Hospital, 9 Beach, Miao Village, plus show Beach

  Attractions features: drifting in the previous paragraph Drifting passion, the next paragraph of the fight Shui Zhang, viewing, the River tour

  Notes: 1, will drift in the process of wet shoes, underwear, can bring their own slippers, underwear, but also in the area are kiosks to buy, the upstream and downstream terminal locker room, hot water shower. 2, the ship was drifting with rubber boats, each boat Accessibility 2. Boatman on board and a guide to ensure the safety of tourists, on the scenery along the way.

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Kwun Tong Hot Springs - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kwun Tong geothermal field is located in Qionghai City, Hainan Province, south-west, located in the south bank of River, about 9 km in width from 1 to 1.7 kilometers, an area of about 13 square kilometers. Exploration area west of the Blue Village, Village officials to the northeast, covering an area of 32 square kilometers. To the exploration area as the central, regional geological survey of the geothermal area of 240 square kilometers . The geothermal field is a low-temperature geothermal field, Kwun Tong and the Blue Mountains are divided into 2 mine water district. Exposed to the hot mineral spring intrusive rocks in the Yanshan period. Geothermal field, Kwun Tong, Kwun Tong District hot mineral water and thermal mineral water surrounding the exploitation of underground water to allow the total volume of 10,700 cubic meters /day. Kwun Tong by the hot springs identify experts known as "rare in the world, Hainan Double ", the outlet temperature of 70 degrees to 90 degrees Celsius, Piangui Suan-rich, fluoride, strontium, bromine, iodine, and other trace elements, can be used for medical, convalescence, such as bathing. Weiwen (30 ? to 40 ?) bathing on the human body there Sedative effect of high temperature (40 ? to 45 ?) bathing on the human body are excited to provide a stimulus; drink Improve the human circulatory system, the promotion of human metabolism, neurasthenia, insomnia, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, rheumatology, gastroenterology are Efficacy, Piangui Suan high in the water, there is convergence on the skin, as evidenced by the beauty the best. As Tang says: hot water to wash slide Ningzhi
Haoshou back to the shower Changchun Kwun Tong on the origin of the name of the hot springs of many legends, history and literature of a true legend: Hot Springs, Kwun Tong, also known as Fen Tang, the flow of the East China Sea, the Longquan said. The often severe drought, dry wells, the water level back Wanquan River heart, the only hot spring water unabated Chung, rolling somersault, cooling can be irrigated farmland, raising Name. Reported, the Official history, government offices, local gentleman's Tu Hao, in the vicinity of the common people, Qiu Yu altar set up during the day, dapper, such as lively as the market will be set here, pray Long Wang Yudi mannose down, the gift of peace, And should be more effective. Over time, "Tong" This famous hot spring. There is also a Kwun Tong Li said: a history of the period, the Kwun Tong district officials found that farmers in the emission of natural hot springs bath in the beauty of laundry, hot springs pool will be enclosed, the only official who enjoy, people are not allowed to shower. Official for people to express their dissatisfaction and called for the "Kwun Tong." Kwun Tong Recreation Center in Hot Springs 27 0 square meters of the giant hot Chi Pang, a light box on the licensing records and the effectiveness of the Hot Springs Liu Xun Weng was the son of legend: Legend has it that a rich man, Liu Xun over, and none for children, a doctor around divination. Hwa day barefoot monk said: poor view of your blood, the blood gas is a poor weak sperm virtual blood, not just yang, how can children also. Chee also said Fentang Hot Springs, such as water bath to be Qixiao. Compliance old man said to stay close to Tom, Tom the next morning and evening daily water bath. Not for a few days, loss of appetite doubled blood prosperous, strong gluten strength, Takako birth in the near future. Weng said: Liu Xun was my son, are also Fentang of Gong.

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River - Chinese tourism scenic spots

River to the sea more attractive scenery. Set, where three rivers (River, Long River roll, Jiang 9), Mishima (Dongyu Island, Shapo Island, Mandarin Island), two in Hong Kong (Hong Bo, Tam Mun Hong Kong), with one stone (in midstream St. Hectoliter), the best scenery in one place, not only sea water, sand, red reef, forest, and bright sunshine Fresh air, Qingrou Artesian Bore Baths, is the world's rivers to the sea to protect the best natural scenery in the world. River to the sea Department of white sandy beaches, soft, evening glow every time, such as the influx of beach leading Seoul Chung, a sea of people. In addition, it has a natural sea beach, resort, the international Boao golf courses, leisure is Leave a good place.

River was originally called "River." After the name is changed, and Zong Yuan Dynasty Emperor reason for some of the River and is directly related.

Emperor of the Yuan dynasty emperor in the middle of the second map Tie Mu-Prince Seoul, the court strife as a result of being exiled to Hainan will be the multi-sur-town, at the time WANG Guan well-known gentleman, loyal to the Prince of care, often a boat trip took him more than River, drinking Xiaochou, builds character and tourism. Ming Jiaomei also personally introduced a beautiful woman and mother of his marriage. Tianchangrijiu, Prince Edward River and many of the simple kind-hearted people here have had deep feelings for it.

Year in July 1328 Dayuan tenth of the Imperial Emperor Sun fungus has died in Beijing. Di Wei's court battle broke out. At that time, the prime minister's nine-year-old crown prince is to introduce legislation to speed the Arab-Israeli Kyrgyzstan Timor for eight, and signed books of the Privy Council matter Yan Timur rely on force to post Mu Yong Li Seoul plans to Dili. After fierce fighting, Yan Rail Son to win, Tie plans in Beijing Mutsuaki Seoul Jidi Wei recalled.

River in the forthcoming departure of the quiet beauty of their homes, Prince Edward reluctantly, the villagers led by a gentleman WANG Guan-Jia An send-off, make a fist Qi Hu, "Prince foolproof, foolproof way." Prince's very moving, with a wave Leibie Mei Niang, by Ship Sea, all the way, "foolproof" to Kyoto, on the 11th emperor of the Yuan Dynasty.

  After the third year that the accession to the throne in 1330, Zong emperor did not forget the Savior's ex WANG Guan, Chao-wen of the original county town of Hainan will be upgraded to statehood South, Chi Feng WANG Guan-state known for the "r." Name "River." To repay the people on both sides of the River sent his "foolproof" deep evaded. Local people to commemorate this period of history that at the time of delivery and Prince Edward Mei Niang board, set up in the water temple worship WANG Guan, revised from a ferry boat, named the ferry Zong. If you have a boat drifting River, but also These sites.

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Russia Ling-yin - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Oriental City in the big wide dam reservoir area in the vicinity, 60 km away from all eight. Russia also known as Ling-yin, Russia Gubongsan mother, a Russian mountain-yin, bottomless, room flow, wave-making cliffs. Legend has it that a long time ago, the Cave, there is often a fine crow from the harmful effects of the common people Min. One day, a crow will be refined and beautiful Li Russian girl's mother caught up to the hole. This is the year to March 3, the mother of Russia's sweetheart Jack knife with a bow and arrow and the mountain rescue Russian mother, was killed crow fine. Russia's very sad mother while sleeping when crow Jing Jing killed crows, Jack avenged for the victims than the general population Min. Russia later life mother Weijia To the annual March of the third, she went to the Russian-yin, her singing and Jack's love songs have been sung. Li nationality of the people in memory of mother Russia, which they named the cave-Russian mother, the mountain was also known as the mother of Russia Gubongsan. Li around the unmarried young men and women will be in the best days of this assembly in Russia Ling-yin, singing love songs to find their own Loved one, since the development of a "three-March," the traditional festival. Transportation: access to the sea to the east by the eight provinces of steam express train, and then take the local bus to Tai Kwong dam, where there are specialized for Ling-yin to the Russian tricycle.

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Chengmai Golden Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chengmai Golden Temple is located in Chengmai county Kim Jin Jiang Garden Town suburb, hillside, overlooking the city. Building momentum magnificent temples, magnificent, winding corridors, the Meteorology Series.

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Ji Gong Shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ji Gong Shan Chengmai County is located in the southern part of Honggang farms in the territory, to show people in front of the film is a rubber, pepper park, each green is a wish to drop. When looked up, standing on the green leaves of a very large rock, a huge stone blocks concave-convex Bump Fuji simply evil in the legends of the good governance of the Living Buddha Ji Gong's Banxian Like. This will be Hill named "Ji Gong Shan." In addition to the well that can be called a stone's Ji Gong, also found that there are currently chairs Ji Gong, Ji Gong shoes, Ji Gong footprints of 50 stones in various spots.
Ji Gong Shan tour, watch the first day of its habitat-made rocks rocks. Along the foot of a mountain trail through dense forests, from the stone Climbing up the mountain path. In the mountains there are about 6-meter-high block of stone, I would not look to "Wow! Ji Gong"! Watch the appearance of the stone, that the YY-breaking hat-breaking, high nose, eyes smiling, funny mouth, and Britain are the swing states, such as Tongji completely identical to the public. Heaven magical creatures great, similar to the relief The half-length profile, "Ji Gong Shan", as State Farm insurance Ledong There are similar sit-half-length portrait of Mao Zedong, "Mao Gong Shan", the painting look for food. Walk around the hill, watching over the King rocks, but also surprised at the Seven Wonders of nature's artistry. There is a huge Department of Shek Pik, a top-down stripe Road, Line make this a natural flow of non-Shek Pik, but it seems like a waterfall down Fei Liu; there are rectangular pieces of stone, the size of the high and low, as the ratio of one bed, named the "celestial bed"; that spread around its own way of looking The stones are like monkeys in view of the clouds, look like a turtle day, like an elephant's head, like crocodile The crawling ... ... see each with one stone, as long as watching carefully, they feel exactly like what animals or tools, utensils and so on.
Ji Gong foot of a small lake, called Lake, Lake Wanting twists and turns around covered with forest, the lake is clear and transparent. Many lake islands, the island of lush trees, forest birds Zhou Zi. Relief from the public and non-shan Hot Springs Department, the water temperature at 50 degrees up and down, with spring water to human health has Mineral role. Spring water emitted a long, and never intermittent, the spa is a good place. Legend of Chang Yin-ting Lake water in the efficacy of longevity, Ji Gong travel far and wide this year, had to drink the water, those footprints and shoes left behind by the water is. Ji Gong natural mountain, located in the South Lake and hot springs, constitutes a beautiful Ji Gong Mountain.

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Fung Ping Fu section of the martyrs monument - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fung Ping, Fu is a monument to the martyrs section Chengmai County People's Government in 1957 in the Fung Ping, Fu section heroic martyrs die a martyr's monument to the local establishment. Solemn memorial, the annual Ching Ming Festival, the Town of all primary and secondary school students to have the monument in memory of the martyrs, and education on revolutionary traditions. Group of people together, wreaths, flower Base layer base, one cherish the memory of revolutionary martyrs, inherit and carry forward the revolutionary spirit of touching scenes.
Fung Ping (1899-1928), formerly known Feng Su-fan, the word mao South. Chinese Recorder Qiongya member of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of workers and peasants Qiongya commander-in-chief and general director of the West. Road Town, Wenchang City, the United States and Germany village. Has been a student at Canton Sixth Provincial Normal School, Chinese Culture University, Shanghai, Guangzhou University. In 1923 the Soviet Union to the east of Moscow University to study the military. In 1924 to join the Communist Party of China. Return in 1925, in Guangdong Province, farmers associations, to participate in the National Revolutionary Army Nan Zheng. Back in 1926 the army Joan, and the Chinese Kuomintang Members of the public mission of the Department of the Guangdong Provincial Farmers Association Director of the Office of the Qiongya, Qiongya the Chinese military and local members of the Committee of Ministers, senior Qiongya farmers military and political training director, Qiongya Farmers Association. In 1927 after the failure of the Great Revolution, the Chinese Qiongya any particular member of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Qiongyataoni commander-in-chief, Qiongya Revolutionary Armed Forces of farmers (later known as the Red Army) commander-in-chief and commander-in-chief of the western region. In May 1928 in Chengmai County, unfortunately, have been wounded in fighting in command was arrested on July 4 was killed by the KMT which is on the Town.
Fu Festival (1899-1928) original name was David Xu, Bao words at the beginning. Wenchang City, the eastern outskirts of the town were under Tamura. 191 In the years when the primary school teachers Dacai. In 1920 and advanced intellectuals Xucheng Zhang, Feng equality in Haikou City, founder of the "new Qiongdao newspaper." The summer of 1924, to increase agricultural and industrial product vocational schools (later renamed the agro-industrial Zhongkai schools) teaching. Whampoa Military Academy in 1925 admitted to the Phase III study. With the end of the year, joined the military in Communist country. In 1926, sent by the party, the Northern Expedition to participate in the National Revolutionary Army forces in any instructor Ye Ting, the battalion commander, was promoted to head of the post. In 1927 to participate in the "August 1" Nanchang Uprising in December and held in Guangzhou Uprising. Back in February 1928 Qiongya, he served as director of the political department of the Red Army of workers and peasants Qiongya In the same year on May 10, as a traitor to sell, the KMT was the 11th military division in the first catch by a certain unit, the same year on July 4 in Chengmai County Town gold die a martyr.

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Xisha Islands? Wing-lok Islands - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yongxing Island in the south-west about 40 nautical miles from the gold and silver, Oasis, Coral, all rich, silver Island, Stone Island, Jinqing, Duncan, widely islands such as gold. These islands into a circular distribution around the package, "Tong", that is Wing-lok in the development of a typical "atoll". In the majority of the reef site, also in the early development of many islands shaped The Sha Chau, such as the number of sand south of Treasure Island, the sum of the silver screen on the beach sand, such as Tsai Shi. The-sea reefs between the door and many, such as Laocu door, the rich-wide doors, hsu silver doors, hsu stone door, the door Jinqing, Oasis and so on the door. Reef, there are more than antelope, and other reef. In short, it is in the South China Sea islands, the largest island in the atoll. Thus Xisha Islands is the main. From the development of the future, it is also Xuande than better. Island will be many of their size, were to use. If the airport can be built on large and small can be built warehouses, residential, across the islands, easy to take care of each other. In the middle of the shallow lake rich in aquatic resources, together with the shallow lake in the first few reef, and Bias on the eastern side of the fairways and are good fishing grounds. There are a number of shallow lake, "the door off the coast of communication''and is sheltered marina and a good place. There are fresh water supply on the island, such as Oasis Hong Kong Island that is well-known Oasis. Near Petroleum vision for the region, it is promising Wing-lok, promising . From the location, the atoll is Wing-lok Southeast Asia on the eastern side of the fairway, the location of the traffic is better than Xuande. Foreign aggression always have more respect from the southwest, from the defense point of view of the situation, it is important to Wing-lok atoll.

Six "doors" of the situation
  "The Gate" is a coral island of traffic Zone of the portal is off to the lagoon fishing vessels, Typhoon period into the lake vessels sheltered access. In the sea, lagoon or shallow water ports and the fine or Fleet submarine base. Wing-lok atoll famous "door" at least six.

  Laocu door Ganquan Island Coral Island and pass between the sea water is called Road Laocu door, as a result of coral island soil of the island obtained Laocu . Coral Island has always been an important island is Wing-lok, from Hainan Island are the first ship to the island, and then the door into the water Laocu by the music of the Islands. Laocu door is a broad waterway, 240 meters wide, in some places the water depth of 2 meters, up to 45 meters deep. At the bottom for its coral debris, less Live coral growth. Here Xi Nanhai flow more powerful impact, is to maintain the broad waterway.
  Fu-wide doors and the entire island of coral-rich islands between the rich water that the whole door. In other words, the whole rich-rich products here, this can be turned to the rich part of the company. I said to be sinking here, to this wealth can be named. In fact, here is Route on the eastern side of the South China Sea, as the main channel, the number of ships to and from, this is also the number of victims. Water coral reefs in the first few (that is, the reef Tun) development, mostly at the end of the sand, south-west trend of big, wide doors 3,000 meters deep and 20 meters above, in favor of access to the ship.
  Bank of Lantau Island and silver in the door wide waterway between the rich island Known as the Silver Gate Link, the less water, 5-20 meters deep, the width of l, 200 meters. Shallow reef and pier development.
  Shi Shi door Lantau Island refers to the stone gate and the Bank of Lantau Island between the waterway. Width in the 1,500 meters, while the northeast monsoon winds, the wind, rap tight, shallow water, 5-16 meters deep The first reef more detrimental to navigation.
  Jin Qing-chen door in flight between the island and Jin Qing Island, also featuring deep, the shallow lake has become an important channel in open, and the current multi-vessel traffic is Xuande as a result, to get into Lake fishing operations also use this as the main channel . The 2,000 m wide channel. Deep for 40 - 50 meter By the end of the sand-based, so water will not be blocked as a result of the growth of coral. But the rapids at low tide can coral in shallow lake water into the block, this is the lagoon at low tide when the sea surface above the sea off the coast of the rules.
  Oasis Island Oasis in the door and the door between the antelope reef, known as Oasis door. The side of the door to the side of the island for the reef. Therefore, the door - Not obvious. The south-westerly flow impact on the door, a wide deep water, are also the most narrow width l, 000 meters deep and 20 meters in more favorable to navigation. In addition, the wide-do basket and the Aberdeen sandbar between the sea and also a share.

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Xisha Islands? Island East - Chinese tourism scenic spots

East island of the Xisha Islands is the second largest island with an area of about 1.6 square kilometers, the highest in the sand, about 8.5 meters, 60 meters wide sand. The island is only an average of 4-5 meters above sea level. Rectangular shape. Southern tip of the island has a coarse-member Sha Tsui set out on the reef, the reef site on the northern island has two new sand. East island of the Xisha Islands is the only damage the ecological balance of not repeating the island. There are a large number of ships on the island of birds in the habitat of white and cream to avoid Selenastrum Zhike on the tree. The Yi are wild animals, such as the bison. Eastern Island plant was zonal distribution ring. Around the sand on the growth of some trees and grass. In the sand inside Weaker wind. Scaevola by the growth of silver hair and tree composition of bush, dense jungle, as a dense wall of the fence. The whole bush is very beautiful. Scaevola sparkling leaves (leaves for the release of quality leather), silver hair bending trees and more branches. Its white flowers, 5, aroma. Niu also sand the inside of the long rough To avoid the big white frosting, plant more than 10 meters high. Up to 40-70 cm in diameter. Island in the central and western part of a long cattle coconut trees, coconut Lin these fishermen by the end of the Qing dynasty created. Now 20, has a height of 30 meters.

  In the low-lying land, ignorant of salt water as a result, the distribution of a succulent halophytes Hippocampus-tooth. East island of the type of plant ecology. Of the following types: the tree: leprosy-tung, tung coast, and so on. Shrubs: Scaevola, silver hair, and other trees. Vegetation: the hippocampus tooth, crawl Li Bin, thick vines and Manilagrass, and so on. As the lush vegetation here. Mi-seabirds. Therefore, in a white calcareous sand, formed a guano The formation of sand mixed layer birds, there is l meters thick. It entered the woods, that have a maturity of manure odor from assail the nostrils. Guano on the island of 200,000 tons is estimated that as much. Fentu birds affected the quality of ground water, well water contaminated by the guano, was micro-yellow, astringent taste, not for drinking. Therefore, although the water on the island and a few But drinking water is still missing.

  East around the island around the beach, this is not the Department of flat, sandy beaches in the outer edge of the rock there is always the beach. Beach erosion rock by the waves after. Often do not form a small high crags, 2-3 meters high, the beach at Rock Island has risen to become the northern coast of terraces, and there has been development of karst topography. If not Rock gully incision. Kawasaki formation of vomit, and so on uneven ground. These marine terraces by the coral sand, coral limestone pose. Smooth rock in the gravel symmetry, as the cement of calcium. Texture hard to resist the impact of typhoon waves, the protection of the small island. From around the sand around the central lowlands. Would be a meeting Lagoon. At present, is also very good shape preserved. There are still a central keep out of fresh water, was banded, Tian Han in the depth of 0.4-0.5 m when there are, for the wild cattle drinking water pool. Wild cattle on the island also rely on this shallow lake and survived. And continue to develop.


  Other small island because the lack of natural By pool-range cattle, sheep can not survive. Eastern Island where the reef is a plate-Huzhuang great long reef site to highlight the Northeast. It is the atoll's Eastern Island north-east wing, but also to preserve the best of a wing. The south-west of the atoll. Coral reefs can not grow to the water near the beach and just become a reef, deep underwater. Han Kan, such as beaches, Betty Beach, and so on. As early as the development of the island also. South-west north-east of the island are the Ming Dynasty stone temple ruins. The island has been named "five-and-do" to commemorate the late Ming and anti-Western colonialists invaded the dental and five Pan.

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Xisha Islands? Yongxing Island - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yongxing Island of the Xisha Islands is the largest island, covering an area of about 2 square kilometers, the island is a typical tropical scenery, palm place, beautiful scenery. Yong Xing arrive at a monthly supply of the island, residents of the island will be closed for two days to pass the terminal chickens, ducks, pigs, potatoes, cucumbers, such as e-mail material, which is two days on the island Festival, people are very happy. Shoudao officers and soldiers every two years for a number of staff is a group for six months. Living on the island of treated water is rain water into drinking water and washing water.


  Airport built on the island, taking off and landing of Boeing 737 aircraft, the terminal can call 5000 Members of the vessel. On the island in the center of Beijing Road, where a bank building, hospitals, Liang Zhan, post offices, department stores, aquatic products, the sidewalk is next to the rows of coconut trees, green grass under the trees there, very clean environment. The scenic island, the Japanese have left behind the old blockhouse, monuments, KMT to regain the legislature and the people The government set up in the South China Sea islands, monuments, historical traces of a clear-cut retained.


  In the west there is an island known as the "General Sha Lin," the coconut, which is the party and state leaders, as well as more than 100 generals have planted for every tree planted on the engraved names. In this follow The lush woods, watching the deep blue sea, to enjoy the sea breeze blowing is a lot of enjoyment.

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Teng Hai Gulf - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Goto east longitude at sea in the Gulf 109 �, latitude 18 �, located away from Sanya City in the urban areas over 30 kilometers in the territory Lin Wang, China sunrise of the new millennium is the world's television broadcast of the scene. Sanya, China Central Television choice rattan sea and the Gulf of Taishan sunrise (the time for the 6:50 to 7:30) with a threshold of the new In the first ray of sunshine to the world live.
According to the astronomers and the provision of meteorological data and information on each of the last few decades of Sanya on January 1 of the 100% probability of Sunrise, Sunrise off the exact time is 07:12:56, 2000 Sunrise point of view 114 degrees Specially built for the event are: Yu Hai Road east entrance to the Gulf at the scene of 10 km of rural roads, built on the beach "10 minutes of water drip Taiwan," which can accommodate nearly 2,000 people 3 50-meter-long " Stands, "Lookout, 4, as well as mobile toilets, 10 kilometers of optical cable for mobile communications Room, office, and other ancillary works.

At 4 o'clock on January 1, 2000, people rushed from all sides to gather here. 5:30, a few kilometers of the beach brought together nearly 10,000 people. 6:30, Eastern white, is the beginning of the mountain.

6:51, the clouds in the distance Margaret For Hongxia, a spectacular fire in general. The crescent-shaped beach, a few lovely innocent children carrying buckets from the sea to take water into the shore --- Tonghudilou old timer, this "water clock" is our ancestors In 1000 prior to the invention.

CCTV set up on land, 6 in the air and on the video camera is hard work. Jing Yidan host in the face of global 138 countries, more than 1,000 cities in 40 million people, said: "This is the People's Republic of China in Sanya City of Hainan Province ... ...."

The year at 7:16 on January 1, 2000, in Sanya Goto Bay, some distance from the sea horizon, the new millennium, the sun broke through the clouds in the first round, gushing out.

7:17, the red sun slowly changed change round, like the smiling faces of children. 7:18, as more and rising fast, a red sun finally broke through the cloud layers, a dazzling injection. Court music sounded, it was facing the sun, lively dance. The sun came out! To wake up the earth!

China Central Television presenters at the scene said Jing Yidan, Sanya is China's southern gate, but also the reform and opening up the frontier zone. Sanya as a choice to welcome the new millennium sunrise in the first round of live location is when A symbol of the spirit.

After that, in Hainan Province and the leadership of the guests for the opening of the Sunrise Memorial stone.

"China in 2000 meet the world's sunrise live," the celebration of the world to understand Sanya provided a great opportunity, as well as Sanya provided a rare opportunity, to come to Sanya celebrating the new millennium Customer is estimated at around 100,000 people.

At the same time, there will be the world's 138 countries, more than 1,000 television stations, more than 10,000 cities in a 24-hour celebration of the new millennium, the world's broadcast rolling. China Central Television's "meet the sunrise of the new millennium," two large-scale live television programs with the United States And the United Kingdom and a global network to broadcast live coverage of the program nearly 100 countries, the world's 40 million people watching.

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Place on the sea - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"On the sea," Zhang Tong Yan word from the poem "Moon Huaiyuan" famous through the ages: "The moon on the sea of Health,?????." Place on the sea is the sea off Sanya Bay Plaza, the most recent, on the square and creative scene in the swaying willow sculpture, beautiful Sanya Bay, as well as the sea of bright ideas for the pool has attracted a vast number of Public and visitors to the eyes.

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Matsu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qing Qing, Fang Yu, a Hainan Road deposit Wu traveled extensively during the Hainan Island, searching for the body Alchemy, eyes on the ultimate Wuzhizhoudao of feng shui, like to face UN-Jie Lu, Alchemy Xiushen. At that time, this was the Yazhouzhifu Di Yuan-chuan noted that he immediately came to the centipede teams reached the Island, to see such a beautiful island and excellent wind , The other for this invaluable piece of land should not be used for personal, it should benefit the people. So he put an end to WU Dao people, to raise funds on the island state has built a leaving, named "Sea View of Three Han", is dedicated to Chinese characters box Cangjie the creators of this at home is very rare , Um is the year to build 18 3 years ago more than 100 years of history. After the fall of the Qing government, leaving no one, for the fishermen do not know what God will tear down the statue, from its own navigation to the protection of God Mazu.

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East Sea Island - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Eastern Island is located off the coast of Sanya Bay, 8 sea miles away from Sanya, like a huge sea turtle floating in the sea in Yan Bo, the East is also known as Chau hawksbill, wooded island, the charming scenery. East of the waters around the island with the growth of a large number of corals, coral belonging to the national protected areas. Due to stay away from the coast here, little pollution, sea water Lee transparent, made of coral here to the large population growth, which has gathered a lot of hot tropical fish, forming a huge undersea ecosystem. Island in the East Sea, there are two good fishing area. The first is the north-west of the island, about 800 meters away from the Island Office. Water depth of 13 - 15 meters, where a smooth flow, At the end of a large number of corals and Shek Pai, is the variety of fish. The second is a small island south-west of manifestation of the double stone from the island
1.5 sea miles, the depth of 15-30 meters underwater is also covered with coral, is the big fish come and go. Chang Island in the East may have caught the fish: grouper, Tsing Yi, Lei sea, river networks conger Redfish, parrot fish and so on.

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Nanshan Buddhist culture Court - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nanshan Aoshan alias, is famous Qiongnan. 40 km away from the urban area, north of the resort has 255 national highway and the highway through the island of Hainan. 500-meter high mountain, the wind around the mountain cloud throughout the year, the Meteorology Series. Nanshan Nanshan Temple pillow by two peaks, the left-right dome surrounded by hills and facing the ocean 10,000 ares. Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone is divided into Large theme park.

Nanshan Buddhist Cultural Garden is a display of traditional Chinese Buddhist culture, full of deep philosophical meaning, to the mind, the park's educational life. The main building has Nanshan Temple, the South China Sea Guanyin Buddha, Guanyin Cultural Court, the holy sites in India, Buddhist spots landscape Court, with ten to Tallinn Root Park, the Buddhist cultural center of Suzhai shopping street, and so on.

In 1200, Master Jianzhen kai Rongrui monks to study in Japan, and shines Jianzhen 15 disciples, and so on the fifth east to Japan, after a typhoon hit the ship to drift Nanshan Bay, Ning from the mouth of landing, and in Yacheng Stay more than a year, The construction of the permitted period, the crossing of people preaching. Master Jianzhen was the sixth successful east to Japan, the Nanshan praise for the auspicious manner.

Nanshan Temple in the election this excellent site, won the Samadhi Buddhist, famous, Ming Si, looks Mingseng embraced the South might well be described as the first Ming jungle, Ford felt the earth forever.
Fu Garden Chinese culture is a set of the essence of Chinese culture, especially peace, peace, happiness and peaceful atmosphere of the park; culture and customs in the South China Sea Park, Nanshan use of the area is a clear water and blue sky, sunny beaches, mountains and so on the sea reef's unique landscape Kui Li, the prominent display in the South China Sea China Sea's natural wind Li and Miao Village in the village of culture and customs, at the same time compatible with a number of modern Western civilization Park, the main building there Huacao Chang, Waterloo battlefield, "Li Yuan Miao ethnic customs, mythology, roaming the world, Huang Daopo Memorial Hall, Ocean Park, Underwater World, bird paradise And so on.

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